Xamarin Studio Bugs

3 – MonoDevelop UI problem for building iPhone apps.
4 – Hovering over a variable in the debugger shows a broken icon instead of a pin.
6 – Pin icon only appears when I hover too close to one end, should be there always
17 – MSBuild serializer doesn't handle XML escaping
18 – MD + MT: Stackdump on debug, intermittant, project dependant
21 – MonoDevelop 2.6 beta3 crashes when trying to access the Tools->Options->Mono for Android SDKs
24 – Subversion protocol svn+ssh not working on OSX
27 – Parser errors in C# binding
28 – MD crashes when git addin is disabled
31 – Lion/Master: NGit crashes MonoDevelop/master
32 – GTK+ errors running MD master on Lion
35 – Build and Archive option.
37 – MonoDevelop: iPhone Addin location
39 – Lion: Resizing MD on Lion behaves strangely, crashes
40 – Dragging on empty areas of MD toolbar should move window
46 – Console spew on Lion: <Error>: clip: empty path
47 – Unhandled exceptions are not caught by MonoDevelop
48 – Stacktraces on Application output should be clickable
49 – Error in C# parser
50 – Error in C# code editor
59 – Monodevelop is very slow to load or exit
63 – MD 2.6 branch build expects MacPlatform on Windows
65 – Create MonoTouch project from template with invalid C# characters creates a uncompilable project
66 – Keyboard not working in text editor quick navigation
67 – Hovering over nullable type shows wrong type
68 – Hovering over comment shows weird text
69 – Could not save feedback file
70 – Right breadcrumb ignores selection
71 – C# text editor does not fully understand nested enums
72 – MD quick navigation should show also parameter names
73 – build instruction or package dependency is broken to build MD on Windows
74 – MD changes format of .csproj file
75 – Did not find resource 'baloon.png' in addin 'MonoDevelop.Ide' for icon 'md-feedback'
76 – Cannot expand types using keyboard in watch window
77 – Base class intelisense shows only wrong entries
78 – Move "Check for Updates" from the Help menu to the MonoDevelop menu.
80 – MD Unhandled Exception - Debugging Console app on OS/X
83 – Text editor scrollbars ignore default Ubuntu theme
84 – Debugger hover watch window wrongly calculates screen size
85 – Better scrolling behaviour when stepping
86 – Inconsistent members description
87 – Code completion in type declaration completely wrong
88 – MD does not understand constraints
91 – NullReferenceException when pressing Enter in empty Watch window
93 – [patch] MD doesn't support filename wildcards in project files
94 – Assertion failure causing MonoDevelop to crash
105 – No progress information over slow-networks on the Add-in Manager installation UI
106 – New Solution generates an unhandled exception.
107 – Classname gets hiden if too many keywords are supplied
111 – Editor completely messes up the source code
116 – MonoDevelop crash on Lion, latest Mono.
117 – Migration to XCode4 never completes
118 – Cannot Create New ASP.NET MVC Project Without Errors
119 – Data nodes in MSBuild files have excessive nesting
120 – Application output left open when custom run command fails
121 – Stetic GTK# designer crashes on Windows
122 – Custom commands cannot be debugged
126 – Error in solution pad when changing target framework
130 – Send feedback button in the unhandled exception dialog
133 – Monodoc does not start up on Lion.
136 – Add syntax highlighting for Cg Shader files.
137 – Diff view should allow views to be scrolled independently
141 – mdtool is not make friendly
142 – Mono for Android Support on Linux
145 – Project '{0}' has different ToolsVersion than the containing solution.
146 – Directories with similar names (differing only by case) can confuse MonoDevelop when loading a .csproj file containing <Link> elements
147 – XIB files need Build Action other than Page
148 – I can't type " on code editor
153 – Crashes on OS X Lion when moving files from one folder to another
157 – MD fails to load assemblies that are symlinked to another file e.g. those in the GAC
160 – Creating a new solution results in stack overflow
165 – Upgrading to MonoDevelop 2.6 B3 results in debugger error
167 – MonoDevelop add-in screws up resource casing.
174 – Status Bar locks when building with custom Makefile
175 – MD fails to generate Makefiles for C#/.NET 4.0 projects
177 – [plist editor] Document type section collapses when modified
178 – [plist editor] Issues with the Document Type section
179 – [plist editor] The orientation buttons don't work
186 – Startup deadlock when running on .NET/Windows
187 – Text does not reset properly when modifying brace placement preferences
188 – Pressing space to select does not update checkbox
189 – Space bar to select does not work for all categories in the format preferences
190 – "Place array initializers on new line" does not work
191 – Scary GTK warnings in the terminal
192 – Crash loading my solution
193 – Indentation - Statements - within blocks. This does not work
194 – "Indent 'break' statements" does not work
195 – Inconsistency in option ordering for Type Cast / sizeof / typeof
196 – Adding a new project to the MD solution generates a 6000+ line diff
198 – Crash with Mono 2.10.3
199 – gtk#, error at run-time when compile old solutions on lion with the mono 2.10.3 on MAC OS LION
204 – Catchpoint should have option not to catch the exception's subclasses
219 – in monotouch, I am in the debugger and am unable to inspect a list of objects
221 – Add New File should default to 'C# code file' for C# projects
222 – Filling in the 'T' in EventHandler<T> does not have completion
224 – Code completion cannot handle lambdas properly.
225 – The 'rename' refactoring misses entries
226 – Renaming a folder causes exceptions
239 – Semantic Highlighting Broken
243 – Implement implicit interface doesn't handle overloads correctly.
252 – Do not allow iOS application names with a '.'
253 – Mac Native File Dialogs Resize on every keystroke
258 – Find references is extremely slow
260 – XCode 4 migration is broken for TweetStation
261 – plist editor is broken
268 – Use formatting settings should not be applied to autogenerated designer files
269 – User formatting settings should not be applied to autogenerated designer files
271 – iPhone and Android Addins need new images
279 – Searching with split view shows lots of exceptions
285 – Copy and paste truncates by 3 characters
286 – Writing a project to Program Files (x86) generates bad relative paths
287 – Updating the Minimum Android Version doesn't update TargetFrameworkVersion.
288 – Synaptics touchpad scrolling doesn't work on in Windows
292 – Crash while idle 2.6 RC1
297 – Improve SVN add-in to pull projects from SVN, not just publish
299 – Monodevelop crashed when using runtime debug logging
301 – Opening File from Share causes crash
302 – Parser error when using | symbols on attributes
306 – iOS SDK Version is incorrect with "Zip App Bundle" functionality
309 – project's root files are not being bundled on the final app
313 – Cannot expand items in Locals window or popup debugger
317 – iPhone: tries to incorrectly copy files.
319 – About Dialog Needs More Space for showing Version Info
320 – The "Standard Header" panel in the options should list the available variables
321 – Monodevelop creates Package entries in References which don't properly load on Windows
330 – Git requires password authentication for push/fetch and does not use keys
331 – Double clicking a xib does not open in interface builder
332 – Debugger shows all conditional BCL code as comment
337 – MonoDevelop 2.8a1 its not synching correctly with Xcode 4 xibs
338 – Monodevelop fails parse multiple attributes over a method in single line
340 – Updates have not been published to the MonoDevelop 2.8 Update Server
345 – MonoDevelop 2.8a1 MD Getting Exception when code syncs with Xcode
348 – Drag and Drop File From Finder to Project in MD 2.8 Alpha1 Crashes MD
350 – IOException: Unknown repository format ""; expected "0". When Create Solution
352 – Crash on changing project file property
353 – Need way to disable Source Control on Solutions
354 – Need to support disabling the Git add-in
355 – Error in treeview
356 – Git public key authentication does not accept valid private key passphrase
367 – Desktop application launcher not found/added
370 – Fix filename casings for iOS deployment (default.png -> Default.png)
372 – git addin uses index inconsistently
373 – Can not debug unit tests (NUnit) in MonoDevelop (OS X Lion)
379 – Cannot enable the C# binding
383 – Code indention broken in files with more than one namespace
384 – Hover does not reliably bring up object inspection
385 – Test hierarchies are not colored correctly during testing
387 – MonoDevelop should show the version of monotouch in a readily accessible way
388 – mdtool build error - Got a SIGSEGV while executing native code (Gdk.Pixbuf)
389 – __MonoCS__ sections get highlighted erroneously
394 – Key bindings lost when upgrading MonoDevelop
396 – MD 1.8 does not instantiate a ViewController in the AppDelegate
397 – overriding any method gives the same irrelevant comment in the method body
398 – Cannot create an instance of my auto-created ViewController
399 – Selection does not follow a click->drag
400 – Default Add New Project screen is not wide enough
401 – MD ignores DebuggerHiddenAttribute
402 – Auto complete did not auto-select the only available option
403 – Cannot right click on the namespace or using statements
404 – Why does MonoTouch create a 'UIWindow window;' field?
405 – Url handling in the texteditor is broken
406 – Invalid TreeIter when closing the assembly viewer
407 – Cannot set breakpoint on the specified IL offset.
409 – DebuggerDisplay cannot handle doted names
411 – Git blame takes 30 seconds
412 – IntelliSense overload hover window has mostly weird formatting
413 – Code completion consistently does not show parameters
415 – Reopening a xib while xcode is still running causes a crash
417 – Code completion blows up if you nest open brackets
420 – Filenames with ampersands are displayed incorrectly in solution pad
421 – UI is sometimes completely unresponsive except for minimize/maximize/quit
422 – MonoDevelop locks up after creating new solution
423 – Template Simplification
424 – Debugging Host set to automatic didn't work
425 – Remove the git/packaging window that appears during solution creation
426 – Rename simulator targets
427 – New iPhone files are not grouped correctly
428 – Ok/Cancel Buttons disappear in MD preferences
429 – Unable To Resize Window From All Sides
430 – Required to activate again when installing 4.1 from MD 2.8 alpha 2
431 – MD did not restart after installing updates that require restart
432 – iPhone Master->Detail template is incorrect
433 – NullReference exception thrown when generating method doc template
435 – Many updater issues
437 – Can't use emacs keys to navigate when autocomplete boxes are popped up
438 – Autocomplete gives up if you use backspace
439 – Add snippet for automatically generated property
441 – No 'Move focus to the menu bar' support
444 – Combine Intellisense and Resolve
445 – Conflicting key bindings in Default Scheme
446 – Update details window close button should say "Close"
447 – Intellisense can get cut off
448 – Text Vanishes While Using MonoDevelop
449 – object inspector is not reliable
450 – Alpha and Beta versions should get their update channel set accordingly
452 – Adding a snippet with a space causes intellisense issues.
453 – Consistency in New File command
454 – rename refactoring should apply to all the template files
455 – dnd on project treeview doesn't work with multiple selection
456 – Updater keeps trying to update MT 4.9 to 4.0.6
457 – Single click to switch files
458 – Remove tabs
459 – Errors in "Application Output" are very hard to notice when running MT apps
460 – Invalid SDK version
463 – Erroneous horizontal scrollbar in solution area
464 – Fails to install MonoMac addin
465 – Remove orange tildes
466 – [GTK] Toolbar buttons don't accept clicks after using menu
467 – Goto Type should go to the 'master' file, not code behind files
468 – Urls are not clickable in the update details screen
469 – CreateMethod created a method incorrectly
473 – I can't delete 'watch'es using the Delete key
474 – Cannot debug any nunit test
480 – Need to support renaming/removing/deleting Outlets and ACtions
481 – NRE in semantic highlighting
482 – Add SIMULATOR define for simulator builds
485 – [MD] Personal storage is wiped on deploy
489 – Window changes position when opening file in Solution Pane or Go To File
490 – Attaching to onShow signal using GUI Designer is ineffective
491 – Window switcher background
492 – Code completion doesn't work for extension methods properly
494 – Cannot edit XIBs dues to Xcode assertion
497 – Platform configuration should be "iOS" and not "iPhone".
498 – MonoDevelop code formatting preferences are lost upon update
500 – Breakpoints never get hit when debugging MonoTouch applications in Simulator
501 – iPad icon iTunes image incorrectly wants a 50 x 50 sized image, not 512 x 512.
502 – Info.plist image editor does not display select Portrait or Landscape Launch images
503 – Application won't build due to conflicting icon names from editing the info.plist file
507 – Don't reset the feedback text until it is sent
508 – MonoDevelop should tell me what version of MonoTouch I am running
509 – More refactoring operations for parameters
510 – Last item not remembered in New File dialog
511 – Trim blank spaces when copy-pasting
512 – Autosave all open files when committing
513 – Allow inspecting constant expressions
514 – Exception when removing break point
516 – Go to Definition is broken in git master
517 – Command-scroll is too easy to activate by accident
518 – Renaming ViewController classes doesn't rename .xib or .designer files
519 – Sporadic NULL ref exceptions
521 – Typing "///" within a summary comment block creates yet another summary comment
526 – Trident: Tooltips not available on "Breakpoints" window
527 – Trident: Disable All Breakpoints button is active, even if all breakpoints have already been disabled.
528 – MonoDevelop does not give all Launch Image modifiers (2.8 ALPHA)
529 – MonoDevelop requires incorrect iPad Landscape Launch Image dimensions (2.8 ALPHA)
532 – Debugger Evaluation timeout setting is missing units description
534 – Regression: Expanding hover debug window does not work reliably
535 – Error while updating MonoMac adding
536 – addin update UI problems
537 – Unrequired scrollbar for solution
539 – MonoTouch Application crashes at startup before it reaches the C# code.
543 – Xcode 4 prompts to upgrade new projects
546 – [GTK] Clicking on disclosure triangle in treeview doesn't work
547 – Need smoother scrolling
548 – gtk_window_present doean't work correctly on Mac
550 – Delete command on Mac should be any of backspace, cmd-backspace, delete
551 – Remove DeleteKey command
553 – The new plist editor has weird mouse focus issues
554 – MonoTouch projects with spaces in the filename can't compile
555 – MonoTouch does not write CFBundleIconFiles correctly in the plist
559 – Code generated in msbuild task is not added to project
560 – [GTK] Crasher while dragging items
565 – Cannot debug any app which throws an exception on separate thread
567 – Breakpoints disappears in the editor
568 – Format Selection and Format Document don't work as expected.
569 – Cannot build/run a project immediately after opening it
570 – MonoDevelop migrator is incorrectly generating an Info.plist file
571 – Migrator should upgrade csproj to VS2010 format
573 – 90% cpu when attempting to edit file with many compilation errors
578 – 'Format selection' and 'format document' should format it to the C# formatting settings of the project
583 – DebuggerDisplayAttribute does not follow same rules for displaying enums
588 – Identity/Provisioning Profile "autofix" is misplaced/confusing
589 – MonoTouch 4.0.7 update fails
591 – File permission access error when loading http://monodevelop.com/Developers/Tasks/General/Navigation
594 – Wrong intellisense on lambda parameters
596 – Completely wrong lambda parameter type inference
597 – Regression: Newly created project causes editor warning
598 – All MonoTouch templates need to be tested before releasing the next version
599 – Regression: No intellisense over Func delegate
600 – MD no longer loads file icons from MacOS
602 – Monotouch framework sometime does not load correctly
603 – Last token in doc comment has wrong color
606 – Alt-arrow word navigation doesn't work in GTK text widgets
613 – Unable to save a file with interfaces/abstract members when "Format document on save" is enabled
614 – Not Able to open MonoDevelop anymore
615 – Show activity when clicking Check for Updates Now
616 – Show a dialog when the user clicks Help -> Check for Updates
617 – Simplify update preferences page
618 – Monodevelop throws on right mouse click on *.sql file in solution pad
621 – Allow a "last selected" simulator.
623 – Automatic code indention is broken in aspx files containing parametrized views
624 – Have the option to turn off line ending conversion warnings.
625 – Issue with hot-keys correctly being picked up in a non-english language
626 – Be able to search the callstack whilst debugging
627 – When renaming a file, only select the name and not the extension
628 – Autocomplete does not adhere to custom policy settings.
630 – What to do to enable c and c++ for MonoDevelop for Windows(7)?
632 – Cannot enable debugging on Ubuntu 10.04 or 11.04
635 – unable to debug Vala programs, no code completion
646 – MD incorrectly forces @ before local variable
649 – correct compiler not used when mixing C and C++ files
651 – NullReferenceException thrown by MonoDevelop.Ide.Commands.ProjectCommands.RunEntryWithList
653 – Stupid: case-sensitive mode auto changing
656 – ios 5 beta 7 Info.Plist error on compile
657 – Wrong font usage in Splash screen: cannot read the text
662 – Code formatting throw "System.InvalidOperationException: Tried to remove non ws chars" with one unicode char
670 – Monodevelop starts in 'solution' view, not 'default' view
671 – MonoDevelop should support renaming designer files
672 – Allow swapping of type from var to strongly typed name.
673 – Formatter adds extra parenthesis (Version 2.6 release)
674 – MonoDevelop 2.6 Final -> Check for updates Error Retrieving Update Information
676 – MonoDevelop 2.6 doesn't migrate user settings from 2.4
679 – NullReferenceException thrown when "organize using"
680 – Git crash
681 – gtk-gui/*.cs Generates incorrect properties (private readonly) which fail to compile
682 – Client Profile for runtimes / project files
684 – NullReference exception when adding files to a project
685 – Code in #if block appears as comment
693 – Trident: View/Fullscreen menu option should show a checkmark depending on the current state
699 – [Attributes] not being recognized by IDE
702 – 2.8b1 errors when building tweetstation
704 – Format Document ignoring [Attributes]
711 – Cannot view/edit env vars for custom commands
716 – Unhandled exception error is displayed, When user clicks on 'Forward' button after providing the relevant details while starting a New Solution.
719 – Some icons for sub-options are missing at 'Options' popup
720 – Unhandled Exception is displayed when user tries to close multiple instances of MonoDevelop application by using 'Close Group' option of Windows.
721 – In 'File to Open' popup, 'Create folder' button is not displayed when the popup is opened first time
722 – Alternate Solution Configurations do not appear in the active configuration dropdown
723 – console can't close automatic when debug a console project
725 – Error CS1548: Error during assembly signing.
727 – Support for VS-style substitutions in T4 include paths
729 – MonoDevelop will not execute
731 – MonoDevelop should remember custom theme settings after upgrade
732 – Need a larger "New Solution" dialog
734 – Autocompletion can not resolve simple fields
735 – base ( does not offer any completions
736 – Text folding folds one line too many.
738 – In Edit Menu; Cut, copy, paste and delete option shown active, when user on the welcome screen.
739 – 'New' in the New File pop up is shown enabled, even when there is no Filename provided.
740 – Unhandled Exception displayed when user selects "Uppercase selection" option under Edit menu without selecting any content.
741 – Expand control (+) for C# in New File pop up, doesn't expand properly to show up the options under it for the first time.
742 – Options are missing for right side dropdown of Active Configuration and Run options under Project & Run menus respectively in the Menu Bar
743 – Unhandled exception is displayed when user tries to open an invalid file with Character Coding as Unicode (UTF 8)
744 – Files can be created with only spaces as a filename.
745 – First character of file name is being converted into Underscore (_) when first character is a number.
747 – Solution pad contents become corrupt after copy/paste
748 – MD doesn't detect Xcode 3.2.6 correctly
750 – Allow changing case of files/folders on case-insensitive FS
753 – [CorDebugger] Debugger on windows crashes if platform option is not set to x86
755 – Double-clicking a reference should automatically scroll to an assembly in Assembly Browser
756 – Right-click a solution and selecting "Delete" doesn't do anything
757 – Code formatting causing strange formatting
761 – Ctrl+Shift+Enter shortcut adds invisible character
764 – Welcome Page doesn't load in master
768 – MonoDevelop 2.6 is missing MonoDoc.app
771 – Crash while compiling
773 – Allow option to prevent sliding drawers.
774 – Support for intellisense / code completion in immediate window
777 – Default template for ASP.NET MVC is not working on Windows version
780 – Document formatting issues with Cyrillic characters
784 – Exception error appears on selecting any .exe format file at 'Mono Develop>>Open a solution/File'
785 – Error message displayed in command prompt window when user starts emulator at Monodevelop.
787 – MonoDevelop freezes when opening a project downloaded from the internet.
789 – Monodevelop fails to regenerate MainWindow.xib.designer.cs
791 – Got To Declaration throws error when in nested constructor
801 – Docked Windows on restart return to auto-hide windows.
802 – Cannot enter Greek in Localizable.strings file in MonoDevelop IDE
803 – Problems with auto completion and highlight
806 – Exception occurred when user press Ctrl+M+P keys.
807 – Functionality of "Go to Previous bookmark" icon is not working.
813 – Enable "Run to Cursor" when debugging
814 – Add moved files support in git log viewing.
815 – Git log for single file should have the diff view expanded.
816 – Debugging; watch context menu when hovering over doesn't expand when clicked
817 – very long tabs w/markup whena file is updated many times outside the IDE
818 – Allow the option to disable middle button functionality
822 – Issues with outlining in 2.6 Snow Leopard
823 – Pulling from a Git repository with an invalid certificate shows exception
826 – Default TargetFrameworkVersion for VS2008 format is incorrect
827 – Typing georgian alphabet and using .mo files from other platforms
828 – GTK+ on mac has poor keymap support and no IME support
829 – Restoring previously opened document tabs is slow
830 – [GTK] MonoDevelop cannot render non-Latin characters on MacOS
834 – Cannot use "Replace in files" to replace text with empty string
835 – Error bars disappear and make highlighting text invisible.
845 – Unable to launch Emulator on Windows XP -64 bit and 32 bit.
846 – Name changes when I add a new widget
849 – The icon selection dialog should show the expected icon size
850 – iPad orentations are not matched pairs warning
852 – OK and Cancel buttons disappears in iPhone Project Options
854 – Control-tab is broken on windows again
856 – gettext reader/write is inconsistent, incomprehensible and inefficient
858 – Tooltips for 'Run' and 'Debug' are missing the Enter icon at the end
859 – Pre installed Android SDK not being detected.
861 – MonoDevelop Error message when deploying in API_7
862 – MonoDevelop empty warnings Windows Vista 64bit.
863 – Emulator not being recognized by MonoDevelop
869 – Crash reporter should detect and backtrace hung MD processed
870 – C# parser is broken
871 – After setting editor font size, opened files are scrolled to right
873 – Error Creating new NUnit test fixture.
875 – Trying to view Log information on a SVN GitHub repository in MonoDevelop and it crashes
877 – Position error/warning message bubble at the top or bottom of MonoDevelop
879 – Update from SVN on solution does not update all sub projects
880 – Error viewing SVN log: Error While Getting Revision Text: File may not be in the working copy.
881 – Decompilation failed in Assembly Browser: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException
882 – Unhandled Exception
884 – mouse cursor and click problems in text editor
885 – Keyboard input to jump to method when listing methods of a class
886 – There should be an item in the 'View' menu for invoking the Assembly Browser
887 – Refactory operations
888 – New template: view controller with ipad+iphone xib
890 – Random crashes while working with Monodevelop 2.6
891 – Exception right clicking on my project
894 – Recent Files or Solutions numbered from 1 to 0
899 – Project '{0}' has different ToolsVersion than the containing solution.
900 – Could not access to directory: /Users/fejj/Projects.
907 – copying to clipboard doesn't if I previously copy text from emacs
908 – can't find pango-glue? when tried to delete a selection of text
910 – Completion window shown at incorrect positions on dual display
911 – Constructors not renamed when renaming a class
912 – Menu option to reload the entire solution (and automatically do this after updating the entire solution from SCCS)
913 – Printing support on Windows
914 – Issues with Intellisense
915 – Debugger does not enter code that is not written in C#
917 – XCode4 migration hangs.
922 – Mono/MT SDK not detected
929 – CreateMethod refactoring creates invalid method
932 – The MonoDevelop updater doesn't show any updates
933 – Parsing error is occurred when user tries to launch Xcode.
934 – Fatal unhandled exception is occurred on MonoDevelop console when user RUN the project.
935 – Unhandled exception occurred when user debug the AppDelegates.cs file.
936 – ViewController.h file does not open when user click on the middle button of the Editor choice buttons in the toolbar.
937 – Git option is missed from the Project Feature when user creates a duplicate solution.
938 – in the New Solution chooser '.' appears valid but isn't
939 – Crash when accessing Project menu with MT Library selected in Solution Explorer
940 – NullReferenceException on mouse right-click over using clause
941 – MonoDevelop XCode4 importer does not bring images.
943 – Sometimes it is not possible to set a breakpoint
944 – Step-Over does not work on first use
946 – When updating a MonoDevelop.app that has been renamed, we should offer the option to install the renamed version
947 – Debugger does not connect after it has been previously connected unless app is explicitly closed
948 – MonoDevelop fails to start the Android emulator on Windows XP when path to the SDK has spaces
951 – The 'MinimumOSVersion' inside Info.plist does not include the device version
953 – Recent GTK related crasher
954 – Potential auto-release pool issue in MonoDevelop
955 – Migrating a project should only prompt once
956 – Allow the option to overwrite file when adding a file with the same name
957 – Allow adding entire folders of items into a project
958 – Cannot use keyboard layout switching when within MonoDevelop
959 – Removing a file in the solution should not require manual cleaning/rebuilding
960 – gtk design info lost when stetic addin is disabled.
961 – Code completion does not refresh new references
963 – Title name does not changed when user rename the solution.
966 – Code of AppDelegate.cs file does not revert back when user change debugger mode from iPhone to iPhoneSimulator.
967 – User is able to add multiple iPhone View Controller file into single solution.
968 – Connection Refuse message is displayed on MonoDevelop console whereas application is successfully running on the simulator
969 – Unspecified error occurred while create a package.
973 – Clicking in main menu will remove focus from the rest of the application
974 – Toolbar button's tooltip disables other buttons on the left
976 – Closing the Deploy to Device pad with the red icon to the right causes a NREX
977 – Behavior change in web reference code generation.
978 – Can't close solution
979 – SVN status for files showing as question marks
982 – Enable a key-binding to "Resolve -> using namespace"
984 – Hang on startup
985 – Code completion does not exist for local properties when typing in the constructor of the class.
987 – MonoDevelop incorrectly imports the 'DerivedData' directory
988 – MonoDevelop 2.6 crashes when opening a MonoDevelop 2.8 created MonoTouch project
989 – Support WCF .svc files in mono develop
993 – Cancelling overwriting a project with New Project requires too many cancels
994 – Code completion gets confused with two classes with the same name
995 – Assembly browser throws an exception if closed early
999 – Fatal unhandled Exception occurred when user selects <projectname>ViewController as Main Interface and then run the script.
1000 – DerivedData should be written in monodevelops temp folder
1001 – Image file having .jpg, .gif extension are not appear on select icon pop up window when user upload App icon.
1002 – Unhandled exception is occurred when user creates a SQL Server database.
1004 – Build failed message is displayed when we run build on Xcode whereas on MonoDevelop build is running successfully.
1005 – When using multi-monitor setup MD always starts at wrong monitor
1006 – Unhandled Exception in HighlightingUsagesExtension
1009 – Null Ref during build but no error in error window.
1012 – can't debug C++ application on MAC OS X Lion
1014 – Find In Files should not search binaries
1015 – Strange error reverting git changes within MD
1016 – Umlauts within Action-Labels makes Stetic generate wrong Files.
1018 – System exception is occurred when user rename the project name and then double click on .xib file.
1019 – MonoDevelop is unable to handle "File Not Found" exception.
1021 – Modifying folded text corrupts display
1023 – Delete project from disc
1024 – Translation Project compilation error
1026 – Test hierarchies are not colored correctly during testing (using Generics)
1027 – Upload to device not available unless android project selected in the solution tab
1028 – Bug when double clicking on a build error a bunch of times quickly
1029 – Add-in fails to obtain filesystem mountpoints from the device and, in result, available space for deployment
1034 – Cannot change key type in plist editor advanced tab
1035 – advanced plist editor tab needs "+" and "-" buttons to add/remove keys or a blank row or something.
1037 – Unable to open files
1040 – Error when MinimumOSVersion is present but empty
1041 – MonoDevelop should re-focus when a breakpoint is hit
1042 – Code completion partially failing
1043 – Code completion showing no results sometimes
1044 – Path issues with MonoDevelop on Windows 7 x64 - The path is not of a legal form.
1045 – Use Visual Studio code comment style
1046 – MonoDevelop should not automatically jump to the file with the first compile error
1047 – Inline error messages make code hard to fix
1049 – Cannot place cursor at the end of a collapsed method
1050 – NullReferenceException navigating to a file
1051 – Code completion can't handle interface return types properly
1057 – Components (button, labels) are overlapped each other on Designer tab.
1059 – User is unable to create solution with the same name which is provided during the first attempt of solution creation process.
1060 – Implement interface leaves empty regions
1061 – All text in MD on Mac is heavily antialiased; it looks bold
1066 – Error message is displayed when user RUN the application on MonoDevelop.
1067 – More GTK related crashers
1069 – Name field accept special characters in project name.
1071 – No action is performed when user clicks on triangle icon to collapse the expanded hierarchy in the maximized help window.
1072 – iOS Device Log does not show the device logs
1073 – THe heading "Packaging and its check box" is missing.
1074 – Delete option is non-functional.
1075 – Monodevelop should save opened tabs/breakpoints more frequently
1076 – Code completion failing for local properties in if statement
1077 – Code completion does not update when references/framework changed if using xbuild/msbuild
1078 – XML codes are displayed on the Editor panel when user double click on .xib file.
1079 – MD creates uncompilable project file
1083 – Solution pane stops responding to clicks frequently
1085 – An error is occurred when user BUILD the iPhone/iPad Storyboard application.
1087 – Commit on Solution node does not commit projects outside root folder
1088 – Quick Xamarin-ify start page
1094 – CrashReporter is not built or run
1096 – Application output pad is shown even if upload fails
1097 – Passing unittests fails
1098 – Exception when saving NUnit options
1099 – Infinite loop between Blame widget and TextEditor
1100 – python binding throws TargetInvocationException when creating a new project
1105 – MonoDevelop does not respond to input, internal error
1106 – Generating code completion should have visible output somewhere
1108 – Monodevelop won't launch at all on OS X 10.5.8
1109 – Custom Build Commands are not running
1110 – MonoDevelop 2.8b3 crashes when building Mono for Android project.
1111 – Code completion on "wrong" monitor
1116 – Implement Solarized color scheme
1118 – Choose info.plist file base off of Build Configuration
1119 – Search box icons aren't visible on macOS
1120 – [GTK] Crash when dragging file from Finder into a project folder in MonoDevelop
1121 – "Project file cannot be parsed" error when loading project in xcode
1122 – Hang executing applescript
1124 – monodevelop refused to quit
1126 – Using a non-registered managed type in IB throws an exception with an improvable exception message
1127 – AppleScript needs to be run in a background thread
1128 – Exception when syncing back from xcode
1129 – Allow committing parts of a file
1130 – Auto-entering a fully qualified class name causes an ArgumentOutOfRangeException
1131 – Optional parameters should have a visual indicator in code completion
1132 – Intellisense for instantiating delegates is incorrect
1133 – DataBase error dialog shows up beneath the active window
1134 – Visually corrupted text when changing line
1135 – Find In files Doesn't work correctly
1136 – Feedback window steals property grid focus
1137 – Files with a date in the future do not sync to xcode correctly
1138 – XML codes are displayed on the Xcode Editor area.
1139 – MonoDevelop flags Japanese text as invalid
1141 – Document Switch Dialog does not allow selecting items with mouse
1149 – Improve the error message if there are no provisioning profiles found at all
1150 – Project fails to migrate
1151 – Syntax highlighting for sh files
1152 – Ability to unload and edit MSBuild project files
1153 – New MSBuild property groups and item groups should be added after existing groups
1155 – Allow staying in disassembled view when stepping in disassembled code
1156 – Debugging disassembled code could use C# decompiler to generate source
1157 – Disassembly view uses wrong font
1159 – "Navigate to..." doesn't match on classes' namespaces
1160 – Xcode syncing breaks when filesystem doesn't support links
1165 – MonoDevelop doesn't have a GUID generator.
1166 – Getting migration error - could not migrate project, no migrator supplied.
1167 – Code folding breaks rendering of code
1168 – MonoDevelop 2.8 can't be used to build MonoTouch
1169 – 'Format document on save' does really bad things to source code
1170 – Find in files throws exception if you replace with ""
1171 – Find in files doesn't work if you have a carriage return
1172 – Document switcher has very badly regressed
1173 – Document switcher not fully usable on MacOS Lion
1174 – GUI designer allows unusable file chooser action values
1176 – Assembly browser source selection persists when content changes
1177 – SqlMetalExecException from Generate Linq Class
1182 – TestFlight integration should have multiline release notes
1183 – Impossible to remove an icon/image from Info.plist
1184 – Toolbox Web Controls not showing in pad
1185 – After click on Run With, there is only only one option available.
1186 – "Fix this" commands for build errors
1187 – Help commands for build errors
1188 – C# compiler used should be overrideable in generated configure file
1189 – Clear Recent search option not clears text from search text box
1190 – Have the Application Output use Monospace font by default
1192 – Searching in binary files does not work
1194 – Tip of the Day in the welcome page
1195 – Quick launch bar
1196 – Solution explorer incorrect functionality of audto hide button.
1197 – Error message apears when click on Add >> New Files.
1199 – Multiple instances of MD download the same updates simultaneously
1200 – Check for update in prefs dialog doesn't use updated prefs
1206 – Accessory view in Mac dialogs is mispositioned
1211 – Improvements to syntax styles system
1213 – MS crash while building an invalid implicit Add
1214 – Random Crash
1215 – MD does not infer lambda expression correctly
1216 – Added icon image is not displaying to the application UI.
1217 – ComboBox to select the active widget acts strangely
1218 – Setup methods aren't run in base classes automatically
1219 – Solution created with blank name when user click on OK button on validation message for name field.
1220 – Make the docks have shadows
1221 – Code folding improvements
1222 – Strange crash when showing a modal dialog
1223 – Windows native dialogs have layout issues
1227 – Key binding setting window does not display XF86Back and XF86Forward shortcuts
1228 – typing null autocompletes to DBNull most of the time
1236 – Error occurred when user build the Touches_Classic application on the iPhone.
1238 – XML file opens in place of UI Editor window when open the storyboard file.
1239 – Parser failed with error Closing tag does not match opening tag.
1242 – OK button in New Solution dialog isn't the default button
1243 – OK button in New Solution dialog isn't the default button
1245 – Add new files causes duplicates to appear in file browser
1246 – Error in text editor chain
1248 – Publish project in git fails
1249 – Migration fails when adding an old project to an existing solution
1251 – Hex editor doesn't save
1252 – Unhandled exception crashed monodevelop
1253 – Hex editor crashes MD when deleting everything
1255 – Printing support on Windows
1256 – Error while executing command: Undo
1257 – TweetStation does not run on the device, error message appears.
1258 – [2.8] Debugger window doesn't support boxing of primitive types
1259 – [2.8] Immediate window should have "Clear" option
1260 – [2.8] Immediate window returns incorrect LVALUE
1261 – [2.8] Values changes in immediate window don't reflect in Watch window
1262 – [2.8] Watch window doesn't refresh after values are edited in watch window
1264 – [Feature request] - allow resuming execution at arbitrary code points while debugging
1265 – [2.8] Format Document seems completely broken in 2.8 release
1266 – [Feature request] - Ability to format as you type
1267 – [2.8] Rename class broken in 2.8 release
1268 – [2.8] Type highlighting broken between class declaration and instance declaration
1269 – [2.8] Code documentation doesn't work on constructors
1271 – Add-in manager doesn't work behind authenticated proxy on .NET
1272 – "Navigate to..." cannot disambiguate items
1273 – [Feature request] - Ability to change color themes on the fly
1274 – "Navigate to" ranking issues
1275 – Add new file doesn't work (Win 7 & Moonlight)
1276 – Opening GTK designer
1277 – diffing on a plist file causes an exception dialog to show
1278 – [2.8] sintax highlight
1279 – MonoDevelop 2.8 Tool tips and popups in bad location
1280 – .mdp Exclude files get migrated as Include
1281 – Migrating old Info.plist files should set MinimumOSVersion
1282 – [regression] go to type doesn't find type
1283 – Stack overflow exception while parsing cs files for code completion
1284 – Migration from .mdp to .csproj misses some important properties
1285 – Multiple problems with Web References.
1286 – Cannot run a Console application
1288 – MonoDoc bookmark menu duplicate items
1289 – More robust project format handling
1290 – Text editor doesn't go to referenced line in C# code
1291 – Go to declaration and Navigate to... don't position correctly
1293 – MonoDevelop 2.8 crashes when trying to do anything
1295 – Project migration happens when user clicks the red X
1296 – Right padding for line numbers in text view to small when disabling code folding
1298 – Bulk file change operations in solution pad clears selection
1299 – Unable to edit code in aspx files because of error message from monodevelop
1300 – Code completion fails when using 'var' and calling base.Foo
1301 – MonoDevelop UI Fonts are not displaying
1302 – Exception while trying to go to base constructor
1303 – Exception from recent files when opening file
1304 – Find in Files doesn't work
1305 – MonoDevelop - double screen troubles
1306 – Need better detection of when a mimetype is text or binary
1307 – Copying from exception dialogs has blank line between every line
1308 – Find in files name filter should match virtual path
1309 – Creating new project configuration should handle default platform values better
1310 – Find in files has problems with large files
1311 – Sort & Remove usings removes too much
1312 – Navigate To doesn't show class parts
1313 – Go To Definition command should prefer non-designer class parts
1314 – Exception when editing Reference.cs file.
1315 – Go to declaration on method does not go to correct overload
1316 – default generated namespace for new files is incorrect
1317 – Designer files doesn't change
1318 – NUnit add-in failed on executable simple tests
1320 – mdhost.exe crash
1322 – MonoDevelop 2.8 Crashes on Debug Build
1325 – Launch image picker should allow fullscreen images
1326 – MonoDevelop 2.8 - Error in Extension Chain
1327 – Error exporting mdp with project reference to csproj
1328 – Migrate default project format
1329 – Suggestion: Info.plist file instead of showing "No image" could also show the dimensions of the image
1331 – Gettext on windows
1333 – It'd be nice to know if a method is currently fulfilling an implemented Interface
1334 – MonoDevelop 2.8 Can't set iOS Application Target to iPad
1335 – Some icons missing
1338 – Monodevelop 2.8 freezes and has high memory usage
1342 – User is able to undo text after saving code
1343 – Cannot delete the info.plist file
1344 – Changes removed by Undo get revert by Redo option while user saved the file after UNDO
1346 – Not showing Alpha or Beta updates
1347 – Highlight of code is too dark
1350 – Find References doesn't work
1351 – No autocomplete hotkey on Mac OS X
1352 – System.NullReferenceException while switching tabs from one program to the other
1355 – NullReferenceException when minimising MonoDevelop
1356 – Highlighting of types does not always work (String vs string)
1357 – Add in NotImplementedExceptions in overridden methods
1361 – Diff views are inconsistent
1362 – Allow MonoDevelop to open corrupt UTF8 files so they can be fixed
1363 – Unable to compile AspNetEdit
1364 – New version downloaded
1369 – Unit tests won't load.
1371 – with mac system menu visible mouse clicks become unresponsive in IDE
1372 – yield return && cannot convert `Mapper<T>' expression to type `Mapper<T>' (CS1503)
1373 – overriding [Model] class methods shouldn't insert base.Methods
1374 – Project Options / iPhone Build / additional mtouch arguments not saved correctly!!
1376 – Error when right clicking extension method
1379 – Run command fails with "Cannot execute". Debug is fine.
1380 – 2.8 RTM is Extremely Slow and Unusable
1381 – Cannot open plist
1382 – After migrating a project in MD 2.8, you still have to update it to 2k10 project settings.
1384 – Highlighting on selection misrenders if you have newlines in the embedded search widget
1385 – Find in Selection is not easy to find
1386 – MonoDevelop 2.8 (final): error in extension chain
1390 – Xcode synced class locations should reflect MD locations
1391 – Incorrect message in fold tooltips
1393 – Find in Files does not work without file mask
1395 – USB debugging doesn't work on MonoDevelop 2.8 / No WiFi debugging available
1398 – No Suggestion mark displayed when user defined void type function and tried to return any data type value.
1401 – Opening HomeScreen.xib in attached project in xcode results in an error
1405 – Can't set devices to iPad
1406 – System.NullReferenceException when clicking warning
1407 – Debugging stops randomly
1409 – Can no longer edit XIB files
1411 – Go to definition does not work with nested types
1412 – Serializer keeps on discarding env vars from custom commands
1413 – Upgrading to MonoDevelop 2.8 results in MonoTouch not showing up
1414 – Intellisense: Sometimes null doesnt appear in intellisense
1417 – Out of memory code completion database with big project
1421 – Error in soft debugger method call thread on method Int32 System.Threading.Tasks.Task:get_Id () on object System.Threading.Tasks.Task
1424 – MonoDevelop 2.8 NullReferenceException on startup
1425 – Unable to Add MonoTouch.Dialog's Sample project -"Could not open unmigrated project"
1427 – MD should default to "Debug|Mixed Platforms" configuration if it exists
1428 – When the current project is recompiled before running, MD should not compile all of the other projects.
1430 – There is no option to keep current solution(s) open when you create a new solution.
1431 – ios controller template descriptions are ambiguous
1432 – New xib+controller with same name in different folders have obj-c name collision
1433 – MD won't allow you to delete files associated with the 2.6 xib workflow. e.g. screenName.xib.cs and screenName.xib.designer.cs
1434 – Cannot copy files from one project to another in MD
1435 – Solution pad treeview context menu does not show up after it is popped up once
1436 – Property auto-formatting puts getter and setter outside the curly braces with on the fly formatting on
1440 – MonoDevelop on Mac OS X can't display Chinese correct
1441 – Keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+C,Ctrl+V etc.) not work in russian layout
1445 – MD crashes with SIGABRT occasionally when stopping debugging
1448 – Error appears when user try to install the solution/project to a location.
1450 – Crash after nullref
1451 – iTunes artwork picker should permit jpeg images
1452 – MonoDevelop 2.8: unable to load a .cs file
1453 – Monodevelop 2.8: the GTK GUI designer crashes the IDE
1455 – Autosave files not being cleaned up
1457 – Crash in code editor
1465 – Save downloaded updates to ~/Downloads
1466 – Identify updates that come from Alpha or Beta channels
1467 – Updater install dialog should show version numbers
1469 – Debugger crashes with System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Array index is out of range.
1470 – MonoDevelop does not stop on breakpoint
1471 – Adding existing project to solution should prompt format upgrade
1472 – Unhandled Exception in HighlightingUsagesExtension
1473 – Pre-edit double-underlines do not render
1474 – IME candidate window on Windows has offset position
1475 – git addin keeps file locks even after closing solution
1476 – Error occurs when try to create package.
1478 – NRE when hovering over tab
1479 – Find-in-Files fails with an Exception
1480 – Compilation conditionals colorizer cannot handle nesting
1481 – Unable to inspect static variable from parent class
1482 – Variables referenced in delegates can't be inspected
1485 – iPhone Simulator not found after upgrade to SDK 5 - How to set it?
1487 – Intellisense location is wrong when multiple screens are used
1488 – Images set in a xib in xcode aren't loading at runtime when the xib is loaded from bundle.
1489 – Going to definition on the new expression goes to definition of the class not the constructor
1490 – MonoDevelop 2.8.1 crashed when Building
1491 – [svn17] Support for SVN 1.7
1492 – Problems with focusing toolbar buttons and solution explorer drop downs
1493 – MonoDevelop.AspNet assembly does not have a strong name
1495 – Creating a new file of type Monotouch/iPhone View does not create designer files
1500 – Compiling monodevelop bug : assembly with the same identity `mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089' has already been imported.
1501 – MonoDevelop 2.8.1: Hundreds of Error dialogs
1502 – Solution not rebuilt after MonoTouch update
1503 – MonoDevelop 2.8.1 Crashes when default.png dragged in
1504 – Listview
1505 – Controls
1507 – The updater states that it is cancelling the update (obviously it does not cancel it, it is installing it)
1508 – Monodevelop crashes when opening Solution
1509 – Crash when trying to open solution
1510 – MonoDevelop update proposed, but can't update
1511 – Detect icon name case mismatch
1513 – Autosuggest Problems with Webservices
1514 – NRE when trying to open any file in solution
1515 – Feature Request: Smooth Scrolling in Text Editor
1519 – build of release 2.8.1 fails due to missing file
1523 – Support vala-0.14
1525 – Error running Vala app with space in project name
1536 – Problems publishing a project to SVN version control
1537 – Context Menu in wrong position on multi-monitor systems.
1539 – NRE in watch window
1546 – Types not synced to Xcode if type database not complete
1547 – Watch unusable when evaluation large strings, Monodevelop gets stuck or crashes
1548 – member type does not show up in the tooltip
1549 – Cannot add keys manually
1551 – MonoDevelop should use svcutil --monotouch to generate WCF client proxies
1554 – find window doesn't remember state/settings
1556 – It should be easier to create lite/full versions of iOS/Android applications
1557 – Plist editor should not show up in the project options anymore
1559 – Reading definition of System.Environment.UserInteractive raises uncaught exception
1560 – Allow Assembly Browser to use XML files next to the assemblies to put comments in
1561 – System.Environment.UserInteractive and similar classes stop decompiling
1562 – PList editor should support undo/redo
1563 – Cannot add keys using the editor if there are no keys already
1564 – Reference dialog do not show projects
1565 – MonoDevelop can't handle SVN paths/URLs with spaces in
1566 – Debugger crashes out with Unhandled Exception when null reference in Object Initializer
1567 – Include help system in IDE with content help
1569 – When I hit debug it rebuilds my code every time.
1571 – Error occurs in Debugging application from path Run<<Debug Application.
1572 – Build All Projects icon is displaying on the left bottom while user is doing build with Build Project sample icon.
1573 – No option available with Run with when user select "Release/iPhone" from Active configuration box and nothing happens when user click on Run with option.
1574 – User able to select other Active configuration option while build application is in process.
1575 – Cross button to stop current build or application execution does not stop the application execution once the IOS simulator launched.
1576 – User able to select other Active configuration option while application is in running mode.
1580 – Calculate totals in the Code metrics window
1581 – Keyboard shortcut ideas
1582 – [GTK] Resizing window causes the IDE unexpected behavior
1583 – References has gone in Monodevelop 2.6
1586 – Remove redundant view outlets from designer code
1587 – Images should only be re-compressed if they've changed
1588 – Error loading policy file 'Default.mdpolicy.xml'
1589 – mdtool should update addin db
1590 – Assembly versions should match addin versions
1591 – MD trying to load MonoDoc docs from desktop
1592 – No way to stop to permanently decline updates
1593 – Refactor: Move type to file does not work any more
1594 – Migration issue with MonoDevelop 2.8
1595 – Error window opens up with message "Unhandled exception" when try to select other file from file tab.
1596 – Bad userprefs file cause compiling to crash
1599 – Crash when loading the attached file AND displaying document outline .
1600 – vi mode navigation fails after using R command
1603 – Ask for confirmation before downloading / Label downloaded files better
1604 – Allow setting the cursor blink rate
1605 – Clicking on Rebuild all, freezes the UI for 3-5 seconds.
1607 – Workspaces break active configuration picker
1608 – Minimise "for" loops
1609 – Error window opens up with message "The policy set could not be loaded" when user select pdf file in Apply policy window.
1610 – Selected options is not being deselected when user again select the same option on path View<<Debug Window.
1611 – Add support to build Debian packages from solution
1612 – Allow solutions in workspaces to be aware of each other
1617 – MonoDevelop should fully support custom Apple SDK location for MonoTouch
1619 – Menu items render off screen when first hovering over them
1623 – Error after installing xcode_4.2_and_ios_5_sdk_for_snow_leopard
1624 – MonoDevelop crash when instantiating MailAddress in code and building
1625 – MonoDevelop does not handle readonly files well
1626 – The "move class to file with matching name" refactoring operation is missing
1627 – Storyboard files do not respect the iphone/ipad option properly
1628 – Sql editor has a panel which cannot be resized/hidden
1629 – impossible to run/debug a .Net 4.0 / GTK 2.12 app (MD 2.8.1 / Win7-64)
1630 – Unable to add assembly reference using absolute path
1637 – The vm is not suspended
1639 – System.InvalidOperationException when doing "git pull" in an external console
1642 – Race condition for error "Framework 'Mono for iPhone' not installed"
1643 – GNOME3 - non-fatal error on startup, easy fix
1645 – [packaging] Wrong FSF address in headers
1646 – Fix MimeType syntax on .desktop entry file
1647 – MonoDevelop crashes when compiling a project containing WCF proxy but no reference to System.ServiceModel and System.Runtime.Serialization
1648 – XCode modified XIBs not synced back consistently
1649 – Can't compile generated code wrt namespaces
1650 – Create Mac Installer does not let user select any 'extra' options
1655 – Python Plugin doesn't start because of wrong MD version number
1657 – Changes to read-only project file silently ignored
1658 – The default keybindings have conflicts on the mac
1659 – Monodevelop full /tmp partition
1664 – Infinite recursion in text editor
1667 – Pressing escape in gtk designer should select parent widget
1668 – Double-clicking a signal should navigate to event handler
1670 – IPA archiving: symlinks need to be archived as symlinks
1671 – Results pane should be resizeable in Database Add-in
1673 – Just selecting the attached Solution ( not loading it ) crashes MonoDevelop
1679 – Exception while clicking on errors
1684 – Classes decorated with fully qualified Register attribute don't generate header files
1687 – Automagically create smaller PNG's from @2x.png files
1689 – vi mode does not support multipliers
1690 – References should support variables in ItemSpecs
1694 – Add channel selection dropdown to MD update dialog box
1697 – Integrate with Autohotkey Smart GUI Creator
1698 – Error list scroll position doesn't reset when list changes, hides items
1699 – Code completion triggers in multi-line edit, breaks stuff
1700 – Tab in multi-line edit changes messes up the selection
1702 – Register attributes can be hidden by user class
1704 – Stetic cannot properly delete widgets
1706 – Error updating Objective-C type
1707 – MonoDevelop does not detect ANSI file encoding
1708 – NRE in MessageBubbleHighlightPopupWindow.OnExposeEvent
1711 – Project type converter
1714 – Atomic undo isn't quite atomic
1717 – Unable to save empty .cs file
1718 – MD autocomplete doesn't offer local variable when typing fast
1719 – Different project name and output assembly name can cause symbolication to fail
1720 – Right edge of selection is fuzzy
1721 – Target framework should be default to 'Default' and choose the highest installed
1722 – Cannot run android application
1723 – Assembly Browser throws exception when changing from IL/C# to Summary
1724 – Running app for the first time is a little cumbersome
1729 – Error in merge widget when quitting MD
1732 – Continue button should be in Debug Toolbar too...
1734 – crash while refreshing devices
1736 – "Create Emulator" opens up SDK Manager, not AVD Manager
1739 – Allow searching inside of "Build Output"
1742 – Cancel Document Switching with Esc (or Ctrl+Esc)
1743 – Double-clicking a document in document switcher should switch to clicked document
1744 – [New Resolver] Issues while typing a property
1745 – [New Resolver] Invalid completion in class initialization
1746 – [New Resolver] Issues in switch statement
1747 – [New Resolver] Code completion issues when declaring a generic dictionary
1748 – [New Resolver] Extra blank line added when resolving namespace
1749 – [New Resolver] Autoformatter issue after property declaration
1750 – [New Resolver] Crash in the editor
1754 – Dock does not autohide properly
1756 – MonoDevelop adds to git commit some files inside the obj/ directory
1757 – Dock shading is badly misrendered
1758 – [GTK] Complete hang if you drag a file in the OpenFile dialog
1759 – No intellisense or autocompletion for a referenced library
1760 – [New Resolver] Parameter tooltip not shown for indexers
1761 – [New Resolver] Wrong position of semicolon caused by autoformatter
1762 – 'Clear Successful' displayed in the left bottom when user rebuild test
1763 – [New Resolver] Incorrect parameters tooltip shown for dictionary
1764 – Assemblies should be opened with assembly browser by default
1765 – Error window open with message "Error while executing command:Install".
1766 – Could not get diff information. Arg_InsufficientSpace; Parameter name: chars.
1767 – [New Resolver] Weird tooltip window quickly showing and hiding when typing comments
1768 – Error occurs in adding the web reference to the project.
1769 – Exception thrown when checking for updates
1771 – File of Reference still displayed in right pane after delete
1780 – PList Editor throws exceptions on adding a new item
1783 – New Files fail to load on GIT PULL
1784 – Inconsistant when setting "Insert Matching Brace" with Hungarian language setting
1789 – Exception while editing text: HashSet have been modified
1791 – Some files will not open in Monodevelop with a UTF-8 error
1793 – Auto complete functionality is not working on center panel of New Solution screen.
1794 – View controller code generated from the "Cocoa view with controller" template uses invalid type for View
1795 – [New Resolver] Public keyword not shown sometimes when adding a new member
1796 – [New Resolver] Assembly completion data not updated after replacing assembly
1798 – [New Resolver] The new parser database doesn't detect file moves
1799 – [New Resolver] Invalid code completion when typing name of variable
1803 – UTF-8 conversion issue
1807 – [New Resolver] Code completion issues when typing indexer argument
1809 – Errors while syncing back from xcode
1810 – Add the ability to create a new file as a link instead of standard file
1811 – Gtk gui designer doesn't work with version-less references
1813 – Be able to hide/disable the feedback button
1816 – Add Web Service, Update Web Service Can't Parse WSDL
1817 – MonoDevelop break VS2010 compatibility in solution file
1818 – While creating a new solution under C#, the option Mono for Android is missing.
1821 – NullReferenceException when disable breakpoint
1822 – Assembly Browser background color should respect user's settings
1823 – I keep getting an error when trying to look for updates
1828 – Regression in conditional code marking
1829 – Add UIAppFonts key in property list editor causes exception
1831 – Right click a file tab: never gets you to the correct file
1832 – Double click error: does not take you to the actual error on first click
1834 – Crash when trying to add an entry to the plist file
1836 – Debug option disabled under Debug|iPhone configuration
1837 – [New Resolver] Crash when closing a solution
1841 – Regression in displaying Dictionary type in watch window
1842 – UIDeviceFamily uses a string array when it should be a integer array
1843 – Root Plist editor does not scroll
1845 – Deployment issues in latest MonoDevelop plugin.
1850 – Stoping debugging Simulator crashes Mondevelop randomly
1851 – Implement a Resources folder for iPhone Add-in
1853 – Constant re-uploads in build/run cycle
1858 – Add/Remove buttons in plist editor don't work
1864 – Copied text does not appear on windows clipboard
1865 – NullReferenceException from the texteditor
1866 – Make stack frame behaviour like in MS VS2010
1867 – CTags is not working
1868 – Cannot commit one selected file to Git
1869 – Clicking Globals..Class definition throws exception
1874 – parentheses colourisation is broken for nested parentheses
1875 – Broken intellisense for method overloads
1877 – Refactoring dialog method name should be changed
1880 – Code completion fails when a brace is missing
1882 – "Build All" errors because of space in username (Working with Unity3d game engine)
1884 – MonoDevelop is leaking badly
1886 – Home button moves cursor to beginning of file
1887 – Sometimes clicking on buttons don't respond unless i mouseout then back in
1890 – WindowsUpdater crashes during update from 2.8.1 to 2.8.2
1895 – forms
1896 – MonoDevelop.Ide.TextFileProvider has serious problems
1898 – When window is out of focus with a popup open, only clicking on the popup will restore the program's focus
1899 – How to enforce an addin rebuild on addins.monodevelop.com?
1904 – Add support for deploying asp.net via ftp/sftp
1912 – [New Resolver] Crash when typing params argument
1913 – [New Resolver] Parameter tooltip shown by just moving the cursor to a method call
1914 – [New Resolver] Annoying parameters tooltip behavior when typing a string
1915 – Code completion causes 100% cpu usage forever
1921 – Allow shortcut for "Select Entire Line"
1924 – Cannot type ASCII some characters in TextEditor on Mac with some non-US keyboard
1925 – "Replace in Files" does not work for "selection", replaces in the entire document
1926 – libMonoPosixHelper.dylib needs to be signed for Mac App Store
1928 – [GTK] File moving on solution tree timeout then disable the file.
1932 – [new resolver] fields don't show up unless prefixed with 'this.'
1938 – Editing in the version control widget bumps you back to the main editor view
1940 – Enable better support for CoreData with Xcode
1942 – Crashes when stopping debugging on Android device
1943 – Format Selection feature does not work
1946 – Binding projects should use Native References
1947 – MD on Windows should reference Mono.Posix
1948 – MD should not treat Mono.Posix as a framework assembly
1949 – Debugger shows incorrect values on iOS device
1956 – Mono supports VB.NET for .NET 4.0, but MonoDevelop doesn't know
1962 – Support the use of IBOutletCollection with Xcode 4 integration
1963 – Replacing collapsed code acts strangely
1964 – Crasher clicking in source code
1966 – ALT menu hotkey collided : Alt+V (View) and Alt+V (Version Control)
1967 – [new resolver] Intellisense doesn't work
1972 – Compiling with self-made library cannot find a method
1979 – Tooltip information for function/variables not displayed when user hover mouse within auto complete popup
1980 – No auto complete popup appears when user enter '.' after any function and variable
1981 – Error appears when click on the .xib file.
1983 – Add Zoom to Window menu so "Expand/Green plus button" on app works correctly
1984 – Create backing store for auto field cannot be undone
1985 – Create backing store for auto field creates invalid property
1990 – Going to Definition jups to start of file
2001 – You cannot rename a folder using a different case
2003 – Expanding arrows are hard to click on
2005 – Allow searching selected page in Assembly Browser
2008 – Debugger crash iOS
2013 – A sln will not open if it has a wixproj associated with it
2015 – Compilation checks strong name for all references
2026 – Monodevelop opens urls in wrong browser on some GNOME systems
2032 – ArgumentNullException when loading source files
2034 – About Resources file should link to new documentation
2035 – SurroundWith templates do not respect the indentation level
2037 – Uploader doesn't upload with iTunes 10.5.1
2038 – Numerous issues with SVN/Version Control
2039 – Exception when opening a class from the codemetrics window
2040 – iOS application won't deploy properly to iOS device
2041 – Format document cannot be undone
2042 – MonoDevelop cannot be used with Mono master 4.5 profile
2045 – Detect and notify updates in remote version control repository
2050 – Monodevelop forgets status of docked window
2051 – Go To Matching brace should work for regions too
2052 – Surround With is not bindable to a keyboard shortcut
2054 – Array index out of range using SvnBridge to TFS
2055 – Find in directory should only search project files
2056 – When pressing ; jump to end of line then enter the ;
2058 – Adding a project reference in MonoTouch fails to create code completion for added project reference
2060 – No code completion offered for constructors
2061 – Typing 'new' in a method all does not offer valid completion
2063 – Go to declaration does not always work correctly
2064 – Multimonitor support does not work correctly in vertical configurations
2066 – monodevelop does not open .csproj files
2067 – Handling of the option key is broken on MacOS
2069 – Completion tooltips do not show up on incomplete lines
2070 – Cannot resolve a typename immediately after typing it
2071 – Disabling aggressive completion disables *all* completion
2072 – Duplicate entries in the code completion list
2073 – Implement implicit appends 'override' keyword incorrectly
2074 – [Regression] Implement Interface implicitly does not check the methods already exist
2078 – Debugger tooltips crash when expanded with shift-arrow
2080 – MD should not show redundant VCS overlay icons
2081 – Mouse interaction with code document is inaccurate
2085 – 'Copy To Output' doesn't copy to dependent projects
2093 – Saving copied source file with no source errors
2097 – Implement a preference to switch the language of the IDE.
2099 – A default configuration should use the distribution certificate
2100 – Pressing ; to format code seriously messes up
2104 – Cannot create web.config or global.asax for ASP.NET project
2108 – Event handlers should be placed before this.show() inside Build() procedure
2109 – [Regression] Incorrect autocompletion when declaring an enum
2110 – Incorrect overload selected by default
2111 – Deleting/replacing values from an enum declaration does not delete them from the DOM
2113 – Debugging tooltips completely fail
2114 – [Regression] Code completion offers incorrect options for ctors
2115 – Modifying the solution options always shows an error when saving
2116 – WebReferences lose their special entry on reload
2117 – animation when highlighting the search result is placed incorrectly
2118 – MonoDevelop crashes while switching between Solutions and Files tabs
2119 – Debugging WebClient's new proxy support does not work
2121 – Find References unusably slow
2122 – Code completion fails in within do/while block
2123 – Completion kicks in after an array type is used in method parameters
2142 – Enum member list triggers completion
2144 – [New resolver] Access modifier before property accesssor triggers completion
2145 – [New resolver] autoformatter unindents previous code block when newlines are added
2151 – Adding new file from project context menu doesn't work
2154 – Saving document with keyboard shortcut results in stacktrace
2157 – Context menus flaky near left edge of screen
2158 – [GTK] crash in find_window_for_ns_event
2163 – Evaluation of Nullable<> types in watch fails with TypeLoadException
2164 – Context menu submenu shows offscreen
2168 – [Mac] Register handler for csproj files
2171 – Incorrect handling of mixed-case libraries in C project
2172 – It is very hard to not duplicate MSBuildItems in a Project
2174 – AsParallel
2175 – TFS support
2176 – Code completion has races and isn't always up to date
2177 – PNG Recompression
2178 – Open dialog should remember "close workspace" setting
2179 – Multiple Instances of a Solution can be Opened in MD
2180 – Apple Code profiler replacement (HeapShot)
2181 – Mono Updates Don't Work Over Firewall
2182 – Commented _ character does not display
2183 – Local Web Services Support
2187 – Validation message appears when solution name has more than 10 special characters, but when we delete the characters one by one, at some point it creates a solution.
2189 – System.NullReferenceException occurs when user Debug the application.
2192 – Change default debug target
2193 – Version Control fails on linked files
2194 – Context menu blank with multiple monitors
2195 – Code completion offers types instead of accessors when no space after brace in property
2196 – [MD/Win] Debugging doesn't stop at breakpoints
2198 – Typing generic argument to a class/method pops up type completion window
2199 – MD on Mac does not support Lion Fullscreen button
2200 – Cmd-click on any file in the solution pane pops up the context menu
2201 – Performing an action from context menu on selected files in solution pane removes the selection
2202 – NRE on Rebuild
2203 – IndexOutOfRangeException when building iPhone app
2212 – Mouse cursor is not placed in the correct location
2213 – Extension methods should not have their 'this' parameter shown in syntax popups
2214 – DataSet/DataAdapter throws an exception on table update
2215 – foreach context does not work right
2216 – 'new' context does not handle anonymous/implicit array declaration
2217 – Missing options when generic and non generic types clash
2220 – Exception being printed out repeatedly to terminal
2221 – Array information is not displayed in tooltips
2226 – Platform value in MSBuild is not the same as VS
2227 – Solution Options -> Startup Project -> Multiple startup projects - Order is not saved
2233 – Colorize escape sequences in strings
2237 – GTK designer generated code does not respect line ending policy on windows
2247 – NREX when trying to move caret after unsplitting the window
2248 – NREX when switching tabs after unsplitting the editor buffer
2249 – SVN log details
2254 – Issues adding files when opening project from symlinked path
2261 – MonoTouch "Recent Projects"
2263 – Size displayed at the images is different from the details of the size shown in the tooltip
2264 – Invoking base or local constructor from a type constructor offers type completion instead of constructors
2265 – some type resolution failure in non-project source leads to UI freeze (and possible OS crash)
2267 – When we cut/copy any folder and paste it into root directory of project, pasted folder gets disappeared.
2268 – Potential omission in code completion
2270 – Error window display when click on OK button on Add web reference window.
2271 – Updater crashing on start up.
2275 – Lines of code shift and duplicate
2276 – Auto completion / intellisense is too slow and gets overtaken by user input and results in "You_should_not_call_base"
2277 – When I create an NUnit Project and run the tests, I get a NullReferenceException from RealProxy.PrivateInvoke
2281 – Auto completion suggests DBNull by default
2284 – git log is very very slow
2285 – Creating new classes and view controllers in a folder should append the folder name to the namespace
2286 – Banner Style Braces
2287 – Add Web Reference using wsdl with path containing space
2288 – Ctrl+Alt combinations don't get handled
2289 – user is not able to navigate the autocomplete list by pressing down arrow key.
2290 – Do not use relative path when referencing assembly from outside the solution directory
2291 – MonoMac addin should allow extra options to mmp to be passed
2292 – When try to install the solution to a desired location, it always installs under C:\Program Files (x86).
2295 – [New Resolver] 'new' completion doesn't select the correct class name
2296 – On the fly code formatting messes up code
2299 – When texteditor cannot save a document, it should do it visibly and obtrusively
2301 – change soft debugger protocol to allow incremental loading of large (array) values
2302 – truncate/ellipsize large string values shown in debugger tooltips
2306 – [MD] mfa addin should detect and set file type based on the added directory
2307 – ngit doesn't understand git aliases
2311 – Updater should keep the downloaded files in ~/Downloads
2312 – Updater should allow me to switch channels and check for updates
2319 – Refactor - Rename class doubles name if using linked files
2321 – Drag and Drop of files between folders in Solution does not work and crashes MonoDevelop
2322 – Unable to install addin
2327 – Find references doesn't work in the new resolver branch.
2330 – if you want to add a solution directory other than the default name, you should ask for changing it just after creation
2331 – Non-responsive caret that causes a Crash
2332 – Refactoring doesn't use current formatting rules.
2333 – Quitting MonoDevelop causes a crash
2334 – Request for new Shortcuts
2335 – Resolving namespaces with underscores are not displayed correctly in the menu
2338 – Weird language settings for menus and other text.
2339 – Monodevelop crashes when trying to debug Simulator
2346 – Add-in Manager refresh updates throws error pop-up
2348 – Tooltip for constants should show value
2350 – Autocomplete: keywords not available in autocomplete menu.
2351 – AppCrash: Building New Class file causes Application to Crash.
2356 – Please add templates to create a Windows Forms solution.
2357 – Right Click does not activate after Monotouch upgrade
2361 – The Unity API Reference does not work.
2364 – Error while trying to load the project '/Users/apple/test1/test1/test1.vbproj': Project does not support framework '.NETFramework,Version=v4.0'
2365 – [newresolver] The Document Outline pad doesn't show anything
2366 – MfA addin + fastdev crashes when trying to resolve assembly references
2370 – MonoDevelop does not save SVN password
2374 – 2.9.1: exception thrown when closing a project
2375 – Added a WCF web service with a soap endpoint
2376 – Our MonoTouch solution builds extremely slowly (5 - 10 minutes after even minor changes)
2377 – unsupported project unityproj
2378 – [newresolver] Resolve action inserts namespace in the wrong place
2380 – Error "Unhandled exception:MonoDevelop will now close" displayed after launching MonoDevelop
2381 – Cannot open any files with MonoDevelop 2.9.1
2382 – Cannot close MonoDevelop 2.9.1 without an exception
2385 – Application does not prompt to create outlet/action when user Ctrl-drag from the button into the interface definition in the .h file.
2386 – Duplicate References Added when Adding Web References
2387 – Cannot create a new project
2388 – Cannot update from MonoDevelop 2.8.2
2389 – Error appears when try to add 'Web Reference' to the project.
2390 – System.FormatException when trying to assign a launch image
2393 – [Gtk] Pango in Mono 2.10.7 does not work on snow leopard
2395 – Cannot debug twice in one monodevelop session
2396 – Block commenting behaviour is different between VS and MD
2398 – I'm trying to add ctor parameter. Getting the following exception when I start typing with each char.
2404 – Improvements to emacs keybinding scheme
2405 – Special characters break the editor
2406 – Multiple issues syncing to/from xcode
2407 – Jump bar at the top of code editor does not work correctly
2409 – Provide conditional compilation symbols for MonoTouch apps and libraries
2412 – Quick fix don't work
2413 – Menu key don't work in text editor
2416 – Debugger shows expand icon (black triangle) even if there is nothing to be expanded
2421 – monotouch Solutions now error when closing with the following error
2423 – Document outline does not work
2427 – When line ending check interrupts save, "keep changes" should save
2431 – Native References feature doesn't work
2433 – MD crashes unexpectedly
2434 – Object-Initializer Intellisense broken when using constructor arguments
2435 – Running with no debugger shows warnings in Application Output
2436 – Code-Documentation Tooltip does not show up when in grouped intellisense mode.
2437 – Rename file by changing uppercase to lowercase does not work on macosx
2440 – System.UnauthorizedAccessException with fast deployment to emulator
2451 – Monotouch 5 applications are crashing on iPhone 3.0 because of problems reading NIB files
2452 – Code Completion does not contain keywords
2460 – Error occurs in publish the solution under the option Version Control.
2463 – Remove trailing white space feature also removes white space inside multiline strings
2468 – Deployment crashes
2469 – Code focus no longer outlines methods
2472 – Drag and Drop of Files/Folders in Open project window Freezes Application
2475 – Wrong version of MonoDevelop displayed while upgrading MonoDevelop.
2476 – A pop up with 'Force close' displayed on emulator while debuging Application
2477 – Cannot cast from source type to destination type.
2479 – Version Control should work on a project level, not filesystem level
2486 – Breakpoints lose properties when location changes
2487 – userprefs has absolute filenames
2488 – Cant execute when compiled Multiple projects.
2489 – Preferences->Build->Assembly Folders buttons grayed out when removing folder.
2490 – autocomplete does not properly override, and if you try to fix it is crashes
2491 – Error appears when run APIDemo application on API-7 with target framework 2.2.
2495 – Debugger cannot connect to simulator
2496 – Reproduceable file inconsistency between monodevelop and Xcode
2497 – Text editor hides underscore when line holds code + comment
2500 – Exception when opening .sln
2501 – Application output pad does not persist its state correctly
2503 – Entering a new Solution name and then selecting a different project type causes an error to be displayed
2506 – pinned watches are not scrollable
2507 – pinned watches are pinned to the wrong line
2509 – MD Hangs
2511 – Debugger breakpoints do not hit on Android
2512 – Hyperlinks in updater release notes do not work
2514 – Mac main menu does not update after unsetting keybinding
2515 – Argument cannot be null when start a new solution
2519 – Xcode integration does not work at all
2520 – Completion on attributes is incorrect
2521 – No completion offered for attribute constructors
2522 – No completion offered for parameters in constructors
2523 – ToolTips show incorrect information when hovering on variables in methods
2524 – Right clicking on a constructor call does not allow 'Go To Definition'
2525 – Invalid options displayed when assigning to a property
2526 – NullReferenceException finding references of a constructor
2529 – Could not parse expression '[Action ("btn_Start_Click:")]'
2532 – Exception windows need scrollbars (and maybe need to be resizable)
2534 – Clear button in the iOS device log pad
2535 – Navigation layer of Neo-layout broken in MDs trunk
2536 – New GTKDialogs with no namespace
2537 – GLib-Warning: g_main_context_prepare(): main loop already active in another thread
2538 – Cannot reliably save files in MonoDevelop
2539 – Incorrect Verbiage
2544 – Crash reporter problems
2545 – Double-clicking .sln file opens it and also prior opened solution
2546 – Weird alert dialog buttons layout
2550 – Tabbed dock pads should be able to be dragged by the tab
2552 – Dock pads leave floating placeholders
2555 – Adding new widget to a full HBox or VBox creates multiple widgets
2556 – MD 2.8.5: Compiler locks up entier process
2557 – Add menu with custom links from settings (bug tracker, etc.)
2559 – MonoDevelop 2.8.5 Crashes Frequently When Clicking Run Icon (MT Solution)
2561 – Crash when refreshing the android device list
2563 – MD does not interpret $(SolutionDir)
2565 – Solution pad is blank after opening and closing multiple solutions
2570 – When creating a new .xib file an error is displayed to the user when another .xib is open in Xcode
2574 – Use "rose" style pad dock positioning
2576 – MonoTouch Bindings build fails after clean
2577 – Updater is visible but does nothing when implementation not found
2579 – Resgen leads to errors cumulating
2581 – Custom connection field is not visible on data connection edit dialog
2590 – MonoDevelop hides errors when launching xsp web server
2591 – Feature Request - Way to disable a project in a solution without completely removing it
2592 – No way to set default start page when web application is started
2595 – mono nunit test using WebClient receives ConnectFailure exception
2596 – Monodevelop 2.8.5 doesn't cooperate with Xcode 3.x Interface Builder on Snow Leopard
2602 – Saving in Monodevelop causes XCode to come to the foreground.
2604 – Random Crash when I select Debug/Build
2605 – Build an unsaved file hangs the MonoDevelop
2606 – No code completion for named arguments
2608 – Modifying URL Types does not trigger File changed status in info.plist editor
2610 – 2.8.5 does not interpret *.cs in .csproj
2612 – MonoDevelop lowercases booleans in msbuild files
2614 – Diff view should coalesce overlapping hunks
2615 – Diff view does not update
2616 – MonoDevelop doesn't preserve msbuild documents very well
2621 – [New Resolver] go to declaration is missing
2623 – Public Override Unhandled Exception
2625 – [AppCrash] Right clicking in Text editor and releasing in Toolbar causes MonoDevelop to crash
2627 – version control commit cannot handled renamed PNG file (MD 2.8.5)
2629 – Error deploying Android project to newly started emulator
2630 – Cannot display locals in default M4A template
2631 – Debugger hangs when drilling down type in Android app
2632 – Debugger evaluator should support parsing compiler-generated names
2633 – Debugger should have an option to disable reverse-engineering of captured locals
2634 – Debugger should fully support inspecting captured locals
2635 – Locals in csc-generated iterators cannot be inspected
2636 – Intellisense only for some files
2637 – Properties Pad is empty
2638 – MonoDevelop crashes when stopping debugging, Fedora 16
2639 – No keys / commands to scroll page up/down and move caret at the same time
2643 – indent C# parameter list in line with left parenthesis
2647 – Make resizing faster
2648 – "Debug item" yields a NullReferenceException
2650 – Progress bar when uploading Android apps
2651 – Android addin should launch emulator as independent process
2653 – Start Emulator button should be disabled while emulator is starting
2654 – Incorrect local in mcs-compiled iterator
2657 – Release retained subviews of the main view in View Controllers designer.cs
2658 – Refactoring Create method for delegate fails when using result of method delegate is passed to
2659 – Bugzilla does not have version 2.8.5 for MD
2664 – Xcode brought to front every time MT project is saved
2667 – MD locks up when Unable to communicate with Xcode exception is caught
2668 – No completion offered for enum keys of Dictionaries
2671 – Display reverse-engineered names for iterators in debugger call stack
2674 – Insert GUID command should not be in tools menu
2676 – MD should display warning icons for ambiguous items in completion list
2678 – MonoDevelop always re-runs MSBuild CoreCompile target
2681 – Crash while quitting
2682 – Updater says "Canceling update..." while installing
2683 – Updater takes focus, but dialogs can still open in front of it
2687 – Full paths for stack traces not displayed in debuggers exception dialog
2692 – View menu display errors and warnings does not display warnings after unselecting and reselecting
2693 – [GTK] Scrolling Bug
2697 – Cannot copy message box text
2698 – [GTK] Clipboard gets cleared after closing Monodevelop
2708 – Application Output pad can't scroll left/right when autohidden at bottom
2711 – Git switch remote branch fails, "Wrong Repository State: SAFE"
2714 – MonoDevelop crashes as soon as I click on the compile icon
2716 – Enabling LLVM + debugging should not be possible
2718 – MonoDevelop 2.8.5 crashes frequently
2720 – FastDev issue in MD addin
2722 – MonoDevelop GTK Theme is ugly on MacOS X
2723 – Implement New Template System
2724 – Clicking on autohidden dock button should focus pad
2725 – Focused pad header should show focus indicator
2726 – md-addins doesn't report unsupported version of MfA
2727 – Wrapper script removes DYLD_FALLBACK_LIBRARY_PATH default
2730 – MonoDevelop doesn't remember the floating status of the Application Output window
2736 – NGit needs integration with ssh-agent
2737 – NGit does not store username/password combinations
2739 – Crash reporter should offer "not this time"
2740 – MonoDevelop should report unhandled exceptions as well as crashes
2743 – Right click in Tasklist tab crashes MonoDevelop
2744 – Default Build action for .xml/.axml resource files should be AndroidResource
2748 – Can't add to Info.plist - exception
2749 – Crashes on compile randomly (2.8.5)
2751 – Intellisense does not update for Resources
2753 – Navigate To dialog should show more information about items
2755 – Cut/pasting folder fails with exception
2758 – VC auto-commits new solution folder's name before it can be edited by the user
2762 – Closing solution leaves documents open that were not part of solution
2763 – Exception dialog stacktrace textbox scrolled wrong
2765 – MD cannot handle nested git repos
2771 – Error run monodoc
2778 – Indenting Bugs
2779 – Updated version not appears at 'Check for window' pop up
2780 – Drag-drop of file in solution pad does nothing
2782 – When click on Files > New > Workspace, new solution window appear in which Other option is not selected in the left panel and Workspace option is not selected in the middle panel.
2783 – Publish to version control does not include the solution file
2784 – Renaming a method does not account for virtual/override methods
2785 – lacking indentation control for multiline variable declaration
2786 – Incorrect file selected when cutting/pasting within the solution
2788 – Locals do not show up inside the 'for' statement context
2789 – In the 'Search' menu, the options 'Show Previous (Search result)' and 'Show Next (Search result)' does not appears.
2790 – MonoDevelop crashes on Mac(Lion)
2792 – Incorrect completion for 'Action' or 'Func'
2793 – op_Equality should not be offered in the completion list
2794 – Scrolling through overloads is inconsistent/confusing
2795 – Pointer types are displayed incorrectly
2796 – Error in text editor chain
2797 – Minimize option under 'Window' tab not exist for window 7
2798 – Unnecessary namespace qualification being prepended
2799 – No completion offered when declaring fields in a class
2800 – Finalize is offered as a valid completion target
2801 – The rename refactoring operation is broken
2803 – Missing completion in the 'switch statement' context
2804 – 'default' offered twice in the 'switch statement' context
2805 – No completion offered when creating a Lazy<T>
2806 – Severe performance issue with new resolver branch
2807 – Pasting a copied line from another MonoDevelop instance duplicates the pasted line
2809 – Hang while updating Xcode project
2811 – [New Resolver] Debugging opens a new copy of the same file.
2819 – After Starting Emulator, Select Device window does not refresh with the active device
2825 – Editor problem
2826 – I'm getting debug spew complaining of an exception: AbsentInformationException
2832 – 'Basic Class Libraries' not appears under 'Help' tab on Window7
2834 – AutoComplete does not open after ']'
2835 – AutoComplete does not close on right click when click position is on current line within autocomplete box width
2836 – disable alt+scroll in pads
2837 – Intellisense does not update for new target framework unless closing and reopening (no warning)
2841 – Code completion for Generic class with construtor who has parameters not working
2844 – Stale image files remain in the app bundle
2846 – Text editor "jumps" when folding updates
2848 – Line number rendering does do not update after folding
2849 – When opening editor, it does not center the caret
2850 – Debugger should support function breakpoints
2851 – Debugger should support multiple steps on one line
2852 – Debugger cannot remap source paths
2853 – Debugger should check files match compiled version (via checksum)
2854 – Support for moving debugger instruction pointer
2855 – Crash in assembly browser
2856 – Multiple buttons in dialog have same mnemonic
2857 – Select text encodings dialog loses selection
2860 – Where is the AVD Location set?
2870 – Gtk file dialog bookmark add/remove button sensitivity is broken
2874 – debugger remains in debug mode even when 'Waiting for Debugger' times out
2875 – Disabling addin should unload all projects that depend on it
2877 – Sometimes I cannot drag-and-drop the widgets
2882 – Changing any project property and clicking 'save' gives an additional save prompt
2885 – Renaming a project also renames the csproj
2888 – MonoDevelop not navigating to correct line when Code Folding enabled
2891 – Treeview crash
2892 – Build failed. The type initializer for 'NGit.Util.FS' threw an exception.
2894 – Cannot open a workspace in MonoDevelop
2896 – When closing a MonoMac/MonoTouch project, I get an exception
2897 – gtk crash when stopping a debug session
2899 – Updater displays lower version release than installed and downloads automatically
2902 – Source files on network share are removed when share is disconnected
2904 – cant debug on device
2905 – random crush
2909 – Preserve the BOM in csproj files if it exists
2913 – MD throws terminating exception
2914 – Add option to iPhone build to enable SGen NewRefcount support
2918 – Rendering issues in assembly browser
2920 – Crash in plist editor
2921 – Can't use semi-modal windows when another semi-model window is open
2922 – HackEntry being GC'ed early
2924 – MonoTouch version information only updates when you restart MonoDevelop
2932 – Sometimes I cannot expand the items in the menubar
2937 – Jumping to code is broken
2939 – Support for nested comment blocks
2940 – Inconsistent rendering across GTK# versions
2944 – Help command in disassembly window crashes MonoDevelop
2948 – Interface Builder in Xcode closes xib when switching focus back to MonoDevelop
2949 – When files are removed on disk, SolutionPad should make them red
2950 – Failed to start up the designer
2953 – When MonoDevelop crashes. mono doesn't go away and uses 50% cpu
2958 – Source editor widget is not shown when there is a designer subview
2960 – Jumping to error scrolls editor horizontally
2961 – Build command clears errors even if it skips the build
2964 – Infinite opening loop on open sln file by contextual menu
2966 – debugging interrupted by UI related exception
2967 – annoying re-formatting bug in newresolver branch
2968 – The solution userprefs file is reopening tabs for files which are not part of the solution
2969 – MonoDevelop crashes when user open .cs file in Hex Editor and type into it.
2971 – Monodevelop Included System.Core.dll in compilation regardless if it's included in the project file.
2974 – ToString code generation causes fatal error
2977 – Validation of New button in New File dialog is not correct
2978 – AssemblyInformation.cs file doesn't need fixed name
2979 – Exception exporting project from within solution
2983 – Cannot copy a value from watch window
2984 – Invalid argument for method `': Argument 0: Cannot implicitly convert `System.Int64' to `System.Int32'
2985 – debugger tooltips show up in the wrong place on Linux multi-monitor setups
2988 – NGit cannot handle symlinks
2989 – Add Mercurial support
2993 – Add ability to launch iPhone Simulator before running app
2995 – enable Custom Command Soft Debugger in run menu
2999 – Non-writable files prevent xcode syncing
3000 – On-the-fly-code-formatting operation is not undoable in newresolver branch
3001 – On-the-fly-code-formatting should not act when modifying existing code
3002 – The Documentation in the Website contains Broken Images
3006 – .designer.cs files rarely updated after making changes in xib file + all changes to the xib are lost
3011 – Add ability to duplicate&transition xibs from iPhone to iPad layout (Xcode has this feature)
3015 – Exception thrown while adding image and Xcode open
3017 – Exception when syncing Xcode project when Xcode is closed
3019 – Exception when opening xib from MD
3022 – IDE Crashes when starting a new project
3023 – Running NUnit tests throws ArgumentException: Illegal Characters in path
3030 – Wcf serializarion crash with System.DateTimeOffset
3031 – ReleaseDesignerOutlets removed during sync
3040 – Debugger no longer works after upgrading to 5.2
3041 – MonoDevelop crash when stopping the debugger
3042 – Build failed. Object reference not set to an instance of an object
3044 – Renaming project in a solution pad causes error
3045 – Cut/pasting grouped items does not work if child is selected
3046 – Cut/pasting grouped items in solution pad leaves stray child
3047 – Translations with many missing strings should be disabled
3052 – Stop/Pause options still enabled after debugee disconnects
3060 – Update fails
3062 – Hide internal non-user frames when debugging user code
3063 – Export Solution does not support solutions that reference projects outside the solution directory
3064 – Export Solution should hide format option when there is a single value
3065 – Background colors do not end at line ending
3066 – It is the latest version installed but the updater will update to the latest version again
3067 – designer.cs file is written over each time new UI elements are control-dragged in Interface Builder
3070 – Clicking on main.axml gives an error
3071 – MD should switch into the Visual Design pad scheme whenever switching to an axml file
3072 – Better icon for dragging
3073 – Cannot see layout after it is dragged onto the design surface
3074 – Container visibility when not selected
3075 – Right-side pads for toolbox and document outline should be wider
3076 – Xcode permission exception when opening xib from MonoDevelop
3077 – Error clicking 'source' in main.axml
3078 – Zoom is broken in designer
3079 – Can't figure out how to add a radio button to a radio group
3080 – Double clicking on radio button labels adds a @string thing
3082 – [New Resolver] Exception when removing from a project a file that doesn't exist
3083 – Null pad throws an exception
3085 – [New Resolver] Crash when typing '['
3086 – [New Resolver] Exception when running "Create Method" refactoring operation on an interface
3089 – Adding an iPhone Storyboard to my project generaties an iPad solution
3092 – MonoDevelop crashes when attempting to load a .xib file
3093 – Changing from Universal -> iPhone/iPod in Info.plist does not remove UISupportedInterfaceOrientations~ipad
3094 – Splash images included in app that are not part of the project
3095 – Debug/Run after switching devices does not upload the new app
3102 – We should allow dropping widgets in large areas instead of requiring the drop to be on the green lines.
3104 – Need support for adding radio buttons from radio groups
3108 – Git log on single file should use --follow to track renames of that file
3109 – MonoMac samples and document project template have old grouping
3110 – Breakpoints work incorrectly for generic classes
3111 – gui.stetic already on SubversionControl
3113 – Context menu's
3116 – Unable to create C Project
3119 – MonoDevelop window resizes to previous state when resizing followed by window move
3120 – [GTK] Window resizing does not work reliably
3123 – Project under SVN with several resource directories results in "<resource output dir> is not a working copy" error when building
3129 – hang and high cpu usage when deploying
3134 – Designer removes XML comments and doesn't recognize <include> element
3139 – Clean failed. Object reference not set to an instance of an object
3140 – [GTK] Issues with drag icon
3141 – Repeatedly switching between calls in the call stack causes app crash
3146 – Xcode Syncing: .Xib file closed in XCode after returning back to MonoDevelop
3147 – MonoDevelop syncing issue with XCode
3148 – Watch/immediate windows can't always resolve the provided code snippet
3150 – Creating a property for a static field does not work correctly
3151 – csproj files cannot be renamed
3152 – Refactor - rename ignores some references
3153 – Addin publishing fails in final step
3154 – MonoDevelop crashes when adding image from Finder
3158 – Subversion IndexOutOfRange
3159 – Right clicking on solution/workspaces and choosing 'close' is broken
3160 – Fails at end of build and won't complete build seen it in the past strange error
3161 – 'Add Existing Folder' does not work with version control
3162 – MonoDevelop hides directories called 'gtk-gui' in non-gtk projects
3164 – Mono for Android generated Resources file does not update when open in MonoDevelop
3167 – [svn] Adding a new directory to an unversioned directory throws an exception
3168 – List of exceptions to stop on should allow double click to select/deselect
3169 – Watch window: three clicks required to add a new watch
3171 – MonoDevelop: Build failed. Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
3172 – Review Status window is left open when a solution is closed
3173 – Deleting a directory from the project does not reflect immediately
3174 – Exception when updating command handlers
3175 – Path information added to references includes from Assembly Folders
3176 – Reverting a recently added file causes an exception
3177 – [git] Multiple changes to the same file break git support
3178 – [svn] ArrayIndexOutOfRange when viewing diffs
3179 – Cannot implement abstract methods
3180 – Mono.Cairo referencing problem when building addin
3181 – Step into from static initializer jumps to invalid location
3182 – MD copies support files even for xbuild projects
3184 – Hide/suppress Copy to Output Directory option
3188 – Property tab empty
3191 – Pin Output Pad doesn't pin pad
3192 – Double clicking a node in the solution pane should expand it
3193 – Uploading the shared runtime should have a progress indicator
3194 – Build output should be searchable
3195 – Copy/paste should work in the watch pad
3196 – TextEditor becomes unresponsive with large files
3197 – Crash while creating a project
3198 – Exception in assembly browser crashes MD
3201 – Infinite loop when adding gnome-sharp reference to project
3202 – Watch window cannot evaluate UILabel .Text property
3203 – User is able to create a solution with invalid characters in name
3207 – Inspecting a Task in the debugger: Unknown type SystemThreadingTasks_FutureDebugView`1
3208 – Exception when starting the profiler / unusable afterward
3209 – Logs should not be localized
3210 – FileService purpose should be clearer
3212 – Error pad should persist state of output pane
3213 – Failed to install assemblies message when debugging on an android device with FastDev
3214 – Unclosed String causes 'Enter' key to produce appended String line.
3217 – Debugger cannot handle #line directive
3221 – Internal log pad hangs for several seconds when stopping debugging
3224 – Exception when writing a generic method definition
3228 – Viewing a diff from the blame view does not always work
3230 – cant type single and double quotes VS Internation keyboard layout
3232 – git submodules need better UI support
3234 – Bindings projects generate non-subclassable types
3235 – Copy-Paste in the text editor adds an additional character at the end of the string
3236 – MD does not enable C# optimizations by default
3237 – Cannot set a breakpoint to brace
3238 – MD ignores a breakpoint set on no code line
3241 – MonoDevelop errors when attempting to connect to git repository
3249 – BuildAll does not work for workspaces.
3250 – NRE when debugging anonymous types
3251 – GetAllBaseTypeDefinitions now returns the class *and* the base types
3256 – Monodevelop gets stuck when opening Monogame samples solution an breaks the SLN file
3257 – Hidden/hard to read text in the setup screen for a new solution (Ubuntu)
3259 – Cannot right click and open context menu on first tab
3263 – Create Installer (mmp) System.DllNotFoundException: gdiplus.dll
3267 – Refactor change name does not rename the constructor of nested classes
3268 – Moving widgets in GTK# designer crashes / freezes Mono Develop
3287 – iPad only apps should be compiled with -armv7
3290 – Using intellisense is not smart enough
3291 – Error while executing command: Show Completion Window
3292 – Error in analysis service
3294 – [newresolver] "go to definition" does not jump to that of the member in constructor (unlike in method)
3296 – Too many options supplied in code completion
3298 – Generics do not complete or display correctly
3299 – Namespace completion does not work
3300 – Wrong breadcrumb navigation for generic operators
3301 – Namespace completion is racy
3302 – Overriding generic methods is broken
3303 – System.NullReferenceException at MTouch.ExtractNativeLinkInfo
3304 – breadcrumb navigation ignores type variance
3305 – Cannot implement generic abstract methods
3306 – Cannot declare an interface, struct or enum
3307 – Chained linq methods do not work correctly
3308 – Cannot chain constructor calls
3309 – Completion disables randomly
3310 – Fails when generation reference.cs stub for asmx 2.0
3311 – "Updates available" dialog reports that Mono 2.10.8 is available when running under Mono
3313 – Cannot deploy a 2.2 build to a 2.3 emulator
3314 – Implement Implicit is broken
3315 – Implement explicit is broken
3320 – Constants accessed by class name do not show in completion list
3323 – Assertion when deleting global namespace inside method
3335 – Editing current syntax highlighting does not update code editor
3337 – When I Stop an application, the Exception dialog should be closed
3339 – iPhone icon pickers should allow importing files
3340 – Pango in Mono 2.10.9_2 causing in MonoDevelop
3343 – [newresolver] no code completion candidate is shown unless I enable "aggressive" mode
3344 – [newresolver] editor crashes on completion in the middle of foreach (after "in ")
3345 – next word/subword must stops near the brackets and other punctuation
3349 – Wrong syntax highlight for .aspx </script> tag
3350 – wrong syntax highlight for .aspx comments <%-- --%>
3351 – MD crashes with An unhandled exception has occured
3352 – MD texteditor leaks like a sieve
3353 – breadcrumb navigation for some files
3355 – parameter list window: strange new line if many parameters
3358 – System.Runtime.Remoting.RemotingException: Unix transport error.
3360 – var is not recognised as variable
3361 – Exception while parsing :System.InvalidOperationException: The source sequence is empty
3362 – Error while updating status of command: MonoDevelop.Refactoring.RefactoryCommands.CurrentRefactoryOperations
3363 – Implement interface implicit cannot deal with new
3364 – MonoDevelop does not execute git post-commit hook
3365 – MD cannot implement IEnumerable interface correctly
3366 – delegate variable is confused with delegate type
3367 – Override indexer does not display any signature and generates invalid code
3368 – Error in analysis service
3369 – MD does not correctly use params
3370 – MD ignores member hiding
3371 – MD intellisense ignores namespace aliases
3372 – MD does not see base nested class
3373 – Error while converting :StringLiteral ("") - unknown type name
3376 – [newresolver] Code completion adds an extra underscore to _variableName
3377 – Unexpected code completion exception.
3381 – Auto-complete for case labels breaks if you type full value
3386 – [Gtk] Crash in convertScreenToBase
3391 – Checking Emit Debugging Information in the compiler settings causes a CS1902 error due to a /debug:+ argument
3397 – Run Again hangs if process did not terminate
3398 – Can't copy-paste path to .net assembly in Edit References dialog
3402 – Commit message isn't viewable in the commit window
3405 – MonoTouch Binding Project resets .linkwith.cs files
3406 – Debugging stopped Working (Auto-launch of App)
3410 – Ability to choose which connected device to upload/debug
3416 – Better stack trace for iterators
3421 – Wrong stack trace is displayed
3424 – MonoDevelop crashes constantly under Mono 2.10.9 on MacOS
3429 – Error while using 'Create android package' feature
3430 – Specially handle syncing of .lproj directories to Xcode
3431 – MD should support partially-composed keybindings
3437 – [New Resolver] Debug tooltip is shown for whole code blocks
3442 – MonoDevelop should warn if breakpoints are set in code with no symbols
3443 – [newresolver] Autocompletion problems inside delegates
3448 – "Add Existing Folder..." selects the .svn folder when linking existing folders/files to a new project
3450 – [New Resolver] Cannot "resolve" a type when creating a new instance (see video)
3451 – [New Resolver] Cannot resolve MethodImpl from System.Runtime.CompilerServices but can resolve MethodImplOptions
3454 – Regex library fails to update when clicking 'Refresh'
3456 – Better changed file reloading
3457 – [GTK] Support more standard keyboard shortcuts in dialogs
3458 – Beefing up property pad to work for multiple different selected items
3459 – Exception when using catchpoint
3460 – Getting Duplicate entry in dictionary error when creating view.
3463 – [New Resolver] Committing files to GitHub cause all files to appear as changed and then crash
3473 – Invalid watch
3474 – MD stack trace (from the debugger) in the *Application* output
3475 – Properties listed in docked pad disappear when an item is selected in a docked Document Outline
3478 – MD does not support DebugType pdbonly
3483 – MD does not remove old userprefs and pidb files after renaming project
3484 – [GTK] Crash when pressing build button
3485 – MonoDevelop hangs (takes 100% CPU) due to code completion popup
3486 – Renaming and moving fails for link files
3488 – Find in Files and Replace in Files takes into account .svn folders
3490 – MonoMac addin needs support for Sandbox apps
3492 – DropDown ComboBox does not have a maximum height set
3493 – Unable to cast transparent proxy to type 'Mono.TextTemplating.CompiledTemplate'.
3495 – [Feature request] - Add ability to take screenshot from device using MonoDevelop
3496 – Error on starting up emulator
3498 – No completion for attribute arguments
3499 – Hovering over a variable in the debugger gives a popup in the upper left corner of MD
3502 – Error when coming back from Xcode: ".#Home already exists"
3503 – match braces
3505 – [GTK] Key bindings for function keys no longer work
3510 – Header files not showing in Interface Builder
3511 – Android Log pad should support filters
3512 – Android Log pad should not scroll on new input
3513 – Deploy to device should clear status bar message on start
3518 – MonoDevelop crashes if you drag and drop a file from Finder into the project files
3519 – Cannot set a breakpoint in constructor
3521 – Launching Xcode 4.3 from MD times out if Xcode has never been run before
3524 – MD options that require a restart should indicate this.
3530 – Empty panel on bottom overlaps other panels
3532 – Auto-completion fox xml comments bug
3533 – NUnit runner internal error
3535 – The Navigate To list flashes white between updates
3537 – [CorDebugger] Launch of executable for debug under Microsoft .NET fails
3542 – "param" tag of method comments is closed incorrectly
3544 – Regression: Cannot set a breakpoint inside anonymous method
3547 – When deploying an application, animate/indicate a loading process.
3548 – Wrong stack trace is displayed
3549 – Mouse clicks problem
3551 – [GTK] Input source doesn't change when pressing CMD + Space
3552 – Intellisense not working on subclassed objects
3555 – NUnit test debugging fails with NullReferenceException:Object reference not set to an instance of an object
3556 – Debugger tooltip show up in the wrong place when Compiz is running
3557 – Reverting many csprojs simultaenously maxes out the CPU
3558 – move files into directory, not working
3561 – Need to auto-compile for ARMv7 for iOS >= 5.0
3562 – Exception in TextEditor.OnMotionNotifyEvent can crash MonoDevelop completely
3563 – [New Resolver] Regression in Assembly Browser - Doesn't display all public properties for Mono for Android
3564 – Add support for automatically updating the MonoTouch docs with Apple docs
3565 – Support for debugger stepping attributes
3567 – Search does not escape characters
3569 – Cannot create keybindings using special characters in Windows
3570 – [New Resolver] No code completion on variable in for loop
3573 – Incorrect Indentation for multiline assignment statement
3581 – [New Resolver] No code completion on Attributes
3586 – Format code is removing try { code blocks
3588 – Nested div tags throwing parser errors in HTML documents
3590 – System.InvalidOperationException: Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute.
3598 – Windows MSI does not install MD "globally"
3600 – As keyword does not appear in auto-completion when being used in the correct context
3605 – [New Resolver]Refactor/GotoDeclaration/FindRef context menu items disappear after saving file
3610 – Inconsistence in Build method which is automatically created for a Gtk.Window
3612 – Another instance of MonoDevelop is opened when opening a .CS file in Window Explorer
3615 – Need an Entitlements editor (like the Plist Editor)
3616 – [REGRESSION] VersionControl (git) says files modified that aren't (
3617 – Can no longer run multiple instance of MD on Windows
3618 – ClassPad should show the method's parameter when I use VB.NET
3619 – Windows Updater does not follow what the User has selected to update.
3624 – Cursor in XML files moves around erratically on newline
3630 – [New Resolver] Sometimes tool tip does not show for Attributes
3631 – [New Resolver] Sometimes Attribute properties don't show up
3635 – No Type Autocompletion for object initializers
3636 – [New Resolver] FindReferences does not find methods that implement/override the method
3637 – Errors in log on device refresh, sometimes started emulators/devices don't show up
3638 – [New Resolver] changes are not correctly displayed in preview dialog when the files haven't been saved
3642 – Better support multiple projects in addin templates
3643 – Allow addin-supplied dlls to be referenced with local copy set to true.
3644 – [New Resolver]Goto base does not find the correct base method
3645 – [New Resolver]Parameter completion shows all static and non-static overloads
3646 – MonoDevelop not detecting Android emulator
3650 – MonoDevelop doesn't respect --libdir
3655 – Autocompletion does not work for the assembly attribute [assembly: System.Runtime.CompilerServices.InternalsVisibleTo("MyExternalAssembly")]
3657 – Creating MAC Installer failes
3658 – XCode 4.3: Project file [filename] cannot be opened because the project file cannot be parsed.
3667 – Unable to create a boolean api within a WCF Service for Mono for Android project.
3670 – Attempting to create a project with a name already in use results in 'File Already Exists' dialog for every file in solution
3675 – MD git diffs and commits incorrectly on windows
3680 – Monodevelop critically important braces problem with italian keyboard
3681 – Autocompletion throws NullReferenceException after namespace is renamed
3685 – Visual Studio keybinding scheme should set Ctrl-Shift-S to save-all not save-as
3686 – Error when switching projects in MonoDevelop after opening first project's .xib in Xcode
3692 – "The Debugger is Busy" is shown on wrong monitor (
3694 – Applying a Template does not update currently opened documents
3695 – [newresolver] Locks up on some tooltips
3696 – Application is not re-deployed unless it is recompiled.
3697 – FTP download with random results
3700 – mdtool gsetup crashes (NullReferenceException)
3702 – Breakpoint pad disabled (after crash)
3704 – crash in Dom parser
3708 – Resources in an indirectly referenced assembly aren't included in the app
3709 – Remove trailing whitespace should be enabled by default
3712 – Web links do not open on Ubuntu 11.10
3713 – Pressing cmd-enter while debugger is running sometimes rebuilds the solution
3714 – Debugger cannot step into an event invocation
3716 – Debugger cannot correctly single step over a line with a breakpoint on it
3721 – Updater keeps failing to close MonoDevelop
3722 – Code completion incorrectly shows "You_Should_Not_Call_Base".
3727 – A method parameter named "value" is highlighted as though it were used in a property.
3728 – Syntax Highlighting: Adding new Color scheme based off of 'Default' changes the default color scheme
3731 – Update Mono.Cecil
3732 – Out of memory error when extracting resources from large assemblies
3733 – [GTK] Expanders in a list/table don't expand when multiple items are selected
3734 – [GTK] Multiple selection in lists cannot be undone with regular single-clicks
3738 – Project format conversion creates project with inconsistent ToolsVersion
3741 – Feature Request: ConsoleColor support in Application Output window
3742 – [New Resolver]Find references fails to find references in another project when files are open
3744 – [New Resolver] Cannot resolve MonoTouch.ObjCRuntime.Selector
3745 – [newresolver] Formatting is off when hitting enter after a variable declaration
3746 – Monodevelop stops responding in Gtk# designer mode when expanding a node inside Document Outline panel
3748 – Getting error open .xib file.
3749 – Debugger crashes with error: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
3753 – SetUpFixture not run in Testrunner, when running single test
3755 – NUnit unit test debugging ignores do not step into framework setting
3757 – [newresolver] Debugger throws an exception when hitting F5 in a loop
3758 – Regions do not fold when document opened
3759 – Allow the option to select which items to upgrade/downgrade in the updater
3760 – Generate constants for bundle resources
3761 – Keybindings to implement interfaces, resolve usings, etc no longer working
3763 – MonoDevelop build crashes with unexpected error System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception
3768 – Tweak semantic highlighting global variables on Visual Studio theme.
3770 – Application output open while editing execution parameters
3772 – Index out of range when debugging to IPAD
3773 – Mono-specific options shown while editing parameters for .NET runtime
3776 – MonoDevelop does not start on primary monitor
3778 – [sdb] Out of memory issue after debugging a few times
3780 – Dates in watch list
3785 – Can't launch MonoMac apps if the project path has spaces in the name
3792 – wrong foreach template completion
3793 – while template arg doesn't accept intellisense
3794 – OutOfMemory Exception thrown while debugging a MfA application that throws an exception
3795 – Git addin crashes MD on Windows
3797 – Addin engine tries to load disabled addin
3798 – Deleting a Project from a solution deletes the entire solution (and all projects in it) if 'Create Solution Directory' is not checked at project creation
3800 – Break line in an extension method signature breaks intellisense
3807 – when active runtime is set to Microsoft .Net and targetting 4.0 it runs XSP2 instead of XSP 4 and looks in the .Net 2.0 GAC folder when debugging.
3812 – Adding a csproj in a submodule throws an exception
3813 – Moving files from root project folder in to subfolder
3815 – Dock Panels Label color is hardcoded to Black
3816 – Toggle line comment does not work if non-commented line is in between
3818 – Files should be closed when the parent project is removed but not deleted from the disk
3822 – Debugger ignores breakpoints when executing a statement from the immediate window
3823 – [Git] Submodules always show up as modified
3825 – Crash in GTK with Mono 2.10.9 and MonoDevelop master/2.8.8
3826 – Changing updater preferences does not change results of clicking 'check for updates'
3830 – Generated code should respect code style settings
3836 – Ctrl+K should cut to clipboard
3838 – Soft debugger hangs MD on Windows
3842 – Unsupported target framework is set for new project
3846 – The mono develop installer 2.9.2 alpha fail to attach image disk when install
3848 – Renaming image does not update prefs.plist properly (Icon files)
3854 – [Git] JGit does not reset invalid ssh key passphrases
3855 – NGit does not support AES encrypted keys
3856 – Add a default key binding for Format Document
3858 – No mouse clicks
3864 – "Run again" menu entry is confusing when debugging, should be "Debug again"
3869 – MonoDevelop handles project folders badly
3877 – About MonoDevelop shows invalid Release Notes URL
3880 – [newresolver] nunit doesn't fail if exception is thrown during test
3881 – [newresolver] nunit doesn't handle [TestCase()] very well
3884 – [newresolver] Hitting space after 'if(i' it tries to append '#if'
3887 – Creating a new View (xib) in MD and loading it will cause an exception
3888 – [newresolver] Extract Method throws an exception
3889 – Plist editor usability
3891 – Custom Settings.bundle makes debugger stop connecting
3896 – Unit Test Pad fails to load test classes: NUnit.Core.RemoteTestRunner
3898 – 2x Images not working in iPad Retina Simulator when set thru IB
3899 – Get Version from Parent Solution changes .csproj file
3901 – Exception when selecting Refactor > Implement Abstract Members on base class
3905 – Diff button label changes from "Unified diff" to "Patch"
3906 – Generating an XCode storyboard should include rotation values.
3910 – "Remove unused usings" removes used System.Linq reference
3911 – [New Resolver]Find references doesn't work well for private members in a partial class
3919 – Cannot copy message or trace from debugger exception dialog
3923 – Exception in exception dialog can time out
3927 – runtime gets stuck trying to evaluate GetType from sdb
3928 – update alpha crash
3930 – TestFlight uploading no longer works
3934 – Weird split caret blinking
3935 – Blinking cursor disappears
3936 – Focus lost on document and tabs
3942 – When the updater re-opens MD, it creates a new dock icon.
3945 – reload from disk fails if file is not part of project
3946 – auto indent broken in C++ and D
3949 – [New Resolver]if blocks are folded wrongly
3953 – the drop-down method list duplicates last component of explicit interface implementations
3956 – Nullreference error on intellisense
3957 – [New Resolver]Override completion doesn't work well for overloaded methods
3958 – inconclusive tests don't have a distinct status icon
3959 – insert matching brace operates inside string literals too
3967 – Exception when opening a linked file.
3973 – code completion forgets context if text is deleted
3974 – parameter completion popup alternates between single and multi line for long parameter list
3975 – parameter completion does not work for non-public (private, internal) constructors
3984 – Cannot compile any async project
3985 – MonoDevelop toolbar constantly disables
3986 – MonoDevelop should automatically copy mdb files
3989 – Building Windows Phone 7.1 project fails (unknown item type)
3990 – code completion does not chop off attribute suffix for parameter attributes
3991 – constructor argument completion not working for attributes applied to methods or parameters
3993 – MonoDevelop gives you version control options and initializes an empty git repository, even when publishing fails.
3996 – MonoDevelop gives you version control options and initializes an empty git repository, even when publishing fails.
3997 – Gtk treeview disclosure triangle does not work when "Deploy to Device" pad is visible
4006 – MonoDevelop fails to start with no warning if Gtk# is not installed on windows
4013 – Constantly get exceptions in Stetic GUI designer
4014 – Solutions use format version 10 (VS 2008) instead of 11 (VS 2010)
4016 – Step into does not skip code with no source available
4017 – code completion in foreach does not work for local variables declared in the same block
4018 – Debugger says "could not resolve breakpoint" when it really did
4020 – code completion handles explicit interface implementations improperly
4022 – Handshake failure when debugging Mono for Android failure rate increased
4024 – Changing define symbols in project options not reflected in text editor
4026 – Info.plist does not contain entries for Icon Files (iOS 5)
4027 – [newresolver] var variables don't offer full completion
4030 – MonoDevelop does not respect "copy local" on package references
4031 – Cannot run NUnit tests when referenced assemblies have dependencies
4034 – Updater occasionally fails saying MonoDevelop did not exit
4035 – NUnit addin could auto-insert a breakpoint when running a single test
4036 – Release notes displayed inside updater are sometimes for the wrong version of a product
4037 – crash after hang and clicking on Cancel button in the debugger popup
4038 – MonoDevelop fails to reopen after crash
4041 – MonoDevelop failed to compile a library!
4044 – hovering the mouse over variable shows wrong value
4050 – Unexpected code completion exception
4056 – The layout could not be loaded
4057 – Error dragging toolbox item
4061 – Monodevelop 2.9.2: cannot go to declaration of method if it is inaccessible due to protection level
4064 – Increase number of recent projects
4065 – Cannot find external library
4066 – Turn off HTML encoding in new designer
4068 – Monodevelop 2.9.2: Cannot place breakpoint inside anonymous delegate
4069 – Monodevelop 2.9.2: Hovering a variable does not show its current value
4070 – Intellisense popup - focus first item in list so I can press TAB and use it
4071 – MOnodevelop 2.9.2: Go to declaration does not find correct destination
4072 – Using base keyword does not work in debugger
4073 – Do not ship Moonlight/Silverlight Project Support Add-in by default
4074 – Monodevelop is rendering xaml files incorrectly
4076 – Invalid path to keystore and other tools
4078 – Add support for deploy option in solution files
4081 – Need @2x iTunes Image in plist editor
4085 – code completion problem with generic dictionary
4087 – code completion handles object and collection initializers (braces) incorrectly in method calls
4089 – Version An autosave file has been found for this file.
4090 – Mondevelop 2.9.2: XCode integration broken
4091 – Mixed-mono .app bundle problem
4092 – MonoDevelop cannot be built with xbuild/msbuild
4093 – iTunesArtwork file is not supposed to be set in Info.plist
4096 – Auto indent ignores code format settings
4099 – the naming style option in the name conventions dialog doesn't change to custom if entries are edited
4100 – Completion list should be in completion mode for members on enum parameters
4102 – Master-Detail template is broken
4103 – Make the editor scope navigation breadcrumb menu (top of editor window) act like a real menu
4104 – Files need to be re-saved when changing time-zones
4106 – Cannot start macdoc
4107 – On Mono 2.11 the IDE fails to open source files.
4112 – Change Build Action from "None" to "Content" seems to be at least O(n^2)
4113 – Adding a breakpoint to an opening '{' line while debugging allows you 'set' a breakpoint on the same line multiple times
4115 – Generate Equality Members causes MonoDevelop to crash
4116 – "show test source code" is disabled for tests marked with the TestCase or TestCaseSource attribute
4124 – mdtool returning exit status code 1 on successful compile with Monotouch project
4128 – Unit test and production result inconsistent
4129 – Support alternative png crush utilities
4130 – Add a separator in the Project menu for project and solution options
4131 – Updating from 4.0.4 to 4.0.6 using MD doesn't close updater window, exposes endless pop-up bug
4137 – Breakpoint store breaks editing unsaved files
4142 – Support for android:style ? (Progressbar)
4143 – Source view not editable
4144 – Monodevelop sets default namespace (rootnamespace) if empy
4145 – Workaround mono's bug #4123
4149 – Xml comments on properties documents both getter and setter, even if the setter is private
4153 – Weird linking error/message
4154 – Policy settings apply to existing solution if it hasn't been customized
4159 – CreateForallCallback emits invalid code
4160 – Wrong type inference in new resolver branch
4165 – Key binding manager should warn on incomplete chords
4166 – TestFlight: notify team members doesn't work
4167 – Printed text is many times too large
4168 – [Xcode] Naming your outlet 'view' causes the Outlet to not be created.
4169 – [Gtk] Crash in pango_core_text_font_map_init
4174 – Intellisense popup after #region (same line)
4175 – IDE does not support Simple Chinese Language
4176 – MonoDevelop does not integrate with Unity desktop
4179 – code completion does not show enum values in the second term of ternary conditional expression
4185 – New builds should not be required to create appstore/adhoc .IPAs
4186 – Cannot change the Case of folder names in OS-X
4192 – [CorDebugger] Windows ASP.NET debugger does not support 4.0 framework
4193 – ItemGroup's Condition attribute not used when compiling...
4195 – parentheses confuse selection overwrite if "insert matching brace" is on
4196 – "insert matching brace" conflicts with "commit completion list selection with space or punctuation"
4199 – crash (monodevelop, mono 2.11, mac os snow leopard)
4200 – sharing violation and keynotfoundexception when dealing with the type system cache
4201 – Create a new class, then change the name of it *before* commit
4202 – MonoDevelop crashes with NRE
4203 – System.ArgumentException: value must be of a primitive type instead of 'Mono.Debugging.Backend.EvaluationResult'
4205 – Incompatible with United States-International keyboard layout
4206 – Version Control -> Diff throws exception when run on a file edited in the Hex Editor
4208 – Build process creates files with backslashes that cann't be handled by dpkg-deb
4209 – Windows installer fails (2.9.2) Gtk#
4216 – Breakpoints render over execution marker
4217 – [gtk] MD main window focus sometimes behaves strangely
4218 – Icons in solution tree disappear
4219 – Cannot built using mono 2.10.
4221 – Problem with templates in C# that are only comments
4224 – Monodevelop on windows not able to debug
4225 – Monodevelop on windows not able to debug
4226 – Cutting an empty line causes temporary rendering glitch
4228 – Object Initializers do not show correct code completion
4229 – Modifications to multi line strings cause the editor to jump
4231 – Navigation history allows for multiple entries on the same line after deleting a file in the history
4232 – Exception after switching branches in terminal while project open, then canceling the MD overwrite dialog
4233 – Cursor does not indent when pressing enter (new line)
4234 – No code-documentation for external assemblies
4235 – Contextual operations not available when cursor position at the end of the token-string
4236 – Cannot use Xcode GUI Builder to change properties.
4237 – [CorDebugger] Monodevelop uses 100% CPU for long time when hitting breakpoint using dotnet debugger
4240 – We need an option to allow Detecting Signing Identity for another keychain.
4244 – NewResolver: wrong list of methods displayed on override in nested classes
4245 – Methods rendered look too busy, add a new line between the methods.
4247 – Search text breaks Assembly Browser.
4248 – Rendering of methods should be alphabetical
4249 – NewResolver: completion in types now completes for some other random type
4250 – Cannot drag file from Finder to solution pad
4251 – Property grid: scrolling down via scrollbar and moving into items, rewinds to top and unable to edit
4252 – [AST] override bug in mcs ast
4253 – v2.8.8.4 - c# code formatting "Convert tabs to spaces" corrupts files
4254 – Can't build project because of generated bad path to referenced project DLL
4256 – MonoDevelop update has stopped monodevelop launching
4257 – Exception in texteditor crashes monodevelop
4259 – Autocomplete not showing up. I'm using JavaScript and as I type a word, it shows an autocomplete, but as soon as I type '.' after a word, it doesn't show possible functions to call. E.g it shows "Transform", but nothing after "Transform.".
4260 – Format->Uppercase Selection and Format->Lowercase selection options are greyed out after performing a 'Select All'
4265 – mdtool fails while building aspx project that builds fine from MD
4267 – Go to declaration on a type sometimes goes to a property?
4268 – Startup project should not be able to be a non-executable project
4270 – Select device dialog becomes unusable after refreshing devices a number of times.
4271 – ASP.NET projects are VERY broken in newresolver
4272 – Renaming a MfA project breaks the build.
4274 – Adding a comment below a collapse comment block will cause code below the comment to show up incorrectly.
4275 – Intellisense will sometimes orphan a method overload popup and the only way to get rid of it is to close MD
4276 – C# completion in ASP.NET pages is broken
4278 – ASP.NET source editor should use proper project contexts
4279 – Remove the outdated ASP.NET parser
4283 – Newresolver: completing constructor parameters
4284 – NewResolver does not offer completion for properties in constructor initialization
4286 – Newresolver, more places where there is no code completion
4287 – Poor documentation of Soft Debugger
4290 – Parameter completion exception inserting method with arguments before other methods
4291 – NullReferenceException in UnderlineMarker.InternalDraw
4292 – Reflect View ID changes in android:layout_toXxxOf property in RelativeLayout too
4293 – NullReferenceException in EvaluatorVisitor.EvaluateBinaryOperatorExpression
4319 – Go To navigation fails on some valid matches
4320 – NotSupportedException in TypeValueReference.get_ObjectValue
4321 – IndexOutOfRangeException in various context action providers
4322 – NullReferenceException in indent/unindent selection if nothing is selected
4323 – Parameter completion exception while attempting to instantiate unknown class
4330 – Autoformatter sends comments to new line
4335 – code inspection hints apply multiple times after failed compiles
4339 – Crash when opening Designer
4341 – Monodevelop 2.8.* - Error in text editor extension chain.
4342 – unindent does not refresh if using keyboard shortcut with caret at beginning of the line and no selection
4346 – [Designer] Setting Checkbox Text color causes 'checkbox' visualization to disappear
4348 – "Visual-Studio" style formatter
4349 – assembly browser mouse pointer
4350 – Assembly browser default is wrong regarding decompiled output
4351 – [Designer] Scrolling in Properties Window does not work propertly
4353 – [Crash] MonoDevelop 2.9.4 crashing randomly
4355 – Debugging Issue # Unable to debug a very simple application
4356 – no >2.9.4 Libraries for the online addin builer
4357 – System.Runtime.Serialization.SerializationException: Number of fields on ICSharpCode.NRefactory.TypeSystem.CecilLoader+CecilUnresolvedAssembly has changed.
4358 – Wrong base type for enums
4360 – Wrong type for implicit array
4363 – Wrong intellisense for nested types
4364 – Invalid C# code is generated over overriding constrained method
4365 – Cannot build MonoDroid applications
4366 – Crash in gtk rendering some fonts
4369 – Completion popup disappears on down/right arrow in using clause
4374 – Intellisense doesn't work with a MarshalAs attribute as part of a part of a pinvoke declaration
4376 – Launching with specific file is broken
4377 – Cannot drag items from a submenu in a menubar control
4383 – Assembly Browser: Command-G does not go to the next match
4386 – [NewResolver] Autocomplete does not show valid Attributes for methods
4387 – iPad automatic ARMv7 must also set minimum iOS to 3.1
4388 – [regression] unit test result nodes sometimes can't be expanded
4390 – Cannot call 'GetType' on interfaces via the Immediate window
4394 – Show Code Generation Window (alt+insert) does nothing?
4397 – [NewResolver] Autocomplete is displayed when typing in a region Name
4399 – Most features in Python Binding don't work
4400 – Better sln config mappings for added projects
4402 – Debugger caches previous method calls
4406 – Debugger tooltip does not show up correctly
4407 – MonoDevelop is frequently unresponsive to mouse down/up events
4411 – Opening Java Bindings Library template does not switch MD into 'MfA Mode'
4412 – System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException occurs when adding an Existing file to a Project managed by Git
4417 – MonoDevelop incorrectly highlights the selected word
4423 – MD 2.9.4: Cannot scroll in the assembly browser
4424 – Exception from source info tooltip
4429 – mdtool crashes building MonoMac solution when AnyCPU is passed to -c:
4432 – breakpoint placed on single-line if statement is triggered only after condition evaluates to true
4442 – Method evaluating takes too long and then it ends with Unknown identifier
4443 – Can't lock file and can't remove file errors
4444 – UI: It is not possible to change order of pads
4445 – Documentation or examples of usage are not shown
4446 – It is not able to add "using" or invoke refactoring dialog by shortcut
4447 – More shortcuts for one action
4448 – UI: Solution window too narrow when after project is created
4449 – Old news on Welcome screen
4451 – UI: Pads background
4452 – Open 2 Workspaces, close 1, they all close
4454 – convert line endings message on save
4455 – System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
4456 – System.ArgumentException: Mono.Debugger.Soft.PrimitiveValue
4465 – PList editor does not support cut/copy/paste & undo/redo
4466 – PList editor should have better support for Preference Specifier based plist files
4467 – MonoDevelop error generating Xcode project: could not generate outlet as its type could not be resolved to Objective-C
4470 – Word Selection failures when computer uptime exceeds 2^32 ms
4475 – All msbuild builders should reload when any project saved
4477 – Refactor: Create Method on Static Class error.
4482 – #if statements not recognizing #define statements in Source File.
4483 – Completion too aggressive for anonymous methods
4486 – Gtk-Warning
4487 – Filtering possible types for new expressions a bit too aggressively
4490 – Unneeded noise in diff, because MD keeps removing <TargetFramework* tags in project files
4492 – Semantic highlighting feature is marking a word as "red" when build doesn't fail
4493 – 'Resolve' context action offers incorrect options
4494 – Completion in 'Catch' statements isn't great
4496 – Auto inserting '@' before a keyword breaks the editor
4497 – MonoDevelops text editor stops responding to mouse events
4498 – Implement implicit handles generic interfaces badly
4499 – alt-backspace breaks the text editor
4500 – Using object initializer syntax to initialize an IEnumerable is not supported with code completion
4501 – Adding/Removing a reference should run the syntax highlighting task again
4503 – Custom code formatting CSharp source code does not display Blank Lines in the preview
4505 – Formatting a document with custom format does not work in the text editor
4506 – System.InvalidCastException has been thrown after debug iPad -OpenGL application
4508 – When try to paste a folder to another project, the folder get added to the project, but in hidden form.
4512 – Exception in C binding when browsing code
4513 – Unable to assign default XML schema if file extension has a dot in it (i.e ".hbm.xml")
4514 – Refactor: Implement interface crash
4520 – SIGILL in proxy_button_event
4521 – Monodevelop for unity's intellisence is very slow to update
4522 – MonoDevelop > does not write log files on windows
4525 – Unexpected code completion exception
4526 – Incorrect p/invoke in gtk when run on windows
4527 – Cannot watch instance field inside iterator
4528 – Foreach -> For refactoring eats empty lines
4529 – Foreach -> For refactoring is not available for nested foreach
4530 – Bad references to .exe between projects
4532 – Crash while trying to open a XIB file
4534 – Crash when trying to indent a line.
4536 – Frequent null reference exception on windows when building Android project
4537 – Available methods to override are not listed
4538 – Text file does not display changes when using version control update feature in MD with git
4540 – MonoTouch crashes in add_var when debugging
4541 – Error while closing solution
4546 – Updater restarts MonoDevelop as administrator
4547 – "make update-po" causes NRE
4551 – "out" takes a while to show up in intellisense for parameters
4552 – Insert Template....
4553 – Deploying to Vita on Mac via VMware Fusion causes PssDeviceException with error -2147418102
4555 – Entering incorrect key bindings do not result in messages in the status bar
4557 – NGit causes MonoDevelop to hang on exit
4558 – CodeActions: Race between reanalysis and further user actions
4559 – Parameter insight is sometimes shown on the wrong monitor
4560 – Add support for placing multiple editors side by side
4561 – Ctrl+Backspace removes too much text
4562 – Type representation
4563 – Project Options Environment Variables are ignored
4564 – Code point U+FEFF (Zero width nobreak space) is displayed as "" the editor.
4568 – Updater app needs a proper icon rather than the generic one, that doesn't look professional.
4575 – Intellisense no longer displayed for parent class
4578 – UIComposer Security Issue
4580 – Package installation (muzmpgsp.ax driver) error com surrogate
4581 – Code formating bug
4582 – Code formating: if () return staments on one line
4583 – IdeApp.Workbench.OpenDocument() opens at wrong location
4584 – Multiple commands on one shortcut key press
4585 – Remove and Sort usings: exception
4588 – OutOfMemory Exception.
4589 – Monodevelop sending my CPU into 180% usage
4591 – ctrl-space doesn't offer correct completion options in object initializers
4596 – mmp does not invoke the right gcc
4597 – An exception was thrown while dispatching a method call in the UI thread. System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
4600 – I have no emulators under the Select Device. Cannot create an emulator either
4602 – MD does not include the new Honeycomb and ICS templates
4603 – 'Publish Android Application' keystore file creation dialog has validation issues
4604 – [Resolver] Attribute Properties are not offered valid autocomplete choices
4608 – "undo"-ing in po editor textbox causes crash.
4609 – MD allows to add a project with same GUID to solution
4610 – Cannot invoke extension method
4611 – Error loading view memento.
4612 – MD terminates during running unit tests
4614 – Multiselection over test is not working
4615 – Gtk-Warning: /build/buildd/gtk+2.0-2.24.4/gtk/gtktreestore.c:765: Unable to convert from gint to gchararray
4617 – An exception was thrown while dispatching a method call in the UI thread. System.IndexOutOfRangeException
4618 – System.InvalidOperationException: The vm is not suspended.
4622 – Mono.Android.Support.v4.dll does not show up in Packages list
4624 – [AutoComplete] Attribute autocomplete inserts entire attribute class name.
4627 – Monodevelop adds non generic type using for generic type
4628 – Projects in a Workspace double when renamed
4630 – Install fails as MonoDevelop.app already exists
4632 – Configure Incorrectly States that Mono 2.8 or Greater is not Present
4635 – Exceptions after update up to 2.9.5. Debugging not work (inactive).
4639 – Mono for Android should give a better error when deploying non-x86 Android app to a x86 emulator
4645 – Hovering over the 'Length' property of an array causing an exception
4651 – MonoDevelop crashed when editing code with syntax errors
4652 – Indent produces a crash
4653 – [New Resolver] Autocomplete lists variables that do not exist in the current context
4654 – Monodevelop goes unresponsive when saving and others.
4655 – git log does not follow file renames correctly
4656 – Massive overdraw when scrolling in text editor
4657 – Potential thread unsafe gtk object interation
4661 – InternalsVisibleTo is sometimes ignored
4662 – Cyclic references crash MD type system
4663 – Drag and drop doesn't work on Linux
4671 – Cannot disable/customize "Compressing resources" step
4675 – Efficient horizontal scrolling
4683 – Text editor navigation issue
4684 – Mouse click and double-click in editor doesn't work properly
4685 – Simplified iPhone signing identity selection
4688 – No code completion in nested using statements
4689 – Assembly Browser does not show protected members.
4692 – Move file refactoring hangs
4693 – Cannot declare an anonymous array
4696 – MD crashes with System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: The given key was not present in the dictionary
4697 – Wrong type displayed for pointer types
4698 – A breakpoint is never hit
4699 – Git Dialog Box, tends to error out with ugly exceptions
4700 – Resolve command for "File" shows weird namespace
4701 – Some Mono for Android add-in menu options exist when working on non-MFA projects
4702 – Brace in array initializer causes excessive deindentation
4706 – Nonsense in resolve command
4707 – Error in formatting of complex statements
4710 – Crash in general use
4713 – Fn+Up/Down does not move cursor
4726 – Solution pad not properly updated when deleting file
4727 – [Regression] Cannot type simple if statement
4731 – System.InvalidOperationException: Handle is not allocated
4732 – [Regression] Broken intellisense again
4734 – Intellisense doesn't always work
4735 – Autoformat on paste
4738 – Comment is not highlighted
4741 – Addin updater hangs MD on quit if DNS not responding
4742 – [Regression] Cannot navigate to operators
4743 – unsafe should not be an error in standalone C# files
4744 – [Regression] Any unresolved name ends up with "An object reference is required for the non-static field, method, or property"
4745 – Autosave fails for unsaved file
4746 – No folding, outline for unsaved files.
4747 – No code completion for unsaved XML files
4748 – Error autoformatting new XML file
4749 – Resolve is incorrect for inner classes
4750 – Comment tasks no longer work
4751 – RTF paste is broken
4752 – Mimetype system does not recognize files with uppercased extensions
4753 – Semantic highlighting in assembly browser
4754 – Symbol tooltips in assembly browser
4755 – Assembly browser tree shows .ctor, should show name
4756 – Use compact scroll widgets in assembly browser
4757 – Assembly browser should only show link on hover
4758 – Public view in assembly browser should include protected
4759 – Search in assembly browser is broken
4760 – "Invalid cast." displayed for uint value
4761 – Using the review changes button should reuse existing windows
4762 – Go to definition on event fails
4763 – Debug visualizer shows `null` for non-null object
4764 – Event handler completion puts caret in wrong place
4765 – File change exception when editing unsaved file
4766 – Go To Definition does not work for 'Protected' members in Referenced assemblies
4767 – Bump data directories
4768 – MD hangs while generating code completion data
4769 – Fixing missing member in another file does not update semantic highlighting
4770 – Both arguments to IsDerivedFrom() must be from the same compilation.
4771 – Drag folder in Open dialog crashs
4772 – Using the 'Import Symbol' (ctrl+option+space) feature will delete text on the following line
4774 – Error/Warning count does not change even though issues are fixed
4775 – Exception in auto save thread
4776 – Assembly level fixtures not supported when drilling down to individual tests
4777 – Serializer exception from type service
4778 – Problems with app.config file when drilling down to class/method level in Unit Tests pad
4779 – Drop onto treeview from outside of MD should check target is valid
4780 – Huge amount of debug spew from mcs parser
4785 – URL underlining is one character off
4789 – Comparing two values for equality returns wrong result
4790 – Add a new class based on a UIView. The backing .xib.cs file is not created.
4795 – Watch window shows "Expression not supported" as a type
4796 – deadlock with threads
4797 – Remembering the setting for the "Output Zip File"
4802 – Error reading framework definition '/Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/External/xbuild-frameworks/MonoTouch/v1.0'
4805 – Occasional MD hang when deploying MFA applications to emulators in debug configuration
4808 – Enums have an unknown 'split_char' member included in them.
4809 – Mdtool building ios project has gtk critical error
4812 – Android addin should use faster version checks
4818 – Implement implicit does not handle 'params' types
4820 – Open .sln by windows explorer context menu open the project in visual studio
4823 – Apply policy ruins the formatting
4825 – "protected internal" methods are incorrectly overridden
4831 – MD crashes after saving - especially if there are build errors
4833 – XcodeSync Log file is always named with a DateTime of 0
4835 – GUI option for C# NoStdLib
4836 – On the fly formatting should be an atomic undo
4837 – On the fly formatter formats too much
4838 – Formatter and indenter are inconsistent
4839 – Hitting enter on last line of document makes editor scroll to top
4840 – Exception from C# indenter when undoing
4841 – Need to re-open document after enabling semantic highlighting
4842 – Semantic highlighting incorrectly colors symbols red during initial parse
4843 – C# completion in aspx files is broken
4844 – Execution errors are hidden and not logged
4845 – Annoying autoformatting of method arguments
4846 – aspx.designer.cs file should update when aspx file is saved, not on build
4847 – Middle click on unfocused editor tab should close without focusing
4849 – Cursor should appear before the semi-colon when implementing anonymous methods
4855 – Cut command doesn't work on some files
4862 – Edit -> Format -> Format file destroys indentation
4863 – [Regression] AutoComplete dropdown does not allow clicking on alternate suggestions
4865 – gtk warning from error popup window
4866 – parameter locals are not resolved on newly opened files
4867 – Code completion not available for .NET 2.0 Web Services classes
4868 – Incorrect reformatting
4870 – VersionControl->Log command is only available for individual files
4873 – Zip App Bundle... produces invalid zip
4874 – Delete file from solution gives exception
4875 – Create backing store uses wrong formatting
4876 – Cutting a collapsed block of code should cut the entire block
4877 – Syntax highlight/code completion should ignore files not marked as 'Compile'
4878 – MonoDevelop is caching and using invalid tree iters
4879 – Completion should prefer local variables over named parameters
4880 – Explicit interface implementations do not colour in red when they're incorrect
4882 – Cannot directly invoke instance methods from the Immediate window
4883 – Formatting a document multiple times in a row results in a fatal crash
4884 – On the fly formatter should format statements
4886 – ASP.NET ssh deployment should use NSch instead of sshfs
4887 – Missing docs and parameter list cannot be opened manually
4888 – resolver not resolving things
4889 – Rendering buglet in text editor
4890 – Triple-click line selection does not drag-extend upwards correctly
4891 – On the fly formatter triggered by } in string
4893 – Scale property says "Unknwown Property"
4894 – Switching project build target to API 10 throws exception (when editing existing layout)
4895 – ALINK: error A1010: Missing ':<text>' for 'culture' option
4897 – Resolve command for new expressions is incorrect
4898 – MonoDevelop is leaking heavily
4899 – Intermittent hangs while typing
4905 – Feature Request: Manage Android and iOS common projects better
4907 – UIImage.FromFile not working with a solution with many projects
4912 – More compact blame view
4913 – Commit/Review Changes is confusing
4914 – No way to log or switch revisions for folders or repo
4915 – HashSet has never offered popup help
4916 – MonoDevelop 2.9.5 Debugger is unsupported for D Language
4918 – Code formatting comments out "else" branches
4919 – VS11 breaks sln files
4922 – ASP.NET project created from default template doesn't build
4923 – Display Options > Show All Files should only be shown for folders
4924 – Text editor background parse should be separate from project type context
4925 – Splash screen wrong or over processed in 5.3.3
4926 – MonoMac project created from template can't be executed
4927 – [New Resolver] Autocomplete shows non-static methods when using class name
4928 – MonoMac installer generation doesn't work
4930 – web deployment target window not responding
4931 – Debugger cannot Evaluate TaskStatus variables
4932 – InvalidOperationException during exit (maybe related to window losing focus)
4933 – Enum completion in switch statements no longer works
4934 – Create member command broken for enum
4936 – broken handling of "show all files" if project is in the same directory as the solution
4940 – Policy system needs a way to handle upgrades
4941 – Autogenerated delegate not properly formatted
4942 – 4.1.1-p7 - Designer - Two projects - Tries to open axml with project wrong path
4943 – 4.1.1-p7 - Designer - Categorization of fields could be more granular
4944 – 4.1.1-p7 - Designer - Relative layout adds tag unrecognized by visual studio, compiler error.
4945 – 4.1.1-p7 - Designer - Changing id attribute value should update other controls that depend upon it
4948 – Code metrics menu option under (Right Click Project)->Tools->Code Metrics instead says <Unknown Command>
4950 – Setting a widget's text to a string resource creates incorrect reference
4951 – Allow editing virtual indents
4952 – empty update dialog
4953 – Numeric Password widget loads with an invalid input type
4954 – Build failure with various layout widgets added
4957 – Cannot re-arrange widgets using Document Outline
4958 – Error from stetic when quitting
4960 – Files not in project should have version control widgets attached.
4961 – Code completion for enumerations in static classes doesn't work.
4963 – [SVN] Error checking in code after moving files
4965 – Grouped files are not updated correctly after move
4966 – Drag an drop of images does not work
4968 – Monodevelop 3.1.0 - Operation is not supported. Error in code completion
4973 – building multiple configuration one after the other from the command line sometimes fails
4975 – TypeLoadException when trying to debug anything
4976 – Many hyperlinks in assembly browser do not work
4977 – Mac exception dialog has layout issues when buttons are wide
4978 – Error clicking link in assembly browser
4979 – Copy/paste line now includes an extra newline
4980 – public/private display options sometimes does not affect whole assembly browser tree
4981 – Mouseover effect for margin handles does not exist in VS
4982 – Mouseover for Dimen type properties that reference a resource is incorrect.
4986 – Comments affect some variables
4987 – Layout could display resource values instead of resource names after creation
4991 – Action is deleted from .h file
4995 – No GUI Designer installed
4998 – MonoDevelop does not respect changing the namespace of a class
5001 – Object initializers are not handled properly
5012 – Public only assembly browser should not show private namespaces
5013 – Assembly browser views are inconsistent
5014 – Source analysis toolbar does not update marker position after resize
5015 – Resource Id for .resx file is not saved to project file after editing.
5016 – Android designer errors out opening file
5018 – Java Binding project issues...
5019 – Solution pad scrollbars sometimes don't update after zooming
5020 – Jar project creating duplicates in generated code.
5023 – Assembly Browser fails to show nested classes.
5028 – Modifying an interface does not make the Implement Implicit/Explicit options reappear
5029 – Find Implementors crashed monodevelop
5030 – "Could not launch web server" error when debugging a web application
5038 – Headers for story boards are not always parsed properly
5039 – [regression] [3.0] mdtool cannot build from command-line
5041 – Refreshing ASMX web service doesn't refresh method signatures for use
5042 – Distribution configuration creates debug build
5046 – [patch] Debugging a console application with the FallBack terminal fails
5047 – Using Settings -> Build -> iPhone Application causes exception
5049 – [regression] [3.0] code signing broken on Snow Leopard
5050 – creating a new vb.net solution
5054 – MonoTouch and Mono for Android need standard define in the project
5057 – Wrong Target CPU when creating GTK# app...
5059 – Signal (Even) handler created twice
5060 – Signals tab in property window empty when selecting action
5065 – MonoDevelop needs to track xsp location for ASP.NET debugging
5067 – Selection does not respect virtual space
5068 – [versioncontrol][svn] svnignore doesn't seem to get honored
5069 – [versioncontrol][svn] svnignore doesn't seem to get honored
5074 – Storyboards are not parsing headers properly
5077 – Virtual indent does not work when tabs-to-spaces is enabled
5079 – Win/MD 3.0 crash on close
5080 – Pressing tab types /t instead of tabbing
5081 – Storyboards not creating all the classes
5082 – NullReferenceException building new MonoMac project
5083 – mmp seems to be missing
5084 – Error synchronizing changes from XCode
5085 – Indicator on minimap doesn't reflect the actual visible portion of the code
5086 – Attaching events via GUI Designer is not working anymore on MD 3.0
5087 – XML comment generation appears to have a regression bug
5094 – Code comments incorrect for param name with two cap letters, i.e. accountID
5095 – Target errors while building default templates using MD3.0 with Mono 2.10.9 on OS X 10.7.4
5102 – Android designer finalizer makes remoting call, hangs MD
5104 – Hang on quit due to remoting call in finalizer
5108 – Many incorrectly implemented finalizers in MD
5109 – Debugger should skip evaluation of auto properties
5113 – [patch] Improve building portability
5114 – "Go to declaration" navigates to wrong destination
5115 – Missing feature: search in selection and replace in selection
5117 – Method call formatted onto one line per argument
5119 – Interface builder won't recognise classes derived of iPhoneOSGameView
5120 – Logs should include version information
5121 – Should MD log path include version number?
5123 – XCode change synchronization causes error.
5124 – Can't find Code Metrics
5125 – Empty C# library projects constantly rebuild
5126 – Multiple projects including the same files don't update their typesystem properly
5127 – Refactor has stopped working
5129 – copy/paste broken
5130 – mdtool printing assertion
5131 – Entitlements.plist showed up in Release/iPhone config
5134 – Error when creating a new GTK#2.0 solution
5135 – DateTime.Kind return "Method '.ctor' not found in type 'Int64'
5136 – Document Formatting not working properly
5137 – Monodevelop 3.0.1 can't be compiled from source
5140 – Intellisense for gtk-sharp dosn't work
5141 – References of references are not handled well
5145 – Breakpoints in if statements in delegates do not break during debugging
5147 – Intellisense caching method parameters that were changed
5150 – Dialog when connecting to iPhone for Wi-fi debugging fails to display port
5151 – Implicit assembly dependencies should be pulled in
5154 – Virtual indent doesn't work for non-C# files
5155 – Audit ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem functions for exception catch
5157 – Monodevelop adding empty arrays into entitlements.plist
5161 – Task list is always empty
5162 – Can't access keyboard shortcuts from non-Latin keyboard
5163 – Git plugin doesn't monitor external index/status' changes and there's no way to refresh
5164 – MD generated Makefile fails to copy main assembly to deploy directory
5167 – Could not edit XIB-interface after latest update
5168 – watches showing "Method `.ctor' not found in type `Int64'." for some enums values
5170 – I can't cmd-a in build log pad.
5173 – MonoDevelop adds empty arrays to Entitlements.plist
5175 – Error message appears when some C# solutions are opened on MonoDevelop 3.0
5176 – Text editor should support zoom gesture on mac
5177 – MonoDevelop gets formatting very confused in some cases
5178 – When Version Control is disabled, annoying dialogs appear
5180 – usings at top no longer are collapsible
5184 – MonoDevelop resX loading error
5185 – ICSharpCode.NRefeactory.CSharp is not referenced in monodevelop.pc file
5191 – Creating extension method problem when typing "this"
5193 – Code formatting is wrapping my params to new lines
5194 – After method name refactored, subsequent refactor doesn't recognize new name
5196 – The GUI designer generates an error when adding an action/signal
5197 – copy-and-paste duplicates the first character of the destination line
5202 – copying content files
5205 – Completion of enum/flags values does not work after "|" operator
5207 – [regression] delegate completion like event completion
5211 – Exception in Welcome screen due to improerly escaped text
5212 – Find references doesn't find all usages of static readonly field
5213 – code completion should prefer identical casing
5215 – Project Reference picked up only after IDE restart
5221 – Convert to auto property leaves dangling semicolon
5222 – Format Selection should alter selection length
5223 – Tab to indent with tab-to-spaces does not adjust selection correctly
5225 – Does not stop execution in breakpoint if solution is inside a symlinked path
5227 – Build failed. Object reference not set to an instance of an object
5229 – Code folding does not handle sequential comment blocks well
5232 – 'ls' shell command fails and block deployment
5233 – Duplicates in file open dialog after using the type a file location feature
5235 – Updating from Version Control - new files/code not available in intellisense
5239 – MonoDroid library projects should not be settable Startup projects
5242 – Enabling Entitlements for MonoMac / iPhone projects don't persist.
5246 – MonoMac addin doesn't properly sensitize some options when loading
5248 – Copying no longer works
5251 – Solution converts dot in project path to slash when loading
5255 – Entitlements check doesn't update after configurations changed
5265 – Add View on MVC
5266 – Autocomplete issue
5268 – IOException when stopping an application running on iPad
5269 – Null reference exception trying to show a tooltip in the designer
5270 – MonoDevelop cannot interact with emulators with the latest android tools
5271 – MonoDevelop cannot interact with emulators with the latest android tools
5275 – Cant use the tasklist tokens using Monodevelop for Unity.
5276 – Automatically update AndroidManifest property
5277 – Code Completion causes System.ApplicationException: Timeout expired
5279 – Mono for Android add-in image is from Novell times
5280 – Column ruler should be based on file width setting
5282 – Refactor Issue, Changing name of generic method strips <type> arguments from method calls
5288 – Error while evaluating condition 'MonoDroidInstalled' every 100 ms
5292 – Middle mouse click does not paste
5293 – Hover text appears on wrong monitor
5294 – Copying partial value does not work
5295 – Process cannot access file after debug restarting
5297 – Optional params in methods are not presented properly in tooltip
5300 – Pressing tab in verbatim strings moves the caret one character too far forward
5305 – Find Next does not work after switching to a different window
5308 – Latest update
5309 – MonoMac library project missing
5310 – Code Formatting wraps long method calls with no option to change it
5312 – Editor or C# parser ignoring #elif causing null reference exception
5313 – MonoDoc does not open on Snow Leopard
5321 – Incorrect syntax colouring after editing on second machine.
5322 – VS Select Device Dialog needs a Refresh button
5323 – Cannot create event handler from the designer
5324 – Source garbles if closed and reopened with build errors highlighted
5325 – Cursor jump to end of line
5326 – Scrolling when clicking at bottom of source window
5327 – Home key on keyboard doesnt work after typing a property name
5328 – Adding lines to source code on code pause causes the stepper to highlight wrong lines
5330 – [CorDebugger] Cannot stop during debugging
5331 – Can't load a PLP/PCL project unless it is Profile 1
5332 – Problems referencing PLP projects from MonoTouch projects
5335 – Unable to get all method parameters to be on one line
5336 – Please provide an article on how to factory reset MonoDevelop (reset all settings, etc.)
5338 – Remove braces does not remove trailing whitespace
5339 – Compile errors highlighted in source editor remain after being fixed
5341 – Remove redundant usings fix shows up multiple times
5343 – Find Next Selection: find word under cursor if there is no selection
5344 – Quick fix icon blinks when moving caret with arrow keys
5346 – Support PLP 2
5348 – Copy-paste of any file inside a project throws exception
5349 – Activity modification causes axml files reload.
5350 – monodevelop-debugger-gdb 3.0.2 can't be compiled from source
5351 – Projects originally created on MD 2.8 do not have the "App store" configuration when opened in 3.0.2
5352 – Cannot create proper Mac App Store build using MonoDevelop 3.0.2
5353 – semicolon placed in wrong place in single-line statement
5355 – gtk-gui files get changed to assign some fields/properties to null
5356 – Could not close solution (InvalidOperationException)
5360 – [CorDebugger] Pauses in evaluation and timeouts in immediate window
5361 – [CorDebugger] "Object is in a zombie state" Error in watch window
5364 – Monodevelop crashes on windows
5365 – Unable to open storyboard from MonoDevelop
5367 – Creating a signal event for a button fails with the latest MonoDevelop under Mac Os X 10.7.3
5368 – when loading a new vb.net project it gives this error Error while trying to load the project '/home/mel/Documents/MyFirst/MyFirst/MyFirst.vbproj': Project does not support framework '.NETFramework,Version=v4.0'
5371 – Cannot install to device
5372 – MonoMac packager should report more helpful error when gcc not found
5373 – Indenting selected block should not indent blank lines in it
5376 – Controls not being added to designer.cs
5377 – MonoDevelop does not suggest System.Linq namespace
5379 – copy paste extra character
5380 – "overwrite" option fails when moving files
5390 – [mac] mouse caret cursor hardly visible with dark themes, vanishes completely sometimes
5392 – monodevleop 3.0.2 freezes when selecting a keyword then right-clicking for context menu.
5399 – Copy and Cut of text does not work after upgrading from version 2.8.8 to 3.0.2 (windows)
5400 – Breakpoint is still hit even after removing it (if solution inside a symlinked folder)
5402 – Backspace doesn't work with 1-tab virtual indent
5403 – The connection to the debugger has been lost dialog appears multiple times
5404 – Completion and highlighting for pointers
5406 – Header should not add trailing whitespace
5407 – main.axml gets rewritten with invalid code on save
5411 – Regression: Cannot watch nullable fields
5412 – \t inserted when tabbing under an unterminated string
5416 – Error double-clicking on unresolved reference
5418 – Creating a project inside a solution causes all other projects to be saved
5422 – namespace declaration should be suggestion not completion
5425 – Updaging Makefile integration settings doesn't close info message and seems to have hung
5426 – iPad Retina App Icon is missing context menu "Unset image"
5428 – Creating a new MonoMac Project in MonoDevelop 3.0.2 wont quit after "start program without debugging"
5430 – Disappearing [Action ...] after editing xib in Xcode
5431 – [patch] Invalid path in monodevelop-core-addins.pc
5433 – Error in soft debugger method call thread on method Type System.Object:GetType ()
5434 – VersionControl cannot attach diff/log views to csproj files
5435 – Can't publish solution to github repository
5439 – Various Xcode files disappear - AppDelegate.m, etc.
5440 – When opening xib file error "MonoDevelop could not communicate with Xcode" occurrs.
5441 – Partial class for action connection disappears from .designer file after project upgrade and new outlet
5442 – Error after "Instal template"
5444 – Missing completion values when declaring enum
5445 – Files shown with "Show All Files" no longer are shown after multiple files included
5456 – Exception changing android sdk version
5457 – MonoDevelop fails to open project with obscure error message when it references an invalid directory
5459 – Double clicking a missing reference throws an exception
5460 – creating new project: files are double-indented
5463 – Couldnt open .xib files in Xcode from MD using Xcode 4.2.1 and Mono 2.10.9_11
5466 – Active layout is switched to Visual Design even if the source code editor is still displayed
5467 – ImageButton doesn't show the image when using xml file to create the pressed, focused, and default images.
5468 – Code formating settings bugs
5469 – No constructor code formating
5473 – Gui designer properties window does not remember its state
5474 – File drag and drop is not allowed outside the folder
5475 – Wrong code completion for List<>
5476 – Mondevelop crashes when creating a new activity with a .axml file (Designer) open
5477 – Text editor block collapsing misbehavior
5478 – Crash dialog when Creating a new layout file
5481 – Completion should not make suggestions after typing "var "
5482 – MonoDoc exited with a [sic] exit code = 134
5484 – Exception thrown when trying to add event to a control in the designer (MD 3.0.2)
5485 – "Format document on save" doesn't
5488 – Using the version control plugin with git without installing the git package causes a nullpointer exception
5489 – Code Folding / Collapsing unavailable with large .cs files
5508 – [New Resolver] Find references does not find all references
5513 – Recent Solutions disabled
5516 – ArgumentNullException when typing '<' inside of asp:Content
5518 – Wrong syntax coloring when using a # character within a multilined literal string
5523 – 1.7
5524 – Windows MD icon/symbol/task bar image is not the MD symbol
5525 – [svn17] unix subversion 1.7 not functioning
5527 – 'Failed to install platform framework' when deploying MFA applications
5541 – Stetic custom control support completely broken in MD 3.0
5542 – Error after create a GTK# project
5544 – Wierd paste characters
5545 – Bundle signing issues when altering Info.plist in prebuild
5547 – Cannot invoke static properties or inspect static members
5548 – Error while executing command: Refactory Operations
5549 – sample code from Wrox for "iPhone Programming with MonoTo..." is crashing
5551 – Cannot drag a widget to the designer from toolbox in windows MonoDevelop
5554 – Default naming policy should only affect non-private symbols
5555 – "Place array initializers on new line" does not work - still
5557 – Portable Library project type no longer recognized
5558 – Code completion for referenced library dll doesn't update
5559 – Typing in the Debug Watch window annoyingly shows the search box
5565 – MD does not allow me to break on specific exception
5569 – When moving back from Interface Builder to MonoDevelop, an error is thrown
5571 – Namespace errors when there isn't one
5573 – MD 3.0.3 really messed up code formatting
5578 – Monodevelop on Ubuntu 12.04 freezes
5579 – Delay in editor after deleting word with Ctrl-DEL
5585 – Add support for tooltip documentation redirection
5588 – MonoDevelop Version Information contains different information on Mac and Windows.
5589 – Cannot deploy to HTC Flyer (2.3)
5593 – Actions get removed from designer.
5594 – Task List does not show todo's from comments
5596 – Missing files not red until highlighted
5597 – Error MSB4185 when using MSBuild from MD on Windows 8
5603 – MD alpha - Debugger connects to wrong device over Wi-Fi
5605 – Problem when trying to add new file in directory resources/layout-large
5606 – Error synchronising from Xcode
5607 – Semantic highlighting does not account for @
5612 – Crash adding new handler for the Activated signal
5613 – ASP.NET .aspx code completion "Error in text editor extension chain"
5620 – Inline rename triggers completion
5621 – Tooltip on method with incomplete/incorrect parameters shows "resolve error"
5622 – Cannot resolve unclosed extension method
5623 – Navigating to and within the assembly browser often fails
5624 – Toggling public/private in assembly browser doesn't take effect immediately
5628 – Error while pasting text/rtf
5629 – Cut and Copy do not work in files with random extensions
5631 – Duplicated enumerations
5632 – Brackets not lined up for lambda expression
5634 – Opening a layout file from layout-land starts designer in portrait mode
5636 – Tools->Install feature always results in “Error while executing command: Install…”
5642 – MD Beta - Second xib file launched from MD shows "No Assistant Results" in Xcode Assistant
5647 – MonoDevelop hangs on quit
5648 – Types are displayed even when cannot be used
5649 – Can't set breakpoints
5651 – Find References does not work across projects in the same solution
5654 – Master-Detail templates need a revamp
5660 – Clipboard Functions (cut, copy) do not work for .build file extensions
5666 – Startup window is too wide in dual screen configuration
5668 – Object reference not set to an instance of an object at Mono.Debugging.Soft.SoftDebuggerAdaptor.GetTypeName
5670 – Android designer does not refresh button text after editing string it's bound to in some instances
5672 – Semantic highlight shows all red items when loading up a project
5677 – insert method not implemented the right way
5679 – Assembly browser opens more assemblies on every navigation attempt
5680 – Assembly browser text editor scrollbars have issues
5681 – Option to show trailing whitespace
5682 – insert method inserts two trailing tabs after } and has no trailing blank line
5683 – MonoDevelop Mac launcher should start Mono in debug mode
5684 – Assembly browser should hide backing fields for auto properties
5685 – Cannot rename generic parameter, quick fix throws exception
5686 – Blame view shows the committer as if they were the author
5687 – Quick fix for extension methods must be declared static
5688 – Naming inspection should not complain on overrides
5689 – Format selection with no selection should format line
5690 – Create field doesn't work for this.foo
5691 – Find references fails for ctor
5698 – Mac main menu should be disabled when a modal dialog is opened
5704 – Strange gray rectangle when debugging with monodevelop
5709 – windoc.exe crashes on load
5712 – Saving a layout file moves the cursor to the beginning of the file
5713 – Android .axml files don't allow code folding
5716 – MissingMethodException thrown on the console or in a dialog
5718 – Selecting visibility modifier and typing does not show modifiers in completion
5719 – Backspace on "+" with selection clears selection
5720 – Docfood shows "this instance can" for static methods
5721 – Doc comment completion replaces </ with <c
5722 – Extract method does not trigger rename of method
5723 – Escape in extract method does not cancel
5724 – Tab-indent loses selection in block selection
5725 – Tab to indent multiline selection inserts \t if anchored in string
5726 – Override completion no longer works for interface members
5727 – Implement Interface inserts redundant System qualifier
5728 – Multi-line pasting should correct indentation
5729 – Blank lines at end of class template
5730 – Context action for implement interface
5731 – Intellisense not working for new APIs
5737 – MD doesn't filter tooltips on named argument
5738 – Named arguments work only when typing
5739 – Missing argument types for anonymous method
5743 – Regression: Conditional directives show code as always disabled
5744 – Cursor positioned at end of auto-closed xml tag
5746 – Documentation from interface ignores blank lines
5750 – Decompilation failed: System.NotSupportedException: Operation is not supported.
5756 – Confusing tooltip on empty space
5757 – Weird highlighting in collection initializer
5758 – Stetic caches should be kept in MD cache directory
5761 – Unable to save the iOS SDK location
5763 – Automatic build action for png files is case sensitive
5769 – Newline is two undo steps
5770 – Exception when opening file
5771 – Exception thrown by opening an axml-File.
5773 – Suggestion: Add context menu "Search in Google" to selected text in code window
5777 – cut,copy, paste error with new release (
5778 – Task was cancelled exception when switching too fast from non-code tab to code tab and back
5780 – Assembly Browser throws NotSupportedException
5784 – UI Refresh: Remove "Open" from the solution context menu
5785 – MD loses EnvironmentVariables from custom execution command
5786 – Rename preview is blank
5787 – Errors from stetic after clearing caches
5788 – Unhandled Exception in HighlightingUsagesExtension
5789 – Create method does not work
5793 – Both MonoDevelop and VS2010 with MonoDroid 4.2.3 locks the mdb database on crash or stop debug
5794 – Indentations does not work in JSScrpit
5806 – Cannot stop on breakpoints in MFA application using MD master 65ce49cee0
5807 – Widgets can't always be dropped into a relative layout
5811 – Should open assembly browser when instructed to open an assembly
5812 – Copy Local files not consistently copied from dependencies
5817 – Only assemblies compiled against NUnit can be executed
5819 – where is incorrectly recognised as a keyword
5821 – Regression: MD does not open .csproj files by default
5824 – User can see MT first run content on Windows
5828 – Extracted method has broken args
5829 – Extract method insertion location is wrong
5830 – Extract method generates broken out parameters instead of return values
5839 – MonoDevelop won't start on case-sensitive filesystem
5840 – I can't get WCF web services to work properly
5847 – MonoDevelop fails to start OS-X Lion 64-bit
5852 – Yellow bangs on iPad Launch Images (Project Options) incorrect dimension warnings...
5854 – Starting MonoDevelop fails with "Could not load mono_get_runtime_build_info"
5857 – Typing Too Fast Results In Invalid DocumentLocation
5861 – Autocompletion issues with Action and Func types.
5862 – Application staying on the top.
5864 – NUnit crashing at MonoDevelop start.
5869 – Debugging causes rebuild
5875 – Can't use a javascript less than operator (<) in ASP Content Control
5877 – Delete and create window
5878 – Some key bindings stop working after few keyboard layout switches
5879 – "Sort usings" feature is gone
5880 – Ability to build only required projects when running an executable
5881 – Clicking on minimap scrolls to the wrong position
5886 – creating ASP.NET MVC Razor project results in error
5888 – cosmetic change
5890 – ASP.NET MVC3 Template can be created with invalid project options (that result in a failure to build)
5893 – .NET Debugger should disable itself for unsupported architectures
5895 – Debugger does not take 'base.' into account when invoking a method
5912 – VS 2010 crashes on project creation when Monodevelop installed
5917 – Adding New Files (ViewController, XML, etc) Causes NullReferenceException in MonoDevelop
5919 – there is no web design in asp.net project
5930 – help system crash
5936 – "Open Containing Folder" is only available for files
5937 – Command Run -> Exceptions... throws an error if no solution is open
5941 – Exception after deleting Xcode
5942 – Renaming delegates using refactor causes delegate type to disappear and extra info to be added
5943 – Signal Code Generator Does Not Insert Code on a New Line
5944 – NUnit tests run slow (slower than previous versions of Monodevelop)
5946 – Add file templates for new Android Service and IntentService
5949 – Movement across empty line is not symmetric
5950 – MonoDevelop does not accurately refresh references without restarting
5952 – User cannot decrease size of a widget by dragging the bottom resize handle
5955 – Cannot debug without FastDev using MD and MFA 4.2.4
5956 – Backspacing ignores virtual indents
5961 – [UIRefresh] Highlight lines with linked regions on line number margin
5962 – Missing shortcuts in tooltips in search and replace
5964 – No code completion / syntax highlighting for bound Jar files
5967 – Adding Comment /// to Prop causes error
5968 – Creating new web project results in build break -- even if no code written
5972 – Shrink selection command results in incorrect selection
5973 – "Failed to resolve type" while browsing assembly (with fix!)
5975 – On Mac, Windows 7 and Windows 8, Activity1.cs does not open by default after creating MFA application.
5986 – Run -> Debug Application doesn't work
5988 – Fragments Walkthrough expected behavior different from actual behavior (autocomplete)
5992 – Nullable type is not recognized
5994 – Code completion freezes when writing generics in MonoTouch projects
5995 – code completion does not work for dotted name return type
5999 – Refactor rename does not rename the static constructor
6002 – Vi Modes Keybinding: Shift+Enter should insert a newline
6003 – Error when editing in xcode
6004 – asp.net project build fails with Object reference not set to an instance of an object
6006 – Solution Options - options won't be applied
6008 – xbuild can build projects with paths in Include attribute of References, but MonoDevelop cannot
6014 – Remove from source control removes all files
6015 – Seems we can't git add an .icns file
6016 – Deploy to Device doesn't update during the process
6020 – Incorrect default comments...
6021 – Nested comment blocks using ///
6022 – MonoDevelop does not respect SpecialFolder.MyDocuments if not on C:\
6024 – Updater progress bar is per-product, could show overall progress and update continuously
6025 – Monotouch crashes when compiling a project. NSInvalidArgumentException
6030 – Code Completion not displaying Methods/Members of libraries. Receiving System.NullReferenceException
6036 – error when adding view to a MVC project
6038 – monodevelop-debugger-gdb can't be compiled from source
6042 – The class view shows types from references
6047 – Dragging a project to References doesn't check for duplicates
6050 – Double-clicking search results entry that is a layout file opens the file in Content mode...
6053 – Opening a new file causes entire program reload
6054 – Updater occasionally indicates successful download, but nothing is in download cache.
6055 – Right-click in document pad broken in places
6060 – Double click stops working throughout the application
6073 – Cannot get debugging funtionality
6075 – Debugger watch window font cannot be changed
6076 – Pinned watch window is not top most
6078 – Confusing intellisense for enums
6080 – Intellisense does not inflate generic type arguments
6082 – System.ArgumentException: Local variable doesn't belong to this frame's method.
6088 – Random indentation when typing
6089 – Better exception visualizer for nested exceptions
6097 – Add -> ASP.NET Directory Flyout Issue
6107 – Split View: crash
6108 – Split View: Undo is not global to the buffer, just to the current view
6109 – Wrong value displayed for null DebuggerDisplay values
6110 – Expand icon is visible even if there is nothing to expand
6113 – Upgrading to MonoDevelop causes project to no longer build
6115 – Source Analysis feature interrupts main thread too much
6116 – imports lost in XCode when using MapView
6120 – System.InvalidCastException: Cannot cast from source type to destination type
6121 – Binding Project Type
6123 – C# text formatter doesn't allow me to insert arbitrary whitespace
6124 – [CorDebugger] Error HRESULT 0x80131303 when inspecting variables (e.g. double array) in debugger
6127 – Find implementor classes shows attribute instead of class name
6129 – IDE hangup -> project not loadable anymore -> .userprefs issue
6130 – Moving files with dependency breaks reference
6131 – mdtool setup pack does not pick up the dependency assemblies
6135 – Build and run operations are very slow when projects have a lots of assembly references
6144 – Editing textbox to add a document type causes errors
6146 – No intellisense on value keyword in property set method
6156 – [gtk] Quitting the application with unsaved file and answering Cancel results in crash
6158 – Renaming a variable sometimes renames other things that shouldn't change
6163 – NotificationCompat is not implemented
6169 – Solution configuration maps to debug project configurations by default
6173 – Make TestFlight uploads cancellable
6175 – Signals tab of properties window is cleared
6178 – Code completion does not take co/contra-variance into account
6180 – Using sgen and svn, clicking on blame sometimes crashes MD
6183 – Refactor -> Implement abstract members
6184 – Add "Instruments" to MonoDevelop's Tools menu
6188 – AttachToProcessDialog not updating Debugger combobox on creation
6190 – Incorrect semicolon placement inside property declaration when "Smart semocolon placement" is active
6192 – Cannot select folded comments with the mouse without selecting the ending newline
6193 – Code issues spanning multiple lines are displayed incorrectly
6197 – Mouse clicks in the editor sometimes moves the caret to the end of the line
6206 – If you don't terminate a line, and hit enter, it indents to a weird location and inserts spaces.
6207 – Fails to embed .nib files in Library Projects when source .xib is in a subfolder
6210 – When dragging views from folder to folder, IDE break *.designer.cs files
6212 – VisualBasic 'Designer Part' not Found
6215 – MonoDevelop cannot deploy to device using latest Android tools/SDK + Jelly Bean
6224 – NRE on refactoring
6226 – #region and #endregion are swapped when implementing an interface
6228 – Package menu does not appear under Build menu VS 2010
6231 – Incorrect highlighting of literal constants when calling a member method on it
6233 – Show per-file code status in the "Review Solution Changes" view.
6234 – Copy text error
6237 – Code completion includes private code
6238 – Drag selecting text with the mouse operates strangely
6239 – Right click at editor empty area causes MonoDevelop to crash
6242 – Can't move blocks of text around.
6243 – automatic override implementation doesn't escape keywords
6244 – MonoDevelop debugging tools click invalid
6245 – Add iPhone View only creates a .XIB
6246 – Refactor...Rename leaves code appearing in red
6251 – Properties redeclared with 'new' are not evaluated correctly by the debugger
6254 – Go-to-definition for List<T> crashes
6257 – Updater should set a reasonable timeout on HttpWebRequests
6258 – Please allow specific updates to be selected for install
6259 – MD could handle an Xcode timeout better
6262 – MVC3 debugging issues
6265 – btouch: Unable to add Resources such as Images to Native Obj-C binding Library's
6271 – Could not close solution
6282 – Debugger should have special support for Nullable<T>
6284 – Organizing images in subfolders does not deploy correctly
6285 – Custom code formatting does not work
6286 – Cannot invoke new Foo ().Bar in the Immediate window
6287 – Cannot invoke static methods in the immediate pane
6288 – Debugger inspection popup does not track mouse hover sanely
6289 – Cannot invoke extension methods in the immediate window
6293 – [Font Scaling: Retina Mac] MonoDevelop fonts are blurry on Retina MacBook Pro
6296 – SubVersion Add-In not working in Mountain Lion
6298 – Cannot click 'Restart and Install Updates'
6299 – Failed downloads never attempt to redownload
6301 – Add an option to package resources in the "MonoBundle" directory.
6302 – Designer modifies resources with the same name in different folders
6304 – Wrong link for downloading .NET Framework 4.0
6308 – Runtime error while using Java.Net.InetAddress or System.Net.NetworkInformation.Ping to ping a server
6310 – Class file for UISplitViewController not being generated in MonoDevelop after change in XCode
6315 – debugger fails to catch arbitrary exception through signal event handler
6316 – Error : Xamarin.AndroidDesigner.DesignerException while Opening Layout file
6317 – Upgrade to offered on startup while running in Alpha channel
6318 – custom changes to info.plist are randomly lost
6320 – MonoDevelop incorrectly displays file in non-unicode encoding
6326 – libMonoPosixHelper.dylib not being signed when building for AppStore.
6330 – Cannot open File after installing F# plugin
6334 – Version Control Errors commiting SVN
6336 – Can't right-click with Apple Magic Mouse
6337 – Batched method calls and field accesses
6342 – UI Designer automatically saves the file in source mode, resulting in data loss
6343 – Every action while editing XML file results in error message.
6344 – NullReferenceException in SourceEditorView.SetCompletionText
6350 – Tranlation to Brazilian Portuguese
6351 – Translation helper tool
6365 – Ctrl+Shift+Tab selects the wrong document
6367 – Allow edit tabs to be pinnable
6368 – Binding project should probably link to sample on the web
6369 – Disassembler crashes MD
6370 – welcome page doesn't properly escape xml
6371 – Editor buffer doesn't refresh when macros/defines change on configuration change
6375 – MonoDevelop deletes all viewcontroller code
6381 – format selection skips the first line
6382 – Unable to change smart indentation once file is created
6387 – [CorDebugger] value evaluation error
6390 – Removing whitespace sometimes
6391 – Convert project option
6393 – error when creating a new form CS1061 no contiene una definición de 'Build'
6394 – Semantic highlighting not working
6396 – Crash when deploying to simulator
6399 – Class View
6414 – Code completion fail inside #if DEBUG
6416 – Reverting changes in Changes tab can mangle code
6422 – Syntax highlighting of aspx file hangs MD
6428 – Debugger shows incorrect type for local
6431 – Fonts on welcome screen are much smaller than in mac
6435 – Build error
6436 – Cannot parameterize a type with type arguments from a different compilation.
6439 – ASMX Web Service Reference List<string> referenced as string[]
6450 – MD freezes while debugging on Simulator
6453 – Help menu not loading help
6456 – MonoDevelop freezes on "Updating Xcode project for..."
6458 – Bundling process fails to include indirect dependencies
6459 – MonoTouch needs to define a symbol
6462 – C# indentation does not work correctly
6466 – Rebuild if project has been moved
6471 – Reveal in Finder
6473 – Refactor-> Create backing store fails on static properties
6478 – Multiple Deploy to Device tabs are spawned if the previous deploy did not complete before stopping.
6479 – Toolbox loader is broken
6480 – When deploying to device using Fast Dev, assemblies are always re-uploaded
6483 – Adding many files as Content kills system
6484 – Exception when trying to document Property
6485 – MonoDevelop exception on adding files with git repository on Windows share
6488 – Better error if Xcode is missing
6493 – User has to manually change the platform in FRC to dispaly the different openTaskysolutions
6495 – FRC opens with Open TaskyAndroid Solution after MFA is disabled in Add-in Manager
6498 – Collection Modified Exception while starting up MD
6503 – aps-environment in entitlements should be driven from build configuration
6504 – Have option to hide NSObject members in Intellisense (MonoTouch, MonoMac)
6506 – I just upgraded MonoDevelop and my Mac operating system, and Subversion is no longer available.
6507 – Code Formatting settings in Tools-Options and Solution-Options
6511 – TextEditor causes NRE at first text input in CBinding
6514 – Incorrect resolving of virtual property
6518 – MFA says it fails to activate through MD (but license is generated)
6522 – Single undo group for DocFood generated comments
6526 – Can't upload App. "Unknown Provisioning Profile"
6527 – Cannot type a backslash in MonoDevelop on Mac
6534 – Canceling deployment results in a unhandled exception reported in the status bar
6540 – BootstrapperPackage items in the csproj are shown as missing files
6549 – Monodevelop doesn't support <Compile Include="@(FileList)" /> in csproj files
6550 – Bottom pads are missing shortcut for Select-All
6557 – [svn17] SVN not tracking nested directories/projects
6559 – Cannot modify document type in MonoTouch project with MonoDevelop
6564 – Can't create vb.net project with gtk
6566 – Refactoring a variable defined in a list doesn't rename
6569 – Wrong type is displayed when enum is nested in generic class
6570 – Replace OldNRefactory in the debugger w/ the newer APIs
6571 – [Release Mode]Application deploy successfully on device/emulator. However, experiencing non-blocking issue "Deployment failed. The assembly directory could not be created" in MD console output window.
6574 – stetic corrupts and breaks gui.stetic files
6577 – The code completion doesn't work when in a conditional preprocessing
6578 – Debugger renders nearly everything as 'null'
6584 – Drag and Drop selected text in editor will copy instead of cut
6585 – Formatter does not use format I have set in tool->option
6590 – Better completion for obsolete overloads
6591 – Better completion for assignments
6592 – Random order of constructor overloads
6593 – Missing params modifier in method completion
6594 – Cannot see default parameter values in completion
6595 – Crash at startup (splash screen)
6600 – mmp does not allow for sgen
6604 – Changing Folder Name Results in Unable to Save
6605 – Cannot Communicate with Xcode During Tool Update
6610 – Version Control: Add support for Microsoft TFS GIT API or add direct TFS support
6618 – Find in Files don't work with whole solution option
6620 – Cannot properly remove item from current solution
6621 – Autoformatting C# code problem
6630 – Crash in GdkQuartzWindow when showing code completion dialog
6642 – "Create switch labels" deletes code
6651 – `mdtool build` should support quieter build
6655 – Debugging Enumerables no longer shows items (MonoTouch 5.3.5, OSX 10.8)
6656 – Cannot break in Constructors (5.3.5, OSX 10.8)
6660 – .NET Framework V4.0 not supported
6664 – (vs-504795) Redundant nesting in unit tests pad
6665 – Find references doesn't find any references when right-clicking on a static field inside a static ctor
6667 – Code Hinting Inconsistent
6669 – Crash of monodevelop while debugging
6670 – Monodevelop fails to process .Net 4.0 csc output (and report a compiler crash)
6673 – C/C++ project does not work with MSBuild build engine
6675 – Can not upgrade Monodevelop from to
6676 – HTML characters visible with Dutch language
6678 – Incorrect formatting of calls with multiline string as last parameter
6688 – Intellisense failing to load in do while loop
6691 – Window Size Across Multiple Monitors
6692 – code complete does not work
6694 – [CorDebugger] Debugger exception with multidimensional array
6695 – Unable to use "Java Bindings Library"
6698 – Add or remove a breakpoint fails when app is suspended on iOS device
6701 – Crash opening the Sdk Locations tab
6702 – We need a better icon for the Apple SDK Locations entry
6710 – a crash in the app while it's running causes addin manager to rebuild addon registry
6711 – when addon registry rebuilds, the PolicyService crashes
6713 – Find references of a method returns incorrect overloads
6719 – Code Completion doesnt work on a MonoTouch binding output when ref by project but works when ref by dll
6726 – Cannot type Unicode characters via hex numpad
6729 – Adding assembly to MVC project uses wrong publickeytoken in web.config
6730 – MonoDevelop is crashed when I hover mouse over Designer
6731 – Live analysis breaks when constructor has an attribute
6733 – Bad public image
6735 – MonoDevelop writes/used to save utf-16 .csproj files in utf-8 encoding and without BOM
6739 – NullReferenceException in ControlFlowGraphBuilder
6740 – Constructors should not call virtual members shows for "new" nonvirtual members
6741 – Remove redundant field initializer inspection greys out field, not just the initializer
6742 – Incorrect "Redundant assignment" warning for local used in finally clause
6743 – Incorrect indentation in many code actions
6744 – Remove redundant empty argument list greys out too much when initializer empty
6745 – Remove redundant comma in initializer list inspection should be disabled by default
6746 – Redundant else check does not identify where variable would conflict with child scope
6747 – Split declaration and assignment should convert var to explicit type
6748 – convert lambda to delegate has redundant ()
6749 – Incorrect auto indentation in doc comment
6750 – Incorrect cast warning
6753 – Source analysis makes MD ~unusable
6756 – Code Completion in Java Binding Project
6757 – Hover debug window does not hide when debugger disconects
6758 – MonoDevelop crashes on parsing C# code
6760 – Exception during code completion in XML Editor when editing .xsl files
6762 – Refactor -> Create class generates invalid class
6764 – Saving makes local variables turn red
6768 – Right click after last line on breakpoints/bookmarks area crashes Monodevelop.
6777 – Wrong completion for default parameter value
6790 – Layout editor locks edited file
6798 – Incorrect "variable could be moved to nested scope" suggestion
6802 – KeyNotFoundException in VariableReferenceGraphBuilder
6803 – InvalidOperationException in ControlFlowGraphBuilder
6804 – NullReferenceException in ControlFlowGraphBuilder.CreateStartNode
6807 – Separate undo step for format-on-paste
6810 – InvalidOperationException in InitializerPath.GetParentPath
6812 – NRefactory debug symbols are not built
6822 – Application chooses wrong monitor
6823 – Method `' not found in type `C'.
6828 – Adding bundle file does not set all items to Content
6829 – Internationalization options not persist
6841 – trackpad click only works once after switching into monodev
6847 – Errors after setting Main Interface drop down in plist
6855 – Incorrect auto-renaming of C# properties in interfaces
6857 – Allow adding resource bundle as if it were a file
6859 – Replace next do not center next replace item
6862 – Smart semicolon placement does not work on empty parameter call
6865 – Refactor -> Implement abstract members invalid modifiers
6866 – Commenting collapsed block should commend whole block
6867 – Cannot choose theme other than MS-Windows
6883 – Fragment template doesn't contain OnCreateView() method
6886 – Refactor -> Implement interface do not add new lines
6921 – Application output window is missing shortcut for Select All
6940 – Monotouch solution won't build.
6960 – No shortcut for deleting Reference(s) in solution browser
6974 – When overriding obsolete method MD does not add Obsolete attribute
6979 – The MonoDevelop updater keeps trying to downgrade me from Mono 2.10.10 to mono 2.10.9
6980 – MonoDevelop should not prefer the Disassembly window when debugging
6981 – MonoDevelop should not prefer the Disassembly window when debugging
6985 – Latest Monodevelop v3.0.4.6 now crashes when encrypting
6993 – Can't compile app using
6994 – Issue with type rename when there are multiple types a .cs file
6995 – Sometimes can not start emulator from the emulator dialog
6996 – NullReferenceException in ICSharpCode.NRefactory.CSharp.Refactoring.TypeSystemAstBuilder.ConvertConstructor
7003 – mdtool sometimes hangs
7010 – After getting monotouch update, not able to change design in xcode
7011 – trying to add <asp:> tag
7012 – Paste does not replace entire selection made by the Shift key.
7014 – Subversion error when adding new folder
7015 – When removing folder from subversion-controlled project, folder does NOT get removed from file system
7018 – hot fix causes MonoDevelop to hang during use
7023 – After Updating to MonoDevelop; Project unable to Reference MonoDevelop Assemblies
7026 – Convert string to double
7029 – Intellisense not working on linked files
7035 – The same project can be added multiple times to an sln file
7037 – Error Installing Application while upgrading - Error taking ownership of bundle
7041 – No completion inside new[]
7048 – "Go to declaration" doesn't open Assembly Browser properly
7049 – Duplicate of default runtime can be added but not removed
7050 – Application deployment deletes data files
7061 – Type load exception when attempting to run profiler.
7065 – "remove redundant type cast" false positive for explicit interface implementation
7066 – Constructors do not appear in the Document Outline pad
7076 – MonoDevelop can't install Android packages which have '-' in the filename
7082 – Adding files from to a project results in a System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException.
7098 – Watching char value can be fun
7105 – Tablelayout problem
7107 – can't run/debug more than one solution simultaneously on MacOS
7108 – monodevelop window not visible in window-list on MacOS
7129 – IDE crashes on addition of an empty resource file
7134 – SIGSEV in Sqlite (Includes simplified code to reproduce.)
7140 – iphone5 new resolution
7141 – Cannot build Android projects in Release mode
7143 – MonoDevelop does not allow setting break points
7148 – Better completion for constructor initializers
7159 – Should be able to reference .NET 4 projects in a solution
7160 – [ui-refresh, addons] When a Xamarin account is linked, we should fill in author information from the account.
7161 – MonoDevelop should warn if source analysis is enabled and GC is not generational
7168 – Monodevelop - CodeBehind Method Generation
7170 – Main menu higlighted items are white, difficult to read
7173 – Allow linking to PCL libraries in any profile
7174 – MonoTouch should build PCL projects against the MonoTouch assemblies
7178 – Collection modified exception in ControlFlowGraphBuilder
7179 – Intellisense to suggest the mapping of types from Objective-C
7182 – Focusing makes everything disappear
7185 – code issue "CS1717:Assignment made to same variable" false positive
7188 – Build progress disappears when Monodevelop window looses focus
7191 – code completion problem with generic interface using nested type
7192 – "EvaluatorException: Invalid operands in binary operator" when using operator == with strings
7198 – Drag n Drop not working under Windows 8 RP
7199 – Namespace in designer file should use global namespace
7201 – Renaming a folder in a project with files within open
7202 – Externally removed file silently dissapear in editor
7203 – surprising cursor jump in
7227 – Designer does not render custom views
7229 – Designer won't load invalid layout XML files
7230 – [gtk] Tooltips disappear when pressing Command
7253 – Duplicate Action Signal Handler code was generated by the IDE.
7267 – Changing iOS device to iPad in "iPhone Application" options yields Universal (minor)
7272 – NRE in AssignmentMadeToSameVariableIssue
7286 – MonoDevelop should check out/update submodules after a fresh clone
7287 – Auto complete does not work for inner class to access outer class' fields
7295 – configure.in:267: required file `tests/*/Makefile.in' not found
7296 – MonoDevelop cannot invoke 'al' on windows
7298 – *.designer.cs files cannot be deleted (MonoTouch integration)
7304 – ContentType=Link on Default.png does not appear in Properties view
7306 – Quotation Marks display incorrectly
7311 – Diagnostic console spew from source analysis
7313 – KeyNotFoundException in VariableReferenceGraphBuilder
7319 – The file no real-time save
7328 – Deadlock in the debugger
7355 – Problem adding System.Data assembly
7356 – Subversion not available from Checkout menu
7357 – NRE in VariableDeclaredInWideScopeIssue
7358 – AdHoc Distribution reverts back to Debug version
7360 – Updater force closes Visual Studio - work lost
7374 – Namespaces of NET references appear as unavailable, but project compiles ok.
7386 – Copy-paste from MonoDevelop into LibreOffice is broken
7387 – MonoTouch Library project "not built using active configuration"
7397 – __ANDROID__ needs to be groked by MonoDevelop C# editor
7402 – Can not create custom font using Assets/fonts folder
7403 – VS2012 Designer Crash for Certain Layout File
7404 – VS2012 Designer Crash for Certain Layout File
7407 – Freeze when trying to expand MainWindow inside Document Outline
7426 – New solutions should open at least the project in the solution hierarchy.
7427 – Source analysis GrayOut highlighting conflicts with highlighting of the current line.
7439 – Attempting to publish solution to existing version control repo should give descriptive error
7453 – Solution files created by VS2012 won't load in MD even using 'Open with..'
7454 – MonoDevelop hangs after changing an image
7458 – Undo doesn't scroll to affected location
7469 – "mdtool build" crashes with System.TypeInitializationException
7474 – Projects using dashes - causes Deployment failed. Internal error
7476 – Format Selection works but Format Document doesn't
7486 – Renaming new uncommitted file prevents it from entering the index
7487 – Debug Stops in the middle while checking database insert operations
7495 – Debugger returns wrong value for comparison
7501 – Text displaying blur under Solution/Project option->Commit Message Style.
7516 – Updater crashes when toggling expander
7517 – Visual Studio can't find FRC window host.
7531 – #endregion not indenting when copy / paste into IDE
7540 – Profiling is always checked - even if disabled
7541 – monodevelop branch for github cannot compile in debian testing
7545 – Double and triple click unavailable when launching application from monodevelop.
7548 – UI becomes less responsive, quit and save results in freeze/race condition
7550 – Exception when double clicking xib in new project
7552 – Problem - Class with the same name WebService
7556 – Solution 'platform' definitions not respected
7559 – I cant use single quote and double quote
7562 – Bad threading when SDB is starting up
7575 – I am writing LINQ queries Mono Develop keeps popping up a message saying that an error has occurred and details will be sent to Xamarin.
7576 – Same Name Layout - double click opens the first (MonoDroid)
7577 – Property pad does not update when properties update
7585 – [LinkWith] with a link'ed .a store the .linkwith.cs outside the project directory
7591 – MapActivity - "Implement Abstract Members" produces wrong code
7592 – Android Manifest permissions do not show up in MonoDevelop - setting them in MD can cause duplicate permissions.
7600 – Gtk-Critical + crash when doing dragndrop of files between one project and another
7603 – NRE when highlighting C# code in Mono.TextEditor.SegmentTree
7607 – MonoDevelop using a lot of CPU
7612 – Debugger prints tens of thousands of lines of debug output
7615 – [svn17] svn 1.7 does not work with subfolders
7623 – The help crashes immediately every time i try a search
7624 – Text Editor Crashes with Fatal Error on syntax/parse error
7625 – MonoDevelop crashes on implicit operator with templated struct
7642 – Not possible to watch static class field
7644 – Overwriting file causes inability to compile
7645 – Problem with none Admin account font rendering
7649 – Certain where constraints in C# generic class cause indent to be off
7650 – "Opening" file using solution explorer does not give focus to editor
7652 – Incorrect redundancy warnings in source analysis
7654 – Source analysis warns twice for unused variables
7655 – Use string.IsNullorEmpty suggestion shown incorrectly for arrays
7656 – Use var keyword suggestion does not offer inspection options
7657 – Unused parameter warning shows for methods used as delegates
7665 – Project -> Android Device Target is globally visible in the menu
7691 – NRE when completing function parameter list
7695 – Revert changes from revision doesn't work in git
7697 – Gravatars in VCS status are often wrong
7702 – Run specific project without debugger
7709 – Code formatter adds extra space in "event"
7710 – Indentation level account for all
7719 – Remove trailing whitespace option does not work
7720 – New project's Solution name always validated
7733 – Indentation Options
7734 – Application icons not showing up
7740 – Watch popup cannot be expanded when row is selected
7741 – latest version doesn't `make` from sources: .git directory doesn't exists
7763 – Strings Localization not working properly when multiple projects contain localized files with the same name
7766 – [Mac Lion]Unable to delete breakpoint after pressing 'Delete' key from keyboard.
7776 – Updater focus behavior makes killing monodevelop impossible if loading a solution fails
7794 – Using Refactoring to implement INotifyPropertyChanged does not create correct code
7798 – Scroll doesn't work with some kinds of mouse / trackpad
7803 – Highlighting in .ashx
7813 – Does not show API documentation
7823 – Code action "Extract field" on parameters needs better name
7824 – No red highlighting or "create" code actions on missing properties in initializer
7827 – Add view on ASP.NET MVC 2 Mac Os Lion & Monodevelop
7828 – Supporting Map routing requires extra info.plist items
7834 – outline can't draw functions
7835 – Need to do Clean All for Debug after building for Release
7839 – Git config crash IDE
7840 – Cannnot open Project files after update
7843 – Application hang or crash when opening SqlMapper.cs from the Dapper project
7844 – Incorrect syntax highlighting for auto property private setter
7846 – Scrolling position lost switching to/from changes view
7872 – Random freeze when using attributes/highlighting text
7873 – Code Completion not working and ~/.config/MonoDevelop missing
7874 – Windows msi installer fails
7876 – Context menus on Windows should trigger on mouseup
7877 – CDATA handling broken in aspx editor
7879 – Error message I receive everytime I create a new ASP.NET web application
7880 – [CorDebugger] Debugging is broken for the foreach statement
7883 – Invalid Code Signing Entitlements error from Apple (icloud)
7884 – MD asks mtouch to generate thumb code without llvm
7896 – Debugging displays incorrect number
7897 – Project Options: Output Path - Invalid Output Directory
7898 – MD should generate Enterprise distribution packages
7904 – MonoDevelop chooses Mono's compiler instead of MonoTouch's when compiling an iOS project using Mono 2.11.5
7905 – Unable to build portable libraries on OSX
7907 – For any MT application when build error appears, the user is not able to 'Select All' the build output through 'command + a'
7908 – Double clicking a hash in MD's build output or version information only selects consecutive alpha OR numeric characters
7911 – Tools -> Database -> Query database crashes MonoDevelop
7913 – MD executes common initial target of each project only once during entire xbuild build
7914 – MonoDevelop changes csproj unnecessarily
7921 – For any MFA application when the user select all the build output through 'command + a' and then try to copy it using 'command + c', it does not get copied.
7951 – Cursor jumps to end of line after typing first character in XML comment element
7961 – Forgets Location of Key Store File and Export Location
7976 – Crash when using mono 3.0
7979 – Add an "extra arguments" option to pass arguments to mmp
7982 – Latest MonoDevelop for Ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10
7985 – Don't forget old test run results
7993 – Crashes when attempting to show a project options for a MonoTouch project with Mono 3.0
8000 – MonoDevelop runs out of memory
8014 – [MonoTouch] "Error: Failed to compile interface file" displayed when user stop running application.
8018 – Random clear ViewController code on back from XCode. (Possible bug on rebuild when Navigator is hidded)
8019 – Random clear ViewController code on back from XCode. (Possible bug on rebuild when Navigator is hidded)
8026 – T4 template regenerated only on every other content change
8049 – Installed F# plugin through the Add-in Manager but got "[...] No path to F# Interactive console set[...]"
8065 – Locks Up
8066 – Document Buffer should not re-document methods/properties that are already documented
8092 – Unable to add references to PCL's on OSX
8105 – When XCode is launched from MonoDevelop, XCode indexing does not comlete
8115 – System.Exception: No node for line number 187 found.
8119 – Error synchronizing changes from Xcode when switching projects
8159 – Error retrieving history
8168 – Function parameter list near comments
8191 – Make monospace font configurable
8192 – crash after clicking any class file on linux suse 11.4
8193 – ASP.NET MVC - Could not load file or assembly System.Web.Mvc
8194 – It is not possible to debug ASP.NET application (F5) more than once.
8195 – Renaming copied ASPX files messes up grouping
8196 – Not possible to reorder pad tabs
8197 – Exception after mono.cairo was added to references
8198 – Whole selected block not deleted
8199 – [CorDebugger] error when xwt prj is run
8200 – MonoDevelop file tab is not removed after file is removed
8201 – Monodevelop debug/eval window has no scrollbar when the window overflow screen height
8202 – [CorDebugger] Enum evaluation in debug mode causes exception
8203 – [CorDebugger] Variable evaluation of Cairo.Context type stops debug mode
8204 – [CorDebugger] MonoDevelop debugging does not work well
8205 – Wrong layout switching
8206 – Please add the option to remove/ignore iOS orientation warning
8211 – "Go to declaration" not available anymore for local variables
8212 – Debugger crashes when deling watches
8215 – Build is broken
8216 – NotImplemented exception
8236 – Cannot open Visual Studio 2012 solutions in MonoDevelop 3.0.5
8238 – MonoDevelop lose changes in GUI Designer if class separated to few files.
8245 – Help on unresolved types should perform a search
8255 – NullReferenceException on checking out git repository
8256 – .Net Framework 4.0 not supported
8264 – Advanced MacOS X Packaging needs [info] buttons
8265 – Monodevelop doesn't build from GIT on Ubuntu 12.10
8269 – Error parsing Objective-C type alert displayed endlessly
8275 – I couldn't input any Chinese character or Japanese character In Mono editor on Mac
8277 – MonoDevelop crash after clicking on edit in source view.
8281 – MonoDevelop does not pass arguments to MonoMac launched applications
8282 – File not being tracked in Git cannot be manipulated
8296 – Source Analysis crashes with implicit or explicit operators.
8305 – No option for allowing same-line attributes
8306 – XCode not displaying outlet-pane
8317 – [ENHANCEMENT] Retina (4-inch) launch image zone needs to be added to MonoDevelop
8321 – Recently Used project information stored in ~/.recently-used
8326 – Replace command doesn't move scroll to the next matching string
8341 – Error when selecting "Window>Split Vertically" and "Window>Split Horizontally"
8344 – "Convert line endings" message at the top of the document is annoying
8346 – Updater should allow specific components to be updated
8352 – Add UI for JavaMaximumHeapSize, JavaOptions
8360 – Depth colorizer extension
8367 – [CorDebugger] opening an existent project receive Assembly load error and debugger is disabled
8390 – Dialog buttons have incorrect order on Windows
8392 – Some special characters in project path generates problematic include paths and hint paths in project file
8400 – Support for invoking Code Contracts tools
8409 – Resources from app project should override resources from bundle
8417 – Wrong Build output indent
8427 – ${ProjectConfig} contains an extra '.'
8429 – [xbuild] the msbuild process prevents MD from closing
8433 – [gtk] Several delegates are missing the UnmanagedFunctionPtr attribute
8439 – Copy/paste duplicated files have have same resource ID
8442 – Exception when trying to debug unit tests
8443 – Error while trying to load the project '/home/marcin/workspaces/monodevelop/test1/test1/test1.vbproj': Project does not support framework '.NETFramework,Version=v4.0'
8445 – GTK warning from VCS addin
8454 – Pasting large amount of code is terribly slow
8473 – Mono for Android App installation Reinstalls Everything
8480 – Go to declaration on base class threw InvalidProgramException
8481 – Debug value tooltips very often appear at the top-left corner of the screen instead of near the element to inspect
8484 – I can't select which External Console to use.
8498 – Context menu not closing when interacting with main menu
8506 – Adding Existing Folders/Files should open up to file path of the previous added folder/file.
8516 – New ASP.NET MVC3 Project cannot be run
8541 – MonoDevelop should have a 'reopen closed tab' button
8567 – Resources in Binding Projects - Build Action not available
8568 – Deploy to FUSE fails when creating directory
8571 – syntax highlighting doesn't seem to work in conditional sections
8573 – breaking the code formatter and code completer
8575 – breaking the code formatter and code completer (2)
8576 – System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
8587 – No offer to "Resolve" missing attributes
8588 – MonoDevelop opening error on Win7 x64
8601 – Incorrect url for TestFlight API Token
8612 – Landscape and portraint choices missing in designer after update
8617 – script - не срабатывает page_load monodevelop 3.0.5 mono 3.0.1
8618 – Intellisense broken within compiler directives
8622 – moving fields around on form can cause errors
8623 – Debugger often doesn't display Locals due to NRE in Mono.Debugging.Evaluation.EvaluatorVisitor
8625 – Color preview in Project Resources window showing wrong colours
8632 – Problem with Monotouch Storyboard localization (pre-localized files are not removed during sync-back)
8638 – NRefactory Issue Provider is throwing System.IndexOutOfRangeException
8639 – [MonoForAndroid] Adding a new xml file to Resources is painfully slow and locks UI
8640 – MonoDevelop should offer to create Android AVDs if none available
8647 – MonoDevelop crashes when using mono 3.x and dual monitor setup
8648 – Error 2804 when installing MonoDevelop
8658 – Unable to rename a .designer file
8659 – Is it possible not to sort items in a solution file?
8675 – F# addin enable fails with exception
8680 – LLVM can be enabled for simulator builds
8705 – Monodevelop not detecting system libraries
8714 – ui-refresh: give meaningful width on document tabs
8726 – Monodevelop, Exception, Add git submodule project
8730 – A format policy containing blank lines 'with' comments doesn't work in most cases.
8732 – Cannot connect to the debugger with the Mono runtime embedded.
8733 – Disabling 'Include mono runtime in application bundle' in project options does not apply until a full clean/rebuild
8736 – PredicateEditorSample does not change reference to XamMac upon conversion
8738 – All correctly referenced types and namespaces appear unresolved in text editor
8751 – Crash whenever I right-click
8752 – [xammac] Cannot set an app icon in info.plist project settings.
8756 – [xammac] Advanced tab of info.plist throwing multiple NREs when attempting to add new Document Types
8757 – Add a Settings.bundle template
8759 – [xammac] Application does not run on debug or release when code signing is enabled
8763 – Missing method System.Environment::SetEnvironmentVariable(string,string) in assembly "/Developer/MonoTouch/usr/lib/mono/2.1/mscorlib.dll"
8767 – Crashes and deadlocks showing the migration pane
8775 – Mimic Visual Studio documentation without appending new lines for sections other than summary.
8790 – Razor completion doesn't show C# parser errors
8805 – About MonoDevelop, Version Information does not show Xamarin.Mac presence/version
8808 – Sometimes the "Blame" view doesn't work
8812 – Xamarin.Mac should have version information displayed in the 'About MonoDevelop'->Version Information
8816 – Exception dialog if you dismiss "Buy Xamarin.Mac!" dialog when creating new XamMac project
8827 – addin must pass --debug for Debug builds
8832 – Cmd-C doesn't work in the build output
8835 – missing "extract method" in the code editor
8840 – Manually adding XamMac.dll shows "provided by MonoDevelop"
8843 – The addin does not provide --sdkroot=PATH to mmp
8848 – Reported errors/warnings are not shown in the Error List pad
8856 – GUI source code generator doesn't support properly EventHandler<> and nested classes
8863 – Two XamMac assembly present in Edit references window and user is not able to add XamMac(0.9.48) assembly by checking it.
8870 – MonoDevelop Crash Viewing SourceCode
8878 – Synced *.designer.cs file could be MainWindowController.designer.cs
8887 – Indentation of brackets & lack of brackets
8894 – Xamarin.Mac conversion could add the AppStore configuration.
8895 – I am not able to resize buttons or move them in the interface
8896 – Strange "jump" behaviour when clicking on a search result, which makes the cursor go to the wrong location
8898 – Cannot connect to Team Foundation Service with Git
8901 – Using 'delete' key to remove watches does not always works
8906 – [codeanalysis] NRE in CodeIssues.NRefactoryIssueProvider
8911 – Better upsell anchor URL / content
8914 – Null pointer error when changing the Main Interface in Info.plist
8919 – iPhone signing options showing duplicate and incorrect provisioning profiles
8928 – Choosing "Continue using MonoMac" shows a cryptic error dialog on Mono 2.10.10
8930 – "Illegal Project Name" Error when space in Solution name
8939 – Duel entries generated for menu actions in code section
8944 – If the updater service is down, switching channels throws an exception
8950 – Web Deployment with sshfs does not work, ERROR Could not mount FUSE filesystem
8952 – installation fails on windows
8957 – Implement Conditional Breakpoints
8959 – Format Document command (^I) causes page to jump with cursor location at top of page.
8961 – Our default templates for iOS give the wrong starting instructions.
9003 – Template with */ at the end of a line throws InvalidOperationException
9007 – Autocomplete throw ArgumentNullException on ASP.Net ViewPage
9053 – MonoDevelop should respect ANDROID_SDK_HOME
9059 – Default Info.plist contains "yourcompany"
9068 – unable to enter vertical bar in editor with French Canadian keyboard
9069 – task tracking in Monodevelop incompatible with doxygen
9072 – copying links from one project to another leads to duplicates in the ui
9104 – IntermediateOutputDirectory is computed incorrectly when "Platform" is set, causing the project to flagged out of date at all times
9106 – [regression] issue with localization and resx
9117 – [3.0.5] C#: Implementing interfaces inheriting from other interfaces
9124 – Build using xbuild fails with CultureNotFoundException or NullReferenceException when external referenced assemblies are changed.
9125 – Unhandled exception while opening a file from Unity3D solution
9127 – Setting Linker to "Link all assemblies" doesn't get stored in csproj file
9134 – MonoDevelop doesn't obey Mac OS User Key Bindings
9135 – MonoDevelop.Debugger: enable clipboard on disassembly
9140 – Code completion is not working in compilator directives regions
9152 – XIB Automatically Appeared in Single View Application
9154 – VS doesn't like the way we store policies
9161 – Add a empty folder to another empty folder
9164 – Tooltips in the "local variables" view vanish after less then a second
9165 – Show error message when selecting invalid path in assembly signature options
9166 – C# code formatting white space between empty parenthesis doesn't appear to be working
9170 – MonoDevelop crashed again...
9171 – MonoDevelop crashed again...
9173 – MD moves SolutionProperties section in sln file
9174 – Do not expand project after drag-dropping
9195 – MonoDevelop hangs when trying to close it
9211 – After latest MonoDevelop/MonoTouch upgrade can't edit xib files
9212 – Confusion when project options automatically changes configuration
9215 – User interface language is set based on the region settings
9218 – [CorDebugger] Debugger crashes while stepping into function that takes 2d array as a parameter
9222 – Key Bindings for External Tools
9224 – [Enhancement] Add Support for Binding Projects for Xamarin.Mac
9268 – MonoDevelop silently saving files as ".#FileName.cs"
9269 – MonoGame Could not load image asset!
9292 – Crash when adding file to a Portable Library Project Library
9293 – public static implicit operator
9304 – Autogenerated actions from gui designer can not be deleted
9318 – Copy support in VCS log diffs
9322 – Slow MonoDevelop and broke Intellisense because of "System does not exist in current context", but everything else works.
9330 – The layout could not be loaded: Exception of type 'Xamarin.AndroidDesigner.DesignerException' was thrown.
9345 – async capturing of 'this' not working?
9352 – Adding a new view + Controller throws an xcode sync error
9355 – When adding a bunch of files, don't sync out to Xcode for each file-added event
9406 – Code Generation Project Options not visible
9424 – Very Odd Autoformatting
9426 – 3.0.6 Doesn't Interface with Unity
9428 – open to line from terminal command line
9453 – MonoDevelop thinks Android layout file is saved when it is not
9456 – Debugger not receiving throwback correctly
9459 – Everytime a login page is open on Ceridian system is open, I got this error.
9464 – Assemblies with a dependency to MonoMac.dll
9468 – OutOfMemoryException: Out of memory building
9471 – Archives View should provide "Launch Xcode" button
9472 – Only show "Android Device Target" in "Project" when a Android project is open
9473 – Errors in database addin
9501 – Improper Code Coloring in C development
9515 – F# comment hightlighting not working properly
9516 – [PATCH] C# binding: fix label for "shrink selection" command
9519 – Authorisation errors whilst updating IDE from a non-admin user.
9522 – First time use - simple program with Winforms reference trying to new a dialog
9528 – MonoDevelop cannot stops build and build doesn't stops.
9551 – Incorrect comment in iPhone Storyboard Single View Application template
9573 – MonoDevelop 3.0.6 hangs when creating new MonoMac project
9602 – Problem in creating Resources for Varying Screens.
9608 – clicking debug/stop really fast eventually throws up 1 exception dialog per breakpoint
9615 – "User code only" support for catchpoints
9617 – Incorrect "parameter can be demoted to base class" warning for arrays
9648 – Project view: expand/collapse with cursor key
9650 – Code completion not working correctly in "watch variables view"
9656 – Adhoc build uses distribution certificate
9662 – Info.plist editor should use subviews instead of a Notebook
9664 – Missing enum members should have "Create Value" action, not "Create Constructor"
9665 – Move class to file should fix header and usings
9680 – category filter not working in nunit addin
9681 – category filters not saved by nunit addin
9685 – Unit Tests Don't Run after Upgrading to MonoDevelop 3.1.1
9688 – Dialog title for Preferences is named "Options"
9691 – MonoDevelop-Unity error saving with syntax error
9703 – [PATCH] add delay sign (-delaySign) option to C#/VB project properties
9719 – Broken inlining of locals
9720 – Declare local context action should remove unnecessary brackets
9721 – Text selection is unreliable.
9722 – Function breakpoints should be applied to all overloads
9723 – Function breakpoint should warn if function is not resolved
9724 – Sometimes when made ​​with "Shown" the "Widget" "Shown Event" will be added after the "() Show".
9731 – Add the ability to remember the details for when publishing
9735 – monodevelop always starts in maximized mode regardless of the previous run state
9737 – [XS] Updater showing " Error while trying to retrieve information" and throwing an exception on switching channel while checking for updates
9744 – GTK+ has rendering issues on high-DPI Windows setups
9747 – Debug settings show up multiple times
9757 – Popup window "variable value" is not working after commented code
9763 – Installer Fails to install Monotouch/Monodevelop updates after MonoForAndroid Update canceled
9767 – Mechanism to override the Info.plist location
9769 – Failed to navigate to TaskCompletionSource<bool>.TrySetCanceled()
9777 – Console spew: "visit directiv"
9787 – 3.x regression: Paste tries to be smart even though indent mode is not set to smart
9799 – Updater wants to install updates to product where license has expired, but blocks install of updates for product where license is valid
9857 – Increase size of methods displayed in breadcrumb bar
9875 – Layout files (axml) source code editing does not have intellisense
9890 – Bugs when drag-n-dropping classes between folders
9891 – MonoDevelop does not reload info.plist before building
9896 – Wrong dot completion
9914 – Could not load file or assembly XamMac
9917 – Consider replacing NGit with libgit2
9920 – Find in Files dialogue has two Alt+C options
9951 – Build fails following debugging of unit tests
9952 – Build fails with .resx file
9954 – First parameter missing in tooltips when using extension method directly
9958 – A fatal error has occurred
9963 – The text editor sometimes flashes black
9978 – Opening .sln file with multiple projects with same name crashes MonoDevelop
9986 – Find References should work on property setters/getters
9991 – editing Root.plist not fully possible
9992 – md should notice that the app has exited
10016 – Autocompletion for indexer
10025 – Reloading project should refresh highlighting in referencing projects
10036 – Failed to deploy. Internal error
10040 – Monodevelop removes the reference to the assembly version in csproj files
10046 – Unable to save changes from Source View
10052 – MD keeps crashing when I attempting to do anything in some MT .cs files
10053 – Completion is wrong under #if FOO
10054 – Module build target try to generate an exe
10064 – Tooltip on method invocation with incorrect arguments is not useful
10102 – Support StartAction/StartProgram/StartArguments/StartWorkingDirectory
10131 – Icon on Start debugging button disappeared
10142 – Release Notes in Publish To Testflight should be bigger and expand/fill
10174 – First time Right Click code in TextEditor after open a solution Pop two error windows related to F#
10181 – Out of Memory Exception while using MD
10202 – On right clicking over any Reference file, 'Open' option does not appear.
10203 – On right clicking over any folder/file in solution side bar, 'Display Options' option does not appear.
10225 – Monodevelop build from git repository error on Debian
10226 – Creating a project named with only numbers (e.g. '123') results in an empty RootNamespace
10244 – AssemblyName should not be a configuration-specific setting
10246 – mdtool should fail gracefully
10256 – Mac window manipulation tools get confused by Xamarin Studio
10272 – MonoDevelop does not start
10276 – Error while executing command: Run Test (InvalidCastException)
10288 – [Xactware] XS is slow to open and load a solution
10301 – Doesn't recognize References When First Added
10303 – MonoDevelop crashes on editing .cs
10316 – experimental features switches should provide some context or guindance
10319 – MonoDevelop MDTool BeforeBuild bug
10330 – Visual C++ Runtime error upon exiting MonoDevelop 3.0.6
10331 – [Xamarin.Android] Build Output is triggered automatically on creating an android project from any template
10332 – code tooltip appears on wrong monitor the first time
10333 – Conditional breakpoints don't evaluate properly
10334 – ASP.NET Debuggee returned error code ERR_UNLOADED
10335 – code folding freezes for several seconds in huge files
10336 – [Windows] IDE stays in front even when you try to focus other apps
10350 – Code Analysis doesn't work properly for enum values with names like RESERVED_1
10351 – New Code Analysis rule to extract a group of similarly named integer-based constants into an enum
10352 – Breakpoint only hit if it is set before starting the program
10358 – Values in property pad always blank on windows
10362 – Autocomplete/Syntax highlighting on code between compiler directives does not function properly.
10365 – Suggestion to add filtering to Task List
10383 – renaming a @variable set the selection at the wrong offset
10400 – Resizing a widget results in the designer throwing an error
10403 – Create View in Database Designer Generates Error
10428 – Unknown Resolve Error
10442 – Service references should allow re-using user-defined classes
10444 – Grouped files duplicated when pasting
10448 – MonoMac apps do not run/debug with target runtime
10473 – MonoDevelop and Xamarin Studio windows omitted from Witch window list
10475 – Error updating Xcode project
10476 – NullReference MonoDevelop.CSharp.Refactor
10478 – Cannot type anonymous types
10480 – Text of tabs overflows when there are many tabs open
10482 – XamarinStudio hangs on shutdown when debuggee hangs
10483 – Errors not cleared after Upload to Device
10485 – Error going to definition in assembly browser
10486 – Invalid syntax highlighting of a Type after adding a component
10487 – Unable to scroll in any dialog with the mouse wheel
10489 – NullReferenceException on PolicyService when trying to create a solution
10491 – New code snippet does not display in toolbox
10492 – Command to create snippet from selection
10493 – Command to add snippet from toolbox window
10494 – No docs or hints on available snippet functions
10495 – Cannot open project or access options due to Policy Errors
10496 – Resizing the exception caught window collapses tree in details tab
10497 – Xamarin Studio crashes when going to full screen.
10498 – Some dependencies need to be updated
10499 – File tab width
10500 – Default target for iOS project
10503 – "Enable document switching dialog" checkbox
10516 – C++ Project/Package references with relative path.
10519 – MonoDevelop.Projects.Policies.PolicyService exception
10521 – Start page needs to resize for smaller widths
10547 – InvalidCastException: Unable to cast object of type 'MonoDevelop.Core.Serialization.DataItem' to type 'MonoDevelop.Core.Serialization.DataValue'.
10550 – Quotation marks Not
10554 – Crash on selection of snippet property
10555 – Reset of start-up project
10556 – Filter out iOS devices from the configuration menu that don't make sense
10558 – Xamarin Studio doesn't load on windows 8 pro
10564 – Text editor rendering issue on Ubuntu 12.04, MD 4.0
10566 – Wrong product name for invalid reference
10568 – Resolve uses assembly reference which does not exist
10571 – async has keyword colour when it's identifier
10577 – git submodules show up as "Delete" in VersionControl->Review Changes summary
10578 – Two scroll bars when using Source Analysis
10579 – Wheel mouse support not working inside Xamarin Studio
10581 – Debugger does not disconnect gracefully
10584 – Debugger stops working
10585 – Xamarin Studio on Windows not using .NET/MSBuild to build Xamarin.Android Projects
10590 – Stepping into a foreach over a yielded method call takes many steps
10595 – Debugger could show location of other threads in margin
10596 – Stack trace printed from text editor
10597 – Cannot put any controls on Grid Layout using designer
10598 – Shift-Option-Delete on the mac should delete from current insertion point to the start of the line
10599 – "C# Project Options - Build - C# Language Version" not saved correctly
10601 – MonoDevelop 4.0 crashes on Edit -> Preferences -> .NET Naming Policies
10602 – Xamarin Studio 2.0 crashes when I change the language to Portuguese - Brazil
10604 – MonoDevelop Error launching web browser when start xsp cause by MonoMac.AppKit.AppKitThreadAccessException
10606 – drawable backgrounds are not applied in the design window
10612 – Policies stored in file matching localized name, not ID
10613 – Value keyword incorrectly highlighted in property getter
10614 – White space settings are not respected for expressions on Mac OS
10615 – "Visual Studio" policy for C# formatting has incongruent defaults
10617 – MD can't be build with mono 3.0.x
10618 – Show invisible characters option is too coarse.
10619 – segfault when opening certain settings
10623 – With Storyboards, "Main Interface" iPad<->iPhone textbox in info.plist GUI editor assigns to wrong key
10627 – New tab ordering is not respected by Next Window / Previous Window commands
10628 – Xamarin Studio crashes in preferences
10629 – You can't double-click when using a Wacom stylus.
10630 – MonoDevelop.Core.UserException: ASP.NET is not supported for unknown runtime version 'Net_4_5'.
10631 – The Summary and Advance tab is missing from the project options for Xamarin.Mac project.
10632 – Policy warning not shown in all cases
10635 – GridLayout not accepting children
10644 – [gtk] Xamarin Studio stuck on top
10649 – [gtk] Contents of clipboard get stuck
10650 – Mouse clicks unreliable when Air app running in background
10652 – Send Feedback throws NRE before solution opened
10653 – Merge #247: VI Inner Motions
10654 – Auto-Fix of Generate Setter depends on formatting of the code
10655 – Warning: gtk_widget_size_allocate(): attempt to allocate widget with width -3 and height 17
10656 – Tool window (GTK# designer) in Xamarin Studio does not respect language settings
10661 – Expression can be reduced to delegate code action should have varying severity
10662 – Solutions policies should default to "Use user preferences"
10664 – Hex editor is completely broken
10665 – "Error in text editor extension chain" when creating partial method
10667 – Changing from Debug/Release iOS/Simulator hangs
10671 – Auto-Fix of Base Class is wrong (generates invalid code)
10672 – Auto-Fix of Generate Class to fill Generic params does not take in account constraints
10677 – Xamarin studio not finding running emulator
10683 – Source Code Editor displays a grey square only (invisible text field)
10687 – Some Auto-Fix visibility for methods which are nice to have
10688 – Error in the text editor extension chain
10689 – Code assigning Options: Provision drop down remains disabled and application gives errors while building.
10690 – The create database dialog hide behind the IDE
10695 – iPad target device opens iPhone simulator
10698 – C# 'partial' keyword breaks when creating files without ".cs" extension
10700 – Can neither create nor oprn any solution
10701 – Rebuilding a project shows 1 error for successful build in status bar
10706 – Source corde policies
10707 – Thread access error when running a web app
10711 – Source analysis errors shown multiple times after project reload
10713 – Search dialog text overflows control
10714 – null reference when load project
10717 – Some Auto-Fix regarding control flow:
10718 – Usability improvement on source analysis warning/errors
10719 – Pasting from/to Xamarin Studio on Mac OS fails
10722 – Xamarin.Studio: Does not remember build configurations
10723 – Attribute string value is displayed using comment colour
10727 – Auto-Fix regarding control flow: "Invert if and simplify else block"
10728 – Auto-Fix regarding control flow: "Convert to correct type"
10729 – Auto-Fix regarding control flow: "Remove redundant paranthesis" in lambdas
10730 – Auto-Fix regarding method definition: "Make it static"
10731 – Auto-Fix regarding method declaration: "Convert to <BaseType>"
10733 – Auto-Fix regarding control flow: "Unused variable assignment can be removed"
10734 – International characters in bundle display name
10737 – Duplicate view controllers created upon synchronization
10740 – [XamrinStudio] Updater showing "Error while trying to retrieve information" , when only Xamarin.Android is installed
10741 – Mouse scrollwheel no longer working in MD after downloading MDX
10742 – Tabs re-ordered when project closed and re-opened.
10743 – Auto-Fix regarding control flow: Simplify branch in loops and functions
10745 – Cannot use Moom to resize window
10746 – Upon installing Mono 3.0.5, '.Net runtimes' in prefs breaks
10747 – Can't resize Xamarin Studio while at a breakpoint in debug
10749 – Double scrollbars in editor window on Windows 8
10750 – Member insertion cursor has square shadow when inserting into different file
10751 – Enable some Mac menu commands when modal dialogs open
10752 – Add commands and recent files to Mac dock menu
10753 – Const value incorrectly marked redundant
10754 – NRE implementing partial methods
10756 – Where is ResourceXmlProvider?
10757 – T4 syntax highlighting broken
10758 – NREX when saving the solution after setting code formatting properties
10761 – Crashes entire OS when changing output path of a C project.
10762 – Renamed abstract method being found when searching after its name has been changed.
10772 – Tooltip is always visible making the context menu unusable
10773 – _Every_ time i try to quit Xam Studio with cmd + q it gives me an errrr
10777 – Bundle Assemblies option is a pricing restricted feature that has no pricing UI
10778 – Strange code folding bindings on Mac
10780 – iPhone addin fails to work with System.Net.Http
10786 – Remove DocumentType, UTI and URL arrays from plist if empty
10787 – Better handling of missing recent solutions
10790 – tabs stop responding to clicks
10791 – Syntax Hightlighting: editor is missing entries for some properties
10792 – Syntax Hightlighting: importing xml gives validation error
10800 – Solution explorer behaviour after ranaming a file.
10801 – Delegate info does not show generic variance
10805 – Breadcrumb not usable for short names
10807 – Middle mouse does cut + paste not just paste.
10809 – Debugger not stopping (breakpoint) at bottom of stack
10810 – TestFlight integration doesn't support uploading the dSYM directory
10814 – exception when trying to switch to different branch
10817 – MD is slow opening project with many references
10819 – Makefile generation broken for ClrVersion 4.5
10820 – The 'Errors' pad covers up the bottom portion of the text editor
10822 – Hard crash in pango after shaping failure
10823 – [Gtk] Lines containing unicode characters appear truncated
10830 – @null is displayed as var type
10832 – ForceLoadType() resets static field values
10833 – Removal of URL Type manually prior to deleting it with the GUI view causes fatal crash
10836 – Highlighting issues
10837 – Symbol highlight moves if text inserted before it
10839 – Conditional Razor attributes in Razor Generator
10842 – Tabs freeze after failed NUnit test
10843 – NUnit not counting unit tests that pass
10844 – Designer does not display GUI/Window/widgets after subsequent loads of "Designer" view.
10848 – GetIdealSize can lock up the gui thread
10858 – Extract Method should use return, not out
10859 – ASP.NET templates completely broken by C# provider
10860 – Semantic highlighting lost if project reloaded
10861 – Support for VSToolsPath in MSBuild engine
10862 – Breadcrumbs have scrollbar even when not necessary
10863 – Member insertion cursor looks bad on Windows
10868 – When no user name is set commits are invalid
10871 – Few potential issues with the new status bar
10873 – [CorDebugger] Inspecting a DataSet variable shows "Evaluation failed: System.NullReferenceException"
10875 – UIView subclasses from iOS Library does not showup in XCode
10886 – Autocomplete partial method error
10890 – Need a menu template
10891 – Xamarin Studio Crashes when converting csproj to MSBuild
10892 – Audit for cairo pattern dispose
10893 – DebugValue tooltip doesn't work with variable names that start with @
10895 – Exception on updating a solution
10903 – Xamarin Studio crashing when editing Info.plist
10904 – [GTK] SpinButton doesn't initially display the text set
10912 – User should not be restricted from selecting/unselecting the Code Signing option even if they are not provisioned
10913 – Exception when resizing Number TextEdit
10917 – Build log for add-in repository project is unavailable
10923 – LocalResolveResult.Variable.Region is wrong
10925 – TextEditor.Highlighting cannot load ColorScheme
10928 – Focus on Code Tooltip Alt+Tab Windows BUG
10929 – Full screening MonoDevelop crashes Gtk
10935 – Version Control: Add support for Perforce
10942 – User-preferences should be migrated between major versions
10945 – System.InvalidCastException: Cannot cast from source type to destination type.
10947 – Pango crash in pango_layout_line_postprocess
10949 – MFA Version appears as 'Unknown Version' in XS About
10953 – UI designer: images loaded from files are referenced in file gui.stetic (always) with OS dependent PathSeparator - built binaries crashs on different OS due to other PathSeparator
10955 – Design / Code button does not show un in VS11
10960 – Cannot run debugger with selected Mono Framework
10964 – [Windows - XS] hangs when trying to expand debugger values on Android
10966 – New line break injects into collapsed code
10968 – Pasting text into search box pastes into editor window
10969 – xbuild fails with Xamarin.Mac projects
10971 – Code completion UI oddity with custom style
10975 – End of line cutting off AutoComplete
10976 – Unify catchpoints/breakpoints
10977 – Error in source analysis
10980 – Option to rename containing folder when renaming project
10981 – Can't type double quote on Dutch keyboard layout
10982 – Moving a folder excludes it from the project
10986 – When creating a VBNet Gtk#2.0 Project , Gui Designer not available
10990 – PolicyOptionsPanel crashes hard
10992 – Crash in ADB process
10993 – Exception while changing the margin of a widget in the designer
10994 – Build failed. Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
10996 – Xamarin Studio: Can't drop widgets from toolbox
10998 – ASP.NET Argument Null
11001 – Won't install ASP.NET >2 templates
11002 – [CorDebugger] Debugger can't step into and crashes in a generic method extension
11007 – Xamarin Studio, hangs when resolving a breakpoint
11009 – Crash when adding solution to solution
11010 – Addin manager should prompt to restart after install/remove/enable/disable/update addin
11011 – Reference C++ project from C#
11012 – [XS]Building iOS projects with restricted features from command line with mdtool hangs and build errors are not generated with Starter or Indie License
11013 – Opening solution from UNC paths does not work
11014 – Format selection and on fly code formatting does not work
11015 – InvalidOperationException: This PolicyContainer can't be modified
11016 – NullReferenceException in MonoDevelop.Debugger.DebuggingService.Cleanup
11017 – Run Test does not auto-save / build
11018 – Unmanaged crash from GtkSharp.TreeViewRowSeparatorFuncWrapper.NativeCallback (intptr,intptr,intptr)
11019 – MD Freezes when using navigate to funcationality
11022 – Project Options should mark active configuration in configuration editing combo
11023 – Successful unit tests throw excption in Mono.Unix.Native.Stdlib
11024 – Impossible to type new generic type
11025 – Text editor does not render code
11027 – Autocomplete and debug inspection popups only show border
11028 – Unable to load projects with %20 in their name from the Start Screen
11032 – MD not responding during paste operation
11039 – NullReference when saving a csproj file
11040 – "Unexpected node at the top of the stack"
11042 – Wrong target after updating project file from other app
11044 – Solution sharpkit fail to load most of its project configurations.
11045 – Can't close tabs with mouse, escalating to not being able to click between them either
11046 – Completion window does not show content
11053 – Don't remove default value from csproj files
11056 – Drag and drop code into debugger / watch panel
11057 – Open .axml files with Source Code Editor instead of LayoutEditor
11060 – mdtool clean fails with System.ObjectDisposedException
11061 – The Website has some serious bugs, the downloads page does not work, as well as the create account
11063 – Xamarin Studio 4.0.1 - Menus appear blank after first show.
11064 – IL Projects Failing
11065 – Accented characters from the console are output as "??" in the IDE
11066 – Integrated search menu freezes MD
11067 – Xamarin Studio, cannot place breakpoints after adding a static class
11070 – Autocompletion broken completely
11071 – SplashScreen no label displays messages
11072 – Break points on empty lines and deleted lines
11073 – MonoDevelop cannot resolve reference when using TokenReplacement in HintPath
11078 – [CorDebugger] Running basic solution base crashes Xamarin Studio
11080 – Xamarin.studio not showing xnb properties
11081 – Xamarin Update error on launch
11082 – Unable to add a reference to a Portable Lib for Android
11084 – Cannot close a solution file
11085 – Rename incorrectly renames shadowed parent member
11086 – Four copies of same icons in app bundle
11089 – Xamarin.Studio cannot build .NET satellite assemblies
11091 – Creating a new solution in a symlinked folder shows real paths, not symlinked paths
11092 – When debugging project inside a symlinked folder, breakpoint is not hit
11093 – Application Output screen doesn't show log tags
11094 – Filtering, searching, color coding in adb log pad
11095 – Proxy Support for Xamarin Studio
11097 – Pause after selecting item in Open File dialog
11101 – Xamarin Studio never starts the correct iOS Simulator on first try
11103 – Error in text editor extension chain using F# on Xamarin Studio OSX 10.8.2
11104 – Wrong color in tooltips on dark Linux themes
11105 – Tutorial.fs fails
11106 – Monodevelop web site points to a wrong link in Release Notes
11107 – Changing theme makes docked panes grow
11108 – Find in files dialog requires use wildcard
11110 – SQL syntax highlighting broken
11116 – Click rapidly on scrollbar in source navigation dropdowns causes window to close
11117 – deleting a top-level solution folder crashes XS
11118 – SQL scripts that always execute correctly suddenly crash XS
11119 – Refresh on Solution folder
11120 – Cannot Load NeoAxisEngine solution
11121 – When switching from trial to Indie/Business, evaluation splash screen does not get removed
11134 – MonoDevelop master doesn't compile with Mono 2.10.x
11138 – Debugger unable to display value of a property
11142 – System.IO.IOException: Error while loading style :Default ---> InvalidDataException: Scheme Default is not valid.
11144 – System.Data classes not recognized after added reference and using statement
11149 – Code generation window only shows Property Generation options for variables that start with lowercase letters
11151 – Current line and caret position indicator is not visible
11155 – When hover mouse on the 'list' variable than tooltip appear and immediately disappear.
11157 – MonoDevelop and Visual Studio 2012 Web Project Files
11169 – NRE in TaskStore.EndTaskUpdates()
11172 – Show Recent Project in global search when no solution open
11173 – Quick fix has superfluous underscore on Mac
11174 – Tooltips in designer are not translated, even though they are marked
11181 – Stuck with Xamarin Studio license after upgrading from beta to official xamarin studio
11186 – Ugly Func tooltip
11187 – Method order does not match between different completions
11188 – Error in text editor extension chain
11190 – Not possible to move multiple folders at once in the solution pad
11191 – Copying folders in Xamarin Studio's solution pad gives a confirmation popup
11195 – Pasting from xamarin studio converts tabs to spaces
11196 – Cannot change the code formatting policy
11200 – Test result does not open
11201 – Feature Request - Properties list editor needs ability to re-order the elements
11202 – Cannot delete watch without debugging unless you hack the userprefs file
11205 – Error while getting completion data
11206 – Update can pop up behind open file dialog
11207 – Fix ASP.NET debugging on 64-bit Windows
11208 – Attempting to Access Component Store Results in Crash
11209 – Format document does not respect code formatting settings
11211 – Editor font picks the first weight not the selected weight
11214 – Autocapitalization Type dropdown in Property List Editor showing null values
11215 – Bug in properties list editor
11219 – Format Document is not working correctly and C# format do not work
11222 – Exception in policy option panel
11223 – Tooltip over extension methods is wrong
11226 – Left-Key should collapse folder in Solution Pad
11235 – When resizing the pads don't reallocate correctly
11236 – Disabling addins causes GTK menu to be displayed
11237 – TODO: what happens to Xcode syncing when user changes git branches?
11238 – changing git branches in a terminal resets startup project
11239 – Localization languages disappearing from Base.lproj
11240 – Feature Request - Hover Help for framework types
11244 – XIB files disappearing from project after saving
11245 – Text not displaying properly in custom syntax mode
11252 – "Find in files" does't work anymore
11253 – Hot Keys now incompatible with Russian Keyboard
11255 – Error while getting updates
11261 – Contents of variables hide while debugging
11265 – Xamarin Studio does not render Adobe Source Code Pro Font Correctly after 4.0.2 update
11267 – Custom Syntax Highlights missing after update
11275 – drag & dropping folders doesn't work quite right
11276 – Inline rename broken when regions on same line
11277 – NRE when opening an iOS project that is set for AppStore or Release mode.
11281 – Drag & Drop not working in 'auto-hide' pads
11282 – Tabs are not working after minimizing and maximizing Xamarin Studio.
11289 – Replace all problem
11300 – No application output when running app
11301 – Default Syntax Coloring does not work
11302 – Object cannot be inspected if ToString times out
11303 – opt-/ enters "oslash" instead of ÷
11304 – [CorDebugger] COMException when trying to run/debug a console app
11305 – Code editor view loses syntactic highlighting
11306 – Failure to save solution file
11324 – Gtk-critical from XWT/Activation dialogs
11325 – Error loading prebuilt apps when user directory has non ASCII chars
11327 – Feature Request - Hover Help Improvement - XML Documentation comments
11329 – Current line marker stops short when code focus active
11330 – Error MT9000: This version was released after your subscription expired (22/12/2012 4:29:45 a.m.). (MT9000) (MI-iPhone)
11332 – Debugger tooltips on parameters doesn't work
11333 – Debugger evaluation button doesn't work
11334 – Iphone Simulator opens when I selected Ipad Simulator
11340 – Xamarin Studio Stability
11341 – Xamarin Studio stops running simulator builds once I got it running against an Ipad
11342 – Debugger often loses local variable contents
11344 – Cannot debug on target
11346 – Monodevelop startup problem
11349 – WSDL Proxy class generation crash
11352 – Feature Request: Diff file comparison available for arbitrary files.
11357 – ProjectSolutionPad not accessible anymore.
11370 – If a Xarmarin.iOS/MonoTouch Universal project has a target device of iPad set when the solution is loaded it will still load the iOS simulator in iPhone mode, not iPad mode.
11371 – Can not click on the monodevelop when it loses focus
11373 – Unknown solution item type:ValaProject
11377 – Code block collapse not available in new ModoDevelop
11378 – Aesterick symbol to indicate file change not available
11379 – Changing the namespace of a UIViewController in Xamarin Studio causes Xcode to malfunction
11380 – Editor closes immediately after removing file physically
11386 – Multiple device target not kept on successive builds
11387 – Device names not displayed in Run menu
11390 – Can't find System.IO.Compression
11392 – Xamarun studio always hangs when quitting with solution loaded
11393 – On iPhone, debugger times out quickly
11396 – mdtool crashes when building .sln file
11398 – Cannot change git credentials
11402 – Global search should support specifying column
11403 – Go to line should support columns
11404 – Integrate go-to-line into global search
11407 – Error in source editor when opening any file
11412 – MD crashes when editing resource properties
11422 – Unable to reach breakpoints in other solutions
11425 – Smart tags are too sensitive & precise
11426 – Confusing smart tag placement
11429 – Studio...
11431 – Autoformat should not alter my byte* declarations
11433 – No way to clean all configurations
11434 – Global search list shows "no results" with trailing colon
11436 – Nonsense results searching :10:10
11437 – Global search shows "no matches" on typing colon
11438 – Binding projects fail to rebuild
11440 – Copy/paste not placing text in correct position
11441 – Search with auto-complete hangs and freezes the whole application frequently
11444 – XS starts with the incorrect deploy/debug target
11445 – Xamarin Studio crashes on startup
11446 – NSBRowser CellClass property is not static
11449 – Exception when trying to switch to a different GIT branch
11450 – Freeze and crash when a class inherits its parent
11455 – Please generate outlets as protected instead of private
11459 – Async keyword missing in completion
11461 – The "Report a bug" in Xamarin studio links to non existing Monodevelop product
11463 – Link "Build General">"Target Framework" with "Android Application">"Minimum Android Version" settings
11464 – Implicit event handlers completion does not recognise async
11465 – XS doesn't recognize .mpack as a file type
11467 – Crash with Cairo 1.12.14
11477 – Fallback of glyphs not covered by default cascade list not working
11478 – Invalid wildcards in git ref
11481 – InvalidOperationException in highlight usages
11483 – Can't remove smart tag marker from document
11484 – Completion does not trigger on "." or control-space
11485 – Console spew when selecting text
11486 – Solution pane never goes back to normal font size after resize
11488 – Can't change keyboard layout with F19 key
11489 – Xamarin Studio resizes after adding item to solution
11490 – Code generation for partial method fails
11492 – Auto-Fix for remove redundant assignment have issues in some cases
11493 – MonoDevelop 2.8.2 'Mono / .NET 3.5' error and mscorlib not found, WinXP SP3
11494 – Exception on opening solution file after Perforce converts line endings to \r\r\n
11498 – Windows binaries doesn't work
11499 – No codeview
11504 – Can't create MVC3 project with Razor
11505 – When creating a new Web Project the templates doesn't put the using in the top of the file
11506 – Invalid table row deletion
11508 – Editor constantly throwing NullReferenceException in OnParsedDocumentUpdated with Razor
11509 – MonoDevelop Line endings policy being ignored
11511 – Moving text down goes to the wrong position
11512 – I could not create a new view in my application APS.NET MVC2 on MonoDevelop
11520 – Ctrl + Left/Right ignores non-alphanumeric characters
11524 – On the fly code formatting takes effect even when turned off
11527 – Clicking on the UI Widget Browser Drop-Down Yields Unpredictable Results
11528 – Switching between Designer and Source views makes UI visuals disappear
11531 – MonoDoc crashes when you press enter in the search bar
11532 – No indication that sln conf mapped to nonexistent project conf
11533 – Find in Files makes GUI thread almost completely unresponsive
11534 – Solution pad "not built" labels not updated after changing config mappings
11535 – Context menu in source editor often very slow
11536 – Find references progress is not useful
11538 – Auto formation does not work with collection/object initializers
11544 – Cannot get rid of exception popup
11545 – Resolve using ignores comments section
11546 – Duplicate files in the solution pane
11547 – System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
11551 – hang when editing text
11553 – "Send feedback" in help menu does not work
11554 – UI: Hard to see that completion dropdown is scrollable on OS X
11558 – Configure error blocks install
11563 – Xamarin studio fails to recognize GTK# 2.12.20 during install
11567 – ICSharpCode.NRefactory.CSharp/Resolver/ResolveVisitor.cs makes debugger log unusable
11568 – NeedsBuilding check inconsistent with xbuild/msbuild
11575 – Some IDE errors
11577 – Cannot paste into Xamarin Studio
11579 – Auto-Fix for remove redundant assignment have issues in some cases (Part II)
11581 – Validate for iPad app archive fails with "Missing 57x57 icon" in XS
11582 – Incorrect attribute value is generated in webservice proxy for [SoapHeader] attribute
11590 – Wrong debugger version selected
11597 – Xamarin studio randomly crash when working via rdesktop
11601 – Formatting document moves "{" into the #endif line
11603 – Event completion includes entries which are invalid
11604 – NotSupportedException when opening solution ILRepack
11607 – Optimizing PNG failed
11609 – Completion engine offers namespaces when user types anonymous method parameter name
11610 – Indentation engine moves end of inline object initializer to new line
11613 – Parser Waring: Tag '' implicitly closed by tag ''.
11615 – Missing Image Icon in XCode
11621 – Break point setting in the IDE is extremely intermittent
11623 – On first loading of a project, the IDE ignores what ever is set as the target.
11627 – Auto-Fix of remove redundant base constructor call
11628 – Cannot always expand/collapse folders in the Solution pad
11629 – search editor accents
11632 – Use in most places R# definitions to disable hints and code issues
11636 – 300 popups at the same time on every debug session
11640 – Solution is listed twice in solution panel
11641 – Bracket removed occasionally when inserting text right after
11642 – Completion popup visibility issue
11647 – TipsOfTheDay.xml file in wrong path
11660 – Refactoring service error in non-C# files
11661 – Search result window can run out of memory
11662 – SubversionException: Another Subversion operation is already in progress
11664 – Cannot highlight text using SHIFT+Arrow Keys
11665 – Menu Bar moves from top of screen to window
11667 – Document Outline updating error
11671 – System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: [DocumentLocation: Line=1, Column=-828] is out of range.
11676 – Broken __MOBILE__ injection
11678 – Renamed files are not updated in the project
11683 – there should be some "ignore this file for version control" function
11686 – Cannot kill with "killall monodevelop" anymore
11689 – Application Output scroll bars artifact on main screen
11692 – UI: Properties Pad displays as empty when not selected.
11708 – Unhandled exception dialog is very hard to use
11709 – Make it static context action is too broad
11710 – Make it static context action shown for methods implementing interface
11713 – Rename file to match type should only be checked in some cases
11714 – Rename interface member does not affect other implementations
11718 – On setting Build Action, the Xamarin Studio software crashes
11720 – Exception thrown when starting an asp tag within asp:Content
11722 – Error "Cannot execute "../iPhoneSimulator/Debug/..."
11730 – Add existing files issue, cannot commit on a single file...
11749 – Problems with nested blocks without braces
11758 – Run With selector doesn't honor selection after XS restart
11763 – Unable to add more than 10 sections in Table View Controller (does not scroll)
11768 – Error retrieving update information, while update is available
11775 – Find should work on every window, panel, screen, dialog
11776 – Add Command+T command to open a new blank, unnamed, file.
11781 – installing xcode while XS is open report it's missing
11784 – opening curly brace is erased by editor
11795 – Use of regex in linq statement not being recognized.
11798 – Upload to Device does not respect selected iOS device.
11799 – Undocked tool windows creep up
11806 – Launching solution from windows explorer causes double solutions to be listed
11809 – No forgot password button in components login
11810 – Crash if you delete a component while downloading
11811 – Goto declaration doesn't work unless assembly browser tab is already open
11812 – Can't resize Solution pane when components window is open
11813 – iOS Designer isn't showing up right - showed Alex on Evolve 2013 :-)
11814 – New Solution dialog's "Location" field should remember last value
11830 – Rect Value in watch window incorrect
11837 – NullReferenceException in Show Current Execution Line
11849 – 'where' is highlighted as a keyword even if used as a parameter
11851 – Autocomplete runs offscreen when fontsize is large
11852 – Latest Xamarin.Android updates not appearing.
11855 – Should be a Code Issue in case of foreach(...);
11856 – Should be a Code Issue in case of duplicate logical expressions
11861 – NullReferenceException trying to select Android Device Target
11866 – Should be a Code Issue in case of duplicate method bodies
11869 – Template descriptions are not descriptive
11874 – Hotkeys not working
11876 – [CodeIssue] RedundantThisIssue have some missing cases
11878 – Cross-Platform Unit testing in OS X and Windows doesn't work
11885 – Xamarin Studio doesn't persist changes to Link All Assemblies
11886 – Wrong version of the iOS simulator started
11887 – When solution is changed on disk, reloading reopens files twice
11892 – Editing an xml file with right to left characters is broken.
11894 – Unable to go to declaration when debugging Multi threading code
11895 – Unable to create/remove breakpoints after time period
11906 – Intellisense choice injects full name on edit of existing name.
11907 – Editing Localizable.string causing big processor spike
11909 – Constants are not recognised by debugger
11924 – Cursor moves to beginning of line, instead of smart indent, on mouse click on empty line.
11925 – Size of component popup window incorrect (doesn't fit), when i click on function names or typenames on top of document.
11926 – Disappearing of component popup window, when i click on function names or typenames on top of document.
11927 – Format doesn't erase spaces before dot
11928 – Can't Deploy to iPad for Debugging
11930 – Monokai text highlighting in C# files basically invisible for the current line if current line highlighting turned on
11936 – Build errors and warnings accumulated in between builds
11939 – System.ArgumentException: Local variable doesn't belong to this frame's method.
11941 – Cannot pass environment variables when debugging a xamarin.mac app in md
11943 – "Leave the following resource extensions uncompressed" doesn't work.
11944 – Intellisense window PageUp/PageDown bug, doesn't reach the end of list.
11946 – Need a way to export build errors and warnings from Xamarin Studio
11947 – Unable to view contents of IEnumerables in watch window (No ToList()/ToArray() extensions)
11948 – Extract method incorrectly extracts code that contains yield return
11959 – [CorDebugger] Debugging F# in Xamarin Studio 4.0.3 throws an error
11960 – Close button on a file tab does not work
11962 – Unable to check into SVN
11963 – Debug Target Selector Dropdown Issues
11966 – Code Completion Errors with /// Comments
11967 – Dropdown Targets Off After Scrolling
11968 – Unable to correctly select a Release Target
11970 – XS ignores underscores (_) in project path
11974 – Double-Clicking folders in solution explorer doesn't expand/collaps them (Argue)
11977 – Can't run on device when project sets BaseIntermediateOutputPath
11984 – mdtool crash with Mono 3.0.10
11985 – Some characters are inserted into the buffer but not visible
11987 – Show occurence markers on the scrollbar
11989 – Feedback, Errors and Task options are not displaying on XS welcome page
11990 – Only mark sgen as experimental on non-Mono-3.0-based XI versios
11991 – Option to disable generic vtype sharing
11992 – 'No matches' text is not aligned at center in search list of X.S welcome page.
11993 – Editing JSON file that consists on 1 long line hangs the Xamarin Studio
11994 – Hide vertical overlay scrollbar when source analysis scrollbar enabled
12000 – Feature - Add support for multiple file masks to Find in Files
12006 – Gui Designer Forgets Binding from Designer File to User Class
12010 – mono option --gc=sgen is silently ignored
12011 – whole-word search doesn't work with '='
12017 – SVN commit dialog box doesn't have enough space to type in a commit message.
12018 – Getting an error when creating a partial method from IBAction
12019 – NUnit test runner fails for Mono 4.5 class library
12024 – Breakpoints window scrolls on enable/disable
12025 – Breakpoint window disable all breakpoint should enable all if clicked with nothing enabled
12026 – Breakpoint watch window can't multiselect
12027 – Weirdness in keyboard navigation in breakpoint window
12028 – Can't resize watch window when not stopped at breakpoint
12031 – No keyboard support in Watch/Locals panes
12033 – Dependent project doesn't support property expending in OutputPath
12034 – Find in files may result in UI hang
12037 – Cannot Create New Solutions
12042 – Use not able to see Object detail popup properly after expanding class variable
12043 – Changes in Layout lead to file duplication and file changes lost
12045 – File Not Found dialog when navigating to compiler warning
12047 – Hit count before breaking appears broken in dialog but doing right thing
12050 – User is not able to add splash screen for android application.
12051 – Added asset to the android application are not displaying after running application.
12052 – When we use 'west' in Internationalization under project option in ios, it increased the size of application
12055 – Getting "System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException" when user check and uncheck Map Integration in Project option->iOS Application
12057 – Command+A doesn't Select All in Watch or Locals pads
12061 – Resolve and add reference does not save project
12062 – Resolve and add reference is not clear
12063 – Copy&Paste from Chrome to TextEditor doesn't work in Windows
12065 – Exception on remove project item
12067 – Reverting changes on unloaded csproj reverted changes in all project files
12068 – Getting latest from source control causes IDE to alert that file has changed
12077 – Open With By File Type Not Working for Files in Solution Explorer Context Menu
12078 – Closing brackets, Curly braces, square bracket not displayed itself when user open any one
12079 – User seeing delegate twice in auto completion popup
12080 – Can't compile project - VB.Net - Fatal error BC2000 - Xamarin/MonoDevelop
12081 – Choosing Help > Report A Bug does not open the correct Bugzilla page
12082 – Editor does not recognize Linq methods but project can be build and run
12089 – How do I use the new feature to add all files in a folder using a wildcard'
12091 – [Windows]Unable to load android designer .axml file in XS.
12092 – How can we change Gutter Font?
12093 – "An error has occurred" dialog comes up renaming into collision
12094 – [Feature Request] Open Container Folder
12095 – How can we check feature "New smart tag system for code actions"?
12096 – Error on removing redundant assignment of default value.
12097 – Tried to delete references from a PCL project and got an exception
12100 – Format Document changes scroll position.
12101 – Refactoring namespaces single word at the time
12102 – [GTK] Graphics distortion
12108 – How to check PCL Support for Android
12109 – Not able to search in Call Stack pad in the debugger
12114 – In XS text editor, Navigation arrows shown at completion window tooltip are not working.
12115 – New file dialog ignores secondary extensions in creating files
12116 – [Feature Request] Ability to disable solution scrolling to current file
12118 – Wildcards in project files should not duplicate files in solution explorer
12128 – How can we check "VI mode status area has now a line, column indicator"
12129 – Updating windows order after changing
12131 – On closing check for update window downloading process does not stop.
12133 – Not getting the trigger popup when adding native library reference to main iOS project
12134 – XS or MD doesn't know how to read projects with imported properties
12136 – Cannot run ASP.NET MVC 4 application (MVC sourced from NuGet) in Xamarin Studio
12139 – "Implement abstract members" refactor operation does not generate stubs for inherited "abstract override" members
12140 – null-ref exception after editing a self-made editor theme
12141 – Stopping debugging does not stop the application on X86 emulator after hitting breakpoint and stepping out
12146 – Remoting error on closing search pad
12149 – Resolve command should not offer references of references
12150 – Cannot undo format-on-paste
12151 – Toggle Line Comments Hotkeys
12152 – CPU and Memory Usage high on loading solution.
12153 – Lock up when right clicking on a variable.
12158 – SVN Exception - SubversionException: Commit failed
12159 – Crash when loading an android layout
12161 – #if being ignored with formatting
12162 – Code formatting type always shows as "Custom"
12163 – XSD Schema Validation Failing
12172 – Enhancement - T4 generation should be available as a custom build step
12173 – Exception loading Apple SDK preferences pane
12175 – Missing menu items
12176 – File Tabs become unresponsive
12180 – Search Causes Radom Pasting - Major Headache
12182 – Incorrect parameter demotion suggestion
12184 – Expression can be reduced to delegate fix can create ambiguity
12188 – Missing tabBarItem in the iOS designer crashes XCode
12189 – Zooming out from default zoom level causes incorrect component placement.
12191 – When saving using ^S the cursor is moved to the top of the file
12194 – User is not able to open Dropdown List of GTK designer window on multiple clicks
12199 – Can't navigate to some members
12200 – InvalidOperationException from assembly browser
12201 – Debugger tooltip fail in file that's not part of project
12203 – Project configuration seems to be ignored
12206 – Strange Window behaviour main window always in front
12209 – Build and Derived Data files should not be added to the project or to source control
12210 – Xamarin Studio not detecting running emulator
12213 – Right click not working on some Windows 7 boxes
12216 – UI does not work is stuck in never ending loop
12217 – Xamarin Studio crashes after extended time with Components window open
12218 – Report a Bug menu option not working
12219 – Device menu changes back to iPhone simulator after every successful build
12220 – After deleting files documentation wizard pop up does not appear.
12227 – Android designer should display a preview for the selected tint of ImageViews
12229 – Debugger shows incorrect values of variables if a default value is defined
12232 – The layout could not be loaded: The operation failed due to an internal error: No handler found for target: .
12234 – A space is put before array accessors, and I can't find where to change that in the C# code template.
12239 – [Windows] Discoloration on final screen of Xamarin Studio installer.
12242 – Code Formatting removes blank lines between methods
12244 – Generate constructor fails for generic property
12257 – 'mdtool build' crashes with NRE
12260 – When I start debugging, iPhone Simulator automatically switches from 6.1 to 5.1
12261 – CMD-up arrow should jump to top of file like Xcode
12262 – debugger does not connect to physical devices (tried a number of iPads/iPhones) ignores breakpoints in code.
12268 – Redundant assignment should grey out assignment, not expression
12270 – Code formatter breaks new() constraints
12272 – Each deploy recreates the apk even when there are no code changes
12273 – Incorrect redundant catch warning
12277 – WSDL Error
12285 – Every time an update is applied, my Xamarin shortcut on the desktop is made invalid
12289 – Invalid cref:T:System.Collections.Generic.IList<T>
12290 – Incorrect colorization of source tooltips
12292 – Error converting PCL 4.5 mscorlib
12293 – Error while analyzing the file for the semantic highlighting
12294 – About box should have 2013 copyright?
12295 – Project and solution do not show up in solution explorer
12296 – Every time I add a file to a project, my configuration mappings are lost
12297 – "The Apple iPhone SDK is not installed" error when running mdtool
12298 – Mono does not load freestockcharts.com
12299 – loosing my Xamarin.Android liense
12302 – Tabs being inserted on formatting
12304 – Can't do code completion in C# when types are defined in F#
12310 – Issue when opening solution with simulator open
12311 – Project -> iOS Device Target Missing
12315 – Generating makefiles from xamarin ios project do not result in a valid makefile
12318 – Bad look on High DPI
12321 – Unable to connect with the debugger in iPad 5.1.1
12325 – After clearing Navigation history, on hover over left and right disable navigation arrow button Tooltip appears.
12327 – Right click on symbol crashes Xamarin Studio
12330 – Activation dialog loop even though already activated
12332 – Line after #if removed due to message bubble
12350 – Asp html parser errors
12353 – Automatically removing 'using System;' prevents successful build
12358 – Unable to run multiple windows properly in OSX.
12362 – Millions of MuxTCPInputSCE errors output to the /var/log/system.log file
12364 – Solution appears within own solution
12368 – Outlets don't sync if ivar from Xcode (only property)
12372 – android.permission.READ_CALL_LOG not available / handled
12375 – Add a menu item with to the Android SDK Manager
12377 – Objective Sharpie 0.2 (16) does not properly generate binding code for delegates
12378 – Cannot resize columns in search results
12380 – Problem with a big file in XamarinStudio
12392 – Error MSB4018: Unerwarteter Fehler bei der Aapt-Aufgabe
12399 – Error while executing command: Save
12403 – Dropdown list not working properly under Project option->Mac OS X Application->Application Category
12405 – Not able to add .icns image again in Mac OSX Application
12410 – Curly braces are flipped in RTL languages
12415 – NRE while "Extracting embedded content"
12420 – System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
12431 – VCS error when renaming linked file
12433 – Cast warnings when implicit casts exist
12435 – Exceptions being thrown in a finalizer
12436 – Xamarin Studio deleted project when it failed to add to source control
12438 – Standalone Razor files cause exceptions
12439 – Error from resolve command handler
12443 – Solution crash with two C # projects in the same solution and IOS
12448 – context menu crash designer
12455 – Intellisense not showing methods that are available to be overriden
12456 – Xamarin Studio doesn't recognize Task<T>.Result type inside continuation
12458 – Crash while closing multiple tabs
12463 – text-editor double-click word-grab-selection mode grabs commas too aggressively
12477 – The text editor should automatically refresh the Syntax Highlighting when a .xib file has been changed
12478 – Autoformatting of enums broken
12480 – Editing a file opiton in Properties Pad causes Monodevelop to crash
12481 – Running unit tests does not automatically build test assembly
12486 – Refactoring a method that can be made static results in an Exception
12488 – Incorrect "variable could be move to nested scope" suggestion
12489 – Strange enum formatting
12490 – Cast warnings with literals
12495 – Unexpected Enum Comma
12497 – Grouping of nonpublic members doesn't work
12498 – Debugger tooltips on property initializers not working
12499 – Cannot invoke System.Linq.Enumerable.ToList
12500 – Menus do not display on Mac with Mono 2.10.x
12502 – Error in code formatter
12507 – Object inspection not always opening
12511 – debugger deadlock
12527 – Update notice blocks solution open
12528 – DebugTypeProxyAttribute does not work in SoftDebugger for expanded generic types
12532 – Xamarin Studio randomly fails to Build a solution with 10 or more projects
12542 – Allow for right clicking a resource such as @string/resourcename that automatically adds value to Strings.xml file
12547 – provide control over competion trigger-characters
12554 – Field rename issue
12556 – Icons incorrect once added to svn
12559 – Source Analysis leaks a lot!
12567 – XS keeps locking up during "Waiting for packaging to complete"
12570 – Tabs in Text editor don't respond when multiple instances are open.
12585 – On the fly code formatting takes effect on #if even when turned off
12587 – Not responding
12588 – System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object during Rename
12589 – Wrong tooltip formating
12590 – System.ArgumentException: endOffset > Length
12593 – Update dialog makes the open solution dialog non functional
12596 – XS keeps forgetting my selection for mixed line endings
12598 – Complete description of text is not displaying in search box of Xamarin Studio.
12599 – MonoDoc no longer working after OSX 10.8.4 update
12600 – Code is formatted incorrectly on paste
12601 – Feature - add configuration option for #if and #region indenting
12603 – [CorDebugger] COMException while attempt to debug ASP.NET application
12604 – Add possibility to override/implement inherited constructors
12614 – Fail to open c# files or Edit->Preferences->Syntax Highlighting [with workaround]
12615 – On Mac, Mono documentation pop up window crashes after clicking on API documentation link.
12616 – Razor files no code complete inside html attributes
12617 – Xamarin Studio Debugger never connects to devices, stuck at : "Waiting for debugger to connect..."
12618 – 'Pick a color' popup window gets hang when user click on eyedropper
12621 – Project-specific text styles not kept after restart
12623 – opening project on Xamarin Studio deadlocks the UI
12625 – Wrong var type for nullable shift operator
12629 – [XS/Windows 8*32] 'Start Debugging' option appears disable on Debug mode for console application.
12634 – Compiler does nothing when pressing the "Play" button
12651 – Unable to deploy to iOS 7 based device
12660 – Inserting whitespaces in method invocation even then it is turn off in settings
12661 – NeedBuild might be improved recognizing .app
12662 – Xamarin Studio typo
12670 – Wrong type resolution for enums
12671 – Satellite assemblies not versioned correctly
12673 – Setting a breakpoint after closing the app on the simulator freezes studio
12675 – Force Quit Xamarin Studio after OSX update
12676 – ObjectDisposedException in ReusableTcpClient.IsAlive getter
12677 – Wrong result of constant binary result
12682 – Error pad cannot find files that have the errors.
12689 – Wrong type of bitwise operation with enums
12693 – mdtool crashes when building .sln file
12699 – [CorDebugger] Debugger pops up: Error HRESULT EFAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component.
12700 – Log doesn't update
12701 – Rebase to Branch doesn't pull any changes in from remote
12708 – error MSB3086: Task could not find "sgen.exe" when building Release
12709 – Source Code Tarballs are missing since MonoDevelop 4.0
12714 – Tabs don't retain position
12717 – Wrong type resolved for enum substraction
12718 – [iOS5.1]Getting "MonoTouch.Foundation.MonoTouchException" for Template iPhoneStoryboard-MasterDetailed application
12722 – Text Editor tooltip syntax highlighter colors are off
12729 – Monodevelop IDE texteditor is invisibile on KDE
12735 – PCL project Target Framework options cannot be updated in the options dialog
12749 – Bindings Project not showing proper build action ("ObjcBindingNativeLibrary")
12751 – ArgumentNullException putting breakpoint on System.Console.WriteLine
12755 – Closing a <param/> tag with the AutoComplete suggestion box open results in non sense xml
12761 – Startup slow uses 5GB memory
12767 – ? on Android resources after fresh checkout from SVN
12769 – Error on Format Document
12774 – Resolve command suggests inappropriate assemblies
12780 – Unable to launch Xamarin.Mac application
12790 – Getting "MSBuildExtensionPath" build error on ML 10.8.1 for all Xamarin.Mac application
12791 – Cannot install Addins (4.0.9)
12793 – If there's a a missing targets error, and the "use xbuild" option is enabled, we should add a warning suggesting turning the option off.
12794 – XamarinStudio 4.0.8 hangs when creating F# Android project
12796 – Should show text in search box?
12798 – Cannot Open or Create C# Projects
12801 – XWT doesn't dispose cairo context
12804 – No code completion in Expression Evaluator and Watch Pad
12820 – Xamarin Crashes when going back to a layout from another tab
12824 – Invalid argument intellisense inside lambda
12831 – Moving code around causes both an error and messed up UI
12832 – Parser error using inline server tags inside html tag attribute
12838 – System.Core.dll should not be referenced automatically when targeting Mono / .NET 2.0
12841 – Copy and Paste messes up code (4.0.9 build 12)
12845 – Portable Class library support in Alpha 4.1.4 build 117 on Mac failing to fine mscorlib
12848 – Error on Messagebox.show
12852 – Computer hangs-freez completely when position mainwindow
12859 – mdtool uses mt installation set in xs preferences, no way to override
12860 – Strange formatting of enums
12863 – Pinned data tips does not display variable name
12869 – Mac menu updated too often
12872 – Unit Test failures do not show up and then there is a crash
12873 – Format document removes the trailing ]
12883 – Xamarin Studio window disappears and reappears when updater is minimized and maximized
12885 – For NUnit Project cannot reference .exe assembly
12887 – ASP.NET MVC3 Razor project cannot build
12888 – xamarin studio opens wrong file or shows wrong content
12900 – Event handler statement completion throws an exception
12902 – Change Build Binary name results in 2 .exe in .App
12903 – Workspaces duplicates projects
12904 – Zip to App store all solutions in workspace
12905 – 1 click Zip to App Store
12906 – Xamarin Studio won't start debugging XA app
12907 – string manipulation with method: padleft or padright isn't working!
12911 – nunit addin munges testcases containing data with dots
12912 – TestFlight Release Notes not store in Source Control
12913 – License error during debug
12914 – feature request: multi-line scrollable field for application arguments in Options ->Run -> General
12919 – can't add files from folder to assets/js
12922 – cannot add a new file to Assets/js
12929 – Implicitly closed tags preventing compliation
12931 – Text pasted into a literal string is escaped.
12932 – Editor is hiding a large portion of my code (in a specific file)
12936 – Deadlock when setting a breakpoint
12942 – Setting breakpoint crashes IDE
12945 – [XS] NullReferenceException and Bundled resources not found warning while trying to execute linksdk standard tests for Xamarin.iOS
12947 – I cannot create a build for iOS device
12948 – Incorrect "remove redundant constructor" error
12951 – Fast "needs build" check before running/debugging
12953 – Pre-edit string rendered at incorrect location on lines with virtual space
12954 – Properties pad is not synchronized with file selection correctly
12958 – Composition String (a.k.a preedit string) of IME isn't shown
12963 – Intellisense returns unexpected list of overrides after a comment block
12964 – Completion removes trailing colon
12965 – Project files can be dragged into each other in project pad
12970 – Xamarin Studio crashes when closing Android Designer tab
12974 – Solution viewer does not open projects during running
12975 – Exception from NGit
12979 – Looping Activation in Xamarin Studio
12997 – Error saving cs file, because of formatting settings
13012 – Unable to set Tint Image in .PNG format
13013 – Chinese characters not combined in Xamarin Studio
13016 – Conditional Support for Project Files in XS
13018 – Auto-Completion window has weird navigation behavior
13029 – The Git add-in has performance and memory use issues
13031 – Wrong indent on paste
13032 – Use is unable to activate its Indie license for iOS on second machine.
13035 – [iOS Designer] Custom control from separate project renders as white rectangle at runtime
13038 – Debugger shows tooltips for variables in current stack frame even though the stack frame is for a different method
13051 – Error highlights make text in affected line disappear
13054 – Extract method creates params on new method for params declared on lambdas in method body
13055 – Unable to change 'Configuration' and 'Platform' field value from Project Options window.
13056 – Hovering on an item that contains an F# List results in an invalid tooltip
13059 – Cannot open storyboard
13060 – Selected configuration changes when plugging in device.
13062 – Error message is not visible when line has a breakpoint set
13063 – All warnings disappear after consecutive successful build
13064 – user getting to activate with Trial when checking option 'Embed assemblies in native code'
13067 – Xamarin Social sample not working
13068 – Redirecting to component page when license is Invalid on disk and user build the application after selecting 'Embed assemblies in native code'
13070 – Cannot start Andriod Emulator in Xamarin studio
13072 – http://iosapi.xamarin.com/ directs searches to http://xamarin.alley.ws/ and hangs
13076 – Syntax highlighting broken for F# syntax mode
13077 – Incorrect Syntax highlighting for triple quoted strings
13078 – Hard crash in icon rendering
13079 – "Open Containing Folder" always throws an error
13080 – Completion matching should prefer imported types
13083 – Designer surface hugs its content too tightly
13084 – Remember selected theme for layouts
13085 – Image resource preview could adapt to image dominant color
13086 – Resource dialog picks bad files
13090 – attempt to open context menu for missing file in a project causes error and entire IDE freeze
13098 – [CorDebugger] Class could not be loaded: Exeption from HRESULT:0x80131303
13099 – IM causes X.S crash
13100 – accelerator keys do not work in embedded NSViews
13101 – Accidental completion commits can be really annoying now
13103 – Smarter completion matching
13105 – Drop-down options for "Working Directory" field make field appear blank
13108 – "Edit References -> .NET Assembly -> Type a file name -> Location" has no effect
13109 – Error while storing framework lookup
13115 – Debugger stops but doesn't open a file with breakpoint
13116 – Opening a Visual Studio project does not import components
13117 – XS completely messes up project ItemGroup relative paths
13125 – Storyboard editor killing view controllers
13127 – Xamarin Studio hangs Windows 7 machine when loading a project
13137 – Double clicking on a file in the log view that doesn't exist anymore crashes
13138 – Double clicking on a file in the log view that doesn't exist anymore crashes
13148 – Annoying "An error has occurred" message when editing .cshtml files
13150 – Fixed arrays are not resolved in semantic highlighting
13152 – Error when formatting document: Parameter name: ExtraSpaces >= 0 but was -3
13156 – Cannot have folders with & in the name
13157 – No way to get Document pad back if you undock/close it
13158 – Display becomes corrupted on Windows
13159 – Exception when selecting Handle<Event> suggestion
13160 – Undo command should undo Source Analysis actions
13163 – In the source control Log button it would be nice to be able to adjust the lines of context
13165 – GdkPixbuf-Criticals in icon loader
13167 – Cancelling the VCS commit dialog prevents it from ever opening again.
13168 – Cannot perform VCS functions on "Solution Items"
13169 – Unable to authorise to higher licence level
13175 – clipboard malfunction on paste
13177 – Clicking on Blame on a source file takes you to the top
13181 – Xamarin Studio (OSX) hangs on Close Solution or Exit
13189 – No Xbox 360 Target Framework for PCL
13204 – Navigating completion list selects invisible value
13205 – cannot close the mono window
13209 – Compiling in Xamarin Studio exits with code 126
13217 – PCL project settings should show message when profile not installed
13218 – Clearer handling of projects that reference unavailable target framework
13220 – File not found errors from source control
13221 – PCL Project should implicitly reference all framework assemblies
13223 – Xam.Studio is having problems with svn
13224 – Incorrect menu showing with version control and new files not showing
13225 – svn unusable - multiple problems
13227 – MT9023: Invalid license
13239 – [GTK] Crash in CGImageGetClipPath called from GTK+ Quartz theme
13240 – Resource preview seems to clip by 1 pixel
13241 – Unable to move or rename files/directories
13242 – Option not to automatically add new files to VCS
13250 – mdtool out-of-tree build support
13252 – GTK# 2.12.21 not updating
13255 – Xamarin Studio stuck at "Waiting for debugger to connect" when debugging on a second device.
13261 – PCL projects should hint when additional platforms will be selected
13262 – Load errors in solution tree should use project type names
13266 – XS ignores the repo type after a checkout
13268 – [Mac] [Studio] [Build] Fatal build error: exception during ExtractFromContentAssembly; "skipping extraction of resources"
13272 – Indents with mix of tabs and spaces when splitting method argument list over 2 lines
13278 – Git over ssh is completely broken
13279 – git checkout errors out because directory exists
13280 – Non-NUnit pieces need to be factored out of Nunit addin
13282 – Option to highlight mixed whitespace
13283 – Make MSBuild project handlers more flexible
13284 – html tag completion cause crash
13285 – Opening two instances at the same time causing file access error
13291 – Intellisense menu for directives goes off screen
13294 – Simulate Location with Debugger Like XCode
13297 – Code completion not working with partial classes type parameters
13302 – Rename file broken
13303 – Copy & paste file broken
13309 – Parts of the text editor blacked out when window re-focused
13311 – Unable to produce '~' character in editor.
13319 – XS Closing Unexpected
13321 – System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException : Problem when full building application / Update licence
13323 – Xamarin Studio stuck at "Waiting for debugger to connect" when trying to debug a app which is not valid due to the 24 hour restriction
13330 – Error tooltips are broken
13332 – Cannot create new standalone files
13337 – [CorDebugger] HRESULT: 0x80070032
13342 – Pasting text with newlines appends wrong text
13357 – Xcode to iOS not updating correctly
13360 – File renaming inconsistency in OnFileRenamedInProject
13361 – Format Document partially removes pragmas (#pragma)
13365 – Suggestion context lost after ( in lambda args
13366 – Task result cannot be resolved in incomplete task continution
13367 – Moving a file within a project
13369 – Add-ins get re-enabled after software update
13371 – Code formatting removes blank lines before/after #region and #endregion statements
13372 – [Beta] Xamarin Studio deletes the closing curly brace if we press Enter key immediately after it.
13373 – XS adding linefeeds within #ifs
13375 – Configuration changes when switching to another project, but doesn't switch back
13376 – Exception is thrown when cursor focus is in text editor area and Search>Find Previous link is clicked.
13394 – Redo hotkey should be Ctrl-Y on Windows instead of Ctrl-Shift-Z
13401 – [CorDebugger] Unable to inspect variable in async methods using breakpoints in a .NET Console project
13402 – Message tooltip overflows XS window (or screen size)
13404 – The drop down list to jump directly to a method is way too small
13405 – Poor user experience in completion tooltip
13406 – Can't find icons
13408 – Code completion working when it shouldn't
13412 – Exception during git checkout (fetch)
13413 – Formatter inserts new line between #undef statements in an #if block on every reformat
13418 – XML editor causes XS crash after confirming auto completion of close tag
13420 – Removing Component Causes InvalidOperationException
13423 – PyBinding references non existing MonoDevelop.Projects.Dom.Parser and MonoDevelop.Projects.CodeGeneration assemblies
13424 – Copy text from .cshtml files is broken
13429 – no response after /usr/bin/login removal
13433 – System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
13436 – Xamarin Studio unable to open on Snow Leopard and older
13449 – Consolas font is unusable with Xamarin Studio 4.0.10
13452 – Is it possible to disable generation of "test-results" files?
13453 – Xamarin forces csproj platform from AnyCPU to x86 upon load, and ignores attempts to change it back
13455 – Not able to install F# Mpack on Windows
13456 – Copy Paste file does not work
13458 – Unable to drag files and folders
13459 – Changes in layout required main project to be recompiled
13467 – Adding an existing project to a solution under version control does not add the csproj.
13469 – [Windows]Getting 'Fatal error' when user adding breakpoint after adding New function Breakpoint
13470 – Immediate window doesn't explicit/implicit casts
13471 – Xamarin Studio does not open after failed update
13472 – Indentation results in pause in Xamarin Studio
13477 – Buggy retina icons in solution tree
13479 – Xamarin.Studio Build speed problem
13492 – Inconsistent variable values in methods with default parameters
13494 – not able to compile (sharing problem) after automatic update to last version
13495 – Xamarin Studio with Italian locale throws exception when we use Git commands
13502 – Command line build works but still throws exception
13508 – [CorDebugger] Debugging with 64bit referenced
13510 – [iOS Designer] "Inset" Properties Text of button control randomly goes enable or disable on clicking "Edge" Drop-down.
13517 – NSInvalidArgumentException opening iPad MasterDetail storyboard the first time it happens in an XS session
13522 – Editor null-ref exception when closing specific c# file
13524 – [iOS Designer] Deleting Multiple Controls together (by selecting all) throws error.
13525 – [ios designer] Null Reference Exception thrown on deleting a controller dragged onto a storyboard
13526 – [ios designer][intermittent] StoryBoard gets hanged and user is not able to do anything on storyboard
13529 – MonoDevelop (Unity) Crashing constantly upon script open
13531 – Actions are not generated/regenerated correctly
13532 – [iosDesigner] AddEventHandler pop up opens without any focus, on doubleclicking a button added to a iPad OpenGL storyboard template
13534 – [ios designer]SDK Location prompt opening from storyboard files is not similar to the one opening from XamarinStudio->Preferences
13535 – Exception "The imported type <System> is defined multiple times" after updating
13536 – [ios designer] User unable to dismiss info bubble windows, if they don't overlap
13539 – Extracting method where last line is comment leaves comment outside new method
13540 – use antialiasing prerence --> cannot turn it off any more
13542 – Commands to navigate through source analysis and parser errors
13543 – sidebar subwindow-areas holding dockable window tags expand after screen saver
13547 – Getting exception "System.ArgumentNullException" when delecting view from iOS Designer.
13548 – XamarinStudio gets crashed when user change properties on Button or Label
13550 – Properties text size
13551 – Resolve usings / fully qualify class with namespace is broken from alt-enter
13553 – User unable to drag widget to designer on first click
13554 – Getting "System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException" when user click on Value field in Watch window
13555 – Deployment target is changed when attaching device
13557 – Outdated debugger information dialog when starting debugging
13558 – Implicitly closed tags preventing compilation
13559 – Please re-open bug 12929
13562 – [iOS Designer] Error occurred when we drag 'SearchBar with Search display controller' to 'GLKitView Controller'
13564 – [ios designer] Nothing is happened after changing the view mode of widgets.
13565 – [Android Designer] Error appears on selecting Screen Ratio (Long Screen).
13566 – ViewController losing connections from xib file
13567 – No completion in watch window
13571 – "Reopen Closed Tab" causes exception on Assembly Browser tabs
13572 – System.Net.Http not being picked up by Intellisense
13574 – If I install a mono great than 2.10.11 version the asp.net project doesn't compile
13579 – XS cursor gets stuck as window resize handle
13580 – XS window flickers when clicking on dock icon
13584 – mdtool crashes with System.ObjectDisposedException
13586 – Unable to drag Collection View and Collection View Cell widgets on Collection View Controller in iOS Designer
13587 – Missing Default drawable
13589 – Issue when changing content type of multiple files
13591 – Unable to change property of Fixed Bar item in iOS Designer
13597 – Properties window displayed blank for iAd Banner View widget
13601 – Navigation Bar title gets hide when user select any style in Navigation Bar Properties in iOS Designer
13607 – Error displayed "System.IO.IOException" when deleting project from disk
13609 – The left tree should show the class cell
13610 – [Android Designer] Unable to select Language and Region in "All languages" drop down.
13613 – [Android Designer][ Only Windows] XS Hanged and then Crashed when user select "Customize" option under "3.7in WVGA (Nexus One)"
13616 – [Android Designer][ Only Windows] Theme with longer text is not displayed properly.
13622 – Allow inspecting exceptions thrown during inspection
13629 – Comment Tasks only appear in the Tasks panel for the first project created in a new solution
13639 – Xamarin Studio fails to open a solution file Visual Studio has no problem with
13645 – New button get disable for Empty Class when user check/uncheck 'Add to Project' option in New File window
13647 – Search list is not render properly on resizing Xamarin Studio.
13648 – Last item of search list is truncated.
13651 – [Android Designer] No scroll bar appears on adding multiple "New configuration" tabs in device configuration window.
13653 – Pushing changes to remote repository results in Funny reframe error
13654 – Automatic brackets are not appear if we create any method in.cs file
13655 – [Windows] Running devices do not appear in "Manage Devices" (depending on Java version?)
13656 – [Android Designer]'Languages' tab text hides out when user add country network from all networks
13657 – Crash clicking on quick task bar
13659 – [NUnit] The tests pad is not showing results from previous runs.
13660 – Usage highlighting has now indicators if a usage is changing the value or not
13661 – "Reworked completion options" in Release notes.
13662 – Crashes if left idle for a long period of time (hours)
13663 – [Android Designer]Screen size drop down is appearing without any text on it while others have.
13673 – Support UTF-8 File Encode Save
13681 – Getting build error for F# Web Application.
13683 – On selecting 'Source analysis' option some text become blur, but when uncheck 'Source analysis' option blur text does not get enable.
13688 – [iOS Designer] Error opening storyboard
13689 – Custom build commands require absolute path
13692 – Plutil not found error
13695 – The parameters on the EmitRowsReordered have changed from 3 to 2, some code is not updated.
13700 – Publish Android Application doesn't use csproj file properties
13718 – Xamarin Update tries repeatedly to update GTK# for Windows from to 2.12.22.
13733 – Error: Build failed - check build output for details
13737 – autocomplete hangs (F# for Xamarin Studio Development 4.0.4)
13745 – Adding new file in the IDE doesn't add to version control.
13746 – Not useful completion for async delegates
13748 – Enhancement: "Find overrides"
13751 – IDE is now nesting other files randomly inside other files.
13752 – Images mysteriously dissapear
13757 – Unable to adjust fonts in properties window for axml objects
13759 – F# hover text does not appear in Xamarin Studio 4.1.7 alpha
13760 – Error while updating status of command: MonoDevelop.VersionControl.Commands.CommitSolution
13769 – Selection handle don't take translation attribute into account
13774 – Xamarin Studio to preserve last n Updates from all channels to allow fast version switching
13775 – No shortcut to activate Search Result window
13781 – Error while android project reference lookup
13787 – Cannot Open StoryBoard
13789 – Changing solution configs doesn't update code with compiler constants.
13790 – 'Use latest installed version' in Xamarin Studio shows 4.3 even when 4.3 is not installed (visual/text bug only)
13802 – xamarin editor doesn't preserve nested if-statement tabbing all that well
13804 – SVN Exception - SubversionException: Working copy <file name> is too old
13807 – Update overwrites changes
13811 – Causes lots of processes to launch on opening
13812 – Review Solution Changes shows no changes
13814 – can not create folder / file (svn operation already in progress)
13815 – Make it easier to run different projects in one solution
13816 – Major SVN issues
13818 – 4.1.9: Error: No subversion operation is in progress
13819 – Clicking CANCEL during SVN checkout does NOT cancel
13821 – Commit dialog has broken image in 4.1.9
13823 – After SVN commit, solution doesn't refresh status icons
13829 – Cannot disable "Embed assemblies in native code" after ending Trial
13833 – [NRefactory] Refactoring a method name changes other methods with the same name
13834 – Xamarin Studio 4.0.11 on Windows build fails to find files in referenced projects
13835 – Android addin reports nasty error when SDK isn't installed
13840 – Solution changes aren't visible after recent update
13842 – Review Solution Changes menu item is permanently disabled
13847 – Exception popup is not always visible to user
13848 – Majuscule Key on Microsoft Natural Keybord mis-interpreted
13849 – Assembly browser doesn't show the namespace
13853 – Xamarin Studio keeps crashing on opening ANY axml file
13855 – Xamarin.Monodroid compilation strange and blocking problems
13862 – mdtool -v error
13863 – mdtool does not fail builds when Xamarin.iOS is not installed
13864 – [build] mdtool does not fail builds when Xamarin.iOS is not installed
13865 – Custom pre/post build events should use PostBuildEvent/PreBuildEvent
13866 – [build] mdtool does not automatically rebuild the addin database when invoked
13867 – [build] mdtools 'needs build' logic is not compatible with xbuilds 'needs build' logic
13870 – Log file for build output
13873 – simple single line commands are split up
13874 – Stetic generates button-with-image code that ignores GTK theme
13875 – Classes getting nested under storyboards, XIB's, etc.
13885 – Clicking the chevron in the Solution explorer doesn't expand the node
13886 – csproj file breaks when merge conflicts need attention
13889 – Redundant else issue
13894 – Make generated IBOutlet fields public
13895 – Razor editor spews NREs
13897 – Exception is raised on attempt to navigate some class in Assembly Browser
13902 – XML file code completion "Error in text editor extension chain"
13903 – Constant changes to .csproj file (core plot component)
13907 – Build fails after adding Root.plist with non-string values
13910 – Suggestion: Add C# Code Template "b" to wrap braces around selection
13911 – 'NSInternalInconsistencyException', reason: 'Invalid parameter not satisfying: _flushDisableCount > 0'
13912 – SIGABRT when building a project/solution in Xamarin Studio.
13923 – System.NullReferenceException in Android Designer [XS]
13931 – Suggestion: Remove "Directories" as search in target
13932 – Add file or folder fails with exception [after upgrade to 4.0.12 cannot use]
13934 – When creating an Archive in Ad-Hoc mode, add ITunesArtwork files to the bundle
13935 – Xamarin Studio crashes when creating a new project
13938 – The layout could not be loaded: Empty region!
13939 – aspnetwebstack assemblies not found by Add References dialog
13943 – Check out of Team Explorer Everywhere XS will not let me save file
13949 – Unexpected '<' in tag 'a'
13950 – Cursor position steps to the right and gets out of sync when 'fi' is included in any text
13965 – Xamarin Studio crashed with exception when trying to display context menu.
13967 – Xamarin 4.0.12 studio crash on opening (on OS X 10.6.8)
13971 – Copy paste from Notepad and Notepad++ doesn't work
13973 – NRE in syntax highlighting
13975 – Can't open files on mounted drives
13980 – unable to add existing project to solution (4.1.9 build 6) + solution parsing problem
13981 – Error in context action provider Copy comments from interface
13984 – Double-click-drag selection overshoots
13987 – Cmd-R and move cursor left causes crash in GTK/Pango
13988 – Error in context action provider Invert a logical expression
13989 – Importable symbols selected before imported symbols
13990 – Monogame add-in Installation Failed
13991 – Go to declaration does not go to correct location in file
13997 – Error bubbles overflow main window
14003 – Completion window gets out of visible screen
14004 – MSBuild ItemSpecs are escaped on save.
14006 – Incorrect error for "Class override Object.equals but not Object.Gethashcode"
14007 – Disable/enable rule with comments puts comments in strange places
14008 – [Control|Command]+Click on a Method, Class, or Variable should take you to its declaration
14009 – "Go to base symbol" should open assembly browser
14012 – Unknown solution item type: {60dc8134-eba5-43b8-bcc9-bb4bc16c2548}
14018 – Toggle Message Bubble is broken
14020 – setting MONO_IOMAP=all *breaks* filesystem case insensitivity!
14025 – Breadcrumb info for operators is missing space
14028 – Warning "Currently there is no project selected. Search in the solution instead" shown incorrectly
14029 – Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. ---> System.ArgumentNullException: Argument cannot be null.
14030 – incorrect syntax highlighting in concatenated Format() string
14034 – Project fails to load if Target Framework not on system
14041 – Custom ItemGroup/Item properties are not preserved.
14052 – Text Editor Shows Red Text When There Are No Errors
14054 – 'Find references' doesn't work for indexers
14055 – StartsWith inspection gives wrong hints
14056 – Infinite loop opening workspace when multiple solutions modify same project
14059 – Crash during file rename
14062 – Compiling MonoDevelop in Xamarin Studio
14063 – Version control blocks UI thread during work
14066 – Build never finishes.
14067 – XS should remember window position based on connected external screen
14072 – [CorDebugger] System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80070032)
14078 – HexEditor tries to get negative byte ranges when editor data is too short to fill a page
14079 – Alpha - Using 'Import Symbol' hotkey moves cursor
14080 – Constraints have regressed
14081 – Incorrect redundant cast analysis with explicitly implemented interface member
14087 – Extract class to file brings unnecessary usings
14089 – Error from "create constructor"
14090 – Source Analysis issue
14096 – NUnit add-in doesnt work?
14099 – Do not suggest demoting Exception to _Exception
14107 – The hex visualizer is used by default when inspecting a string
14109 – Find All References doesn't find indirect references via generic types
14110 – Nib-files from Library not included in ipa-file
14111 – Splash Screen won't go away when updater window pops up on startup.
14114 – Source Analysis hints are not on current line when zoom level is modified
14116 – Suggestion: Make the Configuration drop downs show more items without scroll arrows
14119 – Cannot select all or copy from XS error dialog using CMD+A/CMD+C
14121 – Ampersand in CodesignKey causes "Saved failed. A name did start with a legal character"
14123 – Tooltips show above native dialogs
14130 – Docked Pads not resizable in Android Layout Editor
14133 – URLs containing commas are not properly formatted
14135 – Crash with quotation marks when using U.S. International - PC input source
14138 – Build instructions out of date
14141 – Highlighting text and opening search with keyboard enables case sensitive search
14148 – Exception in CS0659ClassOverrideEqualsWithoutGetHashCode
14151 – [Regression] Removing all files from folder removes folder
14152 – Cannot build Jurassic
14153 – Incorrect "return should be followed by value" error in property setter
14154 – "replace with return" fix creates redundant code
14156 – Xamarin.Mac-built packages do not install on Snow Leopard
14158 – Error while looking up framework types
14159 – Non-useful error message from MSBuild project builder
14160 – Leaking autorelease objects
14161 – AndroidManifest editor does not recognize when android:minimumSdkVersion is set to 11
14162 – Remove parameter type specification should remove all
14167 – Get Components crashing Xamarin Studio
14175 – Xamarin Studio renders Consolas font incorrectly
14177 – "Find references" doesn't find overrides anymore
14181 – Copy file and rename throws exception
14184 – User is unable to open 'search window' in call stack window
14190 – Debugger hangs IDE after evaluation aborted and tooltip hidden
14197 – OutOfMemoryException when building projects on Windows 8.1
14204 – Enhancement: Custom project / item templates
14205 – Wrong tooltip when type conflicts with imported type
14208 – Copy file path/name throws an exception
14209 – Menu->Search->Goto File: caret position and edit position diverge
14212 – Copy and pasting a file in the Solution Explorer throws an exception
14214 – Error inspecting System.Collections.DictionaryEntry
14215 – Creating a new project does not warn me that an existing project already exists.
14219 – Xamarin Studio could not communicate with Xcode
14222 – Debug tooltip not shown on ASP.NET MVC Razor view pages
14224 – XCode crashes when opening Storyboard
14226 – mdtool setup reg-build is completely broken
14235 – Unable to add web services
14236 – Copy, paste & rename adds file with wrong name
14250 – Cannot show documentation for System classes
14253 – NRE in Find References
14256 – incorrect suggestion to optimize LINQ (Source Analysis)
14257 – Problems with code drop downs (class/methods)
14261 – Projects that share the name with a solution folder cannot be opened in VS.
14285 – Semantic highlighting doesn't work on first load
14292 – cannot create a new keystore in xamarin studio when publishing an android application
14297 – No need to ask for reloading externally changed files
14300 – Exception when creating iOS project
14303 – Fixes should be listed before actions
14304 – Create Constructor fix is in Refactor menu, not Fix menu
14308 – Cannot create stetic project when DISABLE_STETIC set
14317 – Unable to drag file to it previous directory.
14319 – Unable to type into URL Schemes' text box when user set image for URL Type
14321 – Implement abstract members does not implement all members
14322 – Crash when using distribution certificate with & in it.
14324 – System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException while formatting C# code
14325 – Absturz beim Öffnen einer .axml-Datei
14328 – Solutions in Workspace which contain shared project double up on edit
14329 – Tag a branch
14331 – Updater steals all input even when not on top.
14332 – The "Use MSBuild build engine" should be in the Build section
14336 – SDK Manager is not working
14340 – Unable to move blank Folder in another project in same solution
14341 – Unable to drag/cut/copy file from one project to another project
14342 – Android manifest changes are not saved
14357 – The default compilation target is now iOS device which doesn't always work
14358 – 界面设计
14359 – Xamarin Studio cannot compile until I close the app and restart
14370 – Unable to launch XamarinStudio on Windows getting error "System.InvalidOperationException"
14373 – User receives an error while clicking on Get more components or Edit Components.
14374 – Getting "System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException" error on closing Apple Login popup.
14376 – Using Alt+Shift to select a region isn't rendering the region or copying text correctly in OS X 10.7.5
14377 – Autotab behavior in code editor is just horrible
14386 – Getting extra black space in 'User Interface Language' Dropdown list under XamarinStudio->Preferences->Language.
14391 – Adding an incorrect function breakpoint breaks the debugger
14392 – [iOS Designer] On loading .storyboard file it throws exception for Master Detail storyboard template.
14394 – Renaming underscore variable
14395 – [ios designer] 'Xamarin Studio' gets hanged and quit unexpectedly after clicking on Arrange option in layout
14396 – [Lion]Getting 'MacDoc quit unexpectedly' displayed when user click 'Update Now' button
14397 – Problem with Search and Replace (Selection)
14398 – [iOS Designer] On running storyboard applicationDesigner page appears as loading continuously.
14403 – UI should use UI culture=
14405 – Incorrect "argument not used in string format" warning
14410 – Enable SourceAnalysis options by default
14415 – Unable to add External Tool in Xamarin Studio->Preference.
14417 – Wheel scrolling causes selection misalignment
14418 – System.ArgumentException: UNC paths should be of the form \\server\share.
14420 – Getting error "Solution could not be deployed: . An unspecified error occurred while running 'autogen.sh' after creating package using Tarball"
14421 – 'Refresh' button is hidden under Add-In Manager->Gallery
14422 – [iOS designer] Hovering over the icons in view controller not displaying tool tip messages
14424 – [iOS Designer]User is getting error on changing Multisample property to 4x of the GLKit view Controller.
14427 – [iOS Designer] Xamarin Studio Crashed when user click on Layout and then Events in properties window.
14432 – Unable to copy error message in XS.
14433 – [Windows]Unable to create Android application on XS 4.1.10(Build 8).
14434 – [iOS Designer]Xamarin studio quit unexpectedly when user select's Unwind segue from widgets properties of View Controller
14435 – [iOS Designer]User is not able to save name property for gesture recognizer while it is able to set name property for other controls.
14449 – Xamarin Studio crash when open/create a project
14450 – False positive of "Virtual member call in constructor"
14451 – False positive of "Redundant catch clause"
14453 – Setting patience diff algorithm for Git causes exception to be thrown and no diff in the version control log window
14454 – underscore character is poorly visible
14455 – [iOS Designer]User gets error on changing 'Stencil Format' property value to None for GLKit view Controller.
14457 – [Windows] XS crashed when we click on AndroidManifest.xml file
14458 – [Nunit] tests cannot be debugged
14459 – Unable to delete controls of 'Containers' section by pressing 'Delete' button from keyboard.
14460 – [Windows] Getting error when user try to delete project from disk in XS
14462 – [Windows] Getting error when user copy text from main.axml and overwrite it.
14463 – Using Xamarin Studio Causes Network Connection to Reset
14469 – All menu items are disabled when Xamarin Studio is in fullscreen mode
14477 – User is not able to select multiple options under Passes
14478 – NRE in TaskStore.cs:214
14479 – Completion window popups under top Mac bar
14480 – Files are not saving
14482 – C# preprocessor directives formatted incorrectly
14487 – TestFlight settings are not saved between XS configurations
14488 – TestFlight uploads should warn if the app uses the shared Mono runtime
14494 – Completion window hides element
14495 – NUnit library regressed to 2.4
14496 – Publish to TestFlight dialog does not validate some invalid inputs
14508 – Apps created with the latest alpha ignore events
14509 – Designer fails to create correct field types in *.designer.cs
14513 – Xam Studio not picking up changes from Xcode
14514 – Bug ASP.NET project tag asp:content
14519 – Use var keyword code action
14521 – Fix all in this file not available in context menu
14522 – Unit test editor integration does not work for derived classes
14523 – Moving file while open in the editor does not reopen it for the new location
14524 – (vs-504799) Unit test tree does not always show failures
14525 – Unit test integration discard results when running multiple tests
14526 – Debugger tooltips defocus main window
14528 – FileNotFoundException when closing with unsaved file
14530 – GUI Thread hangs a while while xml serialization
14531 – Unable to build MonoDevelop with Mono 3.2 installed in /opt
14533 – Default namespace is always the same
14534 – Simulator is restarts every time app is deployed
14535 – New simulator selection is a huge usability regression
14536 – NullReferenceException whenever adding Plist items
14537 – Nunit text editor integration disappears if test aborted
14538 – Incorrect "disable with comment"
14539 – MonoGame.Tests.MacOS project no longer builds
14540 – Crash when running MonoGame tests from within Xamarin Studio but works on command line
14543 – xamarin crashes when there is a < symbol in a script element
14546 – Unable to delete account from Developer Accounts
14548 – Error pop up is shown on adding new Developer accounts under Preferences.
14550 – Code formatting still broken with custom braces/indentation ALSO on brace closing
14554 – Default text 'None' of Team dropdown disappear when user open Add an account window and then close it without doing any thing.
14556 – gdk issues in popup menus
14557 – Cast exceptions when dropping elements on navigation controller
14559 – Rename parameter doesn't rename explicit method parameter
14560 – '{' shouldn't be a template
14561 – Xamarin Studio crashes with (Remote) Soft Debugger custom command (might be local PC-issue)
14563 – Cannot create a conditional breakpoint checking for null-ness
14568 – Exceptions when canceling login prompt in Developer Accounts
14569 – User is unable to add provisioning profile and certificate automatically after adding valid account.
14571 – Completion window wrong summary color highlighting
14574 – Find references not finding a constructor usage
14575 – Xamarin Studio crashes when archiving
14576 – Crash when opening iOS Application tab in project options
14578 – Immediate window completion painting over typed text
14581 – Version control blocks UI thread during work - again
14582 – Option to automatically import namespace instead of using fully qualified name
14583 – Exception after git commit
14618 – Xamarin Studio Crash on Mac 10.8.4 for versions greater than 4.0.10
14622 – Info.plist editor should expose UI for Bundle Name
14633 – Resolver shouldn't use private extensions methods
14634 – No completion for numeric literals
14649 – Enhancement request: recursive build action settings in the XS Solution explorer
14655 – Type or namespace 'MonoMac' could not be found
14657 – Deleting a directory doesn't remove directory from Solution tree until reload
14659 – Dragging a folder into another folder succeeds, but leaves a ghost of the source folder (but not contents)
14660 – PCL selector should show which targets will be included implicitly
14662 – Xamarin crashes when trying to add a new .dll reference
14670 – Support Launch due to a background fetch event
14671 – Add support for Simulate Background Fetch
14674 – System.Windows.Forms assembly incorrect import
14686 – Relative path strings containing backslashes have incorrect behavior when removing the @ symbol.
14690 – Exception is raised on attempt to rename a class
14695 – .NET Runtime version error updating XS on WinXP
14697 – Logging out of the IDE logs you out of SSO
14701 – Contents.json file inside of an asset catalog does not save changes (either by default or by explicitly saving)
14703 – Build with actool always fails with "Failed to write info plist component."
14704 – Build failed. Already parented. What?
14709 – Extra new line when creating new file from template
14716 – Search and replace All doesn't
14717 – An error appears after adding External Tools and clicking 'OK' button without filling added tool details.
14719 – Removing unused parameters from delegates
14723 – Unable to Push changes for an application published in Public repository.
14727 – All parameters unresolved in PcFileCache.cs
14729 – False positives in "expression has some identical items"
14730 – Failed assertion in code issues pad
14731 – Code issues pad searches projects not built in current configuration
14732 – "Method/Accessor never reaches its end" rule fails on recursion
14735 – Xamarin Studio crashes loading any solution after upgrade to 4.0.12 Build 3
14747 – Command-R renaming operation sometimes renames base class as well
14748 – Pasting comment with spacing results in single line comment with \n\t instead
14749 – Self-closing tags return unclosed tag parser error
14750 – Cannot create a project on a FAT32 Partition
14757 – configure for extras/ValaBinding fails if mono-addins-setup is not installed, but that
14758 – [IDE does not shows menu bar in OSX 10.6.8]
14759 – Lambda expression can be simplified to method group issue
14763 – .xcodeproj file disappears when I switch back to xamarin
14764 – Code Issues Pad not appearing in Document Switcher
14769 – Xamarin Studio is going to be busy with opening c# code editor
14770 – XS crashes after creating F# console project.
14775 – Cannot open storyboard (wrong working directory ?)
14777 – Need to check for incompatible PCL project references
14778 – Constant crashes on designer, Gtk+ related?
14780 – No way to specify how #region or #if are formatted
14791 – Cursor issues / scroll bar stops working
14795 – Crash while updating the version control view
14796 – In Account window, Indie license displayed cutted Off
14797 – Xamarin Studio uses 100% CPU (of 1 core) all the time, but still very responsive
14800 – Rename parameter to match base
14801 – Unable to create android project if user does not have Android SDK
14812 – Detecting Stack Imbalance
14814 – Code completion stops working after ///**/ comment
14815 – the default policy (in Preferences) not used in empty solutions
14816 – Going to definition jumps to correct file, but not line
14817 – ArgumentNullException thrown when attempting to add a file a solution
14818 – Cannot mouse-down and drag to select another simulator type
14825 – Convert for to foreach
14826 – [Windows 7 and 8] Unable to hit breakpoint for Console application.
14838 – Incorrect "convert to readonly" when assigned in lambda in ctor
14840 – Incorrect "can be converted to expression" suggestion
14843 – CS0127ReturnMustNotBeFollowedByAnyExpression Code Issue false positive
14845 – Getting 'Error retrieving update information' in Check for Update window if user disable any option in Add-in Manager->MobileDevelopment
14849 – Name should have suffix EventArgs
14850 – [ios designer] Unable to drag a UISearchBar into a UITableview
14851 – PackageNotInstalled
14853 – "Missing interface members" firing when using interface inheritance
14854 – Library project non default resources files are not copied into bundle
14855 – Files under folder displayed as disable when user try to add 'Add Files from Folder'
14859 – Code Completion appearing off screen
14860 – OutOfMemoryException during the first build each time launched
14865 – [Windows 7*64] Android designer is broken.
14868 – Slow solution load
14871 – Out of Memory error when building/importing project file
14874 – The device picker is ignored until you change it
14876 – [Windows/XS]Unable to paste text with middle mouse.
14879 – [Windws/XS] On right clicking over any .cs file, 'Tools' option is missing from the list.
14881 – If user choose 'Restart and Install update' command for downloaded update, XamarinStudio does not get restart
14887 – Getting build error for F# templates.
14888 – C# "web Application" template application gives build error.
14889 – There is no way to select iOS SDK 6.1 in project / build options in some cases
14890 – Go to Declaration fails with "File is already open in another project."
14897 – MonoDoc in (maybe) infinite loop : Documentation update available/Update successful
14898 – Cant edit no any highlight scheme
14907 – Extremely slow processing with very long line
14908 – Exception when trying to use "Components" solution tree node
14912 – Xamarin Studio using 100% CPU in main thread / steady state.
14914 – The build has been aborted as the file 'xxx' could not be saved
14915 – linkwith.cs is not created when adding a universal static library to binding project
14917 – Xamarin Studio hangs when setting a new breakpoint
14919 – Deployment problem when more than one Android Emulator of same version is running
14920 – [Feature Request] A bookmark tab
14925 – Unable to create application for F#, getting exception "System.NullReferenceException"
14928 – iOS Simulator version is not easily identifiable with new selector
14929 – Assignment greyed out (meaning "redundant") when it should not be
14936 – Hover over class error
14941 – Underline emails
14944 – Incorrect issue context for Interface not implemented
14945 – Xamarin Studio uses 100% CPU
14946 – Code Issues Pad logs error and doesn't do anything
14949 – [Xcode5] Status bar not displayed when option 'Hide during Application Launch' is unchecked under project option->iOS Application
14952 – Update 'MacDoc' workflow stuck in an Infinite loop
14956 – Files not updated using SVN
14957 – System.InvalidOperationException: Sequence contains no elements
14958 – Merge is not completed successfully in API Documentation of 'Mac Doc'
14959 – Android designer is broken on Mac ML 10.8.4(12E55)
14964 – Find References misses methods that are added to events
14965 – Exception with immediate window completion
14967 – Updater is not offering GTK# 2.12.22 when I have 2.12.19 installed (and 2.12.22 is in all channels)
14970 – NRefactory exceptions in log on project load (seemingly harmless...)
14971 – Android designer fails on older SDK tools without an actionable error message
14972 – XS crashes when trying to exit while newly added unedited file is recently created
14973 – DataTable and DataView debugger visualizers
14974 – Code Issue for IDisposable
14984 – Consistent Error when deploying to IOS simulator
14986 – Code Issue Request
14993 – Build should wait for code generators to finish
14997 – Invisible event completion existing member
14998 – Type system error on renaming type
15001 – Can't navigate to ContinueWhenAll
15003 – Smart Indentation Incorrect For Anonymous Method Blocks As Method Parameter
15007 – Exception during browsing the status view
15010 – unable to select all data form 'Android Log' Pad
15021 – Zip App bundle error?
15023 – Source Analysis for classes implementing the IList<string> interfaces is broken
15031 – Fix intellisense for new object creation with namespace import
15038 – readonly member property is incorrectly underlined in the .ctor when initialized
15039 – source analysis can't resolve 'value' in property setter
15043 – Xamarin.Studio 4.0.12/4.0.13 crashes when rebuilding a solution
15044 – Check boxes disappear after viewing the updates from a different channel and switching back
15048 – Can no longer build libraries that reference XamMac.dll
15049 – (vs-504787) NUnit tests create "internal error" and do not complete
15057 – Crash while opening version control status
15058 – Wrong context for unused parameter list
15059 – Readonly assignment issue
15060 – XS uses incorrect MSBuild property for doc comments
15061 – An error has occurred. Error while executing command: Delete
15063 – Problem saving environment variables for executing apps
15068 – NUnit is broken on Windows
15069 – App crashes because of Xamarin Studio EvaluatorException
15073 – Xamarin Studio crash with Write fault on path Unknown error
15078 – Xamarin Studio continues to debug iOS Project after Simulator has quit
15080 – Exception in text editor chain
15082 – Error with File Not Found Icon
15083 – UTF8 conversion errors in search results
15084 – Errors in framework lookups
15085 – Errors and leaks from iOS designer
15086 – Cannot step into an interator
15091 – Working Copy Locked
15099 – Wrong always true context
15103 – XS target does not launch iOS simulator target (and some are missing)
15108 – Error in highlight usages extension
15109 – Incorrect "Readonly field cannot be used as assignment target" error
15110 – Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. ---> System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
15113 – After upgrade to 4.0.13, existing Xamarin.Mac projects get 'the type of namespace 'MonoMac' could not be found' error
15114 – Add-in error when building with mdtool
15116 – [crashlytics] mdtool doesn't upload the symbols
15120 – Updater refers to Xamarin Studio as MonoDevelop
15122 – File already open in another project
15123 – Find bar graphical issue
15125 – unable to remove //TODO tasks after removing or renaming file
15126 – Typo "Make writtable" on dialog box
15131 – Error in context action provider Convert 'foreach' loop to 'for'
15132 – Error in context action provider Extract anonymous method
15133 – NRE in NullValueAnalysis
15136 – Cannot add a custom UIBarButtonItem to the navigation bar
15139 – DebuggerStepThrough is not supported by debugger
15140 – Placing the cursor over an error/warning bubble popover should prevent it from closing.
15141 – Inline error & warning bubble font size is smaller than the design
15142 – Inline error & warning bubble count indicator should be bold
15144 – Itemized errors/warnings in error/warning popovers are 1px too close vertically.
15145 – Custom execution mode cannot be set for default debugging/execution
15146 – Inline error & warning ellipsis bubble gaps
15147 – Warning bubble color is slightly too mustardy
15149 – Source analysis should not underline whitespace at start of line
15150 – Exception in text editor chain
15155 – Rename a file in Xamarin Studio and file gets deleted
15157 – XS reaches and 100% CPU usage and hangs on Windows
15161 – Cannot copy disabled property values to clipboard
15163 – Tools->Options->Name Conventions causes IDE Error
15167 – Step-over properties does not work for external code
15170 – ios device picker resets it's selection periodically to the first items
15171 – Redundant method override does not understand Equals/GetHashCode pair
15173 – Iphone Retina 3.5-inch device picker selection actually launches iphone 4-inch
15174 – Caching issue caused wrong artwork to be bundled
15175 – False Readonly field is never assigned code issue
15176 – IKVM error repeatedly shown in the console
15178 – Error while trying to deserialize ICSharpCode.NRefactory.TypeSystem.IProjectContent
15181 – Generic overloads of importable types are not coalesced
15183 – New completion in params suggests array type
15185 – Instant window graphical corruption when scrolling
15188 – Code is highlighting incorrectly
15189 – Incorrect underlining after accented characters
15190 – Automatically update header when file is edited
15195 – Hotkey not working for Fix menu
15203 – SourceAnalysis "Apply in all files" option in context menu
15204 – Failure to start MonoDevelop.Xamarin.Ide,4.1
15207 – UI hang while update status
15209 – Cannot use keyboard to select a type/namespace after hitting ctrl+option+space to bring up the recommended types contextual menu
15218 – Saving causing a crash
15219 – Xamarin Studio is broken on Windows systems that enforce FIPS compliant hashing
15222 – Open With doesn't work when file is open in another editor
15223 – Can't create framework lookup
15227 – MacOS global hotkeys do not work
15230 – "Create Android package" and "Publish Android Application" should be hinted even in debug mode
15232 – "Failed to upload report to the server" happens too often
15233 – Syntax highlighting incorrect in F#
15246 – Four running process, and I never opened a single story board
15251 – mouse not working in Xamarin Studio, even after reinstall
15264 – Adding images or files or other projects to a project / solution causes all sorts of weirdness because the resultant path in the project/solution is messed up.
15266 – Designer source tab not displaying source for open file
15270 – Graphical corruption in solution pad
15274 – Error terminating device connection results in Xamarin Studio crash
15282 – Debugger should use IKVM.Reflection
15285 – [iOS Designer] Too much whitespace surrounding storyboard
15286 – [iOS Designer] Cell removed from TableView
15291 – Raising a bug via the Report a bug feature - Does not set the Version
15294 – Format
15296 – MonoDevelop : `Navigate To` dialog eventually freezes Monodevelop
15303 – Redundant cast false positive
15304 – Broken indenter
15306 – Global formatting options should mention differences with formatting options in projects
15320 – Debugger display attributes don't support inheritance
15324 – Copy/Paste not working in Solution Window
15328 – Failed to open a storyboard
15335 – In a multiline comment, pressing Enter jumps way ahead
15339 – One project in my solution doesn't build
15340 – Code completion should prefer classes in same namespace
15341 – Convert line endings actions should not save file automatically
15342 – Choosing "Convert all files to UNIX line endings" only converts the current file
15343 – Ignoring the line-endings warning doesn't ignore it completely
15344 – Converted/ignored files do not update their line-ending warning
15350 – [xbuild] References visually don't respect a condition/configuration attribute
15355 – Different icons for AXML files in Solution Explorer
15357 – `using` directive improperly reported as invalid.
15358 – Renaming file fails in 'enter' is not selected
15363 – Selected ABI's not displaying in Android Build
15364 – Add a project template that does not have "Hello World" code.
15368 – Add editor support for the UILaunchImages Info.plist key for iOS 7 launch images
15374 – Connection to the layout renderer failed. This may be caused by a misconfiguration of Java
15376 – Unable to change Target Framework for android application.
15377 – Feature: CodeIssue about redundant params in WriteLine("{0}{1}", params obj[]) signatures
15380 – Layout designer <relativeLaout> layout alignment properties not being added
15381 – Single stepping makes the Locals and Call stack pads flash
15382 – Run menu items get disabled during a debugger session
15383 – No "run until" support
15387 – Broken completion for class inheritance at namespace level
15388 – Create new console project, no completion + deadlock when closing project
15396 – "Navigate To" should default to Members in current file
15403 – Go to Definition does not work with user operators
15406 – Right clicking solution in solution panel throws exception, requires restart
15415 – Error when SAVING in mono develop
15418 – Tooltips are broken in text editor
15424 – Error at startup
15426 – console no declared
15427 – After checking file-extension, before opening a file as a binary, do a last guess to check if it's plain text or not via binary-file detection
15430 – IPA package not named correctly
15435 – Printing problem
15450 – Unable to add outlet when xamarin loads .xib into XCODE 5 as dropdown disabled with Action value
15457 – User is not able to select 'Embed Assemblies in native code'
15460 – Monodevelop doesn't support Choose in msbuild project
15464 – iOS Designer will not render Custom Controls in the Designer View
15472 – UI thread blocks during project/type system load
15475 – Generate switch cases should add missing cases
15476 – Cursor is getting stuck when deleting last empty line with indents
15477 – NUnit addin broken in master
15478 – MonoDevelop shouldn't accept language keywords as Project Name
15480 – The tooltip of method description appears outside of the screen boundaries
15487 – Sometimes we offer expired certificates
15497 – Incorrect redundant type cast warning
15510 – Monodevelop does not pass project compiler options to compiler
15522 – NUnit addin does not run tests with arguments marked with [Random]
15526 – XS should not use xbuild for project types that don't support it
15532 – Not seeing any link to create a New Xamarin Account
15533 – Getting error after clicking on 'Deactivate another computer'
15536 – [Windows]User is not able to Logout from Xamarin Studio.
15537 – iOS "OpenGL" template application gives build errors.
15540 – "Begin a Trial" option appears for an expired trial user.
15543 – Unable to create application on XS as a Starter user.
15545 – [Windows][XS]Unable to close log-in and pricing Popup window.
15547 – Getting 'Unhandled activation error' in XS when user click on 'X' icon of Xamarin account window after successfully log-in.
15548 – Getting error when user create iPhone Utility application in XS on Mac.
15549 – Unable to Activate Trial license.
15550 – Inheritance completion
15554 – 'New Image Set', 'New App Icon' and 'New Launch Image' sub-options appear as disable under Add option.
15560 – Unable to activate license on disk.
15565 – Wrong context for Type.GetType
15576 – (feature request) implement debugger visualizer on code editor
15577 – Xamarin Studio does not persist Target platform settings
15578 – Getting an error window after opening XS when X.iOS is not installed
15580 – Page redirecting to auth.xamstage.com when clicking on 'Create account' link from XamarinAccount window
15581 – Incorrect Tab Behavior
15584 – Deleting, moving, renaming files does not work correctly
15586 – Break point hits for Console Application in Release mode
15587 – iOS iPhone-> 'Master-Details Application' template gives build error.
15588 – On clicking '+' button for storyboard 'Master-Details Application' template throws exception.
15589 – Unable to activate with current license
15596 – Hang in VI status area
15603 – The updater needs to save the latest version per channel
15606 – Android Target Framework cannot be changed
15608 – Error generated for generated code that is not committed in the repo
15610 – svn broken with Mavericks
15611 – Editing Localizable.string displays text in the centre of the screen
15619 – Unable to activate license on another machine if user has deactivate one computer manually
15620 – Unable to close Deactivate window by clicking on close 'X' button
15621 – Error message: File is already open in another project
15624 – Monodoc busted with Mavericks update
15626 – Failed to archive app bundle. An empty string is not considered a valid value.
15627 – [Release mode] Unable to save 'provisioning profile' for MonoMac Project.
15630 – -float.Epsilon Equals Zero
15631 – XML and AXML file naming bug
15635 – Adding Windows.Net.Http to Portable Class Library
15636 – Prebuilt apps xml should point to xamarin.com/PrebuiltApps.xml
15643 – Interface builder not importing xcassets
15645 – DTSDKBuild shows wrong value in info.plist
15647 – StringComparison argument
15648 – Debugger breaks on Eval
15650 – TestFlight: save notes between dialogs
15677 – Reentrant dialog with expired trials
15680 – [iOS Designer] Unable to open storyboard file
15685 – Stop button doesnt work when debugging unit tests
15689 – iOS Build - SDK Version - not all selectable
15694 – [GTK] Checkbox indeterminate state not rendered correctly
15697 – Unable to add NuGet repository
15722 – `mdtool -p:` does not compile the dependencies of the specified project
15724 – Refactor - Rename class deletes file from git
15729 – Gtk-warning coming from project pad tree view icon
15731 – public enum has "Unknown resolve error"
15732 – Gtk does not always emit FocusIn event when user refocuses Xamarin Studio
15734 – GTK main window not top level focus on launch
15736 – Cannot build on .NET 4.5.1
15737 – Changeing the property "builds for" to ios 6.1 or later in xcode results in compile error CS1566
15745 – Publish to Test Flight without checking replace prior builds replaces prior builds
15746 – File entitlements auto-changing back to Read/Write after close and re-open
15750 – File Dialog crashes Xamarin Studio on OS X Mavericks
15751 – For "Expired Trial" license on disk, XS should display "Trial Ended" in Xamarin Account window.
15752 – Unable to activate business license for account having "Expired Trial license with valid business license for all 3 Products".
15753 – Alias not resolved in editor
15763 – Toolbox looses search "focus" on dropping some controls
15764 – Designer Properties looses tree expand status when clicked away or another type selected
15765 – [Feature Request] Search for properties "pad" when used in the GTK designer
15766 – [Feature Request] Multiselect or ability to "paint" settings between controls
15767 – Takes 2 clicks to change checkbox value in properties pad
15768 – Insert after into vbox added "dummy" elements into undo/redo stack and causes crash on exit
15787 – Caret position in text entries can get into broken state
15792 – Can't select iOS Device for Deployment from Multiple Devices
15808 – Completion ignores label syntax
15813 – equal sign is badly drawn with Menlo font 13
15823 – Breakpoints gets deactivated when app is running #Mavericks
15837 – Choosing to 'Revert to this revision' or 'Revert changes from this revision' with no revision selected causes an NRE and a TIE
15843 – XS 4.0.13 Wont start after installing and wont update
15849 – [XS]User sees "No provisioning profiles have been detected" error with an invalid license account
15850 – invalid cast in iOS designer
15858 – Renaming a derived class changes the base class' finalizer
15865 – End of file error on the loading of the project file in XS
15867 – Wrong Context for string formatting
15868 – Wrong context for Anonymous method can be simplified to method group
15869 – Accessor never returns wrong context
15871 – Old (possibly corrupted) host-index in Cache\addin-db-001 causes silent fail on Xamarin Studio startup
15884 – Team setting not persisted
15896 – IDE crashes on startup after installing 4.0.13 update.
15898 – Build fails if solution contains multiple platforms
15902 – Xamarin Studio seems to be pulling old provisioning profiles from the portal
15905 – Removed components stay in "session"
15906 – Undocked windows vanish when the main window looses focus; makes multimonitor setups much less useful
15913 – Error with short-lived processes on external console
15922 – FSharp.Core problem
15927 – Welcome screen is misrendered on retina MBP
15928 – Color resource with reference to other color are not resolved
15932 – Xam Studio unable to see provisioning profiles in version 4.1.13
15939 – Unable to get pricing trigger with XS by adding restricted feature.
15940 – Images fail to load due to change of Resources hierarchy in Xamarin Studio
15945 – Add compiler warnings or source analysis rules for the "Events vs Delegates" rules
15949 – Xamarin Studio > 4.0.11 causes a need to clean project often.
15962 – [regression] Solution-wide code-formatting settings are no longer respected
15964 – All $(Solution) Macros for build events are undefined
15967 – Changing desktop wallpaper causes UI misbehavior
15968 – .NET Portable Subset not shown on project creation
15984 – Property MonoDevelop.Core.Assemblies.UserAssemblyContext breaks FileSystemExtension
15985 – Implement abstract type produces invalid code
15997 – Bad rendering of shape drawable rounded corners
15998 – Graphical corruption editing layout
15999 – Menu items have their '_' stripped
16000 – The right theme resource aren't used for numberpicker
16001 – Deadlock closing a layout tab
16002 – Common java errors when opening the first layout file
16003 – TextView's shadow properties are not handled
16012 – F# renders single quote as string delimiter even when used in an identifier
16014 – Solution pad state should be preserved when the solution reloads
16017 – Exception when logging into an Apple account in 'Developer Account'
16020 – Pasting into unterminated string should not escape quotes
16027 – Choice buttons look awful on retina
16032 – Bundle signing panel should tell users to configure account
16034 – Readonly info.plist
16044 – Right-clicking in XS on secondary monitor takes any full screened apps on the primary monitor out of fullscreen mode
16046 – "Too many workstations" workflow displays purchase option when canceled, which throws NRE when selected
16051 – Changing Alternative Layout for Language /Country does not use matching Strings.xml for that culture
16052 – Source analysis rule to require task scheduler
16053 – Source analysis rule to require correct CancellationToken in task
16058 – Certificates/provisioning profile syncing
16061 – Opening our solution locks up Xamarin Studio on 4.2.0, high CPU (180%+) and lots of threads
16083 – "Find References" fails if files are moved
16085 – Embedded $(Version) in assembly reference in project files fails
16086 – iOS Designer throws exception when fontDescription has size="button"
16089 – Debug tooltips show unknown identifier in most situations
16099 – Windows updater does not show progress of individual installers
16100 – Windows updater does not delete update files after installing them
16101 – Update downloader should use more meaningful names
16102 – Windows installer sometimes doesn't escalate correctly
16103 – The IDE loses the cursor postion when parenthesis and numbers or quotes are used
16106 – Preferences Pain is empty
16107 – syntax highlight error group and value
16108 – Convert to autoproperty issues
16110 – Xamarin Studio freezes when selecting a .net solution or project
16114 – (vs-504798) Single test execution reports wrong results
16126 – When searching in the whole solution, if there are many search matches (e.g. over 500-1000) an error is displayed
16130 – Invalid Redundant assignment
16132 – Null-value analysis
16138 – Allow to mute error message about unsupported project type
16144 – Unable to set theme
16152 – Action not reflected in Designer.cs file
16155 – Automatically disable Source Analysis for projects excluded from current build configuration
16161 – Cmd key is incorrectly shown as conflicting in keybinding editor
16162 – Cmd-D keybinding not working
16164 – [XS]NullReferenceException while trying to enable map integration entitlements
16165 – Activation prompts for proxy credentials on every launch
16172 – Xamarin Studio does not detect Mac Signing Identities correctly
16174 – Editor still inserting unwanted tabs
16177 – Activiation fails if network connection is lost and restarted
16183 – Preference window opens when user click on 'iOS Bundle Signing' when not logged in into Developer Account
16189 – User getting authorization error when trying to update
16191 – FSharp projects added using VS2012 are removed by XS/MD.
16192 – Semantic highlighting marks things with red colour while it is analyzing
16193 – Please connect to the internet to proceed
16197 – Error bubbles have wrong z-position
16199 – Activation timeouts cause deactivation
16200 – Removing a file from a project locks up XS 4.2
16204 – Exception removing scene with constraints
16206 – Error when upgrade dialog is displaying multiple features
16209 – Error pasting git url into VCS publish dialog
16212 – All menu items are disabled when Xamarin Studio is in fullscreen mode (Mavericks)
16216 – ChangeLog isn't updated
16217 – Automatic code unfolding when builds
16218 – Getting 'Unhandled activation error' in XS when user login with expired trial license.
16219 – Incorrect determining of class namespace
16220 – After updates are downloaded, I get "Updates require authorization"
16224 – Using "Review and Commit" command from Solution Pad version control sub-menu doubles commit entries.
16228 – Namespaces in tooltips
16231 – smart indent broken in 4.2.0
16233 – Refresh button in Developer Account Details
16235 – Automatically upgrade Profile104 to Profile158
16236 – Nested class Foo.Bar should have less priority than normal class Bar
16237 – Context menu (right click) at Solution level fails to provide selectable menu
16238 – Xamarin Studio should require the MDK
16245 – [XS]Upgrade workflow throws an NRE while trying to activate a license
16247 – Add the ability to run multiple projects simultaneously from within a single instance of Xamarin Studio
16249 – Service proxy generation has incorrect service namespace
16252 – Autocompletion. When typing function name width is too large
16257 – Crash when trying to override ToString()
16265 – Null reference exception after account activation
16268 – Type system exceptions in the log
16272 – NUnit pad synchronously waits on the typesystem on startup
16275 – Weird exception from the typesystem
16278 – XS cannot load project files created by VS2013
16281 – Error closing the MonoDevelop project using 4.2.0
16283 – Wrong literal string addition
16289 – [ios] iOS Device not recognized on XS project device dropdown on OSX Mavericks
16302 – Fails to update to 4.10.1
16304 – XML reader error when parsing device plist from the Developer Portal
16305 – git: "revert to this revision" fails with exception
16306 – Apple account dialog doesn't expand contents
16307 – vi mode - using an inner command breaks some other commands
16311 – Sometimes user able to sign-out from Developer account after 2 to 3 attempts
16314 – Cannot type { or } with ALT+CTRL with Swedish keyboard layout
16323 – XS locks up when going to declaration
16330 – Can't able to type "" in the MonoDevelop
16332 – Duplicate BOM!
16336 – Provisioning profile gets detected if user is not signed into XS below version XS 4.2.1(build 2)
16340 – Intellisense stops working
16345 – Adding library to Bindings Project hangs
16359 – Drag & Drop code doesn't work
16360 – Simulator configuration changes by itself
16366 – Error hints are not displayed if the code has small indent.
16367 – Document formatting: New line before/after #region
16368 – Document formatting: New line inside/around #region improvement?
16370 – Git Push/Pull Fails
16371 – Addin engine breaks frameworks initialization
16372 – When running an NUnit project, XS always asks "An application is already running and will have to be stopped. Do you want to continue?"
16375 – ASP.Net support has regressed
16378 – I am getting 'New Image Set', 'New App Icon' and 'New Launch Image' sub-options under References->Add option
16382 – Auto-completion is so aggressive it's unusable or totally disabled
16383 – Regression: Find Next does not work after switching to a different document
16395 – Designer doesn't display when toggling from Source
16400 – Unhandled activation error
16402 – [formatting] Putting a ';' in a comment block tries to format the code
16407 – Trying to rename solution to same name with different capitalization deletes the file
16410 – Android Architecture not supported, contrary to "Supported ABIs" on Android Build Project Options
16411 – Xamarin Studio Error pop-up:TargetInvocationException
16412 – The Tree View of Solution pane does not work properly
16413 – Xamarin studio crashes when creating a empty text file.
16414 – Code Inspection listed multiple times
16415 – Formatter - Copy paste comments
16418 – Infinite dialog box
16420 – xamarin studio cann't detect provisioning file other developer send to me
16426 – Drag and drop does not work
16440 – F# Fails to build solution due to misconfigured MSBuild path.
16442 – Non-escaped markup in tooltip
16445 – Can't see which simulator is selected
16446 – dragging selected text does not move it
16447 – Convert to Auto Property removes multiple variable if declared inline
16448 – Refactor incorrectly suggesting "Convert to Auto Property" on property containing custom logic
16450 – Go to Declaration or Cmd + D Opens Assembly Browser, but does not go to the class
16452 – Designer TAB is not Displaying GUI
16464 – I can't write accents in Xml Editor and Text Editor in Xamarin Studio.
16466 – Xamarin Studio using 100% CPU in steady state with single project open
16470 – Code analysis suggests move to nested scope, but would change the meaning of the code.
16472 – Ability to prevent Xamarin Studio from Stealing Focus when running the iOS Simulator
16482 – Escape key doesn't work on Windows
16483 – MINOR: unable to add standard unicode characters via OSX Character Viewer.
16484 – Explicit option for enabling completion categories by default
16491 – Wrong completion on multiple parameter lambdas
16496 – CPU usage is pegged at 100% forever
16497 – Bug to open layout editor
16501 – Subversion plugin is antique
16507 – PLP targeting .NET Portable Subset Profile1 cannot compile with latest Xamarin Studio 4.2.1/Mono runtime 2.10.12
16508 – IDE renders some fonts incorrectly
16509 – Exception when adding a new file: System.InvalidOperationException: The file type is not registered with this application.
16510 – Standard Header editor is out by one character
16515 – UnixIOException: bad address
16516 – Simulator fails to launch if CFBundleIdentifier is modified by After Build command
16518 – Subversion broken on 4.3 release
16519 – Pasting into source editor breaks after a while
16520 – Alt keybindings activate twice
16522 – Code entry broken if source control fails
16524 – MonoMac project CodeSigning obligation in release mode
16525 – Tab indentions are converted to spaces ignoring settings
16528 – Rename refactoring fails on same line
16532 – Designer doesn't correctly interact with resources project model
16533 – Designer recently started to choke on XML resources
16534 – TextView with special characters not rendered in the right order
16535 – Can't run on device when BaseIntermediateOutputPath set with custom MSBuild logic
16537 – Xamarin News font issues
16538 – iOS actions are generated twice when we switch to XS from XCode
16540 – Add-In not loading anymore after SDK update in VS 2013
16547 – Selecting "View Details" in Xamarin Studio results in Force Quit
16553 – Need a way to automatically launch scripts after deployment of application on Android and iOS
16554 – Externally modifying a project file causes Xamarin Studio to add the project to the current configuration
16559 – [RFE] Typescript support
16564 – Preserve the UIPrerenderedIcon key/value in the CFBundleIcon dictionary in the merged Info.plist
16572 – [Enhancement] Make SearchPopupWindow API public for custom search categories/data bases
16575 – Pasting code in with Source Analysis enabled corrupts pasted code
16577 – Copy / past partial string into another partial string inserts escape character
16585 – No widgets in toolbox
16595 – Problem with a big file (40000 lines) with xamarin studio 4.2.X
16596 – [ADB] Device recognition/debugging problem when more than one Android device is connected
16601 – "Enable Background Modes" does not stay checked when editing Info.plist
16602 – Modifying the solution (from VS), resets active project
16603 – Unplugging the device resets selected target to simulator
16609 – No Save As or Save All Toolbar
16611 – Adding new line causes extra, unnecessary indentation / tabs
16612 – System.ArgumentException: offset < 0
16614 – "Delay sign assembly" in project properties get's greyed out
16616 – git: can not switch to another branch
16617 – Subtle mouse selection bug
16624 – Integrate the Mono Profiler
16631 – [mdtool] Possible race condition in initialization? "System.InvalidOperationException: out of sync" during `TargetRuntime.CreateFrameworks ()`
16637 – BookmarkXamarin Studio hangs when opening most .cs code windows
16640 – Unhandled Activation Exception when too many PCs are registered
16641 – Invalid or Corrupt License all the time
16642 – Issue with bundle identifier when changing it in "Before Build" custom command
16654 – Crash when creating a folder
16657 – Refactoring namespace uses wrong name
16658 – Extend "Create enum value" quick fix to variables declared with var
16661 – Prevent user from adding project twice
16662 – Tab Sequence not updated after manual reodering
16663 – Enum constants with Flags are not recognized
16665 – Watch window autoscrolls to top after new values is added
16666 – Solution with project of same name
16683 – Tasks pad refresh
16690 – Edit References failed
16693 – Build Target switches back to iPhone Retina 3.5-inch
16702 – XS doesn't close instantly, sometimes it hangs for 1 minute
16709 – [Mac] Random crash with menu
16712 – Truncating of debug output in Application Output window
16713 – HintPath ignored if referenced DLL absent during project load? Causes "error MT2002: Can not resolve reference" for iOS projects
16717 – New Android Library Project adds F# Project GUID into .csproj
16721 – Not seeing 'Android Web View' file under 'New File' window
16722 – Not seeing 'iPhone Web View/iPad Web View/Universal Web View' file under 'New File' window
16723 – iOS Web View template not displaying properly on iOS 7.0
16724 – switching language via Options (Preference) does not take effect on Windows
16726 – Getting duplicate templates for iOS, android, mac under F#
16729 – [F#-iOS] On running F# iOS template, Application launches as Blank(Just black screen appears).
16731 – [F#] Getting error "reference 'FSharp.Core' is not valid for the target framework" on adding F# iOS Library Project.
16734 – Template include directive does not resolve path correctly
16736 – XS locked up after it hit a breakpoint.
16738 – Assembly Browser is broken
16739 – iPad icons for iOS 6 and 7 (non retina) get interchanged
16756 – Randomly scroll at the top of document
16757 – XS does not cleanly roundtrip VS2013 sln files
16758 – XS fails to build ToolsVersion=12 projects
16759 – Application signing using old provisioning profile
16760 – Reference Condition is not obeyed
16761 – Sometimes the code editor always appears above other programs
16773 – Error opening XIB-file
16775 – App build on iOS7 SDK won't even launch on iOS 6 Simulator after switching
16778 – Delete Project should say 'Remove Project'
16784 – Xamarin Studio 4.2.2 doesn't show PCL template project
16786 – Redundant unsafe wrong context
16792 – Provisioning Profiles not showing up
16793 – FileChooserWidget / FileChooserDialog creation : Windows 8.1 (Virt. Machine) - 100% CPU on Mono Process
16802 – Installed 4.22(build 2) and now does not recognize my license
16804 – External console run on Gnome 3.10 terminal problem
16810 – Pressing escape when focused on list shows text field
16814 – Resource IDs are lost when closing Xamarin Studio
16816 – Unable to change User Interface Language
16820 – Component directory is not configurable
16833 – Xamarin Studio Version Identification is Unclear
16839 – Updates dialog should make it clear that downloads are done in the background
16843 – Null-ref on NewExpression list initializer
16844 – Convert class to static
16850 – Search box not giving a result in some cases
16852 – Error when the solution was created at the first execution of MonoDevelop
16853 – After enterigng fullscreen almost every option in menubar is inactive.
16860 – Disallow adding SOAP web reference and force-enable event-based async in PCL
16864 – XS should set UI language on MSBuild builder processes
16865 – [ADB] Device connected via adb tcpip does not show up in device picker
16869 – When running tests, output of the test (things written with Console.WriteLine) is only shown when test fails
16876 – System.InvalidCastException error is shown if Multi-edit button shown against Default layout is clicked.
16886 – Xamarin Studio crashes when going into Developer Accounts
16889 – Unable to open .sln file in XS created in VS 2013 Preview
16897 – mdtool fails to load/build project file that works in Xamarin Studio
16899 – Git: rename file dont work as expected
16901 – Layouts are not automatically saved
16908 – Debug settings on device is shown depending on compiler's Debug Information option
16909 – Timer call Invalidate() in view crash, should be called from UI-thread only?
16910 – Linked images on Android project are not loaded on Layout Editor
16915 – Drag and drop in UI designer won't drop
16931 – Publish to TestFlight not working
16935 – No Pre-rendered flag in asset catalogs (for iOS 6)
16941 – File->Close Solution should suggest stopping running programs
16942 – Undo "rename class" doesn't undo the renaming of the file
16950 – (IntellisenseBug) Intellisense in code editor stops working after 4th element/view in a .axml file.
16955 – At Select Repository pop up error is shown on selecting Protocol as http, https, ftp or ssh/scp for type "Git"
16956 – After maximizing window, entire Xamarin Studio is effectively disabled (all menu items greyed out)
16958 – Binding Card.IO - Class cannot have multiple base classes
16961 – Ideographic ("Japanese") Space renders incorrectly
16962 – Xamarin Studio lock up.
16963 – Added a web service, studio locked up
16966 – XS Pop up help presents incorrect context
16969 – No tarball for MonoDevelop 4.2.3
16972 – Focus widget resets when switching layout
16981 – Result of explicit numeric conversion in watch pad is incorrect
16988 – File Attributes field in property grid is not properly aligned
16995 – Resolve command (to reference a DLL and add a using) threw an FileNotFoundException
17000 – Item template names are different in Visual Studio
17004 – Intellisense, Find References, Semantic highlighting quits working
17008 – can not reliably stop application output from scrolling
17011 – XS does not recognize StringBuilder::AppendFormat
17029 – No syntax error underlining in Nightshade style schema
17030 – GetResponseAsync doesn't work in F# repl
17037 – In XS at code issues window on adding multiple "then by" drop-menus, Run" and "Cancel" button UI distorts.
17041 – License corrupt or invalid for this machine
17045 – Target Device combo resets configuration when changed from menu
17047 – Smart indent failure
17048 – Smart indent issue
17049 – Preferences for indentation on Wrapping -> Indexer are broken
17050 – Hotkeys do not work unless the first hotkey is pressed under English keyboard layout
17053 – xib files being lost and not bundled with app
17056 – Add-ins Repo should automatically load when first launched
17057 – Xamarin Studio hangs when opening file on new project vi emulation
17058 – Code Formatting not respecting spaces for tabs
17060 – F# "Send line to F# interactive" command shows and error
17069 – Debugger ignores some breakpoints
17072 – Referencing a DLL from VS doesn't work for XS
17075 – Monodevelop cannot load configurations from imported targets
17076 – Add support $(SolutionDir) in monodevelop
17079 – Xamarin does not build VB projects with Mono on Windows
17082 – XamMac Document Projects do not copy XamMac.dll to bin
17084 – Error in code action
17086 – VB addin does not support setting architecture
17087 – Xamarin can run with Mono, but not build with Mono runtime
17088 – Text copied in other applications can't be pasted into XS code editor
17090 – In F# when typing character literals a duplicate ' is added at the end
17091 – Can't build F# project (NullReferenceException in MonoDevelop.Ide.Gui.Pad..ctor)
17099 – Button icons not shown in compiled application
17100 – Xamarin Studio does not support Windows High Contrast Mode
17105 – ASP.NET projects created in XS cannot be opened with VS 2012
17106 – Project file between Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio 201x
17107 – Source Analysis ignores volatile keyword
17109 – Unable to build XamMac application without specifying provisioning profile.
17110 – How can I check feature "code-signing to not merge the Keychain Access Groups entitlement from the specified Provisioning Profile" in X.S 4.2.3
17111 – How to check feature "Fixed issues with proxy namespace generation when URLs contained dashes"
17115 – How to check feature "Fixed issues with Keychain storage for Git"
17116 – How to check "Updated Windows Subversion to 1.8." in XS?
17117 – How can I check feature "merging of the Asset Catalog plists in order to preserve the UIPrerenderedIcon settings in the app’s Info.plist" in X.S 4.2.3
17119 – Empty file name inside the document tab
17120 – New iOS Unit Test Project does not include Entitlements.plist
17133 – MonoDevelop displays squares instead of fonts
17135 – mdtool crashes with NullReferenceException when run headless
17136 – Xamarin Studio 4.2.3(build 64) on Mac is showing strange behaviors.
17138 – How can we know that building solution ignoring unloaded project completely?
17141 – How to check "When syncing back from Xcode, Outlets and Actions are now parsed from both the .m and .h files (since Xcode5 now seems to default to displaying the .m file in the side-by-side editor view)"
17159 – Won't load a CSProject with ToolsVersion=12. Have to change ToolsVersion=4 manually.
17160 – Can't undo Changing/Refactoring on multiple files
17162 – In XS, "loading …" message keeps showing on dragging any expanded expression that is pinned from debugger tool-tip window.
17165 – Unable to checkout solution from git
17166 – XS hangs if clicked in Text editor while expression is loading in debugger tooltip window.
17169 – How to check Always loads mobile provisioning profiles from ~/Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning Profiles/ so that developers are able to manually install their own provisioning profiles
17172 – Not valid Base-64 string Error creating or opening existing C# Android solutions
17173 – [XS] Could not load Xamarin.MacDev.dll or its dependancies error while trying to archive a project using mdtool archive command
17175 – Add-in Manager can not be closed until TimeOut
17180 – Rewrite iOS build system to use MSBuild targets
17182 – Error when creating iPhone Storyboard -> Utility Project
17187 – Copy and Paste C# String Array Adds Magical Spaces Inside the String!
17193 – Creating a ICS Project does not set the target framework to be ICS
17195 – Upload to device always rebuilds the project
17197 – Open with should warn if already open in different editor
17200 – TargetInvocationException thrown adding new controller to bundled F# Mvc4 project
17202 – When opening palm files complete crash
17227 – null-ref/cast error in codeactions API
17234 – Adding a new PCL project to an existing solution shows "empty" References folder before the solution is reloaded
17235 – [iOS Designer] Changing UITableViewController class: generated files not added to project.
17239 – Cannot search/find over successive tabs
17242 – How to check "interfaces can now be read" feature?
17245 – How to check feature "callstack tree is screwed on stable and proper on this branch"
17249 – How to check feature "evaluation should be better for most types"
17262 – Expression Evaluator and Watch does not recognize extension methods
17266 – Lines in C# files get visually moved to other lines
17270 – Xamarin Studio hangs/crashes frequently
17271 – ImageAssets in iOS7 not available in Storyboard within XCode
17273 – Cannot attach events to a UIBarButtonItem
17274 – Unable to close 'Value visualizer' window after clicking on OK button when View selected as Hex Editor
17277 – Code analysis having problems with corelib
17278 – Source analysis too slow when working on corlib
17282 – Store CodeSignKey somewhere else (i.e. not .csproj)
17283 – Many glib warnings with recent GTK
17285 – Font not getting changed for Properties Tab
17286 – At Select Repository pop up under "Registered Repositories" tab, repository URL is shown for removed repository.
17287 – Indentation doesn't work
17288 – Error pop up is shown if user remove file from published project and then perform Stash operation.
17291 – "System.UnauthorizedAccessException" error shown on removing Project/solution published via Version control.
17292 – At Select Repository pop up under "Registered Repositories" tab, Message "Edit" button is not working
17293 – NRefactory assertion in the console
17299 – After adding an Event to a UIButton in iOS Designer, the Action attribute is not decorated with the Event name in the designer.cs file.
17300 – Xamarin Studio cannot debug the sample website it comes with
17304 – Source analysis for field never assigned and using obsolete member
17307 – Logging error
17308 – Namespace and folders are incorrect
17314 – Stay on top of releases for Linux distributions, especially Ubuntu
17316 – Monodevelop overwrites conditional references
17323 – Handle leak
17328 – Invalid or corrupt license
17331 – Wrong colour of var variable
17336 – Nested LinearLayout elements are not sizing properly.
17338 – With "Visibility: All members" selected, internal members not shown when browsing System.ServiceModel.Web
17346 – Unable to open XIB when xcode is 5.0.2
17347 – Project template does not support PCL for 4.5
17348 – Commented block is not recognized
17357 – Running without a debugger causes the cursor to move to the top of the document
17358 – C# object initializer auto complete " = " insertion causes problems
17362 – MonoDevelop stays in focus when other programs active
17369 – Specific hotkey (Alt+Cmd+Space) bound in OS X does not work in Xamarin Studio
17371 – Custom Commands not Firing
17378 – (vs-518860) XS hangs on quit if MSBuild process crashes
17379 – GTK warning spew from NUnit addin
17380 – XS process locks built assemblies
17381 – (vs-504786) Incorrect reporting of test results
17382 – XS sometimes hangs after opening a solution on Windows
17383 – Windows debugger often stops being able to evaluate
17384 – XS crashes, gobbles up all RAM; type-related?
17388 – After adding an IIS web Service throw me an namespace 'schema' error
17391 – Override author doesn't use email address
17394 – Exception whenever I close the MonoDevelop workspace
17396 – Mono.Debugger.Soft.CommandException: Debuggee returned error code INVALID_ARGUMENT
17400 – Switching between source and preview of layout XML causes a crash
17404 – Right clicking an item brings up context menu but you can't select items from the menu.
17405 – XS crashes when moving a pinned value and the debugger ends
17409 – Web deployment does not work
17413 – Crashes in Android Designer
17416 – [Feature reques] Build order
17422 – "Cannot find executable for CFBundle"
17424 – Quick fix to add pragmas
17425 – Search filter "directories" should default to $(SolutionDir)
17426 – Results of code search and code members should have new column "Project"
17427 – Allow to use 'Enter' key in Open dialog when adding an assembly
17428 – NRE in MonoDevelop.FSharp (inconsistently)
17431 – Lost intellisense on object/collection initializers
17432 – Xamarin Studio in beta (4.2.3) fails to build asset catalog for iOS build
17433 – Deleted files should go to Recycle/Trash
17436 – Project-specific TextStylePolicy ignored by Editor/Indent engine
17440 – Debug.WriteLine is not recognized as formatting method
17449 – About xamarin studio dialog no longer works
17454 – NUnit [Explicit] not honored
17456 – Parameter name: Name cannot be empty
17462 – Useless tooltip on enum field
17463 – Inconsistent colours
17468 – Cannot remove a project reference using keyboard
17471 – Setting iTunes images doesn't replace the previous image or produces an error
17477 – Android Designer shows portrait instead of landscape layout.
17481 – Moving not empty directory within project cause creating new directory
17482 – Getting different behavior in debugging.
17486 – Tasks Pad cannot be sorted by description
17487 – Crash trying to open .xml UI file
17490 – Document tree very slow for folders with lots of files(images) linked
17493 – Round-tripping through designer messes up Storyboard.
17496 – Generate additional undo steps for formatting doesn't work on paste
17500 – Remember input fields in dialog "Publish Android Application"
17502 – Not seeing improved feature 'evaluation should be better for most types'
17504 – How can I check feature "callstack tree is screwed on stable and proper on this branch"
17505 – Should show tooltips when mouse cursor is hovering references of a project
17508 – Can't login to addins.md.com via Google Auth
17509 – Cannot open ANY files in Xamarin Studio
17518 – One out of two times, launching a solution hangs XS
17535 – 'Complete statement' is badly broken
17539 – Can't compile with old runtime - Build failed. Unexpected binary element: 0
17542 – Source analysis rule for correct use of Task.ContinueWith
17545 – NRE on right-clicking inside the editor
17548 – pasting code doesn't respect formatting
17553 – Cannot convert a Git Stash to a Branch in Xamarin Studio
17566 – Unable to open android project template on VS which is created in X.S on Mac
17575 – Problem with indent with Xamarin Studio with a big file and problem with mscorlib.dll
17584 – Cannot easily edit font options on Windows
17599 – Whole statement 'bool var==true' is marked as redundant instead of just the '==true' part
17601 – Code issue for static event handlers
17602 – MD ignores project changes on build
17603 – GTK# Action Group Removal
17618 – Static event handler assignment
17619 – Static event handler register without references to members
17621 – ToString() code generation is duplicated.
17622 – Cannot adjust font size
17623 – Static event handler is a member
17627 – XAML layout tabs are created every time a layout is selected in the tree opening duplicate layouts
17629 – TestFlight uploads can time out
17631 – Xamarin froze from time to time when Typing comments or string of chars in Japanese
17634 – The Info.plist editor does not show localised launch images
17635 – Global line ending conversion setting lost for open files on a closing file
17637 – Lots of error at open XCode
17644 – Overriding virtual methods with optional boolean parameters causes autocomplete issue
17651 – project sln file corrupted
17653 – Wrong completion entry in tuple factory method
17659 – Remove a reference in the treeview can lock up Xamarin Studio
17676 – User is unable to build iOS template when Xcode is below 5.0
17685 – [XS-fsharp feature] Getting build error for F# iOS application which is referencing F# iOS Library project
17689 – Library template creates an application instead of a library
17697 – Random PCL Build Errors
17700 – File not found error when creating a ASP.NET MVC 3 (Razor) with Unit Test Project
17702 – Adding new ASP.NET MVC 3 (Razor) with Unit Test Project to existing solution adds one project
17703 – Incomplete Unicode support
17715 – Pasting code that uses @ symbol for escaping strings adds whitespace after the opening quote
17717 – Xamarin Studio prompting what to do with line endings
17725 – Not seeing feature '[Source code editing] Added smart indentation support for .json files'
17729 – Incorrect XML-docs warning about 'value' paramref
17733 – XS TempDownload directory > 8GB
17734 – Can't paste text copied from another application.
17735 – Xamarin Studio corrupts solution file when opened in XS when original solution was created in VS 2013
17738 – Crashes when inputting Japanese
17739 – Not seeing feature 'Immediate window now offers auto-completion'
17740 – Impossible to execute Xamarin Studio
17743 – How to check '[iOS] Added support for simulating a background fetch'
17745 – Incorrect CS0103 error for types in different namespace
17746 – How to check "[Version Control] Fixed email overriding for Git."
17749 – Project messed up again - Updated to ?
17751 – Xamarin Studio - Frequently does not build or complete required action
17754 – After debug, cannot rebuild because Access to Path Denied.
17757 – Debug parameters are not passed to Main method when debugging Xamarin.Mac app
17763 – C# format settings: cannot ignore blank lines formatting
17765 – Format selection adding extra leading whitespace on function
17766 – Decreasing tab on single line bounces back to formatting spot.
17769 – Incorrect "method never returns" warning
17777 – Unable to open Android Designer for any layout file
17779 – Symbol names with multiple successive letters are filtered out too early
17787 – Custom components are not being rendered because problems were detected
17789 – Object IDs should be selectable/copy-pasteable for L10n
17790 – Error XA9003: Assembly `System.ServiceModel, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35` requires Business (or higher) License. (XA9003) (MyProject.Droid)
17791 – Generating a View Controller from a new storyboard doesn't generate constructor
17792 – Getting value of thread local variables is not supported by SDB/XS
17794 – Installer should install shortcut for all users
17795 – Incorrect Warning: Static method invoked via derived type
17796 – Xamarin Studio Crashes with Editing F# file
17797 – Redrawing problem screen after degugging session
17798 – Numerous and incorrect drawables showing up in the Application Icon dropdown for AndroidManifest designer
17800 – Convert line ending settings is ignored
17808 – callable event declaration autocomplete or parser crashes
17813 – Regression: Cannot click on any error message in Task window
17816 – Xamarin Studio crashing with System.MissingMethodException
17819 – Cannot set breakpoint in anonymous method
17822 – Errors in XML completion
17825 – Cannot built PCL Profile78 after latest Alpha update
17827 – Poor indication of code completion updates
17832 – Using the "Search for new files on load" and "Automatically include found files" options with a large (thousands) number of files, the build action is not properly set for all files.
17833 – For new projects added to existing solutions, XamMac reference shows "Assembly not found for framework" until the solution is reloaded
17834 – New "Xamarin.Mac Library Project" template has OutputType "Exe" rather than "Library"
17835 – Maybe intentional: C# Library Projects no longer "see" XamMac assembly in "Edit References"
17841 – throws error "System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80070032)"
17842 – [Windows] User getting error when downgrade to stable
17845 – Memory Leak in Xamarin Studio/Android Designer
17846 – VCS addin blocks UI thread on solution load
17855 – Android designer crashing on simple UI
17859 – Source analysis should not warn when obsolete member is used by obsolete member
17863 – Editor cannot scroll past last line
17865 – Error trying to edit and save any XML File being used in the app
17869 – Next lined shifted braces still has issues
17872 – Xamarin Studio becomes unresponsive
17880 – Regression: Duplicate using entry in Resolve command
17881 – Regression: Cannot click on member breadcrumb once type breadcrumb is selected
17883 – Cannot undo file grouping in solution pad
17888 – Regression: Wrong entry is selected in breadcrumb dropdownlist
17891 – Creating new Ice Cream Sandwich project doesn't set TargetFramework version
17895 – Xamarin Studio crashes when expanding the "drawable" folder
17896 – Adding line break inside string removes forward whitespace.
17916 – Android Build Actions in an iOS project
17917 – Load operation failed. There must be 2, 3, or 4 components in the version string.
17922 – Wrong default value is displayed for optional parameter
17923 – monodevelop crashes when executing a git commit
17925 – Changing iOS Application Build Number Causes "RELEASE_NOTES.txt" to be created
17927 – "Go to Definition" missing from context menu on object members.
17945 – Bad 'unnecessary cast' warning
17949 – Can't find tarballs
17950 – PageViewController Transition Styles are not reflected correctly between iOS Designer and Interface Builder
17952 – Autocomplete when keywords are used
17955 – Big Problems with Xamarin Studio
17956 – Command + Q hotkey doesn't work if language is not English
17957 – Cannot edit constant constraint values in XS
17959 – Poor Undo Performance
17961 – git pull operation corrupts symbolic-link-based directory when it opens solution inside it
17967 – MonoTouch Designer process constantly prompts network connection (LittleSnitch)
17972 – Designer does not update view positions when constraints are applied
17973 – Top and Bottom Layout Guides are not added by default into iOS7 project.
17976 – Switching from 4" to 3.5" displays incorrect visualization of storyboard.
17981 – Warn/Error if file names or directory names conflict with the app name
17984 – Unable to search in Call Stack window
17988 – Auto-complete does not close and mangles code.
17989 – Can't open the Storyboard Editor for an iOS project in Xamarin Studio 4.3.2 (build 2)
17999 – Xamarin Studio freezes when two classes inherit from each other.
18006 – Storyboard Editor
18007 – pop-up documentation went off primary screen
18008 – Mdtool archive not honouring --configuration flag
18023 – SVN 1.8 repos
18032 – Additional mtouch arguments, text carat position
18039 – Xamarin has ball of death on opening file
18042 – Code formatting issue with multiple lock statements on 1 line
18049 – List of available Android devices is not always updated
18061 – Incorrect "delegate subtraction has unpredictable result" warning
18062 – Raised exception when attaching to Unity, reproducable 100% of the time
18086 – "NGit.Api.Errors.CannotDeleteCurrentBranchException" error is shown if user attempts to delete master branch from published project
18088 – XS hangs if tag is pushed twice or more times at Published project> Repository configuration window
18091 – Text Editor incorrectly highlighting invalid keywords
18104 – 4.3.3 Reproduceable bug - Xamarin Studio gives fatal error alert when pasting git link into URL box (Version Control)
18107 – info.plist (and other resources) keeps losing settings by itself...
18109 – Always After Debug: Solution Explorer Clicking On Chevron (Triangle) In Treeview Doesn't Work
18110 – "Splash Screen" gets in the way when errors occur on startup
18111 – Fix -> Create member on other file with open search menu fails
18115 – .NET 4.5 PCLs broken on alpha channel
18124 – The nested type does not exist in the type with change to designer file
18127 – Git integrations crashes when handling tags.
18133 – Xamarin studio does not consistently synchronize changes from XIB
18138 – XamarinStudio Crashes when editing Razor view
18139 – Unescaped markup in tooltip
18140 – Can't navigate to Task.Dispose
18143 – We should handle exceptions from the ViewDidAppear override
18144 – Getting file not found exception when user create Nunit library project from recent
18145 – Garbage Collection causes Hang/Beachball in Xamarin Studio
18146 – Exception generated when user enter wrong Git credientials
18147 – "Checkout path not empty" message shown on checking out with non existing git url.
18150 – "System.Net.WebException" is shown if port number of added repository is changed and then checkout to updated target directory.
18159 – AdbException: WARNING: linker: libdvm.so has text relocations
18168 – Exception while translating index to utf8
18170 – VisualStudioVersion = {0} error
18175 – Ability to have a file-system based folder in a project
18179 – Xamarin.Mac/MonoMac application isn't passed command line arguments when debugging
18180 – Unable to publish Android application via
18181 – Cannot open AXML file: exception in Xamarin.AndroidDesigner.Styles
18186 – Exception generated when commited into git with blank Commit message
18195 – Code issue to use string comparer instead of ToUpper/ToLower
18196 – Updated Xamarin today, now the layout editor always crashes
18199 – Can't report bugs in MonoDevelop (Unity)
18200 – MonoDevelop window always on top
18202 – Error opening project lacking ToolsVersion attribute
18206 – Disconnected from layout renderer
18209 – Unable to browse to change location of Android SDK in XS after changing android SDK directory
18210 – Getting Exception when user select language "Summary" in Assembly Browser.
18212 – Developer Accounts pops up when opeining iOS Bundle Signing
18216 – When .axml file is open in Source editor, selecting option “Open with> Hex Editor” opens Layout Editor view.
18219 – mdtool fails with Null Reference Exception
18226 – Stack overflow when writing function in fsharp
18227 – Improve comment action
18228 – Automatic indentation mode doesn't remove trailing whitespace
18231 – System.AggregateException: One or more errors occured ---> System.Exception: Failed to retrieve the PID after launching the app. Pid was -1 at Bindings.SimulatorBridge.LaunchApplication (System.String bundleId, System.String[] arguments, MonoMac.Foundat
18232 – Unclosed XML brackets in documentation comments `/// <` affect syntax highlighting of non-commented lines
18233 – System.AggregateException: One or more errors occured ---> System.Exception: Failed to retrieve the PID after launching the app. Pid was -1 at Bindings.SimulatorBridge.LaunchApplication (System.String bundleId, System.String[] arguments, MonoMac.Foundat
18238 – Xamarin Studio crashed multiple times while editing a T4 template
18241 – Crash pressing option+i in text editor
18243 – Enable pango markups in completion list
18253 – Errors in inspections
18254 – Allow customization of indentation for anonymous methods
18257 – Gtk-Critical from docking system when dragging window
18263 – Creating a new Universal Empty iOS project crashes on launch
18267 – i add existing project in my solution then i remove or close project i ve got this error every time
18268 – F# Binding 3.2.25 - Tabbing inserts actual tabs instead of spaces in the source editor
18271 – I ve got this error when i renaming a class
18277 – iOS option is not available in Preferences -> Projects
18288 – 4.2.3 update removes all .png files inside VersionControl folder causing Subversion addin to complain about subversion-logo.png not being present when clicking on it in Addin Manager
18291 – [Windows 7, GTK#] Pre-Built Apps "Download Solution" button takes over whole window after browser pops up
18295 – 7.20 release hogs the processor (possible memory leak)
18297 – [PCL] Build failed. Argument cannot be null.
18298 – Xamarin appears to incorrectly load .sln generated by Unity
18300 – Random tooltip colours
18305 – Getting error when Publish to TestFlight...
18311 – Using SSH git link throws System.UriFormatException
18317 – Option to convert / keep line endings has no effect
18325 – Getting an intermittent issue on restarting the application
18326 – Xamarin IDE crashes when in Debugger Visualizer, View selected as Hex Editor
18335 – Switching SC branches removes project from Most Recently Opened list on welcome screen
18338 – Need to check feature "[Source code editing] Improved text editor performance & memory usage (esp. on windows or large c# files the improvements will be visible)"
18355 – Bug Search in the big file
18362 – mdtool not building specified configuration: specifying the configuration of "Release|iPhone" builds "Release|iPhoneSimulator"
18368 – Compiler crashed when using custom runtime
18385 – Xamarin Studio on Mac crashes when I type Japanese charactors
18386 – [F#]On creating F#> NUnit Library Project it shows error pop up "File not found: ~\*.cs"
18389 – Win32 debugger fails to evaluate value of private field
18391 – After updating Windows Taskbar Pinned icon and recent files are lost
18396 – Xamarin Studio doesn't recognise VS2012 F# Profile47 projects, but xbuild does
18418 – Assembly Browser doesn't dissemble async/await functions
18419 – System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80070032)
18426 – Designer is not showing widget backgrounds
18431 – Probelm intellisense
18435 – Xamarin Studio right click menus hang when window maximized
18440 – xib file removal results in all files being removed
18450 – Framework not installed
18455 – when using vi bindings opening C# files lockup Xamarin Studio
18456 – Simulator selection automatically switches from 7.1 to 6.1
18458 – Monodevelop doesn't respect dark theme colors
18463 – Indentation does not work when typed statement does not require semicolon
18467 – System.ArgumentNullException: Argument cannot be null. Parameter name: project
18469 – "OutputPath" parsing not working correctly.
18475 – Multi-select only possible with drag/select
18503 – Platform gets changed to 'iPhone iOS 6.1' after closing project option using OK button
18508 – Xamarin Studio not resolving assembly references correctly
18513 – Adding a new repository doesn't show new addins until XS is restarted
18514 – Could not open port for debugger. Another process may be using the port
18529 – Label missing for 'animates' property of segue
18530 – Default linker setting for Xam.Mac projects is "Link All" for Release and AppStore configurations.
18531 – Origin keeps resetting to bottom/left corner
18532 – iOS 6/7 deltas are not rendered properly when switching between iOS 6 and 7 designer displays
18535 – Highlight current line option makes difficult to recognize actual selected lines
18536 – Visual glitch - the tabs in the text editor overlaps the window
18537 – Installing a newer mono while XS is running breaks building open solution impossible
18538 – Code formatting configuration isn't taken into consideration
18539 – Refactor>Rename fails after fetching file from remote git repo
18540 – Access to path is denied - file locked by mono.exe - build failed
18541 – Document Outline suggestion - highlight item name, select the item dynamically according cursor position in the test editor
18543 – Fast Assembly Deployment always fails with Android Emulator, Genymotion, or a device
18545 – Debug launch window shows targets that can't run the app
18546 – Monodroid crash garbage collection 0xffffffff
18547 – In XS no warning is shown if Target Android version is lower than minimum android version.
18563 – Format Docuemtn hot key ^| can't work.
18568 – 'Add files' points ot the initial directory after first use
18600 – breaking on call to base constructor results in nil this
18601 – Duplicate designer.cs files shown after editing xib
18605 – Error when building solution: v4.5/Microsoft.Portable.CSharp.targets: Project file could not be imported
18610 – Can not set title and image at the same time in UITabBarItem properties
18611 – Error when trying to build solution Nuget.exe, error 2
18618 – NRE in analysis service
18628 – Unable to build F# Android Library projects
18642 – Ctr + Alt instead of AltGr not working
18644 – cant see text in editor
18645 – Using statements inserted in incorrect location
18646 – Using statements inserted in front of compiler directives
18647 – Implement interface should probably just use declaration order in the interface
18648 – Implementing interface does not include whitespace between members
18649 – Paging up/down does not move the cursor
18650 – LINQ query expressions are poorly formatted
18651 – Implement interface fix requests location even if only one location is viable
18652 – Typing parentheses/braces/brackets automatically wraps selected test
18653 – Dragging multiple files to a new folder only moves one
18655 – (vs-504783) NUnit System.Reflection.TargetException When using Run All on two different TestFixtures
18659 – MT0000 - unexpected Directory?
18694 – [Enhancement] Remember execution target for each project
18706 – Error in the logs breaking code completion
18708 – String constants don't show up properly (for C#)
18712 – XS iOS Binding Project can't regenerate foo.linkwith.cs file
18716 – Incorrect autosave recovery
18718 – Autohiding pads should hide entire group
18733 – When choosing "Go to declaration" in a method of an interface-typed variable, the full interface is not shown
18755 – Unable to perform channel updates
18760 – Xamarin often Freezes Hitting Save Working on AXML Source
18765 – [iOS] Simulate iOS Background Fetch fails on device
18785 – Open GL storyboard application shows View controller in editor instead of GLK view controller.
18792 – Adding gestures in table view controller of Master Detail storyboard application shows error "System.InvalidCastException:"
18805 – Stack imbalance tooltip
18818 – Deployment Target changed from iOS 3.0 to iOS 3.1 (minimum requirement for ARMv7)
18825 – Format Document leaves weird "numberless" lines in code
18826 – Double quote problem
18827 – Incorrect error on return of type Task
18833 – ERROR: The tag type 'aspScriptManager' has not been registered
18834 – False positive on using member of null value
18836 – Cannot set IDs/names of controls in Storyboard designer
18838 – ActionAttributes don't work when tests run in MonoDevelop
18858 – Error when inspecting subclass of generic collection
18862 – Addin load failure causes XS to crash
18867 – Improve unit tests
18870 – app-sandbox Entitlement.plist not being honored by App Store submission process
18873 – F# 4.3 binding causes Xamarin Studio to crash
18876 – Better error message when the MDK is required.
18878 – Monodevelop 4.2.3 ASP.NET MVC 3 (Razor) does not have "Empty Resource Type" in the "New File" menu
18879 – Monodevelop 4.2.3 (Linux Debian Wheezy Gnome 3.4.2) does not open files using "Open with Monodevelop 4"
18881 – ERROR: The tag type 'fixedRadioButton' has not been registered
18883 – make dist generates a tarball without the scripts directory
18890 – Adding Existing F# script (.fsx) files to a XS project puts them in the compile bucket
18891 – New Android F# Project with a Single Activity does not compile
18894 – Implement support for debugging pointers
18899 – [C#] Dependent files cannot be removed from parent
18907 – Xamarin Studio MS Studio Code Style Format
18921 – Xamarin Studio changes solution version information - causing it to create an error next time you open it.
18935 – Navigation should work when symbol is selected
18940 – C# indent modes not working
18948 – Out-of-solution exceptions are not visualized
18955 – Required Permissions in AndroidManifest.XML designer duplicates RECORD_AUDIO in lis
18965 – impossible to do anything in armhf 4.0.12 version
18966 – impossible to do anything in armhf 4.0.12 version
18968 – Clipboard issue
18969 – Xamarin Studio 4.3.4 ASP.NET MVC 3 (Razor) new solution missing System.Web.Helpers and Webpages assemblies
18970 – Null reference error when hitting cancel in the "add new file" dialog.
18971 – The exception is raised on attempt to rename delegate argument
18972 – The extension method's parent class is not visible in the list of code suggestions
19009 – Monodevelop - Can't connect to repositories for updates ...
19016 – Clear text Button in textField not appearing in simulator.
19017 – Quick diff line dirty can't use
19038 – Quitting XS caused MainStoryboard.Storyboard to convert to IB file
19054 – NuGet package MSBuild property files (.props) should be added to the start of the project file
19059 – System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
19086 – NSInternalInconsistencyException loaded the nib but the view outlet was not set
19091 – Xamarin Studio does not see running emulator, fixed by restarting XS
19101 – Dependent DLL is loaded into child mono.exe process, thwarting builds
19110 – Typing "///" on operators does not create Summaray block
19121 – Extra quote displayed for character literals in F#
19126 – Copy empty string is possible
19128 – Console project default target framework
19130 – Solution Explorer: Add / Files from Folder seems to run synchronously
19131 – Incorrect constructor completion
19132 – Warnings bubble displayed in commented code block
19143 – Deleted packages from package.config file should remove from Project/Package without reopening solution
19148 – Unable to delete Package folder completely from Solution
19149 – Getting exception after clicking on added package when Nuget is disable from Add-In Manager
19153 – "An error occurred when processing this request" display after searching double quotes (")
19159 – NuGet adds new web.config file when project has existing file with different case
19166 – Reverting a file doesn't remove the VCS dirty overlay
19167 – Xamarin Studio dock icon does not accept drops of .fs, .fsx, or .fsi files
19172 – Syntax highlighting: Unclosed '<' in triple slash comments bleeds into code
19182 – Component documentation is cropped in Xamarin Studio (cannot be scrolled horizontally)
19208 – F# Android Application currently requires F# 3.0: The target "Build" does not exist in the project
19213 – addins.md.com won't trigger update on github pushs
19222 – MonoTODO inspections should not be errors
19233 – Workaround Apple UISlider thumb tint color bug
19234 – [iOS] Binding project Syntax highlighting shows that names don't exist in the current context, but compiles with no errors
19259 – Opening Solution options breaks SLN file.
19265 – Error using "Revert to this version"
19277 – Unable to search package using XS search bar
19278 – Zoom setting not restored upon launch
19281 – Unable to remove Component
19300 – Unable to install bootstrap NuGet package if jQuery is not installed first
19309 – F# MonoMac template references old version of FSharp.Core.dll and won't build.
19317 – Openning .sln results in Load operation failed. "There must be 2, 3 or 4 components in the version string"
19320 – Xamarin Studio looses connection to the emulator when switching solutions
19337 – Wrong context for method group simplification code issue
19347 – Typing "///" above two or more attributes of method does not create Summary block
19348 – Moving Navigation Controller sends the controller off screen
19361 – Can't open the Layout File in Xamarin Studio 4.2.3 (60)
19362 – Folders in solution explorers aren't sorted
19363 – A '<' character in an xmldoc comment causes F# syntax highlighting to display incorrectly
19368 – Remember code foldings
19370 – NotImplementedException for RequiresProvidesDirectiveProcessor in TemplatingEngine.cs
19371 – User getting Load failed when creating project with 'Backslash'
19376 – In XS, clearing recent file/solution doesn't remove history from text editor for recent files.
19389 – Storyboard editor command-S does not save
19400 – Broken breadcrumb hierarchy display
19403 – Colouring of tooltip help sometimes misses first letter
19405 – Accessibility overlay icons are not displayed for types
19406 – Control key does not make completion transparent when selecting overloads
19407 – Wrong completion tooltip over this
19408 – No support for indexer named arguments
19410 – Debugger ignores new type icons
19414 – 'Revert' option is in active mode while there is no change in file
19421 – outlets for custom view without a custom view controller
19424 – Breadcrumb navigation does not work for indexers
19427 – FieldService.VisualStudio.FieldService.iOS - MainStoryboard.storyboard fails to render
19429 – SVN failing to remember user credentials
19432 – Have appVersion="5.0" available on addins.md.com
19440 – [iOS Designer] Static cells in UITableView aren't editable, designer error is logged
19441 – [Shared Asset Project] referenced projects DDLB icon too large, makes toolbar too tall
19444 – On Welcome page scrolling doesn't result in full display of Pre-build app 'My Stepcounter'.
19445 – User is unable to move vertical scroll-bar via drag action at welcome screen.
19448 – Can't save my layout
19452 – Cannot switch back to Stable Channel from XS 5.0 Alpha Channel
19454 – Custom DebugValueTooltipProvider not invoked
19461 – [Already fixed in alpha channel] Assembly browser does not show attribute argument values in C# decompilation
19467 – Lack of F# highlighting at certain lines
19470 – Resource ID changes made in the Properties pad not reflected in the csproj.
19471 – Exception opening folder
19475 – Directories not listed alphabetically
19477 – [Gtk] View -> Welcome Page with Storyboard open in iOS Designer causes Storyboard properties to appear on Welcome Page
19478 – Update Documentation fails at end of update
19479 – Corrupt TARball
19485 – Android and iOS can reference native .NET libs that are not PCLs
19493 – android layout renderer won't open
19502 – iOS project added to Shared Asset only solution cannot be compiled
19504 – Android Device Monitor listed as Android Debug Monitor in tools menu
19507 – Component references show as invalid
19510 – Cursor is "off" when renaming filename is Solution Explorer
19512 – Wrong colors and somethings else in the editor windows
19514 – Adding a folder to a shared project adds a ghost folder to the referenced projects
19520 – A prompt does not appear asking for your credentials when adding package if proxy setting is enabled
19521 – Win32Exception when updating from Xamarin Studio 4.2.3 to 4.2.4
19522 – Multiple Proxy credentials windows open when connect to Nuget package source
19528 – Restore packages not updated in Solutions pad when using MSBuild based package restore.
19530 – Code analysis highlight shades too many characters
19531 – Moving class to its own file from Shared Asset Project adds the file to the wrong project
19536 – Renaming a file in a shared assets project break "jump to definition"
19539 – NRE in UnreachableCodeIssue
19551 – Type parameter completion uses same icon same a class
19556 – Cannot debug project with conditionally redefined package name
19561 – Wrong completion for default parameter used with generics
19563 – Parallel build (make -j2) fails
19566 – Add GUI for .apk/ABI
19570 – Expressions in immediate window do not use overloaded operators
19574 – triple slash comment inside method/accessor block
19576 – Allow removing projects from the recents list in the Welcome screen
19579 – Xamarin Studio no longer silently accepts builds with Windows Phone projects
19586 – Object browser crashes XS
19590 – Copy of class causes following rename action to rename the wrong class
19596 – Refactor / Extract Method removing blank lines
19600 – 4.2.5 Update Application Output Bug
19610 – ResXFileCodeGenerator bug looks for resources based off the location of the exe file
19611 – Updating addons moves entire install without warning/permission
19616 – TFS version control operation failed, authentication not supported
19629 – Changing default namespace for Shared Projects doesnt save
19630 – Unable to set environment variables for nunit tests
19631 – Text boxes with overflowing text lose track of the cursor
19634 – C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Xamarin\Android\Xamarin.Android.Common.targets(2,2): Error XA0000: Unexpected error - Please file a bug report at http://bugzilla.xamarin.com. Reason: System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path "C:\Users\VĂ­tek_2
19636 – Minimum window width should not be bounded
19640 – Resource.designer.cs not recompiled on close-and-save
19646 – Expression Evaluator shows a null object error on even simple Collection<T> subclasses whilst debugging
19651 – Should not require [TestFixture] for Unit Test Integration
19659 – When you drag a piece of text around the screen it does not drop into any other place
19661 – When I change the theme selector on the design screen to theme.holo.light it doesn't persist it
19663 – Templates do not understand how to reference Shared Asset Projects
19664 – App starts in background mode when debugging in simulator
19675 – [Lion] Not Seeing title 'Add packages' on Add packages window
19677 – Watch window returns incorrect value for method call
19680 – Breakpoint freezes running application
19681 – Build fails on working nunit project when reloaded
19682 – System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. ---> System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException
19684 – Error when adding Segue as Tab
19693 – Cannot load assembly error dialog gets into an infinite loop
19695 – Project properties are not evaluated using MSBuild engine
19705 – XS allows you to scroll down until the last line of file is at the top of the screen
19708 – [CorDebugger] Debugger locks pdb file after aborting on Windows
19714 – Xamarin studio on mac crashes when I type Korean letters.
19721 – User is unable to remove multiple package sources.
19733 – Region selector rendering issue
19765 – Changing UITableViewController's Refreshing property in designer corrupts .storyboard
19782 – Cursor location not retained when CTRL+TAB switching between Android designer .axml files
19783 – I had to Force Quit Xamarin Studio 5.0 on Mac
19796 – IDE builds projects not build in active configuration
19797 – "Open Containing Folder" always throws an error in 4.2.5
19807 – F# let! keyword fails to highlight
19808 – F# let keyword highlights only after entering a space after word
19809 – F# not keyword fails to highlight
19810 – F# select keyword fails to highlight
19811 – F# reserved OCAML token asr fails to highlight
19812 – F# reserved OCAML token land fails to highlight
19813 – F# reserved OCAML token lor fails to highlight
19814 – F# reserved OCAML token lsl fails to highlight
19815 – F# reserved OCAML token lsr fails to highlight
19816 – F# reserved OCAML token lxor fails to highlight
19817 – F# reserved OCAML token mod fails to highlight
19819 – Cannot build monomac applications
19821 – Opening iOS project created in VS causes error
19824 – missing icons
19831 – Source Analysis should not suggest auto-properties for [Serializable] classes
19832 – Source Analysis should probably not suggest making a serialized field readonly
19837 – Blank Editor tabs - File name not always displayed
19843 – More options for running a partial set of unit tests
19855 – Getting three build errors for Xamari.Forms(Shared Project) when network is sloppy(Flakiness)
19867 – Designer Hangs with many controllers
19868 – Deleting a folder with items in Solution Explorer visually deletes files, but not folder
19870 – Intellisence not working as expected in razor files (*.cshtml)
19877 – Debugger very slow at showing a list of objects and using Immediate pad
19911 – Debugger thread scroll resets on selecting thread
19927 – [Regression] Cannot debug framework code
19949 – Extra Compiler Options results in unnecessary "-n" flag
19960 – Cannot disable "embed assemblies" for Android apps
19965 – PCL Reference assemblies not installed
19968 – MonoDevelop C# Source Analysis produces incorrect warning "Redundant typecast" for necessary downcast with overloaded functions
19974 – NuGet Cache stored in wrong location
19975 – Layout viewer is buggy
19984 – why the chinese words is chaos in monotouch/ios7 ( in debug-watch window & iphone UI)
19999 – Per-solution source-analysis rules configuration
20008 – Exception dialog throws Array index is out of range.
20009 – [Regression] System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Argument is out of range.
20011 – Impossible to see the different method overloads in Xamarin Studio editor
20015 – iOS Designer doesn't support reordering in the Document Outline Mode
20018 – C# Name Conventions Style dropdown list returning incorrect values
20022 – The Release Notes link at http://monodevelop.com/Download is broken.
20027 – Top tool bar should be editable
20035 – Crash if you use the find in files keyboard shortcut while finding
20038 – Intellisense Parameter List does not show
20039 – Function returns random double when running step-by-step
20046 – Projects take from VS make XS crash
20058 – Error while executing command: Resolve
20060 – Files in Resources folder in a sub project are not accessible
20063 – Adding a new file to a shared project results in a self referencing file link
20064 – the "fix" context menu option fails after a while..
20066 – XS no longer prompts to remove missing solutions from recents list
20067 – After removing or renaming a file from a Shared project, referencing project complains file cannot be found during build
20068 – Attempting to remove ghost folder from referencing project results deletion of entire shared project
20070 – Able to add multiple references to the same project
20072 – Shared project project guid is not wrapped in curly braces
20075 – Resolver resolves nonvisible types
20078 – Refactor->Rename doesn't correct naming issues in other files
20095 – Breadcrumb mouse navigation does not match displayed text
20097 – Region dropdown text not visible
20098 – Vertical Scroll Indicator of Solution explorer visible atop docked pad even when occluded
20099 – Custom components are not being rendered because problems were detected
20100 – Properties menu does not find styles if they are added as linked files
20101 – NullReferenceException on editing Xaml form
20102 – Crash when opening the Edit menu
20105 – cmd+shift+r does not find references anymore
20106 – Code Completion Generates Error - Perhaps like #5613
20107 – Intellisense Error on .xaml files in Xamarin.Forms Shared Project
20111 – My Monodeveloper shows compiler crashed
20125 – Fails to show abstract method when writing "override"
20127 – Fails to show all references of an abstract method
20129 – ERROR: Could not read add-in file: bin/mac-linux/Debug/FSharpBinding.dll
20140 – error during opening storyboard
20144 – AXML files unaffected by XML code formatting settings
20150 – File ordering for F# projects will not works in VS
20152 – XS Templates Create .Android namespace for Xamarin.Forms
20155 – Upgrade to Xamarin 3 looking for F# and failing to find it - crashes
20157 – Files cannot be placed before folders in the solution pad
20161 – Xamarin Studio cannot resolve reference when using TokenReplacement in HintPath even with MSBuild enabled
20171 – No visual designer for XAML
20177 – addins.md.com issue
20191 – Typos in UICollectionViewFlowLayout error message
20197 – Fragment item template fails to build in F#
20198 – View template fails to compile
20199 – Activity template fails to build in Android F#
20204 – Adding existing items to a folder does not offer overwrite option
20226 – Nuget package manager doesn't work for me
20227 – Xamarin Studio crashes when opening storyboard file into iOS Designer
20229 – Something is wrong with IntelliSense.
20234 – Expand Selection command selects whole conditional blocks instead of expressions
20235 – Incorrect Autolayout warnings
20237 – [Gui] Ghost item in region dropdown combo list
20238 – Crash on opening a c# file or just opening the application and clicking on file menu button
20240 – [Enh] Render user code regions in the upper right dropbox language-independent
20243 – Cannot segue from a UIBarButtonItem
20247 – Spurious creation of build .hmap files in project's Resources folder
20251 – Xamarin 3: Unable to clean with 2 solutions loaded
20252 – Xamarin Forms: Android not finding Shared resources
20253 – Error during code completion of System.Globalization.CultureInfo.
20255 – When typing double quotes such as "", Studio crashes badly, restarting Mac is mostly needed.
20257 – Some shared projects created by XS can't be opened in VS
20261 – Unable to open storyboard in designer due to: "NotSupportedException"
20262 – Clean Failed After Update
20263 – Show a Diff when you ask which file I should keep
20280 – Xamarin.Forms project not
20281 – Type system errors from Forms addin
20284 – Cannot rebuild, PDB file locked by Xamarin Studio 5.0
20285 – iOS project fails to build with empty MinimumOSVersion
20286 – No option to make assets Embeddable Resources in shared projects
20287 – Suggestion for thread logging
20288 – 'System.InvalidOperationException' shown on selecting invalid file for 'Add existing Projects'
20289 – While adding new files, multiple spaces included in file name doesn't get omitted and renders as such.
20290 – 'System.IO.PathTooLongException' error displayed on adding new file with names more than 260 chars.
20291 – When no files exist in folder to select, Add file dialogue shows 'Include/Exclude All' & OK button in enabled state.
20293 – At assembly browser clicking 'Base Types' folder shows error 'System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException'
20296 – Don't compile with path special Spanish character
20305 – XS does not allow re-opening a file under a different editor if it is already open in an editor.
20308 – Could not save solution Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation
20314 – Support shared projects at IDE document level
20317 – Context menu changes desktop of other monitor
20318 – Shared Asset Projects don't respect Naming Conventions
20332 – On Win, XS file menu doesn't show option 'Print Preview'.
20334 – On win under XS > Window drop menu, 'Minimize' option is missing
20337 – Right clicking in the gutter of NUnit test fixture brings up two context menus
20339 – Error loading Shared projects
20343 – Can't search application output
20344 – existing block selection interferes with making new block selection
20345 – no line number status
20346 – iOS Designer crashes when specifying a color property
20347 – Unhandled XS exception dialog box corrupted
20351 – Documentation for iOS custom controls is insufficient/incomplete
20352 – Selected 'Region' does not display correctly
20354 – No Monodoc on Mavericks or Yosemite
20377 – Debug button state stuck
20381 – Components cause build error with authenticated proxy
20388 – find in files dialog case sensitive keyboard shortcut broken
20396 – Line Endings setting not respected in auto generated files
20397 – Warning CS2002 when using shared projects
20398 – After removing a shared project, the project is still being referenced
20399 – Xamarin Studio crashes when a project reference is deleted
20401 – Error adding new folder when using git ref wildcards
20402 – Can't select OpenTK-1.0.dll w/ Xamarin.Android 4.14
20404 – Renaming a class variable in a method doesn't rename the variable declaration
20407 – Failed assertions in text editor
20409 – Inifinite dialog boxes when .mdw openned
20430 – App file does not install in Applications dir from a package installer
20437 – Allow me to choose when Storyboard editor opens on double-click
20438 – [Release mode] F# Android application gets close as soon it launches, if we run the application by clicking on Run button XS.
20439 – Splash screen too modal
20445 – Allow setting the Bundle Identifier per Build Configuration for iOS projects
20448 – Add UI to add entitlements on the simulator builds
20455 – Error occurs when typing in text editor
20458 – Auto-complete C# method parameters not working properly
20461 – Xamarin Studio keyword help messages use circular definitions
20463 – Can't switch active project without device connected
20464 – Window is modal in windows 8 MonoDevelop 4.01 Even when the save file dialog comes up it is modal to it. (System Modality so that NOTHING will show in front of it. Mono Develop version 4.01 is very difficult to use!
20465 – SVN not available after installing 10.10 10 (Yosemite)
20466 – Xamarin 3 iOS Designer sometimes changes the X/Y co-ordinates of views when changing values on views within viewcontroller
20467 – Format document on duplicated attributes removes all text
20468 – XML Format document removes all undo history
20471 – New Xml formatting policy "Attributes in new line on root element"
20477 – Poor visual feedback on what file you are editing with the property tab options
20478 – NRE inside ViewDidLayoutSubviews when opening in designer
20487 – Incomplete French translations.
20491 – GLib-Critical: Source ID xx was not found when attempting to remove it
20497 – Failed assertion in TextFileProvider.GetTextEditorData
20498 – Source analysis error while typing foreach loop
20504 – Custom Command Mono Soft Debugger cannot execute given command
20507 – Renaming a file under source control deletes file
20513 – iOS Designer does not support mapping constraints to outlets and removes them if already created via XCode
20514 – (vs-504782) Feature request: allow copy and paste of unit test stack traces
20517 – .csproj ProjectReference Aliases is not saved
20523 – After committing changes to SVN, Xamarin Studio not updated
20524 – Enhancement Req: Version Control, Review and Commit window
20528 – Uninstalling a NuGet package can remove it from packages folder even though it is still used by other projects in the solution
20530 – Git addin should not stage new files by default
20533 – Project Reference 'properties' is showing disabled
20540 – XS 5.0 does not recognize Git repository
20544 – ASP.NET MVC 4 template is missing
20546 – Typing "///" on nested class does not create Summary block
20548 – NullReferenceException when deleting a solution folder
20551 – Dependencies resolution not working with custom feeds.
20554 – Unable to parse condition
20571 – References to Shared Asset Projects are forgotten in between xam studio restarts
20574 – On build "Errors" pad, the build log verbosity does not reflect changes until next XS launch
20576 – Code completion fails for closures and Xamarin.Forms component.Children.Add(..)
20580 – CTRL + TAB doesn't work in fullscreen mode
20581 – RTE Tooltip appears mostly offscreen
20600 – Installing an addin that creates a new pad throws a null reference exception and crashes Xamarin Studio
20601 – F# syntax highlighting - function call with "let" in function name highlights "let"
20602 – Typo in SVN log
20604 – Incomplete undo for module renaming (F#) - filename change is not undone
20610 – xamarin forms samples wont build on windows even after package update
20612 – Imports added by NuGet should add Conditions to check the import exists
20618 – Adding F# project fails to put project identifier in curly braces in solution file
20624 – [Deploy] Xamarin.Android.Platform.apk generation hardcodes android-8
20629 – iPad launch images have incorrect size
20630 – Nuget Package Ids are case-sensitive.
20631 – Xamarin.Android.Platform.apk signing is failing due to (NO_CERTIFICATES)
20632 – Overloads list window is always shown when typing
20633 – Views do not snap properly when zoomed in all the way
20635 – monodevelop text editor tabs
20636 – text editor tabs have no corresponding file names
20647 – Regions which are too long show up incorrectly in breadcrumb bar
20648 – [Feature Request] - Ability to expand \ collapse regions
20651 – Log flood
20652 – Constraints are not always shown for Views they reference
20654 – Adding multiple XPath Scopes breaks Tools> Options window size.
20656 – Regression in file/directory renaming in the Solution Tree
20659 – Text (file name) is not displayed in the editor tabs
20662 – Unexpected exception while reloading XML for MonoTouch.Design.Client.IPhoneDesignerItem
20684 – Does not detect that Android simulator is started
20685 – xamarin studio RAM grows when reloading a project
20687 – The error message should be cleared when we close a solution.
20688 – X.S overwrite project files with empty skeleton
20693 – Designer does not auto-generate custom segue class when using a custom segue with Storyboards
20694 – Unable to open Storyboard request for rect of invalid section
20695 – Copying an existing XAML file and pasting it into the same folder doesn't work right
20696 – Backspace doesn't work
20697 – Rename class throws an "object reference not set to an instance...."
20698 – Attempt to rename XAML backing class causes Object Ref exception
20701 – Xamarin Studio crashes when changing desktop resolution
20712 – Wrong parameter hinting when multiple overloads exist
20723 – Packages having libraries for net451 are not supporting when targeting .NET 4.5
20724 – Unwind segues do not show up in the Document outline.
20726 – Xamarin Studio freezes when adding an unwind segue to a view controller that does not have a segue pointing to it.
20728 – Error when typing System.Globalization.Culture
20732 – Cmd-A does not work in Properties fields to select all.
20737 – Xamarin Studio bugs out if no products installed
20741 – Backspace does not work in some menus
20745 – Xamarin Studio fails to load Xamarin.Forms solution
20746 – Monodevelop crashes when empty .svn directory exists
20755 – XS crashes on deleting files/folders from a Shared Project
20768 – Unable to open projects in OS X 10.10
20770 – svn integration does't work with latest commandline tools
20773 – Bad widget packing in commit dialog
20774 – XS 5.1.1 unusable on OS X.10 beta
20778 – Is a bug ? - how to set the editor correct indentation and code formatting policy in xamarin studio 5.0
20779 – 10.10 beta2 & Xamarin 5.1.1 garbage screen content
20780 – Ok button of New Solution dialog should be disabled while creating the project
20781 – Coordinates for a UI Object should be separate values
20782 – Class not found
20792 – Xamarin Studio couldn't recognize Xamarin Android framework assemblies
20795 – Xamarin Studio don't work on Windows XP
20797 – "Find derived symbols" does not work
20799 – Xamarin Srudio overrides compile arguments used in Include paths
20800 – Cannot debug ASP.NET MVC 3 (Razor) app
20804 – XS fails to create Xamarin.Forms projects
20806 – Xamarin Studio rendering is broken on Yosemite DP2
20807 – Stepping into indexer
20808 – Re: bug 17099 - missing button icons in compiled application
20816 – Instances of F# ADTs show as {Unknown member '__DebugDisplay()'} in debugger
20820 – Xamarin Studio crashing with ALT+SHIFT+F10
20821 – Static UITableViewController Table Header
20823 – Numeric property of custom control always set to 0
20824 – "Delete entire line" only deletes the line that the cursor is on.
20831 – User is unable to specify older version of NuGet Packages
20838 – Broken xml genarated from templates containing xml tags with attributes, which name starts with "xml"
20840 – Addin will be automatically disabled in the future once it was uninstalled or after an update.
20841 – Empty directory left after addin uninstall or update
20843 – Split View Controller Missing Master/Detail Popup Menu
20844 – UISplitViewController Always Displays the Details View in Portrait in the iOS Design Surface
20845 – Unable to use Ctrl+Alt combinations on Spanish keyboard layout
20846 – Wrong links to reference dll libraries
20859 – Wrong background when hovering over quick find icons in text editor
20866 – exception on start XamarinStudio
20877 – Unable to Adjust Z-Order in iOS Designer
20882 – Can't type quotes or double quotes US-International keyboard
20883 – F# file has 'process' highlighted even when part of a identifier
20885 – UIImageView can't get shorter than 88 height
20889 – Unable to place controls correctly in iOS Designer
20890 – Cannot resize view controller in designer
20895 – Error while executing command: Quit (5.1.1 Build 1)
20896 – Unable to open storyboard with Xamarin Studio Designer
20897 – After the Update was installed, Windows did a forced restart
20898 – The layout could not be loaded: invalid LOC Header (bad signature) shown in android designer
20907 – Monodevelop softdebugger doesn't seem to support DebuggerNonUserCode
20910 – Closing second search results pad terminates Xamarin Studio
20915 – The specified path is not of a legal form - Nuget package restore
20919 – Xamarin Studio crashes while using the iOS Desginer
20920 – Can't use regular mouse on MacOS to scroll scrolled windows
20932 – Tapping on a file or folder in the solution pad of a SAP causes the project to collapse
20938 – Right-Click ContextMenu display position at X/2 and Y/2 from click position on Retina display
20941 – UX: Confusion about which project is build
20945 – UX: Android Build Options Debug/Release confusing
20957 – F# iOS "Empty Project" templates produce runtime error
20959 – Linking files to shared project makes project unusable
20965 – Show Parameter List does not show if cursor in " if (x > 1) { here } " block
20967 – Assertion reported in the console with monodevelop master
20969 – Randomly Xamarin Studio is wiping out my .csproj and leaving me with an empty project file
20973 – bad git synchronisation
20979 – Don't suggest changing for -> foreach if loop adds items to the list
20980 – Appearance.SetThumbImage in custom UISlider class also changes UISlider
20982 – it is not possible to rename folder
20984 – Razor syntax highlighting doesn't work sometimes
20985 – Could not parse element value
20996 – Cannot reliably edit text in edit box
20998 – Xamarin Studio 5.1 breaks Mac app sandboxing
21012 – Blank Application build crash when trying to run its Android part
21014 – Version Control stuck on second attempt to push changes
21019 – Xamarin Studio fails to open sln (System.InvalidOperationException: List has changed.)
21020 – Unable to check XS-CleanFonts feature in XS.
21028 – Break on handled exceptions, user-code only
21030 – Garbled text if big font is used and API level is 14 or 15 (possibly other too)
21031 – Can't edit files that are in git repository
21032 – [iOS Designer] Event added by double-clicking a button temporarily disappears from the `.designer.cs` file
21036 – Ability to run all platforms at once
21040 – ERR_UNLOADED while debugging assembly in loaded AppDomain
21041 – Should allow sandboxing without provisioning
21055 – Class drop list is sorted wrong
21065 – Issue in Android device targeting
21077 – Attempt to add new resource files / image causes spinning ball lock up and crash
21083 – Android emulator get started as second instance after project switch
21086 – Highlighting issue with generic constraints
21087 – F# template projects for iOS: Default-568h@2x.png file is missing
21099 – F# "Empty Project" template for iOS: Entitlements.plist file is missing
21103 – No identities are available for signing when submitting app package with XS 5.1
21111 – Forms addin should not use MSBuild:Compile generator
21114 – Event Handler Partial Method Build Error
21117 – Code formatting: line up multi-line conditional expression
21120 – Search text box contains values of previous solution search
21121 – Aggressive completion for delegates
21122 – this class is not key value coding-compliant runtime error when using iOS designer
21123 – Latest stable build, is anything but stable and appears to have gone seriously backwards in terms of bugs
21124 – Document formatting ignores type arguments
21129 – [Regression] System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Argument is out of range.
21133 – Adding or removing SDK path causes error
21137 – CS0759 reported on code that should other wise compile (and was prior to updating to 5.1.1)
21140 – Invalid configuration mapping with Projects having a single ProjectGroup
21141 – Can't create project with type: MonoDroid
21144 – When XS launched from the Dock, new but unsaved file has FullName starting with '//'
21148 – All menu items are disabled in full screen mode
21149 – saving a new file crashes.
21150 – Can't quit Xamarin Studio
21155 – Storyboard designer unable to properly set TextField.KeyboardType to URL
21157 – IntPtr display when debugging 64bits applications
21162 – Refactoring bug: declaring inner class before constructor causes wrong suggestion
21167 – Fix->Create Method adds method to 1st class in file
21171 – When no Project/solution is open, creating "Preprocessed Razor Template" shows error.
21178 – Xamarin Studio display problems with C# collapsed Regions
21182 – InvalidCastException when clicking on a Constraint
21184 – Sometimes I get "A reference to unknown project X ignored"
21187 – Typing in a cshtml file (triggering auto-complete) throws NRE
21189 – Xamarin has stoped working
21197 – Resolve refactoring creates makes source file syntactically invalid
21198 – Problem with storyborad iOS designer
21200 – Unable to re-add removed project files back into project after changing file location
21201 – Exception when initially clicking a ProjectPad item
21203 – Dot colors on the Test Result window
21205 – Cannot cast from source type to destination type when choose Run With Mono Soft Debugger
21207 – Tooltip in the Exception Caught dialog does not show, only flashes by briefly
21208 – [iOS Designer] Single-clicking a view after opening a storyboard selects the view, but also moves it
21214 – [iOS Designer] Design time properties lead to UI layout issues in "Properties" pane if storyboard opened before building
21219 – Xamarin Studio updater on Windows is using the old Xamarin logo
21220 – Android device/emutator not listed on available device
21232 – Debugger showing variables as null
21233 – References DLL updated but code model not updated
21237 – Underscores are removed from "Resolve" options
21240 – Action Outlets Becoming Disconnected
21244 – Segues Displaying as Blank in the Document Outline
21247 – Changing a Segue Type Erases the Name
21254 – when editing the android application settings via the property page it sets the manifest encoding to windows-1252
21256 – Outlets are incorrectly generated for UICollectionViewCell
21258 – UIButtons Jumping to Wrong Location on Double Click
21262 – xamarin crashes when opening
21263 – Cell background colour in Storyboard doesn't show on iPad Mini
21265 – Refactor | Rename no longer prompts for a new name
21267 – What is the point of the "Team" drop-down in the iOS properties?
21272 – [Feature Request] support editing .resx files with a built-in GUI
21277 – Font 9 pixel Not Clear
21278 – rename refactoring should apply to all file(s)
21281 – Highlight usage doesn't update properly when clicking on an already highlighted var
21290 – Cmd-Shift-Left/Right breaks text editing
21291 – Regression: "Get More Components" throws TargetInvocationException due to NullReferenceException in GetNativeWindow()
21292 – Regression: adding component throws InvalidCastException from ICommandDelegatorRouter.GetDelegatedCommandTarget()
21294 – "Run -> New Breakpoint" throws NRE from BreakpointPropertiesDialog.SetInitialData() when a non-textual tab has focus
21296 – Regression: "Target Android version" incorrectly shows same value as "Minimum Android version"
21306 – xsp4 is stopped when rebuilding
21308 – If the system date is not US regional (mm/dd/yyyy), Xamarin crashes if a project is linked to GitHub
21313 – Building solution hangs
21318 – Close all files tab context menu only closes that tab
21319 – Cannot pin variable in editor view
21320 – Add in manager could not get information from repository
21327 – Updating NuGet packages can cause packages.config to be treated as deleted by git
21331 – Storyboard designer is missing ability to set an ID on an unwind segue
21332 – Storyboard designer is missing ability to create a custom exit segue on a ViewController
21333 – Important keyboard shortcuts for selecting a line of text now split documents into multiple panels
21335 – Editor becomes prohibitively slow (after Unity3D rewrites csproj files?)
21337 – Adding or removing a project in a solution edits other projects in the solution
21338 – NuGet does not use MonoMac assemblies
21342 – In External Tool, make ${FileName} resolve to the file name without extension, as in VS.
21351 – Return member name is colored as a keyword
21360 – Getting Error: MonoTouch,Version=v1.0
21364 – C# tooltip shows empty description for almost everything except for some nodes
21371 – Xamarin Studio leaks on Project / Solution reload
21381 – Format Document in a Xaml file deletes the text in the editor.
21385 – Xamarin.Forms Blank App (Xamarin.Forms Portable) Android "Link SDK assemblies only" build fail
21393 – Side-by-side: exception when opening AXML file twice.
21394 – Wrong application of rule "assignment is redundant"
21403 – Specified argument was out of the range of valid values
21404 – How to set C# code formatting to allow end-of-line comments?
21407 – iOS Build "Supported architectures" drop-down values incorrect initially
21413 – Impossible to access source of third party libraries via "Go to definition"
21414 – ProjectSection(ProjectDependencies) data are not being honored, wiped on solution changes.
21422 – removing a component does not remove dependent references
21424 – Constraint multiplier designed as relation expression fail to load iOS-Designer
21433 – InflateExceptions when using <include> files in axml layouts
21437 – MonoDevelop does not obey line-ending conventions in .gitattributes
21447 – Error thrown when trying to auto-generate members when implementing an interface
21456 – "Outdated Debug Information" dialog shown when project was just rebuilt
21460 – Xamarin Studio hangs with beach ball when building a project
21465 – Xamarin Studio scaling issue on Dell XPS 9530 with QHD+ (3200 x 1800) display
21472 – Duplicate file not found dialog when loading a solution which is no longer available
21475 – Deleting a png from drawables using Remove does not remove it from csproj
21486 – App using iCloud entitlements cannot verify in XCode
21494 – IEnumerator's (args) don't count as an existisg var
21495 – Add a way to zoom in to or automatically pan to the selected view controller
21500 – "Hack" in TemplatingEngine crashes T4
21508 – Run With results in: "Execution failed: Object reference not set to an instance of an object."
21509 – Test failures when running MonoDevelop unit tests
21513 – Cannot build .sln. This project type is not supported by Xamarin Studio
21517 – Android device connected via USB disappears from device list after switching projects
21531 – NuGet packages won't restore
21533 – Incorrect warning: "Redundant method override"
21538 – When using the debugger F# Discriminated union types do not show correctly
21546 – Give helpful advice when app crashes
21556 – Could not instantiate class named _UITableViewCellSeparatorView
21558 – IPA fails to validate on XS but works with Xcode
21560 – .resx files are not properly generating
21564 – configure: error: You need mono 3.0.4 or newer
21572 – Presence of new/unknown API levels shouldn't break loading of projects.
21581 – Refactoring bug: comparing with epsilon does not parenthesize expressions
21584 – NUnit runner in XS does not support async tests
21588 – Typo in internal property name
21590 – NuGet allowedVersions defined in packages.config file are ignored
21593 – Resource file Corrupted
21594 – MonoDevelop cannot retrieves custom environment variables
21617 – XS not enabling breakpoints due to symlinked project paths
21619 – Every time a make a change in XAML, I get error "Error in custom tool"
21621 – Feature request: When creating a class in a folder, inherit the folder name as a sub namespace
21627 – Mutliple imports of Xamarin.MonoTouch.CSharp.targets added with each build.
21633 – Cannot perform simple searches in the build output pane.
21639 – Add option to defeat auto-creation of regions when implementing an interface
21642 – After moving XAML file to other folders the solution sometimes shows 2 cs files
21655 – nuget restore error
21662 – Adding Existing Project: CPU goes through the roof
21672 – Exception when I tried to install
21674 – Exception when Upload to device
21675 – Library versions
21681 – Xamarin Studio crashes with NSInvalidArgumentException
21684 – Git submodule branch name not shown in Solutions window
21687 – Need to publish android application
21688 – Error in analysis service cause XS to vanish
21691 – T4 null-reference usage for fileName when creating a CompilerError object crashes CompilerError.ToString in the .NET framework
21698 – XS does not select a default start up project if one is already set but that platform target is not installed
21705 – "Compiling to native code..." step is out of the nominal build order/scope w.r.t. add-in notification.
21712 – Xamarin Studio hangs for ~3 seconds during editing, possibly involving "could not update jumplists"
21718 – Lack of polish in "open" dialog
21720 – C# Code formatter: Allow properties without blank lines between them
21728 – Errors and Warnings repeated
21731 – Toolbar colors wrong on Yosemite
21735 – Add the current users email address to activation errors
21755 – SCPlugin makes Xamarin Studio crash
21775 – Crash updating jumplists
21776 – Crash opening solution context menu
21782 – ASP.NET MVC support is severely broken
21783 – Repeated Xamarin Update dialogs for the same update. (Xamarin.iOS
21784 – When package updating, you cannot remove packages
21790 – iOS Designer missing Storyboard Segue Identifier property with Xcode 6
21792 – ModernHttpClient (1.1) HttpResponse headers has null values for server-date-time for Android
21800 – Cannot add private NuGet sources
21806 – exception "Type MonoDevelop.Ide.TypeSystem.DefaultParsedDocument is not [Serializable]"
21816 – XS updater downloading XS builds whether 'check automatically' is selected or not
21832 – Can't Start iPhone 64-bit Simulator
21836 – Storyboard designer refusing to start with latest Yosemite preview
21838 – / or \ characters added to the beginning of a filename in Xamarin Studio's solution pad moves file to the root folder and filename becomes locked
21842 – Renaming a file with the & character in the filename displays a default name of an unrelated file in the project, like "project.config"
21843 – New breakpoint dialog shows Unix filepath example on Windows
21845 – NRE in MonoDevelop.PackageManagent when solution closed
21846 – IDE doesn't recognize Expression generic type in SetBinding extension method
21848 – Type System is causing XS to lock up
21849 – Autocomplete (Intellisense) not working in XAML Forms project
21854 – Xamarin Studio Crashes when I try to switch from Simulator to Device
21857 – Xamarin Studio mysterious crash; possible race condition and/or issue with having multiple solutions open
21859 – Broken enum formatting
21863 – Tools/Deploy to Web... context menu missing
21865 – Updating Nuget package to Forms 1.2.2 fails
21878 – F# binding is not built (and thus unavailable) when running with 'make run'
21885 – UpdatePanel incorrectly added to the designer as System.Web.UI.Webcontrols.UpdatePanel
21898 – System.AggregateException: One or more errors occured
21902 – Completion does not recognise new context for member access on parameter
21907 – iOS Designer fails to open storyboard file with System.AggregateException: One or more errors occured error
21910 – Xamarin Studio Locking on Save
21911 – Xamarin Studio File -> Save Error
21912 – Copy, Cut, Paste Issues
21917 – Reference to SharedProject project type get lost
21921 – Xamarin Studio does not recognize NUget.Framework.TestCaseSourceAttribute after closing the solution
21924 – can't change deployment target for app extension
21926 – Info.plist in Source mode doesn't show key name for Dictionary type
21929 – App Extension compilation problem. target _CompileAppManifest failed
21931 – Adding resource to main app removes IsAppExtension node within ProjectReference to app extension
21941 – Missing method .ctor in assembly System.Core.dll
21954 – Cannot create new AVD OK box greyed out
21962 – Add reference dialog does not allow you to remove favorite
21963 – No chance to add existing files or projects
21969 – System.FormatException Unknown char when trying to open storyboard
21978 – ASP vNext projects are not supported yet
21979 – Adding new F# file to project takes content from existing open F# file
21980 – Can't copy text from Test Results pad
21984 – The following add-ins could not be started OR Installer doesn't play well with old versions
22008 – Need to repin Xamarin Studio to the Task bar after update.
22019 – XamlParseException: No embeddedresources found
22021 – Designer Crashes won't display custom views
22022 – TODO: Style unfocused titlebar/toolbar differently
22023 – Same solution appears twice in workspace. (might be a repeat click edge case)
22025 – [ADB] Xamarin Studio intermittently doesn't find Genymotion devices
22027 – Poor usability of Exception Caught dialog for AggregateException
22031 – Add Packages dialog shows no errors for All Sources when network disconnected
22044 – xbuild should NOT maintain state between builds
22055 – Rename files not working correctly
22056 – C# Code Formatter: Braces settings don't affect object initializers
22069 – Resource not updating
22100 – Updates screen says there is an update to mono when later version installed
22101 – Can't add *.jpg file to Image Set
22103 – Adding existed Image asset. Incorrect build action
22106 – Applying suggested fix causes error
22108 – task list is not sortable - always sorts in descending order
22127 – XamarinStudio quit unexpectedly on startup
22136 – Visual C++ Runtime error in Xamarin Studio
22147 – Crash on importing existing directories and attempting to open
22151 – Updating package from nuget not updating csproj
22152 – Autocomplete error with DataTemplate
22181 – Red shaded ViewController with Error in Mac Xamarin Studio iOS Designer
22182 – Xamarin Studio "Blank App (Xamarin.Forms Portable)" template does not match Visual Studio template for <TargetFrameworkVersion> and <uses-sdk>
22185 – Build error ONLY in Xamarin Studio for Mac
22187 – Project Tree Collapses
22193 – System.InvalidCastException: Cannot cast from source type to destination type.
22194 – Cannot use typeof operator with type parameters
22205 – Xamarin Studio on osx 10.10 crashes when opening a medium size project.
22213 – Editing XAML in Xamarin Forms triggers compile error (iOS)
22215 – Uninstalling Visual Studio Ultimate causes Error MSB6004: "The specified task executable location "C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\12.0\bin\Csc.exe" is invalid." (HelsingborgMarathon) when building in Xamarin Studio
22230 – Code changes are not compiled by Build command but only by Rebuild command
22231 – Deleting a folder with files in it while having both the folder and the files selected raises an error (in the Solution Explorer)
22236 – Build nondeterminism (incorrect errors) that go away with a restart/reload.
22243 – Android designer on XS and VS does not render Drawable shapes
22245 – Breakpoints not hit for referenced assembly from solution's projects
22247 – Wrong colouring of escaped string formater
22250 – Storyboard Viewcontrollers gone after updating Xamarin
22259 – SHARPSVN.DLL crashes Xamarin Studio
22278 – Closing tabs with Apple+W leads to lost focus/blank editor
22299 – Renaming an image file is not updating the available images
22300 – Intellisense randomly stops working
22304 – Intellisense giving incorrect output
22306 – Error while trying to deserialize ICSharpCode.NRefactory.TypeSystem.IProjectContent
22308 – Make GetAttributeCompletions parse full XElement for all attributes
22311 – Xamarin Studio hangs on attempt to open file through Mac OS File Dialog
22325 – Cannot start MainStoryboard.storyboard UI
22337 – cs0103 for some types
22343 – No icon for app with extension.
22345 – Validate Archive fails due to missing 57x57 icon when Non-Universal iPad app
22350 – [XS] munges Windows Phone CSPROJ files, removing SDKReference element
22353 – Corrupted Storyboard file
22360 – XS doesn't compile app build with classic API
22370 – Incorrect template for Action Extension.
22385 – Problem with the MonoDevelop "using resolution"
22387 – Multiple C# classes with [Register] attributes in the same file break code generation
22394 – Automatically generated outlets and actions file has double entries
22396 – Updates show up during File Open
22400 – Info.plist viewer for app extension project. Bundle Identifier input is too small
22402 – Broken template for Photo Editing Extension
22404 – Xamarin Studio Crashes when Creating a new Solution
22407 – Autocomplete / warning / error dialogs sometimes cover the users text caret
22409 – Xamarin Studio Locks up on Canceling an Open File Dialog
22416 – Renaming stroryboard file doesn't change Info.plist
22419 – Deleting a folder in Xamarin Studio Doesn't Work
22421 – [Asset Editor] Missing Size Class support for Image Asset Catalogs
22423 – TodayExtension's csproj have multiple targets
22424 – AssemblyBrowser NRE CodeAnalysis Got exception in inspector
22425 – Port Conflict
22427 – OOM Exception Error in auto save
22431 – Weird Artifacting in iOS Designer after Segue Wireup
22460 – Xamarin Studio won't allow an iOS Unit Test Project to reference an iOS application project
22462 – XS doesn't build fat application for simulator
22463 – Problem with project templates for Unified apps
22471 – Cannot add Webservice to PCL project
22473 – New Controller MVC 5 Exception
22474 – Exception Window advice
22485 – xamarin studio ver 5.01 doesn't install correctly ....
22487 – Navigating to source of BoxRenderer raises an error
22489 – In Project Options, Provisioning Profile options do not pick up Bundle Identifier changes until the dialog is closed and reopened
22492 – MonoDevelop.Ide.Gui.SdiWorkspaceWindow.HandlePathChange Crash
22527 – When code generation creates a field it should use the projects naming conventions
22536 – Debugger does not see interface members
22539 – possible division error
22541 – Compiling error with Mono 3.8.1 trunk
22552 – error on remove from Version control
22553 – Included projects not properly handled by Xamarin.
22569 – Xamarin Studio minimum width is set too large to allow dual running on a 1920 monitor
22570 – IDE changes size when opening a file in half window mode
22576 – Support EditorConfig files
22595 – [SizeClasses] Jumpy behavior in iOS designer after adding constraints
22608 – Jump to location causes exception
22609 – Hex Visualizer: render unicode
22610 – Hex Visualizer: wider range of characters
22629 – Update -> Storyboard editing -> Build error
22630 – Why download assemblies etc when no change?
22632 – Missing variable (type) tooltip information on both F# and C# language binding, TooltipInformation does not work properly on Linux
22634 – Odd settings in property window/pad
22635 – Broken template for Document Picker Extension
22641 – Installed Packages not visible on "Add Reference" dialog/Packages tab
22650 – T4 TextTransformation interface issue with Initialize
22661 – iOS Simulator fails to launch
22668 – drag
22669 – Dragging controls when not viewing actual size causes control to be dropped to the right of where it is released.
22696 – Imposible to sign application which target is iPhoneSimulator
22697 – Go to definition crashes when going to metadata
22702 – Cannot add a view
22703 – T4 ignores output directive if PreprocessTemplate() is used
22705 – Adding DontPersist ProjectFile dirties project content
22712 – Test subjects that throw exceptions kill the test runner
22715 – 5.3 cannot parse Conditions with Or/And and $(Configuration)|$(Platform)
22718 – Create a new solution throw TypeLoadException
22719 – Adding existing project locks up MonoDevelop when git addin is enabled
22721 – error MT9008: Building from the command-line requires a Business license.
22722 – Xamarin Studio Intellisense Marks Methods as Invalid When Project Builds Fine
22723 – Entitlements.plist setting doesn't "stick"
22736 – When resources changes I need to clean project
22759 – Window handling on Windows is a pain
22763 – ape-environment not picked up
22784 – Solution explorer - rename file cursor can intermittently be offset incorrectly
22806 – iOS SDK and Build values in info.plist are updated incorrectly resulting in Apple Rejection
22807 – Can't do brackets { and }
22813 – missing class error was raised while reflecting with Xamarin Studio 5.3 +
22830 – Synchronize subdirectories in the reserved Resources directory with Xcode
22850 – iPhone 6 simulators do not appear in Xamarin Studio
22864 – It crashes lots and lots
22879 – Go To Decleration" on types defined in Packages does not always work
22889 – Program will not run
22891 – iPhone 6 does not appear as a Simulator open in "Debug"
22894 – Missing Support for Dynamic Launch Screens
22896 – XS breaks PCL NuGet packages
22897 – Publish Android Package should sign with SHA1 on 4.2 and below
22911 – Sometimes unable to edit a cs file
22923 – A basic install of XS should allow building of your Xamarin Forms samples
22934 – Unified Storyboard Templates
22944 – Target device iphone 6 plus not available
22953 – iOS Designer fails to open storyboard file with "There was a problem rendering this document" message
22956 – Error MT9008: Building from the command-line requires a Business license. (MT9008)
22960 – Cannot Switch CloudKit Environment
22965 – Review & Commit (SVN) doesn't always detect changes
22967 – Xamarin Studio missing iPhone 6 180x180 App Icon
22969 – Launcher.xib - No way to connect to plist
22979 – Object Browser integration broken such as Go to Base Symbol or Declaration
22982 – Can't type special characters like these ç ã õ é in Monodevelop
22983 – Editing .XAML files - The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process
23006 – Watch works incorrect for new ntypes (e.x. nfloat)
23008 – Generated java code not compiling because of @ in name
23025 – F# PCL type resolving/extending throwing errors on Xamarin Studio
23028 – Fody custom build targets ignored
23033 – Xamarin Studio unable to restore packages from Continuous Integration
23036 – Pasting sometimes fails to paste current clipboard contents
23037 – Problem generation WSDL Circular Reference
23047 – Completion is not working for is statement
23061 – Xamarin Studio shows a large number of errors even though the project builds
23062 – Define MonoDevelop Window Role
23067 – Unable to set iOS 8 64 bit archetecture
23069 – Unified API templates should probably default to using Asset Catalogs
23070 – Shared Project
23081 – Not able to access AVD or emulator manager
23098 – Linked Layout files do not open the android designer
23105 – Xamarin IDE preprocessor cache not updating with newer assemblies
23109 – Semicolon is put at the end of line instead at the position of cursor
23122 – Cannot compile XamarinStore F# project
23148 – Renaming a shared project breaks references from other projects
23160 – On 5.3 (Build 441), autocompletion window stopped showing for Xamarin Forms project.
23177 – Unable to add NuGet package again after removing it.
23181 – [Debugger Visulaizers] Unable to See map in Debugger visulaizer.
23186 – [Debugger Visulaizers] Image is not displaying in Debug visualizer
23188 – Xamarin Studio intelligence is not working
23204 – Sync with Xcode closes Xcode when editing .xib files
23207 – iTunes rejection - App Images, even though all there
23208 – LaunchScreen in Project Options doesn't save
23214 – SVN not available
23215 – Storyboard crash
23216 – Missing 180x180 Icon and iPhone 6 Static Images
23217 – Resource strings not being picked up in the designer
23218 – Copy and paste layout causes XS to freeze
23229 – [Debugger Visulaizers] Debug Visulaizers Still shown on removing cursor.
23231 – F# Add-in is broken in XS 5.5 build 198. FSharp.Compiler.CodeDom.dll file missing.
23236 – Preview of unified storyboards gives different results to Xcode
23237 – Variable called dynamic confused debugger
23240 – Gadgets missing from unified storyboard when switching orientation
23245 – Designer not selecting the correct size in unified storyboards
23247 – Portrait/Landscape selector "one click" out
23250 – Xcode quit when XS is trying to sync with Xcode
23255 – Device Orientation selector is wired
23260 – Gadgets placed on a compact view showing in non-compact layout
23261 – Update to support iOS8 caused SVN version control settings to be lost.
23265 – Variables in Locals and Watch window collapse every time you step through code.
23271 – First two string resources defined in Strings.xml occasionally incorrect in build
23272 – Xamarin distinguish back slash and forward slash in path when it comes to check for missing nuget packages
23274 – [libgit2ftw] file removal fails when there is change
23275 – [libgit2ftw] moving files fails if the file used to be there
23278 – Error opening .gitignore: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index was out of range
23279 – [Debugger Visulaizers] Unable to see color on lens click of Debug Visualizer.
23281 – Developer accounts giving System.Refection.TargetInvocationExceptions
23282 – [Debug visuallaizers] Query bug regarding implementing Bezier curves.
23288 – Please install the supplied AppData file
23297 – Optionally leave Xcode open when XS and Xcode sync
23301 – Outlets or Classes not being created in unified projects
23302 – Passbook is always checked in Entitlements.plist
23303 – Unable to deploy to device
23308 – Find in Files is broken
23320 – Upgrade should not cause reboot
23322 – Verify whether NuGet proxy authentication patch should be applied to Xamarin Studio's proxy support
23326 – storyboard does not render correctly in the ios designer
23329 – Returning to Xamarin Studio from Xcode designer results in the Xcode designer being killed
23347 – Building Workspace solutions (all of them)
23359 – Launcher file not persisted in project settings
23361 – Xcode closing after focus returns to Xamarin Studio
23373 – Shared Projects not copying folder structure to iOS app
23381 – "Function never returns" warning on function with yield return
23384 – Cannot add Controls to GridLayout via drag and drop
23385 – System.Exception passing wrong value when assigning ex.Message to a string variable.
23386 – Custom fonts not carried across when opening storyboard file with Xcode 6 IB from within Xamarin
23396 – The class.designer.cs file is duplicated under the class.cs file
23397 – Refactoring - When renaming file. Does not rename class.
23398 – Windows Updater force-restarts Windows
23399 – Document outline should show UIViewController class name
23404 – ToolBox context menu does not popup under cursor.
23406 – Scrolling with scroll wheel within a cs file does not work always
23407 – Impossible to use Mono.TextEditor
23417 – Show Parameter List command not working on .designer files
23428 – Add NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription and NSLocationAlwaysUsageDescription to Info.plist
23430 – Failed update installation message box is empty
23431 – Updating Xamarin from Studio forcefully reboots Windows without user prompt
23435 – XS Shared Projects do not work unless you readd reference
23446 – Search entry look differently on Linux and Windows (Mac)
23449 – The exception callout widget renders offscreen sometimes.
23473 – Mouse cursor is extremely large on Windows
23480 – Compiler not recognising definition but intellisense is with shared project
23481 – Monodevelop hangs when editing razor views
23498 – Error while executing command: Edit References...
23508 – Code generated from F# Android template doesn't work
23510 – Project Resources do not refresh until IDE reopened
23512 – Rename refactoring command fails with InvalidCastException on generic class name after `new`
23515 – SVN commit fails every time
23517 – Reference to unknown project when creating Xamarin.Forms project with different solution name
23521 – Keyboard shortcut to find a method/class in whole project.
23524 – XS continues to check for package updates after closing / switching solutions
23526 – Incremental Build project setting causes a Classic app to not load (startup crash)
23527 – Xamarin Studio Crashes when opening a solution under MacOS 10.10 Yosemite
23528 – Xamarin Studio (Mac) unable to open .AXML files in designer, throws System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException, API level not recognized: 9
23533 – Formatting an XAML with errors in it; wipes the whole file content
23535 – Can no longer open .xib files in Xcode from xamarin studio
23543 – Syntax highlighting and auto-completion fail after using nested anonymous type
23552 – Xamarin Studio crash on launch; Unhandled Exception, System.MissingMethodException
23559 – Cannot open .cshtml files
23562 – Debug Watch window does not show all properties of an object
23598 – Creating PCL, then adding Empty Xamarin.Mac project adds invalid XamMac reference
23620 – Unable to deploy Xamarin.Forms Android
23623 – Xamarin studio is flashing
23628 – Updates to Xamarin Studio corrupt the .app on Mac
23632 – Could not load type 'MonoDevelop.AspNet.AspNetAppProject'
23634 – [Forms] XS should give better error message when user set incompatible Minimum android version and Target android version
23646 – The 'appearance' property of UITextField does not write correct xml
23648 – internal error: com/objectplanet/image/pngencouder
23656 – Adding a new platform to a new configuration is not very intuitive.
23662 – Adding an new image set to the Asset Catalog (.xcassets) Xamarin Studio hangs
23680 – Sketches showing multiple resources directory
23681 – Sketches not showing anything in the console view
23685 – Support legacy Apple Developer IDs
23687 – iOS Designer does not show custom properties
23696 – NUnitTestRunner.cs fails to compile against mono 3.10
23713 – Hang when using "Navigate To" if in a file outside current solution
23715 – [MonoDevelop] Cannot change font of the Test Results pad (e.g. to monospace font)
23718 – Anonymous types are not supported
23721 – Copying info in the test output window results in wrong text being copied.
23740 – layout Main.axml
23742 – Document Outline > Right-click > Delete Layout constraint deletes View instead
23744 – UITabBarController disappears from the design surface after a tab segue has been added
23750 – Gtk.ProgressBar.Orientation is not of type global::Gtk.ProgressBarOrientation
23752 – Designer colour inverts
23759 – Package manager crashes when unselecting custom repository
23760 – when I change the language does not change.
23761 – Crash When Renaming Files & Folders
23763 – Cannot adjust width of Unit Test pane smaller than 1 / 2 the editor window
23780 – Unknown resolve error getting the type for any open generic type
23784 – Xamarin Studio adds references to hmap and LinkFileList to csproj after editing storyboard with Xcode
23787 – The given key was not present in the dictionary when editing a storyboard file
23795 – Can't open the Storyboard Editor for an iOS project in Xamarin Studio 5.5 (build 227)
23797 – Using Git in Xamarin Studio highlights entire file rather than just the changes
23812 – Android SDK could not found
23818 – NullReferenceException when we try to place a dockframe
23834 – Could not find SDK platform directory '/Users/syncfusioninc/Library/Developer/Xamarin/android-sdk-macosx/platforms/android-17'. Are --sdk-dir and --sdk-version set appropriately? (XA0000) (NavDrawer)
23836 – XS showing message “Opening connection” and Changes are not getting pushed in Git Repository on performing 'Review and Commit' operation.
23849 – Be able to set default view to Source
23850 – Xamarin Studio hangs after saving ~10 axml files
23853 – Cannot open F# project created in VS2013 in Xamarin Studio 5.5
23865 – Can't open .axml files (Diconnected from layout renderer)
23867 – Search..Find in Files defaults to Directories
23873 – Make it possible to see solution-wide installed NuGet packages and update them individually
23886 – File names display incorrectly when added via Linked folder
23889 – iOS device selection is not remembered after switching startup projects.
23891 – Problems with segue rendering within documentoutline
23893 – Provide inline editing for constraint properties in Layout tab of selected view
23901 – Default location for new solution
23911 – NSTaggedPointerString when opening XIB in Yosemite
23912 – 2 column view swaps the order shown
23913 – UX issues with TableViewController. Cell's reuseId, ContentView, Prototype Cells
23914 – Need other way to add constraints
23917 – Move to unified API crashes
23918 – UIContainerView shows wrong layout guides when embedden in a tabbed UIViewController
23920 – Incorrect highlighting/hints about false positive errors in complex solutions.
23924 – Default Android designer rendering API level does not match Target framework
23939 – C# code formatting for Shared projects is broken
23943 – Unable to run iOS 8.1 Sims in XCode 6.1 and iOS 7 SIM not appearing
23945 – Codesigning on default classic xamarin.mac project is broken on the new gatekeeper changes
23952 – Sort Launch file drop down
23958 – Protocol support is broken
23968 – Provide a way to enable the android lint tool in project settings - `/p:AndroidLintEnabled`
23988 – Storyboards: Positioning Problem with UIScrollView in NavigationController
23993 – Build task not updated after updating NuGet package for Forms
24002 – References are being added but intellisense does not detect the reference
24010 – Components in shared project go wonky
24015 – Sort usings yields strange result
24018 – For all the enumeration types, show the enum string and enum int value instead of just int value
24022 – ios Designer not loading storyboard -keeps endlessly loading with no content displayed
24023 – Unable to import .mdpolicy file
24041 – Storyboard file created in iOS Designer when opened in Xcode causes hang & spawns process that leaks memory & can destabilize OS if not stopped
24042 – Xamarin Studio crashes whenever I accidentally press command-P. It seems to be trying to invoke the printing functionality.
24044 – MainStoryBoard.storyboard failed to load
24052 – Split & unsplit cause error
24056 – removing reference to a shared project from project references causes UI freeze
24068 – new source file added to a project is not saved before build
24069 – C# code editor has some stale type system database for edited sources
24070 – open file -> move file -> edit file -> save => opens SaveFileDialog(!?)
24073 – Renaming operation disappears once I canceled the operation
24074 – [Linux] build errors are not shown on the text editor anymore
24075 – Take externals into account just like with Git submodules
24082 – Invalid suggestion to simplify lambda expression
24087 – Xamarin studio freezes when saving modified layout
24089 – First attribute starts with new line when "Attributes in new line" is set in format policy
24092 – [Debugger visulaizer] Unable to see rectangle on lens click of rectangle object
24094 – under some Docking state, "Find References" operation crashes
24095 – An error occurred while applying transformation to 'Web.config' in project 'test': Argument cannot be null. Parameter name: key
24096 – At compiler error token, any NRefactory based operations disappear
24097 – MonoDevelop - high dpi rendering problems
24099 – Directory library_project_imports\res is not empty
24107 – Support UNC paths for Windows Subversion
24110 – Assembly browser shows only method signature (not body)
24119 – the "Generate" popup does not show when Xam Studio is on my second monitor
24121 – XI9008: Building from the command-line requires a Business license." error when building in Xamarin Studio with an Indie license
24123 – The subversion working format is too new
24124 – project opened via symlink-ed path results in several inconsistency in source handling
24129 – Nuget Package 'Xamarin.Forms.Maps' is not adding in Android Xamarin.Forms Project
24135 – Invalid parameter exception when updating Xcode project
24137 – This project references NuGet packages that are missing on this computer
24146 – Xamarin Studio not recognizing reflection extensions in PCL when Microsoft.Net.Http is present.
24149 – numpad keys don't work on key bindings
24166 – crash when selecting popover segue
24169 – It would be nice for the intellisense tool tip to show the namespace of a type
24171 – Bring back pinch to zoom in the Solution Pad
24185 – Unable to use Apples TestFlight
24186 – Cannot View Help in openSUSE 13.1
24188 – #define code showing as comments if symbol is not declared in build options
24189 – "Check for updates" menu itself shouldn't start downloading the updates.
24190 – The device selection list scrolls too far
24191 – [libgit] NRE when reviewing changes of the whole MD solution
24195 – Pre-requisites for Mono Develop on FreeBSD
24197 – Enable alt key codes using the number pad
24202 – Go to Definition opens the assembly browser, but does not show the correct type
24204 – Xamrin Git Source Control shows Android resource files as **untracked** though they are part of Git.
24208 – NUnit dependency missing from rpm
24215 – Compilation error MT000
24223 – certain text cut operation causes OutOfMemory error
24226 – NRefactory code issues GetIssues() causes IndexOutOfRangeException and possible further type system DB breakage
24230 – Unable to load legacy (L-preview) solutions in XS
24232 – "Create Layout Variation" window is generated underneath fullscreen windows on the primary monitor
24250 – Mapview doesn't filter output
24252 – Xamarin Studio freezes after editing storyboard
24256 – Interactive pad themes doesn't sync with colorscheme
24261 – Remember the current line number of open files when reopening a solution
24276 – Updating NuGet packages for new Xamarin.Forms project does not install Xamarin.Forms Xamarin.Android.Support.v13
24283 – JRE and SVN errors appear continuously
24288 – 'Load previous solution on startup' option breaks loading projects from the command line
24290 – Crash when IDE tries to auto-restart
24297 – F# keywords aren't colored precisely
24299 – File appears twice when searching
24302 – Xamarin android build failed.
24313 – "Error: The directory name 'Resources' is reserved and cannot be used for Content or BundleResource files". This is thrown when file set to "Content" build action, but compiles on "BundleResource" action.
24316 – Xamarin Studio crashes everytime when viewing SVN log on Mac OS.X 10.10
24317 – iOS designer displays ios6 UIButton incorrectly
24320 – IDE not recognizing Indie iOS license. Thinks I am using Starter iOS license
24321 – Remember Keystore values when going Project -> Publish Android Application
24329 – Intellisense not working for Custom views
24333 – Inconsistent behavior of "Copy local" option with VS and MSBuild
24339 – Unable to load Android project after upgrade to 5.5.3
24351 – Build > Clean does not clear /obj/Xcode folder
24382 – Getting build error on Setting Screen layout to Landscape mode using Create Layout variation.
24383 – No file association for csproj files on osx
24395 – No way to browse element Id
24396 – Localization support for iOS projects
24424 – Multi Edit not working, if one layout modified via source code then changes does't reflect in all selected layouts.
24428 – Incorrect number of type arguments
24429 – Incorrect folding
24437 – Fully qualified objects being reported as not being in a namespace
24447 – Populate New Version Dialog with qualifiers based on the currently selected device.
24448 – Default Namespace specified in Project properties is not used
24453 – Android Apps fail to launch on Lollipop devices from XS when in Release mode with Shared Runtime/FastDevelopment on
24458 – Adding new project to existing solution does not show unsupported framework message
24459 – [Windows] XS throws exception 'MonoDevelop.Projects.Formats.MSBuild.UnknownSolutionItemTypeException' on opening iOS project.
24461 – Unable to compile VB.NET Project
24490 – "Find in Files..." shows annoying error when no solution open
24496 – Xamarin Studio Unit Test not loading when method argument uses Linq Expression
24523 – Xamarin Studio fails to detect XCode 6.1 generated developer identity
24538 – Xamarin Studio 5.5.3 hangs while opening an F# project
24546 – User warned to install support lib v13 even though it is already installed
24548 – Spinner vanishes when resized on the designer
24554 – aspx files should not escape type names in page directive
24556 – Debugger does not halt on breakpoints when running NUnit
24563 – Format Document removes the Property Initializer if there is comment after the Initializer
24564 – Crash in Pango when trying to render some unicode characters
24569 – [build] mdtool does not build projects unloaded by user
24570 – Shared startup project within .sln file
24578 – Syntax highlight breaks after verbatim string ending in `\"`
24590 – Build fails when adding image sets to an iOS Library project (Classic API only)
24591 – Assets included as linked files in class libraries are not copied into the final bundle
24597 – Error when loading *.imageset/Contents.json into Asset Editor after an image is added.
24608 – Cannot use absolute packages path defined in ~/.config/NuGet/NuGet.Config
24613 – Custom button: "Highlighted Adjusts Image" default value does not match UI representation
24626 – Opening Visual Studio built project in Xamarin Studio modifies csproj
24633 – Incorrect/Wired codesign
24635 – Nunit runner has trouble when class with TestFixture is defined without a namespace.
24637 – Unable to open Info.Plist in Xamarin Studio
24639 – Windows installer doesn't uninstall previous version
24653 – Adding csproj file created by Visual Studio 2013 triggers InvalidOperationException
24658 – Minimum Android Version and Target Android Version - "Automatic - use target framework version" should show the target version
24659 – T4 is broken
24666 – iOS Designer Autogenerated code is not generating appropriate code
24678 – Subversion fails with “The Subversion copy format is too new” & unable to disable Subversion through dialog
24683 – ERROR: Unhandled exception in component download service [[ System.InvalidOperationException: Already Downloaded, can't transition to Failed
24689 – XS unable to connect to the remote server for update
24691 – Opening the Contents.json in Assets catalog throws IndexOutOfRangeException
24697 – Code formatting for .aspx files doesn't work
24699 – Fold Regions By Default - Not Folding... (5.5.3)
24703 – Crash MonoDevelop when I changed the inheritance of a widget
24715 – Unhandled error during upload (crashlytics broken)
24716 – [UX][UI freeze] "Add existing folder" unnecessarily takes too long time
24735 – C# string property in object initializer autocompletes to #if""
24770 – MonoDevelop 5.5 Debian Wheezy - error trying to add a controller
24771 – Errors occur after NUnit add-in disabling
24778 – Xamarin Studio hangs when scrolling through Application output or build or in debug
24780 – Project does not support framework MonoAndroid Version=v5.4.4
24781 – Refactoring - Renaming Namespace overwrites member Namespaces
24782 – Monodevelop Crashes when opening GTK# GUI Designer
24786 – error MT1206: Could not find the simulator runtime 'com.apple.CoreSimulator.SimRuntime.iOS-8-0'.
24795 – Writing double backslash hides rest of line
24800 – iOS Unified API Binding Project is Targeting the Classic API
24825 – Latest Xamarin Studio only shows one iOS simulator deployment option.
24826 – Package Manager Sources don't resolve "~/" for local sources
24827 – Application Loader reports Missing beta entitlement. Your app does not include the beta-reports-active entitlement.
24833 – Find in Files allows search without search string
24840 – On updating nuget package, Xamarin.Forms downgrades from to and On building the solution getting build error.
24843 – Too hard to get tabs as spaces
24848 – Printer ignores no syntax highlighting choice
24862 – Build fails when adding image sets to an iOS Library project (Classic API only)
24874 – After editing and saving a axml file, changes are not kept.
24877 – Error MM5306: Missing dependencies when merging mono runtime
24881 – close solution while updating package. It doesn't finish package updating.
24894 – Intellisense Exception while Editing F# code
24895 – Symbols from an import assembly unrecognized
24927 – Refactor - declare local variable / create local const : inside a using()using(){...} fails
24929 – Monodevelop crashes during SVN commit
24930 – Cant select phone
24936 – replace in files causes ArgumentOutOfRangeException
24938 – Cannot open layout edtior
24944 – Unable to clearly see Supported Orientations in project properties editor
24960 – [Sketches] various C# compiler bugs to be fixed by switching to Roslyn
24964 – [Sketches] Templates missing from in-project New File dialog
24976 – Import tags aren't always read when reading project
24991 – Wrong behaviour on case dependent file systems
24995 – "Enable incremental builds" checkbox doesn't stay checked
25003 – [Sketches] No user feedback when agent requirements not met
25005 – migration tool doesn't change arch
25008 – System.IO.IOException: Error creating standard output pipe
25010 – [Sketches][C#] evaluator does "refresh" updated assemblies
25017 – [Sketches][Android] Fails to use already-running Android device
25026 – Creating a new Unit Test Project for iOS using Unified API on Xamarin Studio will create a solution with errors.
25031 – C# code completion engine erases explicitly typed ';' in several coding practice
25035 – Xamarin Studio with Git deletes the files with Swedish Characters
25041 – DirectoryNotFoundException when creating a new Sketch
25053 – Cannot download NuGet packages when behind a proxy server
25063 – Missing Files
25071 – [Sketches] Agent error messages unclearly styled
25073 – Install gtk and xamarin, cannot start under windows 8
25076 – When BP is hit, current line is not highlighted
25079 – [Sketches][iOS] Xamarin.Forms samples crash the agent
25085 – cairo_push_group/pop_group/paint does not work properly with retina/Hi-DPI displays
25105 – [Sketches] Poorly-handled exceptions when loading new files
25110 – Weird search result colours
25113 – iOS designer does not update constraints when object moved around in storyboard
25114 – Multiple errors and warnings display when Storyboard file generated by XS is opened with XCode
25115 – [Sketches] Need UI indication that sketch is connected to agent
25117 – The XS Editor does correctly handle backslash in source
25131 – Shared project referenced by library project, then referenced by Xamarin.iOS project does not work properly.
25134 – Code within preprocessor/compiler requires active config switch to refresh
25135 – Dynamic controls
25139 – Verbatim """ string breaks highlighting
25140 – Typing § makes the line disappear
25155 – Error from Crashlytics upload
25160 – The designer will generate an outlet with the same Name as an existing outlet with a different type
25173 – Add support for Cocossharp
25198 – Addins missing from repository
25202 – ToString() results not displayed in debugger when inspecting variables
25204 – Load fails if project has no configurations
25235 – Delay in "Run" toolbar menu options appearing in OS X 10.10
25243 – [Unified] iOS Unit Tests Project template does not compile for unified projects
25249 – [iOS] Automatic signing selection is choosing App Store profiles for Ad Hoc builds
25288 – Incorrect Build Numbers in dSYM Info.plist
25291 – Invalid display value of discriminated unions
25298 – Command = should zoom in without requiring shift key
25302 – <Unkown Command> Right click on Solution
25331 – When we open Visual Studio Android solution in XS it deletes the drawables and build configurations
25341 – Disappearing semicolon while typing auto-implemented property
25342 – Failure with class that has public Label property
25346 – Xamarin Studio Freezes Up For a Time While Typing Code
25347 – Migration tool changes file encoding
25348 – Designer shows invalid part of custom control at design time
25349 – XS fails to substitute $(Configuration) for folder path
25350 – Code completion does not select appropriate enum values after autocompleting a property in an object initializer
25353 – MSBuild configurations set incorrectly
25359 – Migration tool add namespace which appeared previously
25360 – Find and Replace Changes The Wrong Strings
25364 – F# Toggle Line Comment no longer works
25374 – UITest deployment to iOS Simulator is cached
25395 – DebuggerDisplay fails to evaluate expression "{GetType().Name}"
25398 – Compiler warnings about base assemblies
25406 – "Error: No provisioning profiles have been detected" thrown when attempting to debug on iOS emulator.
25407 – migration tool set wrong arch
25414 – code completion engine should not update members while the source is broken at lexical level
25422 – DispatchService.GuiSyncDispatch error message when calling from background thread
25428 – Xamarin Studio freezing when opening Xamarin.Android project
25461 – Creating project with '-' in name generates invalid AssemblyInfo
25462 – The type 'IDisposable' is required here
25475 – Classic iOS Binding Projecte template has a dead link in the included ApiDefinition file
25480 – OutputPath property is not set for this project
25483 – Exception when going into Project Options/Build/iOSApplication
25490 – Text editor falls back to non-active project type at random moments in shared projects
25497 – Version Control operations on Android axml files incorrectly bring up the designer
25499 – Store the Provisioning Profile's Name instead of the GUID in .csproj file
25505 – Updating all packages in a solution does not refresh the update info in the Solution window
25509 – Create Preset Settings to make Xamarin Studio work like/resemble the Visual Studio Setup
25514 – MonoDevelop 5.5 doesn't create vbnet console application ...
25520 – Xamarin studio requires logging in/internet acccess every 30 minutes
25521 – Applications don't start in debugger
25535 – [iOS Designer] Custom control is not displaying in ToolBox in Xamarin Studio
25540 – [Gtk] Segue menu sometimes opens in a state where it cannot highlight or select items
25550 – Android Emulater needs activation of account. How does one activate the account
25552 – Create method dialog gives option to insert method into method if #if is inside existing method
25553 – Copy/paste does not work
25561 – Xcode Sync adds incorrect using statement for Foundation when using a Unified template
25580 – Unable to load project, error MSB4025: The project file could not be loaded.
25586 – Unable to access Git log for Storyboard files
25587 – Code Completion PopUp stops scrolling
25595 – Error when creating a new solution in a folder under SVN control
25599 – Local Help not working
25601 – Compiler directive disappears after typing it into fsharp file
25602 – "Automatic" Indentation adds or removes Tabs!
25608 – [Crash] Crashed when working on a mobile project
25609 – [Feature Request] Don't wait until XS closes to save its current state
25610 – Don't visible underscore symbol in C# code editor in OS X
25612 – Xamarin Studio Intellisense doesn't recognize XAML and .g.cs items
25615 – Quick fix usability regression (no default action selected)
25616 – Backslash-quote breaks highlighting F#
25617 – System.NullReferenceException: for <filename unknown> in my chromcast application
25623 – [Crash] Starting android app caused XS to crash
25630 – Cannot find keybindings for find implementor classes
25632 – (*) operator breaks highlighting F#
25635 – ArgumentOutOfRange on copy/paste F# code
25636 – Xamarin.forms shows build error after updating nuget package from "Version 1.3.0-unsupported1" to "Version"
25637 – XAML Intellisense non-functional
25642 – Invalid format specifier in a sketch causes sketch environment to crash
25645 – Adding resources to a sketch doesn't work correctly
25651 – User is not seeing 'ReferenceOutputAssembly' to False for App Extension references
25655 – Improper (and temporary) folder additions when referencing a shared project.
25656 – Improper constraint/conflict when adding sources with the same name as one within a shared project.
25657 – Trivial android library projects fail to build.
25658 – Code formatting doesn't allow for newline for brace on "new" statements.
25670 – XS unresponsive while waiting for welcome screen contents.
25672 – using expression body for properties kills autocomplete, refactor and fix menu
25678 – Deleting a Solution Folder crashes the application
25680 – Black space in dropdowns such as run/configuration dropdown
25687 – Can not update web service proxy
25691 – Breakpoints disappearing in F# async expressions
25692 – $(ProjectDir) and other 'Dir' macros do not have trailing slash
25695 – A few awesome iOS Designer usability enhancements!
25696 – Getting 'Error while creating this entry' message for Second Item in Autolayout constraint
25707 – Xamarin studio 5.5.4 does connect to TFS 2013
25710 – Xam.Android memory leak causing XS to hang
25712 – Debugger doesn't support alternative search paths
25724 – Unable to migrate F# Xamarin.Mac app to unified
25729 – File system browser does not show when attempting to add an assembly to a PCL project
25732 – Fonts in many locations are showing just symbols
25748 – Plist Editor crashes if you grab its overlay scrollbars
25750 – Renaming project namespace corrupts TypeSystem cache
25759 – ANDROID Deployment failed Mono.AndroidTools.AdbException Attempted to read past the end of the stream
25783 – Verify that we have same templates as Xcode for OS X.
25784 – Create "unified" iOS/OSX templates, at least for SceneKit and SpriteKit.
25786 – Create storyboard variants of our Mac templates and make sure they work.
25789 – [Crash] Maybe a drag and drop caused crash
25792 – [UI Freeze] Restoring NuGet packages when open solution freezes the UI
25797 – Debugger does not fall back to ToString when a [DebuggerDisplay] attr is present
25801 – OpenClipboard failed Access is denied
25802 – LayoutEditor improvements
25825 – Unexpected changes in *.sln/*.csproj files when sharing between Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio
25831 – Sometimes there is a "Soft" crash whan switching file tabs
25836 – Search Results widget displaying wrong highlight
25841 – Xamarin Studio Classic iOS Project build fails with error "No valid iPhone code signing keys found in keychain" against default simulator
25846 – No simulators show after opening the FieldService project in Xamarin Studio
25856 – Removed a linked view in Passthrough causes a wrong rendering alignement
25857 – Xamarin.Forms Portable app templates have poor first run experience for users who don't have VS 2012 or higher
25868 – heapshot not working with mono 3.10 profile log
25882 – [Hang] Xamarin Studio hangs when trying to open a solution from the "Open..." button on the welcome screen
25898 – Adding a new controller from "Add -> Controller" pop up menu returns an Error
25903 – Load previous solution on startup should not override opening solution
25904 – Scroll from Samsung laptop touchpad is too fast
25905 – Git log shows same user pic for all users including ones without user pic (bitbucket)
25907 – The following comment kills the code completition
25911 – MD breaks "$(OutputPath)" formatting in ItemGroup Include
25913 – Shortcuts not working
25924 – Application environment should be cleaned before debugging session starts
25933 – Default debug deployment attempts from XS will crash if the project has no TargetFrameworkVersion element in the csproj file
25940 – UISplitViewController is not available in designer
25946 – Incorrect local value
25949 – Editor Should Support OS X System Services for Text Selection
25982 – Comment selection has broken from 5.5
25983 – Decompiler doesn't work
25991 – Properties Pane / Build Action remembers last selection
26010 – User is not able to install/add nuget package 'ServiceStack.Common.
26013 – Autocomplete and text coloring is completely broken if you try to use F# library in c# code.
26019 – Can not copy and paste controls
26020 – Unable to select multiple objects
26021 – Unable to set the colors of controls from the designer
26022 – The object browser is not synchronized correctly
26023 – the edge of the window is not visible
26026 – "Connection to the layout renderer failed"
26034 – Incompatible ways of setting working directory
26040 – ASP.NET Add-in is not installed Error
26047 – Connection to Renderer Failed
26055 – Scroll in code-completion freezes
26062 – hover-capabilities broken from 5.5
26066 – Getting error when user click on button refresh to get updates in 'Add-in Manager'
26094 – Xamarin Studio doesn't automatically refresh Asset Catalogs
26095 – Asset catalogs are added twice
26098 – "Get out of my way!!", yelled the programmer, at the intrusive error label
26113 – XAML-generated code appears in red yet builds fine
26118 – Context menu in immediate window and in test results window is irresponsive.
26120 – Xamarin AutoComplete stops when scrolling through class members
26138 – NuGet issues with updating packages
26144 – Reference works only to builded dll but no to original project
26157 – [F# Unified API - iOS App] Deployment Target is not set correctly for F# Unified API - iOS App(iPad)
26158 – [F# - iOS App] Deployment Target value is blank for F# iOS App(iPhone)
26172 – Cannot type capital letters.
26175 – Creating Xamarin.Forms project without internet connection fails to add Android Support NuGet package
26185 – Latest Xamairn Studio Code Highlighting/Autocompletion/etc.. Incredibly slow
26191 – Not able to type anything in Xamarin Studio code editor
26192 – Adding an SVG file to solution and setting to type of Content causes iOS designer to crash
26201 – Can't see ViewControllers in iOS Designer (see image)
26215 – Fix all in file no longer available
26218 – Do not hide Output Window when switching focus away from Xamarin Studio
26224 – Slow run of solution compared to MDS
26230 – Problem when using multiple solutions in the same Git repo
26231 – Generated Package from Xamarin.Mac application fails with Javascript error when there is a space in the bundle identifier
26237 – Debugger ignores non-zero based arrays
26241 – Optional members of INSUrlConnectionDelegate and INSUrlConnectionDataDelegate do not show up using 'override' in the code editor
26243 – Possible to close a solution whilst NuGet packages are added and the solution is not fully created
26271 – Autoformat on save replaces spaces to tabs
26277 – For F# application the code completion pop-up does not appears automatically.
26279 – Can not read type information from the official ODP.NET 12.1.21 assembly but compiles and runs
26287 – "Toggle Line Comment(s)" in XML Editor affects selected lines plus one more line
26303 – CGFontGetGlyphPath deprecated in Yosemite
26306 – Unable to debug my application on the device
26317 – Monodevelop crashes on startup
26324 – Monodevelop crashes during edit C# code
26326 – [Intermittent] When try to open the designer, an error appears.
26327 – TabbedPage PropertyChanged event fires twice
26334 – Broken syntax highlighting after 4 backslashes and double quotes
26344 – Popups to confirm untrusted http certificates in China
26358 – <Unknown Command> menu items
26367 – Copy text
26368 – commented text is shown wrongly
26369 – commented text is shown wrongly
26370 – Converting endline to unix policy
26371 – Undo does not work
26372 – Context menu-> find Reference
26373 – File->Save all is disable
26375 – Migrating GregorianCalendar to reference source breaks building projects
26378 – Using Jenkins causes build failure when Android compiles prior to iOS
26396 – ASP.NET Add-in is not installed Error
26398 – app.config Build Action does not reflect special processing
26410 – Validation of archive for App Store fails
26417 – Reference <Private>true</Private> incompatibilities with Visual Studio
26421 – FSharpParser null reference exception logged for F# tutorial project.
26423 – Debugger evaluates equality expressions using Nullable<bool> incorrectly
26425 – Setting Content Size of Storyboard causes compile-time failure
26426 – [wear] template only appears IF API20 is installed, but not if API21 is installed
26427 – Commenting out code with a block comment syntax colors the remaining buffer as a comment.
26439 – XML drawables used as background don't show in Content mode
26452 – CRASH - failed to complete SVN commit (never returned/locked up)
26453 – Xib Files are not Correctly Generated in Unified Api Project
26463 – can not change text in text editor
26466 – Allow Add-in Debugger to be set as default debugger for project type
26477 – Designer shows error
26480 – XAMARIN hangs opening project.
26483 – Find in Files Dialog Window Open but is hidden when looking at code on a secondary (break-out) code window.
26485 – Profiler can't start with not «Debug» solution configuration name.
26486 – Exception window does not retain size after user resizes window
26489 – Android Library template has resources
26494 – On Selecting Hide Message Bubbles, the waring/error message does not disappear.
26499 – Revert to revision (git) fails with I/O Error
26500 – 'Find references' doesn't find calls to public method
26527 – Storyboard rendering is not consistent with XCode
26574 – Problems with removed resources in Android projects
26577 – problems in Xamarin installer
26592 – Xamarin Crashes on Story board when changing property of objects like label,button,etc.
26607 – Better reporting for missing API levels
26611 – NuGet 2.8.3 required for newer platforms
26618 – Dragging pin space constraints to the layout guides results in incorrect constraints being created
26619 – When the outline view has focus, you can't save the storyboard
26620 – Outline View context menu issue
26632 – can't select nothing in the right click menu
26633 – Widget or any element no add in container.
26634 – selecting image view doesn't show it's properties
26643 – loading image in image view in designer brakes the layout
26647 – Removing project from Git source control fails
26662 – Xamarin Studio corrupts Item Link property with wildcard value
26666 – Can't resolve Resx namespace after changing Naming Policies.
26669 – Source analysis "simplify conditional expression" generates invalid C# condition
26676 – Unreadable text when using search in file
26677 – Very hard to read exception dialog text
26686 – Missing Scrollbars
26691 – Intermittent System.Net.Sockets.SocketException Connection refused when opening a storyboard
26694 – Xamarin Studio changes line endings of solution file (.sln) from LF to CRLF when changing startup project
26701 – Search in Application Output only works when window is docked
26703 – Microsoft.Net.Http package not installed correctly
26705 – Unified Binding templates Missing Link Targets
26710 – Migration tool does not update nuget package references
26718 – No scrollbars appear when "When Scrolling" is selected in OSX Settings
26731 – Several issues with 5.7 (Focus, Pads, Cleaning Solution)
26742 – Deployment Android app to a device with same app signed with a different key
26774 – Nightshade theme - no scrollbar thumb
26798 – Hang Intermittently While Unsaved
26800 – New Reference Count option should be removed for Unified API projects
26816 – Unable to start debugging via keyboard shortcut when Application Output has focus
26819 – Editor adds byte order mark (BOM) to every file
26822 – Pads can extend passed the bounds of the main window
26823 – Enhancement: Option Period / Search should pre-populate with currently selected text from editor
26824 – Global search/replace is randomly replacing text
26828 – Weird behavior of UI (mostly tree views)
26831 – Sometimes right clicking on a file/project in the solution navigator opens the wrong context menu
26832 – Code Completion Can't Find Some Methods
26834 – Intellisense Gives "help" for Wrong Parameter
26838 – Run project silently fails due to deprecated --disable-factory option passed to gnome-terminal
26843 – Double-clicking document tab does not show Solution Explorer when collapsed
26861 – can't delete file from project with xamarin studio
26871 – Refactoring entry in Context Menu does not always show when selecting refactorable text
26880 – [iOS Designer] Issue loading storyboard in designer (works fine in Xcode)
26884 – [watchkit] cannot create Actions for MenuItems in Designer
26885 – [WatchKit Preview 2] Xamarin Studio cannot find sdks when set to Xcode beta location
26888 – [watchkit] Properties>Events pad isn't populated when Button is selected
26902 – Adding a iPad View Controller to unified iPad project throws: "Foundation does not exists in namespace MonoTouch" error
26903 – Xamarin Updater removed XamarinStudio.exe, XamarinInstaller doesn't add it again
26904 – Android build settings: build options are reset after reloading project.
26905 – When in Unity3D, clicking error fails to redirect you to the line error occurred
26906 – Error compiling monodevelop; Abs does not exist in the namespace Mono.Math
26908 – Pads can appear over dialog windows on Mac
26909 – Unexpected leave-notify events during motion and scrolling
26923 – [CorDebugger] Cannot inspect objects with proxies When debugging unit tests
26924 – [Win32] Shift+mouse wheel doesn't scroll horizontally
26925 – [watchkit] cannot add Settings-Watch.bundle to iOS app with existing Settings.bundle
26957 – Non-native context menu shown in Solution pad
27008 – version control not recognizing modified files
27021 – Double-clicking incompatible component in solution pane generates blank tab. Closing blank tab crashes Xamarin Studio with "Fatal Error"
27032 – [iOS Designer] For a Widget DatePicker from a properties window, when select the Mode as 'Date' or 'Time' incorrect functionality appears
27038 – Improve Guidance for Xamarin.Forms Portable Application Template
27069 – Xamarin Studio Update failed to Update
27071 – NuGet Restore?
27079 – Universal view controller templates do things the hard way
27080 – Add universal view controller templates with size classes
27089 – Support Size Class variations for properties
27090 – On checking of "Shows Toolbar " option Toolbar does not displayed at bottom of "Root view controller".
27093 – In storyboard, Split View Controller spawns with an error
27097 – Compilation problems with Microsoft.Common.targets (if source placed in a symlinked path)
27098 – Debugger opens new file that was already open, if project is inside a symlink
27099 – Removing/Deleting files fails if docked Solution Explorer closes
27113 – [iOS] Adding Table View Controller to Unified project incorrectly uses Classic API type "int" instead of Unified API type "nint"
27124 – Xamarin studio does not show references added by Paket
27136 – Could not connect to the debugger
27138 – Nuget Addin is absent in ubuntu monodevelop package
27154 – Incremental Build setting causes Classic app crash during launch on iOS 8: "Library not loaded ... libMono.Dynamic.Interpreter.dll.dylib"
27157 – Add Files from Folder Improvements
27158 – Sometimes layout axml files don't register changes
27159 – Sometimes the file being edited will be moved under the active file in solution explorer
27163 – Toggle line Comments doesn't work
27168 – After validating subscription, you have to restart xamarin studio to build.
27174 – Storyboard doesn't display after upgrade to 5.7.1
27181 – Storyboard generated by an XCode 6 Swift project is not compatible with Xamarin Studio 5.7
27183 – NuGet commands should be grouped together in Preferences - Key Bindings
27186 – [MD Code Issue] GettextCatalog usage warning?
27198 – Creating new GTK# project throws null reference exception
27207 – Setting ViewControll property in storyboard property list overwrites the file with a same name
27208 – Support adding binding redirects when a NuGet package is installed
27209 – layout_span missing from intellisense
27217 – Clearer report on non-compiler generated events
27219 – Intellisense not shown correctly when on full screen mode.
27235 – Exception local has wrong name in .NET debugger
27236 – Debugging tooltips aren't being displayed
27237 – Xamarin Studio cannot connect to update server; works on restart
27240 – Xamarin Studio will not open Workspace if all referenced solutions are not found.
27247 – [XS - Run Without Rebuild] XS doesn't update status bar values when open the different project template.
27248 – [XS - Run Without Rebuild] "Start Without Debugging" option doesn't update XS status bar.
27257 – Monodevelop hangs on save after a UI element is changed. UI element does not appear on recompile.
27272 – MonoDevelop crashes after auto-refreshing Debugger list in Attach to Process Dialog
27276 – A property starting with Cancel trickers wrong property documentation.
27277 – the layout could not be loaded; root element is missing
27283 – Xamarin Studio opens folder which contains project in google chrome
27284 – Internal modules shown as 'not accessible' to external ones
27285 – Popup menus appear unreadable while using Xamarin Studio IDE on 2nd display
27286 – Xamarin studio loses cursor position when deleting text.
27289 – Cursor position is not marked
27290 – Replace in Files replaces incorrect strings
27305 – XS hanging (not responding) during builds
27312 – Can't fix wrong password for GitHub
27316 – Can't see scrollbar in text editor
27323 – Lots of GtkTreeView errors due to new debugger visualizers
27331 – Relative paths in title bar and status bar contain ugly ".." directories
27342 – Keystore details not remembered
27346 – Text Editor paste broken when text copied outside Xamarin Studio
27354 – Getting discrepancy with .axml file when open in source editor and open in text editor.
27356 – After installing xamarin android player, you can't create an emulator the old way
27364 – Sometimes when starting Xamarin Studio I get this exception
27369 – XS doesn't shows closing brackets automatically.
27372 – [iOS Designer]Nothing happens when we drag any Widgets Control on Collection View Controller.
27375 – Selecting multiple tests and running them only runs the first test in the selection
27385 – [iOS] iOS Build -> Advanced -> Supported Architectures tooltip outdated
27387 – Cannot add new file to solution folder
27388 – Files in solution folders cannot be renamed
27389 – Renaming project should offer to rename project directory, output and assembly name
27405 – "overriden types" causes error hightlight, works for compiler
27407 – [Java Memory Options] XS show java memory flag on java process when designer is closed.
27410 – Indenter behaves differently to the formatter - Bad indenting/formatting of object initializer
27413 – Create Android Package does not copy all .apks when "Generate one .apk for each ABI" is selected
27432 – Clicking on Mac Build breaks project options dialog
27452 – Improvement suggestion: display formatted hover signature
27453 – Generic type parameters aren't named legibly
27459 – Hover tooltips don't work
27462 – MD keeps asking about newline character conversion
27475 – exception info is shown always at the end of the expression
27478 – XS hangs when in the android designer
27486 – Xamarin Studio device list shows black bar when many devices are listed & in full screen
27495 – F# addin has lost capability of displaying generic types when hovering type
27499 – Multiple views in designer causes disconnections
27514 – SAP Project Core Collapses all the time
27516 – Code templates not working correctly from "Insert Template..." dialog
27521 – Create New Event -- Failure -- .aspx
27530 – [CorDebugger] Watching a variable shows error instead of its value
27531 – Error building any standard projects
27534 – Xamarin Studio doesn't open the last opened solution on startup even though it's set to
27542 – caret size includes bottom margin
27566 – Same Component in multiple projects show missing assemblies after Component is restored
27598 – Updater asks to trust a HTTP certificate
27611 – Akka.NET solution file won't open in Xamarin studio
27612 – Provisioning Profile Not Appearing in XS, Appears in Xcode/VS
27615 – Xamarin Studio Failed To Start after updating to on Windows
27626 – Click event for shortcut HandleClick not give correct method
27652 – New "New solution" dialog has a button "Browse..." which is cut off
27656 – Smart indent does not work inside Try block
27668 – [Instrumentation Service] Non Clickable Info button in toolbar
27669 – "Connection to the layout renderer failed" with no additional error messages from java.exe in the IDE logs
27671 – C# format does not follow "whitespace before opening ..." configurations
27682 – Can only add reference to one file at a time with Edit References dialog
27685 – Created projects ignore global C# format options by default
27693 – MonoDevelopAggregateRepository.LogRepository cannot override inherited member
27694 – [TestCloud] 'Shows Result Pad' is not displaying accurate result
27696 – Can't open storyboard
27724 – Loading "iOS Collection View Controller" template in Unified API project loads old template
27733 – Attempting to change Mac Signing options causes the Xamarin Studio Preferences window to appear
27748 – [Xamarin Studio] Wiring events using Intellisense results in erroneous callback and missing void
27758 – Untrusted HTTP certificate detected"
27762 – [SVN] When we try resolve the conflict by merge, the XS throws MonoDevelop.VersionControl.Subversion.SubversionException: Commit failed
27763 – Mono TODO setting not saving properly
27764 – Unable to debug an iOS project over Wifi
27778 – F# Projects Gone
27780 – Error in the log when closing IDE or solution (NullReferenceException in SolutionClosed event)
27784 – Create Android package for release mode signs .apk by default with Android debug cert
27795 – ArgumentOutOfRange exception while creating new IOS solution.
27801 – No unified NSDocument template
27802 – Classic to Unified migration fails on NSDocument application
27803 – Migrating from Classic to Unified does not result in a buildable application
27810 – Add visualizer for MemoryStream
27825 – [Roslyn] Warnings and Errors are not cleared from the status bar when the solution / workspace is closed
27834 – XS prompts update to same version when updated manually
27839 – Unit Test integration not visible until editor reopened
27856 – Failure to open PCL or any other kind of project created with VS 2015 on Xamarin Studio
27861 – When I link split view controller within the iPad application from a tab view controller as a tab, storyboard crashes with following detail
27882 – Text node cannot appear in this state with F Sharp iOS projects
27891 – Using the debug visualiser on an F# sequence (which is IEnumerable) results in an error
27906 – Hard crash from quick fix menu
27907 – Catchpoints in unit test hang process
27908 – Debugger should show unhandled exceptions in unit tests
27911 – Search results popup doesn't appear on multi-monitor setup
27917 – Auto shown pads don’t reliably re-hide
27918 – Unit Test failure should show failed assertion
27919 – Hidden commands are visible in Mac context menu
27920 – Search box incorrectly appears focused
27925 – Visualizer window is behind debugger tooltips
27927 – DefinedSymbols are not added in F# Projects when defined
27938 – Breakpoint does not get hit in XS
27941 – command-/ shortcut to toggle comments does not work
27947 – dojo.source package can not add to project by nuget
27962 – Xamarin Studio crashes when creating new Xaml Forms Page
27963 – XS 5.8 Should Know C# 6 ?. operator
27969 – Code Editor not showing defined Compiler Symbols when editing a file in a referenced PCL project
27972 – Syntax Highlight: "Solarized Light" contains uncapitalized color names and therefore fails to highlight correctly.
27985 – Extra space added above controls that are a child of a child view of the main view when a segue to the controller is present.
27998 – [WatchKit] Designer generated outlets are set to be private
28006 – Strange icon in the refactor>rename dialog
28012 – NuGet / Packages restoring to sln but references are relative to csproj
28015 – Remove NSExtensionPointName and NSExtensionPointVersion from template Info.plist
28024 – Unable to hit breakpoints
28028 – XS asks for Keystorage credentials even if they are specified
28031 – Device drop down not sizing wide enough
28033 – Search notification in different language than the rest of Xamarin Studio
28034 – Commented strings are not highlighted correctly in Search Results pad
28035 – Double-clicking sln file won't open project
28036 – Xamarin UI Fonts are Unreadeable
28039 – It's not clear when search in selection is active
28043 – Storyboard Identity property section disappeared for Layout Constraint
28044 – Writing into Storyboard property field takes too long
28049 – monodevelop hangs when you reopen a GTK project
28064 – Main window not risen to the front on launch
28068 – Entitlements.plist incorrect for Mac CloudKit app
28071 – Opening combo crashes XS
28073 – Selecting item from Solution Explorer "De-Tiles" Xamarin Studio
28075 – [WatchKit] Missing all the Glance templates that Xcode offers
28083 – When running an NUnit project, XS always asks "An application is already running and will have to be stopped. Do you want to continue?"
28092 – Error while saving json when editing LaunchImage.launchimage
28095 – storyboardIdentifier not filled out in Universal Project's Storyboard
28096 – [SVN] Every action (commit or update) throw an a Timeout exception
28097 – Non-functional white lines while auto formatting
28103 – XCode class headers
28113 – Customer using the v5.3 isn't offered the XS update
28127 – Build breaks if project imports both Classic & Unified ObjCBinding targets
28129 – Renaming a linked file renames the file on the project pane but not on disk
28132 – [Mac] ERROR ITMS-90259 when trying to deliver Mac app to Apple
28135 – Renaming a custom attribute doesn't preserve custom attribute values.
28141 – C Shared Library projects generate wrong extension on OS X
28148 – NSInvalidArgumentException Storyboard doesn't contain a view controller with identifier
28155 – Target/Device button is clipped before main window gets focus
28166 – BarButtonItem missing Name property (outlet)
28180 – "btouch: Unknown Kind Byte* buffer in method" when compiling a binding project - Objective Sharpie
28205 – Xamarin Studio builds no targets
28217 – F# debugger fails to unlock mdb files after debugging session ends
28229 – Inline editor does not fetch whole string
28238 – Fails when user starting installation doesn't have Administrator privileges
28279 – XS Mixes the Language Used on Menu Items When Not Set to English
28280 – Font Size Used on the Tabs in the Text Editor Are Too Small
28285 – Cannot debug iOS App while the WatchKit app is running in the simulator
28295 – Lack of Slider action event in WatchKit
28298 – Actions Signals creating double functions/handlers
28301 – Addins created with Mono.Addins cannot be installed in XS
28302 – Unable to connect to the component store
28306 – System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'FSharp.Core, Version=
28307 – System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'FSharp.Core, Version=
28308 – this.NavigationController.PushViewController (resultView, true) not working
28309 – Can't open solution that contains Xamarin.Mac project and other project types without purchasing Xamarin.Mac
28313 – Getting XS Crashed on creating C# android project.
28323 – MonoDevelop terminating error when creating new solution with solution already opened.
28329 – Classic iOS projects can offer to migrate to Unified Mac
28333 – Android Project file does not reflect Android Application GUI settings
28355 – Intellisense for DateTime ToString function
28365 – Cannot Activate xamarin studio due to A 'Unhandled Activation Error' URGENT
28368 – Unable to run project with custom parameters in latest update.
28371 – Instances of native types are highlighted as keywords
28376 – Override existing class file when set the class property of a component on storyboard
28385 – Allow setting of fonts for size classes as in Xcode Interface builder
28395 – Getting startup error on NixOS MonoDevelop
28396 – Clicking empty unwind Segues causes Xamarin Studio to crash
28419 – Unable to drag & drop controls to xamarin AXML designer
28423 – Creating alternate layouts from the designer puts new .axml files under obj folder
28441 – Add extra components screen doesn't respond to mouse clicks
28444 – "Indie" icons has layout issues in the "Xamarin Account" view.
28457 – Android binding and AIDL referenced on projects do not auto complete on code editor
28459 – switch auto complete on Enums should generate options and/or restrict suggestions
28460 – Setting Package Signing options within the IDE should store package signing info in a separate .targets file.
28463 – MonoDevelop Window gets stuck on screen (foreground)
28471 – [WatchKit] Unable to create any type of template, after clicking "next" button for watchkit app template.
28477 – Unable to login
28479 – File drag+drop does not work
28481 – File build action set to confusing "None" on Android and "Compile" on iOS
28497 – Code Completion causes Xamarin Studio to stop responding...
28507 – custom control in iOS Library .dll does not appear in iOS Designer Toolbox
28508 – Right-click on Project to "Run with ... " is not working anymore
28515 – Properties Window isn't displaying the properties' of the select item.
28517 – nullref exn in F# plugin
28518 – Exception in iOS Designer when opening a storyboard edited in Xcode Interface Builder
28519 – After a storyboard edit with Xcode Interface Builder, Xamarin Studio doesn't recognize it has changed and doesn't rebuild the project, simply launching it again
28532 – Double mouse click processed in open file dialog
28536 – Adding new ViewControllers uses explicitStoryboardIdentifier, causing runtime errors
28540 – When click on Stop Build button, the progress bar still shows that the project is building.
28548 – ContainerView inside ContainerView shows wrong frame in designer
28549 – GTK menu is shown instead of native menu in solution tree when using "gear" button
28554 – Need some more key shortcuts for productivity
28567 – Shell script fails to run as Custom Command
28573 – XS fails to start on Mac with error "LSOpenURLsWithRole() failed with error -10810 for the file"
28579 – Gtk-Critical logged when using External Tool with prompt for arguments enabled
28589 – iOS designer does not infer correct image size when only @2x images exist
28591 – addins.monodevelop.com unable to clone from github since DDos
28593 – Cannot evaluate decimal in immediate window
28594 – Can't build anything anymore
28596 – xaml formatting
28607 – Codesign Verification Failed when using the Validate feature on an app archive
28615 – empty custom command causes unhelpful error on build
28620 – Run application without debugging does not stop after clossing application
28624 – frozen floating watches
28633 – Apple a to select all in watches selects all when editing text
28639 – arrow keys don't expand options in lists - like in unit test results
28641 – Can't save Contents.json
28652 – [X.F] mdtool error CS0246: Type or namespace could not be found
28664 – very hard to see contents of nested exception
28665 – Package sources manager should have browse button
28666 – Remember state of "show preview packages" button
28667 – no -tsa or -tsacert warnings when signing android packages
28668 – Changing a sln from VS in XS re-orders solution folder lines
28670 – Local repo packages show up in all channels
28671 – Verson Control Revert Errors
28677 – Refactor: Create Method: Exception raised
28688 – XS deletes references from Windows Store app projects
28691 – Minimum value for code completion rows
28699 – can we get a recent files list please?
28706 – [XS]"Missing Icons, No icons found for watchapp, please make sure that Info.plist include CFBundleIconfile message" on uploading a .ipa to appstore
28720 – Checking 'Generate XML Documentation' in fsproj doesn't add tag
28725 – Const string tooltip
28726 – Wrong 'else if' indentation
28740 – Apple watch icons missing from watchapp template!!
28761 – App crashes with manual storyboard navigation
28766 – Cannot build corefx
28767 – T4 directives should be treated case-intensively
28768 – T4 TextTransform.exe should not fail with unhandled exceptions
28770 – T4 TextTransform.exe should have out parameter as optional
28773 – T4 TextTransform.exe should support GAC assembly references without .dll extension
28775 – [XS]"WatchKitSupport with WK binary" is generated in .xcarchives only if minimum deployment target of Main iOS app is set to "8.2"
28776 – T4 TextTransform.exe does not work with Host.ResolvePath
28780 – Nullable types intellisense glitch
28783 – Support switching Lib -> Exe
28784 – [XS]IPA file contents generated from XS publishing workflow is different from Xcode created IPA file for WatchKit Projects
28808 – Too many open files => unable to save solution file => lost work + can't restore package references
28827 – New iOS Empty template no longer instantiates the window
28830 – XIB updates only after project clean
28835 – Unable to close exception value visualiser window in 'Exception caught' window on click of close(x) button.
28836 – Exception windows doesn't shows the exception summary window.
28843 – Pushes to Git use the password as the email
28845 – Crashing when entering full screen on Mac OS X 10.9.5
28849 – Missing checkbox labels in iOS designer
28867 – When no document is open in a solution, don't allow "All Open Files", "Current Document" and "Selection" to be available
28868 – When no code is being selected, remove "Selection" in Find dialog
28869 – Debugger doesn't point to line which caused exception in background queue
28886 – Xamarin Studio shows iOS license message every time it opens
28888 – F# highlighting breaks on String with UTF8 chars in them
28899 – References with same Assembly Name do not reference correct platform
28907 – Compiler crashed with code: 1.
28912 – Xamarin Develop does not support VB on .NET v4.5
28916 – xib files not updating after editing in Xcode
28928 – F# highlighting breaks on static (*) member
28936 – Faded/unclickable GUI items have visual anomaly (squiggly lines)
28945 – No release-ability for MD 6.0 addins yet
28946 – WK Archive Submission fails due to missing storyboards?
28967 – Watch extension versions do not automatically update to match parent app
28968 – Code behind designer file not updated for Master page template
28971 – New project window disappears if pads (e.g: Application output, Breakpoint etc.) sets to auto hide.
28978 – Code Generation for Events Generates Incorrect Code
28982 – Can we please get ios unit test integration?
28987 – Cant' add projects to empty solution in Xamarin Studio Version 5.9 (build 388)
28999 – Multiple Crashes
29001 – Search bar undo no longer works.
29006 – NUnit view resets to Solution view after debugging test
29007 – suddenly no images are in my application
29012 – Xamarin Studio UI is in two different languages
29013 – Need to reactivate my license each time I switch using my Surface 3 Pro docking station
29015 – monodevelop-database addin dependencies
29022 – Storyboard rendering error
29024 – Missing titles in TitleBarItem property editor
29025 – Missing titles in NavigationBar property editor
29027 – Wrong color is displayed for default UINavigationBar tint color
29028 – Missing titles in constraints property editor
29048 – Command + comma doesn't search when focused on a detached tab
29049 – hover intellisense closes to quickly
29057 – ? is used instead of a keyword
29061 – [NewProjectDialog] Android dialog isn't rendering correctly on windows
29062 – No labels show for UITabBarItems
29066 – no intellisense for node specific layout attributes
29085 – [New Project Dialog] Override folder has too many popups
29088 – Custom NuGet feed package operations fail.
29089 – NuGet not logging all errors when checking package sources
29097 – Unable to see inside UIVisualEffectView element in a Storyboard
29102 – Two "Enable incremental builds" checkboxes
29105 – Changes made in the project options are persisted despite canceling form
29106 – Sims in Xcode with "Show in Destinations Menu" unchecked are present in dropdown
29141 – Test Name disappears in Unit Tests UI
29142 – [Suggestion] Make the Locals pane sortable on other terms
29145 – Properties/AssemblyInfo.cs missing from Android Library
29151 – Unwind segue drop down menu is always disabled
29155 – Incorrect auto-doc generation for interface
29159 – Changes to *.xib files don't result in a project rebuild
29160 – Arbitrary scribble rendering on selected rows containing gray/subdued text in "Source" view of property list editor
29162 – Failed to launch the simulator: Could not find a part of the path - when path contains spaces.
29181 – Opening then saving project file changes guid in <ProjectReference> to uppercase
29182 – Add smarter indenting for Web Forms (.aspx) when parent elements not indented
29186 – Application file stay locked after debug
29193 – Last line of code is duplicated on the same line
29201 – Unusual bug when i run the debugger in Monodevelop
29215 – Updater allows Xamarin Studio to update to versions that are not supported by the current OS X version
29218 – You are using x features which require Xamarin Android Indie edition or higher. Please connect to the internet to proceed.
29222 – Highlighting error
29223 – Cannot create a new project, monodevelop says "Illegal project name" for "Test"
29227 – Interupting iOS builds very slow to respond
29228 – Component store showing a component installed
29233 – File Widget could not be written when creating a new GTK# 2.0 solution in a path the contains a # symbol
29235 – Build tools does not detect the changes when we switch git branches
29236 – Custom debug.keystore properties not maintained
29240 – Client 'directory' not found in Auto-Completion
29244 – Error try to open layout editor
29254 – edit references needs better ui
29261 – Fullscreening Xamarin Studio results in crash.
29271 – Locked (Read only files) not saved, with no warning
29273 – Generate overflow checks doesn't check.
29278 – Bug xamarin studio
29291 – Clicking on links in the component store does nothing
29311 – iOS Unified Migration never finishes
29312 – Unsigned Xamarin Studio binaries
29325 – Views->Add->View...' context menu item does not always work in ASP.NET MVC projects
29329 – Android publishing fails with Argument is out of range exception
29332 – Search not working in VIM mode
29334 – Design view showing incorrectly in the designer
29352 – Expected Xamarin.Forms Update Problem
29359 – Xamarin IDE is slow in new update version.
29360 – Clipboard paste on open documents intentionally after Command + C event
29368 – Per branch userprefs file
29371 – When the designer fails to connect, no error is shown
29401 – Version 5.9: Cant build solution created in VS without signing key if Custom Entitlements was set, then cleared
29403 – T4 TextTransform.exe should be extracted as a separate NuGet package
29405 – Feature Request: Bring iOS Support to Windows with Xamarin Studio
29413 – Add warnings for copy-paste smells
29422 – Xamarin Studio crashes when using "Navigate To" - New in 5.9.0
29426 – Xamarin Studio crashes when switch to Full Screen - New in 5.9.0
29429 – HeapShot crash
29440 – iOS Designer not displaying set Behavior and Detection properties on UITextView
29446 – Building Android project
29450 – [Auto Comments] Doesn't handle either capital or underscores very well
29456 – Deployment Targets should not list anything below 5.1.1 for Unified
29475 – [Android/XF] App Identifier should be created by using App Name after stripping off leading and trailing whitespaces
29480 – [iOS] Modal Segue created in storyboard designer has incorrect values for modalPresentationStyle, designer doesn't recognize 'correct' values used by Xcode
29481 – [Mac] "Supported List" should be a hyperlink instead of a button under Target Framework for Mac projects
29487 – [Mac] Unified "Empty Project" and "Cocoa App" should not add <UseSGen> flag in csproj
29492 – [iOS] iOS extension bundle identifier should be created using extension name after trimming leading and trailing whitespaces
29495 – [XS 5.9] Potential memory leak when opening and closing files
29502 – Pinned & visible "Properties" pad is hidden when clicking on "Properties" title, inconsistent behavior vs. other pads & "Properties" pad in other views
29514 – Unicode string in code corrupts in AppStore release
29537 – [Update] When the Update Dialog window is open, don't show the nspopover
29550 – Enable incremental builds twice in iOS Build
29551 – missing menu options for Android SDK in Xamarin Studio under 'Tools'
29553 – MinimumOSVersion/Deployment Target must be 8.2 for Watch Apps and Watch Extensions
29558 – why is xamarin upgrading if my os is not supported by the upgrade?
29560 – [iOS Designer] Segue can only be clicked to select in 'actual size' zoom
29563 – Auto Complete fails when there's a relative symbolic link
29564 – read-only Info.plist file causes problems in project options dialog
29572 – ExportAttribute on methods should behave like interface implementation
29576 – [Feature Request] Add System to Auto complete any bracket
29583 – Archives Doen't show up
29589 – SourceTable is required to be a non-empty string with SQLite since this morning updates
29596 – Resource entry is already defined (APT0000)
29598 – Missing tarball for monodevelop 5.9
29601 – Pressing a shortcut key to the search in the top right moves the cursor to both the search box and text editor simultaneously.
29602 – nullref-exception/Bug in ProjectSearchCategory
29614 – No valid iOS code signing keys found in keychain
29616 – Typing text in search box (top right) does not show anything - white text on white background.
29637 – F# add-in displays generic types as numbers
29642 – F# highlighting breaks on simple string with newline
29669 – Icon placeholders for iPhone 6 (3x) missing from Info.plist GUI editor and in Project Options (not using Asset Catalog)
29672 – Build -> Stop doesn't work for MSBuild-based projects
29675 – Unable to add Settings.bundle to an iOS project
29676 – XS Crashes when launching Player
29682 – Add configuration to all solution items does not do as such
29696 – Null reference in Apple Watch project template wizard
29698 – After press CTRL+TAB key, action 'switch tab' failed, editor cannot totally cannot modify
29700 – Confusing initial experience when adding a UITest/Android project
29735 – Table columns disappear when after switching to source view
29749 – (vs-504789) Unit Tests UI does not reflect passing tests in parent node and right click icon on left margin of Code hidden.
29774 – <Error>: CGContextRestoreGState: invalid context 0x0.
29780 – Wifi Debug setting is not saved
29783 – Google publication error messages not readable - dialog too small
29784 – Google play publication error contains wrong version number
29797 – first #region indent (in switch) is bad
29802 – New project dialogs do not work properly with font scaling
29809 – When building, I get a warning relating to installing the nuget package Microsoft.Bcl.Build but it's already installed
29812 – Xamarin Studio has multiple debugger controls visible
29814 – Semicolon in comments can add tabs/spaces to next line of C#
29830 – Debugger doesn't show value of a variable if its name matches its type name
29831 – Update icons are added each time an update check is performed.
29853 – HeapShot totally broken
29872 – while adding web service reference through xamarin studio is not working properly
29879 – crash if I type in search box
29880 – XamMac version mismatch error when running NUnit test against a XamMac library
29901 – Targeting Mono Runtime causes build to fail
29905 – F# Add-In has started timing out
29909 – Debugger operation failed when linker is active
29913 – xamarin-component restore does not handle relative paths for solution resolving components.config
29914 – Web service being ignored
29921 – Projects are not shown in Solution Explorer after installing update.
29923 – XS ends up useless when the designer fails to load
29925 – Tooltip over await does not make much sense
29926 – Static field is not available in debugger
29952 – Referenced code from Shared Project not recognised by syntax highlighting, yet compiles fine
29958 – Mono 4.0 - Causing 'Unexpected binary element: 0' build failure when compiling against previous mono version
29960 – Navigate To does not prevent text going into source file
29971 – Used Xcode for Storyboard, caused crash in Xamarin iOS Designer
29973 – NullReference exception when using the Archive All publishing feature
29978 – Control Comma (or equivalent on Mac) does not bring up search when debugging.
29982 – VB.NET projects don't work
29983 – [Git] When no remote is available for a project, Push Changes is enabled and does not work
29984 – [Git] When a project is created without version control, Publish option is not available from Menu
29988 – [Git] Publish dialog doesn't display Repository field properly and confirmation dialog is confusing
29990 – [Git] New Tag window shows on top of all windows of all applications
29992 – [Git] New Tag window doesn't show commit messages and the TreeView columns cannot be resized
29994 – [Git] "Push" button is enabled when no Tag is selected under Git Repository Configuration
29995 – [Git] "Delete" button is enabled when no Tag is selected under Git Repository Configuration
29998 – Problem in debug. Properties are "null" for debug, but it's not true
30000 – [Git] When trying to stash, the OK button is enabled when no stash message is provided and stash fails when OK is clicked
30001 – [Git] Edit, Delete and "Switch to Branch" button is enabled even when no branch is selected or listed
30002 – [Git] Edit, Delete and "Switch to Branch" button is enabled under "Remote Sources" even when no remote is selected or listed
30003 – [Git] "Track in Local Branch" under "Git Repository Configuration" > "Remote Sources" should only be enabled when a remote branch is selected
30005 – [Git] Allow empty string as a valid push-url for a git remote
30006 – [Git] Manage Branches and Remotes window doesn't show up when remote's push-url is an empty string
30007 – [Git] Show a better error message when the user does not have push privileges or repository not found for a remote URL
30008 – [Git] In Git Repo Configuration, Push Url for a remote is always showing as empty
30015 – renaming variables, nameof operator inside interpolated strings
30017 – SIGSEGV when launching debugger
30019 – Error when showing enumeration contents
30022 – Broken static fields of DateTime variables
30023 – Using default constructor in watch window does not work
30031 – Error XA0000: Unexpected error - Reason: Could not find SDK platform directory
30035 – [Gtk] Some GtkButton which have been explicitly sized show up with dotted background
30044 – Resource.resx are generated with incorrect namespace
30049 – Unable to install Microsoft.ApplicationInsights into Xamarin Studio.
30050 – Unable to build project using xbuild from command line
30052 – Submitting in store issues
30055 – XS crashed when user search "g" keyword in searchbox.
30063 – Invalidated project under a build configuration is still being built if it is referenced.
30066 – Error XA5207: Please install package: 'Android Support Library' available in SDK installer
30067 – [roslyn] "async" should not be generated for overrides
30072 – Crash when signing Android app
30077 – iOS archive submissions failed with errors Disallowed paths ("iTunesMetadata.plist")
30087 – Removing a file that is added using "Add existing folder" causes file deletion, not removal from git.
30096 – Custom key bindings get deleted when switching schemes
30102 – Can we please split up namespaces in xaml formatting
30103 – Formatting doesn't trigger on save for xaml or xml files
30104 – [Git] Clone fails with "Version control operation failed:. Argument cannot be null. Parameter name: path" when using an invalid https url
30105 – code formatting breaks this xaml
30107 – Importing an existing keystone certificate in new publishing workflow crashes Xamarin Studio
30109 – Wrong <Import Project> when creating a new project over an exiting one
30115 – Build Output on the "errors" pad does not handle copy operation when it is not detached state.
30161 – NullReferenceException when logging error from updater
30164 – Reference to unknown project ignored message when creating new Xamarin.Forms project if Xamarin.Android is not installed
30170 – MissingManifestResourceException thrown with 'could not find any resources appropriate for the specified culture ...'
30172 – Adding new WatchKit app extension for iOS does not work on big solutions (more than one iOS project)
30174 – monodevelop-database package broken on debian
30175 – RESX Designer File Generation Not Working
30176 – Please show Git Branch on Commit Dialog
30178 – Provide an option to display a icons for custom icon for control in Toolbox
30188 – XS Test Runner doesn't account for custom "ignore" attributes
30201 – no longer have option to deploy to device
30208 – Cannot use program shortcut when language is set to Korean
30211 – Overlapping status icons
30213 – fails to "go to declaration" of a method definition in external dll (assembly browser).
30224 – [Gtk] Unable to drag and drop floating document/pad
30231 – [Roslyn Migration] XS doesn't show warning if method hides method defined in parent class
30240 – [Roslyn Migration] *.cs not renamed when renaming a class
30246 – Update to 5.9.0 fails (unable to remove 5.6.2)
30248 – Update is done although it cannot run with current OS
30252 – Not able to open "recent project" if solution path contains "%20"
30266 – can we get filtering on the stack trace? Very hard to read in forms apps
30270 – [Roslyn Migration] XS places event handler method inside another method
30277 – Unable to move window by dragging toolbar immediately to the right of debugging button bar
30288 – [Roslyn Migration] Text editor highlights with red referenced namespaces and types
30290 – Entitlements.plist setting for project/options/build/ios bundle signing
30291 – AndroidKeyStore property / Sign the APK setting is ignored
30295 – Missing win32icon in compiler arguments
30303 – Xamarin Studio fonts appear to corrupt when Suitcase Fusion is present on machine
30304 – Would be nice to have a 'open archive directory'
30305 – Issues renaming for loop variable with rename refactor
30320 – Can't sign and distribute an app with extensions - ERROR ITMS-90161: "Invalid Provisioning Profile."
30323 – Get MSBuild error under Mono 4.0.1 but not under Microsoft .Net runtime
30326 – [Roslyn] Missing warning of Variable/Parameter not being used
30327 – Format Document incorrectly collapses "using static" to "usingstatic"
30329 – xaml formatting always moves cursor to end of file
30330 – [WatchKit] Wrong Action signatures generated by iOS Designer for WatchKit controls.
30337 – Document Outline - navigation by selecting item stops working
30359 – When xcode-select --print-path fails, the iOS addin crashes
30364 – C# source code formatting error
30366 – Cannot open an AXML due to SDK version.
30367 – Ios Designer Toolbox search bar does not clear when user create new project.
30368 – Android project with missing manifest cannot be opened
30373 – [Roslyn Migration] XS gets hanged and quit unexpectedly when publishing app
30383 – Compiler does not add the PlugIn folder with WatchKitExtension on big solutions?
30386 – Format Document eats C# 6 exception filter
30405 – VS 2015 solution compatability is broken
30406 – Resolve command generates invalid code when using static exists
30417 – get crash on ios device on breakpoints
30421 – [Roslyn] override code completion doesn't add "ref" and "out" to base.Call()
30429 – Assembly Browser shows nonpublic types as search results even in "Only public members" mode.
30449 – Mac status bar not displaying new StatusBarContexts
30461 – [iOS Designer] Xamarin Designer for iOS - Custom Properties - Add UIFont support
30463 – Debugger operation failed. Field not found: Mono.CompilerServices.SymbolWriter.LineNumberEntry.Column
30473 – Migrate All (Applicable) Projects to Unified feature
30477 – Go to implementation feature
30504 – [Roslyn Migration] Not able to open Quick Fix dropdown
30506 – Add File to Folder dialog missing active button states.
30509 – [Roslyn Migration] Tooltip text color in default Monokai Highlighting scheme
30516 – When "Android Development" is disabled from addin manager, Android checkbox still shows up under Xamarin.Forms template
30517 – [Roslyn Migration] Attribute decorations are being colored with same color as method instead of type
30518 – XS completes when it clearly shouldn't
30520 – [Git] Version control operation failed, Collection was modified, enumeration operation may not execute
30524 – F# and C/C++ solutions created in Visual Studio won't open & vice versa
30528 – Wrong platform bindings detection during ./configure
30533 – [WizardsUpdate] Android App should have 'Package Name' label instead of Bundle Identifier in project dialog box
30535 – Using C# 6.0 features breaks intellisense
30536 – C# 6 syntax breaks Document Outline, code formatting and code highlighting
30537 – Xamarin still too insistent on enforcing formatting rules where the user would like to have it leave things alone
30539 – Slow to start due to updating packages
30543 – Xamarin studio sometimes ignores + overwrites external changes to files
30545 – Properties Pad could use a tool tip for long property values
30550 – Xamarin Studio crashes when resizing
30552 – CMD + C does not work in commit comments
30560 – Test cloud should not allow users to upload builds that use the shared runtime
30591 – [Roslyn] Enum code-completion doesn't generate type on "."(dot)
30602 – Minimum Android Version and Target Android Version combobox settings do not work
30613 – MonoDevelop breaks customized project files
30614 – Xamarin studio crashes when entering fullscreen
30615 – Monodevelop crash on startup
30618 – Monodevelop 6.0 crashes on build with mono 4.3.0
30622 – Unexpected output with nested try/catch/finally blocks in a C# Sketch
30623 – Theme doesn't change every componenet's color
30631 – Unable to build project after adding GTK# widget to non-GTK# project
30635 – Adding new C# library project to solution does not use MSBuild when compiling new library project
30655 – .NET Runtime registration behaves poorly with symlinks
30663 – Cannot Make Resources Public
30673 – [Roslyn] Configuration resets to first when loading monodevelop.sln and warning about translation project.
30685 – Unable to use special character codes.
30703 – Xamarin Studio Debugger not hitting the breakpoints
30710 – Breakpoint circle not appearing for function breakpoints in editor.
30727 – Code analysis rule - Attribute redundancy
30730 – [AutoTest] ClickElement fails when Solution Status' "Commit..." button is clicked
30733 – Code Document UTF-8 - Character Symbols do not render
30739 – Monodevelop-database
30759 – after running android sdk manager and update to 5.9
30761 – [Forms] When Xamarin.Forms App is created without iOS selected, NuGet packages are not restored
30762 – Xamarin Studio can't get through corporate firewall
30780 – [HackWeek] Crash using the size class selector
30783 – [HackWeek] Cannot run debugger with Xamarin.TestCloud.Agent
30793 – SOAP version mismatch
30800 – [HackWeek] [Improvement] Fill element to content element
30801 – [HackWeek] [Improvement] Lock visually elements
30802 – [Generic Project] Generic Project template cannot be built, fails with Build failed. Object reference not set to an instance of an object
30803 – [HackWeek] Cannot select the top element where bottom element is selected
30804 – [HackWeek] Cannot paste a copied element in Outline panel
30807 – [HackWeek] [Improvement] Reorder Z-Order position from the outline panel
30814 – Unable to reference main project classes in Unit Tests
30831 – SHIFT+<Letter key> aborts Rename dialogue for file in solution folders
30847 – Error on Publishing to Google Play (Task Cancelled at Google.Apis.Upload.ResumableUpload`1.<UploadAsync>d__0.MoveNext())
30850 – [Git] When checking out a repository using git+ssh, the path field is not populated
30853 – [AutoTest] AutoTestSession.GetGlobalValue raises a NRE when trying to fetch BaseDirectory when no solution is opened
30856 – A bug occurs when entering this symbol " ( "
30858 – [Git] Stash operation success message is not shown on top statusbar
30862 – F# member completion groups are out of order
30866 – Build progress shows projects not set to be built
30896 – Cannot select different alias from keystore
30911 – [Roslyn] generated code by refactoring operations (Code Rules/Code Actions) ignores formatting styles
30912 – [Roslyn] auto code formatter ignores my code format settings on properties.
30917 – No intellisense for subsequent method parameters after first
30922 – iOSDesigner doesn't show custom control after adding MvvmCross
30926 – [Feature request] - Increase size of text field in Project Options, Compiler, Define Symbols
30944 – Error in System.Runtime.Serialization.IExtensibleDataObject when add a WCF Service
30949 – Moving files between projects removes the files from source but not added to destination.
30952 – [Git] Improve UserGitConfigDialog looks
30953 – [Git] UserGitConfigDialog fails when e-mail is not configured in preferences
30959 – [HackWeek] Resize window don't calculate correctly segues position on native surface
30960 – [HackWeek] Ghosts elements in document outline (Navigation Controller cannot be deleted in outline panel)
30962 – [HackWeek] Removing connected view controllers in SplitViewController widget provokes XS exception
30964 – [HackWeek] Crash resizing every element if we release button on the solution explorer while resizing
30966 – [HackWeek] Xcode only allows add 1 view (button, image, label) different like TableViewCell
30970 – xaml formatting fails silently with badly form xaml
30989 – [OSX 10.11] Top black space on full screen OS X 10.11
30992 – Portion of titlebar not draggable when debugging on mac os.
30997 – XS Crashes when resizing window past point where search bar hides while debugging
31010 – Can't open .cs file.
31030 – Keystore path not shown in publishing wizard
31031 – Build notification
31044 – iOS Designer random failures
31066 – Archives-Window not displaying Version Code of iOS Archives
31071 – Xamarin Studio doesn't recognize pre-release packages as updates
31072 – Xamarin Studio doesn't recognize pre-release NuGet packages that would resolve a dependency
31073 – can't set startup project
31074 – [Gtk#] Attempting to resurrect dead objects inside a finalizer
31102 – [Xamarin Insights]
31104 – Crash on doing "Remove Braces" refactoring
31106 – Add-in manager: shows "Could not read add-in description" error
31111 – Duplicate assemblies in Edit References dialog on Windows
31120 – Build fails with storyboard. "Failed to load output manifest for ibtool: Unrecognized property list format.
31133 – Error while trying to load project
31134 – Additional Android emulators are not showing up in the device list until they are started
31142 – [assembly browser][C# binding] go to non-public declaration doesn't jump to the type
31155 – Signing packages with a keystore with SHA1withDSA fails
31158 – Not very easily readable flagged enums
31165 – Search/replace icons do not provide @2x variant
31179 – Sketch fails to load and use System.Threading.Tasks.Dataflow
31196 – Missing shortcuts in Build Output window
31204 – Checking out Git TAG's shows Guids in Xamarin Studio Project Explorer
31215 – Can't build Classic apps from the command line (NRE)
31219 – Null reference when updating a NuGet package
31220 – Indentation doesn't work in certain cases
31229 – Building with mdtool gets NRE
31230 – Preferences / Active Runtime default changes
31241 – invalid cast nint immediate window
31250 – Should see Console.WriteLine / NSLogs while debugging sandbox'ed Mac applications
31268 – Autocomplete does not work when using a symlink for source code
31273 – Adding .xnb files (used by MonoGame) results in "None" build action for iOS
31275 – Attributes not aligned when Max attributes per line = 1
31284 – Exception when drop a Button with connection segue in another ViewController
31290 – Libgit2sharp System.DllNotFoundException: git2-edb2afa, which seems to prevent me to make changes in my files
31299 – [HackWeek] Duplicated entries in outline panel when drop any view inside another ViewController
31300 – Debugger still broken in latest Xamarin forms pre-release
31306 – Renamed AndroidManifest do not load in Visual Studio
31307 – Synchronization code analysis rule - Usage of Interlocked
31314 – Type annotations do not show or pop up when mousing over functions and function parameters
31327 – iOS designer doesn't honor Retargetable flag for custom control library dependencies
31328 – Can't add a new project to my solution in Xamarin Studio 5.9 on Mac OSX
31332 – Visual C++ Runtime Error when Debugging
31334 – CSharpBinding/Autotools | make produces a msc warning CS2029: Invalid conditional define symbol
31348 – iOS UITableViewCell file template code isn't ideal
31356 – Exception - Makefiles could not be generated: Impossible to resolve
31372 – Private=true in fsproj
31374 – Embedded resource names wrong if project opened in symlinked directory
31375 – MonoDevelop launch crashes with badimageformatexception on MonoDevelop.Core
31380 – Later drop any element in the storyboard we cannot remove it pressing delete key
31382 – Selection area is broken when the cursor is out of the storyboard scrollview
31413 – When trying to add new components from the store the list doesn't refresh.
31433 – selecting "Adding New Image Set" Generated over 100 new Image sets (in the UI)" Sometimes the operation never finishes.
31440 – Unable to import VS2013/2015 solutions
31443 – Code Analysis Namespace Rules
31448 – [Shell] XS crashes when Cmd+H is pressed in the Open File Dialog from Edit References > Select Assembly
31449 – Problem with XS / mismatched mscorlibs?
31465 – "Start Profiling" option does not initially appear under run menu
31467 – Extension methods while debugging
31479 – iOS Projects doesn't remember the select simulator when it is setup as startup project
31492 – I have issue with gallery upload from in 5.0.1 not getting path while in 5.0.2 we are getting path
31494 – Keep first attribute on same line with element
31505 – Cannot change case in project name
31509 – Showing a context menu on the solution pad causes crash.
31523 – Update to 5.9.4 fails
31525 – Debugger looses content of local variables
31538 – Warnings about gestaltSystemVersion and userSpaceScaleFactor
31553 – Permission Denied to ~/.android folder prevents XA from loading
31572 – [Multiline Selection/Cursor] Can't move cursor left/right when multiple lines are selected
31574 – Aapt task failed - menu.axml was included in the project twice somehow
31581 – Screen flickers / re-initialises when switching between two files while having find window open
31614 – Wrong step progression in Stepper control when decimal increment
31616 – Save failed error when creating Xamarin.Forms app with ampersand in app name.
31617 – Can't build classic projects using mdtool
31629 – Auto complete doesn't provide "value" when first creating setter
31630 – CTRL+delete is very slow, while CTRL+backspace is immediate
31631 – Calling functions in the watch window results in autocomplete appending the first entry
31632 – [Git] Blame widget crashes for Info.plist
31639 – Stetic Gtk# Designer Manual - How to Create and Use Own Stock Icon
31641 – Storyboard not loading
31646 – Cannot run .Net 3.5 NUnit projects
31647 – Add clear command to REPL
31648 – Cannot Execute C# after reinstallation
31654 – Storyboard build error
31687 – There are no possibility to assign shortcut for "Sort/RemoveUnused imports"
31689 – Xamarin Studio Crashing Often
31701 – Highlight methods that are not used/referenced
31708 – Tags that reference an id of another layout element get wrong "intellisense" data
31712 – Solution pad doesn't refresh properly after resizing application window
31718 – Mono under .Net runtime does't update after setting different mono as default.
31721 – Adding Image Assets is broken
31723 – [iOS Designer] [VS] Selecting "Shows Toolbar" on Nav controller on Storyboard throws ibtool: Unrecognized plist error
31728 – Addin Maker does not add TargetFrameworkVersion to CSProj
31750 – Cancel operation does not cancel entire operation
31754 – [StatusBar] Does not show tooltip for ellipsized text.
31774 – Xamarin Studio crashes whenever I press command-`
31798 – Problem on opening storyboard file
31799 – Performance issues on 10.10.2 with XS 5.9
31810 – MonoDevelop MSBuild 12.0 Builder and Xunit 2.0.0 runner
31817 – Mouse events stops responding when copy/paste element in storyboard
31827 – [iOS Designer] Cut/copy/paste using context menu in Storyboard doesn't produce expected results
31845 – Default Client Server Project Template for WebSharper Client/Server has build error
31848 – Error in gui, create new component
31850 – .sql files cannot be edited
31859 – Xamarin reports SDK Manager cannot be found when it exists
31884 – File in Shared Assets Project not copied into subdirectory when Copy to Output Directory set
31886 – [Immediate Window] autocomplete windows doesn't appear
31901 – Cannot distinguish profiles when distributing
31917 – Evaluation timeout improvements
31919 – Add-in built on Mac is not showing its gui on Windows
31929 – Editor not handling comments correctly, highlights and inserts whitespace inappropriately
31931 – Program crashes everytime on Build - never used to
31936 – [iOS Designer] existing Storyboard doesn't open as iPhone 5[S], iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus with error "Could not find MonoTouch.Design.Proxied<object>.variation"
31942 – Distribution profile selector doesn't allow you to sign extensions
31944 – Solution creation is allowed with name being a .NET keyword like 'try'
31947 – Project-specific packages.config files ignored
31949 – Hotkeys do not work when russian language keyboard layout active
31952 – Designer crashes repeatedly on startup - cannot run Xamarin Studio from master at all
31989 – Code formatting and entire-file conditionals
31998 – (vs-504788) Names of TestFixtures are wrong in Tree
32002 – IDE crash changing focus when search bar is hidden.
32035 – Navigation bar's project selector is not wide enough
32037 – Navigation bar's project selector defaults to first project in solution
32046 – Janky animations on tooltips
32047 – Multiple Solutions in a Workspace will only restore the last added solution's packages
32051 – MonoDevelop cursor caret appears in wrong location when mouse selecting
32052 – Copy Paste into Xamarin is broken
32063 – The ios 'build' options page is too tall vertically and is unusable
32093 – storyboard fails to open in iOS Designer
32096 – Source code analysis indicator gutter does not render error lines in theme “Nightshade”
32097 – Source code analysis gutter style does not refresh if theme changes. Requires restart of XS
32098 – Always use latest nuget packages in templates
32100 – Stepping in a method should break on first line of code (After the bracket).
32101 – Scrollbar interferes with solution sidebar action button
32103 – Debuggee returned error code 200
32104 – Startup project should determine context of Shared Asset Project file
32106 – Defaulting to the iPhone 4S. Perhaps default to a newer iPhone
32107 – Intellisense totally broken if there is a syntax error somewhere on the page
32109 – Source Analysis - Incorrect hint when using c# 6 String Interpolation
32123 – Test with hardware
32124 – Check for updates runs when using a preview release
32125 – Summary
32139 – [Master] Getting build error on building Xam.Mac Unified API Bindings library project.
32153 – Xamarin.Android Framework and Mono Libraries are displaying twice in API documentation window.
32155 – If I open a project and immediately try to build it, the build will fail because package restoration is still occurring. It should wait for packages to finish restoring before trying to build.
32156 – Warnings are already checked after deploying application
32162 – Error initializing task FixedCreateCSharpManifestResourceName when updating Forms package
32165 – [Git] LibGit2Sharp.AmbiguousSpecificationException: More than one file matches the pathspec
32178 – Vertical alignment of button off
32197 – do not attempt invalid imcontext set_surrounding() call.
32229 – [Git] "Manage Branches and Remotes" throws a NRE in Ide.log and nothing shows up
32237 – XS should not assume default shell is POSIX shell
32241 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32242 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32243 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32244 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32245 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32246 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32247 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32248 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32250 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32251 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32252 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32253 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32254 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32255 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32256 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32257 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32258 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32259 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32260 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32261 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32262 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32263 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32264 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32265 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32266 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32267 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32268 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32269 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32270 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32271 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32272 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32273 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32274 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32275 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32276 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32277 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32278 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32279 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32280 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32281 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32283 – Invalid errrors.
32285 – Test
32303 – [Hackweek] Git log doesn't show up in blame or log tabs
32306 – [Hackweek] Xml editor doesn't handle '&' in comments very well
32307 – [Hackweek] Wizard should change how we include Google Play Services
32308 – [Hackweek] User can't delete more than one nuget package at a time
32309 – [HACKWEEK][New File Dialog] Drop iPhone Storyboard and iPad Storyboard templates in favor of a single Storyboard template that works for both
32310 – [Hackweek] Ability to filter nuget packages for mobile specific things
32312 – [Hackweek] We should start adding mipmaps to the default android solution
32315 – Inspecting a variable gives information from the incorrect symbol
32318 – [Hackweek] Add a styles.xml file by default?
32321 – [Hackweek] Polish Android Manifest template
32322 – [Hackweek] An Android version breakdown in the wizard
32327 – Pressing Shift-tab when the cursor is within a string types "\t" rather than unindenting
32328 – Shift-tab inserts "\t" in the editor when the cursor is within a string literal
32333 – show ios minor build number in archive
32338 – [Hackweek][Xml Editor] Double clicking on a Text Snippet in the Toolbox crashes Xamarin Studio
32359 – [HackWeek] Improve XAML code completion
32363 – [Android] Android OpenGL template creates UITest project even when checkbox is unselected in New Project Dialog
32365 – [Git] https clone prompts for username/password even when the project is publicly accessible
32376 – [Git] Git Remote rename refresh fails when push URL is also modified
32379 – incorrect error message
32385 – Certain preference files causing XS to crash
32396 – Slow text editor
32401 – [Xib] XS create Xib file for View instead of ViewController
32407 – [HackWeek] XS gives no feedback to the user if the android emulator is corrupted
32453 – Intellisense does not find multiple namespace from an included class library
32458 – Cannot run tests on iOS 7.1 simulator
32461 – Immediate window 'application is running'
32463 – Version Control stores credentials even if they are incorrect
32476 – [Hackweek] Android Log isn't shown by default when debugging an Android app
32478 – [Hackweek] It'd be nice if there was a connection between @color/myColor and colors.xml
32479 – [Hackweek] There is no autocomplete for resource xml files (excluding layout files)
32480 – [Hackweek][AndroidDesigner] It would be nice if the properties were searchable
32481 – [Hackweek][AndroidDesigner] Group already set properties together
32482 – [Hackweek] Native surface not hidden when jumping to a specific line in layout
32483 – [Hackweek][AndroidDesigner] onClick property is hard to use
32484 – [Hackweek] Icon for spinner widget in toolbox is wrong
32485 – [Hackweek] Theme editor needs to save color separately from theme
32486 – [Hackweek][AndroidDesigner] Click on '...' in the On Click property in offers me things from my strings.xml file or Android strings
32490 – [Hackweek] Android Nuget packages in templates are out of date
32491 – [Hackweek] Preview theme choice in new project dialog
32493 – [Hackweek] Toolbar is a viewgroup and needs to have a drop target for child elements
32494 – Xamarin Studio on Windows does not support C# 6 features
32495 – [Hackweek] Can't add a fragment from toolbox
32496 – [Hackweek] It would be really really helpful if there was a color preview in the gutter
32497 – [Hackweek] Surface is not focused when dropping item = property panel not shown
32509 – [NewProjectDialog] File > New > Solution should have "New Solution" in the title of the dialog
32517 – System.OutOfMemoryException: Out of memory
32518 – Storyboard build error with iOS 9 (System.NotSupportedException: Could not parse xml)
32533 – System.Diagnostics.Process.GetProcesses () in Mac sketches crashes XS
32556 – Nearly all commands are disabled when NSPopover is visible
32562 – Debugger throwing exception when evaluating object
32568 – [roslyn] Not working completion for catch clause
32581 – Namespace source analysis checks can't ignore top-level folders
32588 – [Git] Don't enable "Switch to Branch" when the user has already selected the current branch
32589 – [Gtk] Pango is misplacing text drawing
32592 – Cannot create new FSharp.fsx files in new workspace
32594 – left right apple keys treated differently for hotkeys
32599 – [roslyn] Breadcrumb no longer works for file not included in a project
32604 – Hovering a lambda type has lost docs
32632 – Setting image value in UITableViewCell in Storyboard editor causes XS to crash
32638 – [Hackweek] Backspace doesn't delete item in the outline panel
32648 – Missing tool-tips, creates exception.
32650 – #if __IOS__ code not showing as activated when ios project is selected
32655 – Wrong OS Version Information
32656 – MonoDevelop 5.0.1_1 does not load correctly in FreeBSD 10.1
32667 – Allow "Show in Finder" on Xamarin Studio created Archives
32690 – Debugger exception: Array index is out of range
32694 – F# addin chews up infix fn symbols
32701 – Build should be disabled while restoring packages
32707 – Can't 64-bit build for iPad Air 2
32716 – Unknown MSBuild failure, need to restart IDE when killing unresponsive IPC app distrupting build tools
32720 – Debug inspection dialog crashed Monodevelop.
32734 – [Enhancement] - "Space" preview of associated files
32742 – monodevelop doesn't report anything in error list in case a pre/post build script fails
32756 – Wrong hint about useless using directive
32762 – [iOS Designer] Buttons disappear when you close and reopen the Storyboard
32782 – persistent kevent() error, error code = '22'
32783 – Add a GUI REPL
32787 – build doesn't take care of modified file
32802 – Code Issue on non-changed variable
32814 – Same conditional refactoring
32850 – Debugger visualization of NSData makes it impossible to debug
32851 – Code completion window goes offscreen
32854 – After installing Mono nightly I am no longer able to open Xamarin Studio
32862 – Unable to select simulators or iPhone device in the configuration drop down
32877 – Project options changes are saved when you hit cancel
32893 – C# 6 ?. operator result incorrectly seen as non-nullable by IntelliSense
32900 – [roslyn] Interpolated strings are not fully supported
32901 – [roslyn] Removing @ from interpolated string inserts newlines
32936 – CHECK_LICENSE permission not available in GUI editor for AndroidManifest.xml
32938 – Crash when displaying source analysis tooltip
32961 – Provide info to the user why inspector isn't available
32967 – In undocked windows, the breadcrumb trail and region list don't drop down
32972 – [Roslyn] Crash in Mac toolbar
32979 – Can't enter quote (") character in script tag
32986 – Upgrade Nuget client version to latest
32997 – adding dependent file (partial class file) makes solution navigator UI jump to end
33008 – Unable to switch UI language on Windows 10
33009 – Save layouts and preferences more frequently
33011 – iOS Device Log pad connection state is unclear
33012 – Log pad disappears when choosing device
33013 – Android log pad does not auto-scroll
33014 – Android Log pad device name is inconsistent
33015 – Android log pad behaves strangely when device is disconnected
33021 – Combine Format Document and Format Selection commands
33022 – Assembly browser should remember visibility and language options
33024 – Decompiler fails on most classes
33025 – Assembly browser should search both types and members
33026 – Go to definition in assembly browser
33027 – Assembly Browser navigation is confusing
33028 – Debug configurations should default to incremental build
33029 – F# symbol search
33030 – Document outline pad doesn't work for F#
33031 – nfloat/nint highlighted incorrectly
33032 – Debugger type proxies don't work for F#
33033 – Archive manager should display bundle version
33036 – Project folders become collapsed after reordering files
33037 – Cannot set folder order in F# project
33038 – F# file order incorrect after renaming file
33039 – F# addin doesn't refresh open project file after modifying order
33049 – T4 relative path error
33059 – Attribute completion has regressed to appending 'Attribute'
33068 – Hard crash when setting view class in F# project
33069 – Xcode sync adds nonexistent files to F# project
33073 – [Android] Activity template's OnCreate parameter list doesn't make base method naming
33075 – Asset catalog editor still displays image even if file removed from project
33076 – Asset catalog editor does not detect filename changes
33077 – Multiple views of asset catalog can be inconsistent
33083 – XS ignores language set to 'english'
33087 – Completion should not trigger inside strings
33088 – Send references command fails on nuget packages
33089 – tooltips not working for ``tick methods``
33090 – #r relative reference cannot find file after reset F# interactive
33091 – Tooltip left edge is off screen
33092 – Adding a new file to a folder results in the wrong build order
33093 – C-k should delete from the cursor until the end of the line in F# interactive.
33094 – Xamarin Studio on Windows ignores F# compiler path
33095 – Tooltips should not occur in comments
33097 – monodevelop install problem on ubuntu
33098 – Tooltips should align on ->
33099 – NUnit test window command 'Show test source code' is disabled
33100 – Unable to create project or open file on Windows 10 due to F# addin exception.
33121 – iOS deploy shows red message on success
33136 – Add "Startup Project" to Solution Configs so the startup project changes by solution config changes
33137 – Pinning of opened Xamarin Studio to a taskbar in Windows 10 produces icon duplicate
33145 – Setting Solution version should update all project versions
33146 – iOS application build should have an auto increment option
33148 – Tooltip in F# Xamarin Android apps sometime show xml content
33149 – If iOS app build number and version number do not match, build fails to deploy to Test Cloud using run in Test Cloud menu
33161 – Adding a Folder to a Shared Project and then referencing the Shared Project in an iOS/Android Project causes a folder of the same name to be created.
33166 – Exception spew in the application output when writing in the immediate window
33169 – Refactoring for ternary operator
33176 – "Open Android SDK Manager" should ask for elevation when opening the SDK Manager from XS on Windows.
33182 – Duplicated Apple icon on OSX
33184 – decimal values does not visible in debugger
33189 – Can't add or select multiple DLLs when adding a reference from file
33214 – Corrupted File / Plaintext After Renaming in Windows File Manager Opening in Xamarin and Saving
33215 – Xamarin Studio 5.9.5 running UITest shows test is running up to a minute after it finishes executing test.
33217 – Adding additional item to tablerow not showing
33221 – Dragging a top level item in xib mode should hide the selection border
33230 – Mac statusbar icons overlapping
33234 – Xamarin.Android OpenGL app still uses Xamarin.UITest 0.7.1
33238 – UITest: tree Repl command doesn't always work on iOS
33242 – Russian language can not be copy/cut/pasted from Xamarin Studio
33247 – Can't detect xamarin emulator
33255 – Storyboards never opened first time...
33258 – Xamarin Studio 5.9.5 stuck starting Android Player
33260 – Xamarin hangs on opening project
33266 – Unable to activate behind a proxy with NTLM
33273 – [regression] Ctrl-a and ctrl-e no longer work
33274 – Updater should not steal focus from the Xamarin Studio shell/workbench
33281 – Cleared Search Results list (docked) when a different solution is opened
33298 – Calling Implement Interface on .xaml.cs change focus to .xaml
33306 – Solution pad can't be resized in some cases
33307 – [Android][Templates] We should also have the drawable directory in the templates
33309 – monodevelop- tarball has monodevelop-5.9.4 folder
33311 – Reproducable crash when finishing a line.
33316 – [Xamarin Studio] Hangs after "Using GTK+", fails to load addins
33330 – Splash screen hides error messages
33335 – Error adding an F# library project to existing solution
33337 – Reference to unknown project ignored
33346 – Align Console.WriteLine with Visual Studio - Console Only apps?
33347 – Xamarin Studio crashes opening the device dropdown if a device from XAP is running
33354 – Publish to Google Play Issue in Xamarin Studio
33355 – App Manifest file template
33361 – Creating an Android/iOS/Forms app with Insights enabled fails with a generic error
33391 – Exception Caught dialog: can't close with visualiser open
33403 – Unable to update XS (Mac) from behind a proxy that uses NTLM
33408 – read: -p no coprocess error output in terminal when running an F# solution in Xamarin Mac
33410 – After selecting italic font, regular font is no longer non-italic in designer
33414 – Can't add components from the component store
33446 – Bug when creating new console project and running it
33458 – Empty F# iOS project does not compile
33472 – Classic API projects using Xamarin.iOS v8.99.3.290 does not build
33485 – Debugger is not attaching. Breakpoints are not hit.
33489 – MonoDevelop 5.10 tarball requires online nuget restore
33490 – MonoDevelop 5.9.6 does not build
33521 – Android organization identifier's trailing periods are not trimmed
33546 – Copying and then pasting a UI control in designer places the new copy directly on top of the previous
33548 – Changing selected context in iOS designer attributes text color values to previously selected control
33557 – High DPI scaling does not render correctly for Xamarin Studio
33570 – Having '&' character in project directory causes xamarin log to quickly reach several gigabytes and freezes Xamarin.Studio
33575 – [Andorid-M-Preview3] Android designer is not showing the correct API version for new API level.
33577 – [5.10] CMD+SHIFT+F keybinding for find in files is broken on update
33588 – iOS Designer does not display nfloat properties for custom views
33590 – Running XAP while running Xamarin Studio gets Xamarin Studio frozen
33592 – FSharp.Core.dll not found
33593 – Stopping and running debug resulted in random crash
33595 – Projects should be sorted by name when selecting projects for UITesting
33596 – Xamarin Studio Build Hangs On Waiting For Packaging To Complete When Building For Android Player
33601 – NUnit runner fails for F# tests named with backticks
33603 – Go to definition issue
33604 – $(ProjectDir) and other macros used in assembly directive crashes T4 templates
33607 – SpriteKit Game cannot be created on roslyn build with "File not found: GameViewController.cs"
33608 – SceneKit Game cannot be created on roslyn build with "File not found: GameViewController.cs"
33611 – Test output during execution (not after test finishes)
33615 – XM Packaging / Validation seems completely busted in C6
33618 – Mac publisher needs work
33626 – [Regression] Auto-hidden property pad can't be used with solution tree
33634 – Creating a new Layout file for Android while having Android SDK Manager Open Crashes the Xamarin Studio
33645 – Hotkeys are not internationalized.
33648 – Xamarin Studio does not save Android SDK path
33716 – Forms wizard page looks bad on Windows 10
33719 – Language cannot be set other than system default
33730 – Test Output window always empty
33733 – Breakpoints not hit in methods with same full typename
33734 – [roslyn] Broken override completion
33743 – [roslyn] No type inference on var
33752 – AutoSave during completion causes crashes
33758 – Text editor should have option to disable zoom gestures on mac
33759 – Reference to unknown project & File not found MainActivity.cs
33765 – XS is not responsive when switching branches
33772 – iOS Build settings overflow on 13" screens.
33775 – Design won't open in Xam.Studio, but will on VS
33782 – String interpolation with verbatim strings does not compile
33786 – [Roslyn] Multi-level undo generates too many undo steps
33792 – Cannot build or Execute Hello.OS suite
33799 – Xamarin Studio 5.4.9 crashes on startup using Mac os x 10.9.5
33801 – Manage Package crashes
33802 – Keybinding ⇧⌘F "Find In Files" does not work
33816 – Show warnings for NuGets with same id and different version in projects in solution
33821 – There should be switch that disables auto formatting in Xml Editor syntax highlighting
33822 – XML indention is broken in some cases
33834 – VI binding 'r' not respecting capitalization
33846 – C# 6 features do not work on Windows
33852 – Add-in manager shows warning after installing add-in
33878 – "New" button for Settings bundle is greyed out by default
33881 – designer.cs file is not generated for RESX file in Shared project
33889 – Renaming a file in the solution pad doesn't modify the project file.
33892 – Mac shortcuts can't be defined using the Keyboard System Preferences panel
33896 – Build fails if LANG is set to a UTF8 locale
33897 – Add Files operation stopped working in 5.9.5 / Mac OS X 10.11
33900 – Can't Add Segue after new controller is added
33922 – In Android designer, widget dislocates when dragged using drag handle.
33927 – Multiple move on the layout not moving multiple objects
33928 – Unable to access objects on the designer
33929 – Design view differs between the PC and Mac designer
33930 – Sync between xcode and designer broken
33931 – User is not able to migrate from X.Mac classic API to X.Mac Unified API.
33932 – Project builds on MAC but not PC give 'defined in an assembly that is not referenced. You must add a reference to assembly'
33933 – [roslyn] Markup errors in code completion
33935 – Unknown identifier when debugging C#6
33939 – [roslyn] InvalidOperationException on debugger shutdown
33945 – [roslyn] Incorrect highlighting for interpolated string
33946 – [roslyn] Alt-up/down no longer re-indents line
33947 – [roslyn] Matching bracket highlighting no longer works
33949 – [roslyn] Ctrl-f no longer searches multi-line selections
33950 – [roslyn] Cmd-f and cmd-shift-f no longer use selection as search term
33951 – [roslyn] Confusing search-in-selection behavior
33953 – Some Refactoring does not work
33959 – Using Search bar in Xamarin Studio causes crash
33963 – Variable assignment is wrong in Locals and Immediate window
33975 – [roslyn] Ctrl-space doesn't work on virtual space
33976 – Global search does not show blinking cursor after pressing CMD+dot
33994 – Clean -> Build process broken for Shared Projects
34025 – Culture not supported when creating Android projects (Windows 10)
34039 – debugging an app in Xamarin Studio, the screen doesn't reposition itself when it hits a breakpoint -- I keep having to use the "Show Current Execution Line" frequently
34040 – [Xamarin Studio] Removing a project from a build configuration isn't updated until refreshing the configuration
34050 – Cannot save Preferences with valid android SDKs
34054 – During debugging, window asks "Where is iOS Simulator?"
34057 – document navigator does not let me choose the types when there are multiple types
34075 – Xamarin.Mac binding throws "Error initializing BTouchTask: Not registered task BTouchTask"
34081 – Unable to create F# -> General -> Script (.fsx) file
34096 – Properties missing from .fsproj property group when project name is hyphenated
34100 – Source-analysis does not recognize C#6 expression properties.
34101 – Unable to save new files
34117 – Xamarin Studio 5.10 build 799 requires OS X 10.10 whereas earlier 5.10 builds didn't.
34128 – 4.4.87 SDK should be displayed as 4.4W
34138 – Add file attachment support to Xamarin Studio
34145 – XS "Roslyn Preview" : MonoMac project produces an incomplete "app"
34149 – Can not modify the built in "#region" Code Template permanently
34152 – xCode, images for my backgrounds and buttons are not loaded correctly
34156 – Mac App icon is not showing in dock/application tray after launching the X.Mac application.
34157 – Dropdown during file search outside of screen if fullscreen
34159 – Reordering files in the solution pad has no effect
34171 – Unable to create ad-hoc build due to sealed resource issue
34175 – Incorrect suggestion on type inference for conditional operator
34179 – [roslyn] Shared projects don't work
34180 – Used Using statements greyed out in XS 6.0 (build 1271)
34190 – Cannot debug MonoMac project on XS 6.0 1271
34191 – Project without TargetFrameworkVersion cannot reference PCL 4.5 on XS 6.0 preview
34192 – Cannot unload project after unloading and reloading solution on XS 6.0
34193 – Multiple build status tooltip at once on XS 6.0
34196 – [roslyn] Quick Fix seems to be not working anymore
34197 – Long DebuggerDisplay attribute output always adds ellipsis
34199 – Adding images after renaming an imageset creates an imageset with the original name
34200 – [Cycle6]: Both Android and Forms are enable/disable in same time under mobile development on Add In Manager window.
34201 – [Cycle6]: More than 10 projects are appearing under solution penal on Welcome Page.
34204 – Incorrect "Assignment is redundant" warning.
34212 – keystore wtih multiple aliases
34221 – Classic API projects no longer produce IPA on build
34227 – New Xamarin.Android projects automatically create a Xamarin.Insights app.
34233 – Constraint from CenterY of a button misrenders
34234 – Setting constraint crashes designer
34247 – Unable to publish app that once contained a WatchKit Extension
34250 – All leaf-node menu items are disabled
34253 – Action Extension fails to build on iOS projects targeting iOS 9.0
34254 – Share Extension fails to build on iOS projects targeting iOS 9.0
34255 – Today Extension fails to build on iOS projects targeting iOS 9.0
34256 – Photo Editing Extension fails to build on iOS projects targeting iOS 9.
34257 – Document Picker Extension fails to build on iOS projects targeting iOS 9.
34259 – Undo of move line does not update correctly
34263 – Components do not restore after loading source controlled project
34265 – [Xcode 7 Support] Opening a XIB file in Xcode 7 interface builder opens the XIB file in a pop-up window in Xcode rather than in the main project window
34279 – [Sketches][Android] Agent app fails to launch
34281 – [Sketches][iOS] Agent fails to launch when using Xcode 7
34283 – Add button that directs straight to your application in the Insights portal.
34284 – Links to go to correct section in docs
34285 – Sometimes, the editor will not accept pasting in text copied from external file
34289 – License Validation Popup during execution of build targets
34290 – [UI Enhancement]- Have Default Target on Android be "Modern Development"
34291 – Editor not properly highlighting types
34294 – [UI Enhancement]- Android Emulator Name is getting truncated
34295 – Test Results Window Repeats information, Not resizable XS 5.10b800
34300 – Breakpoint on comment shifts to next line of code
34301 – [Enhancement] Update Modern Development Template targets
34302 – When updating to XS5.10.800 from XS5.9 updater crashes
34303 – SignAndDistribute tool does not recognize existing provisioning profiles
34304 – iOS simulator does not gain focus upon deployment completion
34306 – Exit code 127 when building Xamarin CRM app
34310 – [Subversion] Version Control -> Update does not pass correct parameters
34311 – iOS Share Extension template project does not have the Deployment Target set in the info.plist
34317 – Filebrowser does not work anywhere
34319 – XS Is stuck using 100% CPU
34321 – "Highlight identifier references" doesn't in VB.NET
34324 – Xaml files don't import properly
34354 – Ampersand in the names of Android targets for UITests
34356 – Code formatting behaves weirdly when using #if clauses
34370 – Xamarin Studio does not list Monogame addin for installation
34383 – Could not load file or assembly 'Mono.Cairo, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=0738eb9f132ed756' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.
34395 – ios designer does fails to render the storyboard
34396 – Update constraints warning never updates the constraints
34399 – dSYM created incorrectly when building archive with mdtool on command line
34410 – Remove OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard as a Deployment Target.
34420 – multiple "format document"
34422 – [Enhancement] Surface permission errors during Unified upgrade
34423 – Xamarin Studio crashes when trying to search something tapping "Command + ."
34427 – [XS-TVOS] User is getting an error message, while trying to open iOS designer of tv OS App in XS
34439 – [XS-watchOS] Name of 'Watchkit app' in Extension section is not clear.
34452 – Quick fixes not working
34460 – Global rename refactoring should not be allowed on type references
34466 – [Mono Heapshot] No Objects shown in "All Objects" tab with template project made with current Alpha (Cycle 6)
34467 – Nuget add-in doesn't add correct dependencies
34468 – XS Crashes when using OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) split screen feature
34475 – Xamarin Studio on El-Capitan Icon Show bug
34477 – Xamarin Studio OSX - Cannot toggle between languages using the shortcut
34481 – Namespaces are colored in blue, as keywords
34506 – Two buttons on Navigation Controller prevents storyboard rendering
34510 – Error while updating status of command: MonoDevelop.Refactoring.RefactoryCommands.CurrentRefactoryOperations
34516 – UITest REPL fails to launch on El Capitan
34523 – Locals don't refresh after await call
34524 – Cannot disable code completion
34529 – [Component UI Enhancement] Show when Component updates are available. (Similar to how packages are shown.)
34530 – Have to force quit XS after checking for updates on El Capitan
34534 – Asp.net MVC Project is not working on Os X El Capitan 10.11
34538 – [Enhancement] Support Equal Width with parent view
34540 – Auto complete / resolve / types completely hosed on new XM due to corrupted cache
34546 – Cannot create F# .fsx file on OS X El Capitan
34547 – Arabic font appearing in a wrong way
34551 – Get's a write fault when opening a file
34560 – iOS Location Services authorization disrupts Test Cloud scripting
34564 – Mono not found when targets points to mono exe
34573 – F# REPL cannot be launched on El Capitan
34575 – Saving a solution to a different filesystem than where temporary files are written causes IOException
34592 – Can't create width equality constraint with superview
34595 – Doesn't work designer iOS in Xamarin
34608 – Failed with this exception
34612 – F# Interactive pad terminates session: "mono: not found" (El Capitan)
34619 – Publishing fails, a "team" is required but isn't selectable.
34638 – Xamarin Studio iOS Build Errors: Error executing task CompileEntitlements
34647 – Cannot copy from failed add-in load dialog
34665 – [roslyn] Solution tree collapses after reordering files
34673 – "Enable other experimental iOS features" option in Preferences->Projects->iOS causes inability to add entitlements to iOS project.
34680 – Could not create new Android or Xamarin Forms Project due to errors:
34685 – iOS archived app incorrectly shows 'duplicate version' warning
34691 – code-behind designer.cs files do not become child of it's respective ViewController.cs file when adding files to project.
34694 – XS doesn't support packages created with Nuget 3.0
34696 – Nuget Package Manager Dialog throws error message "Could not load System.Data.Services.Client, Version="
34702 – XS crashed on Mac
34705 – Xamarin Studio Mac showing two Apple icons in the menu bar.
34714 – System.MissingMethodException Operators.Fst raised when applying F# function fst to tuple
34717 – Include an option for requiring full screen on iPad
34731 – [System.Configuration] Display some in IDE message that although the namespace is present, it is non-functional.
34734 – Storyboard never loads into iOS Designer, constant spinning activity indicator.
34746 – Crash after changing Class Identifier.
34758 – Bad generation of web service code
34759 – Quick Fix no longer available
34761 – NuGet PCL package fails to install/update
34780 – [Windows][Subversion] Show a proper dialog when the Subversion addin cannot be loaded
34784 – F# Addin Fails to create project from template
34791 – iOS 9 Constraints not being enforced
34838 – Xamarin Studio process consuming total capacity of one core if a base64 string is displayed in the editor
34849 – GUI does not respect system GTK+ theme
34857 – korean - wrong character input
34862 – Designer fails to render when xamarin-freeze-misplacements="true" XML exists
34863 – Can't run UITests on Xamarin Studio Mac on an Android app built and deployed with Visual studio
34873 – Code signing failed error with Archive for Publishing on Classic API projects without MSBuild
34875 – Xamarin Studio on OSX doesn't bind home/end keys
34879 – [Roslyn] Assembly browser doesn't show any names in treeview
34882 – [Roslyn] Can't load certain project types that worked previously
34884 – [Roslyn] Build output in error pad doesn't update regularly
34892 – [Windows XS]: Extra line space displayed for Tools info under Xamarin.Android section in About XS dialog
34899 – Most Menu Bar Buttons Disabled when in OSX Split Screen
34905 – Navigation bar not working in an undocked tab
34914 – [roslyn] Error column appears off-by-one
34915 – [roslyn] Tooltip says "Parser error" for type resolution errors and warnings
34922 – [RC] Compiler not using System.Core when using System.Linq
34930 – Archive For Publishing - Failed to create App archive. Code signing failed.
34931 – Developer account showing but not fully
34954 – Spelling of "Adhoc" incorrect in iOS Archiving
34960 – Natvie Cross-Platform Templates Incorrectly Creates/Setups Insights NuGets/Init/Backend
34963 – UIRequiresFullScreen Missing from Info.plist drop down
34964 – NSLocation* in Info.plist don't have readable neames
34965 – Adding API Key gives no indication that Init has been places in Main.cs for iOS app
34969 – [Xamarin Studio] Can't open two solutions at once
34971 – iOS Application settings no longer visible in Project Options
34974 – [Xamarin Studio] "New Solution" interacts poorly with "save changes" dialog
34980 – Shift-Enter to automatically link new text resource does not work.
34982 – Archive has overlapping buttons for validate/sign&distribute
34993 – [Xamarin Studio] Dialogs do not support mac-standard cmd-. shortcut
34994 – [Xamarin Studio] Dialogs do not highlight default ["Return"] button on Mac
34995 – Debug Options available when in release/appstore/adhoc configuration
34996 – iOS Application Loading Build Options Correctly for Stripping Debug
34997 – [NUnit] Convert menu to support native menus on OSX
34998 – [Xamarin Studio] "Window" menu on OS X behaves inconsistently and unlike an OS X app
35001 – [Xamarin Studio] View->Pads should show check mark by open pads
35002 – [Xamarin Studio] "pads" menu does nothing for a pad which is open but torn-away
35018 – Unable to stop the debugger during the Build process
35022 – Help pad icon is a red crossed box
35045 – [roslyn] fold markers are invisible in assembly browser
35047 – [roslyn] Text in assembly browser tree is invisible
35052 – [roslyn] Unhandled text editor error
35066 – If "call ToString" setting is disabled and object has ToString method "Evaluate button" should appear
35067 – Misleading debugger "keep waiting" dialog
35068 – [roslyn] fsi runs even if pad not shown
35072 – Rapid navigation between AndroidDesignerView using "MonoDevelop.Ide.Gui.Workbench.OpenDocument" causes a null reference crash.
35076 – [Cycle 6]: Drag Widgets are displayed left conner on View Controller when select any iPhone4s/5s/6/iPad from View AS dropdown.
35083 – Use Homebrew-installed Mono.framework
35112 – Quick backspacing when searching for type will crash the studio
35114 – [roslyn] multiple error bubbles on one line get mashed together
35120 – Fails with a Null reference exception while adding F# script file
35131 – FSI Crashes
35139 – Xamarin Studio Hangs in iOS
35146 – [Roslyn] When entering string content as argument, one in a row, matching bracket is shown on next time
35156 – xcassets added via Interface Builder are incorrectly imported by Xamarin Studio
35169 – [Roslyn] Can't goto declaration on items in code
35172 – [Mac] Context menu position off in fullscreen mode
35205 – [Roslyn] After fatal error occurs, the red icon in the statusbar opens as a giant Alert box
35211 – Setting 'Target Android version' to 'Automatic' or 'Override' (matching Target Framework) does not update AndroidManifest.xml
35215 – XS crash
35228 – Droid Build Stuck
35237 – Xcode installation could not be found error on Xamarin.Forms Droid-only Project
35239 – Debugging in external console opens terminal, does nothing else
35240 – Permission denied on MonoDevelop F# Add-In Repository
35246 – After Upgrading to OS X EL Capitaitan the file name of solution is display not correct
35251 – Extract Method creates non compiling code in XS
35254 – New SpriteKit project crashes with NSUnknownKeyException
35259 – Xamarin Studio on Windows cannot add NuGet packages to PCL
35274 – Renaming lambda parameter inside body doesn't work sometimes
35277 – No way to set properties on Asset Catalogs
35278 – Configurations defined in imports are ignored
35279 – [roslyn] Hard crash in git addin
35282 – [ios] Storyboard error
35285 – Cant connect to Addins repositories
35287 – Urls for monodevelop addins not work
35290 – When setting launch images in the Asset Editor jpeg files can be selected but are not used by the app
35295 – Storyboard failing to open
35296 – Unable to update
35303 – System.IO.IOException: error: 'EXDEV' > cross-device link not permitted
35320 – [Xcode 7.1 compatibility] "iPad Pro" is not listed in the simulators menu in Xamarin Studio
35322 – Xamarin Studio diagnostic build output sometimes omits some of the Task and Target "performance summary" lines (during repeated builds of the same solution)
35327 – Unable to paste details into Android Sign & Distribute screen.
35329 – Unable to rename a file with & in within the resources directory
35339 – Error in property pad broke command system
35340 – PrepareShowWindow error from completion syste
35341 – [Roslyn] NRE in source editor
35342 – Xamarin.iOS trial won't build default template due to UITest code
35343 – [Xamarin Studio] Intellisense and File Search fails to recognize files added by Import declaration in project file
35344 – [Mac] There is no reverse cycle between Windows
35350 – [Roslyn] Unable to build and run console project with ToolsVersion 14
35359 – New Xamarin.Forms App template with only numbers as the app name will not compile
35363 – iTunesArtwork is not copied to the IPA in an AdHoc build
35364 – Cannot constrain to center of superview
35370 – Custom otf fonts not recognized in storyboard designer
35380 – Test results pad clears text for last ran test
35381 – [roslyn] Error opening assembly as solution
35382 – [roslyn] Error in C# addin silently left project in broken state
35383 – [roslyn] Error in C# path bar
35389 – No Install iOS SDK for Windows
35390 – [Xamarin Studio] Compiler & Debugger ignores first item added to dictionary
35399 – [WatchKit] NotificationController template is misleading
35405 – Xamarin Studio shows error popup on creating iOS template projects.
35426 – Fit to Window does not include alternative layout conflict box
35436 – Company Name configuration value not transferred to new project dialog
35451 – Closing tag 'li' does not match any currently open tag
35465 – Xamarin Studio Menus disabled after viewing 'About' Information
35470 – Monodevelop crashes on editing .aspx file
35474 – Unable to use string interpolation on Windows
35478 – Highlight Containers does not appear to work
35479 – Designer crashes on double-click of a resize handle
35480 – Designer night modes are listed twice in the resource qualifier options
35496 – Different keyboard layout makes Xamarin Studio unusable
35506 – UI hang after debuggee deadlocked
35508 – Alternative Layout browser needs hover text to explain icons
35514 – [Android Designer] Material Design color palette: hue selection is intermittent.
35515 – [Android Designer] Material Design Theme Editor - changing tabs does not always work
35516 – Xamarin Studio crashes when opening C# source files in the source code editor
35555 – Xamarin Inspector crashing app
35560 – No way to invoke mono with debugger from custom command
35564 – [Xib Support] Incorrect frame for UISwitch in Table Cell in Xib
35573 – Can't create project Xamarin Studio
35577 – With multiple windows, the Member selection on the top of the text editor does not work in all of them
35589 – No feature to update components
35591 – Command Line Tool to Restore Components
35593 – Cannot open iOS designer on version 5.9
35596 – Code completion for XML comments breaks typing flow
35597 – Cannot extend mime types
35598 – New Android App with Google Play Services Fails to Build
35630 – [Xamarin Studio Defaults] New Forms PCL template creates Android project with confusing "Debug|iPhone" configurations
35631 – "Application Name" and "Bundle Identifier" does't set correctly in F# Xamarin.Mac Unified App.
35639 – Left and bottom constraints (at least) are not honored in iOS Designer.
35640 – Widgets deleted when deleting constraints. (Intermittent.)
35641 – Widgets deleted from storyboard on quitting XS, even when you opt to save in closing prompt.
35647 – Can not add Image Set to iOS project
35656 – Crash in text editor
35658 – F# Interactive blocking '#' commands, not permitting use of #time on, etc. (XS 6.0 Preview 3)
35659 – Updater leaves Xamarin Studio in corrupted state
35666 – iPad Pro launcher images
35671 – XS6 Preview: C# does not auto-format and C# Code Formatting Rules panel is blank in Preferences
35672 – XS 6: Code completion does not operate when editing lines
35678 – Toolbar of Navigation Controller should get disappear when uncheck the check box 'Show Toolbar' from property windows.
35689 – Studio Crashes when adding new property or method on a class when that class file is not open
35712 – [Xamarin Studio Addin] Creating solution that automatically uses Git integration omits default files from version control
35728 – Storyboard will not open - System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: Connection refused
35730 – XS has to be killed when building with invalid licence
35734 – Breakpoint moves without user intervention
35755 – Source editor does not remember zoom level
35759 – Assembly browser doesn't remember visibility setting
35760 – Markup errors in assembly browser
35761 – [Roslyn] "Enable Code Analysis on Build" does not work
35762 – Assembly browser has non-functioning links
35763 – Assemblies should open in assembly browser by default
35764 – [Roslyn] Misc Generic Project does not have any configuration added by default
35765 – [Roslyn] Misc Generic Project does not build
35766 – [Roslyn] Misc Generic Project fails to build
35772 – Cannot restore or remove pre-release packages
35780 – Application output garbles non-ascii text
35789 – Allow a NuGet package to be removed if unavailable in package sources
35790 – Add XML Code Folding To XS Layout Editor
35792 – Error in XML editor
35799 – Xamarin Studio Locking up when trying to open project or create new project on Yosemite
35807 – Many of the options on XS are unavailable
35822 – Inconsistent Naming 'Fix' for Class name does not rename file
35843 – Cannot select iPad Pro simulator
35870 – HiDpi support
35877 – [Roslyn] CodeCompletion for event handler addition(+=) doesn't offer existing methods
35883 – Editor keeps indenting lines as I edit them
35899 – XS opens two Interface Builder windows
35908 – Split-screen feature in El Capitan causes Xamarin Studio to crash.
35912 – Unobserved exception from LoadMachineData
35914 – Icons overlap in project tree view
35915 – Support NUnit 3
35916 – Unable to click NUnit menu items in text editor.
35919 – [Roslyn Migration] Build, Rebuild and Clean options are getting enable for unsupported Project.
35921 – [Roslyn Migration] User is unable to add New file for unsupported project.
35929 – Unresponsive UI when modifying Project settings while building
35941 – GTK#2.12.30 Update are missing stock images from the designer toolbox
35942 – Assertion at ../../../../../mono/mono/metadata/domain.c:605, condition `mono_defaults.object_class != 0' not met
35943 – Can't save changes to SLN file
35954 – Latest Updates (Nov. 17) make build times EVEN longer
35960 – Xamarin Studio crashes when entering EI Capitan split view
35967 – Created Quickstart Phoneword app but will not load into Emulator
35968 – I can't type japanese in xamarin studio
35973 – UnsupportedFrameworkException thrown when loading tests after 5.10 update
35975 – [Cycle 6]: User is unable to paste, copied text directly into search box text field using paste menu option.
35977 – I cant input Japanese charactor
35978 – [regression] Cannot open any project (Load operation failed: Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.Build.Utilities.v12.0, ...)
35985 – [Roslyn Migration] Unable to stop the application by clicking stop button in XS.
36017 – Android debugger disconnecting
36018 – F#: Components added in storyboard not available in controller
36024 – [Roslyn] XS crashed when trying to expand BuildItemGroup values
36027 – [XS 5.10] Task Pad can no longer be sorted by the "completed" checkbox column
36028 – Xamarin Studio getting Rainow Spinner and long load times constantly when doing simple tasks since updating
36033 – Ctrl+Alt+C shortcut for Toggle Line Comment(s) doesn't work
36038 – NRefactor Addin can't find System.Collection.Generic.DefaultComparer
36047 – Better release documentation for F# updates
36053 – Broken enum values conversion
36056 – Editing user tasks in tasks pad when sorted modifies wrong task
36061 – Nunit3 is not yet supported
36088 – search results list view from query in search box is lame in couple of ways
36090 – On updating package readme.txt file should not be open if it is already opened in XS.
36103 – Unable to load iOS project when building via mdtool in Jenkins
36106 – FsPicklerException -- F# completely unusable
36112 – Getting "Illegal project name. Only use letters, digits, '.' or '_'." for every project name I input
36120 – [roslyn] Projects from the same solution are not recognized
36124 – NUnit tests fail when using command line and won't load in test runner
36129 – Xamarin Studio - Format code doesn't work in C#
36130 – Trial Mode expiration warning shows up after new build
36131 – Control+Backspace no longer works with GTK# 2.12.30
36133 – Moving files in Solution Explorer has no effect
36134 – Unable to add the GTK Dialog in Add-in Project
36139 – can not install monodoc
36142 – [Cycle6]: Unable to install latest build XamarinStudio- on MAC
36146 – Device specific builds informational text has a typo for Targetting
36158 – Global search:”type:SomeMemberName” includes also members and not just types
36166 – Icons Not Appearing
36206 – Running tests while build has unsupported CPU results in no exception.
36212 – [Roslyn] Renaming class renames other classes with the same name
36219 – Xamarin Studio fails to recognise that the file is currently in Locked state
36229 – Unable to load Inspector, Cannot Reinstall
36239 – Nesting Files Is Broken
36240 – [Cycle6]: Widgets are not appearing in iSO designer while select Generic from View As dropdown.
36241 – [Cycle6]: Widgets are not appearing in Xcode designer while drag any widget in iPhone4s/5s/6/6 plus designer.
36246 – Xamarin Studio square boxes instead of text
36249 – double clicking in build output hangs XS
36264 – [XS] Can not assign an EmbedSeque for a ContainerView to a ViewController in Designer
36270 – Poor performance
36276 – No Event Args or Event Handlers created in Web References
36282 – the project search text input refuses all text input requriing a re-start
36288 – Disable size classes dialog can hide behind main window
36289 – Version control operation failed: . Invalid URI: The URI scheme is not valid.
36290 – Menu Items are disabled after build in Studio 5.10 (Build 871)
36299 – Popup window asking GitHub credentials opens several times.
36314 – E with acute
36321 – Activation
36322 – Activation
36325 – Chinese in TextEditor
36332 – UI support for copying frameworks into the app bundle
36333 – Xamarin hangs after a few seconds of usage
36336 – Invalid Source Analysis on Pointer types
36337 – Hard to navigate between overloads of functions
36342 – Xamarin Crashes Upon Opening Solution on MacOS El Capitan 10.11.1
36343 – How to Implement Fix to (missing) android.jar file
36349 – Adding XAML files to a solution sets wrong properties for file causing compile failure
36358 – Designer cannot render when multiple UIBarButtonItem are in a UINavigationBar
36359 – [Master] XS and XVS build is not properly signed.
36379 – Tooltips on parent MenuItems block first child MenuItem
36391 – No Metal Game template
36394 – Unable to create Mono/GTK# project
36410 – IBTool error when using static cells in a UITableView
36413 – Search field not working and has label glitch
36421 – mdtool fails to build app created with Xamarin.Insights enabled
36428 – Action Extension template is broken
36432 – Cannot create new project c# console
36437 – See differences of Android Designer files when checking changes/blame in Version Control
36440 – UNC paths should be of the form \\server\share error when adding web service reference
36445 – [XS][Forms] Error panel not functioning properly with XamlC Compiling
36450 – Refactoring+method renaming should update T4 templates
36451 – Text input is weird.
36455 – Implement Abstract Members uses wrong parameter default types
36460 – Auto-resolve using statements inserts "///" on parent/interface
36462 – [watchOS 1] error HE0020: Could not find a paired Watch device for the iOS device 'iPhone 6'
36484 – Copy doesn't work on expanded multi-line errors
36488 – axml completion should offer attribute values
36489 – Better handling of namespaced values in XML completion
36490 – Support for VS Android emulator
36495 – XS doesn't fix Android build actions when dragging into Resources or Assets
36498 – Invisible errors in error pad
36512 – [XS-tvOS] Button type selector affects button's frame
36515 – Error updating Objective-C type information. Multiple types registered with the same Objective-C name.
36516 – Xamarin Studio 6 (preview) Windows - String interpolation fails to build
36523 – Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine. Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit.
36536 – Creating new project within existing solution folder defaults to wrong location on disk
36540 – No code completion for Android manifest
36547 – Property List editor should actually allow me to edit source
36548 – Property List editor should support undo/redo
36557 – Black box under Build->General->Current Profile
36561 – Typo in warning message
36586 – Image button for debugging disappear
36602 – Xamarin studio is stealing commands (like cmd-a) from the designer
36604 – No locals and evaluation possible in statically constructed fields
36605 – Double clicking button with existing method navigates to .designer.cs part of method
36608 – Designer outline scrolls horizontally and hides selection
36609 – iOS Designer very sluggish
36610 – Not clear when designer buttons are disabled
36612 – Misplacement markers render on top of each other
36613 – Constraints in outline not readable without scrolling
36614 – Constraints in outline not grouped/sorted in useful way
36615 – iOS designer is blurry when zoomed
36616 – Cumbersome to edit constraints from property grid
36617 – Selection in designer outline is laggy
36618 – Property pad should switch section when selecting constraint
36619 – Color picker doesn't go away when designer loses focus
36620 – Constraint "+1" badges hide the actual constraint
36621 – ViewController "toolbar" should be at the top
36622 – iOS designer shows "reloading" spinner when I start debugging
36623 – iOS designer doesn't reload storyboard after it is changed in Xcode
36624 – Switching iOS property panel sections feels laggy
36625 – Zoom to fit in iOS designer doesn't
36626 – CocosSharp Project Templates continues to suggest updates available
36627 – iOS designer outline collapses when switching to/from source editor
36628 – iOS designer outline has unnecessary border
36629 – Rarely used properties are very prominent
36630 – Hover highlight on constraints buttons behaves strangely
36631 – Storyboard entrypoint moves by a few pixels when clicked
36641 – Renaming file, then reverting name, causes file exists error
36643 – Cmd D and Cmd R keys are no longer working when overriden
36650 – C# Project add / remove references is totally broken
36660 – Properties do not immediately show on a file
36666 – Resx file not constructing Library line location correctly
36669 – Fade hidden views
36677 – [Feature Request] Ability to inspect static members in locals pad
36679 – Horizontal scrolling broken on zoomed solution pad
36680 – Document outline does not support zoom
36688 – Strange path bar behaviour
36689 – Drag and drop from toolbox not working
36694 – Deprecated warnings not showing in IDE (VS or XS)
36696 – The Android Designer doesn't recognize PNG drawables when setting the drawableXXX property on a widget
36700 – Project Import not working for Xamarin Studio
36720 – Unable to copy data from custom commands dialog
36740 – SIGSEGV on latest MonoDevelop under openSUSE Tumbleweed (using Xamarin repos)
36741 – Xamarin Studio Mac Version 5.1 can't input Chinese Words in TestEditor
36742 – Unable to enter Chinese characters in Xamarin Studio
36743 – [Roslyn] Unable to Add added reference in project
36747 – iOS 8 Simulators are gone
36760 – Cannot Checkout Git Repo
36762 – Template Broken: F# ASP.NET MVC4 (Razor)
36772 – can't fetch/push to/from GIT repository anymore
36774 – UnhandledException publishing AdHoc build iTunesMetadata.plist already exists
36792 – XS should support PCL 4.6 profiles
36796 – NRE in assembly browser
36800 – Colorized stderr/stdout doesn't work for iOS apps
36806 – [XS-TVOS]: User is getting build errors as "MTOUCH: error MT5209: Native linking error: framework not found MetalKit" for tvOS app.
36819 – [XS-TVOS]: tvOS section is not appearing in "Choose a template for your new project" with XS 6.0 (build 2415).
36820 – When updating a nuget package and it fails, it should not remove the old package
36834 – Roslyn branch: editor settings are ignored unless the file is closed and opened again.
36841 – [omnibox] Crash when moving window between screen
36842 – [omnibox] XS crash when heavily typing in the box
36864 – older .xib template doesn't update properly
36866 – Crash whenever opening any .cs files
36867 – The following add-ins could not be started: MonoDevelop.MonoGame,3.5.0
36868 – [XS Templates] New iOS projects with a UITest project adds outdated versions of TestCloud.Agent & Xamarin.UITest, resulting in "System.Exception : Could not find key: com.apple.MobileInstallation.BundleCodeInfoIdentifier" when trying to run tests.
36871 – [Roslyn]: Getting fatal error "A fatal error has occurred" when Pressing to 'cmd' + '.' buttons.
36872 – Build completely broken in master
36888 – [NavigationLink] Links are still appearing after unhold the control/command key
36905 – incremental building a project becomes extremely slow with a lot of projects.
36912 – Key tool messages leak into XS log
36913 – Updating package with Nuget removed references
36914 – Unnecessary NuGet stacktrace in log file
36917 – Forms template has warnings
36918 – NuGet addin saves project after each change it makes
36921 – Go to Definition uses wrong file path
36923 – Android designer tooltip warning
36937 – When running application solution explorer pane changes side
36938 – XS silently refuses to edit the file
36940 – Cannot click items in main menu
36944 – Debugger can't connect to my app on iOS
36945 – [wish] Suggest last used identifier for given pattern
36946 – [CorDebugger] Switch to file/line of the exception
36948 – [find in files] Cannot search within solution on network drive
36950 – [CorDebugger] Impossible to inspect the object if one of the properties throws an exception
36952 – Selecting Tab from Editor Pane doesn't work
36960 – [Roslyn] Adding/Opening unsupported project shows 'Could not load...' warning pop up.
36964 – NullReference in ParameterCompletionWindow
36972 – Xamarin Studio does not recognise base class assignment in Forms' XAML files
36975 – Xamarin.Android Designer does not render the layout correctly
36987 – Japanese character get disappears from test editor on clicking anywhere on test editor.
36998 – The IDE does not "see" the OpenTK reference when using "Xamarin.Mac .NET 4.5 Framework", even though the build process succeeds
37016 – Blame view, add new command "Show blame before"
37029 – "Show Details" link on exception popup does nothing
37036 – Enable App Sandboxing depends on Enable entitlements checkbox.
37039 – Cut n Paste Key Binding
37042 – C# Console application build opens two terminal windows
37043 – Xamarin Studio hangs for 20 seconds every few minutes
37044 – "Format Document" menu option creates syntax problem in `using static`
37047 – User needs ability to specify default device and orientation for layout designer.
37048 – User needs ability to set default theme for layouts
37049 – User needs ability to reset to default theme on designer crash
37050 – User needs ability see rendered AppCompat Controls
37052 – Xamarin Studio Translations Incomplete
37056 – visual glitches in main toolbar
37057 – Updating gettext catalogs fails
37058 – error while loading diagnostics in FSharpBinding
37087 – XS debugger no longer honoring [Mac (10,11)] or [iOS (9,1)], tries to expand in debugger, and crashes debug app
37089 – First unfolding of the project directory is very slow
37093 – Xamarin Studio 6 - The type Xyz conflicts with the imported type Xyz - Shared Projects and iOS Today Extension
37097 – Exception when getting check options.... FileNotFoundException
37101 – I18N Assemblies don't appear in the Edit References dialog for .NET 4.5 Framework
37103 – MacBook Pro 13": not enough space to show test results and can't resize Solution view
37107 – All menu options grayed out
37108 – Same-Name Projects
37109 – Version Control Registered Repository UI
37110 – Intelligence Helper Screens - You cannot click on the left right arrows of pagination
37117 – Xamarin Studio crashes when moving a highlighted block of code
37122 – XS deletes solution from "recently opened" list if it is unavailable
37123 – I cannot open (drop down) menu
37124 – [Roslyn] Autocompletion of method with enum parameter and no-parameter overloads
37132 – "Run In Test Cloud" -> "Browse" -> "Options" -> "iOS Applications": doesn't refresh file picker
37163 – Changing Project ToolsVersion to 4.0 with project created by vs2013
37165 – Sign and Distribute dialog needs columns auto-sized in width
37166 – [minor] play/stop button is not refreshed on finished build
37167 – [wish] please make "find in files" a pad
37172 – rename/refactor does not recognize declaration-implementation dependency
37176 – Problem with ToString suggestions and closing quote
37179 – Source editor uses wrong parser
37185 – Shift + letter combinations not working in vi normal mode
37189 – Issue with debug windows layout on external screen
37191 – Quick Search (top right) not displaying results
37197 – Entitlements.plist Personal VPN BUG
37201 – Android Layout File is moved without explicitly being told to move
37215 – System.InvalidOperationException: PrepareShowWindow not called
37216 – InvalidCastException in ReplaceWithOperatorAssignmentCodeRefactoringProvider
37217 – IndexOutOfRangeException in text editor
37227 – Can't debug Xamarin.Mac app
37240 – Add/remove project item changes CSharp.targets file and results in 100+ XM.Forms build errors
37248 – Roslyn: typing "<" after IEnumerable deletes the text in front of it.
37268 – [Xamarin Studio] Search bar stops responding to keyboard
37269 – formatting document (c# file) strips 'when' clause of try/catch construct (alpha track)
37284 – WelcomPage and Gravatar blocks project/solution loader
37286 – Support for the .NET Framework 4.5.2 target
37287 – Cannot enter key bindings with CTRL and ALT
37291 – UITextField - Attributed Text - Right Click -> Font -> Underline Causes a Crash
37292 – cannot get the latest update
37293 – Nothing delivers libcrypto.so.10 () (64bit) required by monodevelop-
37298 – Exception is thrown when choosing "F# Tutorial" template
37299 – No way to run a lone '.fsx' file if no project/solution/workspace is open
37303 – Layout designer crashes (won't render) certain views which are correctly rendered on the device
37309 – Creating project new folder with '\' at the end of name causes endless loop recursion
37330 – Looking for Bugs in MonoDevelop
37334 – Search shortcut Control+Shift+F stopped working.
37335 – Search looks at stale text.
37337 – GTK Creation fails
37341 – backgroundSessionConfiguration: is deprecated. Should use backgroundSessionConfigurationWithIdentifier instead!
37343 – Improper casing for several items in the menubar
37353 – Referencies to ReferencedProjects not passed to FSharpChecker (CompilerService.exe)
37357 – help me with this
37362 – Xamarin Studio doesn't like linked .FS files
37363 – Icons have an incorrect look
37380 – New XM templates doesn't have AppDelegate as partial
37382 – Font too small
37383 – Incorrect indentation in switch body
37384 – Difficult to correct bad indentation
37387 – Crash editing C#
37403 – Renaming variable in shared project adds new name 2x(if 2 projects reference SAP)
37404 – Warning: Project reference '../path/to/.csproj' could not be resolved
37434 – Can't select text from the TestResults window
37437 – Xamarin Studio doesn't parse string literals with new lines correctly.
37439 – F# Compiler doesn't handle new lines in strings well?
37446 – Xamarin Studio hangs as soon as I open Activity.cs file
37447 – Compilation Error window cannot be dismissed
37448 – UITableView ignoring DataSource and Delegate
37456 – When Resgen pad shows display it by default
37457 – Would really like my favorites list sortable
37459 – Code actions are not properly disabled
37466 – Opening Xib fails with weird errors
37468 – Constraint list empty in Layout tab (Property panel) selecting any element in wpf
37469 – F# Xamarin.Mac template is different than C#
37470 – Add 'nameof' operator to language keywords.
37471 – Using the tab key in the Properties Pad has counterintuitive/unexpected behavior.
37472 – Xamarin Studio often gets stuck in a modal state
37473 – Xamarin Studio Collapses folders when moving items in an F# PCL
37489 – F# Projects in MonoDevelop
37493 – I'm getting frequent lockups at random times
37495 – Can't paste into the FSI window
37496 – Context Menu in FSI Window/Pad Hit test is unreliable
37497 – Equals char ('=') is unreadable in the FSI window.
37498 – Can't zoom on the FSI window.
37501 – `Command + [` doesn't go all the way left.
37503 – [Roslyn] Over 1 second delay on project related menus
37504 – [Roslyn] Classes and functions aren't highlighted
37505 – [Roslyn] Cannot Run project because it's not built
37506 – [Roslyn] Tries to build wrong architecture
37507 – [Roslyn] Play button looks like broken library button for iOS app project
37508 – [Roslyn] Cannot update Xam Studio
37516 – Toolbar menus getting stuck greyed out
37529 – [Roslyn] Linked file icons are blurry when zoomed in
37532 – Cannot select .IPA in XS Run in Test Cloud feature
37538 – In F# files, Command+D doesn't work to go to definition
37541 – Command+C in the FSI window doesn't work
37542 – Xamarin Studio ALWAYS becomes unresponsive on restart
37545 – [Roslyn] F# semantic highlighting doesn't work with iOS projects
37550 – The expand and shrink selection functionality do not work with F#, but they work with C#
37552 – Embedded resource doesn't show up in assembly.GetManifestResourceNames() if the file has no extension
37556 – Constraints of child are displayed in parent UIView list of constraints
37557 – [Roslyn] Editor always inserts tabs instead of spaces in F# files
37561 – Perpetual 'AppIcons' warning.
37565 – [Master] Razor/Empty ASP.Net MVC/ASP.Net MVC project with Unit tests templates are not appearing under ASP.Net section
37572 – Layout source window forgets line position on changing tabs
37573 – [roslyn] Excessive namespace prefix inserted by code completion
37585 – Storyboard fails to open in iOS Designer (or XCode IB) when registering Obj-C type with [Register(nameof(ViewController))]
37595 – Interface Designer context menus sometimes ignore the mouse pointer
37599 – #r "Xamarin.iOS" doesn't work
37602 – Dragging a Gesture Recognizer in Xamarin iOS Designer breaks build
37607 – Xamarin Studio Notifications breaks XS after build failure
37626 – Garbled emulator name in "Select Device" dialog for Android Emulator 2.0
37628 – [TestCloud] User can't select app package to run tests on TC
37638 – [Xamarin Studio] Git plugin fails to log into GitHub, no error message is displayed to user
37648 – Opening Workspace (.mdw) - Unknown file format (solution name not displayed)
37649 – Building with unsaved files frequently fails
37650 – Xamarin Studio options all greyed out after sumbitting to app store
37651 – Sign And Distribute - Can't Tab to Next, Previous, or Cancel Buttons
37656 – Cannot see error messages in android device monitor
37666 – Navlinks jump to click location
37672 – Exception dialog crashes when mouse hovers over exception details
37677 – iOS Unit Test App runs in 3.5-inch mode
37684 – Progress updates are lost when building solutions
37689 – Exception trying to add a new file to the project
37690 – Weird exceptions opening my solution
37691 – Cannot compile my project
37692 – NullReference trying to build my project
37696 – Code completion is cancelled immediately after pressing '.'
37702 – The "Enable device-specific builds" checkbox is redundant for tvOS and watchOS.
37717 – Debug Breakpoints Not working Correctly
37719 – Version control crashed Xamarin Studio
37720 – Crash from TextLoader
37721 – Build errors are not being reported reliably
37722 – Exception when trying to create the source editor DebugValueWindow
37736 – Add Packages dialog hangs on opening after Microsoft.Build.Mono.Debug is installed
37738 – [Xamarin Studio] UnauthorizedAccessException when trying to save solution
37742 – Xamarin.Insights support could not be added to your project due to an error
37746 – Breakpoints are bit being hit for XForms.Android
37748 – Opening the quick actions in the code editor does not automatically focus the first item
37751 – Solution Pad width frozen at 50 pixels
37752 – Double clicking status bar doesn't resize XS to full screen
37759 – XS is making unnecessary modifications to my iOS csproj
37760 – XS let me include my sln file inside itself
37761 – LayoutSourceEditorView does not generate an XmlParsedDocument or trigger document changed events
37762 – Debug Popup inspector from prior debug session locked on screen
37764 – [Master]: User is getting build errors when set assets icon(48x48.png) in Notification mode.
37773 – Spinning wheel for 5-10 seconds such as when looking up intellisense etc.
37776 – Pasting block selections broken on Windows
37784 – Test Results are incomplete
37786 – Crashing when try to add image
37787 – Xamarin annoys everyday with expired Mac license, cannot reset to Starter
37789 – Outlet connections to the controls in XIB files are lost when opened in the XS
37790 – Xamarin Studio needs a "Show IPA File"
37812 – Wrong solution tree label after updating packages when package number decrease as part of update
37814 – Unnecessary tooltip in solution pad
37815 – Inconsistencies in device manager launching and terminology
37816 – Android device target does not filter incompatible devices
37817 – [Regression] Android deployment no longer shows progress
37818 – [Regression] Android shared runtime no longer deployed in parallel with signing
37819 – New wear app in existing solution is broken
37821 – Cannot copy messages from error bubbles
37830 – NullReference checking command status for add google services nuget
37835 – Changing solution via the File -> Recent Solutions menu makes an error dialog appear
37836 – Source files from imported files don't show up
37849 – Roslyn: typing on top of a selection does not replace text, instead quotes it
37875 – Android AXML file reopens in wrong editor when loading a project
37876 – Xamarin Studio crashes when trying to change line spacing of UILabel
37879 – Unhandled exception in Xamarin.MacDev.IPhoneDeviceManager.HandleNotification
37880 – Getting dozens of popups with the same RecoverableTextAndVersion.InitRecoverable error
37887 – Insights server not responding
37895 – All menus are disabled
37898 – Find in Files never completes
37901 – Crash changing/loading a solution
37914 – Cannot delete a file that's open
37920 – XS crashes with SIGSEGV
37921 – Every time i move .fs file, it gets removed from project
37929 – In Xamarin Studio 6.0, Command-Shift-S Executes Wrong Shortcut
37931 – No Assets entry in
37936 – Dark theme needs more contrast on disabled items
37943 – Code completion doesn't show up when it should
37944 – Adding Asset Catalog to project doesn't add the files to the project.
37945 – Non Asset Catalog support for iPad pro assets are missing
37946 – [watchOS2] Build>Supported Architecture list missing ARMv7k
37947 – [insights] watchOS project options shouldn't have Insights option
37948 – VIM addin isn't working with the latest release
37951 – [GTK] Don't call CopySymbolicHotKeys() so frequently
37956 – Updating to 6.0 looses code templates from previous versions and other IDE settings
37957 – XS 6 Preview Code Templates -> Add does not do anything
37958 – XS 6 Preview Toggle Line Comments no longer work in XAML/XML files
37959 – XS 6 Preview About windows has MonoDevelop logo
37960 – XS 6 Preview Overriding a method via code completion with a default parameter generates incorrect signature
37961 – F# PCL Project settings are different than C# and says profile 78 is missing. (XS Preview 3)
37962 – Xamarin Studio 6, Preview 3 has MonoDevelop branding in about.
37963 – Xamarin Studio 6, Preview 3 has confusing/missing Xam.Forms PCL project (no C#)
37964 – Xamarin Studio Templates - Multi-platform should be renamed to Multiplatform
37965 – Xamarin Studio Preview 3 locked up when I tried adding a new Xamarin.Forms project
37967 – Dark theme preview removes Xamarin.Mac signing pane:
37971 – Resources in F# Projects aren't getting proper `.` naming convention for folders
37972 – Need Requires Full Screen bit in Info.pllist
37973 – Default language for "New .NET solution" dialog should be C# / F# , not IL
37977 – C# consoleApp template doesn't build if .NET 4.5.1 is not installed (but 4.5 is)
37978 – Can't create any new F# projects if F# version in the system is 3.0
37980 – XCAssets do not show up in the solution pane even though they are in the csproj
37982 – Workspace documents still open after solution closing
37983 – Crash loading the solution
37985 – Code completion is selecting 'int32' instead of letting me type '2'
37997 – Intellisense errors when using Xam Studio 6 preview 4
37998 – Call stack error
38003 – Code templates appear twice in completion dialog
38004 – 'foreach' code template does not do anything
38005 – Building solution a second time will show 0 warnings even if there are actually warnings.
38006 – Preselect XTC Settings in Xamarin Studio
38007 – Minimap does not update when scrolling
38021 – switching text editor tabs for VCS support jumps to top and prevents coding workflow
38022 – Completion Widget does not signal obsolete anything
38047 – signal are registered after the show method. realized event not triggering
38048 – Null reference when opening Add Packages dialog.
38051 – XS 6 Preview Icon used in the designer for initial view controller looks to be low res
38052 – Images used in buttons and segmented views don't render correct in the iOS designer
38059 – Cannot run/debug iOS projects anymore
38061 – Add icon for Display Options > Show/Hide All Files
38062 – When opening Xamarin Studio, remember previously open files
38063 – [XS] XAML Intellisense not working for attached properties
38065 – Autocompletion for templates/keywords of the same name is an inefficient use of space
38068 – [XS] Xamarin.Forms template
38069 – [XS] Drop downs auto fold
38070 – [XS] Refactoring does not use Name Conventions
38073 – Failure when dragging file from Project A to Project B then back to Project A
38074 – Going from Blame view to Source view changes current line
38075 – Creating project with Insights enabled throws insights error. (System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: 'start' must not be negative)
38077 – Code Analysis does not work in Xamarin Studio master Project Options
38079 – Deadlock/hang in the text editor
38080 – Syntax highlighting doesn't account for InternalsVisibleTo
38082 – frequent UI hang
38083 – Hangs on rename refactoring
38089 – Rename refactoring gone in XS 6 Preview 4
38091 – Autocompelte doesn't recognise 'async' as a keyword before a lambda function
38093 – Crash trying to exit xamarin studio
38095 – Solution Explorer has extra padding on top
38098 – Keyboard shortcuts don't work whilst a tooltip is shown
38100 – XS 6 Preview does not build project when there are changes
38101 – Exception trying to load a solution
38102 – Add quick actions/fixes for removal of private members
38107 – NUnit is not showing correct TestName for a TestCase when the TestName contains a period
38108 – Adding .Net 2.0 Web Service reference puts incorrect paths in csproj file for .disco / .wsdl files
38111 – Error installing addins into MonoDevelop on Linux
38113 – Fonts display as styles and families
38115 – Xamarin Studio misinterprets the 'Unavailable' attribute used in xamarin.ios
38125 – xamarin studio opens the same files multiple times simultaneously
38126 – [Papercut] Expanding a 'try' code template leaves the cursor in catch block, not try block
38127 – No keyword tooltip on nameof keyword
38143 – Properties panel is empty when opened for the first time
38150 – [Assets] User can create DataSet/ImageSet/SpriteAtlas with duplicating name
38151 – "Blank Android App" project template has build warnings
38152 – "iOS Unit Test App" project template has 2 build warnings
38153 – [Assets] SpriteAtlas node appears on the same level with "Assets" node
38154 – "Forms App" project template has 1 build warning in the iOS project
38155 – [ODRs/Ad-Hoc] AssetPackManifest.plist file is missing
38156 – [ODRs/Ad-Hoc] XS doesn't add META-INF/com.apple.ZipMetadata.plist to assetpack
38157 – Error in addin engine crashes error dialog
38160 – no ejecuta ninguna aplicacion que cree en el ide. dice "Could not connect to the debugger"
38165 – Cannot switch Input Keyboard at SearchTextField on "Add Package" Window
38176 – Entering version number causes incorrect Bundle Version
38180 – Code completion should be case sensitive
38181 – Cannot type in a name for a new watchos project
38183 – Hard crash when child application ends.
38188 – [Papercut] Links in XS Update dialog are extremely hard to click when updates are downloading
38191 – ConvertIfStatementToNullCoalescingExpressionAction error
38192 – SemanticHighlighting_SemanticHighlightingUpdated NRE
38194 – [tvOS] Image Assets are Still Showing under Resources > Add
38195 – Xamarin STudio 6.0 Solution Explorer drop down items missing
38196 – Addin error causes preferences dialog to fail silently
38198 – IOS Designer for tvOS Malfunctions on Existing tvOS Storyboards
38202 – [tvOS] When you first drag a tvOS control on the Designer, you can't edit the title.
38205 – [tvOS] Compiling and installing are reporting "iOS Devices" for tvOS projects.
38211 – Drop downs in preferences window are closing unexpectedly
38212 – Drawing isn't rendering properly in the header of Xamarin Studio
38216 – After adding a segue to a table, it renders all black
38225 – Can't edit file in 2 column editor
38228 – Add "version" selector for NuGet package in the package manager
38237 – index out of range in IPhoneDeviceManager.HandleNotification
38253 – Unable to select XM 4.5 target framework in binding project dialog
38262 – Cannot set break point within a lambda
38268 – vertical line down the middle of the text editor
38272 – On Windows, the context menu from right-clicking on the quick task strip has all items disabled
38274 – Smart deindentation prevents editing
38278 – NuGet Add/Update dialog has very small fonts.
38279 – watchOS and iOS Extension projects are shown in Add New Project to solution dialog even when no iOS App is present in the solution
38286 – Quick Search (top right) stop working - freezes
38289 – XS is trying to load up non-existent test.csproj which is crashing msbuild
38293 – Need to review all catalog items with UITableViewCell
38294 – Do not write customModuleProvider="" to the xml
38298 – User is able to paste text in build/application output.
38310 – Better Gtk.Notebook tabs design - hard to find out which tab is selected
38317 – [dark-skin] "Search" text in the search box of toolbar is blurry while solution is loading
38319 – Storyboard appears blank even though there's content
38320 – [dark-skin] Toolbar icons on non-retina display appear pixelated
38324 – Incorrect override completion
38332 – [dark-skin] "Updates ready to install" icon tooltip does not disappear on non-retina display
38333 – [dark-skin] Updater icon in toolbar does not launch updater on non-retina display
38338 – Unable to add a new console project to empty solution.
38341 – XS Configuration Selector excludes custom Configurations
38344 – "Refactor" option is missing in code editor window
38345 – Unit Test Runner on iOS has App Transport Security errors in About pages
38353 – Moving the last xaml view file out of a folder crashes the IDE
38355 – comment selected lines puts a comment on too many lines!
38357 – Project is no longer built if you try to debug it with modified files
38370 – XS 6 Preview does not load XS 5 preferences or recent project history
38386 – Opening AndroidManifest.xml after creating FormsApp leads Manifest being marked as dirty
38390 – Menu items disabled in text editor tab's context menu
38391 – Negative widget width error on opening document
38393 – XS does not adhere to the OS X preference "Double click a window's title bar to {selection}"
38410 – [Assets] Can't add child sprite node to Sprite Atlas
38412 – [Assets] Can't add new Asset catalog with File -> New file menu
38419 – "Add an automated UI test project." checkbox is missing in Multi-platform SingleView App
38420 – Multi-platform SceneKit Game template is missing its UI Test project
38421 – Multi-platform SpriteKit Game is missing its UI Test project
38431 – Can not be create new file.
38450 – Xamarin Update is repeatedly failing against Mono Framework MDK and Xamarin Studio 5.10.2
38467 – Need Debug Test With
38470 – Xamarin Update must be launched from Xam
38474 – Android target platform disable
38477 – [FEATURE REQUEST] Roaming Profiles for Xamarin Studio
38486 – [Master] New project window doesn't gets closed on adding a project in a blank solution.
38490 – [Master]Getting build error after migrating MonoMac(Open Source) template in to Xamarin.Mac.
38492 – Attempting to debug when a file is unsaved
38495 – Deployment failed. Insufficient space on device.
38496 – Debugger crashes app when stopped on breakpoint and step into
38500 – Debugged Android app crashes for no apparent reason
38503 – Preferences/Options windows shouldn't allow maximise and minimise
38507 – Enabling "Use Xamarin Insights." freezes XS when creating a Multi-platform SpriteKit template
38508 – Unable to create VB .NET project - incorrect .NET Framework
38510 – Xamarin Studio SIGABRT crash on startup
38518 – XS 6 Preview code analysis does not suggest types in different namespaces anymore
38519 – XS 6 Preview does not recognize types in shared projects until you reopen the solution
38520 – XS 6 Preview refactoring does not let you select where to insert generated code anymore
38521 – Issues with static import statments
38522 – Monodevelop crash when trying to copy build output
38524 – Deadlock trying to open a cs file
38527 – [CorDebugger] browsing object properties throws exception
38528 – Running Unit Tests on Windows silently fails
38534 – "Manager" in "Add-in Manager" is unnecessary
38554 – [Toolbar Search] any whitespace between 'type:' and the search term doesn't find anything
38558 – iOS Designer doesn't render controls correctly on Xib files
38560 – Ghost breakpoints causing app to hang on splash screen.
38569 – TypeSystem crashes the IDE when closing documents while loading
38571 – Matching bracket logic should only work when cursor placed on outside of bracket
38598 – Android Wear getting started guide does not build with "Starter license
38601 – Device specific builds should use last known device
38619 – We do not retain actions in the .designer.cs in all cases
38622 – Tooltip paging which does not make sense
38623 – Double step-over is required when line has a breakpoint
38625 – Designer not functioning correctly (odd one)
38626 – Labels not resizing correctly in the designer
38628 – Error while getting referenced assemblies
38648 – Overlay icons do not work for enum and delegate
38649 – Tooltip summary (explanation) for predefined generic constraints is wrong
38669 – System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null.
38670 – System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
38672 – [regression] Can't open .m and .h files in the source code editor
38674 – Imported Visual Studio code highlighting theme has problems with breakpoint highlight
38686 – Dark Theme makes Publishing Workflow wizard for iOS unusable
38687 – [Dark Theme] autocompletion list crashes XS
38698 – Resolve context menu item not available in XS 6.0
38700 – Return to last opened Preferences panel
38729 – Menu option to manually open "Tool Output Logs" pad
38740 – 'Subversion Support' Addin fails with 'could not load SharpSvn.dll or dependency'
38745 – Starting IDE directly after login leads to a freeze
38746 – Noautoindent indents
38750 – Search history contains incremental additions if search term
38755 – Files included in multiple projects open in the wrong context
38761 – User is able to create Breakpoint unnecessary lines in XS.
38762 – NullReference in ErrorHandlerTextEditorExtension
38774 – System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: must be <= charArrayLength (82) was :83
38775 – Find/Replace dialog does not allow for 1-by-1 search and replace
38780 – Xamarin Studio not responding and excess memory usage
38781 – waiting for debugger message shows as popover and is non-dismissable, seems to stack multple popovers
38783 – Dark theme propagates to applications XS launches
38784 – 'Run' does not respect the selected runtime
38791 – Update default product templates to benefit from C#6
38798 – Frequent delays when interacting with code completion
38804 – Renaming class doesn't rename file
38810 – XS 6 Preview Errors pad icons duplicated
38811 – Tweak order of Mac menubar app menu
38815 – [Master] User is able to write on text editor while about window of XS is open.
38822 – Renaming an asset in .xcassets causes the folder/files to unhide
38828 – Can't create an equality width to the SuperView in iOS Designer.
38842 – [C7] XS getting hang when activating any license starter/indie by adding a restricted feature.
38845 – XS is incorrectly rewriting Includes in the csproj
38857 – Installer should check for OS X version on start
38868 – XML code formatting options have no affect for .xaml files
38871 – Menus disabled on Windows after running project
38885 – Can't make Dependent Files
38889 – Combo box in treeview is too small
38892 – Code completion popup doesn't close when switching document tabs
38897 – Changing class identifier to custom class doesn't update properties for a DesignTimeVisible custom control
38898 – Changing "View as" dropdown results in overlapping view controllers if they're close together
38900 – Unwanted table cell related layout changes in Storyboard that was edited in Xcode Interface Builder
38920 – Web References generates incorrect method signatures compared to what VS creates
38923 – Web Reference files added to project appear red
38929 – [Master] With Mobile.Framework Getting build error on building the XM Cocoa template that was build using the .Net 4.5 framework.
38937 – Sort usings refactoring is missing
38938 – Cannot suppress or configure analysis rules without fixes
38942 – Policies for sorting usings
38945 – Mac global search no longer indicates shortcut
38946 – Hard crash in unit test marker
38947 – No obvious way to use specific Nuget package version
38949 – No useful feedback when test runner fails
38951 – [Xml] Typing " doesn't add the extra quote, but typing the second one adds a closing one
38952 – [Xml] autocompletion adds too much text. It repeats text that is already there
38955 – [Xml] The existing attributes passed into only read attribute up to cursor
38956 – [Xml] Hitting a backspace can cause a crash while editing an android layout file
38957 – Casting code completion(one based on if "is") offers wrong in case of "if else if"
38959 – Collapsed regions shows the "#region" at the beginning
38960 – After collapsing class, method, or namespace closing bracket is shown
38961 – Format selection doesn't work
38962 – After update Xamarin Studio is ignoring my coloring scheme
38963 – My custom code formatting is gone after the update
38964 – [XS- DarkSkin] Deactivate license window unreadable
38965 – When missing reference, the "Resolve" option is missing
38966 – The previously configured code suggestions are ignored
38967 – Problem with adding selfmade widget library
38970 – Can't add new file
38980 – Xamarin Studio suddenly crashes randomly (mostly when working for iOS projects).
38986 – XS6 Preview 5 regular crashes in XAML editor
38988 – XS6 Preview 5 Namespace fix broken?
38993 – Xamarin.Mac Binding project doesn't create linkwith.cs file
39001 – csproj gets polluted with default value for HttpClientHandler
39003 – RemoteProcessException when running NUnit tests
39004 – Running NUnit tests creates new application output pad every time
39006 – Debugging session for Unit Tests never ends
39007 – Cannot deploy app with minimum API level 15 to HTC one device with API level 16
39009 – Cannot reorder pad tabs
39010 – Cannot drop pad back into same place
39013 – Orientation button at the top out of sync with the canvas
39014 – Duplicate constraints created when adding spacing constraints to layout guides
39015 – New keyword missing from completion
39016 – Completion list commits on second space, not first
39018 – Device Name does not populate when Genymotion Emulator is selected
39021 – Xamarin Studio 6 Alpha Crashes During Intellisense In Android XML Designer
39026 – Can't add reference to .Net Assembly from PCL
39029 – Avast antivirus reports Xamarin Studio as a threat
39041 – NOP refactoring option for using
39043 – Refactor - put inside using doesn't remove the previous disposes
39049 – VI mode does not recognize capital letter commands when shift key is used
39051 – Android App template with Maximum Compatibility has build warnings
39063 – Code completion in F# PCL project does not produce correct suggestions
39065 – Assembly browser text is editable
39066 – Many errors from assembly browser
39067 – Navigation in assembly browser doesn't work
39068 – Assembly browser does not remember visibility setting
39069 – Command-f search does not work in the assembly browser
39070 – Assembly browser context menu shows many irrelevant commands
39071 – Navigation commands not available in assembly browser
39072 – Extract/create method no longer shows insertion cursor
39073 – Can't set builds for property of storyboard to "iOS 9.0 and later"
39078 – UIStackView with constraints and a view inside of it does not render correctly at design time as compared to the same in XCode IB.
39080 – Not able to add file in Xamarin Studio Version 6.0 (Build 4520)
39083 – Xamarin Studio 6 crashes after activating "Automatically insert punctuation" in XML editor
39085 – XS 6.0 build 4520 loses Markers & Rulers settings
39092 – Images added into asset catalogue set as ImageAsset by default
39098 – Redundant base constructor grays out whole constructor
39101 – Add Ability To Select A Default Designer When Opening Storyboard or XIB Files
39102 – Intellisense evaluator does not consider build action of source code files
39108 – Unable to use custom syntax highlighting theme in XS 6.0 build 4520
39110 – lost files during compile
39111 – fsharp.core not added to a 2nd fsharp PCL project in a solution
39113 – "Local Copy" ignored for native Project reference.
39119 – Find References for Extension methods does not work
39125 – Deleting a file not resulting in the file being deleted
39127 – Multiple Drag&Drop issues for source folders
39138 – In Info.plist GUI editor, changing a setting the second time in a drop down list does not work.
39139 – Missing Separate Deployment Info sections for iPad and iPhone in Info.plist editor
39146 – Position for size classes not remembered when using an XIB file (works as expected in storyboard)
39163 – "Edit -> Word Count..." feature no longer exists and should be removed from the menu
39168 – Changing Syntax Highlighting Unsets Text Editor > Markers and Ruler
39171 – Cannot use key binding Cmd+Space
39177 – Device list does not show names of simulators as they are named in XCode.
39180 – "Virtual member call in constructor" when no call is made
39191 – "make dist" fails on older versions of Bash due to >1000 duplicated entries in MonoDevelop.Ide EXTRA_DIST
39193 – `override` code completion offers too much stuff
39195 – SkipChar is active also after char is removed
39196 – Symbolically linked .axml files are treated as .xml files are not opened in designer view
39203 – Running unit tests does not focus the Test Results pad, Application output is brought to focus instead
39205 – View > Unit Testing does not focus the Unit Tests pad
39208 – [Nunit3] When clicking on the name of the test created using [TestCase (TestName="blah")] the test name keeps changing
39209 – XS showing wrong configurations for Android on new Native App Solution
39211 – Android directives don't exist in shared project
39212 – Number of duplicated properties between csproj and Info.plist
39214 – [NUnit3] Test Pad fails to load Nunit with (Load Failed)
39219 – XS crashes when I click on in the editor window of an open F# file
39223 – [Addin] Addin Maker update causes error
39225 – Xamarin Studio License link leads to a 404 error
39230 – [Git] Xamarin Studio does not show the first initial commit for local repositories
39234 – [tvOS/PublishingWorkflow] Sign and distribute window doesn't show tvOS profiles
39244 – Error installing on iPad and iPad mini
39245 – Designer property pad doesn't have aligned members
39246 – Conflicting constraints not being highlighted
39253 – Can't run some test cases in isolation with certain characters
39255 – Error while getting refactorings from RefactoringEssentials.CSharp.CodeRefactorings.CheckCollectionIndexValueCodeRefactoringProvider
39259 – [NUnit3] Xamarin Studio Nunit3 runner does not respect ExplicitAttribute
39264 – Adding Google Play Services package to Android Project removes AndroidUseLatestPlatformSdk msbuild key in csproj
39265 – Updater stuck on "Attaching disk image..."
39268 – Random errors after installing new versions of iOS - need restart
39272 – Format On Paste doesn't work in XS 6.0
39273 – Matching closing bracket duplicated when typing through in XS6 build 4520
39274 – [FEATURE REQUEST] Procedure line separator (as per VS)
39275 – [FEATURE REQUEST] Persist PAD column widths and allow sorting and filtering of grids
39276 – Source control icons in Solution pad do not refresh when commit is done externally
39277 – [FEATURE REQUEST] Solution toolbar for quick access actions
39278 – [FEATURE REQUEST] Persist last used simulator model/OS by project
39280 – the add-in manager project type fails to run/debug addins
39283 – [CorDebugger] Breakpoints not working in custom domains on Windows
39284 – [Regression] Cannot navigate to test location
39287 – [Regression] XS does not detect external changes to source files
39288 – [Regression] Disabled items in menus have colored icons
39290 – Error when opening Custom Policies
39293 – Page up/down does not work in Code Completion window in XS 6.0 (4520)
39296 – Cycle 7 - Xamarin.Mac Entitlements for Existing Apps should be added to the Project
39300 – tvOS: Tap Gesture Recognizer missing Action Event in the Interface Designer
39306 – [Nunit3] When a test ends up being in an inconclusive state, it is still shown not run in Test Pad
39313 – 32/64bit execution on Mac should use assembly flags
39314 – Progress bar goes backwards when building solution
39317 – tvOS: Unable to open existing app with Navigation Bars in the Interface Designer
39319 – tvOS: Activity Indicators are not showing on the Design Surface.
39322 – Create Project causes crash and forces logout.
39324 – tvOS: Unable to edit Tab Bar Items in the Interface Designer.
39326 – Unable to set LLVM option on release builds by a different name
39328 – [Regression] Copy/paste line no longer works in XS in Windows
39337 – [Papercut] Refactoring tooltip steals focus on XS Mac (5.10.2)
39339 – Repeatedly opening/closing a custom Add-in Dialog from menu causes Xamarin Studio to crash
39341 – Improve Error message when opening a file that has a windows phone project on XS on OS X
39346 – "Debug project code only" does not prevent the debugger from breaking on exception catchpoints in non-user code unless the exception is thrown and caught within a `Task.Delay ().ContinueWith ()`
39350 – Cosmetic: implement abstract members on error. Works - but not very intuitive how.
39351 – XS saves annoying <WarningLevel>0</WarningLevel> tags in project files
39356 – [FEATURE REQUEST] Deploy application in multiple devices (ANDROID)
39357 – Wrong delete word modifier on Windows
39364 – Unresolved symbols are using "?" instead of parsed value as VS does
39365 – Backspace too greedy
39367 – indent case labels setting doesn't work
39368 – indenting of 'default:' label in switch statement is broken
39374 – Spacing Handle Tooltip alignment issue
39382 – Text Editor Vi mode is no longer available
39383 – [Git] Opening a solution I get a git error in the log
39384 – [Gtk] Crash when clicking on "Updating Resources..." in title bar
39386 – Code completion menu not working for F#
39387 – Search results don't use same syntax colours as text editor
39388 – monodevelop 6.0 fails to configure - cannot find input file
39392 – Fix->Generate Property is broken
39397 – F# Addin Breaks Find References in C#
39405 – Shared project, adding file and changing configuration results in invalid file list for iOS/Android... project
39424 – [XS- DarkSkin] Upgrade license window unreadable
39425 – tvOS: Adding a Split View to an Empty Storyboard Selects the Wrong Default View Controller
39428 – [iOS] Override of protocol method shows 2 completions
39457 – tvOS: Overriding UITableViewDelegate RowSelected calls Base and Throws Error
39468 – Main.storyboard gets removed from project and erased from disk
39470 – Cut and paste in iOS storyboard designer remembers way too few details of source control
39473 – Xamarin Studio does not support Retina High Contrast Screen.
39475 – Wrong base type for enums
39481 – Live updating icon is not synchronized with Breakpoint window
39482 – Edit Breakpoint dialog does not support trace expression
39487 – Xamarin Studio not responding if an iPhone 4 (iOS 7.1) is connected
39497 – Unable to read warning message - too long for screen
39500 – Creating an Android App on Windows 7 sets the wrong package name in Manifest
39504 – Issues using Japanese keyboard.
39508 – [XS 5.10.3] iOS 6 and iOS 7 devices are not displayed in the devices drop-down menu, device logs show repeating error "set_response_error: handle_get_value GetProhibited"
39511 – Search and replace not always working
39513 – Refactor Initialize Field from Parameter is generating wrong code
39518 – Adding a storyboard to an F# Mac app (unified) causes an Null reference Exception
39525 – UITests fail to run connect
39536 – Can't upgrade XS ("requires MSBuild Tools 2013") even if MSBuild Tools 2015 is installed
39544 – Find All Files and Search Directories Crashes Xamarin Studio
39551 – Xamarin Studio frequently crashes without any visible reason
39552 – Event handler completion list sorting broken
39557 – [XS 6.0] "Could not load assembly ... Perhaps it doesn't exist in the Mono for Android profile?" when attempting to build immediately after restoring NuGet packages
39571 – [Gtk] Xamarin Studio is not responding when switch from open iOS designer to other selection window
39575 – F# stock console app doesn't compile
39581 – Value visualizer ignores some characters
39582 – Watch window does not use same syntax colour as text editor
39584 – Intellisense stops working after adding a new NuGet package
39585 – Mouse forward/back buttons should navigate
39586 – Editor incorrectly indenting
39587 – Tooltip for attribute constructors should show namespace
39588 – Tooltips show T: prefix on type names.
39589 – No code completion in assembly attribute arguments
39590 – Editing shared project file does not edit projitems
39591 – Moving folder between projects fails to add files
39592 – Removing folder from project only removes one of the files
39593 – Cmd-Delete does nothing in solution tree
39594 – Very hard to trigger tooltip on project error icons in solution pad
39595 – Project error tooltips indicate location but not file
39596 – Cmd-A doesn’t work in search box in build output
39597 – Failure to add shared project reference
39598 – Lag popping up context menu on projects in sln pad
39599 – Edit project file should open to error location
39600 – please fix
39601 – Unnecessarily verbose errors when not connected to internet
39612 – Nuget.config uses \ paths wrong
39613 – Failure to navigate in assembly browser
39615 – [Regression] Visibility setting in assembly browser isn't restored correctly
39616 – [regression] unsafe code marked as error even after changing options
39617 – Rename file to match class should not be shown for nested classes
39618 – Failure in inline rename
39619 – Open with command not available for files in solution folders
39620 – No inline rename on extract method
39621 – git diff doesn’t update after commit in command line
39622 – Search result not visible after double-clicking in search results pad
39623 – Default t4 template has duplicate assembly ref
39627 – CentOS 7 MonoDevelop dependencies (not same bug as 33225)
39639 – Refactoring preview window is empty
39649 – Incorrect "redundant ToString() call" warning
39657 – [Android] We should filter out __removeBeforeMRelease_* attributes
39658 – Nuget package manager window won't launch in latest alpha of Xamarin Studio
39660 – Upon changing "Build Action" property grid gets reset
39664 – Auto-formatting forces multi-line formatting
39671 – iOS Designer throws _MonoTouch.Design.Client.DesignerRemoteException: System.NotSupportedException: Could not parse xml_ when we open storyboard file
39672 – Send references to F# interactive halts Xamarin Studio
39689 – Layout changed dialog shows up on different screens
39693 – [NUnit] Time stamp doesn't seem to be updated
39699 – Checkout with rebase idea
39701 – Cannot save and exit c# document upon pressing Meta+W
39703 – iOS Designer does not render Image Set image that has been sliced to a 9-patch in XCode.
39709 – XS reformats empty tags in project files
39712 – Adding a new file to a directory causes an exception
39716 – When a reference has the Version attribute, Xamarin Studio displays a red cross
39725 – (vs-517205) Incorrect syntax coloring for F# multiline strings
39728 – cannot step into ppdb framework files
39730 – Image slicing info removed from Contents.json when editing and saving an Image Set that had slicing info from XCode.
39740 – Crash while editing file
39741 – Crash while removing references
39747 – Fail to deploy because of hyphen in organization name
39748 – Android Designer View does not allow 3rd party tooltip providers
39764 – XS not adding the NUnit dependency to the project after calling convert-from-nuget
39777 – XS can't load MonoGame add-in.
39788 – Crash on tab close
39792 – Mac addin does not sync referenced native frameworks with Xcode project
39798 – Can't disable matching braces highlighting
39816 – Spinning wheel delays when coding...
39817 – Won;t Save Binary
39823 – "Run on external console" doesn't
39835 – Add new packages does not open Package Manager
39839 – Monodevelop does not run on linux
39840 – Weird pink header in monodevelop
39842 – Cannot type in the Search field
39851 – Simulators < 9.3 not visible
39868 – "Any CPU" does not show up in target list
39878 – tvOS -- "Application already installed." so rebuilds not being uploaded to AppleTV
39880 – Can't update XS6.0 (build 4761) from the Alpha channel in Windows
39881 – Code Analysis shows incorrect errors
39886 – Checkbox text has meaning opposite to its function
39889 – [Error Pad] Focus icon misaligned
39890 – Can't set layout constraint constant to 0
39895 – [View>Focus Document] Should scroll so the cursor end up at the center of the text editor
39900 – Can't Upload App to Store - Missing Ipad Pro Icon with Latest SDK/Xamarin
39912 – Enhance Xamarin Studio and Xcode event handler code generation
39913 – Breadcrumb shows operators as empty entries
39917 – XS fails to start with no message when socket cannot be created
39928 – Xamarin says unexpected symbol ')' even when it is needed.
39929 – Xwt.MessageDialog.RootWindow is not set
39931 – Git LFS support
39935 – Chinese characters displayed incorrectly.
39943 – Key Bindings not working
39956 – Existing 5.X add-ins don't show up
39957 – Unable to refactor to bring in a namespace
39966 – Failed to set proxy: The parameter is incorrect.
39970 – Renaming files in shared project confuses XS
40008 – Xamarin studio throws an error parsing valid targets files
40010 – Problem with ascii
40014 – warning and breakpoint icons collision
40016 – tab options dessapear
40018 – Autocomplete shows different list before and after typing "("
40021 – Overrides marked as redundant if they call their bases with hard-coded values
40023 – Autocomplete doesn't work with a specific managed library
40035 – nunit3 runner fails if NUnit 3.2.0 is installed (build 4968)
40038 – Unhandled activation error on OS X after free-for-all update
40045 – Broken is operator
40051 – iOS 'Unit test App' template gives error when click on 'credits =>About MonoTouch' option.
40065 – Uninstalling jquery does not remove Scripts folder from Solution window
40078 – Cannot set constraints constant to
40089 – Error creating a Mac app
40113 – Code folding option to fold disabled #if blocks
40119 – When trying to add multiple Google Play Packages in Xamarin Studio Android Project, the dialog automatically selects Decline
40124 – Fix credential dialog being shown repeatedly when credentials are unknown on restoring NuGet packages.
40129 – A lot of popups on when overwriting a project (PaperCut)
40130 – Storyboard editor does not fully support storyboard references
40134 – [Xamarin Studio] XS 6 crashes on startup due to NullReferenceException
40140 – Crash clicking 'Rebuild' on my solution
40143 – [MultiSelection Support] "Date" property of "Date Picker" widget does not display "Multiple Values" in Mac
40158 – Show NuGet version in about dialog
40171 – [Dark Theme] listview coloring contrast is more distracting than helpful
40177 – On-Demand Resources Missing a Way to Specify Test Configurations.
40178 – Cannot add certain google play packages to Android template
40180 – Format document does not work in XS 6
40195 – Local variable hides message does not show the variable names
40199 – Invalid CS0246 The type or namespace name could not be found message
40202 – Deploying/debuging to iOS rarely reflects my code change
40203 – Application and bundle names are incorrect for new iOS projects
40205 – Text editor test integration doesn't work with TestCaseSource
40206 – Test output with test case array argument does not show which case failed
40207 – Double-clicking on failed test result sometimes goes to test, not failure
40210 – Test results reported incorrectly with array test case argument
40212 – File not found build errors should not try to open document
40217 – Adding multiple Google Play Service packages leads to many of the packages not being installed even after License Acceptance
40219 – [Cycle 7] Label text is getting truncated in properties window.
40253 – Unable to get updates from Xamarin Studio 5.10.3
40256 – Support for comment tags
40260 – Holding down Ctrl key when opening recent solution closes existing solution in workspace on Windows
40264 – Missing type info tooltips in Lubuntu 14.04
40265 – xamarin studio invalid mtouch command line if iphone has a space in its name
40283 – Crash from queuing a draw from another thread
40288 – Unable to run tests for a project, NUnit3Runner crashes
40289 – Vertical mouse scrolling stops after horizontal over-scroll
40290 – Latest Alpha takes additional input
40291 – MSBuild Errors
40294 – [C7] Language settings option missing under XS->Preferences.
40296 – Mono-Project cannot open C# console
40309 – Cannot build/run after changes made to *.designer.cs files
40315 – Code completion does not work in code templates
40330 – Xamarin forms templates are shown for all project types
40331 – Refactoring classes can break Code file
40337 – Xamarin iOS designer crash when two buttons are in the right bar
40342 – Sample app screenshots on welcome page are not retina-aware
40350 – Global search does not accept hot keys like CMD + C
40357 – Lockup while using the immediate window
40363 – A custom view created in an XIB won't render in the designer.
40364 – Xamarin Studio locked up while building Cross platform application
40366 – New F# Xamarin.Forms project using Shared library does not create the shared library
40367 – iOS UITest restarts simulator on every test
40369 – Deleting an open/unsaved file gets you stuck in a weird state
40370 – Updating packages from XS can cause broken builds on windows
40373 – Null reference exception in ScrollView
40374 – Crash while loading a project
40375 – Dozens of threads stuck trying to update the 'recent files' file
40377 – [ODRs/AdHoc] Incorrect URL for asset packs in AssetPackManifestTemplate.plist
40382 – Android Project Name and Options words in gibberish
40386 – [C7] Selected User Interface Language doesn't take effect on restarting XS.
40402 – Refactor → Rename (⌘R) results in strange renames
40409 – c# formatting styles don't work in Xamarin 6 beta
40410 – android resource file sometimes doesn't save in Xamarin Studio 6
40411 – No StyleCop support in Xamarin Studio 6
40413 – Incorrect number of method overloads
40414 – [C7] Quick Search does not work at all.
40418 – Out of memory while building
40419 – Opening a solution crashed XS
40420 – Quitting Xamarin studio causes it to switch to the light icon
40423 – [ODRs/AdHoc] Error while starting ODRDownloadRequest
40430 – Duplicate enum type entry
40440 – IPhoneDeviceManager.cs continuously has System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array.
40441 – [mdtool] System.AggregateException with build/archive commands
40443 – VersionControl is not threadsafe
40454 – Opening a new solution doesn't get Syntax Highlighting or Code completion
40461 – Menu become disable if change language
40463 – Search not finding results inside of anon delegates
40464 – Rename refactoring a method parameter causes subsequent document elements to be removed.
40468 – MonoDevelop does not adhere to GTK+ themes
40475 – Build of web project causes crash (OutOfMemoryException), in MSBuild parser?
40479 – Build fails in Xamarin Studio 6 - unhelpful error message
40504 – Once in a while the text editor stops working
40509 – Refactoring is giving the wrong name
40522 – Can't enter comment on blank last line of file
40528 – Once in a while only certain files are not included in Code Completion/formating
40538 – Code completion isn't filtering properly
40539 – We need an easier way to submit good logs.
40542 – Expose CSharpBindings SignatureMarkupCreator to the public API
40543 – I renamed an AXML, and it updated everywhere but the csproj
40551 – NuGet Package Manager does not load on right click > Add
40556 – Output pad no longer displays unicode characters
40561 – Hang while activating the Document Outline pad with iOS designer open
40575 – Indentation in refactoring previews is incorrect
40582 – The fix action "Using 'some namespace import'" sometimes fails with a null reference exception.
40591 – Crashes when auto implementing generic interface
40593 – Translation project not build before main project
40612 – NullReferenceException while opening a solution
40615 – Android Project in F# Xamarin Forms solution is using incompatible mscorlib
40618 – Xamarin Studio cannot start if the wrong xcode is selected
40629 – Android Designer source editor does not use content provided by xml editor on [Meta]+[Space]
40636 – UWP project reference error for Xamarin.Forms samples in Xamarin Studio (Mac)
40648 – We do signing of asset packs in AdHoc builds but it appears that Xcode does not do this.
40651 – Find In Solution takes minutes to run
40652 – PathBar is broken for the forms previewer
40658 – Wrong ecsape behaviour
40703 – "and" keyword not syntax highlighted
40709 – null ref saving projects
40710 – Crash closing a window in XS
40716 – UI Test don't run on last Beta Release of Xamarin Studio
40721 – Null reference exception when loading android designer with F# project
40723 – Crash on new proje