Visual Studio Extensions Bugs

898 – Add Option to set emulator in a region/locale
1348 – Debugger crashes on ASMX web service call
1713 – VS crashes when filtering device log
1871 – using <View> in axml file breaks intellisense
2057 – Attempting to edit the manifest under source control fails if the file is not checked out
2102 – Unable to install Mono for Android Visual Studio 2010 Plugin
2124 – IDE needs to prevent running with mismatched runtime/platform
2126 – [VS] Cannot create a WCF proxy
2133 – Option to build resources without compiling the project
2173 – CRASH in MONOTOOLS.ENGINE - then crashes app
2184 –, package failed output not visible in output window first time
2244 – When try to install the installer for Mono for Android 4.0.0 on windows, 'Browse' button appears in disabled mode on Custom setup screen.
2328 – When you have a 2.3 and 3.1 project in the same solution, can't deploy to 2.3 device
2362 – Cannot deploy shared runtime if target framework is higher than device
2445 – packaging locks up UI
2584 – With multiple Android Application projects in a single solution, all are deployed instead of just startup project
2585 – When changing Android Manifest options in Project Settings AndroidManifest file is not automatically checked out from TFS
2601 – Deployment window is modal, prevents interacting with VS during deployment
2640 – Clicking "Clear" on "Android Device Logging" crashes Visual Studio 2010
2847 – Debugger is slow to stop if app is paused
2872 – Certain variable access in immediate window causes VS to lockup
2895 – Nullable types not allowing for HasValue check
2954 – The Deploy to device popup is modal. Blocks Visual Studio.
2991 – Exception thrown deploying to device during "Getting installed packages"
3097 – Can't link with "sdk assemblies" only option
3240 – Unhandled exception when choosing emulator from device list and hitting ok before emulator has fully loaded
3328 – Cannot deploy projects with dot in project name.
3507 – Android Project Options are cutoff in window.
3508 – Visual Studio does not package with the same Android SDK that is opened via Tools -> Start Android Emulator Manager
3859 – Cannot change Android SDK location using VS.
4111 – Unable to downgrade MFA using MonoDevelop updater
4372 – Mono.Cecil.ResolutionException type load failure
4593 – No UI for <AndroidLinkSkip>
4670 – Deployment fails when attempting to overwrite an app which is a device administrator
4829 – Support 3rd party Assembly Integration within Visual Studio
4872 – Loses Device or ADB connection
4917 – Crash after debug VS210 Ultimate SP1
4920 – Unobserved task exception
4974 – Can't debug second project when first project is unloaded
5027 – VS is crashing after build, when selecting device to run
5071 – Allow changing the sort order in Android Device Logging window
5072 – Provide an ADB console window
5073 – Visual Studio 2010 crashes after install of 4.2.1 Mono For Android (was running older version with no problem)
5158 – MfA does not show deployment status
5159 – Cannot debug in source editor
5237 – seeing running emulator images
5274 – Deployment for a second device fails if project not rebuilt
5284 – Debugging app doesn't deploy it
5285 – Uninstalling 4.2.1
5289 – Galaxy Tab
5301 – Problem with vs2010 plugin
5375 – Deploy to a device failed with a "Failure [INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_MANIFEST_MALFORMED]" error
5395 – We are not able to Debug because emulator not displaying
5396 – Special uses-permission lost when updating the app's project properties
5452 – Error Trying to deploy to device
5564 – Debugger visualizers don't work at all
5608 – can't access [projectname].dll.mdb
5662 – 4.2.3 Build Issue
5675 – Select A Device Popup Broken
5790 – UnobservedTaskException modal message is shown several times during the package creation - VS2010 + MonoDroid 4.2.3
5906 – Custom UI objects not displaying in visual designer
5948 – No color syntax for axml files in Designer/Source view in Visual Studio 2010
5958 – VS 'Update Available' window specifically references VS2010
5978 – When click on Stop Debugging button in VS 2012, VS hangs.
6064 – Cannot add spinner control
6111 – Version of Mono shared runtime and platform framework won't be recognized
6128 – Can't load project in VS
6155 – Layout with the name of Void.axml
6174 – No deployment when not in main activity: poor behavior and missing error message
6221 – VS Project Properties doesn't allow setting AndroidManifest.xml //uses-sdk/@android:minSdkVersion attribute
6261 – 4.2.4 Designer destroys xaml files.
6313 – JAR Binding Project is not generating all classes or methods
6388 – Error installing assemblies "More Details" popup does not allow error detail to be selected and copied
6454 – I'm getting a ghosted image when using the designer in VS2012
6516 – Android SDK location is empty
6519 – Can't see UI Designer in VS 2010
6532 – UI Designer intermittently not display when opening an axml file in VS2010
6533 – Full chain installer does not upgrade eval MFA to full MFA during installation process
6608 – Can not deploy app twice - Mono.AndroidTools.AdbException: 'ps' output not recognized
6686 – Android Log View uses excessive CPU and locks up Visual Studio, even if hidden/closed
6700 – With a compile and deploy (F5) in Visual Studio 2010 the APK-File is no longer built and installed in the emulator
6728 – [Designer] VS Designer display doesn't update correctly when changing API levels or device screen size
6858 – 4.2.5 have some issue with VS2012 RC on Windows 8 RP when Debugging
6860 – Inspecting properties results wrong value
6899 – When user stops a debug session in VS 2010 and 2012, it takes several seconds (>10) to return to a useable state
6909 – When building a Mono for Android app with TFS installed, the build fails unless Resource.Designer.cs is explicitly checked out
6944 – Downloading update throws UnobservedTaskException
6945 – MFA for VS2012(RC)'s Debugging Experience Not Good
6990 – visual studio crashes when opening designer files
7112 – Installing standalone MFA msi without MFA pre-requisites results in a non user-friendly error after starting VS2012
7239 – Intellisense Problem for xaml
7254 – Access custom Xml files
7255 – There was an error attempting to initialize the MonoAndroidPackage
7273 – Show source of reference when it can't be found
7399 – Unobserved Task Exception -in non-monodroid projects in vs2012
7423 – visual studio no longer loads projects where the AD username has a space
7622 – "openFileDialog1" appears in the Open file dialog when trying to Publish Android Application
7708 – UnobservedTaskException dialog message is shown several times when using regex search
7808 – [Visual Studio]User is unable to add existing folder under project.
7847 – Can't edit/update a AndroidManifest.XML via project properties page in ICS project.
7978 – The "LinkAssemblies" task failed unexpectedly.
8045 – Deployment does not work when there are spaces in the project path
8048 – Visual Studio CPU/Memory Spike
8052 – Visual Studio (2010) always crashes whenever an uncaught exception is thrown in a Mono for Android app
8209 – PCL Building and Debugging problematic in VS2012
8482 – Unobserved task exception when opening/saving javascript files
8501 – System.IO.IOException: DWP Handshake failed.
8547 – monodroid.log sharing violation
8560 – Keystore creator (Publish Android Application...) ignores requested validity period
8606 – Poor error reporting in VS updater
8634 – Mono for Android leaves a lot of msbuild.exe processes around
8735 – MTVS Toolbar does not stay closed
8781 – Publish Android Application not creating an APK
8807 – Android Device Logging view causes freezes and slow down.
8828 – Immediate Window performs very poorly
8831 – Need a way to turn modal Unobserved Task Exception off
8855 – (mfa 4.2.7) Vs2010 Layout Designer Crashes with TableLayout on reopen
9020 – Deployment fails if previous run was paused and then stopped in the debugger
9111 – MTVS: Mac build hosts not automatically detected in VMs hosted by Virtual Box and using NAT connection
9205 – MTVS: " MS Visual Studio is loading the projects" pop up while trying to open an already existing iOS project in VS 2010
9208 – Connection dialog indicator should be able to be clicked to open the connection dialog
9226 – MonoTouchActivation application should not be installed into /Applications
9235 – SDK Updater app and MTVS Installer need to be signed.
9251 – The folder that holds the MTVS license file shouldn't be 'MonoTouch'
9262 – The "CopyIfChanged" task failed unexpectedly when building project under source control
9267 – MTVS: Activation successful message by logging into a Xamarin account with only Indie License.
9276 – Unable to add a reference to a portable library project
9284 – Layout with layout_marginStart and other attributes not building in MonoDroid, works in Eclipse ADT
9288 – [MTVS] Project properties should have an additional design for VS2012 dark theme
9297 – Property values in Properties window are not updated after mouse or keyboard operations
9314 – [MTVS]Double horizontal scroll bar displayed under iOS Build and iOS Application
9323 – Provisioning profile and Identity dropdown under iOS Bundle Signing does not resize with window.
9416 – Visual Studio (2010/2012) hangs/freezes and memory allocation jumps up and down
9465 – MTVS should detect when the user unplugs / swaps iOS devices on the build host
9467 – [MTVS]: Error "Another instance is running" returned while trying to connect on remote server from connection wizard
9490 – [MTVS] iPadSimulator not appears in Platforms for iPad template application
9555 – iOS templates present for non-iOS projects
9631 – When user is not activated and clicks configure on the Tools->Options->Xamarin->iOS Settings page, they should get the UPGRADE workflow
9669 – Publish Application in Visual Studio does not use the keystore key
9702 – [Windows8] 'Bonjour initialization failure' error popup displayed when user create or open iOS application on visual studio
9706 – User should not be able to 'diagnose' a build server when no build server is available/selected
9736 – The emulator only displays one device in Visual Studio
9752 – Simple project takes a long time to load, locking VS UI
9759 – Debugging Portable Class Library - Cannot step into PCL libraries
9760 – [MTVS] Advanced tab is missing form project option->iOS Application.
9765 – Activating dialog in VS has obscured spinner widget
9790 – Signing Error Could not find msbuild.exe on Windows 8
9792 – [MTVS] 'CONNECT_TO_BUILD_HOST' dialog does not appears after open or create application when Connected Mac server is unavailabel
9793 – Noticeable Visual Studio Slowness in Mono for Android 4.4x
9797 – Projects with a period in the name
9800 – axml Intellisense missing
9851 – API Documentation outdated question repeats
9862 – Timeout dialog appears when the configured build host is not available.
9915 – [MTVS] Entitlements not displayed in iOS Application under Project option
9928 – The dialog to configure a build host blocks projects from loading
9940 – VS2010 Crashing a lot lately v4.4.54
10012 – No error displayed in MTBServer log when 'apple-doc-wizard', 'MDocArchiveToMsxDocConverter' does not exists.
10020 – Allow to copy messages from "Android Device Logging" window
10031 – [MTVS] Errors while merging Apple API documenation
10039 – Bonjour service resolution code doesn't handle all exceptions
10044 – [MTVS] For the iOS application of the sample TipCal and Tasky build error is appearing.
10055 – [MTVS] Good to have a Deploy command in context menu on right clicking cross platform solution in VisualStudio
10061 – Toolbar buttons disabled on Windows 8 + Visual Studio 2012
10090 – We must ensure that the launch day iOS for VS includes the right assemblies from the launch day Xamarin.iOS
10153 – Display API level in project settings
10198 – Text overlapped with image on 'Xamarin.iOS 1.0 Setup' window when installing MTVS
10328 – User is shown "Registration code in use" dialog after successful activation (if they previously failed activation)
10337 – Old VS iOS Project Template
10355 – iOS Application property pane shows exception in libraries
10360 – Build Host Connection dialog does not need to be displayed on project load anymore
10364 – UI lockup on start debugging
10378 – [MFAVS] Entitlements file for MFA is not generated on license path after activating with Expired Account.
10390 – User shown INVALID workflow when they have entitlements on disk created by Visual Studio being run as Administrator
10471 – Visual Studio 2010 - Mono For Android Error when login to computer as a different user
10474 – System.SerializableAttribute is missing in Xamarin.iOS for Windows
10505 – Registry keys created by the MSI installer are not removed on uninstall
10514 – Mac Build Host cannot be connected to: invalid port number if Apple SDK is not in default location
10524 – Users must have XCode 4.4/4.5/4.6 installed
10528 – Unable to open Mac Build Host Configure option
10533 – Unable to build using Mac Build Host
10540 – Visual Studio crash when opening project
10548 – Visual Studio 2012 becomes unresponsive time to time
10549 – MonoDroid app on Intel emulator dies after 2-3 secs of start
10589 – Support thread current lines in VS debugger
10603 – Output window, see Mac Server Log and Build log at the same time
10651 – [VS] Designer should update Resource.Designer.cs file before building
10670 – Unloaded project is loaded forcibly in Visual Studio 2010
10702 – should hook up logging.
10748 – Visual Studio / Project Properties window shows an empty list of views under "Main Interface"
10768 – Bundle assemblies into native code checkbox is backwards
10824 – Android Device Logger will no longer open in Visual Studio 2012
10825 – Cannot package .apk in Debug Mode
10849 – Can't login to Xamarin account
10850 – Target Android Device drop down in toolbar not listing emulators running
10854 – New iOS test projects do not contain iPhone 5 launch image
10856 – Package info not being pulled from .csproj file
10897 – [Windows - VS 2012/2010] Not able to detect the device on the mac host machine.
10900 – Add a Package [project] in project context menu
10902 – Breakpoints sometimes break at the end of a unit in VS2012
10905 – No intellisense for reference Java libraries in Visual studio
10907 – Debugging skipping breakpoints
10908 – Debugging jumping around
10909 – Inspecting values
10910 – Error in Checking for Updates
10918 – Debugger shows Unknown Identifier for Static/Constant values in Class Libraries
10920 – Target Android Device Drop Down Not Refreshing
10922 – 4.0.3 - x86 Emulator Rebooting when deploying
10944 – VS2010 crash with upgrade to Xamarin.Android 4.6
10956 – VS Breaks during toggle error/warnings/info in Android Device Logging
10970 – Two iPhones connected, both show, but it will only deploy to one
10983 – Creating a new "Android Application" creates a MainActivity.cs file but names the class Activity1
11006 – iOS library project templates have unnecessary configurations
11035 – *.VisualStudio.sln files in Demo apps don't contain iOS projects
11036 – 2.0 Missing from Bugzilla Version List
11083 – Debugger.Break() does not break
11114 – Json.NET System.TypeLoadException
11126 – iOS for VS doesn't create a generated App ID when the App ID is empty
11139 – Cannot connect to build host
11143 – iOS for VS does not support custom resource directories
11154 – VS Ultimate 2012 hangs when defining breakpoints in Android code-behind
11156 – Unable to build due to lock build outputs
11158 – Resource (resx) files are not loaded when using Visual studio for iOS
11160 – Static classes are unknown during debugging an iOS app in Visual Studio
11197 – MT0000:Unexpected error - Please file a bug report at
11220 – SolutionName and SolutionDir are not defined when solution is loaded (and during Package/Deployment time as well)
11258 – Slow debugging with VS 2012: tons of MonoTouch licence queries in log
11262 – VisualStudio - unable to debug on device, build starts twice
11280 – Error accessing android settings in visual studio 2012
11291 – Monotouch's Build Action are not shown up in Xamarin.iOS project
11326 – iOS for VS generates invalid exe names
11345 – [MTVS] The sample "PinChit" crashes as soon as it launch on the physical device.
11347 – [MTVS] The sample PokerNightVoting throws exception and does not launch successfully on the device.
11350 – [VS 2010/12] On running iOS sample through VS 'Xamarion.iOS Error' poup appears.
11389 – Package APK option disabled still
11400 – MT1006 error is not forwarded to the Error list in Debug mode
11409 – [Windows - VS] The sample FrogScroller does not launch automatically.
11466 – Source view (VS2010): undo command deletes entire file
11468 – Support BundleResource Content build actions on DLL build.
11513 – [Windows - VS/Device] The iOS application of the CrossPlatformDebugging sample gives error when try to debug.
11517 – [VS 2010/12] 'Time out' error appears after deployment, even if connection is strong.
11521 – [iOS-VS] Unable to close VS to finish Xamarin.iOS sdk update
11540 – No device detected in VS2012, and ERROR: Another instance is running
11541 – VS2012: Issues with the Start toolbar button
11543 – VS2012: API Documentation outdated
11588 – VS freezes for several seconds (10 or so) after loading existing project and canceling Updater dialog
11644 – Error occures in VS 2012 without installed English localization
11721 – iOS Toolbar does not work in VS2012 when VS2010 is not installed
11735 – Integrate Visual Studio Help
11794 – Deployment unstable in 4.6.03 and 4.6.04
11802 – Debugger stucks at codeline
11808 – Can't load Layout renderer
11816 – Cannot debug in VS 2010 since installing latest update
11847 – Launching in debug doesn't work properly on emulator
11850 – Debugger fails to start with Visual Studio
11865 – Switching files deletes axml file contents in Visual Studio 2012
11882 – Race condition when building using 4.7
11884 – MonoTouch.Foundation.MonoTouchException.Message appears to hide System.Exception.Message
11888 – Launcher image isn't correctly handled
11955 – Debugger does not attach to Android emulator
11957 – Customers are not given the option to start a trial.
11971 – Allow for a configurable port number for mtbserver
11986 – In Visual Studio, app is closed immediately after launching
12054 – Unable to start trial with Xamarin.Android
12056 – [VS 2010/12] After user select Adhoc/Appstore from solution configuration it is not selecting ios device in solution platforms of VS
12117 – Duplicate Toolbar options created after update
12119 – Bonjour Service failed to initialize
12130 – NullReferenceException in StatusBarHelper class
12142 – When build server becomes unavailable, subsequent build attempts should reprompt user to connect
12145 – iOS Projects should not include "Publish.."
12166 – Supported Device Orientations for iPad is always set to Portrait
12222 – Fail to Launch the Debugger after Change the Active Platform.
12225 – Google play store icon used for publish android application in VS
12228 – VS breakpoint watch variable name 'truncates'
12246 – Starter license user unable to use Xamarin tools
12251 – [VS/Debug] Android application closes immediately after launching on the device/emulator.
12263 – Xamarin.iOS config in Visual Studio 2010 on Vista
12267 – Problem of repeating field of configuration in the standard toolbar
12286 – Debugger does not hit breakpoints in anonymous delegates
12323 – When opening files, VS 2012 crashes
12333 – VS2012 Crashes when loading iOS Project
12341 – Mono for Android - Visual Studio Memory Usage + Hang
12359 – Interoperability of Component Store Components between Xamarin Studio on OSX and Visual Studio
12386 – Receive KEEPALIVE exiting message if DNS to mac isn't configured properly.
12387 – iOS Build fails if WiX project is contained in the same solution as iOS project
12430 – MissingMethodException when starting debugger
12452 – Unable to open iOS Application page getting error
12453 – 4.6.7 IDE rebuilds project and recopies application on every Start command
12460 – Checking for updates should ask user to enable internet
12470 – Not seeing keyboard shortcut for Xamarin account.
12473 – Not getting Xamarin Update popup window when create Android application
12476 – Publish Android Application tool should inform user when settings are incorrect (instead of just being disabled)
12491 – [MTVS]Getting build error for 'MT9002' iOS sample.
12517 – API doc Installed version and API Docs Official version are not shown in mac server log.
12521 – iOS sample 'CustomCollectionViewLayoutAttributes', on rotating device to landscape application throws exception.
12534 – Fast Deploy is not deactivatable
12606 – Visual Studio threads window only work in one debug session
12627 – Error initialize Mono for Android extension
12643 – Press the reload button is performed synchronously
12691 – Ad-Hoc IPA is not created on Mac Server by iOS for VS extension
12705 – Xamarin.iOS 1.1 Installer creates VS2010 Directories on C:\ even though no VS2010 is installed
12706 – Old files copied into the build
12720 – Password in clear text when publishing
12728 – "Failed to show Connection Wizard" error
12730 – Images are not loaded when the application is compiled in Visual Studio, but successfully loaded when the application is compiled in Xamarin Studio.
12738 – Unable to get SDK (v1.2.121)
12747 – Identifier and Version not being saved
12757 – VisualStudio gets crashed when user open .axml file
12759 – Unable to Install latest iOS for VS when latest Xamarin.Android installed on machine.
12782 – Scrollview in design mode: Xamarin studio + visual studio freezes when scroll is used to go full down
12808 – 4.7.10 properties panel is broken (vs2012)
12815 – Visual Studio 2012 crashes when opening Android XAML designer
12818 – [No internet contention] On checking updates manually, it should prompt "Can't connect to the internet"
12827 – Absolute path in OutDir or OutputPath silently fails to update output on Mac
12835 – Can not load Xamarin.Android Project
12849 – Dialogs being cut off in Visual Studio Layout Manager
12865 – Nothing happens when user click on Renew for Xamarin.Android in Check for update window
12866 – Unable to open Check for update window when license is Invalid on disk
12868 – No internet error message appears when internet is disconnected and user click on 'Check Now' link
12876 – Orientation opens in Landscape by default and cannot be reset
12894 – Native library linking fails
12896 – [MTVS/Device]Getting build error for ios application on device.
12899 – Undocking the Document Layout Freezes Visual Studio
12920 – Can't run project on iPhone - fails with ArgumentOutOfRangeException
12960 – AssemblyName changes alone
12986 – Can't debug in VS- Remote build step failed
12993 – Build won't run in release mode
13019 – ABI's getting serialized incorrectly into .csproj file using %3b instead of comma
13020 – Unable to bundle assembly with BUSINESS license 4.7.1102
13075 – Unable to add Service Reference in Visual Studio Add-In
13093 – [Mono] Unable to deploy iOS application on Mac server having Mono 3.1.0
13126 – Can't deploy from VS
13129 – Projects Not Supported Dialog when opening ActionBarPullToRefresh
13145 – 'CONNECT_TO_BUILD_HOST' dialog does not appears after open or create application when Connected Mac server is unreachable
13155 – Activation dialog layout broken
13166 – Android Device Logging - List View - no autscroll to newest item
13176 – NullReferenceException when opening solution properties
13187 – [iOS-VS] Error Xamarin.MonoTouch.CSharp.Targets missing from ProgramFiles(x86)\Xamarin\iOS on creating a project using the RC build
13198 – [iOS Device-Release mode only]Getting MT000 error when run the application using MTVS on physical device
13201 – [VS]We are not able to use option 'Embed Assemblies in native code' when license is Trial on disk
13207 – Activation workflow that appears when using 'Check Now' from Tools->Options appears at the same time as the updater
13210 – Cannot connect to the debugger handshake failed
13213 – [Only VS] Extension and Update showing wrong version of Xamarin.Android.
13229 – Activation Incomplete. You will not be able to load any Xamarin.Android Projects
13230 – Activation incomplete. You will not be able to load any Xamarin.iOS projects
13231 – Xamarin Studio encountered an unexpected activation error
13232 – Mac build server not activated
13244 – Application does not launch on on device using MTVS when Build Host is Lion
13248 – Activation lost using Visual Studio
13258 – Connect button in "Connect to a Xamarin.iOS Build Host" stays inactive
13270 – [VS only]'Select Device' should close on clicking Cancel button first time.
13277 – ADB Output Window for Visual Studio
13295 – [VS] Expired user is unable to download updates, however, getting Renew option.
13312 – VS addin has incorrect TargetFrameworkVersion for MonoTouch framework
13325 – Invalid workflow displays downgrade to starter option
13326 – Package option disabled when using custom buid configuration
13339 – 'Renewal required to receive updates. Click to renew' on non-expired license
13377 – Directories left behind
13389 – [XA VS] "Start without debugging" should be the default deployment method in release configuration
13439 – Adding component fails on brand new project
13446 – Incompatible shell checks directory it shouldn't
13481 – PCL and System.Runtime
13493 – Project Publish menu item missing for non-iOS projects
13563 – Android Class Library Project Options -> Applications does not appear correctly in VS
13608 – Cannot start the Android SDK Manager from Xamarin.Android in Visual Studio 2012
13644 – Debugger Connection Lost error popup cannot be closed
13646 – MTBS caches old builds
13674 – Copy out text from Designer > Source tab - no end-of-line breaks
13675 – Debugging symbols out of sync and breakpoints do not work
13691 – MTBServer stuck at 100% when debug build to device
13711 – Visual Studio Hangs when toggling breakpoints quickly.
13723 – [4.8.2] Unable to Target v4.3 on Windows
13743 – Cannot launch app on iPad
13744 – [VS 2010/12] User is not able to open application option in Android project properties.
13783 – [VS 2010/2012] Tools -> Launch Application Loader in XS and Publish iOS application in VS
13784 – [VS 2010/2012] Tools -> Open AVD Manger in XS and Publish Start Android Emulator Manger in VS
13830 – GetMainifestResourceStream(..) returns null when using Embedded Resource
13845 – Not able to zip the application in VS
13846 – Mono-Profile option not appears in VS
13852 – Package APK option disabled
13854 – 'Upload to Device' option does not appears in VS.
13925 – [1.6.x] Stop debugging option does not cancel the build or prevent a debug session from being started
13944 – Attributes error in VS2012 SP3 : Missing method .ctor in assembly - Can't find custom attr constructor image
13946 – error MSB4044: C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Xamarin\iOS\Xamarin.MonoTouch.Common.targets(68,3): The "ResolveAssemblies" task was not given a value for the required parameter "OutputDirectory". [D:\Work\tippstr\UI.Containers\MT.Container\Tipster.UI.Con
13954 – Visual Studio 2012 Locking up when adding breakpoints to Xamarin.iOS project
13978 – java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "ffffffff"
13985 – Only every second compilation succeeds in Visual Studio
13999 – Splash Screen throws NSInternalInconsistency Exception in VS
14005 – Build Server keepalive
14024 – Visual Studio does not create resource for files added link
14048 – Application Icon missing - and no warning when publishing
14068 – VS 2012 crashes when using Android
14092 – Clicking check for update doesn't give feedback
14094 – VS2012 tells me no update, VS2010 says there is one
14097 – Updater doesnt remember channel and wont go away
14098 – Async support doesn't work on VS2010
14117 – Project stuck initializing
14124 – "Renewal required to receive updates" before license has expired
14170 – While debugging the server unpairs
14171 – Auto pair with preferred device
14180 – iOS notify update bug
14182 – [Request] "Select Device" Dialog - Save device for future use
14189 – VS.iOS 1.3.250 for VS2010 doesn't save info.plist changes when edited through project settings
14192 – Only one copy of VS can be open at a time
14196 – Check for device before saying one is not attached
14201 – Getting 'StepInto', 'StepOver' as enable without debugging the application
14206 – VS AndroidManifest.xml redactor replaces permission for Google Maps
14221 – There is no ObjcBindingNativeLibrary
14232 – Stopping the debugger crashes VS alot
14241 – Not able to create Android unit test project in VS2010/2012.
14244 – Infinite dialog in VS2012 after update
14252 – Server error 409: conflict
14255 – App using Component with bundled resources fails to compile on Windows / VS
14258 – Compiling JarBinding project faild in
14268 – Internationalization / Codeset addition not taken into account (UI: Checkboxes)
14269 – Project reload does not re-trigger activation
14270 – VS activation workflow dialog visual regressions (Starter edition, truncated text)
14271 – AccessViolationException
14273 – Getting a build error after pairing fails could be more useful or removed
14274 – Mac server remains unreachable after attempting connection
14276 – Mac server gui activation dialogs are spawned in upper left corner of desktop
14283 – Keystore location validation in Publishing wizard is misleading
14284 – [VS2012] Using .NET 4.5 Tasks via a PCL project causes "System.Runtime" FileNotFoundException
14287 – Breakpoints stepping into wrong code files
14294 – Identity and provisioning profile is not used during remote build
14298 – Mac build host for Xamarin.iOS in Visual Studios (Parallels)
14311 – Xamarin systematically add the Xamarin.MonoTouch.CSharp.Targets line add the end of the csproj even if already included
14313 – get "Error MT0007: The root assembly ..." when using user-defined constant in <OutputPath> of csproj
14355 – Turning on exceptions in Visual Studio while app is running frequently causes Lockup of app and Visual Studio.
14379 – Debugger breaks incorrectly when a break point is on the last line.
14380 – Debugger wont break in tasks
14381 – VS Tells me to reactivate my Mac server
14383 – Debugger wont connect, but the app launches on device.
14401 – [VS Only] Getting build error with SoMA iOS Sample.
14404 – Failed to obtain list of devices.
14413 – Crazy issues with mixed up dll references.
14414 – Cleaning solution doesnt seem to work
14416 – mdb doesn't match image
14425 – VS2012 crashes when PC comes out of suspend with Android project loaded
14466 – All logs in the console from previous executions are redisplayed in the console at each restart
14472 – server disconnect
14504 – Unknown member: Progress
14518 – Apple API Documentation is outdated Every time I launch VS and a ios project
14541 – Cannot debug or run on device MT000
14565 – Normal iOS project takes very long to build and start debugging
14566 – ERR: There was an error launching the application: Unknown error
14572 – Reference to NewtonSoft.Json in *.csproj changed when loading from Perforce depot (intermittent issue)
14596 – [MTVS] iOS Sample application 'GetNetworkInterfaces()' shows "Unable to retrieve information from Mac Build Host" in iOS Application under Project properties.
14620 – Error after updating to latest SDK
14629 – VS started crashing during debug start
14645 – Reference removed from Visual Studio
14694 – [VS2012] VB.NET projects included as project references cannot see types from one another (PCL only?)
14711 – Android Architeture ABIs in project file csproj
14726 – Visual Studio 2012 doesn't show IOS simulator as an option of device
14739 – Xamarin.iOS Unit Test project not loading
14804 – stderr: warning MT0001: '-devname' was provided without any device-specific action
14808 – The iOS tool set produces a continual series of exceptions in the Output window
14809 – Visual Studio crashes when Windows is hibernated, due to an unhandled exception
14869 – Changing the JDK location in SDK Preferences for Android does not save
14878 – SpringBoard: the app could not start (error -3)
14923 – [VS]Not getting auto completion popup when typing into text editor
14978 – [MTVS] User is unable to connect with server via configure Host manually
14979 – Not seeing all build host in 'Connect to Xamarin.iOS build host' window
14980 – On Mac in 'Xamarin.iOS Build Host' window, "no client is connected' displayed while it is connected with VS
14981 – Unable to generate PIN to pair with VS if Mac build host is already activated.
14985 – [MTVS]Text is not properly aligned in 'Xamarin.iOS: build server must be activated' window
15002 – Unhandled NSUnknownKeyException after adding outlet in storyboard editor
15158 – VS get crashed if user cancel 'Connect to a Xamarin.iOS build Host'
15159 – [MTVS] Unable to deploy application on Device/Simulator.
15160 – Unable to check option 'Enable Build Host' after disabling once on 'Xamarin.iOS Build Host' window.
15215 – Simulator on mac build host not respecting iOS version chosen in VS
15235 – unable to build application using VS.
15237 – If user check the option 'Skip the screen in future' then option 'Skip Mac Build Host app Instruction' does not get check automatically
15239 – Xamarin.Android 4.8.3 update restarts the server without a confirmation
15242 – Switching configurations in the projects settings is incredibly slow
15243 – Wrong message shows when user enter wrong pin in pairing window.
15245 – Updater locks up, while upgrading an sln
15252 – Activation window doesn't appear when trying to connect to non activated host
15259 – 'Refresh build server info' button get disable after clicking on it.
15267 – iOS Simulator does not close application, on stop debug
15288 – ystem.Exception: There is already a logger with the name 'Xamarin.Android'
15292 – [MTVS] User is not able to deploy "Custom Property Animation" iOS sample on physical device.
15302 – Instruction should be clear on 'Connect to a Xamarin.iOS Build Host' window
15312 – Mono.iOS.SdkUpdater.exe file dialog doesn't work
15313 – If I unfocus the pairing dialog during solution load, the modal 'Loading solution projects' dialog prevents any further actions
15321 – Unable to switch to another build host getting PIN code invalid
15322 – Pair and Unpair buttons are slightly misleading.
15348 – Unable to deploy application on Physical device getting build errors
15349 – [MTVS]Getting build error while deploying an application on simulator.
15359 – SpringBoard failed to launch application with error: 4
15360 – On Windows XP UI of Component page is Distorted
15362 – Architecture not supported.
15366 – Can't build app more than once if I had an error on the list
15378 – Package build fails with MSB1008
15379 – If license is not on build host then not activation dialog appears using VS
15390 – xamarin studio axml files don't open after 4.0.13 update
15395 – UIViewController.EdgesForExtendedLayout not supported in Xam.iOS 1.4.2 for VS
15407 – [MTVS] Source dropdown in project properties under iOS application is not available in VS.
15412 – Pricing trigger does not close on clicking 'Cancel' button first time.
15432 – When build host server's network is OFF then VS does not prompts to connect with another Build host
15433 – User not prompted to connect with another build host if Xamarin.iOS build host app is closed on connected build host.
15436 – If VS is not paired with build host, not getting Sync SDK trigger popup
15437 – [iOS-VS] Identities in BundleSigning disappears on changing the configurations
15441 – User should not redirect to login page when license is invalid on disk.
15453 – Docs installation window title have mistype, the title is "Xamarin.iOS.Documention Manager"
15469 – Pairing dialog title image needs to be PDF, un-cropped
15470 – Windows updater fail to run the Xamarin-Install.bat after click the Install button.
15474 – Inaccurate message "Error finding Android/Java SDKs" when opening projects in 4.8.3
15482 – Unable to create iOS application when X.Android 4.10.0-9 is installed
15483 – Info.Plist file retains older text even when user click "No" to save changes.
15484 – 1.6 has many potential crashers
15485 – Finder does not open on build host when user click on 'Show IPA File in Finder' on VS
15490 – AndroidManifest.xml permissions not saved
15494 – Android ndk error does not appear in Error List of VS.
15534 – Pricing Trigger doesn't pop up when user creates new project in VS
15535 – Unable to make changes in Target framework for Portable class library project
15544 – Text get truncated when establishing/testing connection
15561 – In updater, the download process will not end when the download process start with one update has already been downloaded.
15564 – Creating a new iOS project doesn't add simulator configurations
15575 – Better icon for about
15591 – [MTVS] Repeated 'Sync now' attempts spawn multiple instances of the same dialog.
15593 – [VS]On clicking 'Check Now' link an error appears, if internet is not available on the system.
15598 – iOS SDKs not synching properly
15607 – Unable to activate license on build host after clicking on Activate button
15614 – [MTVS] SDK and API documentation 'sync now' link is disable in VS
15617 – [MTVS] After successfully paired with server user is unable to see connected Device/Simulator at server in VS
15657 – VS extension toolbar names should be consistent
15658 – Android device warning displays twice per failed deploy
15679 – Connection error is preventing build even though the project isnt set to build
15690 – Text of Log in and Log out button are truncated in Xamarin account window in VS
15692 – Intermittent : Project does not closed when user logout from VS.
15696 – [MTVS]Unable to deploy iOS application on Mac Build Host machine through VS.
15713 – Unable to open Android Designer page in VS.
15749 – Solutions with multiple deployable applications only deploy the current app
15754 – [iOS-VS]"Connection to Xamarin.iOS buildhost failed. Doubleclick here to select a new server" error while trying to connect to a buildhost
15769 – MTVS Build server as a service
15772 – Getting 'System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException' when login with account having all used up workstations
15783 – Exception on startup
15785 – Usability of pairing
15790 – New Project, fails to run
15793 – Mac Server Log: do we really need to play back previous sessions?
15794 – "Sync now" button sometimes does nothing.
15795 – Exception on reconnection
15803 – If Xamarin.Android toolbar is not visible, hitting F5 crashes
15822 – [iOS-VS] "Invalid pin entered error" prevents user from pairing with a build host
15825 – [iOS for VS] Build host visible in connection build host wizard even when the build host app is not open on mac side
15831 – Change the update notification option in update window opened from "Android Settings" did not changes the notification option in "Options" window
15853 – Capture Server/Client logs
15855 – [Templates] XS/VS Discrepancy between Resources folder and Xamarin launcher images
15872 – When a physical device is disconnected, we should not automatically deploy to an emulator.
15897 – VS 2012 lose connection to mac and can not establish it again
15901 – Build fails with "ValidateInfoPlist task failed unexpectedly"
15920 – New Project Should Set Application Name, Identifier and Version
15921 – We should upgrade the target version on new projects
15933 – User not get activated with valid license on building when license is INVALID on disk
15951 – App never launched, debugger never stopped
15955 – Solution never finishes loading when build host not available
15983 – We need a better workflow for the Connect To Build Server dialog
15986 – Pricing trigger windows should go away after selecting "Use Xamarin.Android Starter Edition" for an expired account.
16010 – False "Xamarin.iOS Update Available" message in system tray (if Android not updated?)
16035 – Inconsistent results from PURCHASE workflow
16047 – [iOS for VS] "Unhandled Activation Error" displayed while trying to activate or deactivate a license on mac build host
16050 – Sometime additional scroll bar displayed in the Info.plist window when open it from in VS
16060 – Changing the build configuration clears provisioning and identities
16063 – We should ship the IPA back to windows
16068 – Unable to debug iOS applications on device after upgrading to latest alpha channel
16073 – Having a hard time debugging on device
16090 – Add new item-> Android layout has build action set to none
16097 – All android related files have wrong Build Action instead of Android Resources
16111 – Bundle signing preference/dialog needs to reuse Xamarin.Studio code
16124 – No layout/source view toggle for Android Designer in VS2013
16127 – Android Switch widget missing properties in designer (VS 2013)
16131 – progress bar during installation jumps back and forth
16134 – [iOS-VS]After making changes and building, status of iOS application properties file not getting updated from unsaved to saved state
16142 – Porting the build system to MSBuild
16143 – Newly added code templates have a default build action of BundleResource rather than Compile
16145 – Activation is broken in unify+clide
16148 – Broke my project's .csproj upon updating, broke iOS
16149 – iOS Updater Failed
16153 – Updating from VS breaks VS Xamarin plugin
16159 – [iOS-VS]ProjectProperties set in Info.plist not getting saved on clicking save all items (ctrl+shift+s)
16160 – Having Xamarin.Android Updates Avaliable Notification when these is only iOS updates in the updater.
16170 – Xamarin.iOS SDK synchronization hangs with non-Administator user account
16175 – VS2012 crash with System.ArgumentNullException / related to Mono debugger
16176 – Update installer hangs for a while
16182 – SDK keeps updating
16184 – The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.
16185 – VS hangs
16187 – Opening 'properties' hangs the project
16223 – iOS SDK update causes Visual studio 2012 crash
16227 – Can not build IPA
16242 – Server command 'CleanRemoteCache': failed to clean build cache on the server (When Compiling from VS 2012 Pro Update 3)
16246 – [iOS-VS]Unable to deploy on a device by right clicking Project and selecting Deploy
16255 – Impossible to update properly. DevEnv.exe cannot be closed
16262 – Warning icon on every file in VS solution explorer
16271 – [iOS-VS] Buildhost server information gets deleted from registry key and user sees connection build host wizard again after updating Xamarin.iOS for VS (VS and buildhost paired before update)
16274 – [iOS-VS] Unable to deploy on iOS device after the latest update to 1.8.365
16277 – iOS simulators not showing up in VS 2012, iOS devices are showing but can't debug.
16280 – Android Emulators/Devices missing from Visual Studio
16309 – Installer incompletely configures system for PCL usage
16312 – Conflict with OzCode Visual Studio extension
16316 – Getting build error "Failed to run application" using Tools->Publish iOS Application
16317 – The supported device orientations panel is not populated correctly
16322 – Information and question mark icons for tooltips are uncommon in Visual Studio?
16326 – Xamarin plugin borks VS2013 (and possibly others)
16331 – Unable to debug in simulator, debug session aborts
16357 – "Exclude from Project" Menu item not working for any .aml file in Resources/Layout folder
16392 – Confict with DevExpress CodeRush context menus
16393 – Xamarin.Mono.Touch.Common.targets: InfoPlist task causes command line build to fail.
16396 – Xamarin.Android integration with VS2012 - break on exception
16397 – Changing the compile version in the dialog breaks VS
16406 – Build progress icon gets stuck as present
16421 – InvalidOperationException when debugging or deploying to iOS device
16424 – Debug | Stop Debugging fails to terminate application on iOS device
16434 – Xamarin tools cause errors editing project properties in Visual Studio 2013
16435 – [Physical Device] Unable to deploy application first time, getting deployment failed error
16441 – [Templates] Change Layout, Drawable, Values folders to all lowercase
16451 – Can't change Android version in Project properties
16463 – .NET 3.5 framework breaks iOS project
16481 – Inadequate uniformative errors in visual studio 2013
16494 – Getting Mono.iOS.VisualStudio.Documentation has stopped working when user cancel Documentation Manager and then Start again.
16536 – Catastrophic failure (Exception from HRESULT : 0x8000FFFF (E_UNEXPECTED)) when trying to change "Compile using Anroid version" in VS2013
16551 – The list of available device in the "Target android device" bar is not correctly updated
16555 – Getting build error for monotouch-binding sample 'RouteMe'
16562 – Debug / Release / etc configuration is messed up
16563 – The "Mac Server Log" output window shows excessive logging
16569 – Visual Studio 2010 toolbars configuration is reset each VS launch
16579 – Alternative Layout does not work inside of VS 2013
16583 – Android Extension interferes with debug shortcut
16584 – Android Extension interferes with WPF designer
16594 – "error MSB3174: Invalid value for 'TargetFrameworkVersion'" when project file includes <GenerateManifests>
16599 – When using the Android Designer in VS 2013 the "Code" tab is missing
16627 – VS2010 Ultimate crashes when loading iOS solution if no build host
16630 – CTRL + ALT (AltGr?) modifier keys randomly fire, only when VS.iOS plugin is loaded
16648 – Double clicking the Application Name not set and/or Bundle Identifier not set errors should open Properties, not Info.plist as source.
16668 – Android 4.10.2 Beta breaks iOS in Visual Studio 2013
16669 – Android Resources added to project as linked files do not appear in project resources dialog
16689 – xamarin build host stuck in build state if mtouch fails
16708 – downgrading from 4.10.2 beta to 4.10.1 stable
16719 – iPhoneSimulator Target Running Only Retina 3.5
16720 – Reactive Extensions PCL NuGet packages cause "System.DllNotFoundException: kernel32.dll"
16732 – Not able to set added .png file into ImageView widget's property
16740 – Pairing problem, "Invalid PIN"
16746 – After dismissing "Launching Emulator" dialog with "No", a subsequent attempt to deploy should display "Launching Emulator" again rather than "Device Unavailable"
16748 – OsmDroidBindingExample causes "Device Unavailable" dialog when attempting to deploy from VS
16777 – Downgrading to this version is "now" allowed
16854 – Log files grow infinitely, eventually causing debugging iOS apps from VS to fail
16859 – iPhone 4inch simulators missing from VS
16866 – When directed to the "Mac Server Log" by a "Remote Build Error", users might look at the mtbserver.log
16867 – "Build -> Build AdHoc IPA" fails with "Remote build finished..." or "Remote Build Eror" if the project has not been built
16882 – Ability to specify remote ADB server address, which will be used for ADB connection and debug.
16888 – Plugin fails to load when Visual Studio language is not English
16907 – Debug on iPad only works after cleaning solution
16921 – MsBuild targets from Microsoft.Bcl.Build NuGet package when built with XS on Mac are incorrect
16930 – Unable to install latest packages to VS 2013
16933 – When info.plist is read only you can not quit the project property page
16934 – Can not build project when a project file is missing (ie: warning icon on an image file)
16952 – Watch window display integers instead of hexadecimal values when Hexadecimal Display is on
16970 – Incompatible version of detected
16977 – Build host refuses to close when shutting down
16987 – Intellisense CTRL+F in xamarin axml editor
16998 – Android Project Template targets incorrect Android SDK version
16999 – Android Project Template Activity1 should be named MainActivity
17001 – Label property in Activity item template has hard-coded name.
17002 – Android project template is missing manifest settings
17028 – Possible regression: HttpClient in .NET 4.5 PCL causes error "Could not load type 'System.Runtime.Versioning.BinaryCompatibility'"
17039 – ALL images/resources are reset to Build:Content !!!
17043 – Clear the "Connection to Xamarin.iOS Build Host failed" error after project is unloaded (if possible)
17054 – installed vs 2010. installed xamarin. installed vs 2013. Reinstalled/repaired to no avail
17055 – Won't build right after installing VS 2013 alongside VS 2010
17061 – Asset Catalog support is not implemented for iOS for VS
17062 – No provisioning profiles have been detected. Please ....
17063 – Solution/Project doesn't remember simulator target
17064 – Output window shows previous debug session logs when we start new session.
17065 – iOS build in Visual Studio gets stuck and cannot be aborted if build host was not found
17067 – Xamarin.iOS extension crashes Visual Studio when debugging
17071 – Unexpected end of file in an attribute value
17097 – Dependent Assemblies of Referenced Assemblies Not Packaged
17108 – OpenTK and OpenTK-1 broken
17134 – Profiles / identities not showing up in Visual Studio
17142 – In VS warning text shown for no MAC build host connectivity distorts on selecting platform as "iPhone simulator".
17176 – Visual Studio does not include Build field on iOS Application properties screen
17178 – Visual Studio cannot handle the "β" character in the iOS Application screen
17186 – App doesn't get rebuilt - need to clean and rebuild
17196 – No IPAs created
17205 – Debugging Xamarin.iOS apps from VS too slow or doesn't work
17209 – iOS SDK shown as 6.1 while it's 'Default' on XS, which is in fact iOS SDK 7
17212 – [Windows] XA9001 and XA9010 due to lingering expired trial license in %LOCALAPPDATA%\VirtualStore\ProgramData
17214 – Xamarin Shell disables Windows Phone Emulator "Resolution selector"
17215 – Java.Lang.ClassNotFoundException IInputFilters
17231 – Android "Select Device" window lists plugged device only by the model name not the user defined device name
17236 – UIDevice.CurrentDevice.Model shows "Unknown identifier" in Watch window
17240 – Could not load file or assembly 'mscorlib, Strong name validation failed.
17252 – Another instance of Visual studio is using the Build Host on (IP).
17258 – android incremental build issue
17263 – Error message when adding a class to a PCL library
17264 – iOS docs sync: exceptions in log after download
17279 – Stopping a build / debug doesn't actually stops it on the build host
17294 – Adding new item to project shows only a few templates (VS 2013)
17303 – Visual Studio iOS Application properties window sets Default images in CFBundleIconFiles plist key
17315 – No Android Unit Testing template in Visual Studio
17332 – opening project properties deletes itunes image and messes other properties
17334 – Unloaded projects is loaded again in Visual Studio 2013
17349 – 'MinimumOSVersion does not include the device version' error should appear in error list not just output.
17353 – In Visual Studio Binding Libraries Don't Work In iOS Library Project
17364 – [Already done?] "devenv.exe /setup" needn't be run for all installed versions of devenv.exe
17374 – Visual Studio 2013 crashes on loading solution when Xamarin "updating licence" window displays
17386 – (401) Unauthorized when attempting to activate
17402 – Make Visual Studio debug on device without Apple ID being entered into Xamarin Studio
17415 – Remove the "Are you sure you want to quit?" dialog for Xamarin.iOS Build Host
17419 – Xamarin.iOSforVS update results in SIGABRT crash
17434 – ContentCopier cannot find linked files when doing remote build
17448 – ServiceStack PCL DLL not being packaged
17457 – An error appears when we open android designer file(Main.axml) for any Android template.
17466 – Startup project gets rebuilt and deployed along with the non-startup one
17467 – Error list panel doesn't get cleared between builds
17480 – Getting exception "System.AggregateException" in Check for Update window
17503 – DebugInformationConverter fatal error
17510 – Access to the path with xml.bk extension denied
17515 – Deploy failed (MonoTouchBuildNative_Build --- failed)
17516 – [dll name] or one of its dependencies, requires a later version of the .NET framework ...
17540 – Search in AXML files is not possible
17556 – Debugger gets disconnected when user hover mouse over dot '.'
17608 – Breakpoint does not get hit if user is using device having version 7.0 and above, when Xcode is set to below 5.0
17609 – On iOS Devices debugger session disconnects within 1-2 mins, after hitting breakpoint.
17611 – Can not deploy/run/debug project on simulator from visual studio
17613 – Unhandled Activation Error: Could not load machine data
17617 – If ios device has not been enabled for development, no error is displayed and nothing happens.
17624 – MonoTouchBuildNative_UploadChanges -- FAILED
17662 – "Path too long" error when building VS 2012 Xamarin.IOS project
17674 – Supported Device Orientations resetting by itself
17679 – Visual studio crashes randomly when stopping a Debug session
17684 – Unable to edit iCloud values
17686 – Unable to fetch developer account information.
17696 – Xamarin.iOS VS deploy broken from background thread usage
17726 – Monogame app is crashing with System.Reflection.ReflectionTypeLoadException:System.Core
17728 – Soft Debugger Index out of bounds error
17741 – Nothing happens when user tap on "https-WebRequest" option on physical device for "HttpClient" sample
17742 – Xamarin Login window blocks VS
17748 – Support for continous integration using MSBuild
17773 – Xamarin.IOS sdk update in loop
17804 – Hotfix after 1.10.x: project build and runs only once, after it always fails
17806 – LinkAssemblies fails sometimes (1/2) with a locked file from a binding
17837 – Keep getting this exception
17852 – [Already fixed in 1.12] Linked resources cause Internal Server Error, "Source file ... does not exist"
17857 – Intellisense does not work for types referenced from Android Java Bindings Library projects
17866 – BookmarkXamarin extensions crash VS after installing productivity tools
17867 – remote build fails with System.Net.WebException
17868 – mtbserver uses too much CPU
17876 – Editing Info.plist in designer does not follow VS conventions for edited/save files
17898 – Error 500 when remote building a project when Info.plist specifies a CFBundleIconFile which is missing
17901 – Not seeing 'In-App purchases' and Inter-App Audio option in Entitlements.plist
17902 – Not seeing 'PNGCrush' in build output after selecting 'Optimize PNG image files for iOS'
17903 – Not seeing Build action as AtlasTexture for png files
17907 – Cannot inspect Dictionary<T1, T2> - item has been garbage collected
17912 – Application Icon cannot be set
17968 – Cannot open release notes from link in updater
17970 – Temporary file download name is surfaced to user in UAC dialog
17985 – Visual Studio crashes when I open the android device logging window
18010 – Connection breaks (build host
18024 – Windows Xamarin.Android installer is missing System.Runtime.InteropServices.WindowsRuntime.dll
18038 – Build Host does not work: in VS error, Exception System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.
18060 – The remote server returned an error (500) when using linked files set to 'Content' build action
18099 – drawable-xxxhdpi not supported in Visual Studio
18103 – Gray out "Supported ABIs" section of "Advanced" tab when "Use shared mono runtime" is selected.
18122 – When textAppearance is set on a TextView the designer displays a placeholder
18165 – Debugger provides no information on exception that occurs when missing a permission
18172 – Xamarin.Android projects in VS class: "Disconnected from layout renderer"
18187 – Debugging async code follows continuation instead of going to next line
18191 – Xamarin Android on Visual Studio Saving axml layouts no longer works.
18201 – Deployment hangs with 'Waiting for device...'
18203 – Build error - Could not find SDK Directory
18208 – App crashes when using GooglePlayServiceLib in debug mode and android OS 4.4.2
18218 – The proper warning does not appear when opening the Android Designer using an older SDK Tools
18220 – Unable to open .xml files with the designer in Visual Studio
18221 – Unable to load Main.axml file first time in VS.
18242 – On VS, designer context menu doesn't show 'Properties' and 'Document outline' options
18278 – HttpClient broken (xamarin.ios 1.10.39 /
18284 – Can not deploy in debug mode on Samsung Galaxy Notes 2
18290 – Can´t update VS Xamarin
18293 – Getting build error "Error parsing XML: no element found"
18294 – VS get crashed when opening android designer
18299 – The requested operation cannot be completed because the object has been garbage collected.
18307 – Supported Device Orientations are not being populated when editing Info.plist or project properties.iOSApplication
18318 – Missing 'Get More Components' command under Project menu
18330 – Windows Xamarin.iOS installer is missing System.Dynamic.Runtime.dll and System.Runtime.InteropServices.WindowsRuntime.dll
18348 – Latest Android API 4.4(v19) is not getting displayed for Android Designer in VS while having SDK platform installer for API 19.
18357 – Can not build IPA file VS2013
18366 – Can't add SignalR Client nuget package to a PCL in Visual Studio.
18377 – SDK sync does not update `Facades` directory
18379 – Xamarin License server has several SHOW STOPPING bugs. Can't count licenses in use, crashes visual studio, logs out of Visual Studio, won't pair with build server without a restart of Visual Studio.
18381 – Paring with multiple MSVC (UX)
18406 – Grey out the "No Devices Attached" drop-down menu when the startup project is not an iOS app project
18441 – VS2013 Crashed when stop debugging clicked
18444 – cannot modified info.plist in visual studio with Xamarin.iOS
18452 – Visual Studio hangs when including, excluding, or saving files in Android resource folders
18461 – Getting 'System.TypeInitializationException' when connecting to build host
18465 – Xamarin.Designer.DesignerException: Exception of type 'Xamarin.Designer.DesignerException' was thrown.
18468 – Frequent 'Debugger Connection Lost'
18477 – Typo yields error: Java Max Heap Size
18481 – Installer downloads VS extension on VS Shell 2013
18495 – Component manager does not completely install components
18506 – Web/* files are no longer embedded in the iOS build_package
18570 – Break when an exception doesn't honor selection
18573 – Xamarin iOS documentation available every solution load
18583 – Run program with lost connection to mac build host
18593 – Problematic breakpoints not being hit, ignored and/or pointing to improper files
18595 – Components do not show a Windows icon where appropriate
18606 – Getting label truncated on 'Publish Android Application' window
18608 – Android designer does not get open and VS crashed when SDK tool version is 22.6 in master branch
18612 – Not seeing android and iOS templates in VS 2010
18614 – select a different device size (3.5'', 4'')
18617 – Rebuilding Project with PCL causes Reference Exceptions
18621 – SDK Manager completely broken
18627 – Components folder folds up
18633 – Conditional breakpoint not evaluated
18637 – Visual Studio Project with Xamarin support now won't even open
18656 – Build Host connectivity is a problem. Sometimes it thinks there is another instance of visual studio connected to it.
18660 – "Another instance of Visual studio is using the Build Host" if MAC went to sleep
18662 – Changes to Resource.Designer file ignored
18665 – VS get crashed when user add layout file into Project not in Layout folder.
18668 – Xamarin.iOS freezing VS2013 that has a Silverlight 5 project as Startup
18670 – TextView changed to MockView in Android Designer VS
18684 – [iOS] Custom components are not immediately getting rendered in Toolbox on building the project
18696 – Getting "Server returned an error. The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error" when user deploy samples on build host having Xcode below 5.0
18698 – [VS] In VS2010 at Properties window, section headings appearing blurred.
18699 – [Ad-hoc] Failed to start application on the target device
18724 – [VS] Expanding Locale droplist of Date picker view overlaps with system tray area.
18725 – [VS] At Date picker view > Stretching section, up/down arrow button are not working.
18726 – [VS]Resizing button/label by dragging boundaries in opposite direction shows Height/width co-ordinates in negative.
18727 – Unable to open Storyboard file in VS when build host is Lion
18729 – Change in fields should be committed when element loses focus
18730 – Need to press Enter to create class file for any widget
18738 – 'Global Tint' option is missing from Storyboard Document
18746 – [VS] Storyboard files for Universal tabbed template fails to load and shows error.
18757 – Error MSB3375 when attempting to debug PCL in VS
18773 – [VS] Default view controller for WebView application shows white space at the bottom portion
18774 – [VS] Adding Images to image view is not working
18775 – At Date picker properties window time is not shown at Minimum and maximum date fields.
18777 – Date picker Timer field doesn't show 'count down in seconds'.
18778 – Not seeing Flexible and Fixed bar button in Tab bar
18779 – At Control/widgets properties> Layout tab, selecting Intrinsic size as "Placeholder" shows duplicate text
18781 – Label is missing for one checkbox under Label's properties
18784 – Wrong label displayed for checkbox under Picker view's properties
18787 – VS crashes on clicking widget Tab for Scene exit.
18795 – Connection get lost and user need to regenerate code to connect again, if build host was in sleep mode
18796 – First Responder icon upper edge appears broken.
18815 – Intellisense does not work for iOS Binding projects
18820 – Xamarin VS extension not compatible with Funnel
18843 – [iOSforVS] Xamarin Store App deployment fails due to "..\Shared\Images\button-image.png"
18844 – Breakpoint hit after code executes
18849 – return statement in catch block hit even if not executed.
18855 – Build action is content for new Image and Compile for new file under Resources
18882 – ios Simulator disconnects while running app.
18888 – ios Simulator sometimes doesn't start correctly
18889 – ShinobiCharts for Android - Unexpect Error
18895 – [SDK tool 22.3] VS gets hanged if user is adding new file to Resources folder.
18942 – Could not extract the native library
18943 – Missing 58x58 icon in Project Properties
19036 – Visual Studio - iOS Bundle Signing Custom Resource Rules Issue
19051 – opening a solution with an Android project when not activated kills Visual Studio
19061 – Cannot deploy project
19072 – When mtouch fails (on build host), Visual Studio stays in "building" mode and can not be stopped.
19089 – VS crashes first time opening VS Solution
19174 – VS will not let you refrerence shared asset projects
19242 – [Windows 8-VS]Unable to connect to build host
19253 – Remove "Xamarin.iOS Binding Project" template
19256 – Add warning or error for Xamarin.iOS binding projects, GUID {F5B4F3BC-B597-4E2B-B552-EF5D8A32436F}
19290 – mtbserver crash with OOM
19312 – Supported architecture drop down menu greyed out when iOS target version >= 5.0, can't select ARMv7+ARMv7s
19326 – MSB4018 MangleLibraryResources error with Content
19350 – Pressing Control+Z in the Android designer clears the entire layout.
19369 – At iOS project properties window, clicking Security or Publish option shows error "this method or operation not implemented'
19385 – Drop location of view controllers using the iOS designer is not precise when zoomed.
19453 – Getting "NSInternalInconsistencyException Could not load NIB in bundle" when using a library built with Xamarin that contains a xib
19464 – Allow multiple Visual Studio Instances / Clients per Build Host
19481 – Android addin toolbar reappears after each VS launch
19483 – Able to build apps with non-alphanumeric characters in the assembly name
19484 – Does not obey to bundle signing identity / provisioning profile setting
19506 – Error when Compiling
19541 – Remote build "hangs" for ~7 minutes if it hits error MT5211 "... please check that it has the [Protocol] attribute ..."
19546 – Frequent crashes when closing VS
19557 – Unified installer installs extension (and thus templates) for a platform even if you don't select it
19568 – Target Device
19597 – Visual Studio 2012 hangs, if we open project with specific axml
19612 – "Notify about updates" selection ignored
19614 – Visual studio sets encoding to "Western European (Windows) - Codepage 1252" to all my files with iOS projects
19628 – Any Xamarin project doesn't initialize on Visual Studio 2013
19635 – Actions and outlets aren't generated for Bar Button Items
19642 – Activity Indicator View's property Hide When Stopped is checked in the designer by default but is false when app runs
19685 – Storyboard template description is incorrect
19692 – Allow integration of 3rd party ExpressionEvaluators
19713 – VS stuck at "Packaging application"
19730 – Don't allow normal C# library projects to be referenced by iOS/Android app projects
19737 – Debugger times out.
19743 – WebView templates should be storyboard based (Currently uses XIBs)
19773 – Unexpected error - Please file a bug report at
19785 – Remove all Android permissions from AssemblyInfo.cs
19787 – [VS iOS Designer] Focus moves out of constraint dialog pop-up while entering numbers
19789 – Suggested alternative to disabling the Publish Android Application menu item when Use Shared Mono Runtime is selected.
19840 – "connect to xamarin.ios build host" window freeze the UI
19859 – Bad compilation: BundleResource'd item not included in build if build cache is not cleared
19869 – Test
19900 – User is shown latest platform which is not installed on machine
19940 – APK will crash on start if system time is changed to before install date
19948 – Snapping when zoomed out not matching release location
19983 – Building Xamarin.iOS project with . in projectname results in incorrect exe for debugging
19986 – Unable to build MvvmCross application on Xamarin.Droid
20004 – Directory is not empty
20019 – Visual Studio not recognizing native library
20083 – Unable to open Storyboard file in Visual Studio 2013
20092 – Xamarin iOS Visual Studio Plugin not working correctly.
20093 – Java Max Heap Size guidance is wrong
20132 – 3.0.54 (and one eariler probably) stops on CLR exception breaks (PCL based) application
20133 – Visual Studio 2013 will stop on handled exceptions event though they are disabled
20147 – Starting up multiple instances of VS2010 causes errors.
20156 – Cannot select a specific one of two identical Android physical devices for deployment.
20159 – Image for UIImageView showing in designer but not in app.
20164 – PNG file Build Action automatically set to BundleResource
20166 – When adding an event in Designer, add the handler to the main class file as well as the .designer.cs file
20173 – Removing an event from the property page of a control does not delete the partial method declaration in .designer.cs
20207 – vS2013 freezes when an ios project with open files is loaded and the "connect to build host" windows pops
20236 – VS 2013 freezes when saving an axml edited in the XML view
20272 – Add ability to change the port that is used by the Xamarin.iOS Build host server
20300 – Removing "Text" from TextField's Text property causes the designer to add "Text" back as the control's default Text
20309 – Rendering delay with larger storyboard.
20311 – Extra white space added to top of table view in iOS designer.
20315 – Xamaring.iOS Build Host and AirServer app cannot run simultaneously
20327 – TextField's Changed event ActionAttribute selector name does not contain a ":"
20355 – XA windows installer should no longer install Mono.Android.Platform.apk
20366 – Device list invalid
20369 – VS2013 crashes after connect/disconnecting to Build host (when only existing projects)
20400 – Android SDK 3.2 is missing in the compile target menu
20449 – Clicking "Stop Debugging" does not always attempt to kill the app
20451 – Unable to pair over the internet
20512 – iOS Designer - Storyboard repeatedly 'forgets' images
20516 – [VS2013 Update 2] Certain project configurations lead to incorrect SUO files and `System.AccessViolationException`
20525 – Updater report msiexec command failed
20585 – MT4117 Error when adding an event handler via the Properties-Events menu
20588 – SDK synchronization broken in XamarinVS 3.1 "Unable to connect to server"
20589 – "Microsoft HTTP Client Libraries" NuGet causes "System.InvalidOperationException" from System.Lightup.Call()
20620 – Enable or Disable Autolayout Crashes Vistual Studio
20621 – Layout changes by itself
20622 – Crash on alternate propertie's tabs between Layout and Widget
20627 – Android designer does not load layout when it is a linked file
20691 – VS2010 is unresponsive when building
20702 – Unable to go to the Xamarin properties
20710 – Duplicate Resources found
20744 – Build fails with MSB6003 in Visual Studio: "aapt.exe" could not be run. The filename or extension is too long
20789 – In mtbservergui.log, change "Activation error" to "Activation info" where appropriate
20790 – "Unpair" and "Pair" buttons not available in Xamarin.iOS Build Host without internet connection
20837 – User is not moved to invalid workflow.
20851 – Failed to load image
20854 – Enabling "Use Explicit Size" for popovers in Xcode results in storyboard files that can't be opened in designer
20874 – Android designer custom theme support
20888 – Replace Segue from DetailViewController to another View Controller cause the new View Controller to open in the Master pane.
20905 – Aspect ratio constraint causes 'There was a problem rendering this document'
20924 – Simulated Metrics for Freeform in iOS Designer are broken.
20952 – Wrong method signature generated for Button's Clicked event
20955 – Xamarin XAML Intellisense Broken / Missing Designer
20956 – Binding projects are not detected as reference on code
20963 – Input from a widget's Identity Name and Class should be sanitized
20964 – Visual Studio 2013 doesn't recognize Xamarin 3 updates
20972 – "Xamarin Studio" is mentioned in .designer.cs file in VS
21010 – Conditional breakpoint still hit if condition is changed while the app is being debugged
21026 – No Xamarin VS 2013 Integration after VS updates
21035 – need
21038 – error in updater
21039 – find
21053 – It's not possible create F# projects using Xamarin for Visual Studio
21070 – error in home page
21076 – Xamarin iOS Designer on visual studio don't allow resize views/ don't detect image resolution convention / forget image
21082 – TrialCheckChanges failure during build
21084 – iOS apps' UI are letter boxed on 4inch devices when debugging from VS with Trial version
21151 – Cannot install extension for VS2013 if Visual Studio 2012 is also installed on PC
21191 – Missing feature: Setting iOS background modes is not possible in VS
21192 – Portable Forms app creates invalid Windows Phone Manifest
21199 – Unable to use iOS Designer in VS when we have Trial license activated
21202 – Unable to pair Mac Build Host running Yosemite
21217 – Adding Forms Xaml Page does not work
21218 – No option to add Forms Xaml View
21234 – BUILD FAIL... The "ResolveSdks" task failed unexpectedly.
21269 – Unable to deploy or publish an iOS app using Visual Studio
21284 – [Windows] Make license refresh process delete licenses in %LOCALAPPDATA%\VirtualStore\ProgramData\Mono*
21300 – Updater details links open multiple tabs in browser
21307 – Populating device list fails
21326 – Visual Studio gets stuck when hitting an exception while debugging
21349 – XMLNS on Shared Projects
21353 – Constraint toolbar does not show when enabling Autolayout
21357 – No refresh if device connected after emulator is started
21419 – Info.plist Main Interface dropdown empty, not searching for Storyboards (TRIAL)
21420 – Visual Studio 2013 ignores Default-568h@2x.png and renders 3.5" display on 4" devices (TRIAL)
21426 – Xaml generated code should be located next to the .xaml file
21430 – Unauthorized (401) error when running iOS project from Visual Studio
21431 – [VS] Layout file source code editing does not have intellisense support
21448 – Don't show "Connection to Xamarin.iOS Build Host failed" if another project is currently the start-up project
21462 – Minimum and Target Android version settings only list installed SDK platforms
21481 – Blank App (Xamarin.Forms Portable) template generates warning MT0030 (diffrent executable and app name)
21610 – App always deploys to 4 inch iPhone 5s as a 3.5 inch app
21656 – Controls do not snap to the correct position on the designer surface
21667 – Remove or disable code path that looks for /Developer/MonoTouch/usr/share/doc/MonoTouch/MDocArchiveToMsxDocConverter.exe?
21678 – Mac Build Host looking for IPA file at wrong path when using the Tools->Publish iOS Application menu item
21679 – Improve the error message produced by the build host when `pdb2mdb` is missing
21708 – Error dispayed when try to compile app in VS 2010
21719 – Access denied to a file on build
21734 – "TODO" text appears in Layout properties constraint list
21742 – Debugger shows Unknown Identifier for Static/Constant values in Class Libraries
21774 – Android Packaging Failed
21794 – Support in Android designer
21819 – Getting Ionic.Zip.BadReadException from build server when deploying
21826 – iOS Trials in Visual Studio always show in 4:3 form factor
21858 – Xamarin 3.3.47: "Build -> Build Adhoc IPA" menu item always disabled
21860 – Stop Debuging error
21864 – Error opening (any) storyboard in visual studio
21866 – System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load assembly
21874 – Plugin v3.3.47.0:
21919 – Build fails with "CreateBuildManifest" task failed unexpectedly
21968 – Android Designer in Visual Studio occasionally overwrites your axml files.
22012 – MT1009: Could not copy the assembly...Access to Path Denied
22024 – mtbserver throws a DirectoryNotFoundException when trying to access ~/Library/Developer/MonoTouch
22026 – Component manager fails to restore a component used in multiple projects in the same solution
22036 – Target API Version is pinned at 17
22046 – MT0042 warning for missing monotouch.dll reference is displayed incorrectly as an error in XamarinVS
22070 – Error getting android log entry
22080 – Exceptions thrown by mtbserver are incomplete in "Mac Server Log"
22081 – Can't add a Component to an iOS or Android project in a newly created Xamarin Forms PCL or Shared solution
22085 – Actions are not generated with the 'sender' parameter
22121 – Regression: SDK synchronization broken in XamarinVS 3.3 and 3.5 "Unable to connect to server"
22148 – Inconsistencies between Visual Studio (Win) and Xamarin Studio (OS X) when linking native libraries with mtouch arguments
22177 – "Open Android SDK Manager..." option missing from VS
22189 – Can't create iOS build for App Store distribution from Visual Studio
22190 – iOS extension adds duplicate contents to Conditional combilation symbols
22195 – Crash with InvalidCastException CADisplayLink/NSTimer thrown by UIApplication.Main
22216 – VS Xamarin.Forms project templates don't provide a __IOS__ compilation symbol
22217 – Visual Studio 2013 Professional becomes slow when stopping debugging on an app on a physical device.
22264 – Plist editor does not show anything for the MainInterface drop down.
22270 – Regression in XamarinVS 3.5: breakpoints in class libraries are not hit
22305 – Tabbed application template causes Could not load the image referenced from a nib in the bundle with identifier
22314 – [XVS.iOS 3.5] N-th order assembly dependencies not included in the final app
22318 – Confirm whether the "Configuration Manager -> Deploy" checkboxes are meant to be disabled for Xamarin.iOS projects
22328 – Visual Studio displays 'Debug Message: Android Emulator Slow' every time we start debug session
22347 – iOS app crashes on launch with get-task-allow entitlement is not allowed error code -67030
22367 – Debugger output fails and Visual Studio performance slows down drastically after stopping debugging
22376 – VS freezes when using Console.WriteLine in a Parallel.For loop in debug configuration.
22381 – [XamarinVS.iOS 3.5] Confirmation about the new way to build IPAs
22386 – Document errors ( from ibtool are ignored, leading to imprecise "source file doesn't exist" error
22422 – Windows Updater force-restarts VS
22428 – Visual Studio: iOS projects don't compile if a Portable Class Library is referenced.
22432 – VS Xamarin-Forms project templates don't include Resources/Default-568h@2x.png for iOS.
22434 – [Xamarin.VS 3.5 Feature] Changes to "Storyboard Document Inspector -> Builds for" field cannot be saved
22443 – Component not installed correctly if target path is too long
22494 – Application Loader fails with ERROR ITMS-9000: Invalid Bundle Structure
22502 – [iOS8 Feature] : Option 'Unified API' is not getting appear under iOS menu on windows.
22507 – Visual Studio - Android AXML - Switching from Design to Source code resets position in code
22529 – Error when starting debugger (VS + iOS)
22614 – MTBS fails to build when curly brackets are specified in additional mtouch arguments
22617 – SDK synchronization broken in XamarinVS
22636 – Build fails with failure to resolve System.Runtime.Versioning.FrameworkName
22640 – Update to 3.5.55 results in error AOT Compilation exited with code 134. Could not AOT the assembly...System.Dynamic.dll
22659 – Projects referencing Newtonsoft.Json.dll do not build from Visual Studio
22670 – Build warnings after referencing Microsoft.Net.Http NuGet package in Xamarin.Android app project
22672 – Building Xamarin.iOS project fails
22679 – Opening certain project will free Visual Studio
22681 – Builds of multiple iOS projects take much longer with Xamarin 3.5.5
22754 – Inform the user that Xcode might be missing
22756 – [iOS] Inform the user why a deploy is failing - Invalid authorization data
22785 – Rebuilding (or cleaning and building) doesn't work anymore since I upgraded to
22797 – Getting "Failed to start application on the target simulator" when trying to launch application
22799 – AdHoc Distribution Provisioning - No longer deploys
22812 – A class which implements an interface member which has a delegate parameter or return value fails to compile
22824 – Selecting scroll direction as Horizontal for Collection View controller is not working.
22834 – When opening Android Project in Visual Studio, iOS Trial License Ended message pops up
22852 – Could not parse MinimumOSVersion error after updating to Xamarin 3.5.5 if Deployment Target is not set.
22856 – PCL projects won't load
22904 – Second order dependency are not properly added to MTouch task if Copy Local is set to false.
22906 – Linking native library with mtouch: ${ProjectDir} resolve to Windows instead of Host (since Xamarin 3.5)
22913 – App crashes on device, if breakpoint is set in an async-function
22914 – App crashes on device, if breakpoint is set in an async-function
22921 – Visual Studio cannot open Rx Demo project with the Xamarin addin
22945 – After updating to 3.5 the project conditional compilation symbols are cleared
22951 – No valid aps-environment entitlement string found for application when building with push notifications in provisioning profile
23035 – No "Text Visualizers" when debugging Android and watching a string variable
23072 – Give better error when Mac build host and Windows time zones are different
23076 – Exceptions thrown from async methods on device cause "Debug information is not available for this frame"
23093 – v8.0.52.0: "Show IPA" in VS command broken, because IPA generated in wrong folder
23104 – Native Linking Failed in VS 2013
23106 – error MT0024: Could not find required file
23107 – Android device doesn't show up with multiple startup projects selected
23110 – Shaders.metal file in Metal Game template have wrong build action
23123 – Newly created project cannot be opened
23145 – Visual Studio hangs when we try to add the Layout Files to Resources folder
23164 – Starting on XVS.iOS 3.5, "Native linking error: file not found" because native libraries in the project aren't copied to the build host
23173 – There was an error attempting to initialize the Xamarin.iOS extension. Microsoft.Practices.ServiceLocation.ActivationException: Activation error occured while trying to get instance of type IBuildHost, key ""
23179 – Editing the project properties deletes the CFBundleIconFiles key in app.plist
23196 – Unexpected error, Could not load assembly
23205 – ConvertPdbToMdbTask causes System.ArgumentException:
23219 – VS solution template has bad structure
23220 – [XVS.iOS 3.6] "project types may not be installed" error after upgrade
23270 – [XVS.iOS 3.6] Unsolvable warning: there is a minor mismatch between the build host and XVS
23307 – Activation dialog for Xamarin.iOS appears repeatedly during Xamarin.Android build
23314 – Template for iOS Unit Tests does not behave as expected in Visual Studio
23327 – Can't deploy to physical device
23344 – physical device is not working VS2013
23353 – "No Devices Attached" shows in Visual Studio's iOS toolbar even when iOS device is connected to computer
23363 – Cannot load/build application after update to iOS 8.0
23364 – Xamarin.iOS.PortableNuGet installation fails
23389 – Xamarin Extension Breaks MVC 5 Razor Syntax Highlighting/Intellisense
23390 – Failed to Connect to Mac Build Host over Internet
23395 – Unable to open storyboard file in Visual Studio
23422 – Intermittent Connectivity issues with Build Host along with "minor mismatch" error message
23425 – When attempting to deploy an iPad app to an iPhone, the error in the "Error List" is a little misleading
23426 – Breakpoints not hit in PCL called from iOS app
23427 – .apk file not Zipaligned properly when using "Publish Android App..." option under "Tools > Android > Publish Android App..."
23439 – axaml files aren't treated as text file by Visual Studio
23454 – iPad storyboard template fails to open
23462 – Fast deployment somehow enabled in Release mode
23476 – Error loading third part sdks (UserVoice)
23485 – Versions numbers not at the same level
23499 – [Unified API] UIView Frame invalid value when ran from VS
23513 – System.IO.IOException: DWP Handshake failed
23550 – Memory leak running Shared Project on Android 4.4.4
23566 – Exception on Async call: "An unhandled exception occurred", no stacktrace shown
23601 – Unhelpful error: "Error: /Developer/MonoTouch/usr/share/doc/MonoTouch/apple-doc-wizard not found"
23633 – Relative OutputPath goes out of sandbox build directory on MacOSX host
23635 – Unified build folder sandboxing for MacOSX build host files copy (project, Content, native libraries, etc...)
23639 – Build now fails with resource files that are read/only
23643 – Release notes for Xamarin for VS 3.7 still list the version as an alpha despite it having just been rolled out to the stable channel
23650 – (Markus) Storyboard crashes often when inserting images on tab bar
23654 – App is not stopped on a simulator when it is deployed a second time
23657 – Build server throws internal exception when listing devices
23697 – Unable to edit Info.plist after installing latest Visual Studio extension
23702 – [XAP] User should get 'Manage Virtual Device' icon in VS Toolbox to open XAP manager
23707 – Unable to update existing project to Unified API
23731 – Absent Info.plist causes Visual Studio to crash when switching between iOS project property tabs
23733 – Visual Studio crashes when Entitlements.plist checked into TFS
23738 – Visual Studio resets SDK version
23739 – layout Main.axml
23743 – Illegal Character in Path when editing plist
23751 – Android SDK Tools 23.0.4 breaks the designer: "Disconnected from layout renderer"
23811 – Using Publish Android Application tool with JDK 7 produces APK that fails to install on some devices
23845 – [Android] Wrong Android version diplaying in target dropdown.
23856 – Designer removes comments
23868 – Incorrect values in UIScreen.MainScreen.Bounds
23892 – Possible error with connecting to Mac Build Host
23895 – Xamarin.iOS Build Host fails to start iOS Simulator on Yosemite
23953 – "Could not find required file ... Info.plist" if project built once locally before connecting to build host
23964 – Change the File -> New -> iOS template structure to match Xamarin Studio for Unified projects
23998 – The Unified API templates do not create Unified API project types
24014 – Android Device Monitor does not show up in tools->android
24037 – Closing the Android Emulator Window while launching a debug session freezes the build
24051 – Quitting Xamarin Studio kills csproxy process, causing iOS designer timeout until build host is reconnected
24059 – Error 1 Unexpected error - Please file a bug report at Reason: System.ArgumentException: Malformed name HowDoISamples
24064 – LinkAssemblies task failing with Reference to metadata item 'System.IO.MonoIOError' could not be resolved
24071 – Available status bar styles are wrong in Visual Studio iOS app properties
24130 – When copying resources (images, fonts) between platforms set the right platform build action
24148 – Popup asking for Xamarin.Android license when only building an iOS project and XA project is unloaded.
24150 – Opening the iOS Build properties changes the MtouchArch on unmodified template projects
24151 – EXC_BAD_ACCESS in [WKWebView initWithFrame:configuration:] on 32-bit devices due to Unified API nfloat usage
24160 – The Framework Resource selector does not load with a scroll bar
24180 – Xamarin update breaks Visual Studio 2013 installation
24182 – Pairing keeps opening every build
24216 – Unable to build any projects due to error XA0020: Could not find mandroid!
24234 – BundleResource option not visible for resource file Build Action setting
24236 – Running "Diagnose" on build host before connecting causes "Another instance of Visual studio is using the Build Host"
24238 – Running "Diagnose" on already paired build host fails at "Connection to Mac server"
24240 – Visual Studio fails to synchronise the SDK
24249 – The "UnpackLibraryResourcesTask" task failed unexpectedly
24251 – Release Notes URL link opens many redundant tabs
24271 – [Forms] Getting build error on adding an image having name including special character like '-'
24278 – []
24304 – iOS Build failed in Visual Studio. Done executing task "IBToolTask" -- FAILED.
24361 – Project Name Hard Coded to App Bundle Directory Name
24406 – Images inserted on buttons and Imageviews disappears from Storyboards
24416 – Building "Ad-Hoc" configuration from command line does not copy IPA file to Windows
24417 – Changing "Project Properties -> iOS IPA Options -> Package name" prevents IPA from being copied back to Windows
24420 – iOS Designer moves views inside ScrollView
24421 – Files in the .app bundle in the output folder are empty on Windows
24468 – NSString.StringSize causes debugger to crash in Unifed Projects
24479 – Accented characters in solution directories cause "Product name mismatch" license failure in Visual Studio
24492 – Storyboard not rendered in IOS designer
24509 – Xcode 5 iOS 6.0 and iOS 7.0 simulators are not displayed in the device list in Visual Studio
24510 – VS2015P - MergeApkRecipelists task was not given a value for the required parameter "RecipeFiles"
24517 – Xamarin login popup when building non-xamarin projects
24535 – Xamarin.iOS in Visual Studio does not throw helpful error messages if Apple SDK is not installed
24539 – Correct JarSigning for Release packages with JDK 1.7
24550 – VS hangs while debugging
24586 – Bitdefender flags mandroid.exe as infected
24596 – [XamarinVS 3.8.143] Could not locate the assembly "monotouch" in some iOS samples
24636 – Unified API is the default for iOS projects
24668 – Build host listed multiple times when using Visual Studio in Parallels
24673 – "Unexpected error - please file a bug report" thrown when attempting to build project; same project builds correctly in Xamarin Studio (Mac)
24710 – iOS Designer giving weird snapping behavior for Storyboard
24744 – mtouch arguments string gets encoded when moving iOS project from Visual Studio to Xamarin Studio (Mac)
24751 – Xamarin don't work on Visual Studio 2015
24766 – Launch images removed from Info.plist when project properties are changed
24823 – Android Manifest project option page does not display after loading project with obsolete target framework version
24844 – Not getting option 'Xamarin Profiler' under menu 'ANALYZE' in VS.
24867 – Build fails in Visual Studio, due to broken MonoTouch references: "The Project [name] cannot be referenced. The referenced project is targeted to a different framework family (MonoTouch)"
24868 – Cannot build when user home folder has non-english chars in name
24940 – Comma in signing certificate name causes failure
24962 – Signing Certificate not found if anywhere but My Certificates
25000 – Logical context is lost after async calls to GetAsync(url) on Android
25002 – Label objects visual location does not correspond to actual location
25033 – [Windows-XS]Full version of Xamarin.Android does not display in 'About Xamarin Studio' window.
25057 – Changes to some settings in iOS Project Properties not being saved.
25084 – Deploy on device fails with "Tool exited with code: 1. Output: Warning: --resource-rules has been deprecated in Mac OS X >= 10.10! bin/iPhone/Debug/ bundle format unrecognized, invalid, or unsuitable"
25122 – Switching to Design tab before undoing Source changes adds android:entries attribute to Spinner elements
25141 – Adding Entitlements.plist Not Updating iOS Project File Correctly In Visual Studio
25206 – VS crash on opening iOS project with app extension
25236 – Android designer should display versions between minimum and target framework version in VS
25268 – Queued builds on TFS fails to generate IPA files
25315 – MSBuild does not copy/generate the latest assemblies for iOS application
25330 – [Migration Tool] Migration tool does not remove reference 'Monotouch.' from code.
25337 – [Migration Tool] Migration Tool does not update UIViewController.NavigationController.PopViewControllerAnimated to UIViewController.NavigationController.PopViewController
25338 – Xamarin.Android F# Application properties overlap, it always show "Minimum Android version not supported by device" error
25339 – Xamarin.Android F# Unit Test App template could not be find
25343 – VS fails to connect to debugger for large solutions
25344 – Mono CIL Stripper error on Index is less than 0 or more than or equal to the list count.
25351 – iOS Bindings project fails with "Unexpected error - Please file a bug report" when building in Visual Studio
25366 – System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException
25369 – Bug reported when creating a new Xamarin.Forms project
25409 – Build IPA with msbuild from the command line fails since _RemoteBuild target has been removed
25410 – Avast Antivirus Conflicts with Xamarin
25427 – Assemblies duplicate in Add Reference window
25486 – VS gets stopped and restarted when user open UnifiedAPI sample 'FSScene Kit
25530 – Visual Studio crashes in LibGit2Sharp.dll
25531 – Xamarin IOs 3.8: DetectSigningIdentityTask error when referencing an ios lib
25536 – [iOS] Failed to load output mainfest for ibtool error
25539 – Debugger fails to launch
25541 – updating the CFBundleVersion string in the properties removed XSLaunchImageAssets and XSAppIconAssets keys in info.plist
25551 – Error: Failed to load output manifest for ibtool
25560 – Zip App Bundle missing?
25563 – VS2013 iOS setting being lost
25564 – Linker options resets to Link All Assemblies everytime property pages are reopened
25571 – Android Designer doesn't autocomplete in Visual Studio but does in Xamarin Studio
25572 – Image cxassets using the new "fake" folder not working as expected
25575 – Unable to load WinPhone Application Page
25576 – Asset Catalog - Right Click Open - No effect
25577 – Setting iOS Icon without using Asset Catalog fails
25582 – [XVS 3.9.221] Opening the iOS Build properties changes MtouchDebug on unmodified template projects
25588 – Renaming an Android layout file doesn't work properly
25598 – Infinite "Xamarin iOS SDK Update Available" message
25624 – iOS custom controls not showing up in Visual Studio toolbox
25682 – Auto-completion is not appearing when user typing in Android project (Xamarin.forms Portable)
25686 – error "please file a bug report" when creating project in visual studio
25713 – Xamarin for visual studio blocks Azure remote debugger
25714 – Visual studio hangs when it hits any breakpoint
25738 – Visual Studio hangs while loading the iOS project without connecting to build host
25753 – Building from Visual Studio fails with no error if targeting the new iOS 64bit and linking a C++ DLL
25758 – [XVS.iOS 3.9] MtouchExtraArgs variables no longer expand, causing "Input string was not in a correct format" error
25772 – Break point does not hit for default method when user run windows project in Xamarin.Forms
25796 – iOS Advanced Build options does not include the Arm64 architecture
25799 – End Trial License inside Visual Studio
25804 – info.plist not updating and including trial splash screen images from XVS
25811 – [XVS 3.9] Newly created Xamarin.Forms template projects fail to deploy to iOS unless you first change the active build configuration
25838 – Visual Studio does not detect that a NuGet package is referencing monotouch.dll after migrating to the Unified API
25859 – Unexpected error - Please file a bug report at Reason: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load assembly 'Xamarin, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'. Perhaps it doesn't exist in the Mono for A
25879 – Xamarin iOS Application has incorrect Launch image sizes
25976 – A heavy java.exe process spawning every 2 seconds with Xamarin 3.9.236 for VS
25989 – [iOS] While debugging Visual Studio hangs when calling Insights.Initialize() method in project
25993 – Cannot set startup project to iOS or Android apps using start button
26025 – [Android] Visual Studio freezes while debugging
26039 – mandroid error XA0020 Unable to launch daemon
26075 – Visual Studio freezing after update to 3.9
26079 – Setting $(AndroidUseLatestPlatformSdk)=True should NOT clear $(TargetFrameworkVersion)
26087 – [VS Enhancement] Include detailed exception information in Visual Studio Exception window
26122 – Debugging Android project causes real time antivirus to spike CPU
26125 – Adding CardView NuGet fails unless TargetFrameworkVersion is manually added to csproj.
26179 – [XVS 3.9, Unified Devices] Visual Studio hangs when attempting to debug on non-existent "Device" device
26182 – 5.1.1 set as Deployment target for iOS apps does not show iOS 5.1.1 devices in the device selection list.
26190 – Asset Catalogs Don't respect VS Themes
26204 – [Migration Tool] Migrating to Unified fails with a generic Object Reference error dialog
26238 – Adding constraints allows duplicate Constraints
26239 – I cannot edit Height and Width constraints in Visual Studio
26270 – After opening the Xamarin BUild Host on mac machine, when user tries to login with the correct credentials, it gives the exception.
26298 – Crash when editing a constraint with the iOS designer
26308 – [XVS.iOS 3.9] "Linker behavior" project option displays incorrect value compared to the "MtouchLink" property
26315 – [iOS] Info.plist Universal icons fails to preview read-only (checked in) images in Visual Studio
26318 – Incremental Build setting causes app crash on launch: "Library not loaded ... *.exe.dylib"
26337 – Updating Xamarin Component does not update assembly hint paths.
26343 – Vs crashes with ios designer (storyboard)
26380 – Android Deployment failed
26411 – There is no switch to choose 64bit builds in Visual Studio.
26429 – Cannot deploy or debug on iOS devices with "+" characters in their names
26484 – Only the first SayHelloTask run by a command-line MSBuild process successfully negotiates a connection with the build server
26488 – Android Library template includes Resource files
26490 – Double click on a control
26492 – Debugger don't see application-object
26533 – Xamarin.iOS projects are not loading in Visual Studio 2013
26537 – Document Outline is empty
26545 – [iOS] Project options -> iOS Application -> Devices -> "iPhone/iPod" setting doesn't allow user to select iPad for debug / deployment
26586 – Visual Studio 2010 fails to publish an Android app
26606 – [XVS.iOS 3.9] XIB files within iOS Class Libraries cause "Cannot copy ... /builds/$(BuildSessionId)/obj/ ... .nib ... as the source file doesn't exist"
26657 – Can't add UISegmentedControl to a Toolbar in Visual Studio only.
26693 – Exception when debugging freeze visual studio
26759 – VS2013 not loading unified iOS application
26841 – Cannot build: The last access/last write time on file "bin\Debug\Sensus.Android.dll.mdb" cannot be set.
26844 – iOS WebView templates differ between VS and XS
26850 – Regression: Attempting to open a .cshtml file in Visual Studio 3.9 fails with "The document cannot be opened. It has been renamed, deleted or moved."
26866 – Symbols don't load
26890 – ExecutionEngine/JIT Error Since Latest Update
26913 – Cannot deploy to iPad when project references a project that contains images since Xamarin.iOS
26921 – Build issue with storyboards in libraries after upgrading to the unified Api
27023 – 'User Notification Interface controller' name appears cutoff in WatchKit designer
27068 – Default "Xamarin Forms Class Library" template creates an android application instead of an android library
27078 – Error During Build: Circular base class dependency involving 'Class' and 'Class'
27120 – "Do you want the application 'mtbserver' to accept incoming network connections?" OS X firewall prompt not re-offered after moving computer to a different network
27140 – Failed to load output manifest for ibtool: Unrecognized property list format
27142 – Write External Storage permission added even if not in AndroidManifest
27166 – Getting "Cannot copy file as the source file doesn't" error
27184 – The document could not be opened. Failed to unarchive element named size
27192 – Visual Studio locking project dll.mdb file
27196 – The connection to service named was invalidated
27204 – GetAdditionalResourcesFromAssemblies fails due to "Xamarin" in path
27223 – VS Extension fails to copy files outside project directory to build host
27241 – Visual Studio freezes when opening DDMS
27252 – VS getting crashed when exapnding a pinned object on + icon in VS
27264 – Better error reporting when _DetectSdkLocations fails
27288 – Xamarin.VisualStudio_3.9.340.msi is not digitally signed
27308 – error BI0000: Unexpected error - Please file a bug report at
27309 – The attribute "DependsOnTarget" in element <Target> is unrecognized
27310 – Creating a new bindings project in Visual Studio generates an invalid project
27351 – After installing Xamarin can't publish to ftp
27373 – [iOS] F# Project Template issues - UIWindow and Entitlements.plist
27395 – Deploying a debug version on simulator after a release version was installed prevent uninstall of the app
27403 – Visual Studio throws "NSInternalInconsistencyException Reason: (null)" when debugging an iOS app
27443 – Uninstalling Xamarin Bonjour Service
27445 – Visual Studio Crash
27472 – Google Play Services nuget can not be added to an android lib if "Use Latest Platform" is set
27484 – [iOS] Opening Project Options in Visual F# iOS Universal project cause Visual Studio to hang
27500 – Storyboard in library project results in error
27539 – Missing toolbox Xamarin iOS Designer on Visual Studio 2015
27586 – Entitlement for Personal VPN creates wrong dictionary entry
27623 – Deploying a new iOS Unified template project with "Debugging Enabled" not selected gives message to disable Debugging.
27635 – [XCassets] VS does not load all the asset catalogues created in Xamarin Studio
27662 – Crash due to AccessViolationException during Xamarin.VisualStudio.Diagnostics.RaygunTraceExtensions()
27665 – [XVS.iOS 3.9] XIB files and BundleResources within iOS Class Libraries where assembly name does not match project name cause "Cannot copy ... as the source file doesn't exist"
27672 – For a F# iOS Template application, when right click and click on properties, VS crashes.
27679 – [XVS 3.11] After installing XVS, it redirects to page showing 404 error.
27681 – [XVS 3.11] Clicking release notes link under Help> Xmarin, showing 404 error.
27692 – Xaml is not Properly Registered as Designer vs. Code
27706 – Excluding a Xamarin.Forms Xaml File and Then Including It Does Not Work as Expected
27721 – [watchkit] cannot edit Info.plist for Watch Extension or Watch App
27735 – Using accented character in project name when creating project creates an extra folder, causing build issues.
27746 – Provision Profiles Containing Commas Do Not Appear Properly in the Dropdown List
27768 – Getting build error on building iOS application in VS.
27776 – Debugger crashes after deploy to iPhone5 with reference to Android
27788 – Binding project gives error "unexpected error - please file a bug report.
27790 – Generate the BuildSessionId property only if it's empty
27805 – Certain storyboards lead to "The connection was closed unexpectedly" build server disconnect during IBToolTask
27854 – [watchkit] Info.plist editor layout overlaps
27857 – Strange debugger behavior when using async/await
27867 – Error at build, but the next build work
27888 – Updated to Xamarin 3.9.483 and keeps on saying that there is a new version for download
27934 – A View Controller That Is Given a StoryboardID in the iOS Designer Cannot Be Found During Runtime.
27959 – NSInternalInconsistencyException on Release only after upgrading Xamarin.IOS from 8.6.3 to 8.8.0
27989 – Show ipa file on Build server fails if the Assembly name does not match the Project name
27990 – Can't load NIB when XIB is in a subfolder of the project.
28008 – error: /Applications/ can't open file: C........ (No such file or directory) Xamarin.iOS Extension 0 0
28018 – Under certain circumstances XamarinVS aborts build host handshake early with RST ACK packet
28027 – [XVS.iOS 3.9.483] VS never connects to the soft debugger on physical iOS devices
28056 – [Migration] Current placement of unified migration command is very error prone
28072 – [Android] Arabic Text does not display right to left properly
28100 – Info.plist update removes UIStatusBarStyle key
28118 – [Migration] Nuget package retargetting for Unified is broken
28122 – iOS Toolbar flickers ActiveConfiguration between iPhone / iPhoneSimulator
28130 – The layout could not be loaded: You must specify a valid layout reference.
28131 – Build Signing identities disappear when changing build configurations
28142 – Visual Studio locks up constantly during the build
28171 – 'C# Compiler could not be created' after installing Xamarin
28177 – Inaccurate error message when build host connection fails because Windows proxy is enabled
28193 – Since today, I have a System.IO.IOException exception when I debug to iOS-Simulator
28247 – Android Designer Is Not Displaying or Rendering Items in the Resources Folder
28248 – Visual Studio axml editor no longer shows resources
28299 – [XVS.iOS 3.9 SR3] XIB files and BundleResources within iOS Class Libraries where project name contains "." period characters cause "Cannot copy ... as the source file doesn't exist"
28326 – Getting 'Export Android Package(.apk)' option is disbaled in Debug configuration.
28328 – Getting 'Test did not pass validation' error message on TC.
28432 – Disable ability to select the option to create an IPA for iPhoneSimulator builds.
28436 – Visual Studio's Break on Exception filters do not work with Xamarin.iOS project
28438 – Migrating Nuget packages for unified fails on VS2010
28445 – [VS2015] NuGet packages gets removed on Migration to Unified.
28466 – VS incorrectly includes iOS build assemblies in MonoTouch framework folder
28473 – Xamarin.iOS Build Host Diagnosis "Comparing Remote and Local MonoTouch SDK" always shows "Outdated"
28494 – No Settings.bundle template in the Add New File dialog
28529 – Getting error when click on 'Run in TestCloud' for iOS app.
28530 – Getting error'Upload Failed Exit Code : 3 in Application output' when click on 'Run in TestCloud' for Xamarin.Forms ios app.
28531 – Calabash(Xamarin.TestCloud.Agent) package and FinishedLaunching Method code snippet for TestCloud Should be added in ios Template.
28534 – Getting exception 'SetUp: System.Exception: ios test are not supported on windows' in VS when running Test Case locally.
28539 – Make Xamarin VS updater window non-modal
28574 – Getting error 'Upload Failed - Exit code: 5' in application output when Click 'Run in TestCloud'
28580 – Output window - Log scrolls to bottom when new entry is logged
28655 – [VS
28660 – [Visual Studio] Setting breakpoint throws exception message
28683 – Mac build host unable to deploy to device from VS
28723 – Cannot build WatchKit apps from Visual Studio
28728 – Unable to find AndroidManifiest.xml when click on 'Run in Test Cloud' option for Xamarin.Forms Android project.
28732 – Unable to redirect on TC on click on Device selection popup through VS 2010
28748 – "Publish as Azure WebJob" menu appears on iOS project's context menu
28782 – Layout constraints priority simply not working on Visual Studio
28818 – ios build host unable to start app sometimes
28822 – [Visual Studio 2015] Error messages showing up in a project that builds successfully on 2013
28826 – [props] Permissions not saved when you set them using the spacebar
28865 – Some Asset Catalogs Are Missing From Solution
28879 – Adding a new asset catalog in Visual Studio generates an exception
28892 – [Visual Studio 2010] Intermittent hang when debugging on device
28894 – TargetFrameworkVersion element removed from iOS .csproj file when project is opened in Visual Studio
28903 – [XVS] Not able to build iOS projects with or without extensions for devices
28905 – [XVS.iOS 3.9 SR4] Attempting to set constraint priority causes crash due to NRE in "ConstraintPriorityPropertyEntry.spinButton_OnValueChanged()"
29004 – Selecting Events tab for a UITextField causes VS to hang/crash
29040 – Unable to select Segue in VS iOS designer when storyboard is zoomed in or out.
29129 – In Visual Studio, the following components do not install: Json.NET ( Google Maps (
29131 – [props] Changing Project Properties modifies the info.plist file and removes CFBundleIconFiles values
29133 – [XVS 3.11] Visual Studio hangs when debugging some iOS and Android applications that use multiple threads
29138 – VS does not build an app targeting to iOS 7
29169 – Line breakpoints in PCL project not working after moving a solution from XS (Mac) to VS.
29220 – After latest update Test Cloud throws error in output window of Visual Studio
29252 – iOS Optimize String build step not being performed.
29274 – When BlueStack is installed, Visual Studio fails to find devices
29323 – "Project Properties -> iOS Build -> Advanced -> Internationalization" setting gets lost when project properties are repeatedly closed and reopened
29324 – Better error message when trying to deploy to a device that has an iOS version lower than the Deployment Target of the project.
29380 – Better error message when Xcode SDK can't be found.
29388 – No Property List template file for iOS projects in Visual Studio.
29390 – App (new project) stuck at Splash screen when checking Status Bar option “Hide during application launch”
29396 – Waiting for Device when Debugging
29398 – [XVS 3.11] "Xamarin.VisualStudio.iOS.Documents" process holds open a reference to the project folder after Visual Studio has exited
29444 – [props] Project options are truncated when resizing VS
29532 – If running Genymotion emulator and plug in real device neither one shows up as an option
29582 – on rebuild a
29620 – Users can log into Indie License but can not use any features - should be notification / error message
29628 – [XVS.iOS 3.11.445] MDB files are not generated for PCLs and breakpoints in PCLs don't work
29630 – [Visual Studio] Unchecking boxes in Debug -> Exceptions window has odd results
29634 – When losing connection to the build server, the error panel keeps popping up
29654 – "Project properties -> iOS Bundle Signing" shows "This page is valid only for hardware platforms" when targeting Simulator
29670 – Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 Freezes when Debugging
29680 – [XamarinVS 3.11] Unhelpful error apparently from Test Cloud integration: "Not implemented (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80004001 (E_NOTIMPL))"
29685 – Created a new Blank App (Xamarin.Forms Portable) project
29703 – "Show IPA File In Build Server" fails if "Build" number is different from "Version" number
29721 – [Visual Studio] Xamarin.Forms XAML Intellisense is not deactivated by R#
29732 – Rollback from 3.11.445.0 To 3.9.547 , Visual Studio was freezing up
29740 – Cannot Build App to Device - Unexpected Error.
29741 – Build failed on device - disconnected from the server unexpectedly, builds for simulator
29752 – LighContent StatusBar Style missing from the iOS Application menu
29773 – Error log should display Project name on Expried License Error
29777 – Visual Studio debugger error when stop debugging
29792 – Visual Studio 2013 extremely slow to initialize and load projects
29813 – Nordic character in path causes build issues
29816 – [IDE - Starter support] VS gives wrong licensing requirement message when logged out and trying to edit file
29822 – [XVS.iOS 3.11] Setting "Build" number different from "Version" number causes IPA not to be copied to Windows
29839 – [3.11] Native Linking Error when trying to link a static library in iOS
29849 – Forms iOS Project Template Adds Entitlements.plist to iPhoneSimulator Configurations
29859 – Visual Studio breaks on User Handled Exceptions even if they are unchecked/disabled.
29895 – Debugging on iOS device - Visual Studio hangs when iOS times out the application
29897 – Breakpoints don't work when debugging on iOS device
29902 – Spurious DependencyService error in Visual Studio 2015 RC
29908 – The "ConvertPdbToMdb" task failed unexpectedly
29911 – After newest alpha relase Android debugging broken
29956 – WatchKitSupport/WK file missing from IPA
30056 – [Visual Studio] Editing multiple XAML files causes hang
30098 – LaunchImage asset catalog in WatchKitCatalog not being picked up by VS
30100 – Xamarin Profiler is being disabled even though no exe was located
30138 – User can’t access client SAP box via VPN after installing Xamarin
30145 – Issues with PList editor window in Visual Studio
30186 – Modifying the iOS app version removes the XSLaunchImageAssets key from the info.plist
30193 – Xamarin.Android throws InvalidCastException on IDebugStackFrame2.GetDocumentContext (conflicts with OzCode)
30241 – Frequent build errors due to iTunesMetadata.plist
30262 – iOS Build Host build fails when including native library
30306 – Visual Studio Doesn't Generate IPA File for F# iOS
30369 – [XVS] Xamarin.iOS CLEAN does not delete PCL Projects .MBD files and breakpoints are not hit when applications are deployed to simulator/device
30371 – [XVS 3.11] Project Properties display incorrect default values for "BundleAssemblies" and "EmbedAssembliesIntoApk" if they are not explicitly specified
30372 – Android "Enable developer instrumentation" setting corresponds to DevInstrumentationEnabled in XVS, but DebugSymbols in XS
30376 – "Enable developer instrumentation" has no effect in XVS because it corresponds to unused DevInstrumentationEnabled property
30381 – Put Build Host into Toolbar and not Dock
30450 – Tasks window doesn't show Tasks
30451 – ARM64 architecture missing after migrating to unified with the Unified Migration tool
30482 – Plus "+" characters in paths are converted to spaces in the "C:/" build cache folder
30490 – hang the visual studio
30498 – Unable to develop android app in visual studio 2012
30514 – Changing Identifier of iOS app causes Storyboard to be removed from info.plist
30523 – [XVS] Need to run the setup wizard twice to fully remove XVS
30563 – VS debugger error when hitting iOS breakpoint
30600 – Asset catalogs/xcassets doesn't work since 3.11
30633 – Upgrading to Xamarin.Android 5.1.0 causes System.Deployment compile issues.
30645 – SayHello Should Return an Error On Failure to Connect and Halt the Build
30646 – [XVS.iOS 3.9] iPhone projects do not give the option to deploy to iPad simulators
30654 – Building .sln rather than .csproj on command line for iPhone app with extension fails on "ditto: can't get real path for source"
30658 – VS Hangs and crashes when debugging an iOS app on the phone
30662 – On editing Text of Button, it gets deleted.
30674 – Packaging failed
30677 – Use Fast Deployment is not checkable unless Use Shared Runtime is enabled
30738 – [Master] ADB fails to launch and throws VS exception dialogue
30753 – Xamarin menu disabled
30795 – Can not set alpha property to 0.3, error "Value is not a valid Single"
30824 – Designer not rendering axml file when Android 5.01 is used in the Designer.
30826 – Visual Studio does not apply updates in builds with PCL
30901 – VS2013 often hangs during debugging
30932 – Stop spawning new command windows repeatedly when AOT+LLVM is enabled
30968 – Adding Android-Resources (Images) causes VS to hang
31009 – [XVS.iOS 3.11] AOT of Cirrious.MvvmCross.Binding.dll with "-v -v -v -v" verbose logging causes "System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: startIndex > this.length"
31016 – Can not stop debugging
31057 – Copy error between deploys: mdb in use by other process
31135 – System.IO.FileNotFoundException
31203 – "Command did not execute successfully due to an unexpected exception." whening launching ADB via Visual Studio
31239 – Space in Exported property name causes build for device to fail. Needs better error message in VS.
31258 – App crashes using Link SDK Assemblies Only when built from Visual Studio Only (Works in Xamarin Studio)
31270 – Not accepting VS 2015 library
31301 – No GUI option to set Custom Url Schemes in Visual Studio.
31331 – Build Host refuses connections after Mac wakes up
31360 – Sometimes text doesn't display in visual editor in Android
31362 – ipa
31397 – [Intermittent] VS gets hang on adding image to the resource directory of android project.
31423 – [XVS] Locked .dll files: Could not copy "... PortableClassLibrary1.dll" to "bin\Debug\PortableClassLibrary1.dll". Exceeded retry count of 10. Failed.
31468 – Error on building in Release only [Could not find class ''] (Debug fine)
31490 – something catch mdb files ,so VS can't copy them.
31514 – [XVS C5SR2] Visual Studio hangs during second attempt to debug on Samsung Galaxy S4, Android 5.0
31519 – Modifying Android resources hangs Visual Studio GUI thread in `JavaProcessConnection.PostMessage()` if the currently installed version of Android SDK Tools is incompatible
31558 – [XVS 3.11] "Erreur 7 error MT0000" when building and running on device (but not simulator)
31559 – Display meaningful message when no simulators or devices are available that match current project properties (like Deployment Target)
31563 – Unable to open the PCL project from Xamarin Forms app after update to 3.11.666
31600 – [XVS] Unable to hit breakpoint in iOS Forms PCL project consistently
31603 – First attempt to open a storyboard after disconnecting and reconnecting to build host fails during "CoreSimulator.get_SupportedRuntimes()"
31651 – Unable to debug from windows (xamarin) machine to MAC Simulator or Device
31667 – Adding items to Resources/drawable folder causes VS to hang
31671 – Notify when APK creation is complete
31705 – Embedded resources are not being fast deployed from the IDE in XA 5.1.4+
31727 – Translation of Xamairin Extension not available
31734 – [XMA] Widgets are blur on iOS designer
31744 – "Open Android SDK Manager" should ask for elevation if VS is running non-elevated
31749 – Newtonsoft.Json
31755 – [XMA] Add some logging for deployment process, to improve user experience.
31767 – [Cycle6][TFS] Read-Only iOS proj.cs Missing Itunes Artwork Images
31768 – Offline activation with XamarinVS.iOS Business license leads to "Connect to the Xamarin Build Host requires either Starter or Business or higher edition. Please log in with your Xamarin account to proceed."
31770 – [iOS] Automatic Migration to Asset Catalogs fails in Visual Studio
31775 – [XMA] Device list doesn't refresh when Mac agent is disconnected.
31811 – Setting the existing ViewController for the storyboard ignores it and creates a new ViewController file in Root directory
31820 – Problemas com Newtonsoft.Json
31838 – [XVS] No feedback or error for system time discrepancy between build host and VS systems
31840 – Device selector flashes when platforms are reversed in the Configuration mappings.
31893 – VS gets hang when user Deploy Watchkit application on Simulator.
31930 – Can no longer create custom output path
31965 – System.ArgumentException: An item with the same key has already been added.
31975 – Dot is stripped from assembly name
31976 – Compilation
32028 – [XMA]: Add recommended constraints is not connected properly at iOS designer in VS.
32029 – [VS Only] "Select Device" dropdown does't show both device which have same model number.
32111 – "Error Object reference not set to an instance of an object" in ALL VS2013 projects after installing Xamarin
32143 – [XMA] can't disconnect if one agent is not able to be started.
32195 – marcoslevy26_bug
32342 – Cant open storyboards in Visual Studio.
32361 – VS2013 - Thread Debugger Appears to expect unique thread numbering
32387 – TFS tries to connect to incorrect Mac build host
32392 – Show iOS Simulator is not working
32414 – Reloading iOS project removes "." period characters from the "AssemblyName" element if any are present
32419 – Can't cancel build when it's downloading and unzipping
32439 – Intellisense not working as expected in Visual Studio 2015
32513 – After updating the Xamarin in the Visual Studio Api and Exchange call are not happening ended up in (401 unauthorized access)
32608 – "System.IO.FileNotFoundException ... does not exist" build error for BundleResources located in subdirectories of iOS Bindings Libraries
32622 – Creating VS2013 project and opening in 2015 causes error CS0012 (Assembly reference issues, including bcl)
32665 – No Xaml intellisense in Visual studio 2015
32666 – Tools -> Android -> Publish Android App -> Create New Keystore does not validate invalid characters which causes the keystore to not be saved.
32687 – [Visual Studio 2015 Community edition on Windows 10] IDE freezes when clicking the Log In link on the Xamarin Welcome Page.
32697 – Running msbuild from the command line tries (and fails) multiple mtbs connections
32704 – Class decompiler does not display virtual methods of ios sdk
32726 – Debugger session ends with ObjectDisposedException
32765 – Conditional compilation symbols are duplicated everytime I reload the project or restart visual studio
32767 – Watch App Info.plist UIDeviceFamily array incorrect
32778 – Android designer does not update the layout values from Dimensions.xml
32803 – [Windows 10] Visual Studio gets crashed on clicking "login" link of Welcome to Xamarin page.
32807 – Unexpected error when creating a new Xamarin.Forms solution in VS2015
32845 – [XVS 3.11.586] Adding a new template AXML layout to the resources folder hangs Visual Studio GUI thread in `JavaProcessConnection.PostMessage()` unless Android Designer is already started
32855 – [Xib Support] User is unable to see table view/Tab Bar /Navigation View/Split View controller etc when drag it in xib designer with VS.
32909 – [XAML Intellisense] [VS2015-only] Getting crash when using bindable properties on XAML.
32933 – Activity started from VS is started again from launcher
32969 – Path with Latin characters
32977 – [Suspected upstream] Visual Studio 2015 GUI thread sometimes hangs during Microsoft.VisualStudio.DesignTools.Utility.AssemblyTypesPool.GetTypes(), possibly related to Xamarin.Forms XAML IntelliSense
33044 – "error: class, interface, or enum expected" when packaging Android application
33123 – SpriteKit template cannot deploy to simulator – missing info.plist
33124 – Incorrect .mdb files cause linker errors
33129 – Adding a button to storyboard in VS Designer with a space in the name will cause crash
33200 – Visual Studio throws Unhandled System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array.
33213 – info.plist Status bar settings not working
33294 – Older version of Xamarin on Windows cannot compile project edited with newer version of Windows
33318 – Changing landscape settings in project causes strange behavior
33331 – [Visual Studio Dark Theme] iOS LaunchImages & AppIcons dialog window has nearly invisible light-grey labels
33342 – New Extension Project Build Fails with "Entitlements.plist template 'Entitlements.plist' not found”
33379 – UITest project is not added by default in the templates
33430 – Unable to set next statement in PCL project
33479 – Getting Started page is not scaled on High-DPI displays
33481 – Editing parameters in not saved under "iOS Application" Properties tab
33505 – VS gets restart while deploying app on device for unsupported ABIs in Debug configuration
33542 – Consistent 'Debugger Connection Lost'
33562 – NSInvalidArgumentException being thrown due to illegal constraint
33665 – Debugger shows Unknown Identifier for Static/Constant values in Shared Libraries
33722 – XMA loses connection to Mac when Windows sleeps.
33748 – Warning on app creation.. VS 2015 said to file a bug report.
33755 – iOS Link Native Library using Visual Studio
33777 – Chinese characters messed up
33831 – Build fails on Android projects with Multi-Dex enabled using Visual Studio due to empty multidex.keep file
33832 – Cannot debug on LG G3 - 5.0 Lollipop with VS 2013
33835 – Sometimes wont start debugger on iPhone 4s
33917 – "Another instance of Visual studio is using the Build Host" when build host goes to sleep or hibernate
33919 – Cannot reposition a control on the VS's iOS designer
33956 – Question mark icon is at wrong place in Android Options, Linker section of android project properties.
33958 – User is unable to connect VS if mac agent EL Capitan 10.11 GM
33992 – If you accidentally try to debug on device
33993 – Selecting Default Text Color on button does not work
34023 – Xamarin.Forms XAML IntelliSense does not work on the first attempt to autocomplete in the first XAML document loaded after starting VS
34070 – ACTool build error
34104 – [Cycle6] User is getting Unhandled Exception: "Foundation.MonoTouchException: Objective-C exception thrown" with Visual Studio.
34134 – Unable to retrieve iOS SDK information from Xamarin Mac Agent server
34178 – Installer fails on Windows PC set to a language other than English.
34189 – [VS Enhancement] Have new Storyboard dialog in VS match XS
34240 – VS fails to log into build server on mac using El Capitan GM (beta update 1)
34262 – System.BadImageFormatException on build during "ConvertPdbToMdb" task when source code is hosted on a Mac
34280 – Errors while connecting to the mac aren't reported
34297 – [XMA] While running 'Zip Logs...' help command, the UI gets unresponsive
34309 – Unable to boot device in current state: Booted
34318 – Can not set margin lower after wider margin has been set
34322 – Can Not Target below iOS 9
34329 – DocSync is crashing on startup caused by BufferOverflow
34336 – Xamarin clears html resource file content after build
34358 – Bad link in the forms getting started launcher
34361 – Binding project generates invalid attribute DesignatedInitializer
34362 – MonoDroid Previous Version
34366 – VS needs to be restarted to see OS X Android Player running
34374 – Can not use nested font in iOS project
34380 – Native type size mismatch between Xamarin.iOS.dll and the executing architecture. Xamarin.iOS.dll was built for 64-bit, while the current process is 32-bit.
34438 – UIFont.SystemFontOfSize and UIFontWeight.Bold crash
34474 – Font file set to BundleResource gets erased on build.
34476 – Android app crashes on the startup VS Android emulator when built with Debug config
34520 – New Forms project fails to install to a PCL with dnxcore50 target
34542 – Xamarin for Visual Studio toolbar notifications accumulate if left untouched
34558 – Switching between Source code and design tab removes comments
34585 – Checksum verification assumes bash as shell; connection to Mac fails with different shell
34606 – [Android Device Logging pane] Text View shows more detailed time info than List View.
34614 – Unable to connect to mac agent
34622 – New Mac Agent does not visually warn on version mismatch
34676 – Breakpoints do not trigger in an async RelayCommand
34737 – "Run in Test Cloud" Results in an Upload Failed Error
34749 – Azure Mobile Service "System.IO.FileNotFoundException" on nuget instaLL
34767 – Designer shows loading spinner forever and does not load the storyboard
34801 – SSH-based build host connection, Credential problem with german characters (ä) or Space.
34803 – iOS Designer Agent not available - Something went wrong
34889 – System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not find file
34902 – Unable to remote build iOS app from Visual Studio command line
34932 – [XMA] Build host connection can fail if Mac build host is connected to a router that is not connected to the internet, even if other SSH connections succeed
34970 – Error build from msBuild command line: The Mac license edition 'Business' is higher than the Win dows license edition
35014 – Install Failure on Windows 10 When Xamarin is already installed through Visual Studio 2015 Installer
35016 – Enter deletes componnents
35075 – [Cycle 6] Visual Studio Intellisense failed does not show up when using v4.0.0.1566-cycle6+5abb0de
35093 – References to imported PCL break when editing XAML pages
35103 – Xamarin.XmlDocSync.Console has stopped working appears multiple times after update
35145 – Can't edit constraint on a control in a UITableViewCell
35149 – When building an IPA for a WatchKit solution, the IPA does not contain the WatchKitSupport folder with WK binary.
35150 – Drop down to choose signing identities for iOS project shows the signing certificates for all developers on all teams.
35152 – [Xcode 7.1] iOS Simulator Devices not listed
35153 – [Xcode 7.1] Storyboard does not render in the designer
35162 – Visual Studio cannot find Simulator devices
35168 – Assemblies duplicated on remote build into user folder
35181 – Exiting Command Prompt While Android SDK Manager is Open Also closed SDK Manager
35190 – Templates have incorrect icons and splashscreen sizes
35223 – Images selected in Xamarin Studio on OSX don't show up in the Visual Studio designer
35234 – [XVS 3.11.1585] Timing-dependent error when building iOS binding projects: "The "BTouch" task failed unexpectedly ... Access to the path '... obj\Debug\ios\ObjCRuntime' is denied"
35265 – iOS Designer fails to render storyboard and loses the connection to the Mac server
35292 – Invalid group or user "Users" on non english desktops
35302 – Problem rendering storybord
35373 – Visual Studio crash attempting to set font on UINavigationBar
35409 – Make agents log files sortable by date
35424 – UITest in Visual Studio is unable to detect Android Package
35475 – [VS] ACTool fails unexpectedly when building project
35517 – System.Runtime is missing error
35553 – MtouchI18n setting does not persist when another setting is changed
35556 – Cannot have xaml pages with same name - "Could not find a part of the path" Error
35580 – Zooming storyboard designer breaks drag-and-drop alignment
35584 – Freeze after first compilation+deployment (CTRL-F5)
35594 – No TableViewCell template in VS
35632 – [Visual Studio 2015] Exception Settings are not reflective of current settings
35642 – When deploying app from VS frequently get old build
35643 – Does not deploy to simulator even when deployment selected
35782 – SetSite failed This implementation is not part of the Windows Platform FIPS validated cryptographic algorithms
35817 – Visual Studio Hangs When Attempting to Connect to iOS in Xamarin 3.11
35840 – System.UnauthorizedAcessException : Acess to path
35848 – Build failed with error "Could not write lines to file "obj\Debug\Distech.Network.Data.Portable.vbproj.FileListAbsolute.txt". The [...]"
35858 – VS2015 does not show contents of local variables during debug (RC3)
35859 – Unable to connect to OS X due to invalid generated ClientId (computer username has non-ascii character)
35894 – "Building from the command-line requires a Business license." When building iOS App via TFS
35895 – ACTool task failed unexpectedly Could not find a part of the path
35909 – [Template] iOS Unit Test App template does not show a UI.
35944 – On installing VS2015 update 1 with custom installation(selecting Xamarin), it install
35945 – [XVS 4.0] DocsSync creates a "docsync.log" file in current iOS solution directory
35952 – Forms - Cannot Load Solution in Visual Studio
35957 – F5 compiles executes the msbuild target "Build" twice
35961 – Touch task (msbuild) is broken
35971 – Mac Agent Not Working - Can't Connect
36059 – [XVS 4.0] "The application UnifiedSingleViewIphone1 needs to be rebuilt due to an inconsistency between the connected Mac and the local app. Please rebuild the application and try again." when attempting to deploy to device or simulator
36063 – Disconnect after period of time over SSH
36078 – Xunit Test Runner hangs when a breakpoint is set in a test.
36087 – Unable to debug XUnit Tests on VS 2013/15
36098 – F5 does not always deploy the APK on device/emulator
36104 – [XVS 4.0] "CLAP.MissingArgumentPrefixException" after selecting "Tools > iOS > Open Mac Agent Console" if user ID contains a space
36117 – [XVS.iOS 4.0] Certain distribution provisioning profiles do not appear in the iOS project settings
36118 – Build hosts don't work correctly over IPv6
36159 – FileNotFoundException when switching between iPhone and iPhoneSimulator
36162 – Visual Studio hangs when loading solution
36178 – Unable to deploy to any Android device after updating to the new Xamarin 4 in Visual Studio
36181 – Xamarin TFS build fails after update to Xamarin 4
36185 – [XVS 4.0] Hang/freeze when opening or working on a solution that contains an Android project, during background Xamarin.Android "GetAdditionalResourcesFromAssemblies" Task
36190 – [XVS 4.0] Could not write lines to file "obj\Debug\MyLib.csproj.FileListAbsolute.txt". The process cannot access the file 'C:\MyLib\obj\Debug\MyLib.csproj.FileListAbsolute.txt' because it is being used by another process.
36193 – VS 2015 does not list Distribution profiles for iOS application
36195 – [XVS.iOS 4.0] "The 'UnpackLibraryResources' task failed unexpectedly" caused by a PathTooLongException or UnauthorizedAccessException, commonly observed when building projects stored on a network share
36213 – The "Touch" MSBuild task fails with exception if used in a project after importing Xamarin.iOS.CSharp.targets
36235 – Strange mdb filenames when using Visual Studio (Android/iOS)
36237 – If multiple mdb are generated at same time (i.e. two android executables), it results in IOException
36253 – Hang (GUI lockup, freeze) when starting an Android debug sessions
36301 – Creating a Xamarin Forms project makes VS crash
36306 – Errors creating new Xamarin solution
36338 – iOS Debugging sometimes does not start and the app does not launch, ends with "Launching Application for debugging..."
36363 – [Master] Getting build error while building iOS application in VS
36380 – Including permissions in Android Manifest via keyboard fails to include them in AndroidManifest.xml
36407 – [XVS 4.0] "System.IO.FileNotFoundException ... does not exist" error during "_CopyResourcesToBundle" for BundleResource files located in a subdirectory of an iOS class library when the iOS app project references the Microsoft BCL Build NuGet package
36419 – If IP of Visual Studio changes (on a laptop switching between wifi and ethernet), xamarin mac services stop
36446 – Xamarin Bonjour service is not being installed with VS 2015 Update 1 custom Xamarin install option
36452 – Visual Studio hangs when running (or pausing while running) xUnit tests via the Test Runner while debugging (on device only).
36463 – Breakpoints are not hit in Android projects / Debug hangs
36492 – Android designer doesn't launch SDK Manager correctly on Windows
36493 – XVS doesn't set build action when dragging to Resources or Assets
36494 – [XMA] Connect to Mac dialogue misspells "Fingerprint" as "Fingeprint"
36499 – [XMA] Connect to Mac dialogue caches older machines that no longer exist
36501 – [XVS 4.0] Hang/freeze on step-over while debugging iOS app on simulator from VS
36509 – inspector for visual studio : no buttons
36514 – [VS only] The "fast deployment" process does not automatically update the class library assemblies on device after an upgrade from XA 5.1 to XA 6.0, leading to "Assertion at ... class.c:5078, condition `class' not met"
36535 – [XI] XI created file includes forward slash instead of new folder.
36537 – Building a xamarin.ios solution with MS build only (without visual studio installation) fails
36538 – Error editing manifest
36541 – No code completion for Android manifest
36542 – VS templates include Content warnings
36543 – [XVS 4.0] "Disallowed paths ( "iTunesMetadata.plist" ) found" or "Disallowed paths ( "iTunesArtwork" ) found" when using Xamarin 4
36549 – Closer integration with Visual Studio's Android Emulators.
36563 – IPA can't be copied to windows if the package name contains empty spaces
36567 – Xamarin Android C++ San Andreas App does not compile / run
36576 – Unable to debug my private nuget packages with pdb files in latest update
36593 – Constraint handles invisible in storyboards with large number of view controllers
36632 – can't compile from VS2015 due to newly introduced compile over network check
36642 – [XVS 4.0] The .bashrc file in the user's home directory on the Mac can cause build host connection failures, and it shouldn't
36644 – Embedded framework binding project compile error in Visual Studio, Tool exited with code: 255
36645 – [XVS 4.0] Somewhat misleading "Failed to execute 'ls /usr/bin/mono'" warning message in Ide log with OS X 10.11 El Capitan build hosts
36647 – Error creating standard output pipe
36656 – Referenced images of another project in a test project is build with a backslash
36657 – Intellisense issues with XAML based views in PCL using any version Xamarin.Forms 1.4+
36668 – Fade hidden views
36678 – VS2015 hangs after a CTRL-F5 (build+run) for an ios device which failed to deploy (but xam said it succeeded)
36690 – Wrong page rendering in portrait
36691 – Android designer toolbar button tooltips do not appear on mouse hover.
36713 – Asset Catalog editor is missing launch image sizes for newer iPhone models
36734 – VS should focus MS Android emulator when starting app
36735 – Better handling of missing "deploy" flag
36736 – Continuing to receive warnings about removed Launch Image asset catalog
36764 – Simulator keeps freezing
36789 – Xamarin.iOS.Common.After.targets is incorrect -> MDB files are not created -> breakpoints don't work
36797 – [XVS 4.0] Unsolvable warning in the "Xamarin" section of the "Output" window: "There is a mismatch between the installed Xamarin.iOS ... and the local Xamarin.iOS"
36803 – Computer crashes when Repl() function in UItest is called
36815 – a project with the same global properties is already present
36816 – Missing options for iOS 8 and 9 launch images in asset catalog
36817 – Access to the path (csproj) is denied when ios project is opened in XSMac then VS2015 w assets catalogs
36824 – Building Solution fails with error Metadata file '.dll' could not be found
36838 – F Sharp projects in solution causes an exception when ios simulator selected
36845 – Path for IPA on Mac is incorrect in the Properties window
36865 – VS should warn when user need to accept Xcode license
36899 – VS 2013 with Xamarin 4 crashes at a breakbpoint
37012 – Xamarin iOSDocSync
37013 – AndroidSupportedAbis
37032 – VS.Android hangs out infinitely when build fails due to missing reference
37065 – Xamarin Mac Agent should be made ignorable
37077 – Build Succeeded and unexpected error
37114 – "The "CollectBundleResources" task failed unexpectedly" if any BundleResource file name contains the "+" plus character
37115 – [C6SR1 Alpha] "The "SayGoodbye" task failed unexpectedly." when attempting to build any iOS bindings project
37162 – Launching Visual Studio 2015 takes long time
37173 – Missing: Phone/Debug/Icons/icon-error.png'
37178 – Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 Crashes a lot at "OnAfterOpenProject"
37196 – In Storyboard View Controller disappears from designer when resizing a subview
37251 – Can't build iOS project on build host even though it seems to be connected.
37255 – Scrollbar appears, but does not scroll
37263 – Preserve application data no longer works
37267 – System.NullReferenceException when creating a click event for a WKInterfaceButton
37271 – Image from class library not copied when adding Nuget package Microsoft.Bcl.Build
37304 – Mismatch between installed Xamarin.iOS on Mac and Xamarin.iOS on Windows
37315 – Visual Studio crash with editing after debugging
37322 – [C6SR1 alpha] Drop-down list of simulator or real devices not filled
37332 – error MSB4018: The "CopyMdbFiles" task failed unexpectedly.
37333 – Unexpected error loading assembly after cleaning project
37352 – XAML extension installed but IntelliSense errors remain
37369 – Designer is slow loading the storyboard files in the VS
37391 – Xamarin iOS DocSync never finishes
37400 – do not save IOS Build - Advanced - Internationalization in IOS projects in Visual Studio
37413 – Project references break on XAML save
37429 – [Android] No "Source" tab shown in .axml editor when a .axml file is opened in Android Designer
37433 – Build Configuration can not contain parenthesis
37440 – iOS Unit test project templates are broken in Visual Studio
37502 – Xamarin.Forms cross-template project creates wrong PCL project type
37514 – Saving axml file causes few second freeze
37579 – MS Portable class libraries not installed by installer
37591 – Xamarin Mac Agent throws Exception when connecting to new machine
37600 – [XVS 4.0] "The application UnifiedSingleViewIphone1 needs to be rebuilt due to an inconsistency between the connected Mac and the local app" due to warning "Could not authenticate the user using the existing ssh keys" during build
37609 – F# android project template broken in VisualStudio 2015
37613 – Failed to start iOS Simulator in the mac
37645 – Include IPA Artwork checkbox does not do anything
37674 – "Could not authenticate the user using the existing ssh keys" warning message could be more descriptive for the particular case where the user home folder on the Mac has incorrect permissions
37708 – [C6SR0] "Building from a network share path is not supported at the moment." message might be outdated now that additional fixes have been added to C6SR1.
37777 – Icons in a Resources sub-folder do not get copied over to the Mac
37780 – Popover segue style casues build to fail with blank error message
37825 – [Android] AOT and LLVM options are disabled for custom Release configration
37896 – Not getting Simulator in dropdown
37902 – [tvOS] At Widget properties window, duplicate options appears in any dropmenu.
37903 – [tvOS] "Assets.xcasset" folder within "Resources" is not being hidden for tvOS projects making .json files visible and causing potential confusion
37905 – [tvOS] Event handler not generated on Double clicking the Button.
37922 – New Xamarin Android Build Error in VS2013
37925 – [props] Cannot select a mipmap resource as the Application Icon via VS2015 Project Properties designer for Xamarin.Android
37934 – [Windows only] `mtouch --datafile` fails intermittently with non-zero exit code, leading to "Unhandled Activation Error... Could not load machine data:"
37937 – "The application UnifiedSingleViewIphone1 needs to be rebuilt due to an inconsistency between the connected Mac and the local app" when the active iOS project configuration is named "Debug (Dev)" (or any name containing a space) rather than "Debug"
38008 – [iOS][TFS] Asset Catalog and assets added to Asset Catalog not automatically added to .csproj file
38017 – Special Characters in Username break Build
38020 – Storyboard content are partially hidden to left and top
38071 – [XVS 3.11] Intermittent "An equivalent project ... is already present in the project collection" error when attempting to load Xamarin.iOS project
38085 – Assembly name bug in shared projects
38087 – Xamarin Android VS searching AVDs in the wrong folder
38163 – [tvOS] Getting Build Error on building Binding Library Project
38166 – [tvOS] User is Not Getting File Templates under tvOS option
38221 – Breakpoint are not hit in PCL project (Running on iOS simulator)
38232 – Visual Studio Startup Project Keeps Changing When I Deploy to a Device
38240 – [XVS C6SR1] Breakpoints in library projects fail to pause the debugger if the Visual Studio UI is set to a language other than English
38252 – Warning Unexpected error
38282 – Visual Studio stops responding at each start of a debugging session
38290 – Xamarin.iOS contains additional assembl(ies) on Windows
38309 – "Publish Android App" produces an Debug build
38340 – Launching distribution build on device breaks user input in Visual Studio
38398 – Linked files not copied to build directory on Mac build host
38400 – iCloud Container info not being displayed by the Entitlements.plist editor.
38401 – [XVS C6SR1] "The "PackLibraryResources" task failed unexpectedly." when an iOS library project contains any bundle resources in the root folder other than images
38402 – iOS app extensions do not have the iOS Bundle Signing, iOS Build, or iOS Debug settings pages when extension is created in XS.
38427 – The Asset Catalog entry is not displayed in the Solution Explorer when the Visual Studio UI is set to a language other than English
38428 – `Info.plist` editor tabs disappear with no indicator if the Visual Studio window width is too narrow
38433 – [XVS C6SR1] The Info.plist editor does not display any tabs if it is opened with a window width below a certain minimum
38463 – Can't create or edit plist files in Visual Studio (particularly Settings.bundle/Root.plist)
38487 – Incorrect encoding of new files
38494 – Sometimes Android app just doesn't start
38512 – Refactoring names of custom ViewControllers is not reflected in iOS Storyboard
38536 – iOS Designer: "View as" iPhone/iPad and changing size classes doesn't update the view
38543 – There was an error while trying to evaluate the consistency between local build and conencted Mac build.
38566 – Upstream VS complication: downgrade Xamarin, set system clock back, upgrade Xamarin causes "package did not load correctly" due to future timestamp in ConfigPkgDefCacheTimestamp VS registry key
38570 – F#
38572 – Asset catalog in Visual Studio has some serious flaws
38585 – [XVS.iOS 4.0] Enterprise "In House" provisioning profiles do not appear in the drop-down menu in the iOS project settings editor
38592 – The operation could not be completed. The parameter is incorrect.
38593 – Break when exception is thrown cannot be disabled
38610 – [Master] User is unable to create iOS application with VS 2012/2013.
38657 – [XVS 4.0] Visual Studio occasionally quits unexpectedly, caused by a variety of different unhandled exceptions
38695 – Can't deploy to simulator. Issue seems to be resolved by unplugging and replugging in an iOS device.
38706 – [tvOS ] Getting "Project is not up to date. Missing output file while building a TvOS app in VS.
38713 – Adding a reference on VS2015: unable to see some DLL versions
38725 – Add license level to the About information for Xamarin tooling
38741 – Error retrieving Info.plist project item
38751 – [XVS 4.0] Installer creates misplaced C:\ImportAfter\Xamarin.Common.targets file
38753 – [XVS 4.0] Clicking "Xamarin for Visual Studio Update Available" notification toolbar icon in the system tray has no effect
38773 – [XVS 4.0] Running the MSI installer from within the update workflow in Visual Studio prompts the user to shut down Visual Studio
38829 – Suspending ReSharper is not sufficient to re-enable Xamarin.Forms IntelliSense extension, and the extension does not emit any warning messages to indicate that it is disabled
38835 – [Cycle 7] User is not able to open interface.Storyboard for Watchkit Application in VS2012/VS2013.
38881 – Segmented Control does not get the constraint handles when in the designer
38893 – [XVS C6SR1] Default IDE log files include Xamarin account email address
39027 – On certain rare Windows environments it is possible for activation to fail due to "GetAdaptersAddresses returned: 5"
39034 – VS2015 hangs an build
39122 – Breakpoints not Hit in primary Android project
39140 – Increase mouse wheel scroll speed in designer view
39158 – There is a mismatch between the installed Xamarin.iOS
39160 – IndexOutOfRageException during android build
39258 – [Master] Getting build error when trying to build tvOS application.
39285 – High CPU use on the Mac build host appears to cause UI pauses in paired instance of Visual Studio?
39320 – VS2015 stops debugger after iOS app is launched
39344 – VS becomes very unresponsive when working with a template forms project and one of the Windows projects is the startup
39345 – "Just My Code" fails to let the debugger skip exceptions that are thrown and caught entirely within external libraries (when the debugger is set to break on all thrown CLR exceptions)
39433 – "System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object" at AD7Events.cs line 433 thrown by the IDE extension when processing AD7DebugExceptionEvent debugger events from the Android application
39493 – [Cycle 7] Getting build error when trying to build WatchKit Application in Notification Mode with VS 2015.
39534 – Minor: Spelling mistake on Info.plist
39542 – IBTool DVT Assertion Acceptions
39553 – [Papercut] Mac Agent does not detect/message if Xamarin.iOS is not installed on the Mac
39559 – DocSync crashing, missing CommandLine.dll
39583 – Install iOS VS templates under an "iOS" group
39605 – iOS Crash Reporting panel should be removed
39655 – [XVS] iOS 6 and iOS 7 devices are not displayed in the devices drop-down menu, device logs show repeating error "set_response_error: handle_get_value GetProhibited"
39676 – Debugger throws an exception when debugging an Android application
39686 – iOS Visual Studio integration breaks often unless continuously developing
39692 – Adding a control directly to the XML in the .axml file, the newly added control is not picked up by the build system.
39695 – F# Android project no longer loads after adding new layout
39697 – When opening a layout, the layout occasionally renders incorrectly. Top half cut off top of document window, no way to scroll to reveal top half.
39698 – ScrollView won't scroll in Designer surface.
39704 – iOS Designer does not render Image Set image that has been sliced to a 9-patch in XCode.
39705 – [Feature Request] Add a nine-patch editor so an Asset Catalog Image Set image can be sliced up like can be done in XCode.
39708 – [Log file cleanup] Unsolvable warning in the *Ide.log files: "There is a mismatch between the installed Xamarin.iOS ... and the local Xamarin.iOS"
39710 – [Log file cleanup] "There was an error while trying to evaluate the consistency ..." will be recorded in the log file if the user connects to the build host while a cleaned (or brand new) iOS project is loaded in VS
39723 – The "MTouch" task failed unexpectedly. Xamarin.Messaging.Exceptions.ClientDisconnectedException
39726 – When iOS version is incompatible, it should be shown in connection dialog
39731 – Image slicing info removed from Contents.json when editing and saving an Image Set that had slicing info from XCode.
39750 – Visual Studio source control does not automatically include asset catalog `.plist` and image files when using Team Foundation Version Control
39778 – NIDActionArity1V52
39779 – Overriding DidReceiveRemoteNotification creates method with signature with unresolvable type.
39793 – System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load assembly
39795 – [XVS C6SR1] Text annotations to indicate dimensions do not appear in asset catalog until reloading the editor after enabling new entries via the Properties Window
39796 – [XVS C6SR1] With "Alphabetical" sorting, Properties Window for Launch Images asset catalog shows ambiguous repeated "iPhone - Portrait", "iPad - Portrait", and "iPad - Landscape" entries
39797 – Internationalization settings do not persist across builds
39808 – Asset catalog not displayed correctly, when using dark color theme in Visual Studio 2015
39828 – Xamarin Mac Agent can´t connect to MAC
39844 – DocSync icon remains in task tray after finishing
39863 – [iOS] Internationalization settings in Project properties are ignored
39875 – When debugging an iOS application - Object reference not set to an instance of an object. System.NullReferenceException- AD7DebugExceptionEvent
39898 – Add Support for PCL Profiles 44 & 151
39922 – C7 preview 2
39923 – [C7 preview 2] VS Android designer crashes visual studio
39925 – When creating PCL project, we always set .NET to v4.5
39930 – I will get so many errors when I try to Debug a second project.
39939 – Manually added icon to plist is removed with subsequent edits
39949 – Can't generate APKs for non-Release builds except by running on device
39978 – [props] info.plist editor doesn't scroll to view all items
39981 – [XVS 4.0] Unending "Trying to connect..." message with no other diagnostic information if the PATH environment variable is cleared via the .bashrc file on the Mac
39982 – [iOS] info.plist editor hides iPhone Icons collapsable list so it's inaccessible without closing & reopening
40007 – Xamarin iOS app build fails intermittently when large files are copied to the output directory
40022 – [C6SR3] "Tools > Xamarin Account" shows "Please log in to use Xamarin" when using the new VS Professional licensing
40055 – Visual Studio locks up when launching WPF inspector
40061 – Can not create Xamarin projects after upgrading dev15 preview
40062 – XamPrepTool hangs indefinitely when upgrading to VS2015 Update 2
40070 – "Can't change the solution property while debugging" when plugging in phone
40079 – Unable to fully start the Xamarin Mac Agent. Designer when trying to connect to the Mac
40084 – [Cycle SR3] Visual Studio hangs when user attempts to close the "Tools > Xamarin Account > Log In" dialog after a successful activation if Android "Packaging" project properties are open
40087 – [Cycle 6 SR3] "AOT Compilation", "Use LLVM Optimizing Compiler", and "Bundle assemblies into native code" settings are always displayed as False in the Project Properties window, even when they have just been saved as True
40090 – [SpriteAtlas] Can't save sprite atlas after changing it's name
40091 – [DataSet] Data Set properties panel contains image properties
40123 – UnpackLibraryResources task failure
40168 – Android project template doesn't generate mipmap icons
40229 – Not hitting breakpoints (reproducible)
40240 – Error copying BundleResource from NuGet
40250 – "Method not found: 'System.Reactive.Subjects.AsyncSubject`1<!!0> System.Reactive.Linq.Observable.GetAwaiter(System.IObservable`1<!!0>)'." prevents successful build host connection
40292 – [C7][VS Sprite Atlas] Adding multiple Image sets in Sprite and double clicking it results in VS Crash.
40327 – "The type initializer for 'NuGet.EnvironmentUtility' threw an exception" in the Package Manager Console in VS 2013 if the "GettingStarted.Xamarin" file from a Xamarin.Forms portable library project is already open when VS loads the solution
40346 – Null reference in IDB.AppleSettingsProvider.GetSupportFlags
40371 – iOS builds fail with error "Unable to connect to Address='xx.xx.xx.xx' with User='username'"
40376 – IPA files are being created in a sub folder, not in the root build folder. This causes the build to fail
40415 – Intellisense does not work in Immediate Window during Design time or when debugging.
40470 – check it bro.
40473 – Cannot set specific exceptions to break on within exception settings
40496 – [ODRs/Ad-Hoc] Can't export valid ipa
40544 – Bug in VS Android Emulator on Skylake chipset
40580 – DocSync crash due to System.IO.FileNotFoundException
40587 – Adding bottom constraint from uiview bottom to scrollview bottom
40602 – [Installer] Unable to see emulator in device drop down list which is installed by installer on VS
40616 – New F# android project fails to load
40622 – [Cycle 7] Android designer "Design" tab name changes to "Designer" after "Source" tab is selected
40623 – [XVS Cycle 6 SR 3] In certain environments, the "Design" and "Source" tabs are not displayed in the Android .axml designer
40633 – [Cycle 7] Android designer tabs have excess padding on the left side when "Source" tab is selected
40647 – Fresh install visual studio enterprise update 2 followed instructions for installation from msdn
40649 – AdHoc app with ODRs can't be installed on device via iTunes
40686 – Save in axml file hangs visual studio for 5-10 seconds
40725 – CollectionView cell position in designer is different from what is rendered in the simulator
40726 – Very slow build times due to PackLibraryResources
40731 – Service 'Bonjour Service' (Bonjour Service) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services.
40739 – In particular circumstances, attempting to debug on iOS simulator fails with an error in the logs: "Cannot register a logger before the MuxLogger has been initialized"
40747 – VS XamlApp: Forms Xaml View derives from ContentPage instead of ContentView
40754 – DocSync fails or waits indefinitely during "extracting" if username contains spaces
40757 – Xamarin.iOS build deletes all the project files
40776 – Unable to add text templates in shared project
40781 – Xamarin.iOS visual studio plugin fail to load after reinstallation of beta channel (coming from alpha channel)
40799 – Building iOS application from Visual Studio can take 5-8 minutes
40818 – Visual Studio not able to resolve anything
40848 – Duplicate framework assemblies in assembly reference dialog
40850 – The "GenerateResourceDesigner" task failed unexpectedly.
40855 – Subclassing UITextField crashes Property navigator
40924 – IDE0006 Error encountered while loading the project. Some project features, such as full solution analysis for the failed project and projects that depend on it, have been disabled
40950 – CollectionViewCells inside a CollectionView do not render correctly
40954 – Shared Project template not available in Visual Studio
40958 – Inconsistency vs. other C# project types: "Copy if newer" setting causes iOS project to run build targets on every build attempt
40959 – [XVS 4.0] "The application ... needs to be rebuilt due to an inconsistency between the connected Mac and the local app." due to "Renci.SshNet.Common.SshAuthenticationException: Permission denied (publickey)" during consistency check
40973 – Xamarin Build Download iOS linker error in VS
40977 – Build clean should also allow to remove the entire app dir
40982 – [XVS 4.0] VS hangs/freezes when opening solutions containing Android Bindings Libraries that reference other libraries, during `GetAdditionalResourcesFromAssemblies.Execute()`
41007 – in VS, Entitlements.plist editor has a field for iCloud Key-Value Store while XS has a check box.
41020 – [Master] View Controller is not appearing in iOS designer.
41028 – Unexpected error System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load assembly
41032 – [XMA] Unstable XMA connection - timing out.
41041 – [XVS 4.1] Incorrect string "iOS Community" mentioned in log files when using VS Professional license level
41056 – UIImageView's Image property does not list the ImageSet from the Assets Catalog
41057 – iOS desinger does not render the ImageSet images on UIImageViews
41079 – Can't deploy default Android application to Visual Studio Android Emulator: NullReferenceException is shown in the logs
41086 – [XVS 4.1] List of iOS simulators disappears if you close the solution and reopen it
41102 – Xamarin failes to start designer agent
41117 – [Test Recorder for VS] FileLoadException when opening UITest project
41127 – Setting a custom class name to UITextFields in UITableViewController triggers class name chages to all the UITextFields in table view
41155 – Duplicate items in Widget Properties
41158 – .dSYM files are not copied back to the PC with the .IPA
41169 – iPhone iPhoneSimulator flickers
41172 – [Enhancement] Add ability to change the name of an Image set without opening the properties pane.
41247 – Visual Studio Extremely Slow on WinRT TargetSelected And Connected to iOS Simulator
41260 – [Papercut] In the Visual Studio Mac Connection Manager GUI, There Is No Failure Notification To User When Connecting to Mac that Has a Different Version of Xamarin Installed
41261 – [Papercut] When creating a new UITest Project in Visual Studio, the installed UITest NuGet is v1.0 which is incompatible with Xamarin
41277 – System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path "\obj\Debug\__library_projects__\Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients.ActiveDirectory.Platform\" is denied
41301 – Debugger crashes with assertion
41345 – Publish App command should be disabled by default
41361 – ScrollView can no longer be scrolled in the designer
41382 – cant find pcl namespace even though the pcl is referenced in the .ios Project.
41402 – Launch Image section is getting truncated.
41405 – Getting exception error as soon as monotouch sample "Newbox" deploy on device
41411 – Sign app with keystore as build step in CSProj doesn't work
41423 – Debugger does not hit breakpoints or hangs in VS 2013
41446 – Asked to file bug related to ClassLibrary1
41458 – Hangs on solution loading
41459 – Cleaning solution hangs VS indefinitely
41473 – Visual Studio 2015 installer fails to install the Android SDKs
41487 – Designer / Storyboard performance and loses connections
41606 – Android build output doesn't show in the output window until I stop the build
41607 – No build output when downloading to zips for support package
41610 – [setup] C7 MSI won't install on VS 15 preview-only machine
41611 – Mac Agent Continuously Disconnects
41627 – [Cycle 7] Xamarin.Android targets lead to ignorable ReSharper error in VS 2013: "Module 'Java.Interop...' should be referenced"
41664 – Android Device Logging doesn't integrate with VS theme
41675 – Unable to build Android project
41793 – Build fails unexpectedly
41800 – Cycle 7 Could not find a part of the path warning
41813 – NullReferenceException when adding or modify an UITableView on Visual Studio Xib designer
41844 – Error IDE0006 running new project
41846 – IDE006 ERROR
41848 – XS/VS crashes after opening .axml file
41878 – iOS build error - Microsoft.Win32.Primitives.dll incorrect format
41918 – [Cycle 7] Visual Studio crashes due to NullReferenceException in Renci.SshNet.BaseClient.Disconnect() if network connection is lost after deployment to simulator but before debugger connects
41931 – Cannot navigate to the symbol under the caret
41962 – Intermittent FileNotFoundExceptionion Mac Agent when building iOS templates
41966 – Wrong mdb Copied When Projects Have the Same Assembly Name
41976 – Wrong image paths in designer
42020 – Xamarin downloading .zip files on Compiling
42023 – Xamarin Install leads to Problems with Visual Studio Tools for Unity
42031 – Deleted ImageAsset sprite does not show up in Visual Studio
42038 – Xamarin.Forms Solution takes a long time to open and Re-Build
42087 – build error Ionic.Zip.ZipException
42088 – Build error when using MvvmCross
42102 – Duplicate AppIcons in Asset Catalog
42107 – VS breaks in an irrecoverable way if the android sdk is missing/corrupt
42130 – "Exception thrown by target of an invocation" dialog shown if the Forms previewer is opened when a solution is not open
42135 – Android app (in Forms solution) build fails with message "directory not empty
42172 – Replacing the $safeprojectname$ with the projectname not working in Visual studio 2015 Community edition
42185 – In Xamarin previewer, selector missing to select the page being previewed.
42186 – Invalid Xaml: Android project build message also shown in iOS previewer tab.
42200 – Debugger does not step into PCL methods (it just skip them) / hit breakpoints in PCL
42227 – In Disconnected mode, XAML iOS Preview generated doesn't gets removed.
42233 – Previewer doesn't support Xamarin.forms windows application.
42244 – Mac-to-VS bridge - unable to deploy to development enabled iPad on Ad-Hoc basis
42247 – Missing image files in application using asset catalog
42268 – CS0246 The type of namespace name 'GeneratedCodeAttribute' could not be found
42275 – Xamarin iOS library build with contains a xib , using the dll "NSInternalInconsistencyException Could not load NIB in bundle"
42300 – Error while debugging on iphone device
42324 – Constantly asked for OS X administrator username and password while building in XMA
42328 – Unexpected error - Please file a bug report at Reason: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load assembly 'App6, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKey
42332 – "Starting Broker ... Disconnected from Mac ... An error occurred while closing underlying channel. Error code: 10054 ... An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host" when Mac build host is connected to a VPN with Cisco AnyConnect
42346 – Xamarin iOS DocSync updates daily
42359 – Unable to hit breakpoints in PCLs when "Device-specific builds" are enabled in an iOS Project
42379 – iOS Bundle Signing exception when opened before Mac has been connected
42380 – The type or namespace 'GeneratedCode' could not be found CS0246
42381 – Failed to compile the generated registrar code.
42383 – Android Options in Project Properties doesn't size right
42387 – Follow-up to Bug 41963 on Windows: Setting the `IpaPackageDir` property to a custom value breaks the logic that automatically copies the `.ipa` file to Windows from the Mac
42393 – More Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 not able to connect to Mac
42411 – CopyFileToWindows fails with Renci.SshNet.Common.SshException: Message type 80 is not valid.
42442 – Spelling error in output when Android publish fails
42448 – No intellisense for iOS Binding project when using a Project reference.
42449 – VS crashes when MAC agent loses connection
42455 – "Couldn't connect to MacBuildHost.local. Please try again."
42490 – Unable to install master XVS on some machines.
42545 – Numerous errors when creating new Xamarin.Forms Portable project
42569 – [xamu] Changing UILabel font size can make next designer button clicks not work
42618 – Accumulation of sshd instances on OSX build host resulting in eventual build failures.
42633 – [xamu] Unable to paste line breaks into UILabel Text property
42634 – Clicking Labels marks file as dirty
42643 – [AndroidPublishing] VS crashes randomly while Archiving the application.
42700 – Follow-up to Bug 42387: Setting the `IpaPackageDir` property to a custom value breaks the logic for the "Show IPA File on Build Server" button
42704 – Exception of type 'System.TimeZoneNotFoundException' was thrown.
42717 – MSBuild orphaned
42724 – Unable to deploy to Visual Studio Emulator for Android
42783 – The target "GetBuiltProjectOutputRecursive" does not exist in the project
42800 – Mac connection object disposed when PC resumes from sleep
42869 – Can not ensure the emulation
42892 – Random disconnects when rebuilding project
42908 – XAMLC Task Failed Unexpectedly on first run
42914 – Visual Studio Xamarin.Android can't start debugging with Method not found error
42932 – Visual Studio - error: No installed provisioning profiles match the installed iOS code signing keys
42963 – Deployment is done to newly connected device, even if a different target was defined when build started.
42968 – Enhancement: plist visualization
42970 – F# Fails out of the box with Visual Studio 2015
42971 – Build warnings on Windows because of Roslyn and .NET 4.5 vs 4.5.2
42982 – The "UnpackLibraryResources" task failed unexpectedly returned
42987 – Broked fsharp templates for Android.
43001 – Deadlock on project loading
43018 – unable to select an event handler which has been already defined
43019 – Visual Studio designer does not sync correctly with the underline CS file
43030 – Bug in storyboard control properties
43035 – Failed build errors don't appear in the Error window
43061 – Closing the iOS Simulator for Windows should "Stop Debugging"
43077 – Storyboard designer: background color is read only and...
43091 – Unable to load stroyboard
43198 – Unable to add reference to a PCL Project Targeting .NET Standard
43203 – Event handlers are duplicated across all controls
43239 – Unable to debug on on real on device
43248 – unable to launch the iOS simulator from visual studio
43249 – Visual Studio crashes when losing connection to Mac
43258 – Canon ((1844~305~5565)) printer Technical support phone number Phoenix,Houston,Chicago,Los Angeles,New York
43278 – The "UnpackLibraryResources" task failed unexpectedly.System.AggregateException: One or more errors occurred. ---> System.Net.Sockets.SocketException
43309 – MethodListPropertyPanel is mis-generating the signatures for Actions
43316 – Native References in iOS Binding projects do not build in VS
43326 – [iOS Designer] Name of control not appearing in Properties Pane->Widget tab when control first selected.
43339 – C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Xamarin\Android\Xamarin.Android.Common.targets(1062,2): monodroid error XA0000: Unexpected error - Reason: Ionic.Zip.ZipException: ...
43341 – 2>C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Xamarin\Android\Xamarin.Android.Common.targets(1062,2): monodroid error XA0000: Unexpected error - Reason: Ionic.Zip.ZipException: C:\ABC_Data\Shared Directory\HH__X....
43350 – Unpack library resources slow when running through Visual studio compared to mac
43413 – Xamarin.VisualStudio_4.1.2.18.msi fails to install
43442 – iOS Designer rendering issues on new projects and Storyboards within Visual Studio. Designer controls pixelated, unexpected behaviors when setting/viewing properties of controls.
43485 – renaming outlets does not remove the previously named ones
43497 – Updater does not continue download unless modal window remains open
43543 – "Start Without Debugging" launches MAC-iOS-Simulator instead of Windows-iOS-Simulator
43544 – Android debugging is broken.
43562 – New class still showing non-unified iOS directives
43565 – [Cycle 8 Beta] Visual Studio often hangs (pauses, freezes) during `TastyConfig.DebugLaunch()` on second deployment attempt
43699 – Could not install Xamarin
43704 – SSH connection is sometimes not correctly disposed after disconnecting XMA
43729 – 7-zip outdated
43738 – Cannot copy files because devenv.exe has them locked
43808 – Breadcrumb templates show up with XamarinVS installed
43810 – VS2015 cannot recognize iOS and Android devices at the same time
43823 – Storyboard documents doesn't open
43846 – [Visual Studio][F#] "Components" Shows Up in Project Explorer and Can not be Right-Clicked
43895 – [VS 2015 only] New "Integrated" log from "Tools > Android > Device Log" doesn't have the "Text View" button that was part of the old "Android Device Logging" view
43926 – Xamarin.iOS mismatch causing Visual Studio to crash
43927 – [XMA] Broken Initialization Timeout
43929 – Unable to attach debugger on iOS 8.0 device, possibly due to "Assertion at ... debugger-agent.c:9635, condition `flags == 0' not met"
43948 – Unable to open Main.axml file in VS.
43956 – "Show IPA on Build Server" button is disabled and greyed out in VS.
43957 – [VS 2012, VS 2013] "Tools > iOS > Device Log..." menu item is always displayed and disabled, but it doesn't directly indicate a reason why
43959 – [VS 2012, VS 2013] "Tools > iOS > Device Log..." menu item is _not_ disabled until an iOS project is loaded
43961 – [Upstream issue in VS, fixed in VS 2015 Update 3] New integrated log under "Tools > Android > Device Log" causes loss of Visual Studio 2015 UI responsiveness until all entries have been read
43964 – Deploy to Android Emulator is Failing - Reason: Item with the same key already added
43987 – Cannot connect controls to outlets in view controller baseclass.
44004 – Switching between Beta -> Stable sometimes disables a core VS Service (Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Interop.IVsTaskList)
44005 – The installed Xamarin.iOS (version 9.8) on the Mac is not compatible with the local Xamarin.iOS 9.99
44008 – 'Enable Pro Guard' option is displaying in disabled mode with both debug and release mode in VS
44020 – Asset catalog AppIcons error with 83.5@2x icon and dutch settings
44070 – IDB agent does not connect resulting in XMA limited connection with Xcode8 GM
44071 – IDB agent has some dependency on XS Xcode SDK location preference
44105 – User is getting error when running Android application with Release mode in VS
44108 – Can't load AMD 64-bit.dll on a IA 32-bit platform when starting Android designer
44140 – bug in .axml editor
44142 – Auto start/stop device log when the debugger is started/stopped
44146 – "GetFullVsVersionString must be called on the UI thread" when attempting to open "Manage NuGet Packages for Solution" on certain systems, possibly due to Clide.Composition.ExportsServiceLocator
44162 – Xamarin Android fails to install in VS 2015
44163 – [props] Info.plist editor does not include a checkbox for `UIRequiresFullScreen` (called "Requires full screen" in Xamarin Studio)
44165 – Android projects referencing System.Reactive v.3.0.0 Nuget fail with "Error CS1703 Multiple assemblies with equivalent identity have been imported"
44188 – There is no option to create APK files in Visual Studio 2015 anymore
44199 – Unable to build Xamarin.WatchOS Class Library project
44230 – The Designer crashes when droping a simple TableView inside a blank ViewController xib.
44239 – fter Visual Studio Update 3, Xamarin, cannot deploy to Windows UWP Phone
44240 – IDB Agent won't start if Xamarin Studio on the Mac does not point to a valid iOS SDK.
44249 – Cannot Publish APK from Visual studio
44251 – The 'XamarinIOSPackage' package did not load correctly.
44262 – Google Play Publishing wizard fails after client id/secret are entered.
44269 – Android Designer with Custom Controls spins loading bar with Java JDK 1.8 x86 installed
44270 – When updating JDK locaiton Visual Studio should prompt to restart
44271 – Build fails if closing designer while still loading or is just open
44273 – [Cycle 8] "An error occurred trying to load the page." appears in the "Project Properties > iOS Build" tab when not connected to a Mac
44279 – 'Enable profiling' disabled always
44288 – Windows Installer package fails to install.
44289 – Xamarin doesn't work with VS "15" Preview
44300 – Xamarin Android Projects are incompatible
44308 – async tasks do not show up in Parallel Stacks window (VS2015)
44316 – Designer ignores dark mode and renders background as white
44317 – A problem was encountered creating the sub project 'myprojectname.Droid'. Attempted to access a missing method.
44318 – New Archive Manager has Keystore misspelled.
44321 – [AndroidPublishing] When hitting distribute it automatically selects a channel (ad-hoc)
44366 – Breakpoint in PCL project is not hit anymore
44374 – App open and close immediately when launch.
44380 – Visual Studio debugger will not break on breakpoints set in PCL
44382 – Custom controls or Android Support controls (CoordinatorLayout/TextInputLayout) just shows RED in the designer
44383 – Android Designer becomes unresponsive or never renders anything
44394 – Unable to deploy to iOS 7.x devices
44396 – iOS devices are not recognized in device list after plugging them in
44400 – xcassets editor: Can't add iPad Pro app icon
44401 – iOS Segue always defaults to popoverSegue
44410 – VS XAML Previewer
44411 – Cannot deploy to a physical device
44415 – build error after applying KB3165756 to VS2015 update 3
44417 – Image set from asset catalog can't be renamed
44432 – Entitlements view doesn't save changes made in designer nor loads data from plist
44447 – Android symbolication uses wrong property
44460 – ResolveLibraryProjectImports often fails not being able to delete
44468 – Still can't save App Icons via visual studio
44486 – Mac Agent Problem
44508 – Selecting a file via the file browser for "Custom entitlements" _deletes_ the selected file from the file system rather than selecting it
44512 – Changing autosizing in designer on a control most of the times is not possible.
44532 – Cannot create Android project of Xamarin.Forms
44540 – Cannot import APK signing identity in latest version of Xamarin for Visual Studio
44551 – [Cycle 8] Attempting to deploy app with "iOS Application > Devices" set to "iPhone/iPod" on physical iPad has no effect and produces no error messages or warning in any log files
44567 – Cant debug on device (iOS): When trying to debug my XF app on device, it compile and then and the output window 'Launch failed. The app 'app' could not be launched on 'iPhone'. Please check the logs for more details.'
44570 – building with VS 2015 Update 3 and msbuild property IpaPackageDir is defined and custom solution profile an error is thrown when cleanup starts from mac xamarin throws error
44578 – Cannot debug any solution from VS on my iPad anymore
44588 – Xamarin.Forms Previewer Not functioning in VS2015
44591 – Run in Test Cloud context menu item missing
44603 – Error in XAML Previewer on Android: Invalid XAML Can't load AMD 64-bit DLL on an IA 32 bit platform
44605 – "Stop Debugging" command causes iOS apps to crash with "Assertion at ... debugger-agent.c... condition `flags == 0' not met" rather than exiting gracefully
44632 – Random/intermittent Mac Agent disconnects during msbuild command line
44636 – Getting operation load failed popup in Android designer
44640 – UWP Bait & Switch; Build Error: APPX1101: Payload contains two or more files with the same destination path
44660 – Getting error when trying "Run in Test Cloud" - Unable to find the nunit.framework.dll in the assembly directory.
44661 – Visual Studio doesn't correctly set a reasonable default configuration for Xamarin.Forms apps.
44662 – Changing the "startup project" in a Xamarin.Forms app from Android/iOS to UWP doesn't update the deployment target.
44687 – Cannot see Device Log for Android Emulator in Visual Studio 2015
44688 – Cannot add Xamarin.Forms "XAML Page" to Shared Project.
44695 – [xamu] Constraint Priority displays 0 in Properties pad; cannot be set from Designer pop-up
44724 – Failed to read file attributes for "/Users/admin/Assets.xcassets"
44728 – Debugg on iOS Simulator from Windows -> Lock Windows screen -> Simulator is frozen
44732 – iOS build fails on cp -f command to copy assembly to Mac.
44739 – Property editor of constraints of document overview does not reflect actual value in storyboard
44756 – Surface an error for user not logged in on macOS Build Server
44780 – Build output path on OSX box no longer removes "." in project names
44781 – Latest stable ( wont pair with Mac
44805 – [Xamarin Studio Parity] Checkbox for "Project properties > iOS Build > Strip native debugging symbols" is missing from Xamarin for Visual Studio
44833 – [Papercut]Archive Manager does not allow a selection to a distribution channel after already selected in another project
44854 – Install fails with "Error 1325. 'ImportAfter' is not a valid short file name"
44887 – VS debugger not hitting the breakpoints when using bait-and-switch trick on iOS
44893 – Previewer Android mode cannot display DatePicker
44906 – Remove Xamarin Android Player button from Visual Studio
44932 – "File - New Project - Blank Xaml App (Xamarin.Forms Portable)" in Visual Studio 2015 creates a project that doesn't build
44956 – Android Designer fails to load F# project with System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
44958 – No Available Devices are Listed After Changing Start Up Project via the Run button
44964 – Updater window doesn't cannot be expanded / does not show full update message.
44965 – Connection to a Mac from windows cannot take less than 15 seconds to start
45025 – Unable to use ViewFlipper - Locks VS
45029 – Droid target of Xplat projects with '.' in the name fail to compile
45036 – Device List Not Updating Anymore
45052 – Sudden 'The app has been terminated' after launching on iOS using VS2015
45058 – [props][Xamarin Studio Parity] The Project Properties menu contains different Xamarin-specific entries compared to Xamarin Studio's Project Options menu
45073 – Editing TargetFrameworkVersion in .csproj reverts when loading the project file
45075 – Designer not loading and hang
45083 – An error occured on client Build420703 while executing a reply for topic xvs/Build/
45084 – Visual Studio shows Mac Build Host connected after getting disconnected.
45088 – Image Assets are explicitly excluded from the IVsHierarchy
45091 – Bulding for App Store with two Developer Accounts
45122 – Import Existing Keystore fails with Keystore was tampered with, or password was incorrect
45130 – Found conflicts between different versions of the same dependent assembly
45142 – Xaml files in solutions without any iOS project will not render Android preview
45154 – Build Error on CopyDSYMFromMac
45208 – Image Sets in an iOS Class Library project are not available in iOS Designer in a storyboard in the app project.
45214 – error occured on client Build420703 while executing a reply for topic xvs/Build/
45224 – after installing VS 15 preview 5, and using VS->tools->Xamarin settings to update to release channel, Xamarin VS does not work
45248 – "Couldn't connect to {build hostname}. Please try again." after downgrading Xamarin
45249 – "Could not install package 'Xamarin.Forms'. You are trying to install this package into a project that targets 'Unsupported,Version=v0.0'" when adding a new XAML page to a Forms Shared Project
45252 – When XI versions (between mac and windows) are incompatible, the VS status bar still says "Successfully connected to the Mac!"
45253 – "Blank Xaml App (Xamarin.Forms Portable)" template project uses somewhat outdated Xamarin.Forms version
45257 – Asset Catalog not working for non-English format settings
45258 – "Constant" dropdown button in a constraint property window can only be clicked when hovering over the outline or arrow
45278 – AsyncManager.Run is deadlocking the IDE
45305 – System.IO.FileNotFoundException with logs
45333 – [Android Archive Manager and Publishing Workflow Enhancements] Differentiator between Alias, Wizard Path, Key Details, Keystore Path
45341 – Failure to debug on device (iOS)
45346 – VS 2015 crashing when Xamarin loses contact with Mac. Probably.
45366 – The HtmlToolHost extension did not load correctly.
45367 – DllNotFoundException when debugging on remote Mac
45404 – [Windows 8.1 SDK] compile error after upgrade to
45589 – Limited Connection and getting System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Not a valid Win32 FileTime
45613 – Selecting Segue in storyboard destroyes segue
45676 – Cannot launch app on iOS 10.1 simulator (Xcode8.1)
45682 – Scp doesn't copy entire file Messaging.g.cs
45719 – [Cycle 9] Xamarin.VisualStudio .msi installer has increased to roughly 165% of its previous size
45726 – Splash screen does not display on ios 10 (logo displays instead)
45809 – Xamarin.Mac not available in PCL targets
45810 – Xamarin.Mac requires manual references to facades
45813 – Couldn't open storyboard after updating to the latest version of ios and xcode.
45817 – All Visual Studio Xamarin updates fail with "Xamarin Setup Wizard ended prematurely"
45837 – Cannot build/compile Bindings Library project.
45858 – XAP Icon still available and in options.
45862 – [Xcode 8.1 GM] "May Slow Down Your iPhone ... The developer of this app needs to update it to improve its compatibility." because of default "i386" supported architecture setting in the iPhoneSimulator configuration on new projects
45875 – Missing iOS 10.0 deployment target
45898 – There is a textfield below the deployment target dropdown for WatchOS projects
45940 – [XVS/iOS Designer] Cannot set action for segue in iOS Storyboard
45963 – Archive Manager unreadable with dark theme
46069 – WatchKit FileNotFoundException: Notification Simulation File not found on Mac but it is there
46112 – line break type of designer.cs file is always changed to CRLF by iOS Designer
46168 – Updating to in VS 15 preview 5 removes Xamarin
46178 – NRE While starting the Designer agent
46183 – On clean XVS and AS 2.2.2 stable, no Android platform found error shows in VS
46184 – When building with JDK7, UnsupportedClassVersionError for version 52.0 shown
46185 – Newly created Google Android emulator from AS 2.2.2 stable doesn't show in VS dropdown until started manually
46198 – all andriod tools greyed out
46277 – [Xamarin Studio Parity] Project Properties for Android in VS does not have the Android Package Signing page as in XS
46279 – [XVS] "C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Xamarin\Android\mono-symbolicate ... Assertion at ..\mono\metadata\class.c:5078, condition `class' not met" when attempting to create Android packages in the Release configuration
46282 – Cannot access a disposed object..
46321 – Xamarin, emulators and MediaCreationTools of Windows 10 Anniversary SDK (10.0.14393.0)
46328 – Build Agent: Entering incorrect IP gives no indication for a long time that it is trying to connect
46518 – [XMA] Unable to connect Visual Studio to MacBook Pro
46539 – Unknown Identifier App when debugging
46562 – Segue type combo goes blank in property panel
46566 – [props] In Visual Studio 2015 there is no graphical user interface to select a keystore file
46574 – Visual Studio 2015 going to crash every time I try to add services references in PCL project
46611 – Craash on creating Cross Platform Master Detail Forms app template
46613 – Error popups when creating Cross Platform Master Detail Native app template
46616 – Error when creating new Cross Platform Blank Shared Forms App requiring a download of support package
46654 – VS2015 hangs after Cycle 9 update
46676 – MSI installer hanging at the end
46767 – Can't build Forms solutions due to missing assemblies
46874 – Visual Studio 2015 frequently freezes during build
46983 – Designer with same layout file in two different layout folders overwrites the wrong file
47006 – Random "Collection was modified" when running a command line build
47084 – Unable to run iOS application on iOS Simulator using VS 2013 in debug mode
47122 – Hang when creating new iOS project from template
47144 – Going from XVS C9 4.3.0.x build to C8 4.2.1.x build requires forgetting remembered Mac Agent to connect via XMA
47188 – ITextBufferExtensions.GetFilePath fails with KeyNotFoundException
47210 – CouldNotInitializeRendererException when opening a storyboard
47243 – Missing Native Cross-Platform templates in C9
47263 – Couldn't retrieve SSH Fingerprint.
47334 – System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x80004005)
47338 – Build iOS fails for timeout
47401 – Cache Folder continues to grow in size
47429 – Unable to launch Google Emulators if VS is NOT launched in admin mode
47445 – Java Max Heap Size guidance is wrong again
47514 – Xamarin.Forms Previewer in Visual Studio fails to load Xaml file
47567 – [Feature Request] Add XCode Download Container function to Visual Studio UI
47584 – XAML intellisense doesn't work (Xamarin.Forms)
47591 – Could not load type AndroidFormsRendering.XFPageRendererView
47653 – User is not able to install updates from updater window using Visual Studio.
47688 – [Xamarin Studio Parity and Run Configurations support] "Project Options > iOS Run Options > Environment Variables" and "Project Options > iOS Run Options > Parameters" currently have no effect when launching from Visual Studio
47697 – Couldn't create custom class component when base class is generic
47806 – Setting the AndroidClientHandler in the Android app project properties has no effect.
47810 – Installation of Android Updates to Cross-platform Solution Fails
47861 – DocSync.exe runs every time I open Xamarin Forms ANNOYING should be opt-in
47935 – referencing a netstandard 1.3 from an android or ios project displays an incompatibility warning in the references (but do compile ok)
48014 – blank xaml app (xamarin.forms portable) release build fails
48464 – Visual Studio 2015 hangs when opening solution
48507 – Add Connection Login Disabled
48525 – "Couldn't connect to xxx. Please try again - SSHD Error 255
48587 – Android TV App Banner cannot be set with tools
48589 – Switching updater channels doesn't have to re-download old files
48993 – Can't install iOS Simulator, Profiler, and Workbooks&Inspector through VS2015
49050 – Cross Platform Master Detail template gives error windows on project creation
49059 – "Unable to authenticate with SSH keys. Please try to log in with credentials first" - Cannot connect to a new Mac
49110 – Suddenly unable to connect to the Mac
49113 – [XMA] Xamarin Mac Agent Login Disabled
49118 – Template fails at first run
49160 – Inform user when attempting build that XMA hasn't finished yet.
49162 – Default to "iPhoneSimulator" as the Platform in the ConfigurationManager
49163 – Linker Options -> Linker Behavior has duplicated options
49164 – SSL/TLS Implementation Option in iOS Project settings is below another view, making it hard to view.
49165 – Do not show Xamarin Android Player anywhere in the product, including the toolbar.
49238 – [VS2017-RC] The file Default-Portrait@2x.png could not be found within the project templates.
49263 – "An exception has been encountered. This may be caused by an extension." when opening solution.
49265 – "Value does not fall within expected range" error when editing "Default Namespace" for Android project
49389 – InitializeComponent does not exist in current context along with other IntelliSense errors from UWP project
49417 – Error popup about loading the InspectorPackage when loading a project (non-Xamarin)
49424 – Vs2013 crashes when a breakpoint is hit in an Android app.
49425 – TargetInvocationException in vs2013 Threads window
49615 – building or cleaning with VS2015 up3 throws a cannot access a disposed object error (reoccurring or diff from Bug 44570)
49749 – Creating Cross Platform App Wizard broken if unchecking create new folder
49787 – Debugger gets confused when Variable/Property name is same as Class name of something else
49846 – Deadlock in AsyncManager.Run
49885 – ZipLogs should include iOS Simulator logs when it's installed and enabled
49895 – Xamarin.Forms Templates should turn on XAML compilation by default
49897 – Cross Platform App Templates UWP doesn't get built or deployed by default.
49969 – Tools->Options->Xamarin->Android log verbosity dropdown is clipped by label
49982 – [props] Unable to view WatchOS iOS Extension page in project properties
50055 – Connection to Mac SSH Service Hangs
50057 – Bump forms templates to Profile111
50086 – Breakpoints in PCL projects no longer hit
50271 – Opening Xamarin.Mac Application on VS always pops up Xamarin Mac Agent
50564 – Watermark text for Class and Module remain visible after collapsing the Identity of a widget properties.
50611 – [C8SR2] iPhone icon section getting disappear on clicking drop-down arrow.
50658 – iOS Mac Agent Prompt in VS
50681 – Out of memory while debugging in VS2017 RC
50726 – Visual Studio is disconnected from build-server every time project is reloaded
51151 – Xamarin Forms Previewer does not Show the preview...
51158 – Previewer should work without having an active connection to the mac
51165 – Xamarin iOS DocSync Boot Failure
51172 – Error message is cropped
51178 – XF Previewer window still showing errors with no solution open
51187 – [Profiler-Window] Enable Profiling checkbox should be checked by default on creating iOS application in VS.
51205 – Can't edit Components in an F# Xamarin Android project
51231 – Editing .axml files in VS 2015 freezes the IDE for a few seconds.
51235 – [props] info.plist Launchscreen file type generated
51252 – Failed to repair Merq extension in Dev15
51262 – Cannot run / debug WatchKit app on Simulator via VS 2015 Pro
51269 – Local checksum of C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\Common7\IDE\Extensions\Xamarin\Xamarin\\ couldn't be verified
51274 – [NuGetizer] Multiplatform library uses PCL Profile 151 instead of Profile 111
51292 – Cannot open iOS Story board from Visual Studio 2015 since the Xcode 8.2 and associated Xamarin update in december 2016.
51309 – Cannot connact to mac agent, System.MissingMethodException and Timeouts in logs
51325 – Accessibility: MAS 20B:Repetitive "Change" links displayed with similar name in "options" window
51326 – Accessibility:MAS 40B:Name property is incorrect for "Output verbosity" combo box
51332 – Accessibility:MAS 40B: Name property is empty for next(>) and previous buttons(<) in "Xamarin Mac Agent Instructions" window
51333 – Accessibility:MAS 40B:Name Property is empty for "Enter Mac address" edit box
51334 – Accessibility:MAS40B:Name Property is empty for the combo box in "options" window
51341 – "There was an internal issue with the rendering process" displayed for Forms previewer when 32bit java is installed
51342 – [props] Application Icon in Android Properties Doesn't Display Icons in mipmap folder
51347 – In dark theme text visibility is very low on 'Media' file.
51357 – Accessibility:MAS 40B:Multiple issues in "Xamarin Visual Studio Updates" window
51358 – Accessibility:MAS 40B:Name Properties are defined incorrectly for Edit boxes and combo boxes for "Application Properties" in Android Properties wizard
51359 – Accessibility:MAS 40B:Name property is not defined/incorrect for edit boxes and combo boxes in Android Properties-->Android Manifest
51360 – Accessibility:MAS 40B:Name Property is empty for "Leave the following resource…." edit box and "LocalizedControlType" is incorrect for "Debugger" combo box in Android Properties-->Android options
51361 – Accessibility:MAS 40B:"Name" property is incorrect for "Linking" combo box
51362 – Accessibility:MAS40B:"Name" property is empty/incorrect for multiple elements in Android Options-->Advanced tab
51363 – Accessibility:MAS05:KB:Keyboard focus is not logical in order for the "Android Setting" present in the "option" pop up window.
51364 – Accessibility:MAS 40B: "Name" properties is incorrect/empty for combo boxes in iOS Properties-->iOS build-->Advanced Tab
51365 – Accessibility:MAS36:KB:"Change" options present in the "Android settings" are not accessible using keyboard.
51367 – Accessibility:MAS 40B:Name property is empty for edit boxes and "browse folder" button In iOS Properties-->iOS IPA Applications tab
51368 – Accessibility:MAS 40B:Name property is empty/incorrect for edit boxes and "Deployment Target" combo box in iOS properties-->iOS Application Tab
51369 – Accessibility:MAS05:Focus order is not logical for the "connect to mac" pop up window.
51370 – Accessibility:MAS36:KB:Unable to get the context menu option for the available mac present in the "Xamarin Mac Agent" popup window.
51371 – Accessibility: MAS 40B:"LocalizedControlType" property and" IsExpandCollapsePatternAvailable" property is incorrect for "Deployment Target" combo box
51372 – Accessibility:MAS05:KB:Keyboard focus is not logical in order for the "Other" option present in the "option" pop up window.
51373 – Accessibility:MAS 40B:"IsExpandCollapsePattern" is false for "iPad Deployment Info","iPad Icons","Entitlements","Maps Integration"."Background Modes" buttons
51377 – Accessibility:MAS 40B:"Name" property is empty for all the check boxes under "Supported Device Orientations"
51379 – Resource.Designer.cs is not generated
51380 – Accessibility:MAS36:KB:"Check Now" link is not accessible using keyboard.
51381 – Accessibility:MAS05:KB:Keyboard focus is not logical in order for "iOS setting" present in the "option" pop up window.
51383 – Accessibility:MAS05:KB:Keyboard focus is not logical for the "Xamarin for Visual Studio updates" pop up window.
51384 – Accessibility:MAS 40B:"Name" property is incomprehensible for "Hide during application launch" check box
51385 – Accessibility:MAS 40B:"Name" property is incomprehensible/empty for all the buttons under "AppspotLight and Settings Icons(iPad icons)"
51386 – Accessibility:MAS36:KB:Links are not accessible using keyboard for the "Xamarin for Visual Studio updates" pop up window.
51387 – Accessibility:MAS36:KB:Expand and collapsed buttons present in the "Archive Manager" window are not accessible using keyboard.
51389 – Accessibility:MAS36:KB:Unable to get the context menu option using keyboard for the "Archive File".
51390 – Accessibility:MAS05:KB:Keyboard focus not logical for the "Application" section present in the android properties window.
51391 – Accessibility:MAS36:KB:Comboboxes present in the "Application" section of the android properties window are not being accessible using keyboard.
51392 – Accessibility:MAS36:KB:Different options present in the left hand side of the "Android Properties" windows are not accessible using keyboard.
51393 – Accessibility:MAS05A:KB:keyboard focus is not visible for the "Application Icon" combobox present in the "Android Manifest" section.
51394 – Accessibility:MAS36:KB:"Learn More" link present under "Linker" and "Advanced" tab is not accessible using keyboard
51395 – Accessibility:MAS05A:KB:keyboard focus is not visible for "Advanced properties" checkboxes present in the "Advanced" tab.
51396 – Accessibility:MAS05:KB:Keyboard focus is not logical in order for the "ios properties" window.
51397 – Accessibility:MAS36:KB:combo boxes present in the "iOS properties" window are not accessible using keyboard.
51398 – Accessibility:MAS05A:KB:keyboard focus is not visible for the check boxes present in the "Advanced" tab of the "ios build" section.
51399 – Accessibility:MAS36:KB:Different options present in the left hand side of the "ios properties" window are not accessible using key board.
51400 – Accessibility:MAS36:KB:"Asset Catalog" combobox and "prerendered" checkbox are not being accessible using keyboard.
51401 – Accessibility:MAS36:KB:"icloud containers", "key chain access groups","App Groups", "Associated Domains", "Passes" present under "Entitlements" are not accessible using keyboard.
51402 – Accessibility:MAS05A:KB:keyboard focus is not visible for the "identity" and "Provisioning profile" combo boxes.
51404 – Accessibility:MAS05A:KB:keyboard focus is getting lost after tabbing multiple times in the "Entitlements.plist" window.
51405 – Accessibility:MAS05:KB:Keyboard focus order is not logical for the "Universal Icons" section.
51406 – Accessibility:MAS36:KB:Xamarin components present in the "components" tab are not being accessible using keyboard.
51432 – iOS templates fail to build with "(SayHello task) error : Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute."
51436 – [Willow] XVS uninstall deletes all of HKCU\Software\Xamarin
51437 – Accessibility:MAS 40B:"Name" property is empty/incorrect for the icon buttons under "iTunes Artwork" and "Launch Images" headers
51438 – Accessibility:MAS40B:"Name" property is empty/incorrect for all the list boxes and Add/Remove buttons in "Entitlements" region
51439 – Accessibility:MAS 40B:"Name" property is empty for edit boxes in "iOS On demand Resources" tab
51440 – Accessibility:MAS 40B:"Name" property Is empty/incorrect for Edit boxes and combo boxes in "iOS Bundle singing" tab
51441 – Accessibility: MAS42A: In 'Xamarin for Visual Studio Updates' window, pane text content is not visible in HC black.
51442 – Accessibility:MAS 40B:"Name" property is incomprehensible for "Environment Variables" table
51443 – Accessibility:MAS 40B:"Name" property is incomprehensible for "Assembly version" and "File version" edit boxes
51444 – Accessibility: MAS42A: In Android Properties > Options text color for disabled check box is not in compliance with HC black
51445 – Accessibility:MAS 40B:"LocalizedControlType" and "IsSeletcionItemPatternAvailable" properties are incorrect for the left pane options in "Entitlements.plist" and "Info.plist" windows
51446 – Accessibility:MAS 40B:"Name" property is empty for "Tinting" combo box and "Tint Color" button in info.plist-->iPhone Deployment Info-->Status bar
51447 – Accessibility: MAS42A: Background Modes and Entitlements tab items are not visible in HC black, unless focused/selected.
51448 – Accessibility:MAS 40B:"Name" property is empty/incorrect for the buttons under "App.Spotlight and Settings icons" and "iTunes Artwork" in info.plist-->iPhone icons
51449 – Accessibility:MAS40B:Name property is empty for search button and search edit box in "Archive Manager" window
51450 – Accessibility: MAS42A: 'Device Orientations' Check boxes are not distinguishable if checked or not in HC black.
51451 – Accessibility:MAS 40B: Name property is incorrect for "Application Name" in Archive Manager
51452 – Accessibility: MAS42A: 'Style' combo box under Info.plist > iPhone Deployment Info > Status Bar, is not visible in HC black theme.
51453 – Accessibility:MAS40B:Name of the appllication is not defined properly in Archive Manager
51454 – Accessibility:MAS40:"Current Solution" and "All Archives" buttons are not defined properly in inspect
51455 – Accessibility: MAS42A: 'Edit Pre-build' and 'Edit Post-build' buttons are not in compliance with any of the High Contrast themes.
51456 – Accessibility:MAS40B:Name property is empty for "Platform" combo box in "Archive Manager"
51457 – Accessibility:MAS40: Buildcomments and Errors are not defined properly in inspect
51458 – Accessibility: MAS42A:HC theme is applying to "Xamarin components".
51459 – Accessibility:MAS40B: "Name" property is empty for search box and Name property is incorrect for the Mac Name in "Xamarin Mac Agent" window
51460 – Accessibility: MAS42A:Name of the expand collapse button present in the "Entitlements" and "Info.Plist" Tabs are not clearly visible HC white theme mode when focus is on it.
51461 – Accessibility:MAS40B:Name property is empty for "User Name" and "Password" fields in "Connect to Mac Window"
51462 – Accessibility: MAS42A:"Reset Password" link is not clearly visible in the HC black theme.
51463 – Accessibility:MAS40B:Name property is empty for all buttons in "Components" window
51464 – Accessibility:MAS40B:Name property is empty for UI elements and edit boxes in "Please log in to use xamarin" window
51465 – Accessibility:MAS 40B: Help text is not defined for "Master Detail","Blank App","Blank App(XML) template options in "New Cross Platform" window
51466 – Accessibility:MAS 40: Info and Relationships is not defined correctly in "Options" dialog box
51467 – Usability:"System" menu is getting expanded with out user input while navigating using CAPS+Right arrow keys in "Xamarin Mac Agent Instructions" window
51468 – Usability: Narrator is reading the next screen elements(hidden) when the user is navigating in the first page using CAPS+Right arrow keys
51470 – Usability:Narrator is not reading "Next" button
51471 – Usability:Narrator is not reading position and number of check boxes under "Internationalization" header in iOS Properties-->iOS build-->Advanced Tab
51472 – Usability:Narrator is reading inappropriate message when Focus is on "Password" field in "Connect To Mac" dialog
51473 – Usability:Narrrator Focus is not moving to components region when "Edit components" is selected
51474 – Usability:CAPS+Right/Left arrow Navigation is not sequential in overall xamarin application
51475 – Accessibility:MAS 20: "Tooltip" control is not defined programatically
51488 – Unhandled Activation Error
51521 – Issues with too many macs in the mac agent
51524 – "Run in Test Cloud" context menu item missing for UITest projects in Solution Explorer
51541 – Memory Leak in Java on Xamarin.Forms Previewer
51580 – AsyncManager.Run is deadlocking when invoking AndroidDesignerSession.DisposeAsync
51599 – Archive Manager Android "Could not distribute project X" - "The xmlreader state should be endoffile after this operation"
51603 – [XVS] "Could not load machine data" during activation. Ignores VS licence.
51611 – Crash in iOS Designer tries to render a Horizontal UIStackView with Alignment = Top
51633 – Freeze when debugging [Android] [Xamarin.Forms]
51672 – Images in resource folder are not available in Image drop down in UIImage properties in XPLat Native PCL solution when Android project is unloaded.
51678 – Previewer doesn't understand Picker ItemsSource property
51679 – Previewer doesn't show selected state for Device or Platform after experiencing an error
51680 – Previewer shows no indication of changes or refreshing in progress
51681 – Previewer shows an error over the preview of a valid view
51682 – Something went wrong modal won't go away
51690 – Can't compile applications
51718 – Warn user of long build time for first build
51719 – Grammar error on Mac connect box
51724 – [Cycle 9] The old UI showing individual Xamarin.Forms templates has been removed, and the new UI does not directly show how to get to them
51745 – Creating a new iOS app and opening the iOS Application properties is causing VS2017 to crash
51775 – System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException: Directory '/Library/Frameworks/Xamarin.iOS.framework/Versions/usr/lib/mono/2.1' not found.
51777 – VS 2017 RC debugger doesn't hit breakpoints on iOS projects
51793 – Cannot preview Xaml with Telerik controls. Error: EnsureSession counter too high
51798 – "Help > Xamarin > Open Logs" is sometimes being disabled in VS2017
51869 – Visual Studio 2017 RC installation update path missing / inoperative.
52042 – Previewer not showing error
52052 – [UITest] Visual Studio Android & iOS templates have comment that refer to "Unit Tests" pad which only exists in Xamarin Studio
52057 – Constraint offsets can not be changed / incorrect values displayed
52110 – ProjectReference to multi-targeted project fails build
52159 – [VS-Connected Template] BrowseItemDetailViewController file could not be found within project template
52163 – [VS-Connected Template] Package Installation Error when unfolding UWP template results in error dialog
52182 – Xamarin iOS Info.plist tabular display instead of normal display
52184 – Archive Manager/Android Key Manager doesn't show complete error messages
52227 – Updater not updating Profiler
52257 – [VS-Connected Template] Unable to copy the file 'Windows_TemporaryKey.pfx' from the project template to the project.
52260 – Adding event to a button via the property panel generated incorrect code in the designer.cs file
52264 – "Couldn't connect ... Please try again" due to "Failed to execute 'find ... '" when the "Login shell" aka the "UserShell" is set to `/bin/csh`, `fish`, or another shell that doesn't use `bash` syntax
52315 – Can't deploy iOS app
52320 – [VS2017] Xamarin.iOS.Windows.After.targets(63,5): error : Unable to start Build agent. when building iOS apps
52328 – [VS 2017]VS 2017 Enterprise Edition behave as a community when user login with Xamarin Enterprise license
52330 – [VS2017] Debugger does not start when launching an iOS app
52336 – [FirstRun]Change Android SDK default installation location
52359 – Error: The post for client vs[CODE] on topic xvs/idb/[XAMARIN VERSION]/launch-app has been cancelled
52363 – Xamarin Updates Available
52393 – [XVS][Inspector] Inspect button enable state incorrect if Android project not saved before launching after changing Linking Behavior setting
52407 – Failure to update/install Xamarin 4.3.664 - File contains corrupted data
52408 – [VS-Connected Template] Blank App > Native app fails to compile Droid project in VS2017
52418 – Cannot use form previewer on VS 2017 RC
52441 – iOS designer in visual studio is unable to render views according to given constraints
52442 – Visual Studio blocked while downloading updates
52447 – XVS installer for VS2017 takes too much space
52451 – [FirstRun] Old JDK paths in sdks.cache prevent users from building and resolving project errors when updating JDKs.
52454 – Microsoft.CSharp not referenced in VS project templates
52455 – Cut and paste control and ID disappears
52457 – Color issues associated with View, Text or other object
52478 – iOS Run Option Environment Variables do not work
52486 – in Visual Studio 2017, if you create a new iOS project, the MinimumOSVersion key has no value in the .plist file. This will lead to a build error right out of the gate.
52498 – Blank App unable to create UWP project.
52522 – "Xamarin.Messaging.Tasks.CreateArchiveDirectory" task could not be loaded from the assembly
52531 – [FirstRun] Install Missing Features dialog pops up when Xamarin is already installed for some .sln
52584 – [VS2017] "Host in the cloud" option for connected templates is enabled without the & web dev workload being installed
52588 – Current error "The previewer requires a 64bit version of Java ..." for Forms Previewer with 32-bit JDK has incorrect download link and doesn't instruct the user to set the JDK in "Xamarin > Android Settings"
52589 – Current error "The previewer requires a 64-bit version of Oracle Java ..." for Android designer/previewer with 32-bit JDK can potentially be improved by adding a button in the designer window that will open the "Xamarin > Android Settings" menu
52606 – [VS-Connected Template] The file packages.config could not be found within the project templates.
52610 – [VS-Connected Template] default solution platform for an iOS project is iPhone when it should be iPhoneSimulator
52614 – Resources generation task (aapt process) is blocking operation.
52637 – [Intentional behavior] Cycle 8 and higher leaves behind extensions directories for Merq.Vsix and Xamarin.Forms.Templates.VisualStudio after uninstall
52652 – [Nugetizer] Mutliplatform Library creation dialog has illegible text entries when using VS2015 dark theme
52661 – [Cycle 9] "Not Responding" appears in VS window title when the new "Installing Android components..." dialog is initiated by building a new template project (but not when reopening an existing project)
52685 – WatchOS SceneKit Game template defaults to iPhone as the solution platform when it should be iPhoneSimulator
52695 – [Cycle 9] Visual Studio hangs in `AndroidErrorsManager.AddWarning()` while opening solutions in certain cases related to the settings in "Tools > Options > Xamarin > Android Settings"
52704 – Regression: the Xamarin Forms Previewer now requires empty constructors for pages
52705 – cant set Custom Color in Xamarin for Visual studio
52753 – Visual Studio hangs when upgrading Xamarin and packages to latest version and clearing bin/obj files
52757 – error MT1001 if assembly name doesn't match project name
52760 – [Cycle 9] Breakpoints non-functional and exception call stacks show user code as "External Code" for PCLs referenced by PCLs on both Android and iOS
52830 – Changing label or button text through properties has to be done character by character
52833 – Unable to find my self created folders in Resources
52849 – Failure to deploy application to device with resource content using Visual Studio
52853 – Improve the expired license prompt
52884 – [Xamarin VS][][Windows10][R-100%][FreeAppComponent]- VS crashes clicking on "Add to app" while adding free app component twice.
52889 – The Xamarin Forms Previewer does not show the own content of pages with a control template
52904 – Opening and existsing Xamarin.Forms project (iOS, Android, UWP with a shared project and a PCL project) causes Visual Studio to crash.
52908 – Intellisense not working properly for Android projects created with the Forms templates
52911 – Segue property box goes blank after changing setting
52916 – Zip logs fails - System.IO.FileNotFoundException: iOSDesigner-Mac.log was not found on the Mac
52917 – Android Deployment fails if WiX project is contained in the same solution as Android project
52919 – Archive Manager ignores regional settings displaying package details
52932 – [XVS / Forms] Forms project and added Forms library have differing PCL Profiles
52934 – Only first test runs successfully rest get WebException
52936 – Android Libraries show 3 "API" levels, but should only have 1
52947 – error MSB4018: The "XamlCTask" task failed unexpectedly
52948 – Info.plist editor does not appear by default in VS 2017
52949 – The file 'Resources/LaunchScreen.storyboard' conflicts with 'LaunchScreen.storyboard'.
52950 – Xamarin.VS fails to load package on Windows 8.1 + Visual Studio 2013
52965 – [VS]: Visual Studio crashes while selecting option of "Publish", properties of Mac Build "Mac.debugging"
52974 – [XVS 2017-Dev15 RTW] Android console logs not getting cleared after executing adb -e logcat -c command
52985 – [XF/XVS] Forms Content Page Xaml template calling non-existent class
53013 – [Xamarin VS][][Windows10][R-100%][Designer]-Main.StoryBoard is unable to load after connecting to MacAgent and doesnt work when closed/Opened .storyboard file.
53020 – [XF/XVS] Incorrect namespace in added Master Detail Page
53021 – [XF/XVS] ObservableCollection incorrectly named in Forms MasterDetail Page Xaml template
53042 – [Cycle 9] Installer does not enforce requirement to have at least (a) VS 2013 Update 5 or (b) .NET Framework 4.6.2, resulting in "The 'XamarinShellPackage' package did not load correctly." due to "No exports were found ... Merq.IEventStream"
53063 – vs 2017 xamarin forms pcl, NativeGateKeper.dll could not be found Android, UWP can not compile
53070 – [Xamarin VS][][Windows10][R-100%] Unable to deploy tvOS application on Apple TV device from VS.
53073 – 32bit only simulators should not be listed when you have a 64bit only app
53080 – The Xamarin Mac Agent could not be fully started. Agents not started: Designer
53092 – .dSYM Files are not copied back to the Windows machine
53102 – VS2017 RC fails to build Android sample app that builds on VS2015
53104 – Forms page template with view model is broken
53107 – [XVS 2017-Dev15 RTW] "Archive" option disabled for iPhone project
53108 – [XVS 2017-Dev15 RTW] Wrong simulator launched on Mac Machine with which Mac Agent is connected
53111 – [XVS 2017-Dev15 RTW] "Assets.xcassets" folder not visible on iPhone single view app solution explorer
53112 – [XVS 2017-Dev15 RTW]"Asset catalogs" folder does not open on double clicking in solutions explorer.
53125 – Package Installation Error - Could not add all required packages to the project.
53133 – [Cycle 9] "Xamarin for Visual Studio" and "Xamarin.Forms Templates" extensions are marked as "[Experimental]" under "Tools > Extensions and Updates" in VS 2015
53134 – VS connection to mac, enter wrong password, no error is shown, just a red bar
53139 – [Cycle 8 SR 2] Ignorable error "An error occurred while executing MTouch" is shown due to an error "while executing a reply for topic xvs/idb/" after "Stop Debugging" for iPhone simulator
53140 – Visual Studio 2017 No Longer Deploys To Genymotion Emulator
53141 – [Cycle 9] New "Master Detail" Xamarin.Forms template project confusingly does not use the `MasterDetailPage` class at all
53142 – "Visual Studio Preview" does not yet include any new Xamarin version, even though the Xamarin Alpha updater channel for VS 2015 and VS 2013 does include a new version
53143 – Wrong assembly path, namespace and variable in MasterDetailPage template
53155 – Project bundle identifier does not match specified provisioning profile
53158 – Application built with wrong libmono-sgen.dylib when profiling tvOS app
53170 – There is no feedback to inform users that Azure bits are required for the "Host in the cloud" option to be enabled when creating a Connected Template
53171 – Inspector does not install
53172 – Include option for Azure bits required for Connected Templates in the VS2017 Xamarin Workload
53175 – Creating a Xamarin Forms app in VS 2017 RTM fails to create the UWP version
53183 – [15.1 Alpha 2 Smoke] Getting Build Successful with errors shown in Error console.
53191 – Unable to build WatchOS project in VS 2013 & VS 2015 in Windows 10.
53214 – [VS 2017] "Help > Open Logs" usually disabled and no log files written if the first Xamarin project opened is an existing Xamarin.iOS project
53233 – While editing the Title of a Button in the Properties window it looses focus
53251 – [Cycle 8] "Add > Class" and "Add > New Item" solution context menu commands for iOS projects direct user to "Cross-Platform" templates rather than expected C# and iOS templates
53253 – XS -> Run -> Start profiling menu item is missing
53270 – TargetFrameworkVersion Automatically updating Projects when opened
53281 – Debugger doesn't hit breakpoints in referenced PCL
53291 – [F#] Templates warn that "Project Target Framework Not Installed" when framework is installed and C# templates work.
53311 – Android Designer displays "show error" with no way to see the actual error
53315 – [C9SR0] Build Error Observed on building tvOS.Debugging App
53353 – [VS 2015][Android Designer][] Android widget Intellisense not working in case of VS.
53367 – Do not force DocSync.exe on developers
53369 – Unable to disable or dramatically reduce Xamarin messages in Output Windows
53374 – "The target "GetBuiltProjectOutputRecursive" does not exist in the project" with x-platform csproj
53386 – Android project fails to properly initialize
53402 – GoogleServicesJson Build action is missing from dropdown
53408 – Inspector Error preventing running of ios application in simulator or device
53455 – Multiple Projects with same ProjectGUID
53464 – [d15-1 VS2017] Break-point is not getting hit when app is deployed in debug mode in iOS Device.
53472 – Cross-platform templates dialog does not function properly with larger environment fonts / high DPI monitors
53474 – VS 2017 Error: ConvertPdbToMdb task failed unexpectedly. PortablePdbNotSupportedException
53479 – [Feature Request] Cannot build Xamarin.Mac .NET 4.5 from a PC using a Mac Server
53512 – Android.Graphics.Picture not supported in designer preview of custom control
53572 – Label overlaps on HTTP Client
53573 – Spelling of Implementation in HTTP/TLS
53574 – Overlapping Text HTTP
53575 – Overlapping text on iOS Build Advanced
53576 – Overlapping text and misaligned in iOS Application
53577 – Overlapping text iOS Debug menu
53584 – iOS Build Properties Menu Contains Setting for Value Type Sharing
53602 – Extremely slow iOS build with a few projects references
53793 – Unable to reference PCL in a tvOS or watchOS Library
53815 – F# Cannot Create Xamarin class library
53835 – Cannot manually choose an Xcode path in the settings
53859 – MSBuild property in the .csproj file not being recognized when building from VSTS
53876 – Xamarin.VisualStudio.Inspector NullReferenceException from GetProjectFlavor() for VS2017 ASP.NET Core Web Application (.Net Core)
53883 – No (or intermittent) XAML intellisense in .NET Standard projects (VS2017)
53891 – Xamarin Forms Previewer does not show Exception details in case of an error.
53926 – ListView inside StackLayout causes Forms Previewer to throw a "you MUST call Xamarin.Forms.Init" exception.
54013 – [VS 2015][Simulator][][Xcode 8]-Unable to start the remote simulator, Getting Device (UDID) not found when tried to deploy (Xcode 8.0 on 10.0 OS)
54014 – [VS 2017 / 2015 : Android] Exception while loading Android preview for Xamarin.form shared project.
54037 – [Visual Studio 2015] "Host in the Cloud" checkbox is not actionable when "Master Detail" is selected
54046 – `--sdkroot` is not being passed to the remoted sim
54051 – [props] MtouchFloat32 property is set incorrectly via checkbox in Visual Studio
54122 – Xamarin Mac Agent fails to connect .. not sure why
54143 – [VS 2015][Designer][][Xcode 8.3]-Unable to render the storyboard getting System.NullReferenceException Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
54188 – Assiging string which does not cast to double for font size causes entire screen to go blank on Android
54224 – Display current Xamarin Version in the updater
54225 – Cannot install Xamarin updates in Visual Studio
54226 – Visual studio mac connection disconnects when you lock screen
54282 – [XVS 2015] Devices log drop down does not display Emulator
54302 – [Smoke][VS-2017 Enterprise] Unable to load the pre-existing Forms Fsharp template.
54305 – Duplicate "Class" item templates listed for iOS project types.
54307 – FileNotFound for MasterDetail>Native>Shared Xplat template causing build failure
54319 – (Atishoo) Pin Spacing Controls are hidden in iOS Designer.
54329 – [Inspector] Error preparing project for inspection: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
54336 – [VS2017/Win10]VS IDE crash when we add Android layout .axml file to the existing android solution
54349 – MT1007: Failed to launch
54358 – Failed to render Android XAML preview
54444 – [15.2 -VS15] Enable to Create/open any project with Xamarin
54446 – Debugging project on iOS skips constructor
54454 – Enhancement: Option to not remove Android SDK/NDK when uninstalling Xamarin Workload from VS2017
54467 – Deploy continues forever, VS crashes
54477 – MasterDetailPage's missing title error wasn't captured by XamlC
54654 – The SayGoodbye target fails when builing an iOS library
54659 – AXML autocompletion does not work
54661 – [15.1] VS crashes on "Access to the path '...Entitlements.plist' is denied" when trying to access iOS Application settings if Entitlements.plist is marked read-only
54668 – Opening an iOS project always prompts me to find a mac even if I don't have one configured
54671 – XAML in shared project causes Intellisense errors
54778 – [VS-PropPage] In Android application properties, discrepancy found in "Application" option of stable and feature build.
54790 – [VS-PropPage] Advanced Android options contents does not fit inside window
54792 – [VS-PropPage] Use LLVM Optimizing Compiler should only be selectable when AOT Compilation is enabled
54795 – [VS-PropPage] Debugger field has no default value for Android template projects
54796 – [VS-PropPage] Additional Supported Encodings dropdown menu is not left-aligned with other items
54797 – [VS-PropPage] Additional Supported Encodings dropdown menu does not expand when clicked
54800 – [VS-PropPage] Supported architecture dropdown does not expand when clicked
54801 – [VS-PropPage] Typo in Advanced Android Options
54802 – iOS Deployment Target Setting missing available SDKs
54803 – Allow debugger to attach to an already running Xamarin process
54807 – "Xamarin for Visual Studio Updates" dialog does not give the user a way to get past "This installation package could not be opened" if one of the .msi files has an incorrect MD5 checksum after it finishes downloading
54966 – Infinite build with errors "Could not write lines to file FileListAbsolute.txt"
54979 – VS debugger shows some threads as "<Thread Pool>" thread name even though they are not
54986 – [VS-PropPage] Plist editor "Deployment Target" field only has latest iOS version and can't be manually edited
54987 – conditional breakpoints not working in VS 2017
54994 – C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Professional\MSBuild\Xamarin\iOS\Xamarin.iOS.Common.targets(956, 3): error MSB3375: The file "bin\AppStore\\Contents\Info.plist" does not exist.
54999 – VS 2017 hangs in project loading loop when we open an XA project
55006 – [VS2013 Professional 15.2] Build iTunes Package Archive (IPA) checkbox is Disabled in iOS Application property menu.
55020 – [VS2013/15/17 15.2]Unable to hit Breakpoint while debugging iOS application
55065 – [VS2013 d15.2]AOT compilation checkbox is available in Android application's property menu.
55192 – Contraint constant properties are incorrect in the property window
55193 – iOS app cannot be signed when a non-automatic provisioning profile is selected
55196 – iOS project settings: iOS Application -> Universal Icons lacks a spot for an iPad icon of 167x167
55228 – Visual Studio 2017 15.1 : Broken Android Designer
55284 – [VS2013 iOS] Unable to create IPA even after checking the "Build iTunes Package Archive (IPA)"
55368 – [VS2013 Professional 15.2] Build iTunes Package Archive (IPA) check-box is enabled but the sub options present in IOS IPA Options are not accessible
55388 – Visual Studio Crashes when Entitlements.plist is checked in to TFS
55390 – [VS2015][iOS extension Debugger][]-Unable to hit the breakpoint on Apple watch physical device.
55391 – [VS2015][][iOS extension Debugger]-Unable to hit the breakpoint in iOS extensions i.e (action extension,Document file provider extension)
55405 – C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Enterprise\MSBuild\Xamarin\iOS\Xamarin.iOS.Common.targets(1659,3): error : Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
55420 – XVS: After "Archiving" an Android Project, it fails but the ErrorList section does not showup anything
55449 – [Windows10/VS2015]-Build failed error observe on building Single-View App/Blank App (Android)
55470 – Building from command line crashes
55478 – iOS Extension project doesn't show correct value in architecture dropdown
55514 – Breakpoint is not working on remoted iOS Stimulator for VS 2017
55517 – [Smoke][VS2015 Enterprise 15.2] Build iTunes Package Archive (IPA) checkbox is Disabled in iOS Application property menu for F#.
55518 – xma.exe is no longer installed causing the Tools -> iOS -> Open Mac Agent Console item to fail
55535 – error MT1001: Could not find an application at the specified directory
55547 – [VS2013][][PCL FormsApp]- Unable to build the Xamarin Forms PCL app , getting .dll not found error during building the application
55549 – [Xamarin.forms/Forms Item Template Refresh][VS-2013] Build failed with multiple syntax errors for crossplatform project containing all Xamarin.Forms item templates.
55633 – XMA Connection disconnects when Windows machine is locked
55638 – Intellisense broken in shared projects using UWP in VS 2017
55673 – Can't debug iOS project. Error checking consistency between local and remote
55686 – [Smoke][VS2015][] - TVoS SampleApp (CrossPlatformDebugging Project) is crashing when breakpoint is getting hit on TVoS physical device
55690 – Random crash with the iOS simulator with the debugger attached
55717 – The Xaml Intellisense not working and the type "ContentPage" not found error in visual studio 2015 commuinity update-2
55876 – Breakpoints no longer working
55886 – Can't reconnect to build host w/o restarting VS (with video link)
55888 – Constraint multiplier field only accepts integer.
55894 – Clicking on IOS application in VS 2015 causes VS to Crash!!
55901 – Xaml C# code behind file is not being nested under the Xaml file, after adding new Xaml item to a Shared project
55991 – Entitlements.plist issues in iOS project properties when never connected to build host
56010 – Launch fail error after stopping the debugger
56035 – Connection from Visual Studio to iOS build host unstable
56099 – [VS][Inspector] Extensions doesn't work with VS2017
56101 – Android layout fails to load normally
56106 – Editing any /Resource file should ALWAYS re-generate Resource.Designer.cs
56138 – [VS 2017][XI][Xamarin] - IOS bundle signing option is not displaying for VS 2017
56139 – [Xamarin VS 2017][][Windows10][Reproducibility-50%][Designer]-Main.StoryBoard is unable to load after connecting to MacAgent and doesnt work when closed/Opened .storyboard file.
56143 – [VS 2017][XI][Xamarin] - iOS Build option is not displaying content for VS 2017.
56148 – error MSB3375: The file "bin\AppStore\\Contents\Info.plist" does not exist.
56159 – Keystore not included in project and no documentation warnings on backing it up
56167 – [VS2015][][iOS extension Debugger]-Unable to start the iOS extension on Device/Simulators i.e (action extension,Document file provider extension)
56192 – csproj loses multidex support on upgrade to 4.5
56213 – Cannot build iOS App (Can not resolve reference: C:/Windows/Microsoft.NET/Framework/v4.0.30319/de/mscorlib.resources.dll)
56220 – Can't build iOS project (Xamarin.Forms) that references Autofac nuget
56225 – Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 not hitting breakpoints while debuing XF app on Android with HAXM
56230 – New Info.plist editor does not show images that are defined in the file
56232 – [VS][15.2] Android and iOS inspection broken
56234 – Localization doesn't work
56262 – CFBundleVersion does not update on editing the versions in Info.plist
56275 – Unable to copy appname.dll from obj to bin because it is being used by another process
56276 – [VS 2017][][Debugger]- Debug mode doesn't stop automatically when App is terminated or Crashed
56279 – [VS 2013 F#] F# windows console application project get excited with code 0 (0x0)
56283 – [VS 2013 F#] Getting 'TypeProviderAssemblyAttribute' error when we deploy F# OpenGl (Android) app in Release mode
56285 – [15.3 VS 2017]Unable to deploy application on device and Simulator when using Virtual Machine
56306 – warning MSB3026 Could not copy "obj\Debug\xxxxx.dll" to "bin\Debug\xxxxx.dll". Beginning retry 1 in 1000ms. The process cannot access the file 'bin\Debug\xxxxx.dll' because it is being used by another process
56338 – Xamarin.iOS for Visual Studio in 15.2 no longer copies LinkerConfiguration.xml file during build
56391 – Enable MultiDex in project properties does not work
56393 – Project doesn't build after enabling Proguard
56445 – [15.3 -VS15 & VS17] Unable to Create/open any project with Xamarin
56448 – [VS][15.2] Android inspection working for Real devices too
56457 – System.ValueTuple dependency with 4.3.0 fails with Xamarin
56488 – An assembly `System.Core' with the same identity has already been imported.
56496 – Location of linked files in build directory on Mac build host has changed
56503 – Cannot debug application on either Android or iOS from Visual Studio 2015 after 15.2 upgrade.
56545 – Xamarin Forms new files templates missing in NetStandard project
56571 – error : Could not load Info.plist
56573 – Editing code while Forms Previewer is open locks up Visual Studio
56587 – Companion to Bug 56275 for example scenario that hits "Could not copy "obj\Debug\..." to "bin\Debug\...". Exceeded retry count of 10."
56596 – not able to connect mac after upgrading xamarin to 4.5
56607 – Layout Designer is Not Accessible for the Screen Readers
56615 – Failed to resolve IMonoSslStream::AuthenticateAsClient
56619 – [VS2015][][Designer]-Unable to render the storyboard when tried to connect to host from the button inside the designer.
56623 – New Manifest Editor is not Dark Theme Friendly
56645 – Problem creating new Pages
56651 – SshClient.Connect can hang on older OS's
56697 – Cannot debug in VS 2017 15.2 and up
56716 – [VS 2013][15.2.2] - Android application is not getting deployed in Release mode even if it is displaying app deployed successfully in VS
56719 – [VS2015][F# ]-Link Framework assemblies is not working ,Build fails for F# iOS temple when solution platform = iPhoneSimulator
56721 – [Smoke][VS 2017] User is able to created the project for the uninstalled components or workloads.
56723 – iOS media property "iOS icons is pre-rendered" makes no sense
56734 – when creating asset catalogs in Xamarin Studio or Visual Studio for Mac can't open up asset catalogs in Visual Studio for Windows
56736 – i installed the 15.2 patch. from that moment, when opening a a xamarin project, even a new one, makes the VS unrespomnsive. uninstalling and reinstalling the VS2017 didn't solve the issue
56750 – System.ValueType no longer working for iOS
56756 – [VS 2015][Indirect Rendering][]- Getting exceptions in android designer logs when indirect rendering is enabled.
56760 – Add > Class in WatchOS extension opens dialog to add Xamarin Forms
56763 – VS Sluggish
56764 – Components (not) compatible with Visual Studio 2017
56778 – Xamarin.iOS doesn't hit breakpoints with VS2017
56781 – Not hitting breakpoints in Xamarin.Forms IOS project
56787 – [15.2.2] "System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'Mono.Posix, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=0738eb9f132ed756' or one of its dependencies." when attempting to start apps
56792 – xamarin forms Previewer makes VS2017 freeze.
56794 – Visual Studio crashes on startup due to exception thrown in MacDiscoveryService
56796 – Strange text when running installer, It shows texts like "Removing files: [1], directory [9]"
56835 – Connecting to Mac Agent, Cant Connect.
56839 – Debugging session aborts due to "Could not load file or assembly 'Mono.Posix...' or one of its dependencies" even when Mono.Posix.dll is present in Common7\IDE\Extensions\Xamarin\Xamarin
56840 – Build seems to never end in VS2017
56845 – [PlistEditor] Empty Visual Assets section for iOS App Extensions
56871 – [VS 2013] MEF composition error while opening the xaml previewer.
56878 – [PlistEditor] Capabilities in Capabilities section show black text on dark mode (unreadable)
56879 – [AssetEditor] Multiple readability issue in dark mode
56880 – [iOS Build] Remove Ad-Hoc and AppStore configurations from new projects
56889 – Android app failing to deploy to VS Emulator for Android, emulator fails to start form IDE
56893 – Unable to hit PCL breakpoints on iOS device in CrossPlatform Xamarin.Forms PCL template
56917 – VS2017 Build failed PortableSharedProject.dll is locked
56919 – VS intermittent fails to start AVD
56959 – Buggy IDE VS2017 latest everything FORMS and template ADD listviewpage to PCL and try it in the PREVIEWER -EXCEPTIONS ALL OVER
56960 – xamarin forms ListViewPage Template buggy VS2017 proffessional stable releases only
56988 – Xamarin iOS SDK's out of sync between VS for Mac and VS2017 15.2
56989 – Info.Plist editor not able to remove launch screens
56991 – Example scenario for error from Bug 56787 "Could not load file or assembly 'Mono.Posix, Version=, ...'" when attempting to start debugging with breakpoints set
57005 – [props] "Use Shared Runtime" checkbox shows wrong value
57007 – Cannot constrain UIView to Leading or Trailing of an UIViewController
57116 – [VS2017] create but fails to reopen project created using Xamarin F# Android template
57118 – [Anndroid] Blank app template has SetCOntentView commented out in MainActivity.OnCreate
57138 – Visual Studio gets disconnected from mac
57143 – Visual Studio Crashes when connecting to VPN in MacDiscoveryService DiscoverHosts at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.set_ExclusiveAddressUse with an InvalidOperationException
57147 – Intellisense for a class library project in same solution fails to load in Xamarin.Android
57153 – "Xamarin Manual Installation Instructions" screen appears when using XamarinInstaller.exe because "XamarinIOS_BonjourResponder_Feature" was removed from .msi without coordinating a corresponding change in XamarinInstaller.exe
57163 – [Smoke-VS2015][] - Cross-Platform templates are missing in the msi
57178 – Breakpoints not hit in external C# library
57203 – iOS Manifest tab : spelling issue
57204 – iOS Bundle Signing tab: spelling issues
57239 – iOS Build timeout issue (Visual Studio 2017 15.2)
57247 – Native Static Reference (.a) source file ends up with 0 Kb after build
57250 – Previewer bug, work perfect in emulator..
57297 – Xamarin.Forms Previewer does not "Reload Document" after a "Rebuild Project" operation.
57322 – [XVS][VS2013/15/17] By default no iOS verions is selected in Info.plist >Target Deployment drop down list
57339 – MSBuild process produces high CPU usage due to incorrect parent process monitor on XMA
57417 – It can not preview a page with a custom font.
57420 – Follow-up to Bug 56787: "Mono.Debugging.VisualStudio" extension is not yet up-to-date in upstream VS 2017 installer manifest
57466 – Visual Studio sometimes hangs (pauses, freezes) when opening solutions, during `Xamarin.VisualStudio.ZeroConf.MacDiscoveryService.OnResolved()`
57507 – [props] "Linker Behavior" drop-down menu shows inaccurate default value of "Don't Link" for MtouchLink property
57514 – [XVS][Xamarin:] Getting DEP3321 error while deployment for any target version.
57553 – Unable to build the SceneKitGame Application in VS 2015 when created the Game app in VSfM
57562 – Command "Debug.LiveInspect" is not available.
57565 – New Asset catalog is added to "Resources" directory, when it should be added to "Assets.xcassets" directory.
57590 – Unable to connect to Mac Build host, after Windows 7 Critical Update
57603 – VS2017 setting wrong value for TLS settings?
57625 – Argument order to mtouch can vary between builds
57646 – [props] Android Manifest project page does not contain "Application Theme" field
57647 – [props] Inconsistent casing for Android Manifest field labels
57649 – "Show IPA on Build Server" button is always enabled, even when there is no IPA.
57653 – [props] Cannot rename Assembly name in Xamarin.Android project
57685 – UWP project needs building (and restoring!) upon unfolding, else users see 15+ errors.
57690 – Asset Catalog editor does not work well with dark theme
57715 – Connecting to Mac Agent fails most of the times, "Invalid access to memory location"
57722 – Changing tabs between "Designer" and "Source" is disabled while the "Designer" view loads.
57724 – Opening Device Log should not default to "Select a Device" if a device is already plugged in, available via abd, and selected as debug target
57729 – Visual Studio Android Debugger Souce/Stack Mismatch
57740 – I am not able to connect to the Mac agent from my windows 10 machine using VS 2017 preview.
57746 – XAML IntelliSense fails in UWP project
57753 – Despite successful build and device deploy, iOS Profiler will not launch
57805 – Visual Studio freezes when User is required to reenter credentials
57814 – Installing Xamarin.Forms.Templates.vsix via VSIXInstaller.exe ends up removing the VSIX all together
57818 – Very slow solution load times with latest Xamarin Extension installed (+~450 seconds)
57822 – XMA does not work with different shell on mac (zsh)
57871 – [Enhancement] Add simple way to open Generic Plist Editor from new GUI Info.plist editor.
57886 – Debugger blocks UI thread waiting for a response from the debuggee
57899 – Resx satellite assemblies not included in IPA if building via MSBuild
57903 – Add new file to NETStandard Xamarin.Forms library show item templates duplicated
57920 – iOS Designer layout constraints do not allow decimal values for multiplier field
57942 – Custom controls are not rendered in XAML previewer for Forms.Android platform if we access custom font from assets folder
57949 – [VS2017][Xcode-9 beta][]-"System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'Mono.Posix, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=0738eb9f132ed756' or one of its dependencies." when attempting to start apps
57953 – Enhancement: Warn users when resource names start with uppercase letters
58003 – Cannot change android sdk path in VS 2017
58006 – CTRL + Z in "Source" view of a layout file messes with formatting, even though no changes occur in the layout.
58008 – Double-clicking text-based control puts cursor at beginning of text, instead of end
58010 – Custom control shows as "invalid child element" in .axml IntelliSense
58011 – "Empty Storyboard" has no design surface to add controls to..
58016 – Android SDK Manager taskbar icon is tiny compared to other icons
58030 – No XAML designer when local base class
58045 – Renaming AXML file disallows user from switching from "Designer" to "Source" tab.
58047 – "iOS Bundle Signing" settings page misleadingly shows "Automatic" when unknown Signing Identity or Provisioning Profile is currently saved in the .csproj file
58050 – Hitting "ENTER" key in Android XML source-view places cursor in misalignment with rest of elements.
58052 – XMA shows state as "disconnected" even though I am able to open storyboard designer, edit files, and pull logs from my Mac
58053 – "Initial view controller" / entry point icon is very blurry.
58058 – Error when creating new Asset Catalog in iOS class library project
58066 – Unlike other path selection settings in Visual Studio, "Tools > Options > Xamarin > Android Settings > Android SDK Location" is not an editable text field
58070 – VS2015/2017 never deploys an adhoc release app
58082 – Allow the user to navigate to the Source tab while the Android Designer loads
58083 – After Mac is disconnected, designer still is partially working for 10-15 seconds.
58138 – Android Properties cannot be checked if there is a space in the Configuration name
58148 – Xamarin.Forms Previewer Bindings not evaluated when Page is in a separate project without App.xaml, works fine at run time and when located in the main app project.
58154 – Previewer wants me to connect to Mac but VS is already connected
58188 – Debugger crashes with ArgumentException when arriving at breakpoint or setting breakpoint in iOS
58199 – Can't pair Xamarin on VS with MacBook
58205 – VS2017 never save changes to the "Assembly Name" Android application property
58207 – [Android+VS] Support deployment to multiple devices
58223 – Android Designer could not run because: The layout renderer could not be started. This may be caused by a misconfiguration of Java. Please install it or set Java Development Kit Path.
58247 – [Asset Catalogs] labels are barely visible when using Dark theme
58288 – "System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'Mono.Posix, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=0738eb9f132ed756' or one of its dependencies." when attempting to start apps
58301 – Text editor adds byte order mark (BOM) to modified files
58319 – Xamarin Android SDK Manager doesn't save locations
58343 – Visual Studio sometimes hangs (pauses, freezes) on `Xamarin.Messaging.Integration.BatchedObservableCollection<Xamarin.Messaging.Integration.Models.ServerData>.Find(System.Func<Xamarin.Messaging.Integration.Models.ServerData, bool> predicate)`
58347 – Xamarin Updater does not list Xamarin Live Player for installation on Windows
58354 – VS hangs when unfolding "CrossPlatform>Master Detail app>Xamarin Forms>Shared" template
58362 – Visual Studio 2015, Analyze > Xamarin Profiler option is unavailable
58407 – error MSB3113: Could not find file 'PublishApp.exe.manifest', when publishing an app
58408 – Xamarin iOS DocSync never finishes
58410 – After a disconnection from Mac Build Agent, can reconnect only after a restart of Visual Studio
58426 – Xamarin.Forms Templates 0.5.523 missing files for Azure hosted project
58443 – Unable to install the Xamarin.Apple SDK using the Updater with message A value for 'Component' needs to be specified in the catalog.
58450 – "Ensure event failed" error when generating a click handler in codebehind from XAML.
58456 – [localization] “Add Mac” dialog description can't change from English to any other language (ex-Spanish)
58458 – VS 2017 Hangs when open Xamarin Forms solution
58459 – The installed Xamarin.ios (version 10.10) on the Mac is not compatible with the local Xamarin.ios version(10.11). Double click here to select a new server
58483 – Visual Studio XAML Intellisense shows RelativeLayout.BoundsConstraint (can't be set), but not XConstraint, YConstraint, WidthConstraint, or HeightConstraint
58494 – Native linking failed for ... *Build works on mac though
58496 – error MSB4018: Visual Studio 2017 Preview
58514 – Icons are added to incorrect section in assets catalog
58515 – [] XML key "UIMainStoryBoardFile" is not saved in Info.plist
58519 – [XVS] Assets.xcassets is added under Resources folder instead of Project root
58547 – [iOS] Unable to hit breakpoints in PCLs when "Device-specific builds" are enabled
58584 – Getting Exception on forms previewer.
58623 – VS2017 hangs on "Launching Application for debugging" after Xcode update
58628 – Android Codegen Target and Android Class Parser Property GUI are incorrect
58631 – New iOS project run: "Info.plist not found"
58642 – A Xamarin.iOS build from msbuild windows should fail fast if the mac agent fails
58659 – User scenario for Bug 56787 "Could not load file or assembly 'Mono.Posix...'" when attempting to start debugging with breakpoints set
58745 – VS2017 hangs on opening solution
58781 – "The Xamarin Build Agent is not running on the Mac" error appears after update to Visual Studio 2017 version 15.3 due to unexpected installation of Xamarin.iOS 10.99 Xcode 9 preview version (under certain conditions)
58800 – "The 'XamarinInspectorPackage' package did not load correctly." after update to VS 2017 Update 3
58853 – [android props] Use Fast Deployment field is not disabled when release configuration is selected on Android Options
58857 – Allow developers to change the MONO_LOG_LEVEL value through project options.
58870 – issues about upload ipa
58909 – VS freezes when deploying iOS
58917 – Xwt TreeView does not reliably display root elements
58918 – Cannot enter priority in constraints. Property editor show error.
58920 – Unable to connect to Mac server with address='MacDev' and user=xxxx.
58921 – Switching to other Mac server fails to find provisioning.
58930 – Designer crashes when changing constraint from = to <=
58946 – Not able to debug on device running android O beta
58952 – Device log does not always show content.
58963 – VS2017 15.3.1 Preview 1 failed to update Xamarin.Apple.SDK and Mono Debugging for Visual Studio
59001 – Visual studio android toolbar buttons does nothing when Android Studio is installed
59002 – Android 8 emulator not detected
59023 – App is freezing whilst attempting to debug on iOS Simulator using VS 2017 professional on PC
59054 – First launch: give better error than "Something went wrong / Connection is closed"
59056 – Previewer exception popup should be resizable or have working scrollbars
59058 – Tweak Forms previewer "base class not found" error message text
59059 – CommandBus does not support the `RebuildProject` action
59065 – Xamarin.Forms item templates are all duplicated.
59066 – Adding Forms item template to netstandard project does not nest xaml and xaml.cs files (DependsOn)
59067 – Visual Studio crashes when creating Master Detail cross-platform app.
59092 – Double slash in OutputPath property crashes iOS app build on Mac with error ArgumentException: Second path fragment must not be a drive or UNC name.
59141 – Designer says 'Error while creating this entry for Hugging and Compression properties
59142 – Designer does not sync 'Name' property correctly
59161 – Previewer exception popup fails to pop up
59162 – Mono crash when using Forms previewer
59163 – Crash on a single Forms Previewer page shouldn't stop future pages displaying
59171 – Cross platform app template takes very long to unfold.
59176 – Cannot run UITests from Visual Studio 2017
59212 – System.NullReferenceException at Xamarin.VisualStudio.Android.CommandHandlers.DeployCommandHandler.ExecuteDeploy
59216 – Moving Files Does not Delete Source
59289 – MonoTouch.Design.Client.DesignerRemoteException: System.NotSupportedException: Could not parse xml
59299 – Android SDK is not reflected as an individual component in Willow, even though it is installed.
59303 – Debugger does not work on Android 8
59320 – [VS 2017][][Feature- Crossplatform]-UI distorts on XMA pop up user info when connection fails.
59324 – Refactoring namespace then rebuild cause error
59341 – Test Recorder extension crashes VS 2017 at launch
59365 – "There was a problem rendering this document" error when opening .xib files
59366 – Empty Document Outline View
59367 – Mac Connection Errors Since Latest Xamarin VS Updates
59368 – Xamarin agent does not show server
59370 – Can't debug newly created Xamarin.iOS non-cross-platform project on simulator
59435 – VS 2017 15.4.0 preview 2 can no longer deploy onto Android emulator
59674 – Visual Studio 2017 crashes in design time when using ApplicationInfoFlags.System
59696 – The 'XamarinInspectorPackage' package did not load correctly.
59707 – Horizontal scrollbar missing from exception information popup
59747 – Show error when connection to Mac fails
59765 – Can't load AMD-64bit.dll on a IA32-bit platform
59801 – Say Goodbyte Target still failig when building an iOS project
59810 – Generate one package per abi + archive manager: unable to upload to Google Play
59814 – [VS 2015] Images do not render correctly in the Android view of Forms Previewer
59869 – Cannot connect Mac Agent when Domain environment requires FIPS crypto.
59883 – Previously set color is not shown correct
59885 – Incorrect multiplier for constraint is shown
59892 – Unable to set MainInterface on a new project
59900 – [intermittent] SetUp : System.Net.Http.HttpRequestException : An error occurred while sending the request
59904 – Missing default icons in the mipmap-* folders
59954 – Unable to deploy watchOS application to simulator or device.
59983 – [Willow -VS 2017][VS-Val 26929.9000][Emulator Config changes] -ARM emulator [Android_ARM_Nougat] from the Android 25 Bump is NOT booting up
59985 – [SDK Manager] Android SDK components are not loading in SDK manager
59989 – Rebuild button in the Android Designer does nothing.
60024 – No operation can be performed on client because the underlying MQTT client was disconnected
60037 – Mac Agent Not Working - Connects briefly then disconnects
60064 – Xamarin.Mac exception marshalling is broken
60070 – Symbols not loaded and unable to step into non-PCL library
60078 – FileNotFoundException in Xamarin.MacDev.Tasks.SmartCopyTaskBase.CopyFile() ibtool/SplashController.storyboardc/5-view-6.nib does not exist
60090 – VS 2017 15.4 Will not load UWP projects
60118 – DefaultSshInformationProvider.GetPassPhrase should be async and on a background thread
60124 – Could not load asset catalogs
60158 – Xamarin causes Visual Studio to freeze when opening Xamarin.Forms sln
60190 – Xamarin Mac Agent losing connection or freezes during build when "doesn't like" included resources
60199 – Xamarin.Android troubles following install of Xamarin 4.7 on Visual Studio 2015
60221 – Crash when mac agent announces on bonjour
60230 – UIImageView image isn't removed when the Image dropdown's content is cleared
60231 – UITableViewCell's selection highlighting is rendered at the wrong place
60232 – UITableView variation tag created when selecting "Table Cell Grouped Background Color" as the Background color
60234 – [VS 2015] Error on attempting to open Designer for iOS & Android projects.
60250 – Changing a image set's "Render As" value doesn't update the Contents.json file
60259 – Android NDK Location is not remembered
60278 – Xamarin causes Catastrophic Failure when double click on xaml file in VS2015 solution explorer
60284 – Autosizing control doesn't always show
60285 – Autosizing control for one view affects another view
60287 – Error on loading ipa file to app store
60292 – XamarinCRM LG 440 incompatibility
60312 – Visual Stdio 2015 Freezes When Loading Xamarin iOS Project
60325 – "Use the LLVM optimizing compiler" is greyed out for Ad-Hoc configuration
60347 – Windows iOs Simulator - Device Not found
60358 – Xamarin Agent could not be fully started. Agents not started: Build, IDB
60411 – [VS-2015][iOS/Android Designer] : Designer of iOS, android project opens in XML format instead of Previewer.
60412 – [VS-2015][Forms Previewer] Xamarin.Forms Previewer option is not present in View>OtherWindows.
60441 – Xamarin UITest : The underlying connection was closed: The connection was closed unexpectedly
60455 – BTouch task fails, even though btouch-native succeeds in iOS binding project
60519 – Removing the Name of a control does not delete the <outlet> entry in the Storyboard file
60538 – [ios11] PrefersLargeTitles property on UINavigationBar not exposed in iOS Designer
60546 – Can not select navigation item in iOS designer
60560 – Xamarin Agent: Unable to generate SSH keys for the user
60590 – Can not see full exception when component rendering failed
60611 – Getting Error in VS 2015 when hitting a breakpoint in an Xamarin PCL Project
60612 – Xamarin forms Previewer Showing Connection Error Message
60613 – Fractional NumberOfLines for Label
60635 – Failed to register Google Play Account. Google.Apis.Json.NewtonsoftJsonSerializer throw an exception
60643 – InitalizeComponent parse error
60645 – Could not load type Xamarin.Forms.Internals.Resourceloader
60662 – Custom components are not being rendered because problems were detected
60672 – Storyboard content hugging/resistance priority editors not loading
60693 – Incorrent UISwitch initial tint color
60694 – Color selected for other control is remembered
60706 – Layout does not render when switching from source to design tab if layout is in 4 or more layout folders.
60730 – Intellisense for XML in an .AXML file missing some properties/attributes until AXML file reloaded.
60747 – vs2015 binding project refrence dll file throw Metadata file could not be found
60824 – MSB3026 and MSB3027 with .netstandard 2
60855 – Designer - cannot delete constraints
60877 – Visual Studio couldn't connect
60878 – Android design-time intellisense doesn't process global cache AARs
60880 – Android design-time intellisense gets deleted by IncrementalClean
60895 – 15.4.5: Xamarin disconnecting from mac and fails to reconnect
60917 – References In Project Not Resolving
60930 – Xamarin.UITest backdoor calling IApp.Invoke method with parameter throws Exception
60939 – Designer grid lines sometimes render improperly when GPU rendering enabled
60943 – Build adds phantom png image resource references and then fails
60948 – [iOS] Can only add PNG image files to an Image Set in an Asset Catalog
60967 – Won't start debugging an iOS project
60984 – extension doesn't load in VS2017
60994 – After installing Visual Studio Tools for Xamarin constantly asking to update to
60995 – The expression Microsoft.Build.Utilities.ToolLocationHelper.GetPathToStandardLibraries
60998 – Xamarin Designer doesn't work with XCode 9.2
61000 – Update is offered, although the named version is already installed
61005 – Visual Studio becomes unresponsive when simulator starts
61013 – Android Layout file designer error - The Given path's format is not supported
61014 – No images after update to 15.5
61016 – ios designer can not cast UITableView to it's custom class
61018 – iOS Designer automatically converts every *.designer.cs file to a format that breaks the build
61023 – Xcode is too new with Xcode 9.2 and VS 2017 7.3.797
61030 – The missing file is ..\..\packages\Xamarin.Forms.\build\netstandard1.0\Xamarin.Forms.props.
61031 – missing file is ..\..\packages\Xamarin.Forms.\build\netstandard1.0\Xamarin.Forms.prop
61048 – Can't open storyboard files
61052 – iOS designer unusably slow / Custom components are not being rendered because problems were detected
61071 – Library with CPS and support libraries fails to rebuild randomly
61083 – VS2015 does not show contents of local variables during debug
61098 – TargetFrameworkVersion is set inccorectly
61103 – Archive option dissapered
61104 – "Xamarin licence file is invalid" on every VS launch and first build
61105 – Mac Agent "Error: Couldn't connect to Macbook, please try again"
61112 – Visual Studio compilation error : The "XamlCTask" task failed unexpectedly.
61113 – Unable to update NuGet packages in Android projects in VS 15.5
61130 – NullReferenceException when trying to open axml file after updating VS to the latest version
61135 – The name 'Resource' does not exist in the current context
61150 – Update standalone installer on Xamarin site or provide public mapping of MSI file naming
61156 – Random build crash with “The Build Agent is not running on the Mac”
61158 – iOS Build error
61165 – If Visual Studio starts to be closed while running the debugger, the Cancel button doesn't cancel the close
61174 – iOS Designer regenerates inherited outlets
61178 – Localize Properties Window - Attribute Descriptions
61179 – Automatically link text to new resource does not create new resource
61180 – Android Designer shows a black screen instead of application interface
61186 – Designer Fails to Load with "System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null"
61198 – [Papercut] Double clicking a Label causes the cursor caret to go to the beginning of the text instead of highlighting it all
61199 – Document outline not populating until activated
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