Bug 58844 - [generator] Methods with out parameters can't use interface protocols
Summary: [generator] Methods with out parameters can't use interface protocols
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Product: iOS
Classification: Xamarin
Component: Tools (show other bugs)
Version: XI 10.99 (xcode9)
Hardware: PC Mac OS
: Normal enhancement
Target Milestone: Future Cycle (TBD)
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Reported: 2017-08-17 11:53 UTC by Matthew Leibowitz
Modified: 2017-08-18 19:48 UTC (History)
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Description Matthew Leibowitz 2017-08-17 11:53:54 UTC
This is the Objective-C:

    @protocol TIPImageCodec <NSObject>

    @interface TIPImageCodecCatalogue : NSObject
        - (void)removeCodecForImageType:(NSString *)imageType removedCodec:(out id<TIPImageCodec> *)codec;

The equivalent C#:

    interface ITIPImageCodec : INativeObject { }
    [Protocol, Model]
    [BaseType(typeof(NSObject), Name = "TIPImageCodec")]
    interface TIPImageCodec : INativeObject
    [BaseType(typeof(NSObject), Name = "TIPImageCodecCatalogue")]
    interface TIPImageCodecCatalogue
        void RemoveCodec(string imageType, [NullAllowed] out ITIPImageCodec codec);

However, I get a compiler error with the generated `RemoveCodec`:

    The type 'TwitterImagePipeline.ITIPImageCodec' cannot be used as type parameter 'T' in the 
    generic type or method 'Runtime.GetNSObject<T>(IntPtr)'. There is no implicit reference 
    conversion from 'TwitterImagePipeline.ITIPImageCodec' to 'Foundation.NSObject'.

It works with the `TIPImageCodec` type.
Comment 1 Sebastien Pouliot 2017-08-18 02:02:06 UTC
That sounds incorrect

> @protocol TIPImageCodec <NSObject>

should *not* be bound like

    interface ITIPImageCodec : INativeObject { }

    [Protocol, Model]
    [BaseType(typeof(NSObject), Name = "TIPImageCodec")]
    interface TIPImageCodec : INativeObject

but as

    interface ITIPImageCodec { }

    interface TIPImageCodec


- the `[Model]` should not be used unless you're sure it's a good match for a base type. It often is not (and confuse people / create bad API that enforce a base type when the interface is what's really needed). However that should work too (it's an API design issue);

- bindings should not implement `INativeObject`, that's for non-ObjC type (and manual bound p/invoke). When you deal with a protocol then you know it's ObjC (NSObject-based). That code should generate/compile fine;
Comment 2 Matthew Leibowitz 2017-08-18 14:49:50 UTC
That was a combination of old code and pseudocode. But that is not the issue here. The out parameter is.

I know it works with an NSObject-based type, but `TIPImageCodec` is something like a delegate type. The method that I am trying to bind is:

  - (void)removeCodecForImageType:(NSString *)imageType 
                     removedCodec:(out id<TIPImageCodec> *)codec;

As you can see, it takes a `id<TIPImageCodec>` which (I believe) should be able to accept a managed type:

  class MyCodec : NSObject, ITIPImageCodec { }

And I should be able to do this:

  var catalogue = TIPImageCodecCatalogue.SharedInstance;

  // add ITIPImageCodec
  var myCodec = new MyCodec();
  catalogue.SetCodec(myCodec, "com.microsoft.bmp");

  // remove ITIPImageCodec
  ITIPImageCodec codec;
  catalogue.RemoveCodec("com.microsoft.bmp", out codec);

To get this to work, I did this now:

  // API definition
  void RemoveCodec(string imageType, [NullAllowed] out IntPtr codec);

  // extras
  public void RemoveCodec(string imageType, out ITIPImageCodec codec)
    IntPtr codecPtr;
    RemoveCodec(imageType, out codecPtr);
    codec = Runtime.GetINativeObject<ITIPImageCodec>(codecPtr, false);
Comment 3 Sebastien Pouliot 2017-08-18 19:48:33 UTC
Yes, make sense (without the `INativeObject`) and it seems this is not a case we ever hit with Apple's API (grep returned nothing and trying it confirm the generated code won't compile).

Your workaround is fine, that's what the generator should be generating.

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