WebView UWP not displaying

Linked is a slightly modified version of the solution for the Hanselman.Forms sample.

I've added a "Repro" page and modified the About Page to contain a WebView.

The original issue was seen on a stable version of forms.
The linked version is based on the forms package in the chance that something was fixed that might alleviate the problem.

To reproduce the problem,
build the project (debug or release) for x64 UWP and deploy to the local machine.
I'm building on VS 2017 Community and am deploying to a pc running Windows 10 v1703 OS Build 15063.332.

run the app.
At startup the app displays the added "Repro" page.
Sometimes the webview is displayed, other times it doesn't.
See the screenshots in the Screenshots folder for success and fail captures.

Usually, if the webview does display on the Repro page, going to the About page will demonstrate the issue there.
Switching between the windows eventually causes both to display as expected.

The problem does not present on the Android or iOS versions of the app.

Reference: https://bugzilla.xamarin.com/show_bug.cgi?id=57451