## Horizontally centered Picker views clip contained text rather than expanding to required size

_Submitted by a community member on 2015-04-01 04:48 UTC_

When using a horizontally centered Picker (HorizontalOptions is either Center or CenterAndExpand), changing the selected value in the Picker results in the text in the Picker being clipped. This happens across platforms (tested on iOS, Android and Windows Phone).

It is easily reproduced. Just tweak the FormsGallery sample to set HorizontalOptions, as below:

        Picker picker = new Picker
            Title = "Color",
            VerticalOptions = LayoutOptions.CenterAndExpand,
            HorizontalOptions = LayoutOptions.CenterAndExpand

Run the sample and select different values. When the selected item is longer than the previously selected item, the text is clipped.

* * *

_Reference: <https://bugzilla.xamarin.com/show_bug.cgi?id=28618>_