Live Player Bugs

56259 – Xamarin Live Player - IOS - Visualization Error - Exception of type 'Foundation.ModelNotImplementedException' was thrown
56292 – Live Player Devices not showing in dropdown on Visual Studio for Mac Preview
56343 – Android error when building: The type or namespace name 'YX' does not exist in the namespace 'XY'
56402 – Start running the app from Visual Studio fails
56538 – AppDelegate.cs: The type of namespace name 'App' does not exist in the namespace (are you missing an assembly) - .NET Standard
56729 – xamarin live player project size limitations
56982 – Live Player doesn't work over tethered WiFi
57484 – Can not deploy project with Xamarin live player
57633 – MissingMethodException for XXX[] when constructing multi-dim array of XXX
57940 – Method `Assembly' not found in type `NInterpret.InterpretedClrType'.
58076 – Effects not working
58103 – Using MobileCenter support in App causes strange exception
58104 – Live Player does not start due to Xamarin Updater installed but not showing
58105 – Embedded image in PCL not working
58177 – Replacing 'MainPage' in Xamarin Forms does not work
58325 – No option to select Xamarin Live Player in the device list
58912 – Json.Net not working via Live Player
59051 – Debugger Disconnects after some time
59068 – IMarkupExtension not working
59140 – Access to (file) resources from portable library not possible
59191 – ResourceDictionary "MergedWith" not working
59361 – Behaviors do not work
59431 – App wont deploy if icons are specified on tabs and aren't in the resources
59946 – Xamarin Forms Delegate through method NullReferenceException
60010 – Unable to use custom library in Xamarin Live Player
60306 – Live player error starting app
60348 – Player errors on Forms.SetFlags: ‘Forms’ does not contain a definition for ‘SetFlags’
60789 – Getting a string of "(null)" passed from entry box in Watch Windows, even though value is passed in.
60929 – Android Xamarin Live Player - Dictionary Object of type 'System.Int32' cannot be converted to type 'NInterpret.InterpretedValueType'
60978 – LivePlayer does not work with AutoMapper
61022 – When editing code during live run Error List is taking focus on every error
61106 – Xamarin Live Player on Android, v 1.3.117. Doesn't appear to work with AutoFac v 4.6.2.
61128 – VS Live Player device list doesn't refresh with list of connected devices
61129 – Zxing Barcode
61181 – Live Player not showing images on Android device
61209 – Can't use .NET Standard with MasterDetailPage consistently
61213 – Android phone "Google Pixel 2" doesn't show up in list "to Run on" in VS2017
61227 – Debugging failure when a F# .NET standard library is referenced
61242 – Live Player return error "Default Value did not match return type Parameter Name: DefaultValue" when running a demo from Xamarin website
61268 – Visual Studio Couldn't Recognize Any Of The Used Namespaces