Forms Bugs

20104 – [Shared Project] cannot set XAML file build action
20362 – Error Executing task LinkAssemblies for Android Release Build
20539 – WebView delegate methods not called in custom renderer
20584 – Labels inside of a Grid are not WordWrapped
20660 – PopToRootAsync crashes on Android even though it's being invoked on a NavigationPage
20663 – animating buttons inside a stack layout causes layout issues in
20670 – ListView in Windows Phone does not fire ItemTapped event
20736 – wrong error on VerticalOptions
20738 – "Out of memory" error when implementing a button, building to device and rotating screen multiple times
20766 – Image AnchorX not working on Android
20769 – RelativeLayout BackgroundColor two-way binding not working
20771 – RelativeToView does not work in a ListView ViewCell DataTemplate
20786 – Android - ViewCell - Entry and non default Keyboard type
20835 – Editor control does not show the value set during initialisation
20857 – ValueConverters throw an exception if they're not used as Static Resources.
20887 – Form.Context returning null
20931 – Xamarin.Forms Binding Error
20986 – Data in a Grid in a ScrollView shows outside of the scroll view after a quick flick up (Android only)
21024 – TabbedPage in iOS - More tab does not display additional tabs but selects the first tab instead.
21051 – TableView in StackLayout causes crash in 1.1.X
21064 – Xamarin.Forms - Entry.Completed does not fire on Android softkeyboard, only hardkeyboard
21108 – Adding entries to the beginning of a ListView when using a StackLayout in a ViewCell causes out of order display of entries.
21138 – [Android only] Label text alignment changes after button is pressed
21153 – ListView ItemAppearing
21154 – binding exception on Android page the 2nd time you load the page
21170 – XAML - Unable to create custom base page
21177 – Using a UICollectionView in a ViewRenderer results in issues with selection.
21181 – Slider does not allow us set/bind Minimal value more than 1
21213 – Xamarin.Forms.Maps.Geocoder does not work in Xamarin.Forms PCL project and causes Android app to hang.
21317 – Stepper control .IsEnabled doesn't work on Android
21341 – NullReferenceException when running PCL project on Android
21350 – Running a simple project on Android results in a SetActionBarTextColor unhandled exception.
21368 – Button text alignment breaks if the buttons are in a stack layout inside another layout and the button is clicked
21373 – [Android only] An Entry in a ViewCell loses focus immediately
21377 – StackLayout overlapping on Android only
21379 – Grid ignores GridUnitType.Star
21384 – Grid content inside ScrollView extends beyond the bounds on iOS
21396 – Blank app is broken
21397 – DisplayAlert throws ArgumentNullException
21398 – Grid no longer respects gridlength Star value
21400 – Android - pre1 - MasterDetail - Toolbar bug
21401 – Android - Entry display glitch when used in StackLayout with ListView
21405 – File New WMAppManafest.xml ProductID and PublisheID invalid
21417 – Android Modal page has unwanted ActionBar even though it's not wrapped in a NavigationPage
21418 – DisplayActionSheet still pops up two modal views on iOS and crashes app with exception.
21429 – Listview bug in Android
21446 – Using Forms for Android, TableSection(); renders a blank clickable header row; instead of suppressing header row
21451 – Entry on ContentPage is extremely small
21453 – Windows Phone Picker Issues
21455 – Geocoder does not work from background thread in Windows Phone project.
21457 – NullReferenceException thrown when Custom ViewRenderer (iOS) is Disposed
21458 – Thickness not working correctly on TabbedPage descendant (iOS)
21463 – ImageSource.FromFile should return a FileImageSource instance
21478 – Slider in ScrollView is not draggable
21480 – Android Rotation causes Object Reference Error on device with physical keyboard
21483 – Setting VisualElement BackgroundColorProperty to Color Transparent does not work
21484 – ActivityIndicator Color property only works on iOS
21485 – Android: Using a theme on an AndroidActivity causes NRE
21490 – ToobarItems do not show on Android
21501 – [Android only] ListView: Button in ItemTemplate breaks SelectedItem
21511 – Crash on Android when ViewCell contains ScrollView with horizontal orientation
21519 – Add a bindable property for the Items of Picker
21524 – SwitchCell used as a TableView cell in second TableSection is additionally rendered in header of first section. (Android only)
21525 – System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException for xaml TableView (Android only)
21527 – Android MasterDetailPage + IsBusy=true causes exception when returning to the page
21528 – Android - horizontal StackLayout inside vertical StackLayout - padding issues
21534 – Error in execution
21536 – TabbedPage Actionbar background color
21555 – Device.StartTimer should allow for cancellation
21563 – Setting a button's Image property in common code, but resource not yet added to Droid project
21575 – NavigationPage CreateViewController does not generate UINavigationController
21576 – Java.Lang.IllegalStateException The current thread must have a looper
21580 – Page not rendering correctly after the text of a Button is changed from a different page. (Windows Phone)
21582 – MasterDetail detail page does not render on device when Icon name does not match filename case
21606 – Page Title not updating when set in OnAppearing() Method the second time page is displayed. (iOS)
21607 – Navigation bar UiApperance not being respected
21608 – Android - button alignment changes after button is clicked
21611 – PageRenderers don't correctly fill whole page
21618 – Android - ListView reappearing and selecting its item causes jobject Exception
21625 – [Enhancement] Image.Loaded event
21626 – [Enhancement] Entry.Capitalization = Capitalization.All
21630 – Editor Unfocus() does not hide keyboard on iOS
21632 – TableView Instability in android
21643 – Unable to target Profile 111
21644 – ListView performing very slowly with many columns of TextView in each row.
21652 – ActionSheet extra buttons are not accessible (Android and WinPhone)
21657 – Cannot compile default Forms Shared project
21663 – Programmatically scroll a ScrollView
21699 – WebView does not propagate its BindingContext to its Source
21721 – Exception on real device when integrating Pixate with Xamarin.Forms since 1.1
21722 – On Android, User location is not shown when setting IsShowingUser = true
21740 – Loading Image from File fails in Android, but works in iOS and Windows Phone
21744 – Carousel Page iOS CurrentPage bug
21745 – iOS - NavigationPage children of TabbedPage are not-clickable in More[...] menu
21779 – Adding a ListView inside a TableView Section will only show a partial rendering of the ListView
21780 – Windows Phone Editor control has black background with black text, background turns to white when editing.
21786 – ImageCell and TextCell cutten
21787 – Long text cropped in textblock
21788 – Autocomplete on Searchbar
21791 – System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load assembly 'OTPApp.Forms
21796 – DisplayAlert disappear when tilted
21797 – When TextChanged event of SearchBar fires with my code in it, the keyboard dissapears
21799 – [Android] Webview displays incorrect characters
21807 – content outside of grid bounds
21825 – Opacity limitations on iOS
21827 – WP - ContentPage not taking full space when coming from a page with ToolbarItems
21830 – static button text not centered when binding another button text to a Command
21839 – Grid not sizing to contents
21840 – Frame element/FrameRenderer leaks memory when size changes (Android)
21844 – The height of a label that word-wraps is not properly used when computing content height of a Grid cell
21862 – Software keyboard does not show up when we set Focus for Entry in Android
21890 – Xamarin.Forms not loading Remote Images from ListView
21891 – Entry BindingMode=OneWay is not working
21909 – ScrollView displayed via Navigation.PushModalAsync does not behave correctly
21913 – [Android] ImageView 'jobject' must not be IntPtr.Zero.
21915 – iOS - Using a StackLayout with LayoutOptions.XxxExpand does not resize properly on keyboard open
21936 – Labels inside of a ListView do not WordWrap
21938 – ScrollView interferes with swipe to change Page inside a CarouselPage, swipe gesture does not always work (Android)
21950 – MasterDetailPage Detail improperly sized when changing pages in landscape
21952 – On WinPhone, binding via XAML to Switch.IsEnabled works upon page load but no effect afterwards
21956 – iOS Bluetooth Keyboard - Tab Key causes exception on all devices
21975 – Default Forms Shared project on Android does not work
21976 – iOS Button with Image attribute truncates text
21981 – Bug in Image UriImageSource when loading the same image multiple times
21995 – Memory leak when navigating a page off of a navigation stack
22018 – XAML editor shows warnings from the code behind
22028 – Error while using NLua
22029 – Editor.IsEnabled = false does not disable editing
22047 – View to View binding not working with Entry
22079 – Android project builds fine in Debug mode but errs out in Release mode
22091 – Xaml with Grid.ColumnSpan causes view not to render in iOS 7.1
22092 – Windows phone the listview don't show any selection rectangle when using xaml and datatemplates.
22093 – When having a ColumnDefinition with One column like below make iOS app crash and if I remove it Windows Phone apps layout wrong.
22102 – Defining <RowDefinition Height="{StaticResource SubHeaderHeight}" /> makes Windows Phone App Crash
22105 – ToolbarItem Icon is not updated after item is added to ToolBarItems
22113 – The "LinkAssemblies" task failed unexpectedly. API 14 Minimum, but needed API 16 to package correctly
22115 – Setting BindingContext to null doesn't remove rendered content
22117 – [WP8] TabbedPage takes a few seconds to load the Content of a Page
22119 – Binding gets confused if changes are applied too early
22130 – [Android] Wrapped text in StackLayout flows out of parent element
22133 – setting page icon does not work for ContentPage wrapped by NavigationPage on Android
22134 – ListViewRenderer class is internal on Android, preventing inheritance and customization
22149 – Poor performance while creating new Page on iOS devices.
22153 – Styling entry control
22154 – Problem adding carriage return to editor control
22162 – Having a large Frame control eventually causes Out of Memory error on Android.
22178 – BoxView HeightProperty doesn't seem to bind correctly
22184 – Xamarin.Android ScrollView text overlaps
22191 – On Android, NavigationPage.PushAsync() with Switch produces NullReferenceException
22200 – picker's Items.Clear cause exception on WP
22208 – [iOS] OnAppearing Triggers when poping a modal
22225 – ListView shows double-line on iOS when background is black
22228 – InvalidOperationException When MessagingCenter.Usubscribe Inside Message Handler
22229 – [iOS][WP8] Overflow ToolbarItems are still visible after changing tabs/pages
22237 – BarBackgroundColor on Android lost
22239 – Title on Windows Phone
22241 – Icons are not displayed in Context Menu Items
22246 – Entry in Grid nested in ViewCell isn't expanding on WP
22265 – DisplayActionSheet generates InvalidOperationException on Windows Phone
22269 – MasterDetailPage Problems on Android
22277 – VS: Adding a new Class Library (Xamarin Forms Portable) project does not check project name for invalid chars when auto-generating class
22310 – Bug with Switch control on Windows Phone 8
22317 – Subscribing using MessagingCenter causes duplicate messages
22319 – Null exception thrown in StackLayout
22324 – jobject must not be IntPtr.Zero, Parameter name: jobject, using Forms ListView grouping
22327 – Windows Phone button Clicked event still fires when IsVisible=false
22352 – Picker in iOS don't overtake first value
22355 – Standard-Text ("Done") of Picker in iOS is not showed in device-language
22361 – WinPhone: Master Detail does not honor theme settings.
22369 – Multiline-text (variables) not showed in TextCell in Listview in iOS (only first line is showed)
22389 – Android - ListView Item doesn't get removed when an item deleted from ItemSource
22401 – MasterDetailPage right aligned ToolbarButton hidden in iPad Landscape mode
22403 – Picker in iOS is not showed modal
22412 – When Scaling Images, they become offset to the left instead of keeping original position
22433 – Binding doing funny thing
22435 – LineBreakMode= TailTruncation method isn't working for WinPhone when used in a Grid Column in a ListView
22464 – ScrollView inside MasterDetailPage Detail does not scroll on iPad
22510 – Out of memory on Android with listview having an image in it
22533 – [WP8] Device.OpenUri fails to open non-http(s) scheme Uri's
22535 – HasUnevenRows don't work in Listview with iOS
22547 – [WP] 'System.InvalidCastException': Unable to cast object of type 'Xamarin.Forms.TemplatedItemsList`2[Xamarin.Forms.ItemsView`1[Xamarin.Forms.Cell],Xamarin.Forms.Cell]' to type 'Xamarin.Forms.Cell'.
22564 – WinPhone App Bar Buttons not respecting the current page in Master/Detail set up.
22565 – Problems with Master/Detail button on Android.
22566 – Orientation change on Android Tablet (SM-T900) reloads mainpage WP-Emulator don't work
22587 – Label in ScrollView show outside the scroll view
22594 – [Android] Xamarin.Forms.ViewExtensions.TranslateTo method does not animate the Layout/View
22597 – Xamarin.Forms HasUnevenRows = true -> Text-Cut
22604 – Layout bug on Android ListView with embedded StackLayout
22611 – Label does not tail truncate when in a grid row with Auto
22621 – Setting the ToolbarItem Icon property causes the native UIBarButtonItem Title property to be null
22623 – WebView on iOS 6.1 throws CALayer position contains NaN for most websites
22656 – ToolbarItems not rendering correctly on certain combinations
22666 – ImageSource.FromStream fails on Android but works on iOS
22673 – Initially hidden BoxView when made visible does not render (but does take up space in the UI)
22693 – Value Converter must be available as a static resource on iOS exception
22706 – Device.StartTimer has inconsistent behavior across platforms
22720 – Add support for TargetNullValue and FallbackValue in XAML bindings
22737 – Windows Phone Maptype is ignored
22760 – ListView in AbsoluteLayout collapses to zero height and says that way even when content is added
22766 – After update to 1.2.3 Prerelease LV.ClearValue don't work anymore
22786 – Race condition - When a View's LayoutTo animation begins before the page is fully rendered, it starts moving from 0,0
22791 – Transition between ContentPage and TabbedPage in both directions not smooth
22794 – BoxView in RelativeLayout with a background doesn't render on Android
22796 – Android - InputTransparent doesn't work
22804 – [Android] ImageCell ignores the RowHeight to set on ListView
22821 – WP: Picker in ViewCell has buggy behaviour when adding new items
22823 – [iOS] Last ToolBarItem not displayed with Master Detail Controller in Landscape mode
22835 – NavigationPane PushAsync to page with Grid or StackLayout not working on iOS
22836 – Single line of text in ImageCell if the ListView is in a StackLayout on iOS
22845 – [Android] MasterDetailPage and ToolBar
22854 – [Windows Phone] ListView: Button in ItemTemplate fires ItemTapped instead of Clicked
22861 – [Android] Label height is calculated incorrectly when it is placed in a Grid, and column span set to 2
22880 – LineBreakMode = WordWrap and RowDefinition height as Auto gets cut
22910 – LV.ItemSelected does not works twice (same item)
22924 – TextCell cut Text iOS and WP
22926 – ListView in Master-Detail-form shows "phantom-rows"
22929 – There is no way to track undelivered messages when using MessagingCenter
22941 – Slider inside ListView does not recognize gestures correctly
22950 – Different rendering behaviour on platforms using relative layout
22972 – Scroll Editor does not autoscroll when keyboard appears
22984 – [Android only, certain soft keyboards] EntryCell loses focus while typing
22986 – (iOS) "More" tab on TabbedPage is disabled/does not register the taps
22990 – iOS and Windows Phone output is blank
23003 – Master-Detail page Windows Phone
23004 – CarouselPage is too high on WP8
23005 – Master-detail page android
23019 – [NEED] MessagingCenter.SendInternal be made public
23056 – Listview in iOS does not respect settled BackgroundColor
23060 – ListView does not respond to touch at bottom 48 px
23079 – Occasionally, ScaleTo fails with exception on Android
23084 – ScrollView does not enable scrolling correct in iOS (iPhone5)
23101 – MapType does not work when set in Android. Works on changes.
23113 – Blurred text on Xamarin.Label inside a ViewCell on iOS
23114 – iOS Application causing crashes only when deployed via ad-hoc via Test Flight
23116 – Android - Picker control, blank item list issue
23152 – Issues using columns in GridView
23159 – Image tag with Source Binded in a ListView, causes the whole ListView not to Render in Real devices
23172 – System.NullReferenceException in Xamarin.Forms.ListView
23174 – Using SearchBar crashes Android apps targeting API level 15 and 14
23203 – Forms.Picker randomly throws a MonoTouchException: Objective-C exception thrown. Name: CALayerInvalidGeometry Reason: CALayer bounds contains NaN:
23227 – Picker items not displaying in iPad 2 iOS 8.0 Simulator
23234 – [iOS] Calling PopToRootAsync throws the System.NullReferenceException
23235 – SearchBar SearchButtonPressed event would fire when clicking Cancel button in iOS
23263 – Determine the status code and text in a WebView
23280 – RelativeLayout causing System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException when launched on iOS device (v7.1)
23287 – [iPad] EditorRenderer NullReference
23296 – .Focused- and .Unfocused- to searchbar don't fire in Android
23315 – Forms.Label#SetBinding(Label.TextProperty) generates runtime exception when corresponding property is updated
23336 – Different problems in iOS with orientation(-Change) on iPhone and iPad
23337 – [Android] Entry Placeholder & Text shifts up in Modal on Focus
23345 – System.InvalidOperationException thrown when selecting cancel/dismiss button on DisplayAlert
23358 – ActionSheet crashes after selecting option on iPad.
23365 – Image fails loading from long URL
23382 – ListView cells not rendering correctly on Android
23383 – Toolbar size is too wide when using a Master Details view in Landscape orientation on an iPad
23393 – [All platforms] PropertyChangedEventHandler causes 2 consecutive calls to changed property's getter
23429 – Issue with PopModalAsync
23434 – MasterDetail page icon obscured by App icon
23441 – NullReferenceException: Xamarin.Forms.NavigationPage.GetHasNavigationBar
23447 – DisplayActionSheet never returns
23448 – Setting HasUnevenRows = true needed for Group to respect height
23460 – [Android] Tab selector in TabbedPage moves into navigation bar in landscape mode
23463 – Button fails to scroll with rest of Scrollview
23467 – KeyboardFlags.CapitalizeSentence does not work as expected for Android
23484 – TabbedPage as Detail in MasterDetailPage show master under the tabs in Android
23486 – Description to various bugs with .zipped app (for Jason and Support)
23497 – setting MasterDetailPage.IsPresented = true does not show the Master page
23501 – Forms app crashes on iOS device in Release configuration using DependencyService for SQLite
23509 – Back button not working with iOS Custom PageRenderer
23514 – Out Of Memory exception in Xamarin.Forms - Android
23529 – DisplayAlert text on iOS does not scroll
23539 – Databound ImageSource property within ListView ItemTemplate: renders duplicate images / missing images
23554 – (Android.Xamarin) ListView not recalculating size when ItemsSource updated
23560 – Navigating back by gesture causes crash/render issues when gesture is incomplete
23581 – IllegalStateException when calling FadeTo in constructor of Forms control
23585 – [Android] ListView not updated when ObservableCollection is modified
23596 – Controls in RelativeLayout not showing when using custom page renderer unless control size is explicitly set in Forms project.
23597 – Xamarin.Forms.StackLayout (iOS): Scrollbar at edge of screen occluded by opaque Content
23600 – [Android] Label does not scroll when placed inside ScrollView inside StackLayout
23636 – Toolbars not working correctly on Samsung Android devices
23660 – The XAML Grid layout should default to * on Rows and Columns if not specified explicitly
23665 – Slider properties should not be sequence dependant
23684 – Possible Enhancement to WinPhone Forms
23703 – SearchBar combined with ListView in vertical StackLayout crashes app
23716 – Navigation Back Button Property
23717 – TapGestureReconizer does not swallow tap events in ListView ViewCell on WindowsPhone + maybe iOS
23719 – MasterDetailPage does not show Master page title in Navigation bar when app is started in landscape and rotated to portrait
23720 – Add ability to hide or show the Navigation item to open the Master page in a MasterDetailPage
23730 – [All platforms] Explicitly setting a property un-sets the SetBinding() binding for that property
23748 – Rotation Animation always around 0,0 anchor [Regression]
23756 – Crash in Android WebViewRenderer if you leave a Page before the web page is finished loading
23758 – Entry.Style throws Unable to cast object of type 'Xamarin.Forms.Entry' to type 'Xamarin.Forms.Label' exception
23768 – MasterDetailPage: Cannot set master width
23778 – ObservableCollection in ListView gets Index out of range when removing item
23782 – Error executing task XamlG: Text node cannot appear in this state
23786 – DisplayAlert causes NSInvalidArgumentException in iOS 7.1
23790 – MSBuild task does not run mkdir
23791 – Inputs and Outputs are missing from the forms tasks
23800 – Unhandled exception when setting ListView.ItemsSource on Android
23801 – IsVisible works consistently on iOS but not Android
23805 – DatePicker behavior on iOS is inconsistent with Android
23807 – ListView Leaks Memory
23822 – [Performance] Xamarin.Forms is slow when adding labels to the layout on iOS and Android
23832 – [iOS only] Changing the Icon for pages in TabbedPages does not update TabBarItem.SelectedImage
23833 – TextCell backgrounds in TableView don't update from Binding
23841 – ListView not scrollable in a ScrollView in a Stacklayout on Android / Scrollview overlaps StackLayout
23855 – WP: SubPage of a detailpage (master-detailpage) is not removed when calling the masterpage
23857 – Cannot build simple xamarin.forms FormsViewGroup.Jars.formsviewgroup.jar problem
23874 – Editor inside Grid with RowSpan greater than 1 height wrong
23875 – Misspelled color name Fuschia instead of Fuchsia
23877 – Crash by calling Geolocator on Zoppo C2 phone (Android 4.2.1)
23878 – Percent-encoding (URI) don't work in iOS
23894 – Xamarin.Forms - Android - XAlign issue
23897 – ListView with static BindingContext leaks
23898 – Xamarin Forms View with repeatable Animation never stopped even after disappear
23902 – Cannot run Windows.Forms (Gtk#) application
23904 – When focusing an input on an iPhone app running on an iPad at 1x the input scrolls off the screen
23908 – Switch Control not rendering in Grid in selected Tabbed page on Samsung Android devices until device is rotated.
23910 – Linker error when building for Xamarin.Android
23923 – Empty Grid Layout creates XamlParseException
23940 – CADisplayLinkTicker with ActivityIndicator accesses UI off main thread and crashes
23941 – [iOS] ToolbarItem with Icon causes page not to render on iOS 7. Works on iOS 8
23942 – Cannot bind properties in BindableObjects added to static resources in XAML
23967 – Windows Phone Picker
23972 – SwitchCell is vertically clipped and thus broken on Android in 1.3.0
23979 – Object type Xamarin.Forms.ColumnDefinition cannot be converted to target type: Xamarin.Forms.ColumnD...
23983 – [Android] When we navigate back from native page in Android, XF always navigates back to empty page
23985 – Samsung Android devices have problems with Switch controls
24005 – Grid View holding resized image incorrectly uses default image height instead of scaled image height
24009 – Measure invalidation causes way too much work because it usually remeasures the whole page and should be redesigned
24025 – BorderRadius does not work on Windows Phone 8 Project
24026 – Clicks should have a dedicated event and not rely on a 1-tap TapGestureRecognizer
24029 – Clickable is being always set on Android views, which is wrong
24030 – InputTransparent is implemented wrong on Android
24038 – The Width of a Button on iOS is not automatically adjusted based on the Text length
24054 – BindableObject.ApplyBindings is broken when the old bindingcontext was null
24055 – ScaleTo acts different on iOS and Android
24060 – iOS MapRenderer.Dispose adding an event handler instead of removing it
24079 – ListView.GroupHeaderTemplate Background Color Inconsistant
24090 – [Forms]Designer tab exists in Xamarin.form XAML classes.
24091 – [Debugger visualizer]
24108 – Set more the one font-attribute to a Label don't work in Andorid
24111 – Navigate back to the previous page via swiping from left edge, cause blank screen.
24112 – [Android] ScrollView height incorrect when it contains a StackLayout with a ListView child
24114 – MasterDetail Page Issue Changing Orientation while a Modal Page is displayed
24145 – Xamarin.Forms not working for Android API Level 13
24175 – Unable to scroll ListView when nested in StackLayout
24179 – ListView.ScrollTo does not work as expected on Windows Phone
24196 – TargetInvocationException when using OnPlatform in Xaml only when running on an iOS Device
24222 – [Android] Unable to hide NavigationBar for MasterDetail page
24235 – [iOS] Use self-signed certificate in local development does not work when WebView.Source set in OnAppearing()
24247 – Android: Java Exception after some time running animation
24255 – [Android] XF throws an System.InvalidOperationException when we use the custom listview item
24259 – Adding items to TableView does not render on iOS7
24263 – Binding fails for a binding to an element in a string array
24265 – Windows Phone: CompileXaml task failed unexpectedly
24273 – Cell.OnLongPressed() not called in Android
24274 – Parameter order matters when using AbsoluteLayout
24286 – Android - jobject must not be
24310 – Launching another AndroidActivity break navigation
24314 – setting MasterDetailPage.IsPresented = false does nothing in iPad
24315 – Resource-rules depreciated in Mac OSX 10.10
24325 – Custom renderers assembly does not load at startup.
24334 – Custom renderer internal crash on SizeThatFits call
24345 – Xamarin.Forms.Button changing color of Image in iOS
24355 – ScrollView content can become stuck on orientation change (iOS)
24377 – Xamarin.Forms linker error android API 16
24378 – Xamarin.Forms linker error android API 14 and 15
24402 – Animation throws "The given key was not present in the dictionary"
24404 – Rendering issue with Scrollviews adhering to layouts (Android)
24407 – Forms Template Sets assembly name to FormsTemplateiOS instead of the app name.
24408 – Better default configurations for Forms template PCL project.
24422 – RotateTo Does not Work on Layout/View on Android
24442 – Horizontal scrolling disabled when in vertical scrolling view
24445 – [iOS] Assertion failure in UITableView when viewmodel bound to ListView changes
24473 – ListView on Android not calling IValueConverter on Recycle
24476 – Windows Phone loses styles when adding a ListView to StackLayout
24477 – Slider does not work in a StackLayout on Windows phone
24483 – [Android] UserControls items in ListView fills the whole screen when you scroll upwards
24484 – NavigationRenderer.ParentingViewController breaks things
24485 – Binding the BindingContext with Converter causes application to hang (but not crash)
24500 – NavigationRenderer lays out views incorrectly with a translucent navigation bar
24501 – DatePicker declared from XAML does not launch at button tap on Windows Phone
24506 – Xamarin Forms Not Rendering Image in WP
24508 – Slow navigation with transparent images on Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4
24514 – [WP] redraw issue when hiding buttons
24533 – StackLayout.IsEnabled has no effect on children
24549 – Mono_UnhandledException_internal in and
24552 – Loading multiple images from a UriImageSource in a list view at the same time crashes
24567 – AbsoluteLayout performance
24568 – No Button image alignment
24571 – Editor lack of customization
24572 – [Forms:Android]Listview is not working properly with itemsource property.
24574 – Property NumberOfTapsRequired of TapGestureRecognizer not working on Android
24575 – ScrollView fills the whole screen when you scroll upwards
24576 – ToolbarItem Command does not call canExecute
24580 – Custom DurationPicker makes built-in DatePicker misbehave.
24584 – IMarkupExtension throws NullReferenceException if ProvideValue returns a null value
24593 – Windows Phone selected listview item value after returning to page is incorrect
24610 – Calling a DatePicker's .Focus() won't cause it to display
24614 – WP: Icons not removed in WP (master-detail-page - app not usable)
24615 – WP: ItemTapped not fires in Master-Detail-page
24616 – iOS: DisplayAlert not showed in detail-form (master-detail)
24618 – iOS 8.1 + iPad detail-page of master-detail don't scroll, BoxView showed false
24619 – WP extremly slow, events not fire async -> app unusable
24620 – Android and iOS (Ipad): master-page not load by first click on the home (master)-Icon
24621 – iOS: Slider don not work anymore with pre-1
24628 – Adding listview to stacklayout causes text cutoff in Android
24630 – Crash of Insight inside Forms
24631 – OnAppearing inconsistency in Android
24640 – SearchBar dont scroll over Keyboard after Pre-1 in iOS and Andorid-tablet
24643 – WP: Picker dont show content
24656 – Xamarin.Android navigation page broken on Android 5 (at least on a Nexus 5)
24669 – Grid with Labels inside ViewCell - cell height incorrect
24670 – SetBinding on ActivityIndicator throws a runtime error on Android (iOS seems fine)
24680 – Only a single Cancel() call is supported at a time exception on ImageCell.
24681 – Removing items from ListView in Windows Phone cases Argument Out Of Range Exception
24684 – ListView ViewCell with ContextActions throws ArgumentNullException on touch empty list row
24686 – [iOS] Setting the MainPage with a static reference to a page fails
24687 – [iOS] Labels with FormattedText don't reflow inside of grids
24688 – [Android] Unable to open new ContentPage by setting the MainPage
24692 – Can't sign xamarin forms component assemblies
24705 – ScrollView does not scroll until after device is rotated
24706 – BorderBrush for PasswordBox not working in Windows Phone
24713 – [MonoDroid] UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: [MonoDroid] System.InvalidOperationException: Page must not already have a parent. at Xamarin.Forms.NavigationProxy.PushAsync (Xamarin.Forms.Page root) thrown when double-tapping button
24721 – We cannot select custom rendered listview items that implement Gesture recognizers
24722 – [iOS] Label height not correctly updated on FontSize change
24740 – Xaml does not work with Xamarin.Forms on iOS for Shared Projects using file templates
24749 – Forms app crashes when deploying to iOS 7.1 emulator, deploys normally to 8.1 emulator
24769 – [Win Phone only] Progress Bar in listview item not working
24773 – Android - Application crash when restored after touching back button on MainPage (XF 1.3 pre1)
24777 – jobject must not be IntPtr.Zero exception when replacing Content of a Page
24804 – Android 5 not renders NavigationPage with a black bar at the bottom.
24812 – Windows Phone ToolbarItem doesn't change on page navigation
24819 – OxyPlot Crashes Android
24824 – [XF 1.3-Pre, all platforms] "Can not create more than one Application instance"
24834 – IsClippedToBounds doesn't work in a Grid control
24859 – BorderWidth for Button is throwing Exception in Forms
24865 – Label HorizontalLayout does not work in Grid
24871 – Picker value doesn't get updated when Android "reuses" an old control
24887 – Adding an already initialised ContentPage to a 2nd NavigationPage
24903 – WebView does not show PDF in Android
24910 – Nullable properties throw Property not found exception
24917 – Not able to create a windows App Package
24928 – Quickly clicking on button in Android causes page to be duplicated, doesn't occur in iOS
24931 – ListView in StackLayout Mess Binded Images
24937 – Crash with UriImageSource with particular URI's
24941 – Android - ViewPager does not work as custom renderer inside ScrollView
24942 – PushModalAsync() - Android L (5). Modal Not Appearing.
24945 – Xamarin.Forms apps have duplicate view at the end of the screen on Nexus 4 devices.
24948 – MasterDetail Page issue in landscape, navigationbar and toolbar is pushed outside the screen
24952 – On a iPhone4, Stacklayout (with ListView) .Isvisible = true don’t work, where it works on iPhone5
24953 – [Android] XF Image does not load the large images (~2MBs)
24957 – Android/iOS ListView not Updating
24959 – Unable to override OnBackKeyPress for WP8
24977 – ToolbarItems.Insert index has no effect
24981 – Android XF Maps BUG: Xamarin.Forms.Maps.Position(54.767683, -1.571671) doesn't work with European locale
24982 – [iOS/Android] Memory Leaks with ListViews
24993 – OxyPlot.XamarinForms assemblies error
25014 – [Android] ScrollView or Label has height limitation different then iOS
25015 – DisplayAlert with null caused VS2013 to blow up
25016 – Intermittent Cross Thread Exception Quitting Xamarin Forms App on Windows Phone
25044 – [WinPhone] When pressing back button and ActionSheet is opened, app navigates to previous page
25052 – Garbage Collector does not remove ContentPages within MasterDetailPage when setting ItemSource and ItemTemplate
25054 – UriImageSource cannot download images from behind a proxy server
25055 – Xamarin Forms Map scroll and zoom resets immediately after user scrolls or zooms on Android
25104 – Keyboard input type does not remain as numeric when entering into a SearchBar in Android
25136 – [iOS] ListView.ScrollTo is no longer working in pre1 (worked in pre0)
25144 – BoxView with opacity set inside of StackLayout renders solid in 33% of cases
25148 – iOS: rendering-height to Image in Listview is calculated wrong
25168 – Xamarin.Forms HorizontalScrollBarEnabled not working on Android.
25189 – MarkupExtension not resolving bindings
25203 – [Android] - StackLayout ListView causes strange clipping showing two previous child elements.
25205 – [Android] Frame OutlineColor cannot be changed dynamically
25209 – [iOS] Buttons UIButtonType cannot be changed/specified or changed
25223 – IOS: MasterDetailPage does not dispose child renderers correctly
25232 – Using GroupShortNameBinding messes up the position of the GroupHeaderTemplate
25234 – WP8 - Light theme status bar disappears after DisplayAlert
25257 – [All platforms] Setting ListView.ItemsSource creates references that cannot be garbage collected
25259 – Two Way Binding to Leaf Property that is get/set, via a Property that is get only will not work
25264 – Visual Error in TextBox when using Xamarin.Forms
25280 – [Android] Setting the same page twice in Detail property in MasterDetailPage fails
25301 – Setting a listview to IsVisible doesn't display the listview if there are other children in the layout and a method was awaited
25307 – Position.X property always returns 0, set is ignored (Android)
25319 – Setting a different Detail page from a MasterDetailPage after 2nd time on MainPage
25320 – MasterDetail Master/Menu fails after MasterDatail has been reused
25328 – [Android] WebView Renderer does not render a <div> with fixed position
25354 – CameraMediaStorageOptions ignored
25363 – TabbedPage - Blows up if child page has bad image
25367 – ListView ItemsSource don't work in xaml file
25372 – Xamarin.Forms.ItemsView constructor marked internal
25373 – [Android] Numeric keyboard does not allow to enter negative values in Entry
25378 – Scrollview don't scroll SearchBar to top, if soft-keyboard appears
25392 – Keyboard.Create(0) Doesn't turn off all features
25396 – NSInternalConsistencyException when bound to ObservableCollection
25400 – XAML x:TypeArguments does not support nested generic types
25403 – Android SetPage after async fails. Goes to blank black screen.
25405 – (Very) Intermittent Crash Navigating 'Back' in Windows Phone
25423 – Xamarin.Forms.Maps Pins flicker in Android
25473 – await DisplayAlert not working with Xamarin.Forms in Windows Phone
25477 – Compiler: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
25489 – Typo in exception message
25507 – [Android][iOS] Xamarin.Forms LayoutTo view not remaining visible
25512 – Infinite GC_MINOR / GC_OLD_BRIDGE errors (Nursery Full)
25517 – Using Picker Control disables proximity setting in iOS
25525 – StackOverflowException OnBackButtonPressed on Android and WP
25532 – Infinite loop bindingcontext
25542 – Error rendering ListView when in a Grid after a Grid child binding updates
25543 – [WinPhone] When using two ListViews inside a StackLayout, only the first ListView is clickable.
25545 – CarouselPage rotation on iOS on iPad leaves page in half shown state.
25547 – Implicit styles don't apply to TextCell inside a DataTemplate
25555 – DisplayAlert behaves differently when using back button
25557 – Pin.Clicked does not work
25573 – Exception thrown in WinPhone MasterDetail
25574 – Binding/Layout extremaly slow on WindowsPhone
25584 – Starting a mail client from Device.OpenUri with a subject or body containing a space throws exception
25591 – RaiseChild/LowerChild appear reversed on Android
25592 – Memory Leak when using Custom Renderer in conjunction with RaiseChild/LowerChild
25593 – Enhancement Request for RaiseChild/LowerChild
25596 – Deep Error in Bindable.Text = null
25607 – Not shipping Unified
25611 – In WindowsPhone, an exception occurs in ScrollTo of ListView.
25621 – Xamarin.Forms performs dynamic layout changes poorly compared to 1.2.*.*
25622 – [Android] Form disappears in WebView on Lollypop
25626 – Exception: Assign Font on Label -> Invalid cross-thread access.
25627 – Shared projects fail to build XAML files correctly in 1.3
25638 – Unable to use Style Setters for BindableProperties that have defaultValueCreator
25639 – ListView ItemTapped issue on Windows Phone
25640 – Can't delete multiple ListView items from a ConextAction
25648 – On WinPhone 8.1, a second call to ConvertPageToUIElement(this) throws InvalidOperationException
25653 – NavigationPage not working after update from Xamarin.Forms 1.2 to 1.3
25659 – [Android] Unable to focus Entry inside ListView
25661 – ToolBarItem not showing as disabled when CanExecute is set to false
25662 – Setting IsEnabled does not disable SwitchCell in Forms listview
25673 – Interface with Async Methods (returning Task) can't be implemented in Android and iOS projects using DependencyService
25676 – iPad TabbedPage Hides under tab in Landscape
25677 – Null reference crash on Amazon Fire TV
25689 – Xamarin.Forms.Maps relies on old version of Xamarin.GooglePlayServices
25694 – xaml binding on toolbarItem.Text Fails
25703 – Webview waits to load the content until webviews on previous pages are loaded
25709 – Memory leak on bound Source of an Image
25718 – ListView's "VerticalOptions" set to "Center" doesn't work
25734 – NavigationBar.ToolbarItems.Add() crashes / breaks app in iOS7. works fine in iOS8.
25752 – VieCell IsEnabled property not disabling element in TableView
25754 – ListView uses scaledScreenSize.Height to define width
25761 – Updating the Forms nuget package leaves an Error XML element in the .csproj file that refers to the old version
25779 – Linking error when using GooglePlayServices v22 with XF 1.3
25780 – OutOfMemory with Images in WP8
25787 – [Windows ] Date Picker is not working properly on windows phone.
25791 – [Xamarin.Forms Windows] Focus() method of datepicker is not working properly.
25794 – XamlParseException when running app after changing xaml
25809 – Scrolling view causes timer to stop incrementing
25812 – Navigating out of an Entry does not maintain focus in the text field
25813 – Major Performance Hit When Using HasUnevenRows to Have Different GroupHeaderTemplate Height
25814 – Allow Different Types of Modal Transitions
25815 – Extend Entry to Include Other Standard Properties
25816 – Unable to Horizontally Align Text in a TextCell
25845 – Unhandled exception finalizing ListViewAdapter on Android
25852 – Xamarin.Forms 1.3 ListView does not highlight selected row after refresh
25864 – [Android] TabbedPage static Children not shown on Android only
25866 – Device Rotation or tilt closes MasterDetail Master page
25869 – CarouselPage flicker when it moves to current page on iOS
25883 – X.Forms -- StackLayout.Children.Clear & changing Frame.Container cause Memory Leak
25887 – [iOS] Height of Relative Layout/Listview wrong when ListView resides within a Relative Layout
25888 – [Android] Connecting a bluetooth keyboard causes navigation to reset to the root
25892 – On iPads, MasterDetailPage.IsPresented has problems.
25897 – Java.Lang.IllegalStateException when using a ScrollView in a StackLayout of a ViewCell
25908 – Unhandled NullReferenceException setting Activated property of ToolbarItem on xaml.
25909 – Using the image cache on iOS breaks loading URL based images
25910 – OpenUrl is not called
25914 – Crashes when title bars are suppressed in an Android application.
25919 – [Enhancement] CarouselPage.Add should allow NavigationPages, not just ContentPages.
25932 – WebView height returned by JQuery incorrect on Android API 19 and up
25935 – Android WebView height incorrect using CSS 100 percent
25936 – Setting icons for tabbed pages causes System.Exception when iOS app is launched.
25943 – [Android] TapGestureRecognizer does not work with a nested StackLayout
25948 – [Android] ViewCell Entry fields in a ListView with StackLayout lose focus and do not bring up keyboard
25951 – Frame in a ViewCell causes OOM exception
25979 – Removing page from Navigation stack throws System.ArgumentException
25992 – iOS Tab Bar With More Controllers With Navigation As Rood Do Not Display Properly
26001 – When creating a new project Forms PCL app in Visual Studio on 1.3.1, I does not build.
26007 – Can't edit Entry within a ListView
26009 – When using OnDevice for Font in Xaml Causes exception when building with ARM64 Slice for device
26032 – ListView ItemTapped doesn't get called for the selected item (Xamarin.Forms 1.3, iOS)
26036 – Android: Databound label FormattedText not updating when property changes
26038 – Can't run Xamarin.Forms application on iOS 6.1
26048 – iOS forms does not copy resources into the app if you include Microsoft.BCL
26054 – ListView and ImageCell performance on Android > 4.4
26057 – Forms giving an error on iOS, but not on Android
26064 – ListView, ImageCell and disabled source cache and same image url leads to degraded performance
26077 – Extend Loaded Assemblies functionality
26078 – jobject must not be IntPtr.Zero with PopModalAsync
26083 – Tapping on a map annotation causes app to freeze when using TabbedPages.
26088 – Performance issues with XAML bound controls
26096 – Android renderers aren't disposed after removing
26104 – In Android cannot remove the divider line between header and listitems.
26107 – Adding Content With Lots Of Grids Dynamically Exponentially Slow
26121 – Android - ListView.ScrollTo doesn't work when ListView inside TabbedPage
26139 – Navigation.RemovePage() still shows the back button on Android
26145 – Android Release - Linker Fails on Maps
26147 – NullReferenceException when swiping over Context Actions
26165 – [Xamarin.Forms + Android 5.0] Getting unhandled exception when using this.Navigation.RemovePage (this);
26169 – Inappropriate layouts with Forms (iOS) with custom view renderers with child views and constraints.
26171 – Xamarin.Forms.Maps is not updating VisibleRegion property when layout is changed
26176 – ListView binding and SelectedItem cause an exception
26207 – Modifying IsVisible immediately after an animation resets the animation
26208 – Android crashes when assigning a Button.Image to a FileImageSource
26210 – iOS: Null pointer exception in custom button renderer causes Navigation Popped event to not fire
26214 – On Android, InputTransparent=true does not work with ScrollView
26225 – upgrade to Xamarin.forms 1.3.2 make the Windows Phone Project broken
26228 – StackOverflow after reordering tabs in a TabbedPageView
26233 – Windows phone crashing when going back to page containing listview with Frame inside ViewCell
26242 – Android ScrollViewRenderer implementation seems to capture touch events when it should not.
26253 – Android XF ScrollView.Position should probably be in dip coordinates like Position.Height etc.
26255 – Can not disable back button in Windows Phone
26261 – WebView on 64-bit encodes URL different than 32-bit
26263 – Adding NuGet package to Forms solution fails
26264 – Under Android, RaiseChild() and LowerChild() appear to be reversed.
26265 – Navigation Bar insists on being present in Android
26269 – When we set new WebView for Activities main content, the activities view goes blank
26280 – TabGestureRecognizer doesn't work for Button element
26282 – Android PopupMenu always anchored on Top Left corner
26283 – Table Expands when it shouldn't
26284 – Problem with ListView - Unable to set DataTemplate Binding correctly
26299 – [Android/iOS] XAML Binding does not update ToolBarItem text
26301 – When using styles, setting Label.FontSize is ignored
26304 – System.ArgumentNullException thrown when moving items in an ObservableCollection that is observed by a ListView.
26309 – Xamarin.Forms 1.3.1 Setting MasterDetailPage.IsPresented=false doesn't work
26313 – RelativeLayout child's BoundsConstraint not set from XAML within template
26314 – dic
26316 – [iOS] When deploying app on the iPad iOS 7.1 simulator, an unhandled exception occurs: 'System.NotSupportedException: popped page does not current navigation stack, please file a bug.'
26319 – Xaml Add Method - Sequence Contains No Elements
26320 – MT4109: Failed to compile the generated registrar code.
26322 – Container's IsEnabled property does not inherit by child button
26323 – Android XF LowerChild() & RaiseChild() with data bound controls mixes up BindingContext
26338 – Unable to change page BackgroundImage from code
26339 – Xamarin.Forms Searchbar predictive text on android
26340 – App crashes on Android if CarouselPage has no children
26341 – MT4109 Failed to compile the generated registrar code. Please file a bug report at
26351 – [iOS] Back button not shown on Navigation Page
26357 – Xamarin profiler shows huge number of Xamarin.Forms.AbsoluteLayoutFlags allocations
26361 – XF Label vertical alignment problem for large fonts
26379 – Overriding ShouldInvalidateOnChildAdded() in StackLayout subclass causes crash
26392 – ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
26397 – [Android] Horizontal scroll fails if within vertical scroll
26402 – Renderers only work from main project??
26418 – [Android] ListView does not update when the bound ObservableCollection changes
26428 – ScrollTo of ListView does not work in WindowsPhone normally
26444 – Application.Current.Properties (persistent store) don't work on Android
26446 – Re-attaching a view with a Scrollview on Android causes this crash
26449 – NSInternalInconsistencyException thrown on ListView reset
26451 – [Android] Length validation in Entry.TextChanged event throws exception
26455 – Color GetHashCode returns wrong results.
26456 – Add implicit style cause enumeration exception
26465 – MasterDetailPage in iOS collapses when device elevation changes
26470 – Android: MasterDetailPage's Icon translate to the left.
26476 – Xamarin.Forms.Cell does not trigger Forms.ViewInitialized event
26479 – OnAppearing event inconsistency on platforms
26487 – WebView local files fail within WinPhone
26495 – System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException when items removed, then added to ObservableCollection
26498 – Context Actions are not removed when tapped
26501 – Context Actions cause views to be hidden on iOS after re-use
26521 – BindingContext Not Set On Behavior<T>
26528 – NullReferenceException in Android.PickerRender.UpdatePicker()
26531 – OutOfMemoryError Exception with Xamarin forms
26536 – [Android] NavigationPage: PushAsync throws an ArgumentException when executed during pop animation
26541 – Grid automatically resizes in iPhone 6+ device
26544 – Cell's background color is set to TRANSPARENT in iOS custom cell renderer but it shows up WHITE
26560 – REGRESSION: FontFamily broken in
26561 – PopAsync and PopToRootAsync throws NullReferenceException when current page is MasterDetailPage
26566 – Map with IsShowingUser set to true still polls for location after map is no longer displayed (Android)
26567 – Button.Image property resizing on empty string
26573 – [WinPhone Only] AbsoluteLayout.LowerChild(view) not working on Windows Phone
26580 – Xamarin Forms Animation Repeat does not repeat the annimation
26584 – [iOS] Using custom render locks up the app on returning from background
26585 – [iOS only] Label Default YAlign changed and YAlign="Start" does not work
26588 – [WinPhone] Entry does not trigger numeric keyboard when password masking is enabled
26589 – [Android] Setting image and text in Button gives inconsistent alignments
26593 – [WinPhone] ListView ignores HasUnevenRows value, always behaves as if set to true
26599 – [iOS] Forms 1.3.2-pre2 breaks FontFamily()
26602 – [iOS] Padding not respected within a TabbedPage
26603 – REGRESSION: 1.3.1 Pre2 FontSize Style ignored
26614 – [Android] Image within custom renderer fails to display
26616 – iOS 1.3.2: NavigationPage.RemovePage not working correctly
26626 – Cells with a ContextActions do not get recycled on iOS's listview
26636 – Overriding GetSupportedInterfaceOrientation in a PageRenderer does not work as expected
26650 – [Android] Out of Memory error when repeatedly moving back and forth between main page and grid of images in StackLayout
26654 – Can't create "Blank App (Xamarin.Forms Portable)" project.
26655 – ListView with ContextActions throws NullReferenceException when Multi-touch Tapped on empty and non-empty cell
26656 – [Android] Setting ListView Divider to transparent does not work
26664 – [Android] MasterBehavior.Split Not Working on Device
26665 – going from to newer causes Android problems
26671 – Xamarin Forms app Crashes on 3GS IOS 6.1.3 when we use webview in MainPage
26672 – Cannot bind text cell to a list view
26674 – WebView on ContentPage (Xamarin Forms) does not have the correct width
26680 – Creating ConstraintExpression in ResourceDictionary doesn't work with XAML
26682 – XF extremely slow on a Htc one M8 dual sim
26696 – [Android] Button text alignment changes on Samsung Galaxy S2
26711 – Entry (Password) control does not mask the numbers when Keyboard type is set to Telephone
26715 – StackLayout Horizontal uneven content issue
26724 – Global style definition not working. 1.3.2 and 1.3.3 pre1
26740 – Xaml is Tightly-coupled to BindableObject / Missing XamlServices.Load and XamlServices.Save
26747 – 1.3.3-pre1: Error Executing task LinkAssemblies for Android Release Build
26748 – [iOS] ARM64 builds crashing with sample project
26757 – StackLayout not handling children height correctly causing overlapped views.
26761 – [iOS] ListView TapGestureRecognizer Issue
26765 – BugSweeper application launch with the black screen on android emulator
26766 – [FormGridLayout sample] The button is appearing as truncated a bit at the bottom on android emulator.
26767 – [Xamarin.Forms] Xamarin.Forms.Init() must be called prior to using it
26771 – [Android] jobject must not be IntPtr.Zero when Navigation.PushAsync after resuming app
26782 – ViewRenderer<TView,TNativeView> from Xamarin.Forms.Platform.iOS.Classic can't be inherited in Unified API iOS project
26783 – [iOS] - Scrolling causes animations to pause
26796 – Static Reference in XAML results in XamlParseException
26801 – Implicit global styles partially ignored when using Forms Xaml pages
26809 – ToolbarItem not refreshing its name.
26814 – Rotating an image in the delegate for MessagingCenter.Subscribe causes app to crash.
26817 – Binding to label with stringFormat doesn't visualize the expected string
26854 – Starting a new project targeting Windows Phone 8.1 fails due to missing System.Windows.Interactivity
26856 – DisplayAlert() on Android does not work with physical BACK button
26862 – Text color in xaml when involving a command is not rendered (iOS only)
26868 – GroupHeaders do not extend on Windows Phone
26889 – Global, Implicit Styles Are Not Applied to Modal Pages
26893 – OnElementChanged on CustomRenderer is not triggering on Android
26895 – Video for Xamarin Forms 1.3.x visibility issue from forum post
26898 – NullReferenceException Xamarin.Forms.NavigationPage.GetHasNavigationBar
26917 – REGRESSION: HasUnEvenRows in
26930 – error MSB4044: The "Fody.WeavingTask" task was not given a value for the required parameter "DefineConstants"
26933 – StackLayout gives unexpected width to child label when text is null or less then 1 character
26944 – 'XamlSamples' Android sample is getting crash on tapping View button of "StaticConstantsPage" in Release Mode
26958 – Picker not displaying initial selection.
26965 – Xamarin.Forms TableView Cells disappear in iOS when mixing Labels
26976 – Font and FontSize do not render the same font size
26977 – Listview with HasUnevenRows doesn't properly refreshes the list when scrolling
26982 – Nexus 5 Navigation all over the screen
26993 – [Android] WebView does not load local html when in a ViewCell in a ListView
26999 – OnDisappearing on TabbedPage in iOS is not fired when back button pressed
27004 – [iOS]MasterDetailPage ImageSource not displaying after setting the detail property again
27007 – Out of Memory Error when NOT implementing a button, building to device and rotating screen multiple times
27016 – Incorrect placement of StackLayout within AbsoluteLayout
27027 – SearchBar.SearchCommandParameter is not passed to the command
27030 – App crashes when scrolling fast on Android
27034 – Using value converter throws a TargetInvocationException
27050 – ListView ItemsSource binding is not updated when in a TabbedPage Child Page
27056 – App crashes on iOS when using OnPlatform x:TypeArguments="Thickness"
27063 – Navigation not always returning to the proper page.
27072 – Listview Context Actions not removed if a different item is tapped in Android
27084 – SwitchCell don't expose TextColor
27085 – EntryCell has no possibility to hide keyboard on iOS
27091 – Error while linking Android Release Version
27095 – SwitchCell behaves different from TextCell
27096 – EntryCell has different fontsize on Android
27100 – NSInternalInconsistencyException using Maps
27119 – WindowsPhone DisplayActionSheet does not await
27121 – [Android] Custom Cell in ListView Choppy/Performance Issue
27125 – Continue with using AnimationExtensions stops working
27126 – WaitAll doesn't allow for animation to finish
27128 – Secondary ToolbarItems looks same when disabled and enabled
27130 – Setting MainPage fails after resuming
27145 – Button.Clicked won't fire if SetNativeControl is used in iOS custom renderer
27149 – Application.Current.Properties wipes if you store anything but primitives on WindowsPhone
27151 – When active, Dictionary<string> selector displays incorrect string if it matches the beginning of another string.
27164 – [WinPhone] Stacking Two TableViews Inside a ScrollView Makes Them Scrollable
27185 – Layout issues when defining Grid
27194 – Possible Memory Leak with ContextAction
27202 – Renderers do not pop out
27212 – TableView does not react on underlying collection change
27213 – TableView - context actions switched to another cell after table reload.
27216 – RelativeLayout causing TargetInvocationException when launched on iOS device only
27225 – Secondary ToolbarItems cause app to hang during PushAsync
27227 – [WinPhone] ActivityIndicator should set ForegroundColor of underlying ProgressBar
27228 – AbsoluteLayout.SetLayoutBounds does not set X, Y, Width and Height for the Image view on WinPhone
27229 – Failure with SetBinding<TSource>
27232 – Customizable Context Actions on iOS
27234 – ViewCell background conflicts with ListView Semi-Transparent and Transparent backgrounds
27245 – ViewCell Entry lost focus in listview with Grid
27254 – [Regression] Binding to self no longer works in a ListView
27267 – Allow assembly to be inferred rather than required
27270 – Add GeneratedCodeAttribute to generated partial classes
27280 – Behavior<T> generic constraint is not restrictive enough
27281 – Android - Button Text Alignment not correct after navigation from TabbedPage
27292 – Images used in Resource Dictionary don't render
27295 – XAML Bindings not resolved in Visual Studio Editor but could be
27299 – Setting BindingContext using xaml bindings is called multiple times.
27301 – Bug in ToolbarTracker.UntrackTarget
27304 – Toggling IsVisible for an element in a Grid row does not update properly
27314 – [Android only] Label text alignment changes after button is pressed
27336 – Page visibility
27350 – Binding throws Null Pointer Exception when Updating Tab
27362 – CancelAnimations is on ViewExtensions but is not an extension method
27365 – There is no way to set a background image on a Button
27374 – Label inside ScrollView does not render correctly on iPhone
27378 – Navigation.InsertPageBefore causes AurgumentException only on Windows Phone
27381 – [Android] InvokeIcon(BitmapDescriptorFactory.FromAsset()) fails in Android
27397 – fgfghghgfhgfhfdhdfh
27398 – xcxcxzcxzcxzc
27409 – Set color to Label in Android multiple times don't work
27412 – Keyboard remains visible on Android after setting Focus to an entry and then leaving the app using Home button
27416 – Adding multiple TapGestureRecognizers with different NumberOfTaps does not work correctly via XAML
27417 – Button.Image behaviors differently on each platform and has extra padding even with no Text
27418 – [iOS] Map.VisibleRegion in a custom renderer remains null using Google Maps
27437 – [iOS] Context menu error after deleting an item from a ListView using ContextActions
27440 – [Android] After long press on ListView item to bring up ContextActions, rows does not remain highlighted.
27444 – The SurfaceDestroyed method does not get called as soon as another page is placed on top of it
27451 – WinPhone renderers should implement IDisposable
27457 – Memory leak on Android with Custom Control/Renderer
27460 – [Android] Frame OutLine color requires a Padding to be visible
27461 – [Android] Frame does not clip content, even when IsClippedToBounds is true
27477 – masterdetail in Android MasterBehavior = MasterBehavior.Split problem
27481 – [Android] Memory leak when loading a new image into an ImageView when the previous image has not finished loading.
27497 – Using OnPlatform staticresource crashes on iOS Device
27502 – Content of a ViewCell disappears when it's selected in a ListView
27505 – [iOS] Entry is scrolled off the screen when keyboard appears on iOS 7
27520 – searchbar on Samsung Galaxy SII - Android 4.1.2. Can entry only one char
27526 – Type ConstraintExpressionExtension not found in xmlns
27532 – ReferenceExtension (x:Reference) is missing from Xamarin Forms 1.3
27537 – DatePicker control does not behave as other picker controls
27538 – SIGABRT on iOS in Forms App Awaiting Task
27545 – NullReferenceException when call Children.Remove() with children is custom control
27567 – [WinPhone] WebView Does Not Report Correct Viewport Height
27574 – MasterDetail nav CANNOT be hidden in landscape view on an IPad
27581 – [Android] Can't scroll on webview after keyboard has shown
27600 – Can't change up button on Android 4.3 and 4.4
27605 – ContentPage Background color global style not working
27606 – MasterDetailPage Detail is interactive even when Master is open when in Landscape
27610 – [Android] Modal shows white space at the bottom and does not fill screen
27613 – Prevent Entry SoftKeyboard from Showing
27617 – Tabbed Page Exception Thrown in iPad but not iPhone
27621 – Pin infobox click not working in iOS
27625 – ListView cell with multiple labels height crops content
27632 – onresume called multiple times
27642 – [Windows Phone] Adding a ScrollView control to a ContentView, remove it and re-add it will cause an exception on Windows Phone
27647 – WidthRequest is only used when a HorizontalOption is explicitly set
27649 – Changing the BackgroundColor of a Button many times results in a OOM exception
27651 – Tabbed Page in Navigation Page causes exception in iPad but nothing else
27659 – Implicit Style for ContentPage.Style does not work
27661 – ViewCell IsEnabled set to false does not disable a cell in a TableView
27663 – [Android] ListView Header Crashes On Tap
27686 – SearchBar Focus()
27689 – GroupHeaderCells disappear when item is removed from a group in ListView (iOS only)
27690 – Visual Studio Extensions: Invalid File Allowed to Build
27698 – [iOS] DisplayAlert and DisplayActionSheet are shown below master page
27700 – Issue in Writing and Reading Image Files
27705 – Xamarin.Forms.Platform.WinPhone.ViewToRendererConverter+WrapperControl should not return infinity or nan from MeasureOverride
27711 – NavigationPage is Not Xaml-Friendly
27722 – ContentView.Content Property Is Not Bindable
27729 – Image does not scale with Aspect when inside a StackLayout with a WidthRequest
27730 – First chance exception of XamlParseException When Viewing Xaml Page That Uses ConstraintExpression
27731 – [Android] Action Bar can not be controlled reliably on MasterDetailPage
27734 – ListView.ItemTapped event not getting fired
27739 – Content Property for Page.Resources Does Not Work As Expected
27740 – Invalid Binding Markup Works, but Should Provide an Warning/Compile Error
27741 – XLabs MediaPicker for iOS shows black screen second time it's called to take a picture
27765 – Labels misaligned in ViewCell
27766 – On Android, button background is not updated when color changes
27777 – Invalid binary on submitting to Appstore
27779 – Xamarin.Forms.ReadOnlyListAdapter.IndexOf throws NotImplementedExcpetion
27782 – Hard crash, as soon as a item in a ListView is selected and then changed (1.4-Pre-2)
27783 – Cell becomes empty after adding a new one with context actions (TableView)
27785 – Android: ViewCell in a ListView is not updated correct (1.4-Pre-2)
27789 – Android: ScrollView is not scrolled, if Entry receives focus, Button-alignment bug (1.4-Pre-2)
27797 – Android L 5.0 Elevate property does not work with Xamarin Forms Project
27798 – Android, Page OnDisappearing for first page fires after OnAppearing for target page
27806 – Control not adding text or drawables for custom renderer
27808 – [Android] WebView loads with incorrect parameter
27813 – Windows Phone bug: App crashes after second selection of an item in master-detail page
27814 – Windows Phone bug Xamarin.Forms: ListView don’t show ViewCell Correct
27824 – IllegalArgumentException: width and height must be > 0
27827 – Picker on iOS does not accept selected item in some cases
27829 – Android: App crashes with Java.Lang.NoSuchMehodError on Phone with Android 4.2.1
27832 – WP: App crashes after selection of an item from a ListView (in a PopUp)
27845 – ItemAppearing event is raised before Item actually appears on iOS
27853 – iOS/Android: ViewCell truncates label in horizontal StackLayout
27863 – 1.4.0 introduced a bug with ValueConverters in resource dictionary referenced in the resource dictionary can't be found
27874 – Android NullPointerException updating observable collection
27903 – TapGestureRecognizer does not work in nested StackLayouts on Android only
27915 – EntryCell doesn't expose text color of entry field on iOS
27945 – AndroidTablet don’t respect Padding in StackLayout (with ScrollView with StackLayout)
27965 – [iOS] WebView does not set CanGoBack or CanGoForward
27968 – Resource dictionary throws an Exception when inheriting from a subclass of ContentPage
27974 – ListView LongPress Exception
27976 – [Android] MasterDetail NavigationDrawer Does Not Hide On DoubleTap of Item
27988 – [Android] ImmersiveSticky Mode causes ActionBar "Up" Icon to Render Incorrectly After Rotate
28001 – [Android] TabbedPage: invisible tabs are not Disposed
28007 – [iOS] The "More" menu presented from a Cell ContextAction is positioned incorrectly
28021 – Android Release LinkAssemblies Exception against Acr.XamForms
28029 – Android slider view has an offset
28045 – [Android] ImageRenderer assumes that the control is a FormsImageView
28061 – Listview iOS scrolling is calculated incorrectly after navigation or adding new items to the listview
28070 – [Android] INavigation.ModalStack contains root page from INavigation.NavigationStack instead of being empty
28088 – [Android/iOS] WebView does not refill/center after rotation
28093 – Crash on Android device when keyboard is open
28119 – Disabling Editor in iOS does not disable entry of text
28120 – MasterDetailPage: Referencing XAML DataTemplates in a ListView within a Page set in the Detail property results in a "LoadTemplate should not be null" error
28164 – [iOS] iPad Entry w/ numeric keyboard typing non-numeric character resets display value to "0"
28165 – [iOS] iPad Entry w/ numeric keyboard allows non-numeric characters after a '0' character is entered.
28176 – Xamarin.Forms.Device.StartTimer stops receiving notifications, when running on iPhone 6 iOS 8.2
28191 – Java.Lang.NullPointerException in TabbedPage
28212 – SIGABRT on iOS in CADisplayLinkTicker.StartThread ()
28216 – SearchBar in iOS won't display
28221 – [Android] Null Reference in custom cell renderer
28222 – ListView.Footer cannot be set to a StackLayout
28240 – [Android] Problems with a NavigationPage as Master+Detail of a MasterDetailPage
28242 – CarouselPage Disappearing event does not fire on Android
28270 – TapGestureRecognizer does not work on an Entry
28277 – [iOS] ListView.ScrollTo does not work correctly when cells are of varying sizes
28281 – SearchBar button press with empty string
28284 – PopModalAsync with MasterDetailPage is clearing the navigation stack in Forms 1.4
28286 – Images on iOS - FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!
28289 – RowDefinition=Auto + Image (with HeightRequest and WidthRequest defined) doess not play well in iOS
28318 – ListView ItemTapped Event Returns Incorrect Item (Bound Context)
28322 – Pop to root shows white page during transition
28335 – [Android] NRE when pushing/popping a page quickly
28345 – Android crash on listview press hold and swipe
28351 – [iOS] Collapsing master view causes grey box to appear after rotation on iPad
28352 – Unhandled Key Not Found Exception During 'HandleTweenerUpdated' on iOS and Windows Phone
28354 – CustomRendere throws "SetElement did not create the correct number of children"
28357 – Global Implicit Styles are lost when navigating from Native to form
28364 – Listview.FooterTemplate cause NullReferenceException
28366 – [Forms][iOS] Rendering error on ViewCell startup. Navigating off page and going back fixes height property
28378 – [iOS] Navigation.PushAsync not working from pages in the "More" tab of a TabbedPage
28379 – [iOS] App crashes with SIGSEV when tapping the "More" tab when a page from the "More" tab is already selected.
28380 – [iOS] IsVisible property occasionally not working correctly.
28381 – button border color
28387 – ModalWrapper breaks things
28388 – NavigationRenderer.ParentingViewController (still) breaks things
28390 – ListView - jump list always shows on WPhone, even without GroupShortNameBinding
28391 – ViewCell in a GroupHeaderTemplate defaults to Height=0 on iOS
28424 – [Android][WinPhone] When setting the minimum and maximum date for a date picker, only allow valid dates to be seen/selected from the DatePicker dialog.
28448 – Strange bevavior in WP8.1 app using Images and Grid
28456 – Crash when navigating between pages with Lists
28469 – [Forms] Button Image does not respect WidthRequest for alignment
28474 – Visual bug on Windows Phone's TabbedPage Title
28498 – [iOS] App crashes when switching between NavigationPages on a MasterDetailPage when In-Call Status Bar is visible
28500 – [iOS] In-Call Status bar is visible causes incorrect vertical shift
28514 – Image fails to load when bound to a Source using a Converter if Converter is called too often.
28520 – [UWP] ListView ItemSelected event & SelectedItem property only fires once
28521 – Xaml Bindings do not work for my custom controls, no matter what I do
28525 – nested navigationviewcontroller doesn't respond to back button touches
28526 – need a mechanism to embed pages
28545 – AbsoluteLayout attributes don't work in a style
28547 – [All Platforms] Style triggers do not operate correctly when object is disabled initially
28555 – [Android] Toolbar item never disappears when added from detail page
28556 – [All Platforms] Style triggers do not operate correctly when object is disabled initially
28566 – [TouchWiz/Android] - Picker does not provide method of navigation via up/down scrolling.
28568 – BindingContext is not propagated to items that are contained inside ResourceDictionary
28570 – ScrollView.ScrollToAsync(); does not respect new content size when content is added
28575 – listview header set to null
28577 – [Windows Phone] Not able to scroll in ScrollView if no controls are Enabled
28578 – [Windows Phone] Entry control where IsPassword is true the delayed time to see what you type is zero
28604 – [Android] Dismiss Master with tap on Detail
28613 – [iOS] ListView Height does not properly report the correct height at first load
28614 – not enough binding documentation
28618 – Horizontally centered Picker views clip contained text rather than expanding to required size
28619 – Swiping a Switch view on WinPhone does not dismiss any open keyboard
28621 – Wrapping of text on Button controls is inconsistent
28622 – PreferredLanguages not being picked up when running on iOS
28625 – [iOS] Issue with data-binding in a Label in the font-attribute to a static resource
28626 – Using carousel on android will not work with anything but index 0
28628 – Reuse of cell containing an Image that are async loaded will display the previous image.
28650 – In a Listview on iOS, "andExpand" does not expand when text is two lines long
28654 – In a Listview on iOS, item does not resize properly if padding is added after an await. (Works in Android)
28656 – SIGABRT - ObjectDisposedException in InternalNSNotificationHandler.Post
28657 – Application.Current.Properties does not save List<T> values between app sessions
28659 – [Android] Forms OnResume() method does not always reflect the expected Android Lifecycle OnResume() method.
28678 – SearchBar history text clicked is empty
28689 – Xaml: Type argument mandatory for x:Array extension
28708 – Cannot resolve dependency to assembly 'Xamarin.Forms.Platform.WP8, Version=
28709 – Application.Properties saving crash
28719 – Triggers inside DataTemplate give XAML runtime error
28722 – InputTransparent does not work in Windows Phone
28751 – Separator is missing in some rows from a listview in Xamarin Android
28759 – unit testing some classes not possible due to You MUST call Xamarin.Forms.Init(); prior to using it.
28762 – MasterDetailPage clears its own IsPresented when you move the phone around
28763 – [preserve] is ignored
28764 – Slider control doesn't follow model property value.
28765 – Slider Value property binds OneWay by default
28778 – Frequent page refreshes (and also app crashes) in iOS when using WebViewRenderer
28786 – Portrait upside down screen orientation doesn't work in Xamarin.Forms.
28787 – GetSupportedInterfaceOrientations is never called in PageRenderer subclass in iOS
28788 – Change ListViewRenderer.ListViewDataSource from internal to protected
28796 – Crash on Tab change
28802 – Possibility to pass an ImageSource to NavigationPage.SetTitleIcon
28821 – Application crashes when ContentPage in TabbedPage has its IsVisible property set to false.
28874 – WebView renderer fails to render HTML, works in Android
28883 – Setting GroupDisplayBinding after GroupHeaderTemplate removes custom header template
28901 – WebView not allowing DOM Storage
28902 – Android App.MainPage set to many times will crash
28939 – Entry Control loses cursor position to either beginning or end of input
28952 – NullReferenceException when setting MainPage for first time in OnStart
28953 – Device.StartTimer (still) behaves differently on different platforms
28960 – Picker does not fill ContentView on Windows phone.
28965 – ScrollToAsync animation starts at position 0 instead of current position using a horizontal scrollview
28969 – Searchbar by correcting one character in the middle, cursor goes to the last character
28988 – NamedSize enumeration does not return a larger value between a 7" and 10" tablet.
28996 – In a ScrollViewRenderer, using reflection to get the hScrollView field returns null in OnElementChanged
29000 – Unable to disable scrolling on a ScrollView
29005 – System.InvalidOperationException when TapGestureRecognizer.Tapped is used to navigate to a ContentPage with a Map
29009 – Pull to refresh doesnt work if Listview doesn't have enough items to be scrollable
29017 – Pin Clicked does not fire (iOS at least)
29033 – Setting Stacklayout's IsVisible from false to true doesn't always make it visible.
29050 – Xamarin.Forms.Image Aspect.AspectFill does not work. it yields the exact same results as AspectFit.
29065 – ListView ScrollTo function is not working when we switch among the tabs and select datepicker to navigate
29082 – ListView not rendered when using ImageCell
29086 – Toggling IsVisible on controls in a stacklayout failed
29093 – BackgroundColor of an Entry Control Is Ignored on Samsung Devices With TouchWiz
29103 – DisplayAlert and DisplayActionSheet not working properly
29107 – Xamarin.Android ScrollView text overlaps
29109 – ViewCells overlay each other when used in TableView on iOS. Exception on Windows Phone
29110 – VerticalOptions = LayoutOptions.Center or CenterAndExpand, of Sliders on Windows Phone does not result in centered display
29128 – If VerticalOptions not explicitly set on a Slider on Android, the two parts of the Slider are separated when drawn.
29139 – WebView does not detect url changes via javascript
29149 – IllegalStateException exception on moving a Control to another container
29150 – Urgent: Playing a video with Xamarin for iOS broken after latest update
29158 – XF for WP8.1RT - BeginInvokeOnMainThread generates NullReferenceException
29184 – Group Header Text Font Color in ListView
29185 – [WinPhone] Cursor not visible when IsPassword=true
29191 – Problem with Xamarin.Forms Maps due to changes in iOS 8.10
29199 – [WinRT] PageRenderer.OnElementChanged is not virtual
29202 – Selecting from a TableView on Windows Phone in landscape orientation returns wrong item
29209 – ListView PullToRefresh not working
29210 – Xamarin Android failing to render ViewCell for list view in
29214 – Setting button as visible with IsVisible causes text layout options to be ignored
29224 – [WinPhone] When using custom font Button and Entry don't calculate height properly when targeting WP 8.1
29229 – ListView on Windows Phone
29238 – [WinRT] Device.BeginInvokeOnMainThread throws NullReferenceException
29247 – iOS Device.OpenUri breaks with encoded params
29250 – TapGestureRecognizer.Tapped does not fire when added to a Map
29257 – CarouselPage.CurrentPage Does Not Work Properly When Used Inside a NavigationPage
29264 – [WinPhone] Unfocus does not hide keyboard
29265 – [WinPhone] Does not scroll to control in focus
29266 – Android.Content.Res.Resources+NotFoundException: Resource ID #0xff303030
29267 – Android.Content.Res.Resources+NotFoundException: Resource ID #0xff303030
29269 – Frame view on Android missing shadow
29270 – Xamarin.Forms OpenGlView is broken (Android)
29275 – Xamarin.Forms doesn't handle activity restarts, provides no good way to work around it
29280 – ViewCell is not working in windows phone
29287 – Attempt to get attributes for class derived from Xamarin Forms ContentPage throws in 1.4.2
29288 – Xamarin.Forms Grouped List View fails on adding new groups in Android
29289 – Xamarin.Forms Grouped List View fails on adding new groups in Windows Store
29290 – ViewCell exception on WinPhone
29295 – ImageSource.FromStream not working on Windows platform
29298 – Grouped List View with custom cells on Android graphically overridden by group header
29300 – XamlCompilation Not builds user defined BindableProperties
29318 – Button TextColor when button is disabled
29330 – Same Page OnDisappearing code triggered differently between android and ios project
29344 – TableView Collection was modified enumeration operation may not execute
29350 – Children Page Titles not Rendering Correctly in a TabbedPage After Being Changed
29363 – Pushing and then popping a page modally in succession causes an exception.
29364 – ListView group headers missing after adding items.
29379 – Device.Idiom returns incorrect value when in landscape
29382 – PushModalAsync without animations before showing first page still shows original page
29385 – Navigating Back When an Entry Control Is Focused Causes a Crash
29393 – Setting BackgroundImage of TabbedPage does not set image for child content pages for Android/iOS
29406 – toolbar item with binding context and icon property
29411 – [WindowsPhone] MasterPage Backgroud doesn't honour the Windows Phone Themes
29412 – [iOS] RootViewController doesn't show the controls on the Page
29419 – Setting RefreshCommand cause leak
29441 – Xamarin Forms iOS - MasterDetailPage used in TabbedPage changes BarTintColor
29453 – [Android] Navigation.PopAsync(false) in Entry.Completed handler => System.ArgumentException
29471 – Xamarin.Android.Support.V4 version 22.1.1 throws MissingMethodException on loading a MasterDetailPage
29501 – [Windows] "The name 'InitializeComponent' does not exist in the current context" error when building Windows app
29505 – Changes to UITableViewCell.SelectedBackgroundView in ViewCell custom renderer are overridden when the ViewCell has a ContextAction
29508 – [WinPhone] Clicking back button twice quickly form second page to exit app causes app to crash.
29549 – Incorrect layout animation when presenting a MasterDetailPage modally
29561 – generated code doesn't compile for base classes with generics
29607 – Fonts issues on latest version of Xamarin
29649 – Reason: Access to Path is denied (XA0000)
29658 – System.Threading.Tasks.TaskCanceledException: A task was canceled on UriImageSource+<GetStreamFromCacheAsync>
29662 – "Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component" when initialising Windows app
29666 – ListView Is Blank After Navigating between TabPages in NavigationPage
29668 – Cannot select item in ListView after navigating TabPage
29677 – [Enhancement] Add support for loading and displaying SVG images in Xamarin.Forms
29712 – listview datatemplate is not correctly reusing cells, and is waisting performance/memory for nothing
29715 – Pull to refresh spinner disappears before completion of asynchronous task
29719 – Forms New Project Templates generate with errors
29734 – ScrollTo does not scroll in grouped list with only one item
29761 – UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.ListViewAdapter.GetView (int,Android.Views.View,Android.Views.ViewGroup)
29769 – Clearing CarouselPage Children after OnAppearing throws exception on iOS
29782 – Version mismatch in Xamarin.iOS after updating Forms to
29817 – MapRenderer causes InvalidOperationException (overriding delegate)
29820 – Can you please give us a callback to specify the row height for list items?
29826 – InputTransparent fails if BackgroundColor not explicitly set on Windows Phone
29841 – Maps IsShowingUser displaying as red pin rather than blue dot
29845 – Setting ContentPage Visibility to False causes InvocationTargetException
29850 – [Android] Java.Lang.RuntimeException when popping the last page off the navigation stack.
29861 – latest pre-release screws up breakpoint debugging
29867 – UIImage wrong mapping on devices lower than iOS8
29875 – IsEnabled does not work for Views derived from ViewElementRenderer<T>
29889 – On iOS, after PullToRefresh completes, ListView's content is scrolled and obscured
29894 – [Xamarin.Forms.Maps] - Map View appears ontop of new Map when pushing a Page that contains a Map.
29899 – [Critical] Changing MainPage on Windows Phone
29910 – Android Simulator API 15 Soft Keyboard Scroll and Done Button Crash
29930 – ListView (Android) does not update after selection
29940 – [Master]Getting build error while building cross platform (portable or shared) project for android.
29999 – Cannot reference PCL assembly on Profile 259
30016 – MasterDetailPage with TabbedPage master becomes unresponsive after rotation
30037 – ListView context action should be removed on tab change
30047 – WebViewRenderer on iOS doesn't lay out properly in response to device rotation
30054 – Entry with IsPassword=True shows suggestions and auto-capitalizes the first letter
30071 – WinPhone WebView won't play local video
30074 – Multiple DataTriggers on same data bound property don't always trigger (XAML)
30086 – Error using CardView in Xamarin.Forms
30091 – Issue with V7 AppCompat Toolbar
30094 – Issue with TapGestureRecognizer on Android
30097 – IsEnabled Property not working on button
30132 – Entry control in Xamarin forms is not working as expected
30137 – [Android] ListView longtap crashes on Samsung KitKat device.
30139 – Multiple renderers attach to a single view cell in ListView.HasUnevenRows
30149 – Keyboard doesn't appear after calling Entry Focus()
30156 – [WinPhone] Frame in ViewCell covers other controls in ViewCell
30166 – Problem with NavigationBar.BarBackgroundColor on Lollipop
30169 – Compiled form with a dynamic resource reference throws a BindableObject:SetDynamicResource exception
30173 – Compiled Form does not show TableViews.
30200 – Listview Context Actions not closed
30209 – View cannot be brought to front in Xamarin.Forms.
30210 – Binding a TableView Title does not respond to updates
30251 – MasterDetail page's right area of detail page cannot receive touch on spit mode
30253 – COMException on CellControl
30254 – TabbedPage disappearing tabs after PopAsync
30260 – XamlParseException in Xamarin Forms for WP8
30284 – SearchBarRenderer.SearchButtonPressed does not fire if other event handlers are registered
30297 – WebView does not resize on iOS when change orientation
30313 – cannot set button borderwidth to 0
30324 – Detail view of MasterDetailPage does not get appearance events on Android when whole MasterDetailPage disappears/reappears
30332 – on iOS setting button title animates.
30336 – Messaging - Subscriber handler runs twice instead of once
30353 – MasterDetailPage.IsPresentedChanged is not raised
30361 – X.Forms Android HomeAsUp (Back) button/arrow disappears when navigating Native-to-Forms
30363 – DatePicker does not update layout during orientation change
30370 – Background Color on an Entry Control is Applied to the Padding
30375 – Pressing a Button Multiple Times Sometimes Pushes More Than One Page to the Navigation Stack
30377 – [WinPhone] DisplayAlert and DisplayActionSheet don't await
30379 – Initializecomponent does not exist in the current context
30380 – [UWP] WebView fails to display if contained within a StackLayout with LayoutOptions set
30382 – [Android] Failed to resolve void AbsListView.SetSelectionFromTop(int, int) in Release build
30384 – IsEnabled = false on page does not disable controls on page
30385 – Map Pin Clicked stops firing after pins changed
30389 – No valid iOS code signing keys found in keychain
30392 – NavigationPage.SetHasBackButton does not seem to be working
30393 – RaiseChild does not operate as expected in < API 19
30397 – Page with ListView on WinPhone throws ArgumentException when navigating back
30412 – Images in ListView delayed until some thread finishes
30425 – ContextAction in ViewCell called multiple times on Android
30426 – ListView doesn't refresh
30467 – We need a mechanism to extend and provide our own gestures
30519 – ActionBar.SetDisplayHomeAsUpEnabled() Is Sometimes Ignored
30521 – Setting ParentActivity On Forms Causes Seems to Break Up Navigation
30525 – Contextual action bar remain visible when one navigates from a modal page
30540 – Binding to a collection of instances of a class with an overloaded indexer
30554 – [WP] Master page doesn't disappear after navigating from Detail's page
30573 – [Android] Picker items are unreadable on Lollipop
30580 – Custom renderers in separate ios projects are "not found" (or not used) at runtime
30589 – Attempt to invoke virtual method 'boolean'
30603 – Tap fails on Android Table in Landscape Mode
30606 – The is no reliable way to tell when a view is removed from the visual tree
30627 – Windows Phone backgroundimage of page not showing after layout update
30651 – ListView jumps around while scrolling after items are added to its source
30657 – Page offset is not correct in the TabbedPage
30678 – Replacing a bound ObservableCollection entirely causes memory to leak
30684 – x:Reference does not escape DataTemplate so you can't bind to values in the parent ListView
30687 – [Windows Phone 8.1]Embedded Images are found, but do not display
30688 – [Windows Phone 8.1]The application called an interface that was marshalled for a different thread.
30690 – [iOS] Issue with Xamarin.Forms ListView with Grouped Header
30699 – xaml variable not recognized in code-behind file
30702 – A modal page wrapped in a navigation page will never get destructed after being popped
30723 – mechanism to easily toggle XamlC for an entire project
30735 – UI tests are unable to find any Forms views using the Marked query
30736 – Modal pages are shown under Alerts and Actionsheets
30754 – TapGestureRecognizer recognizes false positives on Android
30760 – Please add scrolled events and scroll offset settings to ListView
30763 – Please open up ImageSource for subclassing
30765 – Styles with Frames does not apply the "Padding" property
30767 – Please make ToolbarItem use ImageSource rather than FileImageSource
30797 – list view header set to label on iOS
30817 – [Enhancement] - Add keyboard functionality for Amazon Fire TV
30822 – [Android Lollipop] Page.IsBusy throws "Circular progress bar not located in current window decor"
30828 – NavBar cannot be hidden on master detail page
30832 – Xamarin.Forms.Maps clickevent is triggered for wrong pin on iOS
30835 – (Out_of_memory) Navigating to and from the Carousel page with MasterDetail page creates an Out of memory exception
30861 – entry text null
30865 – MasterDetailPage Windows Phone (WP) Master dismissed
30867 – ShouldStartLoad causes InvalidOperationException to be thrown when instantiating a webview
30870 – Set focus to Entry
30891 – Closing the soft-keyboard removes focus from an entry field
30893 – [Entry View] Clicking "enter" on hardware keyboard (dpad) clears keyboard focus
30894 – A ContentPage cannot be navigated using hardware DPAD after startup
30899 – Windows Phone Silverlight 8.1: Picker element in a StackLayout with orientation Horizontal sets picker's width to 0 pixels.
30900 – StackLayout including label followed by an entry view screws up DPAD navigation.
30920 – App Freeze when attempting to contact an unavailable http resource
30928 – FontSize in xaml doesn't accept strings
30935 – NullReferenceException in ViewRenderer<TView, TNativeView> (Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android)
30957 – CarouselPage responding to input when IsEnabled=false
30965 – When scrolling the custom list view cell's height is increases
30998 – Forms.Init takes FileActivatedEventArgs class instead of IFileActivatedEventArgs interface
31008 – ContextAction crashes when Listview is in the ViewCell of a TableView.
31017 – Style FontSize not working when using custom font
31027 – Crash when using "android:windowNoTitle"
31029 – [Windows Phone 8.1]Generating an Image via MemoryStream does not appear
31049 – GroupHeaderTemplate cells render over item cells
31053 – Custom label renderer does not draw graphics on the Label using CGContext
31056 – YAlign is ignored on WinPhone for Label in StackLayout
31058 – app crashes shortly after splash screen on ios7
31059 – Switch control exposes BackgroundColor but not the other three colors used
31077 – Navigation Page Removal and Push
31080 – Setting ColumnSpacing and RowSpacing to 0 does not work on Windows Phone
31081 – ListView.LastItemAppearing
31087 – Wrong order of OnResume
31088 – FontSize = Font.SystemFontOfSize(NamedSize.Large).FontSize; // crashes in WP
31094 – setting picker.selectedindex to -1 visualize item with selected index 0
31107 – BackgroundColor being ignored when number of entries in StackLayout reaches a threshold
31124 – change MasterDetail.Detail navigation page
31128 – Label with word wrapping causes layout error in StackLayout.
31137 – Spanning multiple columns of Grid breaks layout
31141 – Change Entry keyboard type while typing
31143 – WinPhone Entry does not scroll to ensure caret (typing point) in view
31145 – Picker cause memory leak holding entire Page in memory after it popped (WP8 SL only)
31157 – description of property is wrong
31171 – NavigationPage.PopAsync() cause memory leak by still holding on popped Page
31175 – ScrollView does not show all text
31182 – StaticResource forward references in ResourceDictionaries
31207 – Global styles (including built-in ones) extend pages lifetime causing a memory leak
31214 – CustomControl failes on Android but not on iOS.
31216 – Control enabled states wrong in scrolling ListView
31234 – Build fails when project contains pages with the same name in different namespaces
31237 – Custom ViewCell Renderer Does Not Render A StackLayout
31238 – [WinPhone] ListView Renderer Crashing with large list and ItemTemplate
31255 – Master's page Icon cause memory leak after MasterDetailPage is popped out by holding on page
31262 – Seting Application.Current.MainPage to an existing Page causes the exception "Element is already the child of another element"
31264 – ListView seems to be keeping references around when used in conjunction with ObservableCollection
31265 – Labels inside of a ViewCell are not being updated when a property changes but do update when the row is scrolled out of view and back into view
31266 – Navigation stack corrupted when user taps quickly
31267 – System.ArgumentException: 'jobject' must not be IntPtr.Zero when setting Label.Text
31280 – Shared Project (PCL) with WinPhone 8.1 Project (WinRT): SearchBar XAML Binding and Events not working
31287 – Re-ordering cells containing a FillAndExpand control in a ListView can cause one cell to not redisplay correctly on Android
31298 – Images are not expanding to fill container
31324 – Using a x:Name in a style on the xaml resources side causes controls to be created in the generated file.
31329 – Implicit styling with inheritance.
31330 – Disabled context actions appear enabled
31333 – [Android] Focus() on Entry in ViewCell brings up keyboard, but doesn't have cursor in EditText
31335 – Java.Lang.NullPointerException During Runtime
31343 – Android Scrollview does not work when inside another scrollview
31359 – [Android] Using Google Voice Recognition in SearchBar() deletes results in some devices when speaking multiple and/or long phrases
31366 – Pushing and then popping a page modally cause ArgumentOutOfRangeException
31367 – [Android] Crash in modal page
31383 – APP Restarts when Bluetooth HID Device is connected / disconnected
31385 – ActivityIndicator not visible when running inside TableView on Windows Phone
31395 – Crash when switching MainPage and using a Custom Render
31401 – yo
31412 – TimePicker.Time is set to 12:00 AM when using DateTime.TimeOfDay for a day occurring in the past or future
31415 – ListView Does Not Update After GC When Collection Uses Weak References
31422 – Xamarin Forms Entry control and iOS Keyboard Shortcuts Problem
31435 – [Android] TabbedPage does not implement swipe gestures
31442 – Reuse renderer for a subclass of the native control
31453 – Navigation.RemovePage doesn't work inside OnDisappearing
31466 – [WP] Image is scaled but native control size does not adapt
31472 – Changing FontFamily on label in Android does not work.
31478 – Lumia Devices: Keyboard auto scroll causes field to be covered
31487 – webview in tabbedpage has black margin
31526 – LabelRenderer sets Font for too many different other properties
31529 – MarkupExpression parser doesn't work with extra whitespaces
31536 – IOException: Too many open files
31539 – DisplayAlert doesn't show when called through other page, iOS only
31541 – [WinPhone] ListView Crashing
31542 – Inconsistent behavior of Push/PopModalAsync (Android)
31547 – Type Mismatch when using DynamicResource in XAML to set value in RelativeLayout Constraint
31561 – Back button used to navigate back does not maintain hidden button on destination page
31562 – Switch vertical alignment is broken on iOS
31565 – ListView with custom ViewCells not always showing on Android
31566 – [WinRT] MasterDetailPage closes Master content after navigation
31580 – 'jobject' must not be IntPtr.Zero in Android.Support.V4.View.ViewPager.set_CurrentItem(int)
31583 – ListView inside MasterDetailPage select item and scroll issues
31591 – setting list view.header throw an exception
31594 – When using Scandit, GUI stops responding after device rotation.
31598 – PropertyBinding not respected when set as a child item
31607 – with 2 picker selection, selected index is lost
31608 – Xamarin.Forms RowDefinition Binding does not work
31610 – Entry with IsPassword doesn't fire GotFocus on the passwordbox control (custom renderer)
31623 – Fatal exception at Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.NavigationRenderer
31626 – samsung galaxy tab device idiom is unsupported
31638 – Picker SelectedIndexChanged raised immediately
31640 – Device.OS returns value as Windows in 'Windows Phone Emulator' instead of WinPhone
31661 – Button Image is scaled incorrectly
31662 – Button Images are not grayed out when the button is disabled
31664 – On MasterDetailPage trying to change Icon or Title of Master page doesn't works, need to open and close the menu
31669 – SearchBar displays black background with BackgroundColor = Color.Transparent on iOS
31670 – On WinRT, BackgroundColor of Button is used to paint outside the border of Buttons with rounded corners
31675 – Android: ListView.ItemSelected returns incorrect item
31678 – Strange button behaviour in Windows Store/ Universal apps
31684 – Vertical centering of the Xamaring.Forms.Switch does not work for iOS but it does for Android.
31685 – Using VBOs in Xamarin.Forms OpenGL View does not render on physical android devices
31688 – 'Navigation.InsertPageBefore()' does not work for more than two pages, "throws java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: index=3 count=2"
31704 – Editor and Entry behave differently on WP for the keyboard suggestions
31716 – View.isVisible is not working on iPad
31726 – Lots of iOS warnings for a new Forms project
31730 – ListView doesn't update properly and crashes after scrolling
31736 – Dispose(Boolean) of Xamarin.Forms.Platform.WinRT.VisualElementRenderer causes exception
31745 – [Android] TabbedPage in MasterDetailPage not showing multiple tabs
31751 – Xamarin Forms - Out of memory on Android with listview having large image in it
31759 – CarouselPage does not show content on Windows Store app
31762 – [Xamarin.Forms + Windows Phone] Xamarin.Forms.Maps 1.3.4 wont build in Windows Phone when using Xamarin.Forms 1.3.5
31806 – [iOS] Custom Font Style applied to List Item can cause WordWrap to fail depending on string length
31809 – PopToRootAsync isn't working in my Windows Phone Runtime(8.1) project
31812 – Custom ViewCellRenderer OnCellPropertyChanged not Always fired
31816 – Gap between Header and contents of listview increases every time listview is displayed via IsVisible. New in XF 1.4.3
31822 – ObservableCollection.Add() and IsolatedStorageException
31837 – [Windows 8.1/Windows Phone 8.1] Two-way binding on switch does not work after app launch
31841 – Can't edit Editor within a TableView
31842 – "Refreshing" spinner is not present when first loading a ListView
31844 – API description of NavigationPage.OnBackButtonPressed() is ambiguous about hardware vs. on-screen back button
31854 – add the same label to two stack layout in two contentpage
31856 – ListView incorrect formatting of group headers and items
31874 – Unable to use Style setters for Attached BindableProperties
31876 – Delete ContextAction disappears while swiping cell
31926 – Pushing a modal TabbedPage while call status bar is active causes tabs to be offscreen
31943 – [Forms] [Android] Using ListViewStyles is bolding incorrectly
31963 – UI glitchets when using Searchbar with the listview
31964 – [Xamarin.Forms SwitchCell]OnChange() did not work for Windows platform
31966 – BarTextColor on Android under 4.2 and over 4.4
31970 – Construction/initialisation of Slider throws exception or ignores values on Windows
31972 – Elements are disappearing when submitted to the app store on iPhone 6/6S
31973 – Password Box does not show input - Windows Phone
31974 – ScrollLayout on Windows often gets height slightly under required figure, so cannot scroll all content into view
31979 – Android keyboard does not dismiss when setting a new Detail on MasterDetailPage
32006 – App crashes on SizeChanged event with focus on a control (Entry)
32033 – WebView on Windows does not display local HTML files
32034 – MissingMethodException while pushing and popping pages
32036 – Native2Forms.Android crashes when pressing "Show Xamarin.Forms 'page'" - System.ArgumentException: inputView should be of type EditText, SearchView, or TextView
32040 – EntryCell.Tapped or SwitchCell.Tapped does not fire when within a TableView
32055 – [Android] AbsoluteLayout that is a child of custom ContentView doesn't respond to Swipe gestures
32059 – ArgumentException when starting to debug on locked device
32067 – MasterBehavior is not consistently obeyed in MasterDetailPage
32068 – Adding an ActivityIndicator to a ContentPage in Forms 1.4.3 causes an exception to be thrown
32073 – Xamarin.Forms.MenuItem.IsEnabled is internal
32115 – Vertical Scrollview moves horixontally on Windows
32116 – System.Runtime.Serialization.SerializationException when access Application.Properties on Windows
32117 – DisplayActionSheet does not show all entries
32129 – Labels are being re-drawn unnecessarily. Performance implications.
32144 – DatePicker cannot be bound to a Nullable DateTime.
32148 – Pull to refresh hides the first item on a list view when setting HasUnevenRows = True
32152 – StackLayout FillAndExpand not expanding
32182 – TabbedPage CarouselPage: Appearing and Disappearing not raised consistantly
32201 – ContextActions not rendered when added in OnAppearing
32206 – ContextActions cause memory leak: Page is never destroyed
32213 – On Windows, ScrollToAsync does not take into account the presence of the Toolbar
32230 – isPresentedChanged raises multiple times
32289 – UIScreen.MainScreen.NativeScale call crashed app
32290 – Images not respecting vertical bounds of StackLayout
32292 – ItemTapped event of ListView getting fired while tapping any control on ListView in WinRT
32299 – Issue with Background Color for Selected Item in a ListView
32339 – Simple page with ListView takes ~900ms to load on Android
32341 – [XF 1.4.4] Generated .g.cs files for XAML are not seen by Visual Studio Intellisense
32343 – Picker seems to maintain SelectedIndex but doesn't update on Unfocused
32358 – ToolbarItem.Icon is not displayed in ios 7.1 or lower
32366 – Frame with DataTrigger loses outline
32372 – Local Notifications don't open the right intent when multiple are sent
32384 – GroupHeader title text missing
32447 – [iOS] App crash when scrolling quickly through a TableView that has Pickers in the cells.
32462 – Crash after a page disappeared if a ScrollView is in the HeaderTemplate property of a ListView
32504 – Windows Store/Phone 8.1 RT Title doesn't show when Light Theme is requested
32510 – Resource dictionary not working as expected
32512 – Inconsistant usage of DynamicType on iOS
32534 – Selecting an item appears to remove it from collection
32538 – Android - Items in ListView with GroupHeaderTemplate and ItemTemplate get TextColor and Attributes from GroupHeaderTemplate when scrolling
32545 – Stacklayout bug related to label font
32549 – DisplayAlert crashing app
32552 – ListView + TableHeader + Pull Refresh + Grouped Data leads to strange UI behaviour
32555 – I add a Activity with create by 'LoadApplication(application)' to TabHost, then I get a 'System.NullReferenceException'.
32560 – Unable to toggle WebView visibility when it is initially set to false
32571 – Text overflow in a ViewCell
32584 – iOS Forms application loses toolbar and tab tint color
32597 – Using autocomplete in Android search box results in empty string
32600 – [Android] Changing Placeholder or Text property of Entry/Editor in the Focused event closes the keyboard
32615 – [Android] OnAppearing is not called on previous page when modal page is popped
32625 – Nuget package update from Xamarin.Forms to Xamarin.Forms breaks IntelliSense
32635 – App crashes when the view contains animation and you relaunch the app
32683 – Editor in ListView/TableView Does Not Scroll Up When Focused
32691 – Clearing an image by setting Image.Source to null, while Image.IsLoading is true, doesn't work.
32695 – ProgressBar binding breaks in WP project when use many images
32698 – [Windows Phone] Unable to scroll if finger is placed in blank space
32718 – StyleId on ToolbarItem appears to be ignored
32724 – "Xamarin.Forms.Build.Tasks.FixedCreateCSharpManifestResourceName" task could not be loaded from the assembly
32733 – Switching Activity crash in
32736 – I add a Activity with create by 'LoadApplication(application)' to TabHost, then I get a 'System.NullReferenceException'.
32776 – [Windows 8.1/Windows Phone 8.1] MasterDetail page - page title not showing for Windows Phone 8.1 (any orientation) or in Windows 8.1 (portrait orientation).
32801 – Memory Leak in TabbedPage + NavigationPage
32817 – visual studio 2015 crashes when forms 1.5.0-pre1 is installed
32822 – Use of modals resets Android's navigation bar color to black
32829 – Changing MasterBehavior on DetailPage has no effect
32830 – Hiding navigation bar causes layouts to shift during navigation
32842 – [UWP] ItemSelected Not Ignored When a ListView Item Contains a TapGestureRecognizer
32847 – Picker text is cleared after selecting an item, whether Picker, DatePicker, or TimePicker
32857 – ListView IsPullToRefreshEnabled=false during refresh breaks layout
32858 – ListView.RefreshCommand and ReactiveUI.ReactiveCommand confilct
32865 – On MasterDetailPage trying to change Icon of Master page doesn't work if another view is pushed and Image is renderer in blue
32871 – Numeric Keyboard does not work when text has a binding to a value
32872 – Using a custom keyboard view via PageRenderer causes incorrect insets with UITableView
32874 – TapGestureRecognizer Triple Tap not recognised on Android
32881 – Null Reference Exception launching a page from a Carousel
32888 – HasUnevenRows = true causes all rows to be jumbled
32896 – Trigger with bound Setter's Value doesn't revert View's visual state when condition not matched anymore
32897 – [Android, WP8] Modal navigation doesn't work
32898 – Memory leak when TabbedPage is popped out
32899 – Setting button's IsEnabled to false does not disable button
32902 – [iOS | iPad] App Crashes (without debug log) when Master Detail isPresented and navigation being popped
32903 – App with multiple tab pages showing incorrect UI
32921 – Property Binding Ignoring ViewModel's Property Changed Event
32928 – Taps are erratic on android
32949 – Make ImageSource.SourceChanged public
32953 – VS 2015 freezes after typing Grid.
32956 – Setting ListView.SelectedItem to null does not remove list item highlight when list item is tapped multiple times quickly
32959 – when navigated to Masterdetailpage icon not rendering
32987 – [XF 1.4.4] Generated .g.cs files for XAML that use the outdated "MSBuild:Compile" "Custom Tool" are no longer seen by Visual Studio IntelliSense
32988 – [XF 1.4.4] Modifying XAML files causes IntelliSense for references to other PCLs to fail in the ".xaml.cs" codebehind files with errors of the form "are you missing an assembly reference?"
33010 – A custom element using an IEnumerable crashes when run as a Windows Universal Application
33047 – ObservableCollection updates, but ListView does not update
33053 – SortedSet<T> add items adapater problem android
33086 – Bug in Layout system when a grid is inside another grid
33104 – Intellisense causes VS2015 to hang with Grid
33110 – Map resizes after pin click / push-pop
33113 – AbsoluteLayout DataBinding BoxView's LayoutBounds Doesn't work: regression
33114 – Clearing or reassigning ListView.ItemsSource causes an exception
33116 – Label does not display in a non-trivial ListView for a Windows Store / Universal Application until the window is resized
33133 – DisplayAlert and DisplayActionSheet do not support StyleId for use in automated testing using UITest
33135 – Apps built for Windows 8.1 using XF, fail on Windows 10 release, with System.NotImplementedException
33139 – Bug in Grid Layout with CenterAndExpand when a the size of a child changes / Forms Android
33143 – iOS UI Bug on Pull to Refresh in Grouped ListView
33150 – MasterDetail "Master" pane doesn't open on swipe for iOS 7
33152 – [WinPhone] Increase in the entries inside Stack Layout removes the BackgroundColor
33154 – Exception when calling PopAsync in OnStart of Application
33158 – Setting MainPage in iOS's DidEnterBackground does not actually set MainPage
33165 – Box Then Cast Defect
33173 – Error in the scrolviewRenderer
33181 – InitializeComponent() method call in XAML code behind page constructor "does not exist in current context" (IntelliSense error)
33185 – XF leaks memory when navigating between pages
33205 – Adding an group to a listview that contains no items crashes on ios
33219 – xamarin.forms
33233 – Tabbed Page, listview and grid
33239 – StackOverflow when running app on Android 4.0.4
33240 – IOS ListViewRenderer.Dispose() should dispose header and footer
33244 – Disappearing ActivityIndicators in ListView when scrolling
33248 – Entry.Completed calling Editor.Focus() inserts new line to the focused Editor in iOS
33256 – Use of a simple control within a XAML-defined custom control when a class with the same name exists in the current namespace
33264 – Memory Usage Grows and Does Not Hit Cap
33268 – Picker is broken on Windows 8.1
33271 – Tabbed Pages in android are not working with new Xamarin Forms
33272 – ListView won't scroll when using custom renderer and not overriding GetDesiredSize.
33284 – TableView SwitchCell Data Binding Issue
33285 – Using a Custom Renderer Causes a Page to Ignore Orientation Changes
33287 – Device.OnPlatform returns the iOS value on Windows
33317 – [Feature request] Add startup configuration to OpenGLView
33323 – Using MPRemoteCommandCenter in Xamarin forms iOS project results in crash on iOS 7.1.2
33353 – Layout cycle detected. Layout could not complete. (Windows phone 8.1 Runtime)
33360 – ArgumentNullException due to unassigned gesture recognizer
33369 – Unable to set value to false for the MasterDetailPage.IsPresented property
33372 – Pull-to-refresh indicator displays as a complete circle on iOS if only partially activated prior to switching tabs
33380 – Insights Errors
33381 – Insights Errors 2
33382 – Insights Errors 3
33383 – Insights Errors 4
33384 – Insights Errors 5
33385 – ScrollView returns to begging on TranslateTo
33392 – ToolbarItem not updated when navigating
33393 – Insights Errors 6
33394 – Insights Errors 7
33397 – Insights Errors 8
33402 – WinRT: InputTransparent property of Label doesn’t work
33405 – Invalid layout process with stacklayouts, listviews and isvisible
33406 – clearing a binded listview from within one of the item's textcell command's execute fails
33413 – Android NullReferenceException with ListView context menu
33418 – Make Xamarin.Forms.Binding class not sealed
33422 – Image disappears during rotation in StackLayout on Android 5.1
33432 – Grid with row definition of 0 height changed to 50 will not draw BoxView as of 1.4.4
33438 – Problems showing the native IOS person picker and awaiting a selection
33450 – [iOS] Cell with ContextAction has a different layout
33454 – LineBreakMode.TailTruncation could be less agressive in edge cases
33456 – (Out_of_memory) Continuously Changing Detail page in MasterDetail page creates an Out of memory exception
33478 – [IOS]A grid containing a Picker is smashed when in landscape
33499 – Android WebViewRenderer doesn't unhook events properly
33500 – iOS WebViewRenderer doesn't conform to renderer pattern
33501 – LabelRenderer sets BackgroundColor on its container instead of the native control
33507 – Android: "System.ArgumentException: 'jobject' must not be IntPtr.Zero" when setting Focus for Picker = True
33519 – jeans category doesn't contain valid items.
33528 – StackLayout children with data bound IsVisible results in unexpected spacing.
33530 – ListView.ItemTapped event is not fired in iOS if UITableView.Scrolled event is subscribed
33533 – ScrollView with content and IsVisible false doesn't show other views behind it (Win)
33559 – Scaled image escapes the bounds of its container
33561 – Listview Pull-to-Refresh ActicityIndicator animation stuck when navigating away and then back again
33578 – TableView EntryCell shows DefaultKeyboard, but after scrolling down and back a NumericKeyboard
33579 – Xamarin.Forms inconsistent fontsize behavior when Accessibilty settings are applied.
33598 – Read-only editor does not support multiple lines
33605 – Android label caps at 100 lines of text
33609 – NRE in ImageButtonRenderer.GetBitmapAsync
33612 – Removing a page from the navigation stack causes an 'Object reference' exception in Android only
33630 – Applications.Properties do not persist
33642 – ContextActions are not hidden when listview item selection changes
33664 – InputTransparent behaves differently on different platforms
33666 – Label.Text change reset the TextView.TypeFace property
33667 – System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load assembly...Perhaps it doesn't exist in the Mono for Android profile?
33701 – Setting the CurrentPage of a CarouselPage causes no content to render on child page
33714 – [WP] Navigating Back Within MasterDetailPage.Detail Causes Crash
33742 – Grid not expanding to label text
33764 – Frame outline colour doesn't change using ViewModel
33836 – ViewCell text cuts in WP8.1 after scrolling
33838 – Inconsistent background hit testing
33841 – On iOS, Label with StartAndExpand HorizontalOptions does not expand if multiline (word wrap)
33842 – Decimal separator on Entry not available running swedish culture
33844 – XF TableView leaks memory in android
33850 – all items related to my search except one in walmart site.
33866 – Breakpoint not hit in multiple partial App classes
33868 – [WP] A TableView Inside a ScrollView Gets Cutoff at the Bottom
33870 – crash when the listview selection is disabled on Windows Phone 8.1 RT
33872 – ListView footer layout BindingContext not set
33890 – CancelButtonColor for SearchBar does not work on iOS
33911 – Xamarin.Forms "No Constructor" error, ListViewAdapter
33954 – Toolbar items does not change/update after adding new items
34007 – Z order drawing of children views are different on Android and iOS
34014 – [iOS] ItemAppearing does not fire for ViewCell with custom renderer
34029 – Modal page pushed *behind* master page on iPad in portrait mode (in front everywhere else)
34036 – NullReferenceException with certain layout
34037 – ConverterParameter not correctly evaluated
34038 – Cell separators start to overlap cells in large TableView
34055 – Listview with custom CellView render error on iOS9 landscape iPad
34061 – RelativeLayout - First child added after page display does not appear
34071 – YAlign for Labels inside StackLayout not working with multiple font sizes
34072 – [Xamarin.Forms] Android - Inconsistent Disabled Button behavior between Forms for Android & iOS
34086 – MTOUCH: Error MT4109: Failed to compile the generated registrar code. Please file a bug report at (MT4109) (TestProject.iOS)
34094 – Unfocused Entry doesn't get gray color when Background is white
34118 – Updating a record in an OData service: method “BeginSaveChanges” does not fire the callback
34124 – MasterDetailPage applications on iPads running iOS 9 crash at startup when started in portrait orientation
34132 – Editor view does not wrap text to multiple lines on Windows Phone RT
34142 – Custom Renderer throws NRE on >= API 21
34161 – DisplayAlert does not present a truly modal popup
34195 – BoxView does not inherit the IsVisible property from the ContentView
34206 – Can't dinamically Add layouts to content of a scrollView
34211 – Using a Frame, when outlineColor and borderColor is bound, the frame doesn't draw itself correctly.
34235 – Xamarin.Forms.Platform.WinRT.TabbedPageRenderer OnElementChanged not virtual
34246 – Changing Focus to another Entry does not switch Focus unless the Entry has been selected before
34252 – [Android] Setting EntryEditText.Error Text Causes IInputConnectionWrapper Errors
34269 – [Android] MasterDetail IsPresented is called more than once for Hamburger Menu on Tap
34270 – [iOS] MasterDetailPage App crashes in iOS 9 iPad Sims
34272 – System.ArgumentException: 'jobject' must not be IntPtr.Zero. when popping back on page with listview
34278 – iOS 9 is still now working with WebView now?
34326 – Error on Xamarin.Forms.Forms.Init(): Could not load type [...] Version=1.0.5749.22428, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null while decoding custom attribute
34343 – ScrollView doesn't work correctly on Android
34347 – iOS ToCGColor() extension method converts White to Transparent
34379 – Hiding Bindable Properties throws "Sequence contains more than one matching element"
34429 – Setting Grid.ColumnSpan and Grid.RowSpan when View is not in Grid with multiple Columns / Rows
34463 – StackLayout with Grids with Auto RowDefinitions inconsistently update layouts
34515 – Xamarin.Forms does not support AppCompatActivity
34517 – Using navigation in context actions throws the exception
34521 – Relative layout add child ambiguious call error
34531 – BindableProperty of ImageSource type raises PropertyChanged twice in custom Views
34536 – DateTimePicker decrements when custom picker is present
34545 – Binding Object not producing Binding error when binding fails do to lack of Path.
34549 – Setting a BindableProperty of Type DateTime? to null raises Error
34553 – Stackoverflow when reordering tabs in a TabbedPage
34566 – When Holo theme is specified, IsBusy does not display circular progress bar
34567 – WinRT: SendBackButtonPressed doesn't work
34568 – WinRT: ImageCell images are very large
34570 – New protected virtual method desired: NavigationCompleted
34571 – Windows 8.1: Back navigation arrow disappears when navigation stack is restored
34572 – Nested modal pages not restored on iOS
34577 – Any xaml class named "BasePage" will be prefixed with "Xamarin.Forms." in the code-behind regardless of prefix
34580 – Access method 'Xamarin.Forms.NameScope..ctor()' failed
34597 – TabbedPage UI Updates do not occur
34630 – [WindowsPhone] Title page is showing twice on windows phone.
34632 – Can't change IsPresented when setting SplitOnLandscape
34645 – Medium font size causes Label text to be clipped on Windows
34657 – Using DocuSign's signing causes a crash
34672 – iOS Version check is going to break
34681 – Master page does not hide in android tablets
34684 – BoxView makes UI extremely slower
34697 – Xamarin.Forms.Page.OnAppearing() called after ViewDidAppear on iOS
34708 – DependencyService.Register<>() method should also allow supplying the implementation class as a parameter
34720 – [Forms] Incorrect iOS button IsEnabled when scrolling ListView with command binding
34742 – Memory Leak WinPhone ListView
34755 – Entry.Completed does not fire on Android softkeyboard
34756 – Diabolical WinPhone ListView Memory Leak
34760 – Gesture recognizers failing on Android images when IsEnabled changed
34775 – Tapping a complex item in a listview not working
34779 – Webpage that loads JQuery/JQM and contains an iFrame returns Failure when loaded in an iOS WebView
34782 – Android - OnLoadFinished is never called
34824 – On iOS, the MasterDetailPage.IsPresented property can fail to be updated correctly
34832 – ListView bugs in Windows Phone when Moving items
34876 – [Forms] Android - ActivityIndicator's Color property does not change the color of the indicator
34894 – Trigger isn't applied when using complex path and part of the Path is "null"
34908 – [WP] Changing MainPage to Page w/ ListView Throws an ArgumentException
34909 – Scroll View doesn't show newly added stack layout children without calling scrolltoasync.
34912 – [iOS] ListView.IsEnabled has no effect on iOS
34917 – Dynamically setting a listview's footer doesn't work
34924 – [Android] Resource.Designer.cs no definitions
34927 – LayoutChildren method on Layout class does not get called on iOS
34929 – Crash in tap on ContextActionCell
34936 – Unable to activate instance of type Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.ButtonDrawable from native handle
34943 – Label is clipped when inside a StackLayout with another Label using TrailTruncation
34952 – Unable to compile Xamarin.Forms-UWP-Preview
34956 – ListView Forced to reload when changing MasterDetail pages
34966 – Pull To Refresh Spinner Color Inconsistent
35003 – Nuget package install from beta files fails for UAP version 10
35026 – Layout cycle detected. Layout could not complete when re-ordering ItemSource on ListView
35027 – Button renderer doesn't unhook event handlers properly
35029 – [WP8.1 RT] Jumplist for a grouped ListView not working on WP8.1 RT
35034 – A NullReferenceException is thrown when calling Navigation.PushModelAsync and Google Play Services aren't installed
35035 – Entry Control - Placeholders and Borders are not displayed when using a White Background
35041 – Xamarin.Forms sample "TodoWCFService" is not working properly.
35046 – Xamarin.Forms sample "TodoRESTService" throws excepion.
35058 – Selecting Entry Controls Within ViewCells Causes FocusChange Cycle
35074 – Xamarin Forms - Breaks build
35078 – Checking IsInvokeRequired on WinRT when off the dispatcher thread causes a null reference exception
35081 – Calling Grid.Focus does not set focus i.e. Grid.IsFocused is still false
35086 – One Way Binding does not work on bindable properties
35091 – Pin.Clicked event does not fire on Xamarin.Forms Map Control
35111 – Error executing task XamlCTask: Could not load file or assembly 'Mono.Cecil'
35121 – Exception when running UWP release build (.NET Native)
35122 – ListView scrolling problem on Android M (Empty padding)
35124 – ScrollView Slow ConentOffset Animation Speed
35127 – It is possible to craft a page such that it will never display on Windows
35132 – Pages are not collected when using a Navigationpage
35157 – CarouselPage inside NavPage inside TabbedPage gets laid out incorrectly
35158 – Binding to an int? doesn't work
35184 – Editor inside ScrollView exhibiting strange behavior
35188 – WebView content hidden behind tab bar
35191 – UWP - ImageCell (and probably TextCell) Missing Detail Text
35194 – V7 Toolbar exception when launching app
35197 – Android crash at start up in release
35204 – Generated .g.cs files for XAML have incorrect namespace for custom ContentViews
35227 – Need a flag to disable automatically determining the StatusBarStyle enum in iOS based on navigation bar background color
35233 – Context Actions problem after last Android update
35248 – Changing input transparent does nothing
35257 – Xamarin Forms - Breaks build - Android Resources missing
35286 – StackLayout does not have a correct width if it contains a word wrapped label. On iOS only.
35288 – Back navigation action does not trigger OnBackButtonPressed event for Pages
35294 – Certain pages do not align properly in RT Desktop
35298 – Status bar overlaps Toolbar on TabbedPage when using FormsAppCompatActivity
35300 – Grid row heights are not consistent
35313 – Crash when app was backgrounded for a few hours/days System.NotSupportedExceptionUnable
35346 – [iOS] Xamarin Forms app crashes on startup when built on AppStore configuration
35354 – ScrollView inside of ContentView doesn't render
35355 – Textalignment.Center not working for Entry.Placeholder
35361 – Problem in Entry with binding
35388 – Attached properties break XAML compilation
35391 – AppCompat Toolbar on pre Lollipop back button color changes to white
35392 – System.ArgumentException'jobject' must not be IntPtr.Zero. Parameter name: jobject when changing MenuItem IsEnabled
35407 – jobject muste not be IntPtr.Zero with Animation
35442 – Keeps throwing an exception System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
35446 – Error: attribute values cannot contain '<'
35453 – Gesture Recognisers ignore on all but the first gesture
35460 – Resuming on Lollipop sometimes throws Java.Lang.RuntimeException
35461 – System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException on iOS with ListView and Header
35462 – [WindowsPhone] AppBar overlapping in landscape mode
35464 – Build Error After Update Packages
35473 – KeyboardFlags.Suggestions turn on/off feature
35483 – ListView scrolls to header when cell tapped
35489 – Webview loses navigation history when in masterdetailpage
35490 – Label Text Misaligned in Windows Phone 8.1 and WinRT (Xamarin Nuget Version
35495 – Android when scrolling ListView Java.Lang.RuntimeExceptionInvalid index 8, size is 1
35499 – Removing item for cell causes Null Reference Exception
35505 – label lose alignment
35529 – WebView.Eval throwing a NotImplementedException on WP8.1 (WinRT) (XF
35531 – Grid layout running out of memory on display
35532 – TextCell with ContextAction does not highlight/select in TableView
35533 – Binding to the current source in XAML causes null to be passed to converters multiple times
35537 – Xamarin.Forms Button Clicked registers event despite button loaded
35546 – Android Scrolling a ListView crashes app on tablet
35609 – Can't subclass Entry or its renderer
35610 – iOS EntryRenderer doesn't unhook event handlers properly
35612 – Windows Scrollview not working properly in Version Xamarin 1.4 onward
35626 – The "XamlCTask" task failed unexpectedly
35644 – [WinRT] Layout Issue with a Grid's Rows When Page is Pushed Modally
35652 – AppCompat.FragmentContainer doesn't have a default contstructor
35657 – No toolbar buttons in landscape mode on any tablet when using MasterDetailPage
35684 – Crash on UpdateMenu on Samsung 4.2.2 devices
35693 – Out of memory in list view with images
35696 – Settings Pins xaml in Xamarin Maps throws an error:
35700 – error CS0234: The type or namespace name 'WindowPage' does not exist in the namespace 'Xamarin.Forms.Platform.WinRT' (are you missing an assembly reference?)
35707 – Views don't lay out properly when changing the view hierarchy between rotation animations
35711 – Entry HorizontalTextAlignment & other properties not available as documented
35723 – UIBarButtonItem of System.Done is not localized in custom renderer
35733 – iOS WebView crashes when loading an URL with encoded parameters
35736 – Editor text value not updated when focus is lost
35737 – DisplayAlert messages being ignored or not shown
35738 – ButtonRenderer UpdateTextColor function crash
35741 – Xamarin Forms crashing on iOS 7.1.2
35743 – Incorrect namespace auto-applied to XAML code-behind partial
35745 – Xamarin Forms Navigation PushAsync overlaps screen unless screen background colour is set.
35746 – [Forms] - iOS Keyboard Type may change when using Entry fields in a Listview (XAML defined)
35748 – Button clickability is inconsistent between iOS and Android
35749 – InputTransparent applies to children on iOS but not Android.
35751 – [Forms] - iPad Onscreen keyboard doesn't display when focusing an Entry from OnAppearing
35758 – UWP preview cannot display image correctly
35769 – [WinRT] CarouselPage Does Not Fire OnAppearing() or Appearing
35770 – [WinRT] Adding Page With A Disabled ListView to CarouselPage Causes Crash
35778 – ListViewCachingStrategy issue on Android
35781 – Android Seperator in ListView is always visible
35783 – [WP] Element is already the child of another element
35787 – TableView lags while scrolling after a few tries
35795 – [Forms] Listview Padding differs between iOS 8 & iOS 9 (especially on iPad)
35802 – Xamarin.UWP cannot layout scrollview
35811 – Navigation.PushAsync from TabbedPage then hit back button causes crash (introduced in
35816 – MaxLength Behavior resets cursor position on Android
35818 – UriIMageSource not working with caching enabled, and sometimes does not work with caching disabled.
35824 – AppCompat.FragmentContainer null exception on activity restart
35863 – Listview has an unwanted top and bottom spacing in Android 6.0
35885 – Error trying to create Xamarin Forms test application
35922 – a binding with x:Reference doesn't work inside the DataTemplate element
35939 – Error when creating new Xamarin.Forms Portable Library
35976 – Disabling tabs does not work without a custom renderer
36002 – Visibility issue with dynamic content of a ContentView (since Forms 2.0)
36007 – TapGestureRecognizer Tapped event intermittently not firing
36009 – Changing the Visibility of a Grid from IsVisible = false to IsVisible = true that contains elements does not render the child elements in forms V2
36010 – IOS Doesn't build with Xamarin.Forms V2 when targeting a physical device
36011 – Android `ImageSource.FromResource' Missing Method Exception with forms V2
36012 – Xamarin Forms Maps V2 nuget dependency to the wrong xamarin.GooglePlay.Maps
36013 – XamlC doesn't work with custom Enums in Xamarin.Forms V2
36014 – [WP] Picker Control Is Not Rendered Correctly
36022 – Editor strange behaviour on android
36031 – Button border not drawn on Android without a BorderRadius
36034 – Updating from V1.5.1 -pre1 to V2 of Forms never copies the forms libraries to debug on build
36041 – Navigation bug with PushAsync when using TabbedPage and backgrounding the app
36042 – Placeholder and entered text colors for iOS SearchBar are incorrectly set
36045 – (Android) Editor in ListView/TableView loses focus when Keyboard is shown
36062 – CarouselPageRenderer doesn't unsubscribe Carousel.PagesChanged
36067 – No Toolbar buttons in tablet landscape mode
36074 – Entry Placeholder text color is now black
36075 – ListViewRenderer System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException
36082 – XamlCompilation throws error when using custom properties in XAML
36097 – Images Are Not Rendered When Inside A Layout Used In A DataTemplate
36101 – RelativeLayout child positioning issue on iOS
36121 – Layout.IsClippedToBounds affects sibling, not just children
36122 – AnimationExtensions.AbortAnimation does not invoke 'finished' action for kinetics
36123 – WebView.WebClient should use OnPageStarted instead of ShouldOverrideUrlLoading
36126 – Unhandled exception at ... KernelBase.dll
36137 – Application Crashes While Trying to open Maps in xamarin.forms on Android
36145 – Exception thrown when instantiating a Map in Xamarin.Forms 2.0 on Android
36151 – [WinPhone] ListView ignores HasUnevenRows value
36160 – no horizontal scrolling (wp)
36163 – Images not loading in listview (wp)
36164 – Constantly crashing on Listview interaction (wp)
36165 – Almost impossible to scroll listview (wp)
36168 – Resetting a BindableProperty to null does not trigger OnElementPropertyChanged anymore
36173 – ScrollView not scrolling
36174 – Android Search Bar vertical text alignment in Forms 2.0
36179 – Visual Studio crashes at startup with Android Forms projects
36194 – Wrong image size in landscape mode
36196 – Password entry is titlecased, FormsTextBox.CharacterCasing is missing (WP)
36197 – Visibility issue when fading in ContentView
36201 – Webview fails to load long OAuth urls on iOS
36202 – Border & padding properties not applied from custom EntryRenderer (WP)
36221 – App crashes after back navigation (UWP on device running Windows 10 Phone)
36222 – CachingEnabled fails whether true or false in UWP build on device running Windows 10
36245 – NotifyCollectionChangedAction.Add not refreshing listview (WP 8.1)
36248 – Incorrect handling of BindableProperties of collection types in XAML
36251 – Issues when switching between pages of a TabbedPage on iOS
36268 – [WinPhone] Bindable Property on Custom ViewCell in TableView does not work
36269 – NullReferenceException when Pushing a Modal ContentPage
36285 – Android App (Always) Crashes After Navigating Away From Page With A ScrollView In HeaderTemplate of ListView
36286 – Page showing incorrectly if the TabBar is moved
36287 – (XF2_Issues) Android App (Always) Crashes on "StartUp" When Using FormsAppCompatActivity
36294 – Unexpected character in InfoPList.string
36303 – Forms 2.0 + CocosSharp 1.7.0 pre1 on WinPhone 8.1 XAML "Access Violation" problem
36312 – DataTemplate bug when activating XamlCompile
36328 – Updating to Forms 2.0.0 throws Layout cycle detected. Layout could not complete exception
36369 – AppCompat MasterDetailPage NavigationPage and Tabbedpage renders statusbar
36374 – Xamarin.Forms.Platform.UWP.TabbedPageRenderer.OnElementChanged is not virtual
36386 – SearchBar has No Textcolor
36398 – Removing element from ObservableCollection as ItemSource in ListView with sections duplicate in a weird way the last section title in iOS
36399 – Adding section in ListView with ObservableCollection always scroll the ListView up in iOS
36404 – When deploying to device, i'm getting 'Could not load file or assembly....' err
36415 – Overriding Listview and setting Caching strategy in Xaml breaks XamlC. Forms V2.0.0.6487
36417 – Built-in conversion of string to double values does not take current culture into account
36422 – XamlC Fails When using X:Array in Xaml. Throws NullReferenceException (Forms V2.0.0.6487)
36424 – [Windows] ContentView.TranslationX does not update the view if set to 0 on Forms
36426 – Selection anchor still visible after text has been cleared
36427 – [Windows] Label.VerticalTextAlignment does not seem to work on Forms
36435 – [UWP] Back navigation while a Editor has focus crashes the app
36447 – [Android] PinchGestureRecognizer Only Works on Android API Level 19+
36448 – App Crashes With "Unable to find resource ID #0x1" After Rotating Device
36470 – Image in Grid is ignoring WidthRequest and HeightRequest since Xamarin Forms 2.0
36473 – Navigating from page with toolbar to page without toolbar leaves space for toolbar
36477 – Orientation change on Windows Phone 8 resizes page incorrectly
36479 – [WP] Picker Is Not Disabled When IsEnabled is Set To False
36539 – Xamarin.Forms.Cell does not contain value for Forms.ViewInitialized event
36553 – WordWrap of Label fails
36558 – [Android] Slider animating to touches outside of its own bounds
36559 – [WP] Navigating to a ContentPage with a Grid inside a TableView affects Entry heights
36564 – Crash on NavigationRenderer does not provide enough detail
36573 – [iOS] Selecting Disabled Context Action Fire ListView.ItemSelected
36574 – With AbsoluteLayout as root and ScrollView as intermediate root, keyboard doesn't auto-scroll to show Entry
36597 – MasterDetail.Detail Icons don't appear in Toolbar while in Landscape on Tablets
36598 – SetHasNavigationBar screen height wrong
36600 – Changing an Image.Source causes a visual flickering due to height changes in layout
36637 – ListView SelectedItem binding should be TwoWay
36648 – Landscape and portrait
36649 – LineBreakMode.NoWrap is handled incorrectly on Windows Phone 8.1 RT
36651 – ScrollToAsync fails to scroll on Windows Phone 8.1 RT
36658 – [Android] TabbedPage Displays Last Tab's Content For All Child Pages
36659 – "Layout cycle detected. Layout could not complete." on Windows Phone 8.1 RT
36662 – MasterDetail.Detail not rendering controls properly when using Maps inside TabbedPage
36670 – ScrollView calculates height incorrectly if word wrap used in nested views
36675 – ListView with Header causes a crash after PopAsync
36681 – [FormsApplicationActivity] NRE When Replacing CurrentPage's Content When Picker is Unfocused
36686 – On WinPhone 8.1 RT, the text in Entry fields is not vertically aligned as expected
36687 – On WinPhone 8.1 RT, the background color used in Entry fields is not as expected
36703 – TapGestureRecognizer inside initially disable Image will never fire Tapped event
36711 – On Windows, when the mouse hovers over a button with BackgroundColor = White, the text changes to White and becomes unreadable
36717 – Navigating back in stack causes blank page
36721 – Hidden NavigationBar causes layout to adjust when navigating
36725 – [WP] Native Page Does Not Render Correctly
36729 – Android.GenericAnimatorListener Constructor missing crash
36730 – OnStart / OnResume are not called on WP8.1
36733 – Can not use certain custom controls when XAMLCompile is used
36738 – Allow derived style to adjust from the dynamically assigned base font size
36759 – [iOS]Xamarin.Forms sample 'BoxViewClock' is not working fine with windows VS.
36771 – Application.Properties do not persist when app is forced closed after setting
36776 – Xamarin.Forms sample 'BugSweeper' crash at launch time on iOS simulator.
36780 – [iOS] Multiple TapGestureRecognizers on an Object Are Not Fired
36788 – [Forms] Truncation Issues with Relative Layouts
36802 – [iOS] UITableViewCellAccessory Partially Hidden When Using RecycleElement
36804 – NullReferenceException when ListView has items added to it
36807 – Dependency Service [assembly:Dependency no longer working
36832 – [Android] Handling Touch on a Cells Android.Views.View prevents tap animation and selection
36843 – [WinPhone]Xamarin.Forms sample 'WorkingWithListview' getting crash when clicked on tab 'Contextx'
36846 – ActionBar does not dismiss when content which called it is removed
36858 – "Layout cycle detected. Layout could not complete." on Windows 8.1 RT
36873 – ScrollView in Xamarin.Forms does not scroll in both directions.
36903 – Changing ContentView.Padding inside an auto-sized Grid row does not trigger layout
36907 – [Android] PopToRootAsync() Not Working From OnResume() When Using FormsAppCompatActivity
36911 – [Android] Cannot Remove Separator Line From A TableView
36932 – Items in a Grid are frequently positioned wrong by one or more pixels
36935 – The name 'InitializeComponent' does not exist in the current context error with XAML on UWP
36939 – Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.CellAdapter.HandleContextMode Null Exception on long tap on a Frame
36949 – Observable collections bindings not working
36955 – [iOS] ViewCellRenderer.UpdateIsEnabled Object reference not set to an instance of an object
36956 – Xamarin.Forms compilation error
36957 – TouchesCancelled being fired instead of TouchesEnded
36982 – Getting exception on running Xamarin Forms "MobileCRM" sample.
36995 – [Forms] Tableview Cell styles get jumbled up when scrolling quickly
37003 – Compiled XAML - Exception thrown with AbsoluteLayout containing AutoSize child
37008 – [WinPhone] TabbedPage OnAppearing not called when CurrentPageChanged happens
37022 – [UWP] crash from cached image uriimagesource
37066 – [WinPhone] VerticalTextAlignment not working on labels
37071 – Dynamic binding is not working while setting the dynamic expando object to label TextProperty
37088 – Null reference exception when you set a binding on a bindable property with a validate callback
37113 – MasterDetailPage swipe gesture doesn't work after IsGestureEnabled is toggled
37126 – ListView with custom ItemTemplateSelector not updating Background binding in ViewCell
37127 – Custom Renderer Still Causes the Original Element to Be Rendered
37139 – Listview not scrolling when focus entry control within viewcell in xamarin.forms iOS
37145 – ninject ArgumentNullException: Cannot be null Parameter name: member after upgrade to forms 2
37157 – xamarin incorrectly tries to compile custom extended controls as belonging to xamarin forms only in xamarin 2
37158 – [WP] button widthrequest not applied
37164 – CollectionChanged event remains null for a custom container tied to listview ItemSource
37168 – Buttons are clicked twice
37169 – OnElementPropertyChanged is called twice for my property change
37199 – [Android] Issue with Custom Renderer for Entry
37202 – [Android] Content inside ScrollView not scrollable
37204 – [WP] Native Global, Implicit Styles Are Ignored
37205 – [Android] ScrollView hides StatusBar
37206 – [Android] Frame control loses corners
37207 – Custom EntryRenderer affects all Entry controls when applied first
37208 – [WindowsPhone] Scale Attribute does not support the Value 0
37209 – Splash Screen does not cover soft navigation buttons
37210 – [Android] Button borders not rendering when Android MainActivity inherits from FormsAppCompatActivity
37219 – Windows Phone PopAsync() on NavigationPage causes NullReferenceException
37231 – Replacing MainPage from ContextAction Error - Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.ListViewAdapter
37237 – Changing Image.Source to another image of same size results in flicker on Windows
37247 – Animated Android page crashes when app is relaunched after being closed via Back Button
37252 – Entry in frame exhibiting strange behavior 2.0 latest pre
37270 – [Forms:Android] ListView grouping not working with CachingStrategy=RecycleElement
37277 – [WindowsPhone] Ignores touch events in custom renderer
37289 – Initial value of button text in binding is not used
37290 – Windows 10 preview UWP ActivityIndicator always running
37295 – Windows 10 Preview ListView control doesn't show Detail
37297 – MasterBehavior for MasterDetailPage doesn't work
37301 – XamlC error on MasterDetailPage compilation
37306 – XamlC doesn´t support adding x:String in resource dictionary
37311 – [Enhancement] Impossible to create a clone of the Entry control
37321 – On some tablets MasterDetailPage with MasterBehavior set as default allows to open and close the Master with swipe gesture even in landscape mode
37324 – Using PushModalAsync via native page causes page to open behind current activity
37364 – LayoutTo works once, but then second time doesn't work correctly (Bounds.Width looks wrong)
37371 – Attached properties are not set on the custom controls
37372 – System.MissingMethodException while using the Xamarin.Forms V2
37376 – DatePicker unfocused event is fired when focused
37389 – TapGestureRecognizer does not work on Entry controls on Android using Xamarin Forms
37392 – Items Random aligning inside of a Frame
37395 – Xamarin.Forms.Xaml.IProvideValueTarget.TargetProperty NotImplemented
37409 – UWP App crashes on if grouping is enabled in ListView
37431 – NavigationRenderer sets Status Bar Style arbitrarily
37432 – Custom Page Renderer for UWP renders nothing
37438 – Grid is ignoring WidthRequest and HeightRequest inside content page
37441 – XAML compiler on attributes with multiple values fails
37442 – Label Text exceeding the bounds and overlapping with nearby views in windows 8.0 phone and WinRT
37443 – Margin of Button on Windows does not change color when Background color is changed
37462 – Using App Compat/App Compat theme breaks Navigation.RemovePage on Android
37487 – Nested ListView throws exception
37499 – TypeLoadException when launching a WebView when Android target = Min Android ver = 4.4
37509 – Unable to find a version of 'Xamarin.Forms' that is compatible with 'Xamarin.Android.Support.v4'.
37513 – Problem with ContextActions when caching strategy set to RecycleElement
37524 – MultiTrigger to disable a button not working
37526 – XAML bindings not working with dynamic view model properties
37546 – TableSection needs an API to customize colors
37584 – Page.BackgroundImage behavior inconsistent between platforms
37587 – NullReferenceException in iOS.NavigationRenderer
37588 – [iOS] ToolbarItem button not rendering when viewing Tab 5+
37589 – [Forms iOS] Padding missing when viewing fifth or higher tab (the `More` bar sits on top of content)
37592 – An Entry in a ViewCell loses focus immediately after scrolling in TableView
37601 – [WinPhone] ToolbarItem throws error when navigating to TabbedPage
37604 – [WinPhone] Error when back navigating after changing MainPage and adding 2 on stack
37612 – Issues with ListView in UWP Xamarin.Forms
37614 – MinimumWidthRequest is ignored on Button in iOS
37621 – SearchBar BackgroundColor behavior inconsistent on Windows platforms
37622 – Xaml Compile behaves differently when processing markup extensions
37625 – App crashes when quickly adding/removing Image views (Windows UWP)
37637 – ActionSheet is closed when device is rotated
37641 – [iOS] PageRenderer implementation causes UIResponder.TouchesCancelled to be called instead of UIResponder.TouchesEnded for short taps
37642 – App-level implicit style is not applied to custom XAML control
37663 – [Android] Context menu behaving differently when using FormsAppCompatActivity
37667 – [WP] RelativeLayout Inside A RelativeLayout Ignores Initial IsVisible Property
37671 – [Enhancement] Change Button Image from FileImageSource to ImageSource
37675 – Style PropertyChanged called before the Style is applied
37680 – Map V2 does not work on Android 6 devices
37682 – Changing Time zone and time format(12 hrs to 24 hrs or viceversa) in iOS device not reflection in my application immediately
37687 – IsVisible sometimes not respected (WP8)
37700 – [WinRT] ListView Not Updating When Items are Added to Inner Collection
37712 – Binding throws Null Pointer Exception when Updating Tab Page Title..
37723 – Web view crashes instantly
37726 – Entry.Text not updated when modified in TextChanged event handler
37737 – XAML MasterDetailPage does not work with SplitView
37741 – StackLayout Orientation="Horizontal" crashes with 'NAN is not a valid width.'
37750 – Entry placeholder color is not the same on WP 8.1 as other platforms for passwords
37756 – New Xamarin Forms project links against Xamarin Forms 1.3.5.XXX
37757 – iOS Listview mess with scrollposition after navigation to another page on iOS
37758 – iOS EntryRenderer PlaceholderColor will always be Black
37775 – Android - OnAppearing() not being called when returning from pushed page
37779 – TabbedPageRenderer throws exceptions on Android 4.0.4 when using Material Design theme
37785 – [UWP] Databinding to Picker does not work when also using a ValueConverter
37791 – Error executing task XamlCTask: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
37792 – ObjectDisposedException when calling Xamarin.Forms.ImageSource.Cancel ()
37823 – Focus OnAppearing Entry with Numeric Keyboard
37832 – App Crashes with TabbedPage on "second tap go to root controller" event
37841 – [Forms Android] TableView EntryCell's and TextCell's cease to update after focus change
37842 – Animated button is not clickable
37853 – DatePicker crashes on tap if Date is changed when not in focus
37859 – Page.DisplayActionSheet delay before displaying on iOS devices
37862 – ListView with CachingStrategy=recycleElement Doesn't respect HasUnevenRows=True
37863 – [WP]8.1 (silverlight) Password is readable when Entry.IsEnabled is false [v2.1.0.6501-pre1]
37865 – Date & Time pickers are rendered incorrectly when embedded into TableView
37868 – Wrong error text in ContextActionsCell (IBoxedCell instead INativeElementView)
37869 – Binding take place for bindable property which has private set.
37873 – NRE changing between tabs with NavigationPages
37877 – Disparity in button behavior
37888 – [Android] Master page of MasterDetailPage has invisible area that blocks clicking just outside of the visible area to close the master page.
37890 – StackLayout HorizontalOptions="End" not working
37892 – Button inside the StackLayout, size not updated dynamically.
37915 – ListView PullToRefresh does not appear on initial load
37930 – Add a property to ListView for enable/disable cell selection
37952 – RendererFactory.GetRenderer() - is it bug - child content?
37955 – xamarin.forms ios app crashes on start without any error
37975 – Button IsEnabled cannot be Binding
37976 – Forms.Android performance drop by 35% due to the toolbar
37989 – Empty applicationbar or empty space in Windows Phone
38001 – Picker controls on Windows showing incorrect info and incorrectly scrolled list
38018 – [iOS] UIControlState.Selected seems to be ignored when trying to set text attributes for that control state in a custom TabbedPageRenderer.
38019 – Can't remove title bar in Material design
38053 – Long pressing on label in ListView Header crashes (Android)
38055 – There is no way to define a style with a custom font size that obeys accessibility settings
38066 – [WinRT] Switch Control Has Extra Padding on the Right
38067 – ListView adding items while using IsGroupingEnabled crashes app
38072 – [Forms Android] Out of Memory when adding images to AbsoluteLayout
38090 – Xamarin.GooglePlayService.Maps v. 26 should depend on Xamarin.GooglePlayService.Base v. 26
38092 – The view which has been added using Dispatcher in native UWP platform is not visible at load time in Xamarin.Forms UWP
38096 – NullReference exception when removing ContentView content
38105 – MasterDetailPage with NavigationPage nav bug
38106 – When "More" context actions appear on iOS, there is no visible difference between those that are enabled and those that CanExecute and those that cannot
38112 – [Forms][Android] Switch disappearing from TableView ViewCell on Android only
38117 – Picker renderer no working with FormsAppCompatActivity on Android
38124 – Setting SelectedBackgroundView is ignored when CachingStrategy="RecycleElement"
38128 – After navigating to another page and then returning, secondary toolbar item drawn in middle of page
38134 – [WinRT] ContentPage set as MasterDetailPage.Detail Shows Navigation Bar
38146 – Binding system ignore 2nd command on custom element
38148 – Should have option to use full color images in nav bar icons
38158 – TapGesture on Frame does not fire in AppCompat
38159 – Navigation fails on all platforms in certain sequence
38162 – Displaying keyboard for an Entry breaks CarouselPage page transition in iOS
38189 – FormsAppCompatActivity never calls OnOptionsItemSelected
38193 – OpenGLViewRenderer crashes when leaving the page.
38204 – [iOS] Picker Fires SelectedIndexChanged Early
38217 – CarouselPage BackgroundColor does not work on iOS
38227 – Can't use style.xml anymore - No custom theming
38260 – Windows Phone 8.1 ListView is slow when navigating back since 2.1
38265 – Keyboard suggestions on Forms iOS do not function correctly on last word in Entry
38269 – Entry/keyboard should expose a method to accept highlighted keyboard shortcut
38283 – TableView HasUnevenRows not working on iOS, cells disappear when scrolling in Android
38284 – when creating a map in iOS, if the map is not visible when the page is created the zoom level is off
38292 – JavaProxyThrowable: System.NullReferenceException triggered by GestureDetector
38306 – ListView Horizontal StartAndExpand layout options do not expand to fill horizontal space in landscape
38307 – Windows Phone 8.1 Labels width not expanding
38308 – [WP] Button in TableView's ViewCell with an Image (via HasImage) disappears on changed text
38336 – The Nuget/package directory is unnecessarily long for Xamarin.Forms
38383 – Xamarin.Forms Windows 10 XamlC Crash on Custom DataTemplate
38385 – Windows 10 Xamarin.Forms, Can't Hide Navigation Bar
38387 – Windows 10 Xamarin.Forms, XAML Bindings not updating on PropertyChanged Events
38397 – Crash while changing tab (TabbedPage with MasterDetailPages)
38403 – Embedded Images not rendering in Windows Phone
38416 – ListView Sized Incorrectly After Containing Layout's Visibility is Toggled
38432 – ViewCell in listview has non-zero layoutmargins
38443 – ListView LayoutChange event with incorrect Args
38449 – Issues with adding ListView items (only in iOS)
38456 – [WP] IsVisible property of BoxView not working
38471 – [WinRT] Default Slider has only 10 possible values
38480 – How to disable cut,copy, paste options for textFields in Xamarin.forms
38498 – Buttons are not clickable in nested ContentViews and AbsoluteLayouts on a Page
38501 – TabbedPage children's visibility
38505 – UWP nullrefrence when changing tab
38509 – setting main page from a content page to a masterDetail page to a content page to a masterDetail page crashes on android
38535 – Minimum height is ignored on button in Android
38548 – After upgrading to XF, debugging Android build results in unhandled exceptions
38552 – WP 8.1 Entry and Label font sizes are not consistent
38563 – Cannot reference share project converter using Xamarin.Forms
38564 – ConstraintExpression in Style does not work
38565 – After adding a UWP project, VS2015 reports 'Error Cannot create an instance of "WindowsPage"'
38583 – NRE when changing image source on windows platforms
38595 – Need way to change color of MasterDetailPage divider on iPad
38596 – Java.Lang.IllegalStateExceptionActivity has been destroyed in OnDestroy()
38597 – java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'void$TabView.update()' on a null object reference
38602 – TapGestureRecognizer on custom ContentView does not fire on Android
38655 – [Forms][Android] Discrepancy between behaviour of TapGestureRecognizer and PanGestureRecognizer when compared with iOS
38658 – Rotation causes app containing carousel page to freeze
38662 – Visual feedback requires when focus is on back/up button on nav bar on Windows
38690 – Resource does not contain a definition for X
38707 – [Android] Conflict in usage of GoogleMap.SetOnCameraChangeListener between GoogleMap.CameraChange (event handler) and MapRenderer.OnElementChanged
38717 – ObservableCollection.Clear() causes NullReferenceException on UWP
38722 – Transparent overlay causes touch events to not register on iOS
38723 – Update Content in Picker's SelectedIndexChanged event causes NullReferenceException
38731 – Xamarin.Forms.Platform.iOS.NavigationRenderer.GetAppearedOrDisappearedTask NullReferenceExceptionObject
38739 – Effects on Cells
38743 – RemovePage breaks NavigationStack
38744 – RemovePage breaks Navigation Stack
38769 – Null exception from DatePicker on Android API level 16 with Xamarin.Forms
38770 – RaiseChild and LowerChild do not work on Windows
38776 – Toggle SwitchCell programatically not working
38777 – Inserting 10000 items into ListView causes UWP app to exit
38778 – listview in landscape only on iOS iPAD
38801 – Changing MasterDetail Page Title after app resuming causes an exception
38819 – await SavePropertiesAsync(); in "OnSleep" crashed Android app
38821 – Back-to-back frequent Tapped event invocations on Android crashes app
38827 – UWP - Text not wrapping
38850 – TabbedPage icon images not working on iOS 7 devices
38851 – [Forms] Unexpected Listview deselection behavior (XAML)
38873 – NullReferenceException when setting a Padding value on a StackLayout inside a ListView
38876 – Click on Hamburger caused a crash when Detail is a ListView
38930 – DependencyService returns null when .Net Native is enabled on WinRT/WinUAP platform
38948 – [UWP] ListViewCachingStrategy.RecycleElement Not Working
38968 – 'jobject' must not be IntPtr.Zero with two Tabbed Pages and Map
38975 – UriImageSource - Support addition of custom HTTP headers.
38978 – Cell.ForceUpdateSize issues with row selection/deselection on Android
38982 – NavigationPage rendering pages that aren't shown, will freeze the app (Material Design)
38987 – WebView: can go back handling throws NullReferenceException on Samsung devices
38989 – [Android] NullReferenceException when using a custom ViewCellRenderer
39039 – Toggling Grouping on Listview + ListViewCaching.RecycleElement Sometimes Doesnt Render Group Header
39054 – Unable to force no truncation on label
39062 – Setters are not exposed from a BaseResourceKey in an Application Resource Dictionary
39096 – Multiple gesture recognisers on ContentView not working
39103 – Can't reuse code in Xamarin Forms to implement UWP sharing target
39104 – iOS Navigation.ModalStack not the same as Android and Windows
39105 – MasterDetailPage.IsPresented does not work on UWP (Windows Desktop)
39106 – MasterDetailPage.Master ContentPage.Title not displayed on Windows 10 Mobile
39121 – Label with LineBreakMode.NoWrap breaks swipe on CarouselPage
39134 – [Papercut] New Projects Should Name the File Containing `public class App{}` as `App.cs`
39135 – [Papercut] "Xamarin.Forms" is misspelled in the Label Text of the auto-generated Main Page
39147 – Memory leak with new Material design
39174 – Editor control does not refresh text when BindingContext is changed in Windows/RT/UWP projects.
39175 – Scrolling ListView causes Android app to crash
39187 – UWP Navigation shows duplicate page when performing multiple nav operations
39189 – Add XViewRenderer(IntPtr javaReference, JniHandleOwnership transfer) to all renderers on Android
39215 – Unable to deploy UWP project in Release mode
39217 – Forms should detect and enable hardware acceleration in API >= 14
39221 – Master not focusing correctly with MasterDetail
39228 – Exception thrown when attempting to dispose VisualElementPackager
39238 – ActionBar/Navigation bar colour is not consistent when navigating between the pages
39239 – Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.FontExtensions.ToScaledPixel missing case for NamedSize.Default
39243 – TargetPlatform incorrect for phone
39254 – Text selection markers are incorrect within zoomed view
39267 – Android Exception: DrawerLayout must be measured with MeasureSpec.EXACTLY when rotated
39286 – Tap Gesture Recognizer does not work when applied to a Frame when FormsAppCompatActivity is used
39292 – System.InvalidOperationException: PopToRootAsync ( or PushAsync) is not supported globally on Android, please use a NavigationPage.
39302 – White box appears when WebView is scaled at runtime
39310 – iOS text changing issues when using custom fonts
39312 – [UWP] OnIdiom.Desktop property does not exist.
39321 – [Xamarin.Forms] Android styles not working on Scroll View with custom rander
39327 – Application.Current.Properties does not persist on Android
39331 – [Android] BoxView Is InputTransparent Even When Set to False
39335 – [FORMS] Previously working layout broken after Forms upgrade on WinRT
39359 – Image View does cache failed HTTP responses
39369 – Data binding is not listening to property changed events in my ViewModel for OneWay binding.
39377 – ListView.Footer not update iOS
39378 – Image binding with caching not operating as expected
39379 – [Android AppCompat] TabbedPage crash when switching tabs with more than two navigation pages
39385 – Xamarin Forms PickerRenderer crash
39395 – SwitchCell does not take all available place inside ListView
39398 – [UWP] Entry loses text alignment and keyboard type when IsPassword=true
39399 – [UWP] Setting FontSize on Entry causes The application called an interface that was marshalled for a different thread
39403 – [Android] Forms 2.1.0, Switching tabs that have NavigationPages throws: Java.Lang.IllegalStateException: Recursive entry to executePendingTransactions
39406 – IsVisible doesn't work on ListView and Grid on some Android versions
39407 – Picker wrong SelectedIndex value
39409 – SearchBar.SearchCommand does not respect CanExecute
39414 – Enhancement: Need ToolbarItemRenderer
39417 – ListView items appear to be entered out of order when section is hidden
39422 – Binding a List of string[]
39429 – Layouts elements missing in & .. display in
39430 – The ViewExtensions library can crashes internally.
39431 – iOS: ListView incorrectly calculating it's scroll height when in a NavigationPage and contained in a AbsoluteLayout
39446 – Android: Hard crashes with "Java.Lang.NoSuchMethodError: no method with name='isDestroyed'"
39447 – [Windows Phone] Images not rendered in ListView unless explicit size set
39448 – Setting Frame Background color disables gestures
39449 – UWP: Dependency attribute in 3rd party assemblies
39450 – [Forms] ListView item shrinks / resizes when removing then adding Context Action in ViewCell OnBindindContextChanged.
39451 – Unable to activate instance of type Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.ListViewAdapter from native handle
39453 – Android thorow ArgumentException: 'jobject' must not be IntPtr.Zero.
39458 – [UWP/WinRT] Cannot Set CarouselPage.CurrentPage Inside Constructor
39461 – UWP: Labels within a ScrollView are blurred
39463 – [WP8.0] Items not showing in ListView using DataTemplate when there are more items than can fit on screen.
39464 – [UWP Forms] Rounded Button Corners do not render in Forms (but do in native UWP)
39472 – Android inconsistency when Opacity of element is 0; input is still blocked
39474 – Unable to use XamlCompilation attributes on UWP app
39476 – [Forms] Selecting item in ListView and scrolling with RecycleElement results in more items selected.
39483 – ListView Context Menu localization
39485 – When two ActivityIndicators are active, only one rotates
39486 – HasUnevenRows=true ignored in Forms iOS project in TableView with CustomCell; row heights are not auto-sized
39489 – [Android] Memory leak when using NavigationPage with Maps
39495 – MasterDetail missing Navigation Bar Windows RT
39503 – Pinch Gesture Not Working Well Inside A StackLayout
39506 – Effects.Clear does not detach the effect.
39509 – Setting Page Content doesn't work
39514 – [Forms] Forms Android apps crash when deployed to API 15 ICS in Debug config
39517 – SimpleOnGestureListener incorrectly detects taps as scrolling events on Samsung Galaxy Edge S6 and S8/S8+
39523 – Label with FormattedText
39531 – [UWP] ToolbarItems Displayed at the Top of the Page on Mobile Devices
39540 – StackView in ScrollView not scrolling on Windows 10 Mobile
39548 – CarouselPage does not work in UWP on Windows 10 Mobile
39550 – Empty content while changing Image.Source on Android (flickering)
39566 – System.InvalidOperationException: Sequence contains more than one matching element
39624 – [UWP] CarouselPage.Children Appear Out of Order
39636 – Cannot use XamlC with OnPlatform in resources, it throws System.InvalidCastException
39640 – Suppressing title bar in splash screen crashes app
39668 – Overriding ListView.CreateDefault Does Not Work on Windows
39677 – Cannot set a hiding property (with the “new” keyword) in XAML
39685 – ImageSource.FromResource doesn't work on UWP in release
39702 – Cannot enter text when Entry is focus()'d from an editor completed event
39721 – "Failed to add reference to 'Xamarin.Forms.Core.Design'" when adding XF NuGet in Windows 81 project
39751 – Populating list view in async method causes native crash (accessed deleted global reference)
39752 – Crash using custom renderer when material design is used
39762 – Menu doesn't work in MasterPage for UWP
39765 – WindowSoftInputMode Attribute is Ignored When Using AppCompat
39768 – PanGestureRecognizer sometimes won't fire completed event when dragging very slowly
39790 – "binding jobject must not be" when replacing ScollView's content with binding
39791 – ScrollToAsync with animation not scrolling from correct position (Windows Phone)
39802 – Gap between ListView cells even if SeparatorVisablity is set to none
39815 – ScrollView is overlapping other content in StackLayout on Android
39818 – TapGestureRecognizer only responding to tap on a very specific section of a label
39821 – ViewExtension.TranslateTo cannot be invoked on Main thread(Android Marshmellow devices only).
39826 – XamlC target causes "Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component." dialog when using "Run Custom Tool" on a XAML file in a UWP project
39827 – "The name 'InitializeComponent' does not exist" when using XAML files in a shared project that is referenced from a UWP project
39829 – RowHeight of ListView is not working for UWP
39830 – On UWP, the back/up button is not on the tab sequence
39831 – MasterDetailPage showing back button instead of Icon in landscape mode (Tablet only)
39833 – On WinRT 8.1 using, data wrapped in a ScrollView is not visible
39834 – ObservableCollection wp
39843 – On UWP and WinRT 8.1, horizontal scroll bars hide information in the ScrollView
39847 – Using MasterDetailPage class as a ExportRenderer does not load in Android.
39853 – BorderRadius ignored on UWP
39870 – Xamarin.Forms.Maps Geocoder GetPositionsForAddressAsync always returns an empty set on Android
39882 – Moving Xamarin.Forms projects breaks all references
39883 – XF Android : Could not load assembly Microsoft.Windows.Design.Extensibility
39896 – StreamImageSource Streams Aren't Disposed
39901 – [UWP] CarouselPage Shows Part of Adjacent Child Page
39908 – Back button hit quickly results in jumbled pages
39909 – SearchButtonPressed not working in .Net Native tool chain UWP Release
39916 – SoftKeyboard default behavior covers Listview when using FormsAppCompatActivity.
39963 – iOS WebView has wrong scrolling size when loading local html content with images
39971 – Windows Phone Settting IsVisible is ignored whilst FadeTo is running
39987 – MapView not working correctly on iOS 9.3
39997 – [Enhancement] Expose a BackgroundColor property for the built in cell types.
39998 – Map does not update size on rotate in iOS when in a TabbedPage
40005 – [Android] Navigation Bar back button does not show when using InsertPageBefore(insertedPage, page1) to add a page to the stack before the first page.
40028 – Using VS2015 Enterprise Update 2 with the latest Xamarin updates but I am unable to build the basic 'Blank App (Xamarin.Forms Shared)' project.
40030 – Xamarin forms App crashing randomly in Android
40066 – FormattedString does not work on UWP
40073 – Toolbar items are not not functioning properly on UWP
40077 – Using Xaml files generates long intermediate file paths that exceeds 248 char limit
40092 – AbsoluteLayout content does not fill all available space on some devices
40096 – Invalid Cast Exception when setting SearchBar Command
40121 – [Android/iOS] With ListView in a StackLayout, with a button below the ListView, when an Entry in the ListView is selected, you cannot get to the button without dismissing keyboard.
40125 – Maps does not redraw on page rotation
40139 – Changing the Windows 10 System Theme Color causes ListView text to disappear.
40141 – Localization sample cannot work in XAML codes
40152 – ListView doesn't trigger item selection
40154 – Random System.NotSupportedException on Android: Unable to activate instance of type Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.[VARIOUS_TYPES]
40161 – Layout not invalidated when changing source of image
40169 – Unable to remove padding on Buttons
40173 – Android Frame blocks ListView selection
40182 – Taking multiple pictures with camera causes crash
40184 – Application properties do not persist in mode with linker enabled
40185 – [UWP] ContentPage does not have proper right bounds in landscape
40220 – ListView does not resize properly upon keyboard appearing
40228 – Calling Task.Wait in on OnStateChanged on main thread hangs the app
40251 – Cannot style Buttons natively using UIButton.Appearance
40258 – [Android] System.NotSupportedException Unable to activate instance of type Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android... from native handle
40259 – [WinRT] PageRenderer.OnElementChanged is not virtual
40263 – 3-finger tap causes crash
40271 – PlatformEffect fails to attach to Page elements in iOS
40278 – SIGABRT after generating animations quickly
40286 – Receiving Popped Page does not appear on top of current navigation stack error
40307 – CarouselView Position in Pre Release 2
40320 – Custom CellView is drawn not drawn properly with Context Actions and UnevenRows in ListView
40333 – [Android] IllegalStateException: Recursive entry to executePendingTransactions
40334 – CarouselView does not work on UWP Forms 2.2.0 Pre-2
40335 – Maps display "Warning: MapServicetoken not specified" even when it is on UWP Forms 2.2.0 Pre-2
40336 – Keyboard doesnt appear when clicking Entry Controls on UWP
40348 – Line break not working as expected in relative layout
40358 – Issue with MasterDetail Page in UWP
40378 – Page OnDisappearing not firing after using media picker
40408 – [Windows RT] On Appearing not run for Tabbed Page and Master Detail Page
40412 – Unable to scroll items within GridView on WinRT
40421 – MasterDetail.Detail not rendering controls properly when using Maps inside TabbedPage
40424 – ListView not rendering on first load (Xamarin Forms Android)
40432 – iOS ListView is scrolling to the wrong ViewCell after a call to ForceUpdateSize.
40434 – CarouselView.Item throws a NullReferenceException
40435 – Entry on UWP crashing with nullreference exception Xamarin.Forms V2.2.0-pre2
40439 – Error CS0103 The name InitializeComponent does not exist in the current context when x:Class does not match type name
40478 – Xamarin.Forms.Maps Pin.Clicked event is not fired
40485 – Entry TextColor does not work when Enabled is false
40486 – System.ExecutionEngineException: SIGILL on Samsung S7
40495 – UWP ListView Grouping has blank jumplist, Header data bound to GroupShortNameBinding
40498 – A NavigationPage XAML class can't be added to another XAML class
40499 – EntryCell does not display text on Windows Phone device
40502 – CarouselView NRE on MainPage change WinRT
40511 – CarouselView needs DoesAnimate property Forms V2.2.0-Pre2
40513 – Adding views to CarouselView after rendered and swiping crashes Forms v.
40514 – Input transparent does not work if background color not explicitly set on UWP
40523 – Creating controls at runtime is much slower than with native Xamarin.Android project
40537 – [Forms iOS] Group header can invoke ItemTapped callback for the wrong item
40541 – Changing the language to Italian on device settings sets the Slider to Max Value by default.
40555 – [UWP] App crashes when setting VisualElement.Scale to 0
40558 – CarouselView Item needs bindable property and needs to be TwoWay
40562 – Dragging on Android causes screen to flash
40565 – DependencyService fails to resolve implementation from iOS class library
40588 – Tap status bar to scroll to top not working for MasterDetail
40607 – Navigation Page does not release objects in iOS
40630 – CarouselView with ItemsSource null or empty throws Exception (v2.2.0.18-pre3)
40631 – Setting CarouselView.Position throw exception (v2.2.0.18-pre3)
40632 – CarouselView missed a "SelectedItem" property (v2.2.0.18-pre3)
40634 – CarouselView fires (or not) "ItemSelected" or "PositionSelected" in an buggie way (v2.2.0.18-pre3)
40635 – CarouselView needs either a page indicator or show part of the left and right pages (v2.2.0.18-pre3)
40656 – iOS WebView Rotation, Sizing and Scaling issues
40657 – [UWP] ToolbarItems not shown in TabbedPage
40666 – "The name 'InitializeComponent' does not exist in the current context" VS IntelliSense error due to missing `.g.cs` file if you manually delete the `obj` folder and then reload the solution
40679 – On changing the language to Italian on device settings the data binding of slider control does not work.
40683 – UWP: x64 Crash
40693 – Keyboard white box maintains after switching views
40696 – Cannot add items to start of CarouselView dynamically and Scroll
40702 – Unicode in Button Text not displayed correctly
40704 – Strange duplication of listview headers when collapsing/expanding sections
40722 – Using FormsAppCompatActivity calls OnDisappearing on device sleep
40732 – xamarin forms application crashes while trying to download huge data and and while navigating through 30-40 screens.
40733 – PanGestureRecognizer Android event args TotalX Updating different values from iOS
40740 – UWP Platform constructor throws TypeLoadException
40743 – Custom Views don't work when using .NET native tool chain
40752 – Map wont show on a Iphone simmulator, but will on a real device
40764 – Xamarin.Forms.ListView fails to layout correctly in case of variable Height row content
40775 – [Xamarin Forms][Android] [Material] Xamarin.Form.Button did not show any selector when running on Pre-Lollipop
40790 – Xamarin.Forms ScrollView swallows tap events on iOS
40809 – Android ListView ForceUpdateSize doesn't change cell size after setting one of the control's Visibility to Gone
40817 – AutomationId may only be set one time exception
40824 – Contextual Action Bar stays open on Navigation
40830 – AppLinkEntry.KeyValues collection is always empty
40845 – Xamarin Studio - Forms Previewer Does Not Recognize Namespace for Base Class
40847 – Crash when pusing fast
40858 – SearchBar LongClick Crashes on ListView Header
40864 – Make types required to add new platform support on Xamarin.Forms public
40866 – RegisterLink throws an ArgumentException on Android
40872 – XAML x:Type Null Reference Exception in DataTemplate
40906 – CDATA ignored in XAML layout
40907 – Crash reported on github xamarin/urho-samples
40909 – System.Runtime.CompilerServices.RuntimeWrappedExceptionAn object that does not derive from System.Exception has been wrapped in a RuntimeWrappedException.
40911 – NRE with Facebook Login
40914 – ImageCell not being rendered at same physical size on 2048x1536 / 1024x768 screens
40922 – ListView ItemAppearing Fires on Every Row On Each Add
40923 – Animated GIF within WebView only animates a single time after navigations
40932 – Ambiguous call from RelativeLayout.Children.Add() when trying to add content into a XAML File
40939 – Picker on Android does not support keyboard selection of item in picker
40943 – On Windows Store 8.1 and Windows UWP, BorderWidth on Button is ignored
40955 – Memory leak with FormsAppCompatActivity and NavigationPage
40967 – Layouts intercept all input on iOS.
40970 – Memory Leak in the Xamarin Forms Maps component on iOS
40992 – WP 8 app is very slow to resume on 2.2
40995 – IsVisible property doesn´t work after using .FadeTo on the same object
40998 – Hitting Esc when an action sheet displayed on UWP does not result in the await returning
41012 – I cann't find Xamarin.Color.ToWindowsColor extension function
41013 – Crash when scrolling a ListView with recycle caching strategy on iOS
41016 – An attempt was made to transition a task to a final state when it had already completed.
41029 – Slider default hitbox is larger than the control
41033 – Device.StartTimer does not stop when returning false from the action on Android
41034 – UWP Entry does not display caret/cursor in ListView or TableView
41038 – MasterDetailPage loses menu icon on iOS after reusing NavigationPage as Detail
41048 – Setting properties on UI-elements does sometime not override the value from the style
41054 – Cannot update Entry.Text from attached Behavior on UWP
41059 – Xamarin.Forms Portable Solution is very slow
41060 – Conflicts in New Projects
41069 – "ListViewCachingStrategy=RecycleElement" causes problems with "AllowsMultipleSelectionDuringEditing=true" in ListViews
41071 – System.NotSupportedException: Specified method is not supported exception throws while using DataServiceQuery
41072 – ItemSelected is not fired when keyboard used to change the selection in a ListView
41074 – The tab order followed when the user hits the tab key on the keyboard follows no clear pattern
41076 – App Resume hangs on WP 8.1 (Silverlight)
41078 – [Win 8.1] ListView not visually setting the initially selected item upon creation
41081 – Make AutomationId a bindable property
41084 – When resizing the app window on Windows platforms, elements in cells are not resizing correctly
41085 – Detail page contents disappear on iOS
41087 – Image loading issue with UWP
41088 – Xamarin.Forms Previewer
41089 – Frame fails to display when using AppCompat
41093 – implicit styles are not applied
41094 – Crash in -[Xamarin_Forms_Platform_iOS_PickerRenderer_PickerSource pickerView:titleForRow:forComponent:]
41118 – Scrolling ListView on Android results in Java.Lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsExceptionlength=20; index=20
41136 – [iOS] Bound properties for Views not set yet when ViewInitialized is called.
41141 – NotImplementedException occurred in Xamarin.Forms.Platform.UAP.dll UWP x64
41147 – Incorrect ScrollView layout is placed in a Grid
41153 – jobject must not be IntPtr.Zero with TabbedPage and ToolbarItems
41162 – Сhange of height content grid while Image scale="ScaleFit"
41194 – All CarouselPage Children call Appearing and onAppearing on CarouselPage creation.
41198 – TimePicker orientation not responsive in custom renderer
41201 – Margin doesn't seem to work properly as top level element in a list ItemTemplate
41205 – Override ListView.CreateDefault, parameter is always string
41207 – WebException occurring after most recent Xamarin.iOS update
41209 – [iOS] Application crashes when carousel page changes (during animation?)
41218 – error updating the listview
41219 – AutomationId is not set to the native controls of a TabbedPages tab items
41220 – Forms Frame BackGroundColor renders too light
41232 – DatePicker.Focus() does not focus
41241 – Custom Button Image Missized in Xamarin Forms Cross-platform in the WinPhone App
41249 – ToolbarItem eventually disappears from NavigationController on TabBarController Page switch
41252 – Unable to change ListView GroupHeaders separator color
41255 – System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
41266 – On WinRT and UWP, with two bindings to a property but with different value converters, only one binding is updated
41268 – TextCell in TableView with IsEnabled = false does not disable interaction.
41269 – Custom PageRenderers not getting released from memory
41271 – [UWP] Memory Leak from ListView in TabbedPage
41276 – TableView problem
41281 – TapGestureRecognizer should provide tapped position in eventargs
41283 – Analysis of 'Xamarin.Forms' source code by PVS-Studio static code analyzer
41295 – Back button not present on iOS in a MasterDetailPage
41296 – MarkupExtension not found in default namespace
41312 – my padding value is also applied as margin
41322 – OnAppearing/Disappearing triggers for all pages in navigationstack backgrounding/foregrounding app
41341 – [Forms] CarouselPage - SelectedItem will not navigate if called with same number (even after swiping) until another number is used
41344 – ForceUpdateSize doesn't resize when changing the padding of a child layout
41350 – WebView WidthRequest can't handle doubles
41364 – Bug in version
41368 – System.MissingMethodException: Method 'CGSize..ctor' not found.
41381 – An Entry in a TableView can be made to be responsive when IsEnabled = false and vice versa.
41386 – App hangs whenever it's run on the a device with a data set some time in the past.
41395 – MasterDetailPage loses first menu icon on UWP
41404 – Xamarin Forms Master Page (of Master Detail Page) obscures Android status bar with Material Design
41413 – Xamarin.Forms.AnimationExtensions/ViewExtensions-based animation often fails when the View is on the same Page as an OpenGLView that HasRenderLoop
41415 – ScrollX and ScrollY values are not consistent with iOS
41418 – Margin inside ScrollView not working properly
41420 – [UWP] Layout bug when placing Label inside Grid inside Grid
41424 – DatePicker doesn't lose focus on Cancel
41426 – DatePicker throws NullReference in combination with AppCompat
41432 – TwoWay binding leads to endless loop on Android
41463 – CarouselView Crashes with "Sequence Does not Contain a Matching Element"
41467 – [WinRT] App Crashes In Release Mode
41471 – [WP] Image Inside A Frame Causes Layout Cycle
41472 – Picker will not display selected element when navigating with keyboard when inside a TableView.ViewCell
41474 – Using Stacklayout, inside ScrollView, with VerticalOptions set to CenterAndExpand works in Android but not in Windows
41480 – SetHasNavigationBar(this, false) Fails on NavigationPages
41481 – Button Background Color on Press Event
41482 – Add UriTypeConverter to AppLinkEntry.AppLinkUri property?
41493 – [WP] Trying to Resume App Displays "Resuming..." Screen Instead
41508 – Xamarin Form Andoird: Open datepicker from toolbaritem icon will crash application !!!
41511 – XF2.2 Animation Failures: java.lang.reflectAttempt to read from field 'int android.view.View.mViewFlags' on a null object reference
41522 – Datepicker can not be shown a second time with Focus() when closed with Cancel
41529 – ExecutionEngineException while using Xamarin.Forms.Maps on Windows Phone 10
41535 – UIViewControllerBasedStatusBarAppearance is set to false.
41559 – In iOS Entry.keyboard=Keyboard.Numeric does not have a done button
41560 – Xamarin Forms Editor: Unable to enter consecutive numbers in Android
41576 – Incorrect position of Android Custom Keyboard using Xamarin.Forms. Keyboard stuck on top-left of screen.
41600 – ListView.ScrollTo does not behave as per documentation on UWP
41601 – OnAppearing not being called when navigating from a tabbed Page
41618 – TabbedPage navigation disappeared after switch back the tab
41634 – Entry Text not show up when use Dark Theme in UWP
41638 – Keyboard hides entry control when using translation (Android)
41639 – ArgumentException when changing the icon of a ToolbarItem at runtime (Android)
41645 – Linking fails with error Failed to resolve ToUITextAlignment
41672 – ToolbarItem width not expanding
41681 – [WP] Page render fails after performing a Bar Code Scan using Zxing Component
41710 – [UWP] Using DataTemplates in CustomRenderer throws Exception
41717 – Picker allows multiple dialogs to be open causing the app to crash
41735 – Make Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.FontExtensions.Typefaces public
41740 – Grid ignores MinimumWidthRequest
41760 – WebView Navigated event inconsistent and erroneous
41761 – Navigation back will output: annot save value from target back to source! when set MasterBehavior="Popover" (must retry again and then it work)
41778 – Slider Inside ScrollView Will Open MasterDetailPage.Master
41841 – Global Style will let application throw exception when Release UWP and run it (native build)
41842 – Set MasterDetailPage.Detail = New Page() twice will crash the application when set MasterBehavior = MasterBehavior.Split
41843 – when set IsPresented = false for hide the split panel, it will still only display(render) half detail page(half listview), when MasterBehavior = MasterBehavior.Default
41847 – Updating xamarin.forms 2.2 or higher causes error with Android.Support.Animated.Vector.Drawable
41854 – [UWP] NavigationPage back button remains when resetting Application.Curent.MainPage to ContentPage
41859 – FormsApplicationDelegate does not expose window method
41863 – Xamarin Forms performance is still slow on Android
41867 – [Android] masterDetailPage.IsGestureEnabled = false not working on Android.
41868 – [Android] Master page stays open in Portrait after rotating from landscape if an item was just selected.
41869 – [iOS] Margins set on a StackLayout that is a direct child of a ViewCell are not respected.
41870 – Bug on Entry Focus when Unfocused
41877 – the Button show only half size when the page width more larger because not calculate original control padding(UWP)
41879 – The button in ViewCell cannot change Button.Image property with binding.
41888 – App crashes when calling PushAsync from ListView context action
41896 – [iOS] ScrollToAsync or PresentViewControllerAsync runtime crash
41900 – UWP Map on navigated Page can't change size.
41902 – AutomationId doesn't work on Switch
41904 – On MasterDetailPage trying to change Icon of Master page doesn't work for Android
41919 – SearchBar crash because set FontFamily in UWP global FontFamily style
41926 – signature-issue on google maps using the latest final xamarin.Forms and googleplayservices
41928 – XAMLC causes ambiguity messages in intellisense
41933 – Using column definition with Width = new GridLength(1, GridUnitType.Star) makes ViewCell height be calculated incorrectly
41960 – Stepper changes initially bound value if it is greater than 100
41965 – After upgrading to, iOS builds fail with Failed to resolve "System.Void CoreGraphics.CGSize::.ctor
41973 – UWP keep throw PlatformNotSupportedException when every new Page() when enable Native Compiler
41974 – UWP application run too slow if Native Compiler enabled!
41975 – UWP ListView design and performance problems
41980 – TabBar BarTintColor no longer working in
41982 – ListView binding cannot work correctly in RecycleElement mode
41992 – ListViewCachingStrategy.RecycleElement affects ListView.SeparatorVisibility
42000 – Unable to use comma (",") as decimal point
42014 – Application MainPage DisplayActionSheet not working
42032 – UINavigationBar.Appearance.BarTintColor changes Tab bar color
42043 – Errors with DataTrigger and using CachingStrategy="RecycleElement"
42044 – DataTrigger not working correctly.
42053 – white gap appears at bottom during NavigationPage transition from top-bar hidden to top-bar shown
42055 – [UWP][WinRT] ScrollView/ListView Bottom Cut Off in a Modal Page
42059 – Picker does not show the items when the picker items are lesser than three in windows phone 8.1
42061 – App crashes when registering an app link entry with invalid thumbnail url
42066 – CarouselView crashes with System.MethodAccessException on Android
42069 – Garbage Collector can not collect pages that use ImageSource as a StaticResource
42071 – System.NullReferenceException When pushing a page above page with Map witout google play services
42074 – TimePicker doesn't lose focus on Cancel
42076 – Xamarin.Forms is not compatible with Xamarin.Android 23.4.0
42078 – MaterDetail loosing icon on Android
42084 – Entry Bound to a Double Does Not Accept ',' As Decimal Separator
42096 – [iOS] Entry Text Binding fails when iOS Auto-corrects text when the Entry loses focus (clicking outside of Entry)
42098 – UITabBarItem.Appearance.SetTitleTextAttributes broken
42100 – [UWP] Default Button Color is set to Transparent
42101 – [Android] ListView and Page - Memory Leaks after user navigates back from a Page
42105 – DatePicker.MinimumDate & MaximumDate XML binding does not work (UWP project)
42109 – Image renderer works differently when scaling up as compared to scaling down
42111 – Xamarin.Forms intellisense not working
42114 – Setting CarouselView position does not appear to work on iOS
42117 – Using RecycleElement Breaks Custom Renderer (Cell & List) for Separator Insets
42120 – Failed to compile the generated registrar code
42123 – Frame Element in ListView with custom cells causes layout problem
42124 – DataTemplateSelector use causes major performance hit to ListView
42132 – ListView ViewCell doesn't FillAndExpand cells with Frame
42148 – Multiple tap issue on custom picker
42151 – UWP Map VisibleRegion is calculated incorrectly
42155 – Xamarin.Forms.Pages Masking
42160 – [WinRT] Controls Must Be Subclassed for Custom Renderer to Work
42175 – UWP MasterDetail has problems with the master always showing
42182 – Unable to set ControlTemplate for Custom Control in App.xaml
42188 – ViewCell with focus does not recognise being tapped using keyboard on UWP
42189 – [UWP] ViewCell with IsEnabled = false still receives focus and still fires Tapped event
42194 – Entry keyboard case and password
42195 – Controls nested in StackLayout seem to inherit IsVisible property
42201 – Image link is not working fine in In Forms Gallery sample.
42202 – ListView has shown unwanted free space
42205 – The UI doesn't listen to propertyChanged of FormattedText
42214 – Project crashes with NRE in Main.cs - Xamarin Studio
42230 – CarouselView Moves to First item on Rotation (iOS)
42231 – PickerView Not Working Properly into ListView on WinRT Tablet
42234 – CarouselView containing (ListView + Footer) creates clickable footer that crashes application
42236 – Xamarin Forms load UWP page Native with PageRenderer
42264 – MergedWith doesn't work at application level
42280 – Frame changing background colour in ListView
42287 – Switch fails to render on Galaxy S 3
42301 – [WP] [UWP] Grid or ContentPage extends beyond screen bounds after certain navigation types.
42303 – Error Cannot create an instance of "WindowsPage"
42319 – Null Reference on InitializeComponents when using Forms
42320 – Full page CarouselView with embedded Listview is hardly usable
42326 – Setting ActvityIndicator.Color Does Not Work Below Lollipop
42329 – ListView in Frame and FormsAppCompatActivity Memory Leak
42330 – ListView RefreshCommand CanExecute causes Attempting to change the refresh control while it is not idle is strongly discouraged and probably won't work properly
42335 – XF for Android is much slower than its iOS counterpart
42341 – Page not removed from NavigationStack when hit Back quickly on iOS
42344 – [Windows 8.1] Tabs are disappearing when one tabbed page is opening from other tabbed page.
42351 – Xamarin Forms Button shows differently on Android when ButtonRenderer is used
42352 – [iOS] Xamarin.Forms does not work with linker
42355 – System.MissingMethodException after upgrading from (stable) to
42361 – DatePicker crash on Android 4.4.2 Tablet after dialog is closed
42364 – ContextAction does not dismiss on tab page change
42382 – Hybrid webview do not resize html items on android
42385 – XAMLC Padding Thickness Properties
42388 – Underline in Entry control does not show on Android when Forms Light theme is used with Android Dark theme.
42429 – FillAndExpand expand out of screen of a modal content page
42447 – Application-wide Styles are not applied to modal pages in UWP, Windows and WP8.1
42474 – Xamarin.Forms iOS app System.IO.FileNotFoundException: /objects-8.0+.nib does not exist
42479 – Using the Margin property in XAML page throws the runtime exception
42491 – XamlCompilation does not find Font.FontAttributes
42501 – [WP8] ScrollView Nested in 2+ Layouts Is Not Rendered
42506 – Button TextColor using Styles and Triggers with IsEnable=False
42509 – BoxView HeightRequest/AnchorY updates not correctly via binding!
42516 – ListView ContextActions do not work on UWP
42517 – Setting font size of Label to exactly 12 (WinRT) or 15 (UWP) results in much larger font
42519 – Text Truncation in UWP
42528 – ViewCell In TableView does not align properly
42530 – Entry.Text not updated when modified by iOS Autocorrect, word suggestions, or spellchecker
42531 – Adding ResourceDictionary to ViewCell within ListView errors when using Xamlc
42534 – Setting SetSelectAllOnFocus(true) on Custom Entry Does Not Always Work
42548 – MasterDetailPage loses hamburger menu when reusing NavigationPage as Detail
42557 – [Android/AppCompat] Back button is not hidden/show when using NavigationPage.SetHasBackButton after navigation
42559 – LineBreakMode does not work on UWP
42579 – Android Crash when maps component is a child of a ListView header and you open a modal page
42580 – Forms.ListView crashes when ItemSource has item removed and another inserted
42596 – TapGestureRecognizer not working when added to WebView
42601 – CarouselViewRenderer is getting linked away when building for iOS Device in Release configuration.
42602 – Custom BoxView Renderer Does Not Render All Its Children Elements
42621 – iOS: DateTimeOffset doesn't get correct TimeZone offset when you change the Date TimeZone in System settings
42629 – [Android] MasterDetailPage ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException crash when switching Detail pages back and forth between two TabbedPages
42631 – [Android] Dialog.setCanceledOnTouchOutside not handled in Xamarin.Forms.Picker
42648 – FileNotFoundExceptions thrown when calling SQLite-net-pcl from Xamarin Forms on UWP
42651 – Pushing a page on the navigation stack while device is rotating crashes the app
42672 – Cannot Scroll ListView After Using TranslateTo()
42678 – [Android] System.ObjectDisposedException when tapping a toolbar button after switching tabs.
42680 – UWP - Entry: changing the background color will only take effect after the entry gained focus.
42684 – Layout manager not handling Restore from Maximised on UWP
42687 – Picker IsFocused property and Focused events broken on Android
42697 – Slow swipe - System.InvalidOperationException: Sequence contains more than one element
42711 – Scrollview not working inside AbsoluteLayout on UWP, Xamarin Forms v2.3.0.107
42713 – Unpredictable page lifecycle in TabbedPage using FormsAppCompatActivity
42714 – Text Overlapping in Windows Platforms
42727 – Empty StackLayout with large HeightRequest overflows boundary of containing StackLayout
42754 – MasterDetailPage Menu is now broken version is the last where it works
42755 – Crash due to Null Reference Exception in OpenGLViewRenderer
42766 – Error on opening the Acquaint Example
42767 – Custom font label not working in ListView
42768 – Failed to compile the generated registrar code.
42770 – Could not find android.jar for API Level 24
42793 – Setting Handled = true in UnhandledException handler has no effect on WinRT 8.1
42810 – App crashes on kill/start, when combining FormsAppCompatActivity / MasterDetailPage / NavigationPage / TabbedPage
42812 – [Android] Color.Accent is hardcoded
42815 – MasterDetail Resources+NotFoundException:
42816 – MasterDetail Resources+NotFoundException:
42818 – Missing public setter for _renderersAdded field in FormsAppCompatActivity
42824 – LineBreakMode.HeadTruncation and MiddleTruncation both do tail truncation
42832 – Scrolling in ListView with active ContextActions causes System.NullReferenceException
42847 – UWP App Crashes When Resizing Window and Current Page Has a Map
42873 – Exception with CarouselView 2.3.0-pre2
42883 – ScrollViewRenderer.OnTouchEvent not being called in when scrollView.Orientation = Horizontal on Android
42901 – DisplayActionSheet does not display all entries on WinRT 8.1
42905 – UWP apps are not set to build or deploy by default
42907 – Missing DLL throws error on project creation
42909 – IDE0006 Error during first run of Forms template app
42918 – Unhandled exception - System.ArgumentException: 'jobject' must not be IntPtr.Zero
42921 – Button width inconsistent between phone and non-phone devices
42926 – [Android] TableSection without Title is rendered as empty TextCell
42927 – Windows.ApplicationModel.Package does not return correct values in Forms UWP app due to incorrect values set at project creation
42948 – Android layouts generated from xaml are overly complex and causing performance issues
42954 – OnAppLinkRequestReceived not called on iOS
42976 – Update Xamarin.Forms.Maps to use latest stable release of Xamarin.GooglePlayServices.Location (v29.0.0.2)
42996 – CarouselView does not layout children properly on UWP
42999 – MenuItems in ContextActions are sometimes bound to the wrong bindingContext in UWP.
43007 – Controls nested in StackLayout need to inherit IsEnabled property
43020 – Forms Android app displaying a tabbed page with FormsAppCompat crashes when changing global font size
43044 – Admin Logout not working
43047 – Xamarin Forms app crashes on Windows Phone when navigating from a page with a toolbar to a page with a map.
43057 – Windows Phone 8.1 pivot header size/font does not change
43066 – [Android] Resize issues after navigating back to a page when the keyboard is up.
43068 – Updating ObeservableCollection on background thread bound to ListView.ItemsSource throws exception on windows, not Android.
43072 – UhroSurface doesn't resize upon orientation change in Xamarin.Forms on iOS
43093 – Long WeakReference.Target for Renderer nulled after handler Finalize is called and before Renderer finalizer is called
43096 – Android - tabbedpage color changed when comes from pushmodalasync
43104 – Value was an invalid value for HeaderTemplate
43108 – android:visibility="gone" in Tabbar.axml does not reclaim space
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43150 – Unfortunately, System UI has stopped - Infinite popups after deploy to device
43154 – Clearing CarouselPage ItemSource creates phantom item
43159 – All DataTemplates are initialized even there are not used anywhere.
43161 – Setting Accessory in ViewCellRenderer breakes layout
43179 – Exception when using F# with Xamarin forms while showing an image
43186 – AbsoluteLayout rotation misplaces layout
43192 – Slider is not updated when is placed in ListView or TableView
43214 – Setting Listview.IsRefreshing to false does not work on second "pull"
43219 – ListView size issue when inside a Frame
43223 – CarouselView does not work on WinRT
43224 – (A-B-C-A, navigation) On Android when navigate from A to B then to C then back to A, the view A is not rendered correctly
43230 – DisplayAlert returns unexpected value when Escape key hit on UWP
43234 – System.TimeZoneNotFoundException trying to build Xamarin.Forms-master Solution
43238 – DisplayActionSheet title displayed inconsistently between platforms
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43282 – [UWP] Entry text disappears when entry loses focus
43285 – [UWP] ActivityIndicator Not Visible Unless WidthRequest is Given
43295 – Errors with TapGestureRecognizer on ContentView with nested Layout in Android
43298 – Unexpected behavior of PopAsync after PopToRootAsync has been called previously on Windows Phone (Silverlight)
43299 – [UWP]ListView virtualization doesn't work when using Xamarin.Forms. And their solution.
43301 – Error in generated part of xaml page
43302 – NavigationPage does not display long title correctly in UWP
43313 – Adding an item to ListView ItemSource has unexpected animation with different height rows and HasUnevenRows is true
43314 – Title of TableViewSection does not update without collection change
43315 – ViewCell within TableView not resizing to content. ForceUpdateSize ignored.
43327 – Using OnParentSet to unwire events does not work
43328 – DisplayActionSheet() double-tap NullReferenceException crash Win8.1
43335 – StaticResource not found for key {x:Type Label
43337 – WCF on iOS TypeInitializationException Error
43338 – Clicking back while a Navigating a MasterDetailPage Detail Navigation Page with Map on it causes crash
43343 – AbsoluteLayout updating child bounds breaks on fling
43346 – Sample CustomRenderers/ContentPage fails in Visual Studio. (Could not load assembly...)
43347 – Sample CustomRenderer ContentPage fails. (Out of memory error...)
43348 – Sample ListView Custom Renderer fails (Out of memory error...)
43349 – Sample ViewCell Custom Renderer fails
43354 – Button IsEnabled binding is position dependent
43409 – Listview items dismiss when change system color or scroolling
43420 – ListView can not display items while scrolling (UWP)
43425 – [UWP] ListView Footer Is Shown At Bottom of Page
43426 – ListView OnItemClick ArgumentOutOfRangeException
43427 – [iOS] Margins Set on ListView Header and Footer Are Rendered Incorrectly
43429 – Slider with minimum greater than 0 gets incorrect bound value on Android
43435 – Slider crashes when minimum value greater than zero and set before Max value in XAML
43437 – ListView's (Inside Carousel View) background color changes when not tapping on the list
43450 – Faulty syntax of Grid.RowDefinition wasn't caught with XamlC & doesn't generate run-time error
43469 – execute await App.Current.MainPage.DisplayAlert() twice will crash on UWP real phone
43476 – Segmentation fault when leaving Content Page that has a carousel view iOS 8.1
43492 – AbsoluteLayout rendering
43499 – [UWP] ListView item context menu activation area does not fill list item width with Horizontal StackLayout
43516 – [UWP] Changing FontAttribute on a label to NONE changes font size as well
43519 – [UWP] MasterDetail page ArguementException when nested in a TabbedPage and returning from modal page
43529 – Crash at startup on iOS Simulator
43530 – [Android] Resuming app throws IllegalStateException from fragment manager
43568 – AppCompat Theme with TabLayout Crashes Android 4.1.2 API 16
43569 – ToolbarItem Icon from local file
43576 – PushAsync is not supported globally on...
43577 – SetHasBackButton does not update UI on Android
43583 – [Android] ListViewRenders leaking
43589 – On Android, Page's IsBusy indicator is only shown if UI thread is NOT busy
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43639 – Maps control does not keep its center when resized
43656 – Picker background look like very mess in Android.
43660 – Editor not supporting scrolling inside the listview for UWP Xamarin
43663 – ModalPushed and ModalPopped not working on UWP
43664 – 'Entry' on iOS not sizing well, but fine on Android. Style issue?
43685 – Bindings in ContentView lost when ControlTemplate is changed at runtime.
43694 – StaticResource does not work for x:String and OnPlatform
43700 – The name 'InitializeComponent' does not exist in the current context error after upgrade to X.Forms
43703 – UWP projects cannot build unless you are on Beta branch now
43706 – Setting ControlTemplate in code-behind gets rid of BindingContext for UI elements
43710 – ListView's GroupHeaderTemplate do not work with DataTemplateSelector on Android
43711 – BoxView Color being used instead of BackgroundColor
43716 – Height = GridLength.Auto in RowDefinition does not handle content of word-wrapped Label on UWP and WinRT
43719 – CarouselPage BackgroundImage does not work on Android
43726 – Setting TabbedPage.ItemsSource to Null Causes Crash
43733 – ResourceDictionary MergedWith is not propagated from app.xaml
43734 – [Android AppCompat] TabbedPage tab title cannot be updated
43735 – Multiple Swipe on ContextActions
43760 – Expert HP®™(18-44-30-55-56)Printer Customer Support Phone Number Ohio,New York,New Mexico
43774 – Appearing does not trigger for the first time for Tabpages in Android
43782 – "Animators may only be run on Looper threads" when raising ChangeCanExecute on Button command
43783 – [WP8.1] Most Device Styles do not render correctly in Windows Phone 8.1 (RT) applications
43784 – Inconsistent Cell Separator display behaviour when using ListViewCachingStrategy.RecycleElement
43785 – [Xamarin.Forms][Android] DatePicker shows wrong date
43802 – Bind an Entry to a int? field
43809 – Image size is inconsistent when loading with ImageSource.FromResource or ImageSource.FromStream
43811 – KeyboardFlags.None does not turn off suggestions on Android
43815 – App.MainPage incorrect behaviour for view appearing and disappearing.
43816 – CarouselView does not raise appearing / disappearing events in items
43824 – System.NullReferenceException at Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.ViewRenderer`2[TView,TNativeView].GetDesiredSize (Int32 widthConstraint, Int32 heightConstraint)
43832 – Using a ListView with a DataTemplateSelector and RecycleElement results in wrong behavior on cells
43835 – Visual Studio gives the error that properties don't exist
43866 – Loss style on Windows Phone 8.1
43867 – Numeric keyboard shows text / default keyboard when back button is hit
43868 – Could not load assembly 'WorkingWithBehaviors
43892 – Xamarin.Forms.TabbedPage with FormsAppCompatActivity OnAppearing Troubles
43898 – Navigation Bar issue with Xamarin.Forms and iOS 10
43907 – iOS 10 preview Xamarin Forms ListView RecycleElement Crash on Custom Cell
43911 – Android renderers timing issue with OnAppearing Method and Urho Surface
43941 – Memory leak with ListView's RecycleElement on iOS
43943 – First loading of Android app "Refreshing" spinner doesn't appear in listview.
43947 – When a Grid row resizes, it resets ScrollView position on iOS
43952 – Android keyboard overlaps Editor control when HeightRequest is set. Android focuses on text cursor rather than entire control.
43955 – Page “jumps” navigation bar height when navigating between pages
43962 – Xamarin.Forms Pull-to-Refresh Bug iOS
43965 – app crashes if picker is clicked really quickly
43968 – Android: Xamarin.Forms: Webview is making images disappear in other pages when you navigate away
43975 – The SearchBar doesn't display on Android N
43986 – Pull-to-Refresh does not work on iOS after data is refreshed once
43992 – UIInterfaceOrientationPortraitUpsideDown doesn't work without custom renderer
43993 – iOS: ListView size does not return to normal after keyboard disappears
43996 – ListViewCachingStrategy RecycleElement broken on iOS 10 beta
43998 – Xamarin.Forms.Maps.Map not working in ListView.
44011 – Error in DatePicker.Date default value
44018 – Back button not working on root page in app with FormsAppCompatActivity
44034 – ListView rapid scrolling on Win 8.1 results in occasional incorrect cell rendering and leaks
44035 – [UWP] ListView rapid scrolling results in occasional incorrect cell rendering and leaks
44041 – All Solution Netgear@~+1-855-223-5907+@Netgear tech Support phone Number Netgear Router customer service phone number USA
44044 – TabbedPage stealing gestures
44047 – Memory leak when using SetBackButtonTitle on iOS
44056 – Picker Focused/Unfocused events not fired on iOS 10 preview
44058 – Startup times are abysmal
44074 – OnDetachingFrom for Behavior is never called, therefore memory can leak due to event handlers not being unbound
44096 – Controls still participate in hit testing when inside a Grid, StackLayout, and ContentView that has IsEnabled = false
44104 – Evolve 2016 App crashes on iOS 10 GM
44106 – [UWP] ListView group jumplist not updated when adding new items
44115 – Multiple navigations in NavigationPage results in an incorrect Title on Android
44129 – [Forms Android] Removing and adding items to TabbedPage BindingContext ObservableCollection crashes the app
44130 – Visual studio Error Running Code Analysis when Xamarin forms portable project contains XamlCompilationAttribute
44137 – Image from asset catalog isn't showing up, when master detail page is used
44152 – Lost Event Trigger Footprint
44155 – ContextActions.Add causes indefinite hang
44159 – MasterDetail not releasing Page - Forms Android
44160 – Android/Forms OnDisappearing firing minimized
44166 – MasterDetailPage instances do not get disposed upon GC; instance accumulation crashes app with OOM error using Forms and AppCompat
44171 – SearchBar not displaying on Android 7
44174 – MapRenderer Control Null Reference during OnCameraChange
44176 – InputTransparent fails if BackgroundColor not explicitly set on Android
44194 – UrhoSharp.Forms render quality is very low
44211 – Android/Forms Tabpage OnDisappearing firing minimized
44213 – Can't bind to specific properties through OnPlatform
44216 – No property, bindable property, or event found when using xamlc
44218 – Helpline Number +1-877-887-3557 keyboard® Technical Helpline Number
44250 – Webview data binding not working in CarouselView
44274 – App Crash on windows 10 on launch
44276 – Image.IsLoading is broken.
44286 – TapGestureRecognizer uwp
44295 – "Specified argument was out of the range of valid values." in ApplyFont when set PhoneApplicationService.Current.UserIdleDetectionMode = IdleDetectionMode.Disabled
44302 – Grid layout row height star pushes auto rows off screen if followed by auto height rows with content containing rowspan
44304 – ScrollToAsync fails to scroll on WinPhone SL
44338 – Displaying context action causes ArgumentNullException when another item's context actions are already displayed on iOS10.
44356 – Label Fontsize enumerations give different output at runtime between Silverlight and winRT.
44368 – Problem with scrollview and keyboard in app with FormsAppCompatActivity
44398 – On iOS the NavigationPage as Detail do not show the icon from de Master page of a MasterDetailPage if the image is stored inside a Assets.xcassets
44414 – Entry stops scrolling once font size is set to certain value
44435 – Application closes with an error 0x10700019 (key_handle 0x422582a8) after 3-4 tap on menu items on MasterPage
44453 – [UWP] ToolbarItem Text hard to see when BarTextColor is light
44454 – SearchBar fails to trigger SearchButtonPressed event
44461 – ScrollToPosition.Center works differently on Android and iOS
44476 – [Android] Unwanted margin at top of details page when nested in a NavigationPage
44483 – Label ignores HorizontalTextAlignment when truncating Text
44500 – A WebView that has a file picker control fails to show photo picker when page is pushed modally.
44519 – PopAsync empty the NavigationStack on IOS
44525 – Xamarin.Forms Listview Row Height Does Not Update When Changing Content Size (such as label)
44533 – CarouselView crash with Forms and CarouselView 2.3.0-pre2.
44538 – Random NRE on button click
44544 – CarouselView SelectedCarouselTab does not render correct index
44560 – When deploying app on any of my iOS devices or simulators (version 8.1, 9.1 or 10.00), an unhandled exception occurs: 'System.NotSupportedException: popped page does not current navigation stack, please file a bug.'
44581 – View Model Properties cannot be found during Xaml binding
44584 – UWP - Editor: changing the background color will only take effect after the entry gained focus
44596 – Grey/Blank Screen when switching MainPage to MasterDetail with TabbedPage
44600 – Color Different in iOS Specific Code and Shared Code
44609 – Easing.SpringOut not working with TranslateTo
44613 – Unable to copy DLL because it is being used by another process
44616 – with Xamarin.Forms, Frame control does not render correctly in iOS with semi-transparent BackgroundColor
44619 – Loading WebView on Android Device 5.1 Crashes - Could not load type WebViewRenderer+WebClient
44625 – Error After update
44680 – On UWP and WinRT 8.1, Image with IsVisible=false obscures what is beneath it
44690 – Item inside a ListView does not keep TranslationX after scroll
44711 – Xamarin Forms performance is bad again
44712 – SBNotificationHub Path Not Resolved : Error CS0433
44721 – BindableObject.GetContext(BindableProperty property) NullReferenceException
44734 – After updating Xamarin for Visual Studio 2015 this version, our IOS app crashes when navigating one page from another. This problem is only on IOS, Android and UWP don't have this crash.
44738 – MinimumHeightRequest ignored in ListView Header and Footer templates
44752 – RelativeLayout Problem
44753 – StackLayout
44755 – Button not visible, revealed by TranslateTo, does not handle clicks
44758 – CarouselView Stuck on Complex Pages
44774 – Entry Field does not resize when setting FontSize
44776 – ListView doesn't trigger item selection if it has a renderer
44777 – BarTextColor changes color for more than just the Navigation page
44778 – StringFormat was not set properly for four digit values in Label
44786 – Xamarin Forms iOS 10 bug in listview context menu item (Value cannot be null. Parameter name: gestureRecognizer)
44798 – forms Listview not showing items
44803 – iOS: Device orientation change incorrectly resizes NavigationPage
44807 – Forms code behind generator produces invalid code in *.Xamarin namespace
44821 – FrameRenderer calling OnDraw() repeatedly
44830 – ListView not consistently focusing at the end of the list.
44842 – OnBackPressed in FormsAppCompatActivity InvalidOperationException - "Sequence contains no elements" on Linq Last()
44844 – The RaiseChild() and LowerChild() methods on the Layout class do not correctly change the visual order of native controls
44846 – UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.ListViewAdapter constructor when you call Platform.SetRenderer(view, Platform.CreateRenderer(view));
44850 – Android app restarts instead of resuming after tapping launcher icon
44852 – Listview grouped no updating onAppearing (CLOSED)
44855 – Android: Appearing events do not fire when MainPage is a ContentPage
44870 – Trying to access properties of native ToggleSwitch in UWP renderer causing errors on navigate away
44886 – UWP Listview ItemSelected event triggered twice for each selection
44888 – Label with word wrap has incorrect height calculation for the containing view
44910 – [iOS] StackLayout.Childer.Add crashes when adding children to an empty StackLayout in OnAppearing
44940 – ScrollToAsync memory leak on UWP
44944 – iOS: Text goes outside the bounds of Entry if it can't fit inside
44948 – NullReference Exception at UpdateMasterDetailToggle - Android XF App Only
44953 – UWP: Pressing enter in an Entry in custom ViewCell causes Windows.UI.Xaml.UnhandledExceptionEventArgs
44954 – [Windows] Toggling IsPassword on Multiple Entries Causes Crash
44955 – UWP: Setting Entry BackgroundColor via Behavior results in sticky unfocused background color
44960 – UWP: Sometimes Grid layout row height is incorrectly calculated
44966 – No way to lock focus on Entry or Editor
44980 – ActivityIndicator disappears when scrolling
44981 – On UWP, an Image with IsVisible=false initially is sized differently when IsVisible is toggled, to an Image that is initially visible
44984 – [UWP] Can't modify local image file or file name after it has been loaded into application
44986 – Label.Text does not update in a ViewCell contained in a ListView using RecycleElement
44999 – Android Holo ListView jumps after switching tabs
45014 – Only top level TapGestureRecognizer works on iOS when multiples are on same view
45015 – GroupHeaderTemplate Height Not Changing
45027 – App crashes when double tapping on ToolbarItem or MenuItem very quickly
45042 – uwp AbsoluteLayout
45054 – Xamarin.Forms.VisualElement.IsEnabled property is not correctly propagated to the Android.Views.View.Enabled property
45060 – Wrong scroll values are passed inside scroll view scrolled event.
45067 – No way of cleanly dismissing soft keyboard in UWP
45087 – [Forms iOS] Text wrapping on a label causes layout misalignment and missing rounded corners
45092 – Group property of ItemTappedEventArgs can't be cast to original type, TemplatedItemList, since it is internal.
45106 – Label with muti-line FormattedText and LineBreakMode="NoWrap" does not show multiple lines
45153 – Not possible to create a Grid inside a ScrollView that fills the Screen completely
45178 – ProgressBarRenderer can crash in native.
45179 – Views in DataTemplate's are being created without the template ever loading.
45182 – IndexOutOfRangeException when attempting to update an ObservableCollection bound to a ListView within a background thread.
45190 – Android Application Won't Deploy after installing Xamarin
45192 – ToLocalTime - Forms/Android Incorrect
45206 – ListView Scroll problem when add a item.
45215 – AdjustResize Causes Content to Be Sized Incorrectly After Toggling Keyboard
45219 – UWP Navigation-Bug after updating from Xamarin.Forms to
45226 – CarouselView 2.3.0-pre2 when a keyboard appears CarouselView moves to the last position
45229 – ListView first item text is missing, when ListView is embedded into Master-Detail Page
45241 – ListView with few items has empty space below it
45251 – GestureRecognizer added from a renderer
45255 – [WinRT] Back Button Not Visible If Current Page Does Not Have a Title
45261 – [XamlC] Accessing Class Enum Causes Build Error
45263 – Application.Properties not saving properly this should be fixed
45266 – RelativeLayout: setting a height constraint relative to another item does not work
45277 – On UWP, Entry with IsPassword = true does not allow selection of characters
45283 – Style isn't applied to control in custom renderer
45284 – Extra tab icons display in iOS when binding Title on TabbedPage
45289 – [UWP] Rotating Map Crashes App
45290 – WebView on Android renders html string incorrectly
45294 – Unhandled exception UWP after back navigation
45299 – Using a custom TypeConverter causes a "Sequence contains more than one matching element" compile error
45302 – Button Style for UWP does not conform to standard UWP button style
45304 – ContentPage and virtual keys
45327 – ListView Header disappears when items are added on iOS
45330 – System.ObjectDisposedException: Cannot access a disposed object. Object name: 'Android.Views.GestureDetector'.
45336 – ListView Cell with Entry breaks keyboard scrolling in landscape orientation in iOS
45351 – TapGestureRecognizer blocks underlying PanGestureRecognizer
45391 – Test Bug
45453 – BoxView does not receive Touch events on Android unless InputTransparent is set to true
45487 – Xamarin.Forms ListView pull-to-refresh not working with iOS10 SDK
45521 – UIRefreshControl crash when with await+async animation on iOS xamarin.forms.
45527 – [Windows Phone 8.1]Backbutton close application when the destination page cotains a Map
45532 – AppCompat should use CoordinatorLayout, AppBarLayout, and CollapsingToolbarLayout
45533 – [Xamarin.Forms][UWP]DatePicker doesn't show up by `.Focus();`
45536 – Couldn't Handle Windows 10 Software back button in Windows 8.1 app.
45537 – Couldn't Handle Windows 10 Software back button in Windows 8.1 app.
45557 – Setting BindingContext using xaml bindings is called multiple times (Same as Bug 27299)
45593 – UWP: NavigationPage leaks memory
45602 – NullPointerException when applying style
45608 – Xamarin Forms UWP - Entry Text Color during typing
45617 – CustomControl not rendered in Release mode
45659 – UWP Map loses street names based on location
45678 – Improperly adding two cells to a DataTemplate results in cryptic XamlC error
45686 – Carousel View does not fire ItemSelected and PositionSelected Event when Swiping to last view on Iphone 6, iOS 9.3. It works on iOS 10.
45689 – ListView.SetupContent called as many times as the number of items
45702 – Disabling back press on modal page causes app to crash
45722 – Memory leak in Xamarin Forms ListView
45723 – Entry / Editor and a Button. Tapping the button dismisses the keyboard
45724 – FadeTo Android
45727 – DataTemplate with x:Reference throws error when DataTemplate is in App.xaml
45729 – Xamarin View to UWP Content Not Rendered on First Load
45734 – A ViewCell with an AccessoryView does not size correctly with HasUnevenRows true
45743 – Threading problem with PushAsync() after DisplayAlert() on iOS
45769 – @android:style/Theme.NoTitleBar causes X.F. crash
45773 – [iOS] Group Header does not expand to include all contents of ViewCell in GroupHeaderTemplate.
45782 – Binding is not working for BindableObject
45783 – Binding is not working for BindableObject
45789 – ContentPages remain in memory from NavigationPage PushAsync and PopAsync
45790 – ContentPages remain in memory from NavigationPage PushAsync and PopAsync
45791 – ContentPages remain in memory from NavigationPage PushAsync and PopAsync
45794 – ContentPages remain in memory from NavigationPage PushAsync and PopAsync
45796 – defghjukiol
45804 – Type universe cannot resolve assembly: Xamarin.Forms.Platform.WP8
45811 – Fatal crash trying to use MediaPicker for Xamarin Forms
45814 – Could not install package 'Xamarin.Forms'. You are trying to install this package into a project that targets 'Unsupported,Version=v0.0'" when adding a new XAML page to a Forms Shared Project.
45818 – 'System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException' in System.Collections.dll in UWP Editor/Entry embedded in header/footer of listview after carriage return.
45819 – enabling "link all assemblies" in IOS project using XAML files with XAMLC enabled causes all my XAML controls to be stripped
45827 – ListView crash when swipe item1 and click item2
45831 – Characters added to wrong EntryCell if keyboard once 'Text' and once 'Numeric' on Android 7
45833 – UWP app with NavigationPage.HasNavigationBar=false displays incorrectly after PopAsync.
45835 – There is a blank space on the screen top on UWP 14393(Windows 10 1607 Mobile)
45838 – Content Page OnAppearing does not fire when app resumes from background.
45842 – Long press on listview scrollbar UWP
45843 – Translation of View overlaps the Navigation bar in UWP
45850 – errors after new updates
45860 – “Control” Property In Custom Renderers and Effects Is Null For Layouts
45869 – On UWP, the right-edge of the border of an Entry is overwritten by the cancel button during typing
45874 – Effect not attaching to ScrollView
45891 – XamlParseException Cannot use OnIdiom with an inherited type.
45892 – On UWP, rotating device when DisplayActionSheet open, results in underlying page not resizing
45905 – ListView ItemSource change slower with every refresh
45908 – Grid rendering glitch
45912 – CarouselView does not relayout on rotation
45916 – SearchBar does not render correctly on Lenovo Tab S8-50L running Android 4.4.2
45924 – On UWP, SearchBar getting focus results in page scrolling unnecessarily
45929 – ListView ItemTemplate do not change height based on content
45936 – On UWP, updating a ViewCell directly has no visual effect
45978 – NavigationPage.CurrentPage not set properly when reusing a NavigationPage instance
45989 – DatePicker inside TableView - tap action very slow
45996 – Adding Items to carouselView after initial load does not work on uwp
46026 – JNI ERROR (app bug) Accessed deleted global reference 0x$Address
46039 – listview ItemSource not updating
46105 – Using DisplayAlert with a keyboard on WinPhone 8.1 RT results in E_ACCESSDENIED exception
46108 – Cannot Build Xamarin.Forms From Source Code
46118 – On WinPhone 8.1 RT, hitting Tab or Shift-Tab on an Entry triggers the Completed event
46163 – PanGestureRecognizer Completed doesn't fire in UWP when pointer off the page
46165 – Editor in lower area of the screen is unusable with multiple lines of text
46188 – UWP Xamarin.Forms.Maps doesn't work in release mode
46195 – Navigation Stack Errors in Xamarin.Forms.
46272 – Build error when project contains Xamarin in name
46278 – [UWP] Group headers in a ListView do not go below a certain height
46286 – ListView incorrectly showing items IsEnabled property after ItemsSource is reset
46289 – Xamarin iOS 10 WebView freeze after lock / unlock
46339 – OnVisibilityChanged not properly firing on Android 4.4
46345 – Measure and Arrange phases are wrong for a Picker with multi-line.
46363 – TapGestureRecognizer blocks List View Context Actions
46365 – Master detail page setting IsGestureEnabled=false stops Master page from opening at all
46369 – Navigation.PopAsync() on the SelectedIndexChanged of a Picker causes a NullReferenceException in Xamarin.Forms Android
46370 – Bad magic number for Bundle in MapRenderer
46372 – Documentation of TargetIdiom out of synch with reality for UWP
46373 – Windows 8.1 RT app running on same desktop as UWP app reports a different TargetIdiom
46380 – Xamarin.Forms Opacity incorrectly blends against black
46400 – Long pressing a ListView cell on Android and scrolling will cause the app to crash
46404 – Tapping a list view when a cell is in the Swiped state causes the application to crash
46436 – [Android] IllegalStateException thrown when pushing a new page after picking a photo from the library using Media Plugin
46458 – Grid.IsEnabled property is not working
46494 – Hardware/Software back button from MainPage of type MasterDetail causes crash 'java.lang.IllegalStateException: Activity has been destroyed'
46501 – On iOS, Grid children are not visible when changing grid visibility, children, row- and column-definition in certain order
46503 – Setting style on ImageCell or TextCell does not take effect
46512 – FormsAppCompatActivity PushModalAsync
46526 – On UWP, the expected application lifecycle events for suspend and resume are not fired
46530 – DisplayActionSheet on Windows aligns title and button without left and bottom padding
46563 – Adding ListView in Custom control crashes in Android
46601 – MessagingCenter is static
46603 – Converter not executed if binding value is null
46630 – [Xamarin.Forms, Android] Context menu of the Editor control is not working in the ListView
46631 – TabbedPage BarBackgroundColor & BarTextColor never changed after initialization
46632 – [UWP] Clicking button in listview viewcell triggers both button clicked and cell ItemTapped
46699 – Unable to activate instance of type Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.ViewCellRenderer+ViewCellContainer and No constructor found for Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.ViewCellRenderer+ViewCellContainer
46709 – Native Crash in Xamarin Forms Application in Android 7.0
46738 – Net-Standard: CodeGeneratedAttribute could not be found
46760 – Xamarin Studio Buffer null
46780 – Xaml pages unable to inherit from other pages.
46814 – On UWP xamarin.forms the SearchBar doesn't work properly with barcode scanners
46844 – Xamarin UWP Manipulate Messages not consistently being routed
46848 – Script error occurs when installing Xamarin App
46856 – UWP phone Navigate to exist page still very slow.
46866 – Rounding Error in AbsoluteLayout Proportional Values
46912 – Crash on UWP Exit
46914 – TabbedPage firing the wrong OnAppearing event on Children.
46916 – Failed to compile the generated registrar code.
46921 – XAML compiler produces invalid IL for resources using property element syntax, or even attributes
46924 – iOS: PlatformEffect renders with "old" properties (when changing .IsVisible)
46925 – Flickering Detail page from Master Detail
46938 – Toolbar Subtitle Reset When Screen Rotated
46971 – Exception when using linq to fetch AddressBook
46972 – ListViews not respecting binding when a GRID is used in the data template
46979 – Borders and color issues with custom controller (XF
47157 – BindableProperty for Color in RoutingEffect returning empty Color
47166 – Picker Title text is clipped on WinPhone 8.1 RT
47168 – Colors used for Picker Title on WinRT 8.1 and WinPhone 8.1 RT cannot be set
47203 – Remove WeakReference IsAlive true references in XF source code
47295 – [UWP] Toolbar is Clipped When Using a NavigationPage
47367 – java.lang.IllegalStateException: Can not perform this action after onSaveInstanceState
47378 – Xamarin.Forms 2.3.2 does not compile with XLabs.Forms 2.0.5
47430 – ButtonRenderer does not set TextFormatted property on override to OnElementChanged
47533 – UWP has no representation for Page.IsBusy
47548 – There is no way to skip adding status bar underlay on AppCompat
47553 – Switch control for Windows Phone 8.1 - VerticalOptions ="Center" not working on Windows 10
47569 – Fast add and remove of Webview crashes only on Windows (UWP)
47576 – Trouble with image source
47602 – XF UPW ListView invokes SelectedItem multiple times
47627 – Setting Label.FormattedText on UWP has no effect
47630 – The 'XamarinAndroidPackage' package did not load correctly
47637 – ipad PopToRootAsync crashes with NullPointerException
47701 – Label inside ViewCell from ListView will clear if updated after await Task.Delay(anyNumber)
47703 – IValueConverter not working if we set XamlCompilation attribute
47712 – ListView highlighting is reflected from SelectedValue
47716 – Toolbar has wrong height, when tapping on EllipsisButton/MoreButton
47728 – Can't change background color of selected ListView item on UWP
47805 – Exception when binding Slider Minimum, Maximum and Value properties.
47808 – System.MissingMethodException: Default constructor not found for type HPE.Xamarin.Forms.Utils.[Interface]
47829 – Changing the width of a column in a Grid causes ViewCell to change height unexpectedly (on iOS only)
47859 – Margin not fully respected on UWP
47911 – System.NullReferenceException when you call Platform.SetRenderer (Android)
47923 – Vectors do not work properly when used in Button.Image
47938 – BarBackgroundColor not set on UWP
47950 – 2.3.3 Regression: XAML compilation fails with behavior property and StaticResource
47951 – No data tips for local var in Xamarin.Forms PCL - async method
47962 – [UWP] ImageCell image is not sized correctly
47971 – XF UWP ListView Items no longer display ImageCell is the problem
48018 – Horizontal scrollview within MasterDetailPage is empty - only on Android Nougat
48025 – [UWP/WinRT] ActivityIndicator not visible unless WidthRequest is given inside AbsoluteLayout
48090 – Java.Lang.StackOverflowError when using FormattedText inside ListView inside CarouselView
48105 – Xamarin.Forms.Theme ResourceDictionary MergedWith fails in current build
48140 – Cannot use embedded YouTube player fragment in Details view
48147 – If I try PushModalPage while a prompt is still opened, app crashes. (Forms' Android)
48158 – Hidden controls become transparent, static property does not bind
48195 – YouTube video plays sound after power button is pressed
48236 – BackgroundColor for Stepper behaves differently on iOS to Android and UWP
48237 – ContextAction menu is automatically dismissed when rotating from portrait to landscape mode in a Xamarin.Forms application on iOS.
48242 – Binding to constants not working any more in Xamarin Forms 2.3.3
48271 – ListView with custom cell causes selected item to be null
48307 – ShouldPreserveKeyboardOnResume exhibits the same behavior regardless of it's value
48375 – Xamarin Forms Map: Wrong map dimension computation in UpdateVisibleRegion
48376 – iOS Listview Pull-to-refresh ActivityIndicator doesn't show when set active.
48378 – For builds on Mac, XamlC or Cecil incorrectly updates .mdb files for iOS apps, maybe only when the Xamarin.Build.Download package is also used
48428 – [UWP] Labels inside ViewCell disappear after screen refresh
48475 – App got crashed on Android 7.0 on Nexus 9
48509 – iOS - Frame loses rounded corners after changing background color
48517 – OnAppearing strange behavior when my application is resumed by Android OS
48554 – Bound static property does not call setter in custom view
48680 – FindByName Functionality Failure
48682 – ScrollViewer will reset the scroll position when navigate to exists page or back to the last page
48699 – Xamarin.forms android project crushes on latest Xamarin
48726 – [UWP] Toolbar Covering Page Content
48863 – ListView items not visible on Samsung SM-G313H
48926 – TestCloud cannot scroll Xamarin Forms ListView to the bottom correctly
48994 – Mono TLS 1.2 not working on Android - Cannot load image with HTTPS with default client
48998 – Back on NavigationPage causes System.ObjectDisposedException
49011 – NullReferenceException when scrolling ListView with groups and RecycleElements to top or bottom
49047 – Keyboard is missing on Samsung Galaxy s4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3
49052 – Xamarin.Forms UWP don't show image when using ViewCell Renders in Navigation Page
49057 – Map Camera is reseted to default location whe it is in tabbed page
49068 – Manual rotation in xamarin.forms.maps for UWP raises a "Value out of range" exception.
49069 – Java.Lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when rendering long Label on Android
49079 – Translation layout X and Y is slow in UWP
49104 – Platform-specific IsNavigationBarTranslucent does not work on iOS
49168 – App crashes when navigating to page with ControlTemplate
49228 – XAMLC NRE when x:Static is used on a const defined in seperate assembly
49237 – Bindable two way property in contentview (user control) fails to find property in view model
49281 – TabbedPage is firing OnAppearing twice on first children page
49304 – [UWP] ScrollView and ListView are not scrolling after rotation
49311 – HorizontalTextAlignment="Center" looses alignment when scrolled
49384 – NavigationPage.BarTextColorProperty not working with FormsApplicationActivity in API 21+
49469 – DatePicker creation is slow
49554 – MKMapViewDelegate.OverlayRenderer only called initial
49648 – Xamarin Forms iOS Effect not called on WebView
49658 – When an Item inside a ListView is deleted, the item below is shown with the TranslationX of the deleted one
49681 – Access dictionary entry with key after checking it DOESN'T contain the key
49786 – Listview crashing on KitKat
49820 – Bug in Tab control
49976 – NavigationBar does not show on UWP unless there is a Title set
50083 – [Windows] Xaml App Crashing at Launch when using RowDefinitions
50090 – Pushing (async) a page and press Back button almost at the same time creates a bug in the NavigationStack in iOS
50098 – Add the ability to change the font on Picker
50099 – Add the ability to change the font of NavigationPage.NavigationBar
50100 – Add the ability to change the font used for ToolbarItems and Back buttons
50101 – Add IsVisible to ToolbarItem
50131 – Red lines below GroupHeader in ListView
50204 – Why javascript XMLHttpRequest.send() method is throwing 'Network Error' if it is ran from WebView in Xamarin app. It works fine if it is ran in web browser
50330 – iOS - Navigation Page crushes - Method 'CGRect..ctor' not found
50331 – iOS - Adding Label to a page causes Exception - Method 'CGSize..ctor' not found.
50357 – ItemTapped and ItemSelected Events are not fired in Release mode in UWP platform
50362 – InputTransparent not working when applied to a control in ViewCell
50405 – [UWP] Entry input box not firing Completed event handler with a bluetooth barcode scanner
50416 – No events are fired in UWP platform in release mode
50540 – PullToRefresh causes crash when context action option is open
50584 – [UWP] Setting ActivityIndicator.IsRunning="false" shows the ActivityIndicator
50623 – OnAppearing does not fire on the ContentPage instance, pushed on the NavigationStack, when the App resumes from background
50629 – When content page is used as a modal - styles from global resource dictionary are ignored
50638 – Default Image alignment changed in the latest Nuget version ( in Xamarin.Forms.UWP platform
50706 – A picker in a grid in a viewcell in a tableview does not display the selected item (Windows only)
50712 – Dynamic XAML is not working in latest Xamarin Forms version(V and working fine in Xamarin Forms version(V
50761 – Xamarin.Forms.Platform.UWP.ImageLoaderSourceHandler was not included in compilation.
50783 – [WinRT/UWP] Slider position not correctly set when using XAML
50787 – Can't animate Fragment transition when it's being removed from the stack
50790 – Linker in Release Mode removes LaunchScreen Storyboard once deployed through TestFlight
50792 – WebView doesn't get resized or panned when soft keyboard is overlayed
50992 – InputTransparent applies to children on iOS but not Android.
51000 – Xamarin Forms references the wrong version of mscorlib (FSharp.Core)
51102 – AppCompat ButtonRenderer does not use BorderRadius
51142 – Toolbar not showing when using PushAsync on UWP
51147 – Command CanExecute doesn't disable UI element when false
51152 – Specifying ContentPage.Padding breaks Windows Phone
51164 – TargetNullValue / FallbackValue doesn't work
51173 – ImageRenderer, async void SetImage - Cannot catch exceptions
51179 – StackLayout ignoring EndAndExpand on iOS in certain scenarios
51188 – Label character count somehow affects height of containing grid
51203 – [Installer].xaml file of an iOS form project do not open with XAML viewer
51210 – DataBinding in ListView behaves differently in UWP as compared to Droid
51236 – [WinRT] Setting a MasterDetailPage's IsPresented to false will not immediately update the layout to hide the Master on desktop
51238 – Transparent Grid causes Java.Lang.IllegalStateException: Unable to create layer for Platform_DefaultRenderer
51239 – Layout does not move up on keyboard activation
51257 – Custom renderers for built in/stock controls are not registered/used on WinPhone 8.1
51267 – E_RUNTIME_SETVALUE error when setting FontSize on WinRT
51287 – [UWP]: ViewCell label color
51288 – [UWP] MasterDetail loses drawer after upgrade
51296 – Problem changing style when button is disabled
51313 – NavigationPage.PopAsync throwing IndexOutOfBounds
51315 – Xamarin::Forms::Image does not let go of Windows files
51321 – WinRT FileImageSourceHandler doesn't work
51410 – NRE when long pressing on listview cell item, and then interacting with cell
51412 – On UWP, page's that set Title in OnAppearing rather than in constructor, don't display Title and sometimes Toolbar
51424 – Animation does not repeat when repeat func is true
51427 – Custom Font Not Working Inside NavigationPage
51429 – Exception thrown when scrolling grouped listview with RecycleElements on on physical Android device
51478 – System.ArgumentException: Handle must be valid. Parameter name: instance on master Detail
51501 – SwitchCell text color is always gray on Android
51502 – Picker.SelectIndex broken on XF.UWP when items loaded from a Async Task-result
51503 – NullReferenceException and crash on VisualElement finalization.
51505 – ObjectDisposedException On Effect detachment.
51508 – ContentPage as Master of MasterDetailPage doesn't fill page
51509 – NavigationPage.SetHasNavigationBar false doesn't work inside MasterDetailPage
51510 – [UWP] Controls occupying whole window are cropped when Toolbar is displayed
51533 – xamarin.forms ListView Ios Refreshing
51536 – Height of ViewCell and Height of ContextAction incorrectly measured
51546 – Hardware/Software back button from MainPage of type MasterDetail causes crash 'java.lang.IllegalStateException: Activity has been destroyed'
51553 – [UWP] Toolbar not shown for initial Detail page in MasterDetailPage
51565 – UWP: Startup crash with Native tool chain "FileNotFound_AssemblyNotFound, clrcompression"
51566 – XamlC: Cannot use static ImageSource constants for ToolbarItem.Icon anymore
51567 – XamlC: "The given key was not present in the dictionary." in some xaml files
51574 – OnAppearing of Tabbed Pages is called twice on Android
51577 – App crash on Multi-touch Tapped on empty and non-empty cell in ListView
51616 – Impossible to set AutomationIds for cells in a TableView control
51619 – Testing newbug form
51624 – Xuni chart elements are drawing on top of system bars (e.g. status bar, tabs) in certain scenarios on Android
51631 – Effect doesn't work with binding
51641 – UWP and Master Detail inconsistency
51642 – [UWP] Picker doesnt show items in - works in
51645 – Scrolling in a ListView with RecycleElement and default ItemTemplate throws a null reference
51646 – [UWP] NavigationPage.SetHasNavigationBar(...) doesn't work since 2.3.3+
51648 – InvalidCastException when listview item is tapped under RecycleElement strategy
51652 – Toggling the Header/Footer on a ListView Throws an NRE
51657 – CarouselView does not reassign ViewPager.Adapter when used within TabbedPage
51659 – During release
51663 – CarouselView 2.30.pre2 crashes with out of memory exception after multiple swipes
51665 – [IOS] ListView cell height calculated incorrectly when ContextActions added
51685 – Hard crash with random NRE in 2.3.4.pre1 during VisualElement.Finalize
51703 – MessagingCenter.Unsubscribe unsubbs ALL instances that has subscribed to the message
51704 – ArgumentOutOfRangeException in Grouped ListView on Android when any Accessibility service is active
51707 – NullReferenceException when scrolling a ListView with RecycleElement caching strategy on Android 7.1.1
51708 – [UWP] Page OnDisappearing not called
51712 – Invalid XAML Error in Xamarin Forms Previewer when Mobile Center is used
51728 – Page Memory Leak
51731 – XAML parsing exception on iOS only for List<T>
51741 – Xamarin Forms seems to be overriding the Appearance.SetTitleColor of a UIButton
51749 – Xamarin iOS crashes on ScrollToBottom
51754 – ListView context action problems after deleting item from ObservableCollection items source with CachingStrategy=RecycleElement
51757 – Enumerable.Last[TSource] android.runtime.JavaProxyThrowable: System.InvalidOperationException: Sequence contains no elements
51773 – XAMLC: Member 'X' is declared in another module and needs to be imported
51778 – XamlC needs Portable .pdb support
51789 – MemoryStream not removed from memory
51796 – Microsoft C++ exception: EEMessageException thrown in UWP app
51802 – [UWP] Detail Page Has Navigation Bar Even When Not Inside a NavigationPage
51806 – Navigation.PushAsync causing failure when using FormsAppCompatActivity
51807 – Focus and UnFocus events are not working properly in Entry(Numeric) Xamarin Android
51809 – TextCell in ListView does not appear Android API 19
51825 – I can not input Korean letter in SearchBar.(XF/iOS)
51854 – [Forms/Android] Soft keyboard does not appear for entry field on first page shown by app.
51941 – Add Highlighted/IsHighlighted property to Button of XF
51961 – iOS: Dynamically show/hide Header or Footer of Xamarin.Forms.ListView
52071 – Xamarin Forms ScrollView api ignores horizontal dimension on Android
52166 – Inconsistent tap behaviour when using ScrollView on iOS
52176 – Update Xamarin Forms to work with the latest Xamarin.Android.bindings
52185 – Map is re-rendered when switching from tabbed page to another
52239 – When using templates ListView ItemSelected event does not fire
52243 – DatePicker date separators in custom format ignored
52247 – Pan Gesture twinkles in Xamarin on Android project
52248 – Property IsEnabled = "False" is not working in UWP platform if we load any custom view inside a DataTemplate
52252 – Navigationstack is not getting smaller when removing the last page (currentpage) when a modal page is in view
52256 – ListView ignores padding when cell contains string with NewLines
52266 – Picker.Focus() does not work on Windows 8.1 and UWP (Windows Desktop)
52272 – Xamarin Forms ScrollView not working when translation is set
52277 – Unable to set backgroundcolor for SelectedItem in ListView
52292 – Getting wrong value of slider with UWP/WindowsPhone.
52299 – On Android, using a physical keyboard, setting Focus from an Entry's Completed handler fails
52310 – XAML Style override ignored
52311 – Labels not rendered (wrapped/truncated) when in ScrollView
52314 – No package identifier when getting name for resource number 0x00000002
52318 – OnAppearing/Disappearing triggers for all pages in navigationstack backgrounding/foregrounding app
52319 – Stepper double conversion is not Cultureaware
52338 – Unhandled exception - Unknown error in Windows.UI.Xaml.dll
52347 – GetMethod not found for Text Property when enable sdk and user assemblies
52349 – ScrollView with ListView Content crashes app on UWP Platform
52353 – DisplayAlert and DisplayActionSheet bug in Forms version.
52356 – App's Resource Dictionary not available to Control Template
52368 – Crash while hiding view in StackLayout
52374 – IsVisible Doesn't Hide Tabs in TabbedPage
52376 – NullReferenceException when change the MainPage if the old page contains a ListView
52382 – iOS ListView ContextAction not retracted when clicked if bound Command is changed dynamically
52389 – ArgumentException when applying padding to a StackLayout in a ViewCell
52413 – App hides android OS UI elements, like the keyboard and notification slide down panel, visually when using AppCompat on some devices
52415 – Frame renderers uses a lot of memory.
52416 – First Entry in Scrollview takes focus when clicking ScrollView Background on UWP
52419 – Error in when OnAppearing for a page is called
52424 – Editor not showing a keyboard upon focus in iOS
52425 – The second column of a Grid is not aligned to the right if so told when there are many components
52426 – Item gets rearranged in Carousel View while moving the focus to Label in UWP platform
52430 – ListView with HasUnevenRows doesn't auto fit to Image created with ImageSource.FromStream
52434 – Infinite ListView on iOS after refreshing jumps to first item
52446 – UWP app crashes When DynamicResource Used On Label TextColor in Navigation Page
52458 – Children pages in NavigationPage were got `appearing events` even if they were not latest in navigation stack
52460 – AbsoluteLayout don't adopt to different image sizes
52461 – WP8 Device debugging crashing when processing xaml page
52464 – SearchCommand with CanExecute = false disables input on SearchBar
52466 – [UWP Desktop Mode] MasterBehavior Default value doesn't work for MasterDetailPage
52482 – System.IO.FileNotFoundException in Could not load clrcompression on UWP Xamarin Forms Init?
52484 – XAML editor allows incorrect syntax when setting element properties
52487 – ListView with Recycle + HasUnevenRows generates lots (and lots!) of content view instances and leaks memory
52490 – OnAppearing/OnDisappearing Behaves differently between iOS and Android
52504 – [iOS] ToolbarItem in MasterDetailPage is also shown in Detail Navigationbar
52507 – UI Rendering routine is too slow, here is a fix to make it instant.
52510 – [iOS] ScrollView resets offset on device rotation.
52512 – Incorrect documentation of Xamarin.Forms.Color
52533 – Xamarin.Forms v2.3.4.192-pre2 Regression: System.ArgumentException: NaN is not a valid value for width
52541 – Label CenterAndExpand does not expand, yet StartAndExpand does
52564 – When a button is set as the content of the ContentView, the button is not layout in FillAndExpand LayoutOption
52580 – MergedWith broken
52583 – Java.Lang.NullPointerException during Device.StartTimer in XAML Previewer context
52593 – SearchBar won't execute SearchCommand if there's no text
52597 – GREFs ListView and PopToRootAsync (Xamarin Forms targeting Android)
52602 – SearchBar CancelButtonColor resets when user clicks off it
52605 – VS2015 does not show contents of local variables during debug of Xamarin.Form UWP app
52613 – [UWP] With multiple entries in a Grid, that is in a ScrollView, clicking on the Grid causes first entry to be focused.
52615 – UWP tabs bar weird behavior changing height when changing tabs
52620 – [iOS] Header in MasterDetailPage overwrites status bar
52624 – Crash with StackLayout inside Grid
52625 – MissingMethodException when loading maps.
52630 – Android TableView Memory Leak
52631 – LineBreakMode does nothing when label is in grid
52635 – AbsoluteLayout doesn't lay out correctly after device rotation
52638 – ListView spinner not appearing when RefreshCommand assigned
52639 – ListView and SearchBar do not get along
52647 – TabbedPage menu bar hides the view loaded in the ContentPage in Xamarin.Forms.iOS
52656 – ToolbarItem needs accessibility support
52666 – Control is created using Dispatcher is not visible initially in Xamarin.Forms.UWP
52668 – Button BackgroundColorProperty binding in Custom Cell of ListView not working
52683 – Failed to resolve reference after building example solution
52684 – UWP: Updating items in listview causes listview to not remember position after navigation
52694 – iOS "More" tab options crash app
52700 – Can't disable cell SelectionStyle using ViewCellRenderer for cells when using recycling
52706 – Regression: the Xamarin Forms Previewer now does not apply implicit styles
52708 – TwoWay bindings call the source property setter during initialization
52746 – Cell Height applied to native cell but not to contents on iOS 9
52747 – Cell Height applied to native cell but not to contents
52794 – Switch Toggled part is not align properly based on Vertical and Horizontal Options
52828 – SearchBar Cancel Button not visible when Text is empty
52834 – LabelRenderer crashes app: Cannot Access Disposed Object
52838 – blank UWP release build throws exceptions upon app start
52841 – Custom ViewCell incorrectly types the BindingContext
52885 – ActivityIndicatorView does not null check the IndeterminateDrawable
52893 – FileImageSource is improperly used
52902 – ListView GetEnumerator now called against IList ItemsSource upon Selection
52927 – Nightly build of XF.Maps nuget not dependent on the correct version of XF nuget
52929 – No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin'
52938 – Button should support Aspect property for Button.Image
52944 – JAVAC : warning : unknown enum constant Scope.LIBRARY_GROUP
52951 – Effects not applied to NavigationPage
52960 – Broken with latest PlayServices package
52962 – iOS ListView PullToRefresh not showing activity indicator
52963 – Image orientation is wrong in webview
52979 – [iOS] ListView with RowHeight does not fill available height when inside nested StackLayout
53025 – No exception will be thrown when attempting to add Behavior to the incompatible type in XAML, but thrown when declared in code.
53032 – StackLayout incorrectly calculating label size within CarouselPage
53051 – Using attributes with Thickness in ResourceDictionary in App.xaml and using xaml precompiling crashes app
53056 – Problems getting started with portable Xamarin Forms VS template
53060 – Fail to compile .NET Standard Class Library in VS2017
53065 – ProgressBar in ViewCell does not update on UWP
53068 – DatePicker and TimePicker are in English
53113 – Xamarin.Forms.Map crash on UWP
53147 – Could not link assemblies. Reason: Value cannot be null
53177 – WebView leaks memory when its HTML source string is changed
53178 – NavigationPage BarTextColor does not change color of arrow
53179 – PopAsync crashing after RemovePage when support packages are updated to 25.1.1
53198 – XAMLC error: Missing Value for Setter
53203 – XAMLC: AttachedProperty not found
53215 – Master Details Hamburger Menu Icon not displayed on UWP since V2.3.2.127
53221 – System.NullReferenceException on StackLayout Clear at VisualElementPackager.RemoveChild
53222 – TableSection title not visible on Samsung devices with API 19 or below
53224 – CanExecute not used in ViewCells in UWP
53225 – When on MasterDetailPage PopToRootAsync Throws a NSInvalidArgumentException
53275 – IProvideValueTarget TargetProperty always null
53280 – Animations don't work correctly on Android 7.0 with Animator duration scale turned off
53292 – CarouselView with crashes ONLayout
53297 – BindingContext become null after change control template
53301 – OnIdiom implementation is not correct for UWP
53309 – System.ArgumentException: No IAppIndexingProvider was provided after application second start
53318 – Can't specify constructor arguments in XAML using x:Arguments when inside DataTemplate
53333 – Trigger finalization can cause ObjectDisposedException
53335 – System.DivideByZeroException on Droid Forms 2.3.4.-pre5 with custom NavigationPageRenderer
53336 – XamlCompilation causes runtime exception when an array resource is defined
53344 – Android+Forms: Cannot access a disposed object because page closed, or Content of page set to new content => error in layout + binding
53350 – XAML Compilation fails using generic argument in property
53351 – (XF/iOS) PageRenderer of ContentPage is in a TabbedPage's Disappear() method is not called when I change App.MainPage.
53352 – XF/iOS's Global Tint color does not effect to DisplayAlert nor DisplayActionSheet.
53359 – ListView Row height is not calculated correctly on iOS if ViewCell has a Grid with row height Auto
53381 – Templated views no longer rendering (as of pre3)
53382 – CarouselView reliably crashing with DivideByZeroException as of pre3
53409 – REQUEST: Add a property to ContentPage or FormsApplication that indicates if the page is being rendered for the Previewer or runtime
53417 – Clearing Effects collection results in NullReferenceException
53421 – [UWP] Toolbar Is Partially Covered by Mobile Soft Buttons
53427 – UWP EntryCell Label Not Correct Color
53445 – Setting Grid.IsEnabled to false does not disable child controls
53502 – Xamarin.Forms Android app content does not render on OS 7 (Nougat) only on power safer mode
53503 – Inconsitent behaviour of xaml x:TypeArguments when using nested generic arguments
53511 – Xamarin.Forms Driod Project - Doesn't Show Tabbed Page Contents on Device but in Emulator
53513 – Windows Phone 8.1 - xaml silently not loaded
53515 – F#: Loading images from files causes a null reference exception
53520 – Grid height calculated incorrectly if a text is wrapped inside a grid cell
53539 – Windows ListView "pull to refresh" not implemented
53561 – GridCalc is calculating incorrect height on items with column spanning.
53656 – Crash in DatePicker
53694 – Unable to build Xamarin Forms App with latest dotnet sdk
53702 – MasterDetailPage dispose results in IllegalStateException
53791 – [UWP] MasterPage shown when page is pushed on Detail Page navigation
53798 – Page.DisplayActionSheet() not dismissable by click outside on UWP
53803 – Issue where using FormsApplicationActivity crashes on latest nightlies after PR631.
53814 – To Be Deleted
53818 – ignore test
53833 – Exception when create a BindableProperty with an (invalid) default value.
53834 – incorrect row heights on ios when using groupheadertemplate in Xamarin.Forms
53840 – Xamarin.Forms PropertyStore: Exception while reading Application properties: System.Runtime.Serialization.SerializationException
53848 – [UWP] Sotware Navigation Bar not taken into consideration when rendering pages in certain cases.
53854 – Image is not rendered in view, when deploying in Forms.UWP in release mode
53858 – Default Dialog box on iOS 8 is a transparent and translucent modal view.
53870 – Memory issue using NavigationPage.SetTitleIcon
53904 – Crash while async pop
53909 – XML drawables cannot be used as ToolbarItem.Icon
53911 – Label in horizontally oriented StackLayout doesn't show multi line when LineBreak is set to WordWrap (tested on UWP app)
53921 – Assigning iCommand in VM is also executing the command, and shouldn't
53944 – On UWP, Button hover highlight is painted outside rounded borders on mouse-over
53987 – Strange message about wrong DataBinding of ObservableCollection to ItemsSource of ListView when item removed
53988 – Row heights incorrect on iOS when using ControlTemplate inside cell
53992 – [UWP] Device Idiom wrongly determined
54012 – [UWP] MasterPage - Added extra margin below the last element
54036 – [UWP] MasterPage - Bad Rendering
54042 – TabbedPage contents stop rendering when both changing current tab and going to another page in navigation
54050 – Label TailTruncation problem - fragment of last letter is not visible
54063 – [Android] TapGesture doesn't work in a Scrollview
54072 – WebView reports incorrect Navigated result after toggling wifi/cell data
54087 – ListView.ScrollTo Android broken and inconsistent behavior
54146 – List view memory leak when using Recycle Element Caching Strategy
54153 – Displaying UIImagePickerController fails to show camera feed
54175 – MDP, NavigationPage Blank White Space Only Android XF.
54229 – Hamburger icon not shown when using FormsAppCompatActivity
54241 – ListView.ScrollTo doesn't work with animated: false when called early in page lifetime
54308 – Navigation.RemovePage Causes Next Navigation Operation to Fail
54325 – Label's Text property not accepting DateTimeOffset type.
54334 – Styles will override properties on UI-Elements when changing resource dictionaries
54335 – ScrollView.ScrollToAsync never returns and does not scroll up
54350 – [XamlC] Missing a public static ... or a public instance property getter for the attached property
54360 – WebView with flyout menu unable to load on all devices
54383 – AppLinks Package Causes Crash at Launch After Updating Google Play Services Packages
54389 – Rendering not wrapping lines anymore as of pre6 (maybe earlier).
54392 – ViewController sometimes appearing
54401 – Pages do not get garbage collected after popping them from the navigation stack
54402 – Cannot set TextColor for Unicode char: ▶
54412 – Merged ResourceDictionary Returning Incorrect Count
54415 – URI properties cannot be specified in XAML as strings
54416 – Named font sizes applied from static resources using onplatform not being applied
54422 – android.runtime.JavaProxyThrowable: System.NullReferenceException -> IPlatformLayout.OnLayout(bool changed, int l, int t, int r, int b)
54425 – IsClippedToBounds does not work on XF/Android.
54441 – ListView Context Action binding update freezes iOS app
54447 – ListView ContextActions' bound properties does not updated on selected item change
54452 – Autocorrection in an editor field doesn't update when selecting suggested word
54462 – IsEnabled inconsistent behavior between iOS and Android
54543 – Occasional crash when typing
54549 – OnPlatform Windows in XAML is missing
54564 – Using the new OnPlatform mechanism in XAML returns an OnPlatform object and not the value assigned for each device
54645 – (Android) Time Picker ignores "use 24-h format" settings
54649 – Navigation page title bar disappears upon navigating through tabs in (UWP)
54667 – Changing the itemsource of a ListView to a smaller collection may throw an exception
54693 – Device.RuntimePlatform gives "Windows" on Windows Mobile
54717 – System.NullReferenceException Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.PlatformConfigurationExtensions.OnThisPlatform[T] (T element)
54730 – Span does not allow NULL Text
54776 – ViewDidDisappear breaking change not documented
54887 – Slider's "ValueChanged" event doesn't raise during firstly position changing in XF Android
54889 – ControlTemplate in a merged ResourceDictionary crashes app
54977 – Toolbaritems do not appear. Regression from 2.3.3
54980 – AdjustResize Not Working
55005 – Xamarin.Forms Page Navigation Stack is different from UWP Navigation Stack
55015 – Cannot Access Disposed ScrollViewRenderer Problem
55022 – Xamarin.Forms.Xaml.XamlParseException
55023 – ScrollView with a Label cut bottom text on Android
55027 – Xaml compilation can't handle folders in namespaces
55035 – ActionSheet not staying in the middle of the screen after rotation on iPads
55048 – [UWP] Page content can overlap the title bar
55049 – UWP Rotating ListView breaks scrolling
55057 – Grid height incorrect with star column definition if column contains a vertical stack layout with a label and an image.
55058 – Button inside ListView.ItemTemplate disappearing if Text property is changed.
55096 – {x:Static} with nested class does not work on XAML.
55135 – Margin issue with controls in a ViewCell
55183 – AbsoluteLayoutBounds & AbsoluteLayoutFlags with OnIdiom not working in ResourceDictionaries
55198 – pre1 unhandled exception on start [XF, Android]
55230 – setStateListAnimator TargetInvocationException Crash in
55243 – Text Alignment on TextView begin reset to Gravity if parent view hidden then shown
55245 – Entry Focus Problem
55247 – Getting error “SecurityError (DOM Exception 18): The operation is insecure” when storing data in localStorage of UIWebView
55273 – TabIndicator not updating on switching tabbed pages in Xamarin.Forms Android
55294 – Grid size incorrect when using with Image
55315 – Xamarin.Forms Mac is open two windows
55317 – on iOS only, ItemSelected doesn't fire when the ListView doesn't RecycleElement
55343 – New OnPlatform doesn't return KeyValuePair values - XAML resource in app.xaml crash app
55347 – Exception when using static resource Thickness in 2.3.5-pre1 with XamlC
55349 – [Forms/Android] Entry in ListView Not Honoring Different Keyboards
55356 – Text Changed in Label in Master Detail loses text alignment
55359 – HorizontalTextAlignment="Center" looses alignment when TabbedPage background
55361 – Null ref in Picker when binding to a field that is null
55363 – XAML compilation at assembly level causes debugger to skip assembly
55365 – ~VisualElement crashes with System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException
55366 – [UWP] IsShowingUser automatically center over user (Xamarin.Forms.Map)
55370 – Xam.Plugin.Media not working after update Xamarin Forms
55373 – [Feature Request] Add at BindingContextChanged event oldValue and newValue
55397 – Text in Entry on UWP has vertical alignment irregularity
55419 – Localization fails to reset default language
55425 – Images Take Up 20x More Memory Than They Should
55433 – No way to properly/fully dispose of all objects or running threads in a page presented with PushModalAsync (Code from dismissed modal pages continues to run)
55474 – Custom stack layout ignores gesture recogniser
55482 – WrapLayout memory issue
55483 – Latest stable Xamarin.Forms package causes Android build warnings
55505 – ActivityIndicator not showing
55513 – Binding is silently ignored when bound to a variable
55542 – View in Master Content Page stops loading ListView in Detail
55558 – Navigation bar back button with keyboard white space in adjust mode Resize
55559 – [Android] Exception when setting the backgroundcolor of a frame
55573 – XamlCompilation causes mscorlib version conflict
55588 – Cannot open more than one ContextAction in different ListViews on IOS
55607 – [iOS] Opening a ListView Cell's context action will disable context actions for all other ListViews
55610 – [UWP] Toolbar not shown when Detail or Master is a derived NavigationPage
55614 – Error on Tabbed Page PCL Project
55621 – System.ObjectDisposedException: Cannot access a disposed object.
55624 – Cells in TableView does show WebView control from other cell after scrolling up/down
55636 – OnPlatform doesn't work on UWP when compiling with .NET Native
55674 – Using a navigation page in UWP changes the tabbed bar's colour
55675 – Padding for system cells in tableviews is incorrect
55677 – Entry does not focus on initial load in UWP when specified
55714 – [UWP] Cannot set Editor text color
55716 – Bindable properties for reference types re-use default values
55744 – Frame not respecting z-positioning within Grid on Android
55745 – [iOS] NRE in ListView with HasUnevenRows=true after changing content and rebinding
55749 – Webviews aren't being garbage collected when the containing page is popped
55846 – Xamarin.Forms - Navigation bar height issue in iOS
55852 – ListView - KeyboardInsetTracker + Pull To Refresh
55862 – Bad Error With XAMLC And Incorrect TypeConverter
55885 – NullReferenceException thrown while using Platform property
55912 – Tap event not always propagated to containing Grid/StackLayout
55921 – Cannot Use OnPlatform for Color Resource in Xaml
55928 – Cell's Command.CanExecute being called with incorrect objects in ListView on UWP
55935 – RecycleElement and SeparatorVisibility=false Still Showing Separator on iOS
55939 – Layout problems with MasterDetail View in UWP
55942 – IsClippedToBounds Not Working On Android When Children Are Dynamically Resized
55961 – Cannot binding Text or any type if use nameof(reference) in Path. it won't work in XAML too.
55965 – Size for label with rotation not calculated correctly
56030 – Properties with DynamicResource are incorrectly resolved when MergedWith is used (resource declaration order affects resolution)
56072 – HidesBottomBarWhenPushed does nothing
56074 – Cannot Remove Footer Divider
56079 – Accessibility Support doesn't work in XAML
56084 – Changing DataTemplateSelector Causes Invalid Value ArgumentException
56089 – XF Animation cannot work on Samsung S8
56090 – BlurEffect does not position correctly in Grid layout
56121 – No constructor found for Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.AppCompat.MasterDetailPageRenderer::.ctor(System.IntPtr, Android.Runtime.JniHandleOwnership)
56133 – Binding HtmlWebViewSource in ContentPage causes menu stutter for MasterDetail
56164 – DetailPage title not updated when dynamically changing the page Title.
56169 – Xamarin controls not refreshed smoothly when resizing the window.
56170 – ScrollView not working inside the AbsoluteLayout.
56210 – Exception thrown while using DataTemplate with Triggers
56239 – Since Last Xamarin Studio Update Trouble Building With Error executing task XamlCTask
56249 – Text in a horizontally-centered picker is shown as center-justified during selection, but is shown as left-justified once selected
56250 – GroupDisplayBinding fails on iPhone for ListView
56263 – [iOS] Activating keyboard can cause invalid scrolling
56274 – Cell calling Command.ChangeCanExecute in ContextAction chrashes
56277 – Continuous Tap on Back Button fails triggering OnBackButtonPressed - Android
56287 – Page must not already have a parent exception if navigation occur on cached page and navigating to and pressing back button too fast.
56296 – xamlc does not update the corresponding .pdb file
56298 – Changing ListViews HasUnevenRows at runtime on iOS has no effect
56305 – Setting visibility to gone for for TabLayout does not reclaim space
56314 – XAML OnPlatform with HeightRequest defaults non-set Platforms to 0 (invisible)
56333 – PropertyChanged of custom Bindable property of a Custom view is called before InitializeComponent is called
56419 – Merged Dictionary not working in custom renderer
56433 – Non-Descript XAML Parsing Exception
56434 – ListView in TabbedPage freezes after switching tabs
56444 – A small "dot" shows up as value in Android labels when the value is null/empty.
56450 – IsEnabled and Touch Events Behave Differently on Each Platform
56478 – Xamarin ListView - CachingStrategy="RecycleElement" Crashing in Android
56514 – Data trigger setter does in XF 2.3.4
56515 – Data trigger setter does not fire in XF 2.3.4
56517 – Grid with all rows/columns set to Auto acts as Star
56532 – Please. Visual editor for XAML like to CorelDraw "Designer along with an interactive node based editor"
56577 – Crash in Android DatePickerRenderer
56593 – Pushing multiple pages onto NavigationPage adds pages in reverse order
56609 – (Xamarin Forms
56618 – Cannot bind to RowDefinitions or ColumnDefinitions of Grid
56640 – : DebugType parameter in Xamarin.Forms.targets prevents compilation success
56671 – Changing grid column width on layout change causes incorrect grid height
56683 – (Pre 3) - NRE in UnevenListViewDataSource.GetEstimatedRowHeight
56692 – Delegates In XAML Do Not Work
56696 – Property changes don't propagate through two levels of bindings
56700 – Outdated Xamarin.Forms ListView style on UWP
56709 – PushAsync completes before pushed page is dismissed
56712 – Korean input in SearchBar on iOS doesn't work
56713 – WebView HtmlWebViewSource cannot be updated in iOS
56730 – Android blank screen async OnCreate
56731 – When using a custom iOS ViewRenderer, background colors are broken.
56746 – iOS Splash Screen Distortion with Personal Hotspot Active
56768 – picker showing done after lost focus - iOS
56771 – Multi-item add in INotifyCollectionChanged causes a NSInternalInconsistencyException in bindings on iOS
56775 – App Crash After launching.
56780 – ScrollView Laggy inside CarouselView
56793 – ListView with uneven row hight not updating layout if items change size after item has been deleted
56795 – DataTriggers do not work on UWP in RELEASE mode
56800 – Could not copy "obj\Debug\dllName.dll" to "bin\Debug\dllName.dll". Exceeded retry count of 10. Failed.
56803 – ListView SelectedItem highlighting doesn't work
56807 – OnAppearing sometimes does not fire when navigating to a page after a particular sequence
56816 – XAML error not caught at compile time
56831 – Animation tasks do not complete when Battery Saver enabled
56832 – On UWP (and probably WinRT) the JavaScript alert method does nothing when executed in a WebView
56836 – OxyPlot Bar Chart inside a listview control for Xamarin.Forms
56843 – Embedding UWP Native View in StackLayout with certain LayoutOption configurations causes runtime LayoutCycleException
56844 – RaiseChild and LowerChild methods don't work on UWP
56855 – Forms macOS, MasterDetailsPage's IsPresented is not implemented.
56861 – PresentModalViewController APi is not working
56875 – EntryRenderer - Setting InputType with ClassNumber and NumberVariationPassword shows Telephone Keyboard
56895 – VS2017 stable - previewer exception crash- no method found Button_click on type
56896 – ListViews for lists with many elements regressed in performance on iOS
56914 – Specifying BackgroundColor colors Frame outside the outline
56925 – Fatal signal 6 (sigabrt)
56926 – BackgroundColor of the Entry in Xamairn.Forms iOS not changed in when it is disabled
56928 – Picker doesn't show selected item in list
56943 – Recycle Element Image Cache Corruption Problem
56945 – macOS: Button's text alignment does not work when setting colors.
56946 – All Xamarin.Forms UWP apps are crashing with System.ArgumentException on Forms.Init
56947 – macOS: ScrollView's content are showing at End.
56951 – View.VerticalOptions property doesn't work when inside StackLayout
56952 – Navigating to a page with a master page showing crashes on iOS tablets
56973 – CarouselView Input Keyboard Hiding Control On Windows Mobile 10
56974 – Using XamlCompilation() in App.xaml.cs causes MT2001 error
56980 – IImageSourceHandler on all platforms needs sizing information
56984 – <SubType>Designer</SubType> Problem
57021 – [UWP] NRE When Popping Page with Custom ViewRenderer
57022 – macOS: ScrollView.BackgroundColor does not work.
57028 – Android ActionBar Title is hidden with XF
57037 – Java.Interop.JniEnvironmentException of type 'Java.Lang.Error' was thrown.
57044 – Xamarin.Forms Previewer doesn't load content, shows error message: Please upgrade your version of Xamarin.Android to enable custom controls.
57060 – ResourceDictionary broken when compiling with .NET native toolchain
57066 – ViewCell.ContextActions do not work if not closed before navigating back to previous page.
57081 – Viewmodel instantiates twice using a ViewModelLocator
57108 – NullReferenceException at Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.Platform.SetActionBarTextColor
57114 – Forms gestures are not supported on UIViews that have native gestures
57128 – ContextActions on ListView Permanently Destroyed Forever
57137 – Navigation Renderer OnPushAsync Causes System.InvalidCast Exception for Droid
57139 – XAMLC: Binding created through Markup Extension doesn't work
57142 – Page creation fails with NRE with XamlC custom control
57190 – macOS: Button's Font attributes arent setting when using color.
57212 – TranslateTo auto-animating on Y axis
57231 – Swipe gesture is not working well in MasterDetailPage
57260 – Random crash when binding
57261 – Xamarin UWP- On scrolling fast shows black cell before data is loaded to each cells
57265 – Xamarin.Forms.DatePicker isn't setting the MaximumDate correctly on Android
57267 – DatePicker Format property is not respected on Windows
57270 – UWP map custom renderer ignores custom icon and mapspan
57273 – Cell ContextActions stop working after tapping outside the list while the ContextAction is open
57277 – Slow XAML compile times
57278 – ForceUpdateSize does not work with menutiems
57293 – Grid row height
57311 – ToolbarItem without icon throws exception in UWP when the rootelement is something other than a Frame
57317 – Modifying Cell.ContextActions can crash on Android
57348 – Xamarin Forms assumes Application Settings is used, does not check for null before attempting to deserialize in SavePropertiesAsync
57359 – Messaging Center is broken in 3.0 Preview
57360 – DataTrigger binding not working for bindings to parent Entry with {Binding Text}
57365 – Label.VerticalTextAlignment always align in top (Start) on macOS
57366 – Text is not visible initially in custom Entry after upgrading to Xamarin.Forms v2.3.4.247
57377 – Button event handler not fired when Soft Keyboard is visible
57423 – System.ObjectDisposedException: Cannot access a disposed object. Object name: 'Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.FormsImageView'
57432 – Text in ListView disappears when Alt key held down
57433 – Error debugging in device
57436 – On UWP, highlighting of toolbar items has inconsistent height
57446 – PageRenderer cannot be used with a custom UIViewController
57451 – WebView UWP not displaying
57469 – android.runtime.JavaProxyThrowable: System.IO.IOException: Sharing violation on path PropertyStore.forms.tmp
57472 – Images in Grid use more space as needed
57485 – Entry inside a Frame has Focus issues on Android
57515 – PinchGestureRecognizer not getting called on Android
57520 – Keyboard shown even after the visibility of Entry is set to false
57530 – "MT2001: Could not link assemblies. Reason: value cannot be null." on autoproperty with Mono 5.0.1
57538 – Setting InputTransparent on Map or Map parent doesn't do anything
57539 – Xamarin.Forms.Picker Does Not Automatically Resize Horizontally Based on its ItemSource on Android
57546 – UWP - Unhandled exception when leaving page before WebView contents load
57561 – Crash when Listview with GroupHeaderTemplate set to a DataTemplateSelector has no members
57571 – DisplayAlert doesn't show when forms is embedded
57574 – When Generics EventHandler is set with XAML, it falls
57575 – Embedded Forms convert-to-native extension methods namespaces
57578 – CustomRenderer can not override AppCompat NavigationPageRenderer OnPopViewAsync & OnPushAsync methods
57586 – Xamarin.UWP Custom ViewCell has problems with the bindings
57589 – AutomationId doesn't work on ToolbarItem on Android
57599 – Exception thrown at 0x745DB802 in MyProj.UWP.exe: Microsoft C++ exception
57609 – Build Error - XAML Code Generation + Code Analysis
57610 – AbsoluteLayout Z-order (Raise/Lower) doesn't work on UWP platform
57634 – UWP: TypeLoadException on load when targeting Creators Update
57659 – Entry field does not resize when setting FontSize on UWP
57674 – XF.UWP ListView not honoring INotifyCollectionChanged
57680 – Cannot set width of master detail page (As per requirement I want master to be always open with smaller width)
57687 – Android: Labels truncated after returning from navigated page (Triggers related)
57706 – Formatted Label on UWP doesn't show backgroundcolor
57710 – Span, as used in FormattedString, does not support the Style property
57716 – Toolbar not displayed if page cached and re-used
57727 – [UWP - Phone only] Pasting a large block of text into an Editor control causes text to disappear.
57728 – java.lang.StackOverflowError on Samsung devices
57730 – App crashes on startup after updating to Xamarin.Forms 2.3.5-pre5 (Android)
57731 – App crashes on startup after updating to Xamarin.Forms 2.3.5-pre5 (Android)
57732 – Downloads folder on UWP doesn't understand CreationCollisionOption
57739 – ScrollView ScrollToAsync does not scroll to newly visible element
57741 – Phone abroad rendering home time for DateTimeOffset.LocalDateTime
57743 – SIGSEGV crash with renderers
57747 – TextFlagCapWords is not honored in Android Nougat
57748 – List View Separator Color doesn't change on Android
57749 – [UWP] After enabling a disabled button it is not clickable
57755 – Wrong label layout when text is bonded and control is not on the screen (on collapsed Master of MasterMasterDetailPage)
57756 – ToolbarItem.Priority docs are worse than useless
57758 – ObjectDisposedException for Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.FastRenderers.ImageRenderer
57763 – Reproduceable: The name 'InitializeComponent' does not exist in the current context
57772 – Adding a Cell.ContextAction breaks listview ItemSelected in 2.3.5-pre5
57785 – DisplayAlert not processing when paging in IOS
57787 – On UWP, setting the BackgroundColor of a Slider results in the slider rail/track not being displayed initially
57789 – ObjectDisposedException in Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.ButtonDrawable
57799 – Repeated calls to ForceUpdateSize slow UI
57802 – FastRenderers.LabelRenderer encounters NotSupportedException, MissingMethodException (
57817 – BorderColor disappears in EditText
57820 – System.Threading.Tasks.TaskCanceledException: A task was canceled. While update the BindingContaxt at runtime in Xamarin Forms iOS.
57823 – Cannot serialize type 'Xamarin.Forms.Element' (
57838 – SetBoundsConstraint cannot be used to preconfigure a view for adding to a RelativeLayout
57841 – ContextActions Not Rendered when Added in Onappearing on Android
57854 – Layout problems with MasterDetail View in UWP which has a navigationpage as the parent
57855 – [UWP] DateTime.MinValue is not allowed for MinimumDate of DatePicker
57859 – DatePicker on IOS DateSelected event fires after scrolling ends
57863 – Datatrigger not working with null value
57869 – XF.UWP ListView huge images when using ImageCell
57876 – ViewCell containing ListView crashes on orientation change
57879 – Enhancement request - FontAttributes update
57897 – ObservableCollection does not update ListView in UWP
57898 – ObjectDisposed exception caused by race condition in ScrollViewRenderer
57907 – [Forms Android] Floating Toolbar Bug: Using Secondary ToolbarItem: Menu slowly flies over the screen and disappears only after a second in the upper left corner.
57910 – ObjectDisposedException in Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.Renderers.ProgressBarRenderer
57917 – NullReferenceException in ContextActionsCell.OnMenuItemPropertyChanged
57926 – UWP group header of listview goes blank
57931 – XamlC should change assembly MVID
57965 – Entry control disappear when use same instance is different page.
57971 – [Forms] Label inside ViewCell is cut off vertically when LineBreakMode is WrapWords (default)
57978 – Null Reference in ListViewRenderer+UnevenListViewDataSource.<CacheDefinedRowHeights>
57982 – ListView context actions called with the wrong binding context
58002 – [iOS] Can't switch from Master to Detail on iPad in split screen mode
58012 – Tab OnAppearing fires twice *Android*
58028 – ListView cell replacement when unfocused results in a blank space
58031 – Can't select all on password label
58034 – When ViewModel refresh items of listviews in WP 8, the litsview hides and shows
58041 – TimePicker shifts and clips when editing
58048 – AspectFill behaves differently with Android.FastRenderers.ImageRenderer
58049 – UWP: Update Image properties in ListView with DataBinding
58071 – TimePicker time changed AFTER unfocus event
58072 – Effects are not being applied to labels
58098 – Button not enabled when CanExecute returns true if CommandParameter is set in xaml.
58137 – Translucent navigation bar platform-specific no longer works from XAML
58140 – Button with border radius not drawn correctly on Android or UWP
58145 – [UWP] Entry text not visible when using dark theme
58152 – [VSfM][]- Package Xamarin.Forms is not compatible with netstandard1.4/1.5 (.NETStandard,Version=v1.4/v1.5)
58155 – 'TranslateExtension' cannot be converted to type 'System.String'
58159 – XamlParseException when setting a Forms.Grid layout's ColumnDefinitions on .xaml
58180 – Entry did not moves upwards when keyboard is raised
58184 – x:Reference not being recognized when in a seperate ViewCell XAML file.
58204 – Using Native View Embedding fails if using a Fragment for the native view.
58245 – Entry gets focus when scrolled in a ScrollView
58252 – Multiple lines label Measure is wrong in relative layout
58258 – Xamarin Froms Button BorderRadius not working
58260 – App destroy and recreate main activity on Samsung S7
58262 – [Android] TabbedPage Tab Icon Does Not Respond to Changes
58263 – Event and Delegate issue in ButtonRenderer
58274 – Application dont start on Samsung Galaxy Note 4
58277 – [Android] Button's shadow clipped when inside layout
58283 – ListView item selection scrolls the ListView row to the middle
58284 – Unable to add a reference to project (Targets are not the same or compatible)
58289 – UI displays different views than visible in modal stack
58298 – Frame border is not rendered in Android
58307 – hardwareAccelerated="false" on the AndroidManifest causes control issues on Android 5
58318 – [macOS] ProgressBar doesn't respond properly to progress updates
58324 – Pages displayed within a Xamarin Forms TabbedPage have unexpected Padding that cannot be removed in the UWP platform.
58337 – WebViewRenderer should handle NSError codes in LoadFailed
58346 – Grid appears to have a minimum size for an Auto or Star cell, prevents regular spacing
58351 – In ListView, ViewCell's ContextActions is disappear when swipe right to left on iOS only
58355 – Why Device.RuntimePlatform is not an enum?
58357 – TypeManager.CreateProxy - Unable to activate instance of type Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.CarouselPageAdapter from native handle
58373 – Can't independently set iOS NavigationBar's text, tint, and status bar style.
58374 – Can't independently set iOS NavigationBar's text, tint, and status bar style.
58404 – [macOS] FormsGallery navigation fails to push correct page after a few navigation events
58406 – Effect is never attached to Label, but is attached to Label subclass (Android)
58431 – Custom Converter is not triggered when value is changed at runtime with binding mode as "OneWay"
58433 – Label LineBreakMode="HeadTruncation" crashes App on Android when see details
58434 – Native linking failed error for ipod7.1-10.3.1/mtouch-cache/arm64/libGoogle.MobileAds.dll.dylib
58441 – Tabs bar on TabbedPage doesn't scroll to selected Tab if set programmatically.
58451 – ListView SelectedItem Binding Issue
58477 – Numerous problems with UWP
58480 – ListView scrollTo not working after Height change
58485 – Error MCG0024 in .NET Stardard Forms UWP Project.
58497 – NativeGatekeeper.dll could not be found {project_name}.iOS
58503 – [iOS] Header template ignores layout options
58513 – Suggested MasterDetailPage behavior change on UWP: Dynamically switch presentation based on size
58520 – OneDrive links are showing blank page in iOS WebView
58531 – Non-Default AnchorX, AnchorY Cause Translation Errors on iOS
58539 – No Xamarin.Forms.Platform.iOS.NavigationRenderer#OnInsertPageBefore(Page,Page) to override.
58543 – Regression: Android fast renderer crash: ArgumentException: element is not of type Xamarin.Forms.Label
58554 – CS0103 build error after changing the BaseIntermediateOutputPath for a .Net Standard library that references X.Forms
58556 – Page with ListView or ScrollView not resized properly when using WindowSoftInputModeAdjust.Resize
58558 – Swipe left event on listview item in xamarin.forms in iOS
58569 – Unit tests fail after upgrade to XF 2.3.5
58592 – [iOS] ListView System.IndexOutOfRangeException in UnevenListViewDataSource.GetEstimatedRowHeight
58593 – Navigating from one page with toolbar items to another may cause a "Cannot change ObservableCollection" exception
58603 – In using Xamarin Forms with F# Getting “PushAsync is not supported globally on iOS…” but while USING NavigationPage
58605 – BoxView - Binding Color or BackgroundColor from C# doesn't work
58622 – Xamarin Forms Android Editors have a weird margin in some devices
58630 – UWP: controls are ignoring their renders.
58635 – Binding Conversion From DateTime Converts to Wrong Date Format
58645 – [iOS] NRE Thrown When ListView Items Are Replaced By Items With a Different Template
58651 – ActivityIndicator is showing a ProgressBar instead of ProgressRing in UWP
58665 – Date Picker and Time Picker Crash in Android
58666 – Date Picker and Time Picker Crash in Android
58695 – App crash on converting FromsView to NativeView in latest xamarin version
58707 – UWP Back Button Disapearing
58713 – Listview.ItemAppearing Event will raised all items after loaded in UWP
58717 – <On/> tag doesn't work on UWP when .Net native tool chain is On
58731 – In TableViewRenderer TableView.GetHeaderView returns null
58737 – The EditText has not get focus inside the viewCell
58741 – Border of Entry appears to have a minimum width, starts being clipped at smaller WidthRequests (~<50).
58769 – Crash trying to open to browser
58771 – Label with long text isn't visible inside ScrollView
58772 – Text in Label does not stay centered after navigating away and then back to a page
58775 – Project no longer compiles after updating to VS 2017.3
58779 – [MacOS] DisplayActionSheet on MacOS needs scroll bars if list is long
58817 – Settings ListView SelectedItem programatically does not highlight the selection
58823 – NativeBindingExtensions SetBinding Android EditText moves caret to start when text changes
58833 – ListView SelectedItem Binding does not fire
58862 – Pinch Gesture Recognizer Scale property not working correctly
58867 – OnAppearing and OnDisappearing out of sequence with PushModalAsync during backgrounding/foregrounding app
58868 – App Crashes Immediately on API 19 and below
58875 – Back navigation disables Context Action in whole app, if Context Action left open
58876 – [MacOS] Xamarin Forms not writing Properties to unique folder
58893 – Cannot Update to 2.4.0-pre1 When Using VS2015
58894 – ListView ContextAction is disabling ItemTapped, ItemSelected, OnTapped
58897 – Cannot Compile Netstandard Library with 2.4.0-pre1
58898 – ListView.ItemSelected firing twice
58906 – Android Previewer doesn't render Label Spans properly
58910 – Hard crash on Android: no method called setElevation
58915 – Setting Entry.Text to a non-empty string causes height to be smaller than the text when VerticalOptions="End"
58922 – OnIdiom fails for x:Double
58933 – MFMailComposeViewController is not showed after call await DisplayActionSheet
58938 – StackLayout children drawing past bottom of parent
58966 – [Android] EntryEditText and EditorEditText have been removed which is a breaking change
58969 – IsEnabled property is not working on Android platform
58972 – The Status Bar is white in XF 2.4
58974 – Scroll view does not scroll up the entry fields when entry field is focused when soft-keyboard appears in Android
58975 – Gradient background color issue when devices orientation change Landscape to Portrait Mode for both IOS and Android
58987 – [UWP] Default layout for Image different than on iOS and Android
58988 – Calling Focus() on an Entry in iOS causes Entries to not be able to get focus when navigating to another page
58996 – IsEnabled does not work on a Button
59000 – System.ObjectDisposedException: Cannot access a disposed object.
59003 – WebView opens links with target="_blank" in system browser
59006 – Focusing any Entry control inside TableView always binds to first Entry
59018 – ListView with RowHeight specified, contained in horizontal ScrollView, throws exception
59020 – The value displayed above a Slider on UWP does not move when the page is scrolled
59025 – On iOS, the topmost content of a ContentPage is hidden beneath secondary toolbar items
59030 – Two-finger gestures broken in Xamarin.Forms for UWP
59042 – Specified argument was out of the range of valid values when opening a ListView
59064 – ViewCell.OnDisappearing Doesn't Fire When Page Popped Off Navigation Stack
59086 – 2.4.0 breaks layout on Android
59087 – Master detail page causes app crash
59091 – StackOverflow Exception occur while using ListView
59097 – [Android] Calling PopAsync via TapGestureRecognizer causes an application crash
59101 – IOSPlatformServices.OpenUriAction fails to send querystrings with encoded characters
59113 – Button click doesn't fire with scroll and keyboard open
59127 – cannot be cast to android.view.ViewGroup
59129 – ViewCell.ContextAction interferes with ListView.ItemSelected event
59130 – Removing and re-adding a view with a TapGestureRecognizer results in a NullReferenceException
59133 – Bound IsVisible Not working in ListView on Android
59136 – Selector name found in current argument registers: configureAnimation:forLayer:forKey:
59152 – geocoder works on iOS and not Android
59157 – Xamarin Forms Image IsEnabled not preventing touch
59159 – Cannot provide design time data to TableViews in forms
59172 – Popped page does not appear on top of current navigation stack, please file a bug.
59181 – [MacOS] DisplayActionSheet items in reverse order to iOS and Android
59185 – Android Status Bar Covers Content When It Is Translucent
59194 – Calling Clear in ContextActions crashes
59207 – java.lang.ClassNotFoundException, possibly related to MultiDex
59218 – [Android] MaxLines does not work if LineBreakMode is set to truncation option
59220 – Dot binding syntax binds to wrong object in ItemTemplate
59224 – Upgrading from 2.4.0-pre1 to pre2 sets xaml build action to None
59225 – Error on archiving xamarine android
59227 – AutomationId's are not applied to ViewCell
59244 – Back button not appearing on UWP when await in OnStart
59246 – Focus Editor in ListView causes toolbar pushed from screen with WindowSoftInputModeAdjust.Resize
59248 – ItemTapped event is not fired when keyboard Enter Pressed on ListView
59254 – No decimal values in Entry with Numeric Keyboard in Dutch locale
59262 – Button text does not truncate
59271 – Memory Leak when using x:Reference within the ItemTemplate in ListView
59307 – ListView items disappearing on touch or click on custom webview in UWP App
59383 – VerticalOptions = StartAndExpands not expanding as expected for ListView on Android
59391 – Using an Entry with HorizontalOptions = CenterAndExpand, the Entry does not resize as content grows
59394 – MissingMethodException when accessing IsTransient property on an object of type Exception.
59404 – WindowsDeviceInfo ScalingFactor property missing implementation for multiple ResolutionScale enums
59407 – ItemSelected and ItemTapped are blocked in a Listview when you add ContextActions
59410 – White Bar on top of WebView Resizing when SoftInput appears
59411 – KeyNotFoundException: The given key was not present in the dictionary.
59412 – Xamarin.Forms iOS ListView crash System.ArgumentOutOfRangeExceptionSpecified argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: index
59414 – On UWP, the tab sequence seems to include three non-visible or non-actionable controls
59444 – Image not update in some cells/rows in ListView after vertical scrolling
59445 – ViewCell ContextAction Disappear from the App
59448 – IsClippedToBounds=false does not work for Frame Fast Renderer on Android
59457 – Border colour to an entry at top changes the border colour of the entry at bottom
59482 – ToolbarItem accepts clicks from page area
59485 – TableView Multiple Section Navigation Bug
59486 – [UWP] Inside ListView Entry focus not being set IsFocused
59489 – InvalidOperationException within ListViewRenderer's TemplatedItems
59490 – Label text is blurred when using RotationY property
59506 – InputTransparent on Android not applying to children
59507 – Setting BindingContext Doesn't Work if Equality of BindingContext is Equal
59508 – PinchGestureRecognizer Scale returns unexpected values
59514 – iOS: Listview Footer disappears on Navigation
59519 – android.runtime.JavaProxyThrowable: System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: The given key was not present in the dictionary.
59520 – Dot binding syntax binds to wrong object in ItemTemplate
59521 – Context action in Xamarin Forms ListView stops working
59527 – xamarin.forms button properties BorderRadius and BorderWidth value does not matter on android
59529 – why does need [XamlCompilation(XamlCompilationOptions.Compile)]
59531 – autogenerating XAML
59538 – [UWP Windows Store] Template App crashes at startup with UWP app package created for upload
59550 – Changing Entry Placeholder from Focused handler results in keyboard disappearing on Android
59552 – Xamarin.Forms in Android Oreo
59565 – IsVisible changes seem to be applied out of order, causing flickering
59568 – ListView ScrollTo End does not scroll all the way to the end of list when row height is uneven
59575 – The "XamlCTask" task failed unexpectedly error for iOS Ad-Hoc build only.
59576 – CustomControl not shown correctly in ListView
59579 – ItemTapped is not fired when ViewCell has ContextActions
59580 – NullReferenceException when ContextAction.Command.CanExecuteChanged is fired
59592 – ScrollView with Padding has incorrect ContentSize
59595 – Error with SearchBar inside of a Grid with iOS 11 SDK
59604 – AppResources for multilingual in Xamarin Forms apps does not work for iOS 11
59610 – Unhandled exception while paging MasterDetailPage on x number of pages
59628 – iOS 11 - Back button on toolbar of Modal page does not display (Xamarin Forms)
59630 – Incomplete right-to-left support in PhoneMasterDetailRenderer
59643 – Trigger does not return default value with using TemplateBinding
59644 – Trigger value does not work with {x:Null}
59650 – Removing Item from ObeservableCollection for ListView.ItemsSource throws exception on windows
59662 – ViewCell appears empty on UWP and has no ContextActions, but on iOS and Android everything is fine.
59672 – iPhone X Landscape Cut-Out overlaying content
59690 – OnMeasure() in custom view renderer of Android View always returns MeasuredHeight/MeasuredWidth zero
59700 – ToolbarItems iOS11 not appearing correctly
59702 – When a row with an icon is removed from a ListView, icons in the remaining rows disappear
59710 – SKGLView renders 60% darker than SKCanvasView
59711 – Can't resolve name on Element
59716 – NRE on ListView's cell update when templated with grid and label
59718 – Multiple issues with listview and navigation in UWP
59719 – ExportImageSourceHandler doesn't work for Toolbar.Icon
59724 – Page Title does not stretch in Android when larger value is applied on orientation change
59725 – CultureInfo.CurrentCulture always returns 'en-US' in iOS 11
59726 – Android Pinch Gesture comes in middle of Pan Gesture
59740 – Carousel Page is causing inside ListView cannot scroll to refresh
59741 – Carousel Page in iOS11 is causing inside ListView cannot scroll to refresh
59759 – UWP: Pushing a page onto Navigation stack causes non-modal pages to flicker
59767 – Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: index
59769 – text color for entry and entrycell in Android
59772 – UWP ListView ItemTapped event selects wrong item when IsGroupingEnabled true
59775 – Listiview scroll + Entry = Crash
59813 – "NullReferenceException" in "Xamarin.Forms.Platform.iOS.Renderers.LabelRenderer.cs" within "UpdateText()" & "UpdateTextColor()"
59816 – SetFlags crashes Application upon restart of the Activity in OnCreate
59817 – listView scrolling down incorrectly
59818 – StaticResource binding in ColumnDefinition fails with type mismatch Exception
59819 – The UI Tab Bar is rendered incorrectly on the iPhone X ios 11 (simulator)
59830 – Post V2.3.3.193: crash when subscribing/unsubscribing from IVisualElementRenderer.ElementChanged during element change
59831 – Java.Lang.SecurityException Setting IsShowingUser = "true" without permission
59833 – Xamarin.Forms 2.4.280 Unable to build the project
59838 – Xamarin.Forms.Maps - Android: MoveToRegion not working when HasZoomEnabled is true
59839 – iOS 11 - TabbedRenderer - Element overwrites native safe area
59863 – TapGestureRecognizer extremely finicky
59868 – Secondary ToolbarItems broken on Xamarin.Forms iOS 2.4stable
59873 – Tap Gesture Recognizers not firing on frames
59876 – Crash after splash screen on Android 4.4.4 tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (SM-T113))
59878 – Using a custom renderer for NavigationPage results in InvalidCastException when calling base.OnElementChanged()
59882 – Xam Forms 2.4 not resuming from reused App and Pages
59884 – (PickerOneWayToSourceBinding) Picker does not Support OneWayToSource
59896 – v2.4.0: Adding inserting section to ListView causes crash IF first section is empty
59898 – Xamarin.Forms.Color.Gray is darker than Xamarin.Forms.Color.DarkGray
59901 – ListView.ScrollTo does not work in ContinueWith
59905 – Frame does not apear
59917 – AppLinks package causes unhandled exception in release build only
59919 – Multiple rapid taps on the picker crashes the app (Android)
59925 – Entry height different between XF 2.4.0 Pre and all previous versions (iOS)
59926 – On UWP, binding the Value property of a Slider does not result in the bound value being used
59927 – ScrollView height not calculated properly on iOS 11
59931 – FormsAppCompatActivity.GetField("_statusBarHeight") returns null
59932 – "Page button" disappears from Navigation Bar when popping back to inserted Page on iOS
59933 – RelativeLayout with InputTransparent = true occluding RelativeLayout beneath
59934 – binding inefficiencies spam debug console output and hurt debug performance
59935 – Grid Misbehavior?
59945 – Bug "ProgressBar" on Android 5.0.1
59949 – Title Bars Disappear in Android
59950 – FindByName<T> Returns copy of object in UWP
59961 – TapGestureRecognizer with NumberOfTapsRequired="1" works only with double tap
59966 – Tap in the android navigation bar region does not scroll the content when focus is obtained in Samsung galaxy S8 + device
59968 – On iOS a ListView with a Label in the ViewCell requires an extra "\n" for multi-line text
59970 – In UWP ListView ItemAppearing event is not working properly.
59974 – ArgumentOutOfRangeException in listview with ObservableCollection async updates
59980 – OnResume event fire twice in Xamarin.forms PCL
59982 – Navigating to another page is not working inside ListView.
59986 – Xaramrin Forms for Tizen throws Segmentation Fault when calling F# PCL
60001 – [UWP] Inconsistency with DatePicker.
60002 – [UWP] Crashes when a null text is used in Label.FormattedText.
60004 – [UWP] GetDesiredSize() could cause a Null reference.
60005 – [UWP] Crashes upon startup when compiled for the Windows Store.
60012 – App crashing when binding the int property to nullable double? data type bindable property.
60013 – On UWP, page content is obscured by toolbar when using SetToolbarPlacement(ToolbarPlacement.Bottom)
60021 – [MacOS] After PushAsync the page remains empty, but elements react on taps
60022 – Carousel in navigation page NavigationPage.SetHasNavigationBar(this, false) - iOS 11 issue
60033 – ListView override void SetupContent not triggered in UWP
60041 – Placeholder in Entry box is vertically aligned to bottom
60045 – ListView with RecycleElement strategy doesn't handle CanExecute of TextCell Command properly (Forms->iOS)
60050 – Xamarin UI Test: Tap() method not triggering when doing UI test using triggers and behaviors (in my case)
60053 – Unable to use Microsoft.ProjectOxford.Face & Microsoft.ProjectOxford.Emotion plug-ins in Xamarin.Forms project
60056 – [UWP] ViewCell ignores margins of it's child
60074 – Xamarin UI Test: Tap() method bug
60076 – Memory Leaked in ListView Xamarin.forms
60077 – Label on Xamarin.forms does not display all text when lines exceeds 100
60097 – Labels not rendering in Carousel
60106 – [UWP] MasterPage - Blank Area below Popover menu the *second* time you show it
60107 – Since the latest Visual Studio for Mac (and Mono) update, the NavigationPage Icons are not there on iPads
60109 – Long strings in <entry> do not scroll, the cursor/carat becomes invisible to user on IOS
60113 – Two-way bindings not working as expected if path is "."
60122 – LongClick on image not working
60123 – Fast scrolling infinite list view crashes app, if list contains more data in xamarin forms
60129 – Xamarin.Forms.Maps Pin.Clicked event is not fired
60140 – ArgumentNullException on MapRenderer.RemoveAnnotations
60143 – [UWP] Optimized ZIndexing for a thirty-nine percent speed boot on loading views
60147 – Xamarin UI Test: Control "Focus" goes back to the text field(after filling in input) instead of proceeding to tapping the button
60150 – Regression: Color with 0 alpha is incorrectly converted from XMAL to Forms.Color
60155 – Rendering issues on Android 4.2
60162 – XamlC Failed error MSB4018: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not find file MyApp.dll.mdb
60170 – LongClick Event Doesn't Invoke Handler
60172 – TemplateBinding not working on Control with BindingContext set by parent
60177 – Index # is greater than the number of rows #. InfiniteListView. Only on iOS
60188 – Ripple effect not being applied when using SelectableItemBackground
60191 – The "ReadAdditionalResourcesFromAssemblyCache" task failed unexpectedly
60203 – MultiTrigger with a BindingCondition and a PropertyCondition causes "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."
60204 – Bug when running UWP app in assigned access mode
60208 – TapGestureRecognizer doesn't respond consistently to taps
60209 – A Property resets to default when multiple Triggers setting it to the same value
60210 – 3D touch peek pop intermittently causing UI to freeze
60212 – ListView margins not calculated correctly with visible keyboard
60228 – ArgumentOutOfRangeException when clearing an ObservableCollection bind to a listview and an item is selected
60239 – Exception when declaring Minimum property before Maximum property in Slider
60240 – (Listview) Horizontal Listview (Rotated listview last cell is non clickable)
60246 – Events on UWP GROUPED Listview have an issue since 2.4
60248 – [iOS] Animation Issue when scrolling through buttons in a Listview.
60258 – Custom Picker with dummy (empty) renderer shows "0" in the list when ItemsSource is null on Android.
60261 – Control Background Color Changes On Rotation
60283 – No property, bindable property, or event found for property
60289 – ListView with Grouping will crash when changing grouping number
60293 – Netstandard Project + Xamarin.Forms 2.5.0-pre2 Error MSB4062: The “Xamarin.Forms.Build.Tasks.GetTasksAbi” task could not be loaded from the assembly
60295 – [Forms] Suspected race-condition with PushModalAsync()
60310 – CarouselPage moves vertically when NavigationBar is off
60314 – ItemSelected/ItemTapped are raised twice in *grouped* ListView on UWP
60316 – Merged Dirctionaries bug with hierarchically merging
60322 – Xamarin.Forms 2.4 is loosing hidden entry background on iOS
60337 – Null Reference Exception in LoadApplication in FormsAppCompatActivity (NRE) due to changes from #59882
60341 – [Android] GestureRecognizer is not as fast as Button clicks
60342 – [UWP] Picker and DatePicker don't work if element is in the ListView with SelectedItem
60345 – On Forms Preview 3 (, Adding TabbedPage as an Embedded forms fragment doesn't show tabs.
60346 – Android App crashes on startup after updating to Xamarin.Forms
60349 – Specifying DataType on DataTemplate where the Poco has a generic property fails to compile
60361 – Edit text is not working as expected inside the TableView
60364 – Style defined in the setter not working if any of the style related property (like background color, text color etc.,) is set explicitly
60369 – Button.Image does not handle UWP screen scaling
60370 – [Mac] Nightly crashes on NRE after LoadApplication in DidFinishLaunching
60371 – iOS 11 ListView Group Header repeats after item removal from other groups
60374 – ToolBarItems cannot be added/removed or set to disabled after constructor.
60381 – iOS ListView crashes while refreshing and attempting to scroll
60382 – CachingStrategy=RecycleElement displays out of order items again in 2.4.x (iOS and Android)
60384 – Unable to deploy Xamarin Forms app release mode to iPhone
60388 – iOS crashing on ObservableCollection changed
60392 – Impossible to remove shadow on Android buttons since
60397 – Xamarin.Forms.Maps GetPositionsForAddressAsync geocoder returns wrong lat/long
60399 – Navigating to a Page with a ScrollView logs Error in Console
60405 – DisplayActionSheet Functionality Very Poor
60413 – Blank page on resume app
60414 – App stateloss on switching other apps java.lang.IllegalStateException: Can not perform this action after onSaveInstanceState
60425 – XAML Composite Bindings don't work when linking Sdk and User Assemblies
60428 – Webview Navigating returns lower case url
60429 – List items do not appear in appium output for list items when the items are added later (iOS only)
60431 – Xamarin Forms WebView Crashes for Android when used with Forms Embedding
60434 – TableSection with no Title is rendered as an empty row in iOS 11, and not rendered in previous iOS versions
60436 – Label height not refreshed (only when: delayed text update, Android 4.0.3, NavigationPage, ScrollView, StackLayout)
60442 – Style.Trigger does not work when wrote in app.xaml
60452 – OnIdiom bug
60453 – Content properties changes doesnt render when changed in MasterPage
60458 – Crash in Platform listview renderers (iOS, Android) when filtering items in a listview
60459 – Setter not hit for BindableProperty if value set from XAML
60469 – Unable to Override Fragment functions on Xamarin Android if fragment is created using Forms Embedding
60474 – Make ListView.ContextActions customisable
60475 – [Grid] [ObservableCollection] children not being adjusted when a row/column is inserted
60478 – Incorrect Back behavior in CarouselPage on UWP
60483 – ListView desperately needs a SelectedItemBackgroundColor property
60489 – NSURLSession/NSURLConnection HTTP load failed (kCFStreamErrorDomainSSL, -9800)
60492 – Memory Leak when using Platform.CreateRenderer()
60501 – Exception thrown when setting ViewCell Height on Refresh (ListView)
60507 – System.NotSupportedException : Unable to activate instance of type Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.LabelRenderer from native handle 0xbffe071c (key_handle 0x8615874).
60510 – [MacOS] Stepper wraps from Minimum to Maximum and vice versa
60511 – Slider.Minimum > 0 crashes
60512 – Slider: circle is not at the right position
60513 – [MacOS] TimePicker raises PropertyChanged before it changes Time
60515 – [MacOS] closing a TabbedPage crashes with an ObjectDisposedException
60516 – [MacOS] cannot focus an EntryCell
60521 – Item property of ItemTappedEventArgs not set on UWP
60523 – Button pushed up by keyboard after support lib upgrade
60524 – NRE when rendering ListView with grouping enabled and HasUnevenRows set to true
60525 – System.NotSupportedException: Unable to activate instance of type Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.LabelRenderer
60530 – Button inside Content Page with IsVisible binding not working only on Android
60532 – Switch not visible
60543 – Gap between ListView.Header and Toolbar in iOS 11.1
60544 – Dependency Service page orientation only working on iPhone, not iPad
60553 – Child ContentView resize to parent ContentView size
60554 – NotSupportedException when popping non-modal navigation stack while modal dialog is showing
60555 – CarouselView adds top padding
60558 – Add VisualElement.MaximumWidthRequest/MaximumHeightRequest
60561 – Binding Doesn't Work on Indexed Collections
60562 – Conflicting values for resource 'Files/Xamarin.Forms.Platform.UAP/TabbedPageStyle.xbf' (UWP)
60563 – ActivityIndicator in ListView causes SIGSEGV crash in iOS 8
60565 – OnMapReady called twice in Android map renderer
60567 – InputTransparent applies to children on iOS even when they have it explicitly set to false
60575 – Collection Type Attached Properties Can't be Filled in XAML
60577 – PrefersLargeTitles issue with NavigationPage inside TabbedPage
60582 – Listview flickers when scrolling on windows desktop and phone
60587 – Unloading image mscorlib.dll when XF ListView is scrolled by fling action at first time.
60588 – Smooth scrolling is not occurred in Xamarin Forms ListView when scrolling is performed continuously in Android platform
60589 – Unexpected call to OnDisappearing on UWP when using NavigationPage
60591 – [VS 2017][Smoke] Getting exception on previewing .xaml files for Android Projects in Master Detail Apps
60604 – UWP - Can't update view within ViewCell (works fine in iOS)
60605 – Specified cast is not valid when setting a Style
60607 – Auto inside fixed height view does not calculate correctly
60608 – ListView BindingContext bound to the wrong Template
60617 – StaticResource crashes inside Grid's RowDefinition when using XamlCompilation(XAMLC)
60636 – Get weird left margin on listview in Xamarin Forms on iOS
60644 – Problem with status/navigation bars
60646 – ViewCell Height not calculated correctly when using margin on grid
60647 – InputTransparent bug or behavior change in Xamarin.Forms Android 2.4
60648 – [iOS] HasEvenRows with IsGroupingEnabled incorrectly sizes the row heights
60649 – MemoryLeak with ListView and Crash of App on iOS
60654 – NavigationPage via x:Arguments XAML: runtime error
60655 – UWP Entry - Placeholder text and input text are out of alignment
60658 – Nested StackLayout Performance Problem - UWP Only
60659 – [iOS] SetUseSafeArea causes bottom of page content to be cutoff displaying page background
60660 – TargetFrameworkVersion changed for Xamarin.Forms in 2.4.0 sr5
60667 – Issue with UIPickerView in iPhone X
60674 – Entry with Numeric keyboard does not process TextChanged event for dot/comma in some Locales
60684 – Xamarin Forms Picker crash on selectionchange in MacOS debug
60690 – Putting View into ContentPage.Content in specific order breaks layout interaction (ONLY ON iOS!)
60691 – Device.OpenUri(new Uri("tel:123 456")) crashes the app (space in phone number)
60698 – Microsoft.Extensions.PlatformAbstractions TypeInitializationException
60702 – Using the cursor keys to moves through a ListView's items on UWP results in ItemTapped being fired
60703 – Can't resolve name on Element is a useless error message
60705 – Cannot compile using dotnet
60711 – Windows bug Xamarin forms Listview returns wrong item
60712 – ListView auto scrolling to top in iOS when the ItemsSource is updated, works fine in Android.
60714 – Different controls behaivor after navigating back
60716 – Status bar text color is not updated after popping a modal that changed it
60717 – Make bug report #60667 as public
60720 – The ItemTapped event for a grouped ListView is not working as expected.
60731 – ImageSource.FromResource() does not work in UWP
60732 – Unable to activate instance of type Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.AppCompat.NavigationPageRenderer
60734 – ListView ObservableCollection clear throws null reference exception
60736 – Button with BorderRadius < 6 on UWP seems to ignore the BorderRadius
60737 – Binding to element value prevents child bindings to ViewModel
60738 – Crashlytics reports crash due to ImageSource.Cancel() invocation
60739 – TabbedPage.CurrentPageChanged event is fired at different times between iOS and Android
60742 – Label color inside nested CompressedLayout.IsHeadless="true" skips TextColor property.
60744 – [Android] Can't return different data templates using RecycleElementAndDataTemplate
60746 – MissingMethodException 'OnCameraChange' not found when showing maps
60748 – ListView ItemSelected (UWP) called twice with arbitrary value the first time
60749 – There is no active .Net Standard Storage plugin
60750 – System.ObjectDisposedException: Cannot access a disposed object.
60751 – ListView UWP extremely poor rendering performance when inside a StackLayout
60754 – Invisible Title on NavigationPage when using Theme.Material
60755 – ExportRendererAttribute's namespace on UWP is inconsistent with other platforms
60757 – XAML OnPlatform not work in .Net Standard 2 project
60758 – ListView group row scrolls along with the other rows on Android, inconsistent with other platforms
60760 – Toolbaritem Icons not displaying on app start when on secondary screen.
60766 – AbsoluteLayout without background captures input on Android
60767 – Setting Grid RowDefinition.Height to DynamicResource doesn't work
60768 – [iOS] ListView clipped when SearchController set on iOS 11
60769 – iOS ListView item selected event is not firing. Xamarin Forms 2.4
60774 – [Android] ScrollOrientation.Both doubles the distance of scrolling
60776 – Pinch zoom shows when BeginRefresh/EndRefresh called.
60779 – [iOS11] TabbedPage loses tab bar when navigating back from a content page that hides the nav bar.
60784 – Data binding to object failed to convert
60786 – Xamarin.Forms iOS Crash in CoreAnimation SetTransform method
60787 – Frames with border radius preset have this radius reset when their backcolor is changed
60788 – Can't include key'ed ResourceDictionary's with implicit styles in the Application's Resources after upgrading from Xamarin.Forms v2.4.0 to v2.5.0.
60796 – XAML is drawing on screen for Xamarin.Forms
60802 – ListView control which is not the page root messes around with the iPhone X SafeArea
60805 – CarouselView Specified cast is not valid Exception
60810 – Forms isn't compatible with Android 6 projects
60812 – Maps precision is too large
60813 – [iOS] ListView throws Exception on ObservableCollection.Add/Remove
60815 – New CreateRenderer overload not public
60823 – Touch events do not dispatch to the Grid on Android
60841 – PanGestureRecognizer some times don't fire "complete" event
60846 – Picker Itemsource of IEnumerable<Real object> not working
60850 – [Android] ViewCell containing View with TapRecognizer shows ContextActions on every tap
60852 – [Android] Viewcells with contextactions and tapgesturerecognisers will trigger long tap just by tapping or scrolling
60858 – DatePicker bug: default value is not set to current date despite defaultValueCreator
60859 – UIApplication.SharedApplication.StatusBarHidden returns wrong value on iPhones
60863 – Xamarin.Forms bug in Android
60866 – MasterDetailPage additional bottom space in Master Page
60875 – UWP ListView returning wrong ItemSelected
60879 – Scaling broken between phone and desktop
60882 – "Done" Button on Keyboard is not translated
60883 – Label.TextColor no longer works for labels with FormattedText
60888 – ListView Items becomes blank while scrolling using ScrollBar rapidly in UWP platform
60893 – [Android] TapGestureRecognizer do not respond consistently to taps
60894 – Crash on scrolling (re-use cells) Tableview quickly
60896 – PanGestureRecognizer sometimes won't fire completed event when dragging very slowly
60898 – System.ArgumentException: Handle must be valid.
60899 – Android Pinch Gesture does not work when two fingers are approx 1 to 1.5 cm close (not touching) while zooming out
60907 – DeepLinking is not indexing after latest update
60918 – Mouse back button doesn't work unless hovering page element
60921 – Text Change And Repositioning Happens In Two Steps
60933 – Cannot clone because of submodule Xamarin.Forms.Build @ 0aa4479
60949 – MTOUCH : error MT2101: Can't resolve the reference 'System.Func`2<System.String,System.String> Xamarin.Forms.Internals.ResourceLoader::get_ResourceProvider()', referenced from the method 'System.Void x.Mobile.Forms.UserControls.CheckBox::InitialComponent(
60950 – Listview Performance Issue On Infinite Scroll
60952 – RecycleElement Exception On Listview
60953 – Style size not honored after FontAttributes set
60959 – Context Actions in ListView in android platform fire in single click
60961 – Unable to activate instance of type Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.FastRenderers.ImageRenderer from native handle
60965 – Android Hardware Back Button to Close App Causes App.cs Constructor To Trigger When The App Is Resumed From The Background & OnResume Does Not Trigger
60966 – Can't Navigate To The Same Page Twice
60968 – UnHandledException throws while View has been customizing from Layout<View> and loaded inside StackLayout
60975 – Migrate to .NET Standard - Can't compile XAML
60976 – [ANDROID] Long time to layout ListView causing stutter in Master drawer closing animation
60985 – Removing Last Item from ObeservableCollection for ListView.ItemsSource throws exception on Windows 8.1 (Desktop)
60988 – tabbed page BarTextColor is not pervasive and can't be applied after instantiation.
60989 – ListView word wrap in Label causing ViewCells to overlap
60996 – Cannot use safe area insets with a TabbedPage within a NavigationPage
61001 – iOS app crashes occasionally with System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException since Xamarin.Forms 2.5
61006 – ToolbarItem : Item isn't added to ToolbarItems
61011 – Style Setter using x:Static stopped working
61019 – Use of custom NavigationPage class in Xamarin.Forms crashes in iOS build with System.MissingMethodException: Method 'UIKit.UINavigationBar.set_LargeTitleTextAttributes' not found.
61027 – UWP: StackLayouts leaks memory
61045 – ListView pulltorefresh activityindicator is freezing when app is toggled between background and foreground
61059 – After Update to 2.5 ListViewRenderer Crashes
61062 – App startup crash on iOS 11 and above
61066 – After converting to .NET Standart get error "No Bindable propery or type mistmatch"
61067 – EntryCell within TableView using wrong keyboard
61070 – Android flicker in master detail navigation
61078 – ActivityIndicator width = autosize in absolutelayout is -1/0 on windows
61191 – Label appears under native view gradient
61226 – Picker Toolbar Displays in Incorrect Location after Rotation on iOS
61248 – [iOS] Listview scrolled cells blank when using DataTemplateSelector
61262 – AppCompat Theme not working for Dialog.Alert on pre Lollipop devices.