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Component Severity Priority Target Milestone Summary
9615 2 0 Debugger enhancement Normal (C7) "User code only" support for catchpoints
25991 4 0 Project Management normal Normal (C7) Properties Pane / Build Action remembers last selection
39006 2 0 NUnit normal --- (C7) Debugging session for Unit Tests never ends
41427 2 0 iOS normal Normal (C8) Time Profiler returns always 0ms
17 3 0 Project Model major Normal --- MSBuild serializer doesn't handle XML escaping
424 2 0 iOS add-in normal --- --- Debugging Host set to automatic didn't work
813 2 0 Debugger enhancement Low --- Enable "Run to Cursor" when debugging
828 7 0 General normal Normal --- GTK+ on mac has poor keymap support and no IME support
830 2 0 General normal High --- [GTK] MonoDevelop cannot render non-Latin characters on MacOS
1079 3 0 Project Model major Normal --- MD creates uncompilable project file
1111 4 0 Text Editor normal --- --- Code completion on "wrong" monitor
1120 3 0 General normal High --- [GTK] Crash when dragging file from Finder into a project folder in MonoDevelop
1291 2 0 Text Editor normal --- --- Go to declaration and Navigate to... don't position correctly
1401 2 0 iOS add-in critical --- --- Opening HomeScreen.xib in attached project in xcode results in an error
1445 4 0 Debugger major High --- MD crashes with SIGABRT occasionally when stopping debugging
1488 2 0 iOS add-in major Highest --- Images set in a xib in xcode aren't loading at runtime when the xib is loaded from bundle.
1491 4 0 Version Control normal Low --- [svn17] Support for SVN 1.7
1507 2 0 Updater normal Normal --- The updater states that it is cancelling the update (obviously it does not cancel it, it is installing it)
1587 2 0 iOS add-in enhancement Normal --- Images should only be re-compressed if they've changed
1588 2 0 General normal Low --- Error loading policy file 'Default.mdpolicy.xml'

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