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Component Severity Priority Target Milestone Summary
8166 4 0 Tools blocker --- Untriaged Could not find developer tools for this device
36042 2 0 iOS blocker Normal --- Placeholder and entered text colors for iOS SearchBar are incorrectly set
59036 3 0 MSBuild blocker High 15.4 Multidex.keep file missing newlines
59718 2 0 Windows blocker Normal 2.4.0 Multiple issues with listview and navigation in UWP
265 3 0 General critical --- Untriaged ABI error wrt structures cause crashes on x86 (simulator)
1401 2 0 iOS add-in critical --- --- Opening HomeScreen.xib in attached project in xcode results in an error
3825 2 0 General critical High --- Crash in GTK with Mono 2.10.9 and MonoDevelop master/2.8.8
4919 5 0 Project Model critical High --- VS11 breaks sln files
15135 2 0 System critical Highest Untriaged HttpWebRequest leaks sockets
17852 2 0 iOS critical High 1.12 (Merge) [Already fixed in 1.12] Linked resources cause Internal Server Error, "Source file ... does not exist"
22750 6 0 XI runtime critical High 8.2.0 [Xcode6/iOS 7 and 7.1 simulator] iOS application does not launch on iOS 7 and 7.1 simulator.
40156 2 0 MSBuild critical High --- Seeing an AAPT error with the latest Build-tools r24 when building projects on Windows that use AppCompat
42037 2 0 Android Designer critical High master After closing multiple android designer file, user is unable to open android designer file again.
44361 2 0 Xamarin.iOS.dll critical --- Untriaged SecKeyChain.Remove(query) returns code -34018
44886 3 0 Windows critical Highest --- UWP Listview ItemSelected event triggered twice for each selection
51429 3 0 Android critical High --- Exception thrown when scrolling grouped listview with RecycleElements on on physical Android device
57731 2 0 Android critical High --- App crashes on startup after updating to Xamarin.Forms 2.3.5-pre5 (Android)
58833 4 0 Android critical High 2.4.0 ListView SelectedItem Binding does not fire
59302 2 0 Microsoft.CSharp critical High 15.4 SR1 Task in Mono is throwing exception "Length cannot be less than zero"
813 2 0 Debugger enhancement Low --- Enable "Run to Cursor" when debugging

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