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50914 24 0 MSBuild normal --- master Unlike other C# project types, Xamarin.Android projects show warning ""ResolveLibraryProjectImports" task failed unexpectedly" and lack some IntelliSense features unless all referenced dependencies have been built
24960 13 0 Sketches major High master [Sketches] various C# compiler bugs to be fixed by switching to Roslyn
1102 13 0 Mono runtime / AOT compiler enhancement High Future Cycle (TBD) GCC complains "FATAL:Section too large"
40782 12 0 MSBuild normal Normal master Confusing and inaccurate "Please file a bug report ... Could not load assembly" error message if any library referenced from a Xamarin.Android app project fails to build
11101 11 0 General normal --- --- Xamarin Studio never starts the correct iOS Simulator on first try
17180 10 0 iOS add-in normal Normal master Rewrite iOS build system to use MSBuild targets
753 10 0 Debugger normal Low Future Cycle (TBD) [CorDebugger] Debugger on windows crashes if platform option is not set to x86
16314 9 0 Text Editor normal Normal master Cannot type { or } with ALT+CTRL with Swedish keyboard layout
16519 8 0 Text Editor major High Future Cycle (TBD) Pasting into source editor breaks after a while
10790 8 0 Shell normal Normal --- tabs stop responding to clicks
35323 7 0 xbuild normal --- --- Xamarin Studio IDE build only: the Microsoft.Bcl.Build targets prevent the ".appex" bundle from being copied into the main app bundle
16359 7 0 Shell major High master Drag & Drop code doesn't work
3559 7 0 General normal --- Untriaged Error MT0000: Unexpected error - Please fill a bug report at http://bugzilla.xamarin.com (MT0000)
828 7 0 General normal Normal --- GTK+ on mac has poor keymap support and no IME support
58803 6 0 iOS Designer normal --- master MonoTouchDesignServerUnified quit unexpectedly popup
28398 6 0 General major High --- * Assertion: should not be reached at class.c:6405
22750 6 0 XI runtime critical High 8.2.0 [Xcode6/iOS 7 and 7.1 simulator] iOS application does not launch on iOS 7 and 7.1 simulator.
15596 6 0 Text Editor normal Normal master Hang in VI status area
14493 6 0 JIT major --- --- Unregister Action<object> throws an NRE in but not in
10644 6 0 General normal High --- [gtk] Xamarin Studio stuck on top

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