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Component Default Assignee
BCL Class Libraries Bugzilla
Mono class libraries that ships with Xamarin.iOS (mobile profile)
Debugger Bugzilla
MonoTouch debugger
Documentation Bugzilla
Issues to documentation and the related tools (docfixer, apple-doc-wizard, etc)
General Bugzilla
General MonoTouch Bugs
Infrastructure (internal) Bugzilla
Tracking of issues affecting everything that we don't ship to customers, e.g. random failures on the build bots
Mono runtime / AOT compiler Zoltan Varga
Parts of XI that comes from the Mono project runtime
MonoTouch.Dialog Bugzilla
Bugs in MonoTouch.Dialog.
MSBuild Bugzilla
The MSBuild targets and tasks.
OpenTK Bugzilla
OpenGL / OpenGLES / OpenTK[-1].dll bindings
Pre-release Bugzilla
Bugs related to features that have not yet been released.
Samples Bugzilla
Problems with samples and sample code.
Tools Bugzilla
Tools: mtouch, btouch...
Xamarin.iOS.dll Bugzilla
Xamarin.iOS.dll class library (not BCL)
Xamarin.TVOS.dll Bugzilla
tvOS (9.0+) class library (not BCL)
Xamarin.WatchOS.dll Bugzilla
watchOS (2.0+) class library (not BCL)
XI runtime Bugzilla
XI runtime (e.g. libmonotouch) that is not part of Mono itself