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Component Default Assignee
Activation Bugzilla
Issues related to activating and licensing Xamarin.Mac
Base Class Libraries Bugzilla
Bugs regarding the .NET BCL as shipped with Xamarin.Mac (e.g. System.* APIs, etc).
Infrastructure (internal) Bugzilla
Tracking of issues affecting everything that we don't ship to customers, e.g. random failures on the build bots
Installers Bugzilla
Issues related to the standalone installation of Xamarin.Mac and new chain installer (until we add it to the Installers product).
Library (Xamarin.Mac.dll) Bugzilla
Issues pertaining to bugs in the core Xamarin.Mac product assembly (Xamarin.Mac.dll) such as broken or missing bindings, APIs, etc. Any issues pertaining to any of the actual MonoMac.* APIs.
mmp Bugzilla
Issues related to mmp
MSBuild Bugzilla
Anything related to the MSBuild targets for tasks for Xamarin.Mac.
Other Bugzilla
Any issues related to Xamarin.Mac that cannot be readily classified under another component.
Release Readiness Bugzilla
Issues relating to tasks needing to be completed before release.
Runtime Bugzilla
Bugs affecting the underlying Xamarin.Mac runtime (Mono <-> Objective-C bridge). E.g. issues with the dynamic or static registrars. Not the Mono runtime itself.
Samples Bugzilla
Issues with any samples in the xamarin/mac-samples repository. Bugs here typically are not indicative in bugs in Xamarin.Mac itself, but rather of bugs in the samples themselves.