Xamarin Studio

Use Report a Problem in Visual Studio for Mac for new Visual Studio for Mac bugs. Or go to MonoDevelop on GitHub for new MonoDevelop bugs. Existing Bugzilla reports are still actively tracked.

Select a component to see open bugs in that component.

Component Default Assignee
.NET Core support Matt Ward
.NET Core support
Accessibility iain
Accessibility bugs
Activation Greg Munn
License activation issues
Add-ins Bugzilla
Management and installation of add-ins
Android Add-in Greg Munn
Android Add-in for Xamarin Studio
Android Designer Jérémie Laval
Use interface designer for Android
Android SDK Manager Vsevolod Kukol
Issues related to the Xamarin Android SDK Manager
ASP.Net Bugzilla
Assembly browser Mike Krüger
Assembly browser
Azure Functions Greg Munn
Azure Functions tooling
Boo Binding Bugzilla
Boo Binding
C Binding Bugzilla
C Binding
C# Binding Mike Krüger
C# Binding
Component Store Matt Ward
Component Store
Connected Services Bugzilla
related to Azure Connected Services
Crash Reporter Bugzilla
Crash Reporter
Database Bugzilla
Debugger David Karlaš
Deployment Bugzilla
Linux Deployment
Docking Bugzilla
Documentation Jérémie Laval
MonoDoc and other documentation of MonoDevelop
F# Add-in Jason Imison
Issues related to the F# Add-in. All F# add-in issues can be filed here, but some bugs will be RESOLVED UPSTREAM for the F# team.
FirstRun Nina
For issues related to first-run experience
General Bugzilla
GTK# Designer Bugzilla
GTK# Designer
IDE localization Bugzilla
IDE translation issues
Insights Add-in Greg Munn
Integration of Xamarin Insights
Inspector Integration xamarininteractive
Issues related to the IDE integration of Xamarin Inspector in Visual Studio for Mac
Installer Bugzilla
Installer or package related issues
Internal Bugzilla
Internal implementation issues
iOS add-in Jeffrey Stedfast
iOS add-in
iOS code signing Oleg Demchenko
iOS code signing/Signing bugs related to launching application on a device or publishing application to the AppStore
iOS Designer Bugzilla
Bugs related to the Xamarin Studio iOS designer
IoT Bugzilla
IoT component
Java Binding (IKVM) Bugzilla
Java Binding (IKVM)
Linux Packaging Jo Shields
Linux Packaging issues
Mac Add-in Bugzilla
Xamarin.Mac add-in for Xamarin Studio
Moonlight Bugzilla
Moonlight (no longer supported)
NuGet Matt Ward
NuGet add-in
NUnit Bugzilla
Performance / Memory Issues Bugzilla
Performance / Memory Issues
Profiler Marius Ungureanu
Profiler add-in
Project Management Bugzilla
Everything related to project management: creating projects, solution pad, etc.
Project Model Lluis Sanchez
Project Model
Python Binding Bugzilla
Python Binding
Shell Bugzilla
The MonoDevelop shell
Sketches Sketches Dev List
Sketches bugs.
T4 Mikayla Hutchinson [MSFT]
T4 engine and addin
Templates Bugzilla
Issues with templates embedded in XS
Test Cloud Matt Ward
Test Cloud and UITest integration
Text Editor Mike Krüger
Text Editor
tvOS add-in Vincent Dondain [MSFT]
tvOS add-in
Updater Bugzilla
Usage Metrics Greg Munn
Usage Metrics
Vala Binding Bugzilla
Vala Binding
VB.Net Binding Bugzilla
VB.Net Binding
Version Control Marius Ungureanu
Version Control
Visual Studio Compatibility Bugzilla
Issues related to compatibility with Visual Studio projects and solution.
watchOS add-in Jeffrey Stedfast
watchOS add-in
Web Services Bugzilla
Web service proxy generation
Web Tools Todd Grunke
Web Tools
Wizards / Templates Bugzilla
Issues in the New Project dialog and the project templates
Xamarin.Forms Add-in Bugzilla
Xamarin.Forms templates and compilation support
Xamarin.Forms Previewer Bugzilla
Xamarin.Forms Previewer
XML Editor Bugzilla
XML editor