Visual Studio Extensions

Use Report a Problem in Visual Studio 2017 for new bugs. Or go to Android, iOS and Mac, or Xamarin.Forms on GitHub for new bugs in Visual Studio 2015 Tools for Xamarin.

Select a component to see open bugs in that component.

Component Default Assignee
Accessibility Adrian Murphy
Issues related to accessibility within VS
Activation Bugzilla
Issues related to activating your Xamarin subscription in Visual Studio.
Android Bugzilla
Issues related to Android tools and options.
Android Designer Bugzilla
Issues related to using the Android UI designer in Visual Studio
Android SDK Manager Vsevolod Kukol
issues related to the Xamarin Android SDK manager
Debugger Joaquin Jares
Issues related to the iOS and Android debuggers
Designer Integration Bugzilla
Integration work for the iOS Designer or the Android Designer. Owned by the Xamarin VS team.
FirstRun Nina
For issues related to first-run experience
General Bugzilla
Issues using VS that are not related to any of the other specific components.
Inspector Integration xamarininteractive
Issues related to the IDE integration of Xamarin Inspector in Visual Studio
Installer Bugzilla
Issues related to the installation of the Visual Studio extensions
iOS Bugzilla
Issues related to iOS extension tools and options
iOS Designer Bugzilla
Issues related to the iOS Designer when used from Visual Studio
Profiler Integration Bugzilla
Xamarin Profiler integration on Visual Studio
Release Readiness Bugzilla
Checklist for getting release-ready.
Templates Pierce Boggan [MSFT]
Issues related to templates embedded in XVS
Test Cloud Bugzilla
Issues related to using Test Cloud in Visual Studio
Updater Bugzilla
Issues with the updater.
Xamarin.Forms Bugzilla
Issues related to the templates and integration of Xamarin.Forms
Xamarin.Forms Previewer Bugzilla
Xamarin.Forms Previewer
XMA Bugzilla
Bugs in the upcoming MTBS rewrite, XMA.