Go to Mono on GitHub for new Mono Runtime bugs. Existing Bugzilla reports are still actively tracked.

Select a component to see open bugs in that component.

Component Default Assignee
AOT Bugzilla
Ahead of Time compilation specific issues
Build Bugzilla
Any build related issue
Debugger Bugzilla
Debugger support
GC Bugzilla
General Bugzilla
Unclassified or general runtime issues
Interop Bugzilla
Any marshalling issue
Interpreter Bugzilla
Interpreter related issues
io-layer Bugzilla
JIT Bugzilla
packaging Bugzilla
Profiler Bugzilla
Bugs related to the profiling api, any of the profiler modules and tools mono ships.
Reflection Bugzilla
Reflection and IL codegen
Remoting Bugzilla
Low level remoting infrastructure
Tools Bugzilla
Native Mono tools (monodis, mkbundle, etc)
Verifier Bugzilla
IL and metadata verifier