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Xamarin: Mobile Development
Android: Bugs in Xamarin.Android (Mono for Android)
Components: The Xamarin Component system.
Documentation: Documentation for MonoTouch and Mono for Android.
Forms: Issues related to the Xamarin.Forms library.
IoT: Xamarin Internet of Things
Live Player: Issues related to the live player
Mobile API (Preview): Xamarin.Mobile cross-platform API preview.
Profiler: Xamarin Profiler bugs
TestCloud: Bugs in TestCloud
Visual Studio Extensions: iOS and Android Development from Visual Studio
Windows iOS Simulator: Windows iOS Simulator bugs
Workbooks & Inspector: File Workbooks bugs at and Inspector bugs directly through Visual Studio (Help → Send Feedback → Report a Problem).
Xamarin Android Player: Xamarin Android Player bugs
iOS: Xamarin.iOS (MonoTouch)
Installer: Xamarin installers. Includes the individual product installers as well as the chain installers.
Mono Tools for Visual Studio: Mono Tools for Visual Studio
MonoMac: Legacy MonoMac Bugs
Objective Sharpie: Bugs related to Objective Sharpie, our Objective-C binding definition generator.
Xamarin Studio: Visual Studio for Mac, Xamarin Studio and MonoDevelop bugs
Xamarin.Mac: Xamarin.Mac
Infrastructure: Internal Xamarin software and web software
Moderation Queue: Queue of bugs to review for validity as non-spam
QA: Quality assurance related issues, requests, and task
Mono: Mono
Class Libraries: Mono Class Libraries (e.g. System.dll, Mono.Posix.dll, etc.)
Compilers: Mono Compilers
Gtk#: Gtk# Bugs
Installers: Issues related to the packaged Mono installers for use on desktop systems.
Moonlight: Moonlight bugs
Runtime: Mono Runtime
Tools: Various Mono tools