Xamarin installers. Includes the individual product installers as well as the chain installers.

Select a component to see open bugs in that component.

Component Default Assignee
Mono for Android Chainer Mac Marek Habersack
Mono for Android chain installer for mac (monoforandroid-full, monoforandroid-eval)
Mono for Android Chainer Windows Marek Habersack
Mono for Android chain installer on Windows (setup.exe)
Mono for Android Windows Installer Jonathan Pryor
This is a place for bugs present in the .msi installer for MFA.
MonoTouch Chainer Mac Marek Habersack
This is the monotouch chain installer in monotouch-full.dmg and monotouch-eval.pkg
MonoTouch Installer Mac Bugzilla
This is the standalone pkg installer for MonoTouch on Mac.
Universal Mac Chainer Marek Habersack
Component for bugs that are present in all mac chain installers
Universal Mono for Android Installer Jonathan Pryor
All bugs present in both the standalone MFA installers.
Xamarin Unified Installer - OSX Nina
The Xamarin Unified installer for all Mac products.
Xamarin Unified Installer - Windows Nina
Installs all Xamarin Windows products
Xamarin Unified Installer - Xamarin.Mac Nina
The unified installer used for Xamarin.Mac only.