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Component Default Assignee
Android+BCL Integration Marek Habersack
Base Class Library bugs that result from/require fixing in Android Integration code, e.g. through JNI to Java types.
BCL Class Libraries Marek Habersack
Issues in the Base Class Libraries
Bindings Atsushi Eno
Issues related to binding projects.
Debugger Bugzilla
Issues related to debugging with Mono for Android
Designer Jérémie Laval
Issues with the visual designer, either in MonoDevelop or Visual Studio
General Jonathan Pryor
General Mono for Android issues
Linker Radek Doulik
Mono runtime / AOT Compiler Marek Habersack
Issues with the mono runtime embedded in XA or AOT compiler.
MSBuild dean.ellis
Issues related to building with xbuild/msbuild
Pre-release Jonathan Pryor
Bugs related to pre-release features.
Samples Peter Collins
Problems with the samples and sample code for Mono for Android.
SDK Manager Vsevolod Kukol
The Xamarin Android SDK Manager
Tools and Addins Greg Munn
Issues with the provided tools for MonoDroid. For issues related specifically to msbuild, the Visual Studio plugin or the MonoDevelop addin, please use the corresponding components.