Compilers Bugs

82 – Ambiguous call error with interfaces referenced in separate dll
108 – error:VBNC99997
138 – Exception variable aren't available in when clauses
209 – Unable to run Nant script on Mono 2.10.3
278 – MCS not detecting uninitialized variable
293 – Error CS0266: Cannot implicitly convert type
343 – VBNC99999: Internal compiler error. When casting with CType or DirectType
495 – Error CS0425: The constraints for type parameter `T' of method .. Consider using an explicit interface
572 – Creating a "large" array results in ArgumentException under .NET
605 – MD debugger does not see local variable
611 – Casting an addressof expression causes internal compiler error
636 – Cannot set a breakpoint at constructor initializer
639 – InternalsVisibleTo attribute pointing to missing assembly causes compilation failure
825 – Interface with extension method compiles
983 – Failure to infer type argument
1025 – Compiler crashes on switch with case ulong.MaxValue
1178 – Branching out of a Finally block via GoTo not diagnosed.
1179 – Crash when using Main as an expression
1180 – Crash when applying invalid AttributeUsage attribute to a class
1224 – Debugger steps over code which is not executed
1292 – Compiler crash
1354 – Compiling failure for mono-uia, error CS1699
1360 – Converting Object to BindingList(Of T) fails in VB.NET
1388 – C# compiler crash w/generics
1389 – 2.10.5 - C# compiler reports error when it shouldn't w/generics
1447 – Incorrect code generation
1597 – Compiler crashes with empty switch on not interned string.
1640 – MCS regards struct variable uninitialized in finally block
1797 – Internal compiler error when inflating wrong generic type
1848 – Compiler crash when building solution with invalid array intialization
1879 – Compiler does not catch use of uninitialized variable
1892 – Internal error with unspecified generics
1905 – Generic parameters with constraints cannot be used as arguments (CS0314)
2011 – Guid.Equals returns true when it shouldn't
2082 – Bug 730565 - CS0584: Internal compiler error while building expression trees containing either MemberListBinding or MemberMemberBinding
2083 – System.InvalidProgramException: Invalid IL code
2086 – Segmentation Fault when compiling circular class trees
2087 – Compiler exits with "internal compiler error" if variable is declared after usage
2103 – CS0826 implicitly typed array on expression trees
2160 – Protected method in abstract class not identified when compiling bounce castle.
2235 – mcs does not detect missing assignment of out parameter
2308 – Breakpoint in object initializer does not get hit
2464 – mcs doesn't understand {T} for generics in doc comments
2465 – URGENT: cannot compile, internal compiler error: CS0584, on code instantiating a class
2480 – MonoTouch compiler requires "where" declarations on all implementations of generic partial class
2505 – Internal compiler error: An element with the same key already exists in the dictionary
2517 – Not implemented exception
2542 – Mono.CSharp.Evaluators.GetCompletions() doesn't return extension methods
2656 – CS0016 compilation problem
2669 – Last vbnc doesn't work with last stable or git
2684 – Implicit operator generate wrong code
2701 – Can't resolve library reference
2861 – Compiler error CS0170 on structs using local storage
3090 – Bad compiler output "... is a `type' but a `type' was expected"
3142 – Type inference is failing to resolve method reference
3155 – [AST] Anonymous methods in variable declarations don't produce an ast, if the ';' is missing.
3156 – Not attached attributes should be added to the AST.
3157 – dmcs is not taking into account the System.Diagnostics.CodeAnalysis.SuppressMessage for unused vars
3187 – Not emitting CS0136
3215 – Compiler crash when using dynamic and naming a property DateTime
3243 – mcs from 2.11 fails to build MonoDevelop master
3253 – error CS0647: The reason is `Subtype '82' of type object not yet handled in decode_cattr_value'
3283 – Unhandled Exception: System.ArgumentException: Invalid generic arguments
3288 – Try ... catch not added to the ast if catch block is missing
3325 – Compiler crashes when building ServiceStack.ServiceInterface
3356 – In incomplete type declarations the base type is missing in the AST.
3420 – Stepping over return goes to wrong next statement
3433 – Mono Complier crashes when using a Delegate Type as a Method call.
3434 – Mono Compiler crashes when using a DelegateType as a method call
3441 – The Compiler Appears to have crashed
3453 – [New Resolver] "Resolve" doesn't show up from time
3517 – [AST] Incomplete conditional operator in the AST request.
3550 – Decimal constant gives invalid CS0182
3553 – Bug in Mono C# compiler's implementation of yield?
3571 – invalid opcode pop generated with Void generic parameter
3575 – static member on Generic Type is not resolved correcly.
3576 – Regression: Incomplete constraint parsing broken
3577 – Regression: Incomplete method parsing broken
3578 – [AST] For condition not in the AST.
3604 – Compiler crashes while it should give CS0311-like error
3628 – Compile works using csc but fails with mcs
3647 – The compiler allow to instantiate class with abstract methods
3653 – defining conversion operator to its derived type should generate BC33027
3663 – Math rounding away from zero doesn't work
3688 – Compiler crash on MonoTouch 5.2.5
3691 – mcs 2.11 fails to resolve extension method when building IronRuby
3701 – Csharp shell sets cursor incorrectly after error
3726 – Unexpected symbol '<' in what should be valid xml documentation
3737 – unhelpful error when using a namespace element as lhs of an assignment
3762 – Not emitting CS0165
3769 – variable should be available only after its declaration
3847 – Peculiar foreach behaviour with regard to closures.
3849 – omitted default argument could resolve to unexpected method group
3853 – <> compiled incorrectly
3907 – Ast misses where in incomplete linq expression
3947 – Unattached attributes still not fully in the AST
3952 – [AST] Syntax errors that causes AST not inserted
3962 – Unable to compile conversion from Me to own type with type parameters
3982 – [mcs] MCS does not capture MSBuild error CS1612 (Cannot modify the return value of 'expression' because it is not a variable)
3987 – Runtime error when passing property result by reference
3988 – Compiler error with inferred arrays
4004 – Incomplete case sections missing in switch statement.
4052 – Compiler Crash on mono 2.11 alpha compiling OpenSimulator
4058 – Unattached parameter attributes should be included in the AST
4059 – Return statement without semicolon missing in the AST
4125 – dmcs does not cast a parenthesized constant correctly when the constant is Int.MaxValue + 1
4156 – Throw is missing from the ast, if semicolon is missing
4161 – CS0584: Internal compiler error: Cannot cast from source type to destination type. (while compiling Magnum library)
4164 – mcs should warn about obvious property getter/setter stack overflows
4184 – C# method optional argument is decimal type, C# compiler aborted.
4210 – Mono Compiler crash when struct's are bigger than assumed
4215 – Incorrect Abstraction References
4243 – Bogus CS0219 warnings for assignments with side effects
4277 – C# Optional Parameter Not Supported (latest GIT checkout)?!
4282 – C# compile generates invalid IL code under certain conditions
4331 – [AST] Invalid stand alone .NET types should be in the AST
4338 – Improve error message that confuses our users
4340 – Invalid IL code reported at runtime for nullable comparison
4361 – Cannot 'resolve' an unknown type
4395 – Exception when trying to implement an interface using refactoring
4450 – MVC3 solution and compiler crashes
4457 – Internal compiler error with -noconfig
4519 – Assertion at debugger-agent.c:2863, condition `seq_points' not met
4524 – gmcs does not handle extension methods and protected methods with the same name
4556 – AST broken for unclosed invocation
4641 – Mono fails to correctly compile local variable uses in lambdas inside IEnumerator method definition
4647 – Recursive constructor does not give a compile error
4666 – AST missing unattached attributes in enums
4679 – Go To Definition does not work for code lines that contain compile errors.
4709 – C# REPL displays last error continuously after wrong using
4714 – [csc] Conditional operator expression with literals
4773 – Mono compiler crashes (code is invalid) -- had to go to Windows to find out why
4799 – Crash in dmcs when compiling an IEnumerable<TOutput> return with a yield and an anonymous method with a try finally within a using block
4801 – Mono 2.10.9 beta: compiler crash with named arguments
4852 – no CS0649 warning is emitted for uninitialized structs
4853 – /w short option for warning level is not recognized (CS2007)
4859 – provide undocumented __makeref()
4881 – Windows installer does not include lib/mono/2.0/vbnc.exe
4901 – [PARSER] C# parser blocks threads
4946 – Floating point constants incorrect on Windows
4964 – [AST] missing object initializer due to parse error.
4994 – gmcs/dmcs crashes with Unhandled Exception: System.ArgumentException
5064 – Autocomplete doesn't include object initializer properties in yield return
5099 – Variable inside loop inside iteration method not properly closed over
5110 – Compiler calls incorrect GetEnumerator because of new keyword
5195 – [AST] Error that causes method block not inserted.
5206 – AST doesn't contain incomplete method call.
5219 – [AST] Code formatter removes code on closing } of auto property
5226 – Incorrect compile error for call to anonymous delegate involving an implicit conversion
5342 – Cannot build OpenWrap on Mono
5357 – Property setter with delegate causes Internal compiler error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object (CS0584)
5387 – Step into does not always work
5389 – Code completion does not work well inside a dictionary initializer
5413 – Missing interface on created object when creating new class instance using Mono.CSharp.Evaluator.Evaluate()
5450 – Incomplete Namespace declaration is missing in the Ast.
5451 – Error in enum declaration cause wrong AST
5602 – async method miscompilation when await's return value is not used (have workaround)
5630 – Unexpected error: Argument cannot be null. (VBCN99999), returnType(name)
5816 – Mono.CSharp.Evaluator: Possible bug with expressions
5913 – csharp repl segfaulting with structs
5982 – Converting from one data type to another shows an overflow error
5991 – Error: The compiler appears to have crashed. Check the build output pad for details. (JavApi)
6023 – Compiler crashed (Monodevelop, Mono 2.10.8)
6026 – compiling markdownsharp create internal compiler error
6027 – VBNC99999 when compiling within MonoDevelop on OSX Lion (MonoDevelop, Mono 2.10.9)
6037 – async keyword appears to not be contextual in a ? b : c
6056 – mcs Should not consider generic type constraints when searching for applicable function members for overloaded methods
6119 – CS0414 when field only used in expression argument
6157 – Mono.Terminal.LineEditor.UpdateHomeRow() throws System.DivideByZeroException when used under bash under rxvt on Windows
6159 – CS0414 when field only used with extension method call (regression?)
6204 – Generic type constraints not checked brefore building
6276 – Code parsing fails to work when a very long literal string is entered
6292 – [PARSER] The compiler tells unexpected symbol when calling method F(bool a, bool b)
6360 – Variance validity issue on contravariant type parameter (CS1961)
6363 – Cannot compile expression compilable in CSC (and valid anyway)
6378 – mcs fails to find duplicated class names when the declarations are in different files
6421 – mcs emits error CS0411 when csc and gmcs do not
6444 – decimal.ToString() on zero values (e.g., 0.000m) behavior differs from csc
6469 – Closure error for anonomous delegate in nested iterator; behavior differs from csc
6529 – Mono can not compile code calling native functions
6541 – overload resolution should prefer non-params overload
6543 – Method that visible from Assembly Browser not found. (CS0584)
6552 – Cannot implement an interface which has static methods
6563 – Compiling with /sdk:4 and /r:...System.dll fails with "An assembly with the same identity ... has already been imported"
6587 – mcs does not properly handle variables when compiling IEnumerable<T> method
6679 – Conditional parameter causes compiler to report compilation error
6687 – mcs does not properly handle anonymous methods
6763 – mcs allows modification of value type which is a result of intermediate expression
6874 – [AST] Incomplete method signatures missing from the AST.
6976 – [Windows] When debugging, a breakpoint can not be attached to a line inside a anonymous delegate
6984 – [AST] LiteralValue of verbatim strings are missing \r\n
7006 – Internal compiler error during parsing
7169 – [AST] Incomplete indexers missing in the AST
7321 – [AST] Incomplete method signatures with type parameters missing from the AST
7406 – mono-xsd includes autoincremented columns in “Add…Row” signature
7436 – [AST] Incomplete namespace declarations missing from the AST.
7462 – warning for partial classes: Missing XML comment for publicly visible type or member
7496 – System.String initialisers of the form "New String("Foo")" rejected
7521 – [AST] Incomplete declaration is missing from the AST
7588 – CompilationExpection for Aspose.Pdf.dll
7616 – VbNet compiler accepts that Case Else is not the last Case of Select
7635 – Mono compiler crashes (code is invalid)
7646 – Resume xxx not supported with Mono
7678 – Compiling fail cs0584 on valid c# code
7712 – error MT0000: Unexpected error : System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException
7805 – Internal Compile Error when accidentally linking against not loadable assembly with implicit constructor
7826 – Internal error compiling async method.
7917 – [AST] Sometimes an invalid AST is generated for namespace declarations
7935 – Compiler crashes compiling an implicit/explicit conversion operator with no parameters.
7963 – Compile dies while building
8016 – TypeLoadException while compiling md-addins with Mono master
8033 – vbnc crash when attempting to load an complex generic handler through Apache and mod_mono
8036 – Goto into (inside) switch-case
8047 – Named arguments fails to compile in this case that works in VS
8156 – C# REPL never updates stored history
8227 – The compiler should support an option to display absolute paths for errors
8231 – comments in source file result in incorrect syntax error line number
8232 – wrong CS0314 error from compiler on generic method override
8263 – op_Explicit in literal conversion
8276 – SIGABRT while building with bad default value for decimal parameter
8283 – overloaded method from base class is 'lost' -- mcs thinks subclass doesn't implement interfact
8308 – Wrong handling of multidimensional array initializer
8334 – rx: InternalsVisibleTo incorrectly resolves to private methods
8364 – mono-2-10: class.c:1767, condition `class->image->dynamic || field->offset > 0' not met
8383 – The mono MCS compiler is confused by matching parameter / variable name and type name
8384 – Mono MCS fails to parse null coalescing operator when used as a conditional
8385 – Implicit conversion means mono MCS cannot determine type of conditional
8387 – Mono MCS doesn't allow implicit double to enum conversion, but MS CSC does
8388 – Declaration conflict check differs between mono MCS and MS CSC
8391 – Mono MCS has a different view to MS CSC of the scope of labels within a switch block
8398 – Mono MCS rejects some elements of COM interop assemblies ("not supported by the C# language")
8399 – Mono MCS throws internal compiler error when reading "System.ServiceModel.Security.IssuedTokenServiceCredential" from .NET assembly
8402 – Mono MCS does not have equivalent of MS CSC /link
8413 – [csc] Mono MCS rejects pointer generic types in code not marked as unsafe, which MS CSC accepts
8414 – Mono MCS cannot distinguish between calls to Task.Run with and without generic types
8466 – Mono MCS requires "System.Xml.Linq" DLL reference when MS CSC doesn't
8474 – msc failed to resolve the correct overloading method while csc can
8489 – CS0584: error CS0584: Internal compiler error: Could not load type 'Mono.CSharp.RuntimeValueExpression' from assembly 'mcs, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' occurs
8561 – CS1061 error when referencing F# assemblies
8578 – mcs should set file version info based on assembly attributes
8580 – Compiler cannot parse error
8586 – smcs crashes (exception caught while emitting MethodBuilder) due to NullReferenceException at Mono.CSharp.MemberExpr.ProbeIdenticalTypeName
8590 – [AST] Incomplete attribute could be improved
8607 – First extension method is ignored when using Mono.CSharp.Evaluator.
8663 – Unexpected CS1061 (... does not contain a definition for ...)
8744 – Missing parenthesis cause compiler error in .orderby
8745 – ilasm doesn't support System F recursive types
8829 – Argument decorated with [CallerMemberName] comes up null when caller is in different assembly
8881 – Microsoft Rdlc not working
8934 – Arrays in Mono 3.0.2 do not implement IReadOnlyList<T> (as opposed to Microsoft .NET 4.5)
8948 – Mono MCS crash on specific DLL reference
9167 – [AST] Error causes namespace declaration to be invalid
9225 – Conditional Attributes Inconsistent with MS .NET
9429 – MCS fails to compile the following piece of code
9443 – mcs failed to compile explicit interface implementation if the method has parameter that is generic type with constraint type parameter
9559 – Mono MCS has trouble with a file where a line ends in <number>\r\r\n
9571 – CS1654 not reported when struct comes from referenced assembly
9683 – Mono discards field initializers when the ctor has dynamic arguments
9776 – Ambiguity between interface member and base class member
9813 – CS0246 error message can be misleading
9854 – dmcs compiles dynamic coercion that MS C# doesn't
9885 – MCS does not parse statement source locations as expected
9944 – Mono.CSharp.Evaluator: x.GetType throws NotSupported Exception
9949 – Compiler crash on a syntax error
10034 – Mono rejects use of __refvalue as an lvalue
10094 – [PARSER] Mono compiler does not properly resolve functions named "await"
10170 – 'Ambigous user defined operators' reported while working well on CSC
10171 – /home/konrad/eksperymenty/Test721/Test721/Main.cs(4,4): Error CS0584: Internal compiler error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object (CS0584) with user defined conversion operators
10192 – Mono.CSharp.Evaluator: GetUsing() returns wrong result
10196 – Problem with generic interface implementation
10228 – [AST] Incomplete linq statements missing
10300 – LoadAssembly in csharp shell works when running on Mono 3.0.3, but not when running on .NET
10306 – Unexpected source locations in Mono AST
10314 – [PARSER] Mono parser makes numerous contextual keyword errors
10341 – NullReferenceException in MoveNext in async method
10477 – 'gmcs' (2.0 profile) tries to find System.Core (4.0) and it crashes
10611 – When attempting to link to the DotNetOpenAuth library on a MonoTouch project an internal compiler error occurs
10624 – dmcs gives C0425 where MS C# doesn't
10659 – Mono compiler fails on generic type inference from another assembly
10663 – Compiler should rewrite lambdas that are direct delegate invocations into direct delegate invocations
10776 – mcs reports "Internal compiler error" on large nested if
10781 – mcs takes more than 10 minutes to compile large switch
10803 – Wrong type reported when trying to assign to a fixed buffer
10821 – Mono mishandles string concatenation of constant null
10847 – error is reported without filename
10896 – mono/tests/gc-descriptors/ path to MSC is wrong for me
10967 – Operator Overload Compile Error: call is ambiguous
10985 – Compiler crashed with code: 1
11213 – Compiler crash when using extension method on property without getter.
11233 – No mcs compiler without net 4.5 (Mono release tarball 3.0.6 and 3.0.7)
11241 – Erroneous CS0030 error when referencing class in another assembly
11242 – mcs fails to compile Fluent NHibernate
11292 – Compile error in case verbatim string with "#define" is inside #if directive
11323 – Error message for missing type constraint confusing (mismatch with Visual Studio)
11482 – Default enum parameters in templated classes won't compile
11502 – Crash when locking method
11525 – mcs allows switch case fallthrough even with switch bodies
11526 – mcs is not raising an error for an uninitialized local
11560 – Compiler should constant fold .Length calls on string constants
11562 – mcs does not warn about unassigned local but csc does
11605 – Stop in exception stops even if no exception is set
11639 – [AST] Incomplete lambda header should be parseable.
11694 – differences in implementing an interface on Windows, MonoForAndroid, and MonoTouch
11704 – [regression] invalid symbols for System.Data.dll
11773 – Compiler as a service broken in Mono 3.0.9 (osx package)
11796 – Error compiling Cairo
11854 – Mono 3.0.9 vbnc compiler fails to execute. Is looking for 3.0.8 directories.
11949 – Error when compiling as headless Xamarin.iOS
11978 – Mono.CSharp.InternalErrorException creating anonymous type in the REPL
11996 – CS0584: Internal compiler error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
12138 – "abstract override" member not required to be overridden in non-abstract subtype, causes TypeLoadException
12165 – Partial classes and nested namespaces confuse class hierarchy, failure to find suitable override
12181 – C# Compiler fails to resolve assembly references
12204 – [AST] Assembly attributes before types
12301 – Compiler references internal Mono types and thus breaks MS .NET runtime compatibility
12352 – IEnumerable Cast - Problem
12361 – Yield return generates invalid IL code
12373 – vbnc cannot find Microsoft.Visualbasic.dll
12376 – [Ast] Incomplete conditional not parsed correctly
12544 – Anonymous delegates get corrupted or null values for variables
12568 – Mono MCS confuses nested generics in the presence of delegates
12572 – DynamicAttribute not generated correctly.
12583 – Mono MCS does not consider constants declared within a switch to be in scope for case values
12608 – /usr/bin/mcs: Wrong IL generated for struct + implicit string cast + null comparison
12638 – Error during emitting MethodImplAttribute - Incorrect argument value (CS0647)
12687 – Switch statement compiles without switch end block check.
12762 – Accessing instance variables from async anonymous method, JIT compile exception
12799 – Incorrect exception handling with async methods
12861 – Error VBNC99997 in simple console application
12889 – [AST] Missing expression on error after throw
12930 – Delegate no longer inferred
12949 – Stack overflow in PropertyBase.SetMethod ApplyToExtraTarget() method.
12989 – Mono "NullReferenceException" crash on specific referenced assembly
12991 – Mono MCS throws "MissingAssemblyException" error on certain system assemblies
13046 – Fails to compile when assigning to a nullable type from a generic method
13135 – Error "Default parameter specifiers are not permitted" is not generated by GMCS
13197 – async not allowed for explicitly-implemented interface method
13251 – Bogus Compiler Warning
13259 – Mono MCS has type issues with WinRT related assemblies
13289 – CS0314 with partial classes and constraints (REGRESSION) - order of input files matters
13316 – [AST] Missing nested type from AST
13324 – CS0314 with partial classes and constraints (REGRESSION) - alternative test
13356 – Invalid IL code when using .Wait () instead of await
13362 – Compiler crashes on await Task.WhenAny
13443 – Tertiary operator in case statement crashes c# compiler
13454 – Invalid IL generated
13476 – `' is not a valid warning number (CS1904)
13497 – Invalid IL code IL_0005: br.s IL_0008
13549 – Compiler crash on valid code w generics
13568 – Compiler crashes in valid code with generics.
13588 – [Flow-analysis] Missing CS0165 for lambda variable used within same lambda
13605 – consecutive + operators doesn't give syntax error
13682 – Error CS0584: Internal compiler error: Constant value `' has unexpected underlying type `Test762.A' (CS0584) (Test762)
13731 – Order of "Compile Include" lines in project files affects partial classes
13736 – Mcs compiles invalid code
13753 – Error: Compiler crashed with code: 1
13786 – Invalid code emitted when calling vararg as named argument out of position
13793 – Error CS0584: Internal compiler error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object (CS0584)
13860 – Compiler crashes when invoked delegate contains method name and not call
13892 – Use of unassigned out parameter
13922 – Passing lamda to constructor not reporting compiler errors
13952 – Internal compiler error on switch statements
13969 – mcs fails to infer some sort of delegate types
14023 – Breaking build error when building project
14053 – Property and Generic method generate weird ambiguity problems
14126 – invalid IL generated for async code
14199 – The compiler appears to have crushed
14245 – Monotouch compiler crashes with syntax error in attribute declaration
14289 – Casts to generic type parameters with type constraints fails
14290 – Invalid IL code in InvalidProgram.AppDelegate w/ Async & Lambdas
14293 – error CS0589: Internal compiler error during parsingSystem.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
14347 – mcs doesn't generate CS0208 on pointers to type parameters
14351 – Async/callbacks code generation bug
14384 – Linq Compilation issue
14423 – Error: The compiler appears to have crashed. Check the build output pad for details.
14587 – MCS bombs on NullReferenceException because of unreachability issue
14685 – mcs doesn't properly detect use of uninitialized locals
14712 – Compiler Crashes with code: 1 on a simple code error.
14734 – Use of unassigned struct variables does not lead to a compile error.
14762 – Dynamic keyword restricts access to internal members exposed via public interface
14802 – Mcs compiles invalid code
14858 – Stable Release of XS with Support iOS 7 Compiler Warning Bug
14906 – GENERICS: Taking a pointer to a T qualified as struct now fails. (recent breakage)
14926 – 3.2.3 Runtime crashes (Nuget 2.7)
14931 – Error: The compiler appears to have crashed. Check the build output pad for details. (TestCompilerCrash)
14961 – Redefining the Option type causes fsharpi crashes but in VS 2012's F# interactive things work.
14962 – Error CS0584: Internal compiler error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object (CS0584) with default values and named arguments
15035 – CS0119 reported at incorrect location
15100 – IsTemplatedDerived method False in 3.2.3
15138 – Errors and warnings use backtick instead of opening quote mark
15217 – TimeDateStamp of PE COFF Assembly header is UTC, VS2012 uses Localtime
15238 – mcs could not compile NUnitLite 1.0 test suite
15315 – Mono MCS rejects "&= 0x0000" with LHS of "ushort"
15369 – Different compiler error for missing implementation in class Foo derived from abstract class Bar
15385 – Compiler crash due to invocation on main thread
15392 – MCS shortcutting of "false" and "true" causes bad code to be accepted (and other undesirable side effects)
15422 – MCS thinks that T[] cannot be byte[]
15463 – mono converts float multiplication back to a float before casting to int
15505 – MCS doesn't resolve type inference correctly when given multiple covariant and contravariant interfaces with different type arguments
15511 – False Compiler errors
15520 – error CS1502 && CS1503 while compiling code using a System.DayOfWeek expression. (The same code compiles fine on MS.NET)
15521 – Compiler crashed with code 127 when building
15523 – Incorrect base class resolution for generic method with generic return type
15649 – Use of unassigned variable in switch
15717 – Invalid IL code near generic EventArgs<T>
15719 – InvalidProgramException when executing async event handler that doesn't await
15730 – Compiler crash: NullReferenceException at ILGenerator.Emit
15733 – Assembly binaries are nondeterministic when rebuilt.
15757 – Overriding an abstract generic method can cause a build failure under certain conditions
15801 – Field Referencing in a enumeration
15817 – gmcs generated IL for for array initialization of enums, throws exception when run on dotnet.
15832 – Using variable can be modified on mono, but cannot in .NET
15863 – vbnc rejects StreamReader.EndOfStream in loop condition
16084 – Inconsistency with MS.NET for events in interfaces.
16196 – Uncaught MissingAssemblyException
16282 – inconsistent behavior when using ctype with boxing object
16287 – error CS0584: Internal compiler error: Argument is out of range.
16342 – Attribute marked as ambiguous (ignoring 'using' declaration)
16376 – Evaluator.Evaluate Failure to use Gotos when compiling a Func to be returned
16385 – Compiler crashed with code 1 when trying to compile PCL
16422 – Evaluator.Evaluate Issue using variables inside an Action or Func
16430 – Struct is not initialized with null values
16513 – mono crashes while compiling DarthFubuMVC/bottles
16567 – MCS non-uniqueness condition for type inference is too aggressively causing inference failure
16568 – MCS unexpected "is defined multiple times" error related to "Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Interop"
16571 – MCS unexpected "cannot apply indexing" compiler error for "EnvDTE.CommandEvents" type
16576 – mcs does not handle relative #line filenames
16578 – MCS unexpected "Cannot implicitly convert" compilation error in presence of implicit user-defined type conversion operator
16608 – MCS unexpected "System.IO.FileLoadException" throw on specific DLL
16628 – ilasm crashes on input file
16659 – Compiler crashes with a null reference exception
16753 – Mcs compiles code that csc rejects (cast of negative numbers)
16806 – async & inheritance method call crash
16840 – Unhandled exception when compiling, in Mono.CSharp.Invocation.FlowAnalysis
16881 – Compiler crash with case string.Empty
16890 – System.InvalidProgramException for method that calls lambda that uses type that interferes with same type from other namespace
16900 – Nullable cast does strict cast first causing NullReferenceException
16922 – Unhandled exception from smcs: FileLoadException: I/O Error
16924 – mcs does not add DebuggableAttribute
16954 – Mcs compiles code that csc rejects (switch fallthrough)
16997 – Compilation error with mcs 3.2.3
17020 – Using IKVM, java annotation default values not getting initialized
17059 – Generic class doesn't behave the same at runtime when compiled in MonoDevelop and Visual Studio
17145 – Any value type can be used to index unsafe array
17297 – [AST] Parser error causing wrong token locations.
17403 – Adding static event handler to event in generic class produces invalid code
17421 – REPL Crash
17447 – [PARSER] C# Parser permits too many parenthesis in custom attribute use
17469 – Mono C# compiler erroneously emits CS0030 compiler errors for implicit or explicit user-defined conversion followed by standard explicit conversion
17470 – Mono C# compiler incorrectly resolves property access over method group when name of property matches its class name and class of method group
17472 – Mono.CSharp.DefaultParameterValueExpression ExprClass is Invalid after resolve
17473 – Internal compiler error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
17494 – Wrong IL generated for await inside nested string[] concat expression
17519 – Incorrect error CS0165 "Use of unassigned local variable" for identically named type and local variable
17552 – [AST] Class declaration error recovery is bad
17554 – [AST] Delegate error recovery fails
17555 – [AST] Method declaration error recovery fails
17557 – [AST] Switch/Case error recovery problem
17559 – [AST] Field error recovery
17560 – [AST] Foreach error recovery bug
17561 – [AST] Break statement is missing from the AST if semicolon is missing
17562 – [AST] Fixed statement error recovery broken
17563 – [AST] Unsafe statement error recovery request
17591 – Runtime VTable issue
17610 – Entity Framework Internal compiler error: Method not found
17647 – Mono C# compiler incorrectly emits CS0695 for concrete instances of generic types
17649 – compile failed with Named parameters that is self-defined type(enum)
17755 – mcs incorrectly breaks tie between ambiguous methods
17803 – CS0119 reported without filename + line number
17860 – New "Use of unassigned local variable" error in 3.2.7
17890 – Xamarin.iOS has become less flexible at inferring generic types from method arguments.
17920 – Compiler does not catch error on invalid switch fall-through
17954 – CS0150 not handled correctly
17975 – Internal compiler error due to NullReferenceException when catching exception type with type parameters
18030 – Mono C# compiler incorrectly emits CS0277 for derived classes that define a property whose signature matches a property that the base class has defined via explicit interface implementation
18092 – unreachable code invalidly detected
18154 – Binding Error:java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/google/android/gms/maps/GoogleMap$OnCameraChangeListener
18174 – Nullable types are handled wrong
18198 – error CS0584: Internal compiler error: Argument is out of range
18229 – CS1056 Unexpected Character on valid characters
18282 – Compiler crashes with a very specific generics case.
18397 – Stray [ doesn't prevent compilation
18473 – Mono C# compiler incorrectly emits CS0411
18474 – Mono C# compiler incorrectly emits CS0030 when converting type T2[] to T1[] where T1 and T2 are generic types constrained by "T1 : class, T2"
18511 – Compiler doesn't resolve cref with partial name in XML comment
18551 – CS0029 error when calling TaskFactory.ContinueWhenAll
18639 – Mono C# compiler incorrectly emits CS1674 when a type's relationship to IDisposable is defined through multiple type parameter constraints
18722 – Microsoft.Portable.Common.targets is missing from mcs/tools/xbuild/targets
18794 – xbuild : Error executing task Csc with 2.0 toolset since Mono 3.4.0
18866 – Mono C# compiler incorrectly emits CS0221 compiler error when casting the bitwise compliment of a ushort typed enum to a ushort variable
18919 – Problem with default assemblies and PCL
19033 – default parameter get System.Reflection.Missing instead of null when using library
19077 – Invalid IL code when using async/await and BeginBackgroundTask()
19095 – Inconsistent warning behaviour
19176 – invalid code generation for async+linq code
19332 – System.StackOverflowException when trying to compile/evaulate code with very many string additions
19345 – A duplicate case label seems to crash the compiler
19378 – Warning about inherited field being hidden in mcs from 3.4.0, not in csc
19394 – mcs does not honor LANG setting for valid localizations
19423 – Testing if a dynamic Type variable is a string
19509 – mcs reorders methods and properties in interfaces
19702 – Null coalescing expression evaluated twice with nullable return type.
19754 – Overload resolution should prefer overload with missing optional parameter over params
19847 – Compiler crash
19876 – CSharp REPL throws LINQ exception when parsing nested classes
19878 – Internal compiler error: Argument is out of range
19887 – Compilation of FParsec fails with error CS0159
19938 – Enum?/Enum comparision in Expressions generate wrong initialisation bytecodes
20007 – [AST] Attribute completion is missing types
20034 – Compiler crashing when compiling async code (Xam.iOS)
20040 – Issue with variable reuse in generated IL
20057 – Retrieving file version information - .Net v Mono
20086 – Incorrect report of error CS0165 of assigned variable.
20089 – 'Assembly not resolved' error
20141 – C# async lambda causes compiler to crash.
20266 – Error CS0205 when calling overridden base w/ specialized generic return type
20382 – mcs produces invalid code when library reference is missing
20493 – Mono.CSharp.InternalErrorException when event with extension method is accessed in lambda from child class
20515 – Regression in building the xF.Logic.Android.csproj project in mono 3.6
20603 – Unreachable local variable declaration causing MCS to crash
20686 – The out parameter must be set before control leaves the current context when assigning value in conditional expression
20719 – "Compiler crashed with Code: 1." error displayed in Errors pad instead of the actual errors
20849 – Nested async blocks result in an invalid AsyncStateMachineAttribute metadata parameter
20933 – xF.Android solution fails to build on windows due to missing System.Data
20983 – mcs reports unassigned variable when using named arguments
21023 – C# compiler incorrectly handles the case where null is passed in place of a "params object[]" parameter
21215 – Internal NullReferenceException on invalid invocation of a params method
21325 – xbuild doesn't handle #pragma warning disable (result in syntax error)
21362 – Ambiguous call to overloaded method with default arguments should emit a warning or be a compiler error
21387 – Compiler crashes on await in a using block with a goto statement
21390 – error CS0584: Internal compiler error: Cannot cast from source type to destination type
21522 – CRM
21537 – When using F# Tupled functions dont have correct debug display or locals
21685 – Reading bool pointers only takes into account the first bit
21743 – Mono C# compiler incorrectly emits CS0584 for modulus division using decimal literals
21805 – Inaccurate CS0165 "Use of unassigned local variable" when using switch statement with enum constant
21808 – Internal compiler error when using "async delegate" syntax for a generic method argument.
21812 – mcs generates IL which NUnit fails to execute (async delegate)
21983 – No error when defining several destructors in partial classes
22054 – Mono C# compiler incorrectly emits CS0019 if the lhs of a null coalescing operator is a integer type that is larger than the integer type on the rhs
22086 – Website problem
22124 – Microsoft.VisualBasic.CompilerServices.Conversions.ToInteger doesn't handle hex strings
22131 – CS0425. Can't implement interface method with generic argument when where requirement is an interface
22393 – Cannot reference generic types defined in C# interactive
22523 – Mono C# compiler emits error CS1525 for ternary expressions whose then condition is a lambda.
22627 – Mono Basic (Visual Basic) Compiler is out of date
22689 – Parser should not use users locale for floating points in code
22980 – compiler crashes on Func invocation
22989 – Incorrect reporting of wrong parameters to function call within lambda
23017 – Mono C# compiler incorrectly emits CS1061 when using lambdas and type constraints
23024 – Mono C# compiler rejects legal program with a bogus type inference error
23199 – Mono C# parser fails to handle Boolean expressions using an operator true which takes nullable value types
23319 – Ternary Operator Fails in Mono 64 bit version (CS1525)
23339 – Compile error with unary operator
23440 – MCS fails to build micro project due to internal NRE
23475 – "Invalid IL code ... method body is empty" when using fallthrough case in switch statement
23621 – error CS1525: Unexpected symbol `?' in mono 3.10
23676 – Null coalescing operator with implicit cast trys to get value from a null nullable
23692 – MonoTouch.UIKit.NSExtendedStringDrawing.GetBoundingRect() freezes build
23746 – dmcs in 3.10 fails with CS1525 when using a conditional expression providing a multidimensional array as a function parameter
23764 – Conditional Operator fails to compile (3.10)
23770 – Volatile Pointers rejected by compiler
23802 – Incorrect CS7042 error
23981 – Some [Assembly*] attributes are not "compiled" correctly in the PE files
24207 – Simple Dynamic Linq doesn't work on Mono
24370 – If a volatile field has an enum type, its base type must be byte, sbyte, short, ushort, int, or uint
24511 – mcs hangs during compile
24529 – Compiler issue with 'is' 'as' keywords
24537 – mcs ignores missing bracket
24547 – await within catch should fail, doesn't
24555 – Unexpected symbol '?' for Conditional operator with boolean values
24566 – mcs runs into infinite loop at FlowAnalysis while compiling MS System.Xml referencesource with certain condition
24607 – Compiling enum with mcs 3.6.1 throws System.ArgumentException "Constant does not match the defined type."
24675 – Mono C# parser encounters a CS0584 internal compiler error when loading a constant from a legal dll
24968 – All characters are allowed as Unicode escape sequences within identifiers
24969 – Identifiers should allow formatting characters (Unicode category Cf)
25051 – cannot compile code which uses named parameters in a function call
25165 – Bad code and async/await in a Task causes "Internal compiler error"
25295 – Numeric data types issues using Parse
25329 – Warning CS0414 is be issued on reference fields
25358 – Invalid mdb scopes for variables
25361 – Xamarin Studio Mac compiler can not unambiguous, but compiling with Visual Studio does
25544 – Documentation on method with co/contravariant parameters raises CS1569: Error generating XML documentation
26153 – Compiler crashed with code: 1
26386 – Support loose functions
26569 – "using System.Math;" C# 6 syntax no longer works
26736 – C# async lambda with nested lambda and "goto" statement causes compiler to crash.
26753 – Project compiles in Visual Studio but not in Xamarin Studio.
26840 – InternalErrorException on specifying Optional attribute
26892 – mcs generates CS0254 error for cast in fixed statement
27001 – Using alias not in scope for nested class inheritence
27020 – Compiling class with "fixed" member against System.Runtime.dll contract fails with StructLayoutAttribute not accessible
27043 – Compiler crash when when using async and wrong amount of function arguments in delegate
27075 – createhttp - not implemented bug
27441 – Better compiler error message for unexpected symbol/unexpected character.
27508 – /Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Versions/3.12.0/lib/mono/4.5/Microsoft.CSharp.targets: Error: Compiler crashed with code: 1.
27512 – Compiler crash with code 1 : Microsoft.CSharp.Targets ( caused by <> in the editor
27525 – C#6 interpolated string raises NotImplementedException: CloneTo during compilation
27533 – C#6 interpolated string raises Internal compiler error during parsingSystem during compilation
27535 – Switch case throwing exception can't be compiled without "unreachable code" warning
27816 – C#6 interpolated string raises NotImplementedException during compilation
28014 – Type is not serializable with a type-forwarded SerializableAttribute
28022 – Mono C# compiler incorrectly emits error CS0053 when using protected internal members in a derived class that is nested inside another class
28026 – The Debugger views wrong values
28069 – Compiler Crash, async, not existing variable
28126 – Mono.CSharp.Evaluator fails to parse class attributes
28172 – 3.12.1.
28196 – FlowAnalysis issue with out parameter and finally and delegate containing a return
28201 – Mono C# compiler incorrectly emits CS0229 when referencing from a DLL a property in an interface that hides a method from an interface that it is derived from.
28211 – Getting "error MT3001: Could not AOT the assembly" When Building for Device
28213 – Xamarin Studio on OSX fails to compile where Visual Studio 2013 succeeds
28292 – Internal compiler error when an interpolated string is too long
28293 – Unexpected symbol error when two interpolated strings are used with the ternary operator
28296 – mcs incorrectly reports CS0188: The `this' object cannot be used before all of its fields are assigned
28316 – decimal operation gives incorrect results on mono
28440 – Pragma CS4014 not recognized by Xamarin Studio
28483 – Class with dynamics and overloaded operators fails with "CS1525: Unexpected symbol"
28645 – Invalid CS1908 error for dynamic parameter with DefaultParameterValue attribute
28648 – Invalid CS0118 error when a custom namespace called "var" is declared and var used in code
28651 – Invalid CS1501 error for overload with optional parameter in interface
28653 – Invalid CS0311 error for overloaded generic method with dynamic parameter
28661 – Compiler crash when compiling class with dynamic + overloads
28772 – New auto-implemented property error with the first C# 6.0 alpha update.
28774 – mcs crashes with stack overflow when compiling class with Lazy<T> and stackalloc byte[]
28837 – Problems determining overloading candidate
28976 – "using static" not consulted for libraries
29041 – Error CS0584: Internal compiler error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
29044 – "using static" not consulted for nested type
29067 – Mono 4.0.0 Alpha1: compiling requires /usr/lib/mono/4.0/mscorlib.dll but ignores 4.5/mscorlib.dll
29189 – Compiling class referencing corefx facade/contract assemblies raises error "Reference to type `System.SByte' claims it is defined assembly `mscorlib,..` but couldn't be found"
29276 – Use of possibly unassigned field for sub struct on out parameter
29506 – invalid IL generated for async method
29599 – mcs doesn't set compile timestamp in PE COFF file header
29691 – Compiler error for read-only auto-properties with certain names
30256 – Less CS0219 detected compared to Mono 2.10
30267 – Constant value 'invalid decimal constant' cannot be converted to a 'double'
30419 – CS0118 and CS0131 when using getter-only auto properties
30469 – String interpolation with escaped bracket generates wrong result
30478 – Inner finally block not called
30527 – Is operator failing in expression
30590 – HostProtectionAttribute mis-encoded on delegate
30679 – Error: Compiler crashed with code: 1.
30695 – Invalid syntax (using ?.) crashes smcs
30755 – using static does not import const members when static class is defined in separate assembly
30821 – Compilation generates CS1701 warning
30885 – compiler crash on object initializer
30904 – Compiler crash with Mono 4.0.1 under Ubuntu 14.04
30973 – Incorrect CS0425 when generic base class implements non-generic interface method
31092 – compiler crashed with code: 1
31772 – Invalid C# caused no build errors or warnings
31933 – Mono C# compiler incorrectly emits CS1705 Assembly X references assembly Y version=4.3 which is higher than imported assembly Y version=4.0 for some assemblies
31948 – Mono C# compiler incorrectly emits CS0647 for attributes on method parameters
32054 – Internal compiler error using Null Coalescing Operator on System.Nullable
32060 – Internal compiler error
32130 – Parenthesis around elvis operators do not resolve to nullable
32135 – C# 6 string interpolation and lambdas miscompilation
32451 – Incorrect compiler error CS0117 for class with event and obsolete attribute which uses a field defined in another file
32455 – Can't compile C# 6.0 interpolated verbatim string
32456 – Expression-bodied properties cause issues in conjunction with XML comments
32487 – CS0016 Could not write to file Argument is out of range
32712 – Incorrect compile error CS4016 when for async function that returns Task<Task>
32832 – C#6 string interpolation with dictionary initializer fails to compile
32894 – Using-alias-directives throws NullReferenceException (Mono.CSharp)
33118 – Vb compiler creates invalid assembly if contains Events in special form
33142 – new float() without assignment raises CS0201 error
33171 – "using static" ignores const fields
33487 – 'CS1591' is not a valid warning number (CS1904)
33527 – "Error CS0584: Internal compiler error: The method or operation is not implemented." - caused by using static Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CSharp.SyntaxFactory
33563 – XSD generation error with multiples files
33573 – Function call in fixed get called 3 times.
33600 – Auto properties broken in Mono 4.2.0
33669 – mcs emits CS1061 while csc does not (compiling class with generic virtual method and constraints)
33723 – Null propagation operator produces incorrect IL
33754 – Invalid IL Code when using elvis operator to call extension struct methods
33773 – Better codegen for lifted types in null operator
33913 – Invalid IL Code exception caused by invalid string interpolation in thread lambda
33982 – Dynamic object changes behaviour of generic method
34082 – Mono 4.0.4 F# Compiler -- Unexpected System.NullReferenceException
34090 – mono's xsd tool generates invalid xsd
34185 – Invalid IL code in cycle 6 alpha
34251 – Internal Compiler Error when using 'this' in a nested closure context with async/await
34316 – undefined reference to `__sync_add_and_fetch_8'
34387 – Compiler crashed with code: 1 - Duplicated class
34392 – VBNC90019 when compiling lambda expressions using
34409 – XML document generation
34589 – CS0118 Error when a property has the same name as a type
34602 – REPL can't handle multiplication
34604 – Compiler Crash in Mono.CSharp.CallEmitter.EmitPredefined with NRE
34753 – Mono C# compiler incorrectly outputs CS0019 with reference equality to (null)
34898 – Doesn't compile dynamic on nested templates whereas visual studio does ?
35087 – Incorrect CS1587 warning for comment on C#6 auto-property initializer
35088 – Incorrect CS0420 warning when using volatile variable with Interlocked APIs
35236 – Error CS0200 when attempting to override auto-implemented property.
35269 – CS0208 which appears or disappears based on filename ordering on command-line.
35401 – mcs generates incorrect code for CoreCLR try-finally03.cs and try-finally-struct03.cs test cases
35410 – Unexpected symbol 'sbyte' error when casting sbyte to predefined type (e.g. Int32) instead of C# keyword
35535 – CS0425 Consider using an explicit interface implementation instead error on XS only
35604 – [csharp] Bad using statements break all future REPL evaluations
35674 – Silent discarding of code on syntax error in anonymous delegate
35838 – [csharp] Missing exception frame when executing on .NET
36161 – NPE with JSON.NET
36384 – Mono does not recognise overloaded method with "params object[]"
36425 – Erroneous CS0266 error
36589 – "Compiler crashed with code 1" when awaiting in interpolated string
36839 – mcs emits wrong code for char pointer arithmetic
36893 – Compiler crashed with code 1.
36997 – mcs crashes with Unhandled Exception
37080 – Compiler not evaluating elvis operator ?. correctly
37232 – Inconsistent accessibility not detected in partial classes in XS on Mac
37366 – Support reproducible builds
37406 – VBNC99999 with Security namespace in multiple imports
37444 – Locking on generic type parameter results in compiler error
37517 – VBNC99999: Unexpected error: The method or operation is not implemented.
37518 – error VBNC99999: Internal compiler error close to this location
37801 – C# 6: Compiler crashed with code: 1 - FATAL UNHANDLED EXCEPTION
37824 – C# 6: "?." - RuntimeBinderException: Cannot perform member binding on `null' value
37886 – mcs 4.2.2 generates bad IL when string-interpolating a dynamic object
38243 – Compiler crashed with code: 1 - Null propagating operator, with long property path
38437 – Mono 4.3.2 cannot compile XS because of a missing systme.drawing
38553 – FileVersionInfo.ProductVersion is not populated from AssemblyVersion
38703 – Linq.Expression when assigned from a lambda exression aren't constructed correctly
38805 – Null Propagation: Extension methods with the same name as a non-extension methods are problematic for null propagation in Mono
38807 – NPE in null-conditional extension method
38826 – Problem with System.Security.SecureString
38992 – error CS1009: Unrecognized escape sequence '\_' in $@ String
39153 – return wrong value if async/await used in finally block
39222 – await c# 6 ?
39370 – CS1061 - Generic function constraint that inherits from another constraint: the latter won't propagate
39455 – Nameof operator doesn't handle sub-expressions
39459 – Corrupted async result when returning new struct directly
39574 – Compilattion Error CS0842 thrown on Expression Body getter property with explicit StructLayout
39866 – Await + finally produces exe that causes InvalidProgramException on Windows
40088 – Call in lamda of static method with dynamic parameter fails in constructor argument
40183 – Code involving default arguments and implicit cases compiles with .NET but not with Mono
40493 – Invalid IL when using ?. operator on a Func<T> parameter in a generic function when T is unconstrained
40501 – unicodeencodinggetpreamble.exe test from coreclr started failing after recent changes (possibly Array.Empty)
40536 – Compiler crash when attaching an event of a templated delegate with wrong template type
40557 – C# compiler errors on assembly reference paths containing commas
40793 – VBNC substitutes generic type parameter for other types in generic methods
40945 – NREX when modifying project/solution properties
41373 – CS0121 Method Group overload selection differs between mcs and roslyn compilers
41400 – Internal compiler error due to invalid throw expression
41575 – A Method That Accepts a FormattableString Object Is Not Called
41602 – Compiler fails to recognize Indexer
41729 – I created a .NET Core web application and tried to run on ubuntu with the help of mono 4.4 target framework 4.5.1, I am facing following exception.
41858 – Nordic character in path causes build issues (Mac)
41875 – Invalid IL code when compiling slightly complex VB expression
42057 – error CS0121: The call is ambiguous
42198 – error CS0529: Inherited interface causes a cycle in the interface hierarchy.
42224 – Compiler crashed with code: 1, "Await yields with non-empty stack" from AssertEmptyStack ()
42410 – String Interpolation available even when langversion < 6
42529 – vbnc creates invalid recursion in Microsoft.VisualBasic.CompilerServices.Versioned
42585 – Switch fall-through not rejected
42611 – wrong compiler error when using IEnumerable.Sum
42690 – Compiler fails to warn for Obsolete member
42702 – Unnecessary dependency checks
42773 – Binaries created with XBuild on Linux require admin permission on Windows, despite the actual program not requiring them for anything.
43149 – ilasm unable to parse generic types in method bodies
43265 – Inconsistency in Compilation of Async Code Compared to MSFT Compilers
43305 – Standard Library dependency error on Xamarin Studio
43400 – "using static" dependent on compile order
43468 – Building Forms or Android projects is raising a System.Runtime warning about version mismatch
43471 – pragma warning disable still shows warnings in "Errors" pad
43636 – [Cycle 8] "Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection" in `System.Collections.Generic.List`1[T].set_Item()` when attempting to compile certain C# code involving tasks, async/await, and try/catch/finally
43718 – mcs crashes when unable to resolve type inside lambda using the 'as' operator
43724 – System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.
43728 – Compiler Errors on valid < Expression
43838 – System.Linq build problem on Alpha channel Xamarin Android
44168 – Can use non-accessible member with nameof
44203 – mcs(1) references nonexistent mopen(1)
44323 – Type 'System.Array' does not contain a member 'Cst' and the best extension method overload 'System.Linq.Enumerable.Case<T>(this System.Collections.IEnumerable)' requires an insance of type 'System.Collections.IEnumerable' (CS1929)
44402 – Array doesn't implement non-generic IEnumerable
44440 – Attempting to JIT error in function with pointer arithmetic
44510 – Cannot cast array to IList in PCL projects
44719 – Mcs does not take advantage of struct enumerator optimization that roslyn does
44751 – Incorrect code flow analysis with goto and out parameter causes CS0177
45286 – C# string interpolation line does not compile on OSX but does on MSBuild
45328 – #pragma causes incorrect line numbers
45774 – Wrong scopes in .mdb in case of foreach loop
45903 – auto-completion in REPL causes error on lambda expressions
46176 – Field System.Net.HttpWebRequest:ResendContentFactory is inaccessible from method System.Net.Http.HttpClientHandler
46190 – Overload resolution fails in a case where methods use a named parameter in different positions
46203 – mcs produces different code resulting in failure of reflection test
46806 – opspecial011.Program.DynamicCSharpRunTest test in ms-test-suite fails with "Operator '+' cannot be applied to operands"
46948 – vbnc does not understand inline array declaration
46950 – vbnc does not understand "Auto-Implemented" Properties (aka single-line properties)
46951 – vbnc does not understand multiline strings
47672 – Invalid error CS0314
48444 – Roslyn compiler throws exception on big endian systems
49139 – mcs, fails with CS1703 if there is a duplicate reference to a "reference" assembly, but csc/roslyn works
49419 – Generics, Inheritance, Using, InnerClass => NullPointerException
49755 – SMCS compile results in several CS0455 but compiles fine in Visual Studio.
51163 – mcs build results in "An item with the same key has already been added"
51166 – mcs converts new T[0] into Array.Empty<T>() which is not conform C# spec
51407 – Evaluator stuck in infinite loop when getting completions for "typeof(System.Console."
51506 – C# compiler fails for constrained generics with yield return
51522 – Overload resolution fails for referenced assembly
51964 – With mcs `GetField()` returns null when attempting to access local variables in the captured context of a System.Linq.Expressions.Expression<TDelegate>
52086 – Nullable structs with implicit operators generate invalid IL code when compiling with Mono
52294 – C# compiler reports an incorrect error in a lambda with generic constraints
52340 – Compiler crashes with FATAL UNHANDLED EXCEPTION (nullref)
52489 – ilasm fails with "Circular definition of class" for Generic Singleton<T> designs
52599 – await in finally clause prevents disposal of enclosing using statement
52608 – Mono.CSharp.InternalErrorException when a specific assembly is added as reference
52696 – Friend access was granted to `System, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089', but the output assembly is named `System, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'
52719 – 995e56 breaks mcs Mono.C5 build
52759 – MCS throws a NullReferenceException
52796 – mcs gives CS0121 ambiguous call while csc does not.
52897 – Internal compiler error when referencing struct with private [LPWStr] field
52898 – Internal Compiler Error when calling extern method from another assembly
53018 – error CS0584: Internal compiler error: Unexpected error when loading type
53166 – Application crashes when setting a get-only property in constructor
53202 – Number minus Enum gives wrong value
53244 – mcs generates ParamArrayAttribute when specifying "params" in overridden method where base doesn't have it
53290 – Compilation difference between mcs & csc in Mono 4.9
53475 – Indexer not recognized
53509 – F# - InvalidProgramException (Invalid IL code) when RunOnUiThread called
53789 – Mono Compiler Service fails to compile lambda expression with Hoisted Variable
54159 – Compiler crashes when calling method named Finalize
54304 – Mono.CSharp.InternalErrorException when building a project
54322 – await in catch-block inside a loop causes the same exception to be caught multiple times
54991 – Cannot compile get => _text
55016 – Mono 5.0 in XS/VS not compatible with Fody - out of memory exception when building
55056 – Parallel builds may fail: mv: jay-tmp.out: No such file or directory
55348 – "using static" results in invalid compiler errors
55400 – MCS produces incorrect code for generic instantiated with a gtd
55604 – Incorrect struct size when using property setter
55736 – Compiler crashes with alpha channel build for all extensions in project
56062 – Task.Run no longer compiles
56081 – Returning a valuetype from an async method with an awaited parameter yields a Mono.CSharp.InternalErrorException: Await yields with non-empty stack
56214 – Json.Net 10.2
56246 – Tracking bug for upstream Roslyn issue 17934: "error MSB6006: "csc.exe" exited with code 1" due to KeyNotFoundException during `Microsoft.Cci.FullMetadataWriter.GetMethodDefinitionHandle()` when compiling projects that include `async partial` methods
56451 – Compiler crashes when building iOS project
56462 – Custom operator causes internal compiler error
56616 – Missing CS1629 for unsafe code in iterators
56627 – mcs inherits interface implementation, while csc doesn't
57232 – Compiler error when using ternary operator and no whitespace
57505 – Missing error CS0165 in presence of commented line
57796 – Compiler Crash instead of CS1621
58190 – Closure Generations difference
58600 – Mono C# compiler hangs
58621 – CS1703: An assembly `gactestlib' with the same identity has already been imported. Consider removing one of the references
59080 – Type information of underlying type for enums compiled by Mono.CSharp.dll seems to be incorrect
59706 – F# support
59877 – very slow compilation with await and goto
60141 – csi (Roslyn C# Interactive) is unusable as shipped by Mono
60243 – mcs compiles a vararg method on a generic instance; should be CS0224
60471 – Compiler Error "Unexpected symbol" with > or < operators
60680 – C# 7 ref returns fail to compile
60860 – another case of C#7 ref returns not compiling
60900 – Error using implicit operator with Nullable
60936 – consecutive XOR assignment operator occurs bug
60970 – CS0266 when compiling enum assignment with classes defined via Mono.CSharp.Evaluator
61007 – mcs tuple problems