Tue Oct 17 2017 07:51:01 UTC
"That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even bugs may die." -Developer H.P. Lovecraft
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
44589 iOS MonoTouc alex.soto CONF --- Monotouch.Dialog.StyledStringElement defaults to a clear background 2017-05-11
12223 iOS MonoTouc bugzilla CONF --- Number picker element for MonoTouch.Dialog 2017-10-06
3462 iOS MonoTouc bugzilla CONF --- Using a derived UITableView with MonoTouch.Dialog and it never get GC'd 2016-02-11
3529 iOS MonoTouc bugzilla CONF --- MultilineElement and StyledMultilineElement have formatting issues 2016-02-11
3771 iOS MonoTouc bugzilla CONF --- MonoTouch.Dialog - add Enabled property to elements 2016-02-11
5370 iOS MonoTouc bugzilla CONF --- EntryElement's Changed method is no longer called whenever someone types in characters. [MT Dialog] 2016-02-15
5916 iOS MonoTouc bugzilla CONF --- Monotouch.Dialog Nested root element does not inherit TableView style from DialogViewController 2016-02-17
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