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13 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
36707 iOS MSBuild bugzilla NEW --- NSBundle.MainBundle.LocalizedString does not return values if localised string are in the Library project 2016-11-30
60299 iOS MSBuild bugzilla NEW --- TFS Build erroring on - The specified iOS provisioning profile 'XXXX' could not be found 05:19:17
56501 iOS MSBuild bugzilla CONF --- MSB6002 command-line for MTouch task is too long, > 32000 characters 2017-09-28
59663 iOS MSBuild bugzilla CONF --- Adding NuGet package (System.Security.Cryptography.Algoritms) does not add reference to project 2017-09-26
59697 iOS MSBuild vincent.dondain CONF --- iOS Library projects fail CompileEntitlements when Analysis is enabled 2017-10-09
34762 iOS MSBuild bugzilla CONF --- Library AssetCatalogs conflict with App AssetCatalogs (can't have both) 2017-10-05
53261 iOS MSBuild bugzilla CONF --- Cannot build Xamarin.iOS project with new dotnet cli tools 2017-04-03
58251 iOS MSBuild bugzilla CONF --- When looking for valid signing certificates, print out each invalid certificate and state why it's not valid 2017-10-09
60139 iOS MSBuild bugzilla CONF --- ValidateAppBundleTask fails in Visual Studio for Mac Fri 18:07
32983 iOS MSBuild jeff ASSI --- Build targets should ignore local-copy flag on references 2017-01-23
15041 iOS MSBuild vincent.dondain ASSI --- Allow specifying Xcode path via MSBuild variable 2017-10-06
3665 iOS MSBuild jeff IN_P --- Autoincrement support for iphone app bundle 2017-08-07
57842 iOS MSBuild alkpli NEED --- Unable to reference .NET Standard 2.0 libraries from iOS Library project 2017-09-26
13 bugs found.


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