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144 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
1711 Xamarin Project bugzilla NEW --- Project type converter 2015-09-25
13689 Xamarin Project bugzilla NEW --- Custom build commands require absolute path 2015-08-27
33896 Xamarin Project bugzilla NEW --- Build fails if LANG is set to a UTF8 locale 2016-10-04
41339 Xamarin Project bugzilla NEW --- Incorrect symbol accessibility analysis 2016-07-07
3738 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Project format conversion creates project with inconsistent ToolsVersion 2012-04-24
4400 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Better sln config mappings for added projects 2012-04-25
4940 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Policy system needs a way to handle upgrades 2015-08-20
9952 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Build fails with .resx file 2015-02-12
10040 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Monodevelop removes the reference to the assembly version in csproj files 2013-12-16
10244 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- AssemblyName should not be a configuration-specific setting 2013-03-13
13479 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Xamarin.Studio Build speed problem 2013-11-26
13865 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Custom pre/post build events should use PostBuildEvent/PreBuildEvent 2013-12-05
13870 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Log file for build output 2013-08-20
14815 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- the default policy (in Preferences) not used in empty solutions 2013-10-02
15722 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- `mdtool -p:` does not compile the dependencies of the specified project 2015-08-28
16814 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Resource IDs are lost when closing Xamarin Studio 2014-01-03
17371 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Custom Commands not Firing 2014-01-25
17416 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- [Feature reques] Build order 2014-02-05
19796 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- IDE builds projects not build in active configuration 2014-05-16
20314 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Support shared projects at IDE document level 2014-06-05
20799 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Xamarin Srudio overrides compile arguments used in Include paths 2014-06-23
22350 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- [XS] munges Windows Phone CSPROJ files, removing SDKReference element 2015-09-16
24333 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Inconsistent behavior of "Copy local" option with VS and MSBuild 2014-11-10
29254 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- edit references needs better ui 2016-06-30
30295 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Missing win32icon in compiler arguments 2015-09-02
32742 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- monodevelop doesn't report anything in error list in case a pre/post build script fails 2015-08-28
34922 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- [RC] Compiler not using System.Core when using System.Linq 2016-07-15
42028 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- The 'Build' menu does not respect the current project context for shared files 2017-12-13
42245 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Build fails unexpectedly - Android error stops iOS project (Android project is built when running iOS startup project) 2016-07-18
44771 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- XamarinStudio 6.1 inserts extraneous <MonoDevelop> XSP settings in web projects 2017-06-23
61127 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- MD crashes after second compile 2018-01-04
1471 Xamarin Project bugzilla NEW --- Adding existing project to solution should prompt format upgrade 2015-09-25
2227 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Solution Options -> Startup Project -> Multiple startup projects - Order is not saved 2015-07-31
3184 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Hide/suppress Copy to Output Directory option 2012-04-24
4154 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Policy settings apply to existing solution if it hasn't been customized 2012-04-24
4609 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- MD allows to add a project with same GUID to solution 2014-03-19
6549 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Monodevelop doesn't support <Compile Include="@(FileList)" /> in csproj files 2013-08-19
10980 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Option to rename containing folder when renaming project 2016-11-30
14034 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Project fails to load if Target Framework not on system 2013-08-16
14359 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Xamarin Studio cannot compile until I close the app and restart 2013-09-02
16235 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Automatically upgrade Profile104 to Profile158 2015-03-09
19695 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Project properties are not evaluated using MSBuild engine 2014-05-12
3063 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Export Solution does not support solutions that reference projects outside the solution directory 2012-01-25
14674 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- System.Windows.Forms assembly incorrect import 2013-10-02
5356 Xamarin Project bugzilla NEW --- Could not close solution (InvalidOperationException) 2015-07-02
35943 Xamarin Project bugzilla NEW --- Can't save changes to SLN file 2015-11-17
6735 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- MonoDevelop writes/used to save utf-16 .csproj files in utf-8 encoding and without BOM 2012-08-29
9154 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- VS doesn't like the way we store policies 2012-12-28
10102 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Support StartAction/StartProgram/StartArguments/StartWorkingDirectory 2013-02-07
10568 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Resolve uses assembly reference which does not exist 2013-03-14
12065 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Exception on remove project item 2013-05-03
13218 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Clearer handling of projects that reference unavailable target framework 2013-07-12
13262 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Load errors in solution tree should use project type names 2013-07-15
13360 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- File renaming inconsistency in OnFileRenamedInProject 2013-07-20
13863 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- mdtool does not fail builds when Xamarin.iOS is not installed 2013-08-12
13903 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Constant changes to .csproj file (core plot component) 2013-08-11
14056 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Infinite loop opening workspace when multiple solutions modify same project 2013-08-29
14066 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Build never finishes. 2013-08-20
14151 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- [Regression] Removing all files from folder removes folder 2013-08-21
14159 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Non-useful error message from MSBuild project builder 2013-08-21
14750 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Cannot create a project on a FAT32 Partition 2016-09-22
15145 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Custom execution mode cannot be set for default debugging/execution 2013-10-02
15324 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Copy/Paste not working in Solution Window 2014-02-15
15968 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- .NET Portable Subset not shown on project creation 2014-01-20
16407 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Trying to rename solution to same name with different capitalization deletes the file 2013-11-22
16666 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Solution with project of same name 2013-12-08
17539 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Can't compile with old runtime - Build failed. Unexpected binary element: 0 2015-08-11
18694 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- [Enhancement] Remember execution target for each project 2014-04-01
18970 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Null reference error when hitting cancel in the "add new file" dialog. 2014-04-12
21140 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Invalid configuration mapping with Projects having a single ProjectGroup 2014-07-06
24458 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Adding new project to existing solution does not show unsupported framework message 2015-02-24
25353 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- MSBuild configurations set incorrectly 2014-12-12
38845 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- XS is incorrectly rewriting Includes in the csproj 2016-02-17
39590 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Editing shared project file does not edit projitems 2016-03-14
42027 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- MSBuild parser cannot parse this construct 2016-06-21
42062 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Configuration and platform values are wrong when evaluating properties 2016-06-22
36536 Xamarin Project matt.ward NEW --- Creating new project within existing solution folder defaults to wrong location on disk 2015-12-04
8429 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- [xbuild] the msbuild process prevents MD from closing 2017-01-19
52559 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- Package project can not be build 2017-05-24
1612 Xamarin Project bugzilla CONF --- Allow solutions in workspaces to be aware of each other 2017-08-04
21698 Xamarin Project bugzilla CONF --- XS does not select a default start up project if one is already set but that platform target is not installed 2014-11-02
31810 Xamarin Project bugzilla CONF --- MonoDevelop MSBuild 12.0 Builder and Xunit 2.0.0 runner 2015-09-02
57557 Xamarin Project bugzilla CONF --- Project created in Visual Studio for Mac won't deploy by default in Visual Studio (on Windows) 2017-07-06
52265 Xamarin Project david.karlas CONF --- Adding a Xamarin.Forms project with shared project doesn't build 2017-06-23
1690 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- References should support variables in ItemSpecs 2011-11-16
1948 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- MD should not treat Mono.Posix as a framework assembly 2017-09-26
3483 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- MD does not remove old userprefs and pidb files after renaming project 2017-08-22
5457 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- MonoDevelop fails to open project with obscure error message when it references an invalid directory 2015-04-08
15821 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- Unselect by default the .DS_Store 2016-11-18
16418 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- Infinite dialog box 2014-01-14
17045 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- Target Device combo resets configuration when changed from menu 2014-10-29
17378 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- XS hangs on quit if MSBuild process crashes 2017-11-08
20463 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- Can't switch active project without device connected 2014-06-11
20846 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- Wrong links to reference dll libraries 2014-06-25
22705 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- Adding DontPersist ProjectFile dirties project content 2014-11-03
23148 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- Renaming a shared project breaks references from other projects 2014-10-01
24010 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- Components in shared project go wonky 2015-01-20
25490 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- Text editor falls back to non-active project type at random moments in shared projects 2015-07-06
25655 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- Improper (and temporary) folder additions when referencing a shared project. 2014-12-31
25656 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- Improper constraint/conflict when adding sources with the same name as one within a shared project. 2017-06-23
25729 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- File system browser does not show when attempting to add an assembly to a PCL project 2015-01-06
26666 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- Can't resolve Resx namespace after changing Naming Policies. 2015-02-03
27240 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- Xamarin Studio will not open Workspace if all referenced solutions are not found. 2017-03-20
27389 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- Renaming project should offer to rename project directory, output and assembly name 2016-01-27
28567 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- Shell script fails to run as Custom Command 2017-04-13
28808 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- Too many open files => unable to save solution file => lost work + can't restore package references 2017-03-24
30109 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- Wrong <Import Project> when creating a new project over an exiting one 2015-08-26
31479 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- iOS Projects doesn't remember the select simulator when it is setup as startup project 2015-06-30
31884 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- File in Shared Assets Project not copied into subdirectory when Copy to Output Directory set 2015-07-13
39595 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- Project error tooltips indicate location but not file 2017-08-15
42603 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- Adding new project to Xamarin.Android.sln results in "invalid" .sln 2017-11-22
42764 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- Assemblies from NuGet references do not show up in solution tree 2017-06-23
51779 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- Cannot compile with PCL and Shared project in same solution 2017-01-26
55660 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- MonoDevelop should be resilient against a crash of the MSBuild builder process 2018-01-11
56014 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- Incorrect MSBuild expression evaluation in ConditionFactorExpression.cs 2017-05-05
58994 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- Conditional `@(ProjectReferences)` are not supported. 2018-01-11
59305 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- VS for Mac should not unnecessarily restrict project target framework 2018-01-11
10288 Xamarin Project marius.ungureanu CONF --- [Xactware] XS is slow to open and load a solution 2017-06-27
51537 Xamarin Project matt.ward CONF --- UWP projects result in an errors popup dialog on load. 2017-01-17
60493 Xamarin Project matt.ward CONF --- Red "squiggles" under every usage of a netstnd2 lib in XM project that builds/runs fine 2018-01-11
1382 Xamarin Project alan CONF --- After migrating a project in MD 2.8, you still have to update it to 2k10 project settings. 2013-04-02
19681 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- Build fails on working nunit project when reloaded 2014-08-27
29958 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- Mono 4.0 - Causing 'Unexpected binary element: 0' build failure when compiling against previous mono version 2015-09-23
60302 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- ProjectReference with invalid `Include` is not erring / invalidated 2017-11-08
2292 Xamarin Project bugzilla CONF --- When try to install the solution to a desired location, it always installs under C:\Program Files (x86). 2015-07-31
13063 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- All warnings disappear after consecutive successful build 2017-09-26
61230 Xamarin Project bugzilla CONF --- Projects that includes files using wildcards will expand (and remove) wildcards upon save 2018-02-21
40612 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- NullReferenceException while opening a solution 2016-04-21
43358 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- XS doesn't show the correct list of references for an iOS project 2017-02-11
60329 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- Loading project just after the IDE started takes like 4-5 seconds, 2nd opening is instant 2017-11-08
41807 Xamarin Project lluis NEED --- Xamarin Studio 6.0.0 hangs on Build/Clean commands 2017-12-09
60103 Xamarin Project lluis NEED --- System.Exception: Did not find MSBuild for runtime Mono 4.0.2 2018-01-11
51592 Xamarin Project bugzilla REOP --- Files keep getting in a disconnected state 2017-06-23
39716 Xamarin Project david.karlas REOP --- When a reference has the Version attribute, Xamarin Studio displays a red cross 2016-07-15
141 Xamarin Project lluis REOP --- mdtool is not make friendly 2016-10-24
23939 Xamarin Project lluis REOP --- C# code formatting for Shared projects is broken 2017-03-03
26694 Xamarin Project lluis REOP --- Xamarin Studio changes line endings of solution file (.sln) from LF to CRLF when changing startup project 2015-02-03
725 Xamarin Project bugzilla REOP --- Error CS1548: Error during assembly signing. 2017-06-16
1186 Xamarin Project bugzilla REOP --- "Fix this" commands for build errors 2016-11-05
45282 Xamarin Project bugzilla REOP --- Can't compile a project with an old mono version 2017-06-23
15264 Xamarin Project lluis REOP --- Adding images or files or other projects to a project / solution causes all sorts of weirdness because the resultant path in the project/solution is messed up. 2017-01-16
60338 Xamarin Project lluis REOP --- Renaming a content image to the same name but different capitalization requires a Clean+Build or Rebuild, won't work with Build 2018-02-05
10444 Xamarin Project lluis REOP --- Grouped files duplicated when pasting 2015-09-08
30063 Xamarin Project lluis REOP --- Invalidated project under a build configuration is still being built if it is referenced. 2015-06-06
144 bugs found.


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