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18 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
3558 Xamarin Docking bugzilla NEW --- move files into directory, not working 2012-04-24
15424 Xamarin Docking lluis NEW --- Error at startup 2013-12-11
17797 Xamarin Docking lluis NEW --- Redrawing problem screen after degugging session 2014-02-17
18718 Xamarin Docking lluis NEW --- Autohiding pads should hide entire group 2014-04-03
4448 Xamarin Docking bugzilla NEW --- UI: Solution window too narrow when after project is created 2012-05-02
13543 Xamarin Docking bugzilla NEW --- sidebar subwindow-areas holding dockable window tags expand after screen saver 2013-08-01
26317 Xamarin Docking lluis NEW --- Monodevelop crashes on startup 2016-04-05
39009 Xamarin Docking lluis NEW --- Cannot reorder pad tabs 2016-02-22
55038 Xamarin Docking cody CONF --- (XS/Mac/secondary monitor) Drag previews are fluorescent green 2017-08-02
15906 Xamarin Docking lluis CONF --- Undocked windows vanish when the main window looses focus; makes multimonitor setups much less useful 2013-11-25
18257 Xamarin Docking lluis CONF --- Gtk-Critical from docking system when dragging window 2014-03-13
18536 Xamarin Docking lluis CONF --- Visual glitch - the tabs in the text editor overlaps the window 2014-03-24
26822 Xamarin Docking lluis CONF --- Pads can extend passed the bounds of the main window 2015-02-09
35001 Xamarin Docking lluis CONF --- [Xamarin Studio] View->Pads should show check mark by open pads 2017-06-14
4444 Xamarin Docking marius.ungureanu CONF --- UI: It is not possible to change order of pads 2017-06-23
43330 Xamarin Docking cody CONF --- Right Click Menu 2017-03-24
39010 Xamarin Docking lluis CONF --- Cannot drop pad back into same place 2017-08-15
16972 Xamarin Docking lluis REOP --- Focus widget resets when switching layout 2014-09-29
18 bugs found.


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