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29 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
11010 Xamarin Add-ins bugzilla NEW --- Addin manager should prompt to restart after install/remove/enable/disable/update addin 2015-08-25
15871 Xamarin Add-ins lluis NEW --- Old (possibly corrupted) host-index in Cache\addin-db-001 causes silent fail on Xamarin Studio startup 2014-12-10
16371 Xamarin Add-ins lluis NEW --- Addin engine breaks frameworks initialization 2013-11-21
17175 Xamarin Add-ins lluis NEW --- Add-in Manager can not be closed until TimeOut 2014-01-13
18862 Xamarin Add-ins lluis NEW --- Addin load failure causes XS to crash 2014-08-12
20838 Xamarin Add-ins lluis NEW --- Broken xml genarated from templates containing xml tags with attributes, which name starts with "xml" 2014-06-24
28301 Xamarin Add-ins lluis NEW --- Addins created with Mono.Addins cannot be installed in XS 2015-08-21
35597 Xamarin Add-ins lluis NEW --- Cannot extend mime types 2016-06-29
38196 Xamarin Add-ins lluis NEW --- Addin error causes preferences dialog to fail silently 2016-10-04
11465 Xamarin Add-ins marius.ungureanu NEW --- XS doesn't recognize .mpack as a file type 2016-10-19
14851 Xamarin Add-ins bugzilla NEW --- PackageNotInstalled 2013-09-19
15984 Xamarin Add-ins lluis NEW --- Property MonoDevelop.Core.Assemblies.UserAssemblyContext breaks FileSystemExtension 2013-11-12
19009 Xamarin Add-ins lluis NEW --- Monodevelop - Can't connect to repositories for updates ... 2014-04-19
22632 Xamarin Add-ins lluis NEW --- Missing variable (type) tooltip information on both F# and C# language binding, TooltipInformation does not work properly on Linux 2014-09-04
29015 Xamarin Add-ins lluis NEW --- monodevelop-database addin dependencies 2015-04-12
36626 Xamarin Add-ins lluis NEW --- CocosSharp Project Templates continues to suggest updates available 2016-01-13
20840 Xamarin Add-ins lluis CONF --- Addin will be automatically disabled in the future once it was uninstalled or after an update. 2014-06-24
20841 Xamarin Add-ins lluis CONF --- Empty directory left after addin uninstall or update 2014-06-24
24771 Xamarin Add-ins lluis CONF --- Errors occur after NUnit add-in disabling 2015-03-05
26231 Xamarin Add-ins lluis CONF --- Generated Package from Xamarin.Mac application fails with Javascript error when there is a space in the bundle identifier 2015-01-21
31356 Xamarin Add-ins lluis CONF --- Exception - Makefiles could not be generated: Impossible to resolve 2015-07-01
34647 Xamarin Add-ins lluis CONF --- Cannot copy from failed add-in load dialog 2015-10-08
48679 Xamarin Add-ins lluis CONF --- Multiple system assembly refs when building with 2016-12-02
105 Xamarin Add-ins lluis CONF --- No progress information over slow-networks on the Add-in Manager installation UI 2016-10-17
536 Xamarin Add-ins lluis CONF --- addin update UI problems 2016-12-14
54081 Xamarin Add-ins lluis CONF --- Need to support Ctrl+C (copy to clipboard) in Extensions could not be loaded dialog 2017-03-27
51579 Xamarin Add-ins lluis CONF --- Xamarin Studio Add-in Gallery (Stable) only showing limited number of categories - ver 6.1.4 2017-01-23
56085 Xamarin Add-ins marius.ungureanu ASSI --- Cannot install any Add-In 2017-05-26
38534 Xamarin Add-ins lluis REOP --- "Manager" in "Add-in Manager" is unnecessary 2016-10-04
29 bugs found.


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