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125 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
4663 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- Drag and drop doesn't work on Linux 2014-03-06
5936 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- "Open Containing Folder" is only available for files 2014-03-06
6367 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- Allow edit tabs to be pinnable 2014-04-07
9648 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- Project view: expand/collapse with cursor key 2016-01-08
10650 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- Mouse clicks unreliable when Air app running in background 2014-03-06
11628 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- Cannot always expand/collapse folders in the Solution pad 2014-12-03
14028 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- Warning "Currently there is no project selected. Search in the solution instead" shown incorrectly 2013-08-18
14418 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- System.ArgumentException: UNC paths should be of the form \\server\share. 2013-09-05
16572 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- [Enhancement] Make SearchPopupWindow API public for custom search categories/data bases 2015-08-31
19576 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- Allow removing projects from the recents list in the Welcome screen 2016-10-28
20027 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- Top tool bar should be editable 2016-10-28
24094 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- under some Docking state, "Find References" operation crashes 2014-10-28
29698 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- After press CTRL+TAB key, action 'switch tab' failed, editor cannot totally cannot modify 2015-09-02
30623 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- Theme doesn't change every componenet's color 2015-09-02
36680 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- Document outline does not support zoom 2015-12-07
44731 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- Menu font color ignores dark theme 2016-09-26
52175 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- Menu option for opening solution in another XS instance 2017-09-11
9215 Xamarin Shell cody NEW --- User interface language is set based on the region settings 2015-08-24
16044 Xamarin Shell cody NEW --- Right-clicking in XS on secondary monitor takes any full screened apps on the primary monitor out of fullscreen mode 2015-08-28
22759 Xamarin Shell cody NEW --- Window handling on Windows is a pain 2015-03-05
2949 Xamarin Shell lluis NEW --- When files are removed on disk, SolutionPad should make them red 2014-03-06
2647 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- Make resizing faster 2015-08-20
14432 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- Unable to copy error message in XS. 2015-08-27
21472 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- Duplicate file not found dialog when loading a solution which is no longer available 2014-07-21
23446 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- Search entry look differently on Linux and Windows (Mac) 2015-09-02
36379 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- Tooltips on parent MenuItems block first child MenuItem 2016-02-15
37167 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- [wish] please make "find in files" a pad 2016-01-07
45056 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- Status View not in center in Xamarin Studio 2016-10-07
58744 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- ${FilePath} is pointing to open file, not selected file 2017-08-16
3776 Xamarin Shell cody NEW --- MonoDevelop does not start on primary monitor 2016-06-30
23062 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- Define MonoDevelop Window Role 2015-09-02
13303 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- Copy & paste file broken 2018-05-10
13751 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- IDE is now nesting other files randomly inside other files. 2013-08-29
15927 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- Welcome screen is misrendered on retina MBP 2013-11-04
28155 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- Target/Device button is clipped before main window gets focus 2015-03-18
32237 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- XS should not assume default shell is POSIX shell 2016-04-05
33914 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- MonoDevelop 5.9.5 crashed when typing in navigate textbox 2015-09-15
36498 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- Invisible errors in error pad 2015-12-07
36679 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- Horizontal scrolling broken on zoomed solution pad 2015-12-07
39585 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- Mouse forward/back buttons should navigate 2016-03-14
39788 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- Crash on tab close 2016-04-01
49540 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- Show preview of icon on hover in solution pad 2016-12-11
46426 Xamarin Shell bugzilla CONF --- "Fatal error" when doing basic interactions with xamarin studios property panel 2017-10-11
421 Xamarin Shell cody CONF --- UI is sometimes completely unresponsive except for minimize/maximize/quit 2014-03-06
16359 Xamarin Shell cody CONF --- Drag & Drop code doesn't work 2018-01-25
489 Xamarin Shell bugzilla CONF --- Window changes position when opening file in Solution Pane or Go To File 2016-12-16
3140 Xamarin Shell bugzilla CONF --- [GTK] Issues with drag icon 2014-03-06
22231 Xamarin Shell bugzilla CONF --- Deleting a folder with files in it while having both the folder and the files selected raises an error (in the Solution Explorer) 2014-08-20
23867 Xamarin Shell bugzilla CONF --- Search..Find in Files defaults to Directories 2016-06-30
24149 Xamarin Shell bugzilla CONF --- numpad keys don't work on key bindings 2015-09-02
27387 Xamarin Shell bugzilla CONF --- Cannot add new file to solution folder 2015-03-16
27388 Xamarin Shell bugzilla CONF --- Files in solution folders cannot be renamed 2016-05-04
28868 Xamarin Shell bugzilla CONF --- When no code is being selected, remove "Selection" in Find dialog 2015-04-29
30096 Xamarin Shell bugzilla CONF --- Custom key bindings get deleted when switching schemes 2015-05-22
30208 Xamarin Shell bugzilla CONF --- Cannot use program shortcut when language is set to Korean 2017-05-25
31165 Xamarin Shell bugzilla CONF --- Search/replace icons do not provide @2x variant 2015-06-18
31581 Xamarin Shell bugzilla CONF --- Screen flickers / re-initialises when switching between two files while having find window open 2015-09-16
42060 Xamarin Shell bugzilla CONF --- Xamarin Studio 6.0.1 IDE cannot show interface designer for some forms 2017-04-07
42853 Xamarin Shell bugzilla CONF --- XS re-opens wrong solution on startup. 2016-10-27
48712 Xamarin Shell bugzilla CONF --- Add Search Box within Solution Explorer 2016-12-05
50435 Xamarin Shell bugzilla CONF --- Can't change active configuration from menu 2017-06-23
54082 Xamarin Shell bugzilla CONF --- We shouldn't have fixed width tabs (breaks localization) 2017-04-07
55113 Xamarin Shell bugzilla CONF --- On Windows 200% DPI Unit Tests context menu shows off 2017-05-02
56011 Xamarin Shell bugzilla CONF --- WindowsPlatform: Numerous first-chance exceptions at startup for each menu item image (Resource not found: md-status-steady.png) 2017-05-05
57185 Xamarin Shell bugzilla CONF --- Credential provider dialog: tabbing and initial focus 2018-04-20
57673 Xamarin Shell bugzilla CONF --- Editing folder names is erased during package restore 2017-06-23
58315 Xamarin Shell bugzilla CONF --- Secondary label text in search is difficult to read 2017-08-16
60094 Xamarin Shell bugzilla CONF --- Reload main toolbar's "execution target" when adding new Azure Functions project 2017-10-11
17050 Xamarin Shell cody CONF --- Hotkeys do not work unless the first hotkey is pressed under English keyboard layout 2017-02-20
17703 Xamarin Shell cody CONF --- Incomplete Unicode support 2014-04-30
23623 Xamarin Shell cody CONF --- Xamarin studio is flashing 2014-10-06
35344 Xamarin Shell cody CONF --- [Mac] There is no reverse cycle between Windows 2016-10-31
43345 Xamarin Shell cody CONF --- Keyboard layout changes are not reflected 2016-10-13
54657 Xamarin Shell cody CONF --- combo boxes with long lists render badly 2017-09-22
37471 Xamarin Shell iain.holmes CONF --- Using the tab key in the Properties Pad has counterintuitive/unexpected behavior. 2017-10-16
53456 Xamarin Shell iain.holmes CONF --- [Xamarin-Studio] Usability: Voiceover:OSX: Voiceover doesnt read the text attributes for any static text. 2018-01-18
53618 Xamarin Shell iain.holmes CONF --- [Xamarin-Studio] Usability: Voiceover : Voiceover doesnt announce which radio-button is selected as default in 'Project options' window. 2018-01-18
53757 Xamarin Shell iain.holmes CONF --- [Xamarin-Studio]Accessibility:MAS36:OSX:Keyboard:Sorting buttons are Not Accessible using Keyboard.. 2018-01-18
56632 Xamarin Shell iain.holmes CONF --- PropertyGrid needs to be accessible 2018-01-18
3046 Xamarin Shell lluis CONF --- Cut/pasting grouped items in solution pad leaves stray child 2017-08-22
11275 Xamarin Shell marius.ungureanu CONF --- drag & dropping folders doesn't work quite right 2016-11-03
17433 Xamarin Shell marius.ungureanu CONF --- Deleted files should go to Recycle/Trash 2016-10-04
42747 Xamarin Shell marius.ungureanu CONF --- Properties text field does not get editable at first attempt, we have to click three times on text field. 2017-06-23
32509 Xamarin Shell matt.ward CONF --- [NewProjectDialog] File > New > Solution should have "New Solution" in the title of the dialog 2015-08-06
17285 Xamarin Shell sevoku CONF --- Font not getting changed for Properties Tab 2016-10-04
51366 Xamarin Shell sevoku CONF --- Text Snippets Toolbox drag icon missing 2017-01-11
463 Xamarin Shell bugzilla CONF --- Erroneous horizontal scrollbar in solution area 2016-12-14
6822 Xamarin Shell bugzilla CONF --- Application chooses wrong monitor 2017-07-28
10752 Xamarin Shell bugzilla CONF --- Add commands and recent files to Mac dock menu 2017-08-08
12598 Xamarin Shell bugzilla CONF --- Complete description of text is not displaying in search box of Xamarin Studio. 2017-08-04
29502 Xamarin Shell bugzilla CONF --- Pinned & visible "Properties" pad is hidden when clicking on "Properties" title, inconsistent behavior vs. other pads & "Properties" pad in other views 2017-03-23
57550 Xamarin Shell bugzilla CONF --- Duplicate key binding warning text not shown for first duplicate key binding 2017-06-16
57905 Xamarin Shell bugzilla CONF --- Selected category should be visible in preferences dialog on re-opening 2017-07-03
54157 Xamarin Shell cody CONF --- Solution TreeView expand/collapse triangles on Windows 200% DPI broken 2017-04-06
59860 Xamarin Shell cody CONF --- Gtk 2017-09-29
13775 Xamarin Shell hbons CONF --- No shortcut to activate Search Result window 2017-09-26
4231 Xamarin Shell marius.ungureanu CONF --- Navigation history allows for multiple entries on the same line after deleting a file in the history 2016-07-12
60014 Xamarin Shell marius.ungureanu CONF --- Hang / extreme slowdown when printing long lines to the application output 2017-10-10
1217 Xamarin Shell bugzilla CONF --- ComboBox to select the active widget acts strangely 2017-02-14
3210 Xamarin Shell bugzilla CONF --- FileService purpose should be clearer 2016-11-05
17197 Xamarin Shell bugzilla CONF --- Open with should warn if already open in different editor 2014-06-03
37132 Xamarin Shell bugzilla CONF --- "Run In Test Cloud" -> "Browse" -> "Options" -> "iOS Applications": doesn't refresh file picker 2016-01-11
43202 Xamarin Shell bugzilla CONF --- [xamu] Debugging mode gets stuck if storyboard opened while running 2017-07-17
47798 Xamarin Shell bugzilla CONF --- Wasted space in the Xamarin Studio toolbar causes build configuration or emulator name to be hidden with 15 inch Retina MacBook Pro 2016-12-05
51376 Xamarin Shell cody CONF --- [Gtk] Pixmap drawing is not DPI aware (ProgressBar, TextEditor MiniMap) 2017-01-18
25831 Xamarin Shell marius.ungureanu CONF --- Sometimes there is a "Soft" crash whan switching file tabs 2017-07-19
34477 Xamarin Shell bugzilla ASSI --- Xamarin Studio OSX - Cannot toggle between languages using the shortcut 2017-05-18
57745 Xamarin Shell marius.ungureanu ASSI --- Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.Analyzers 2018-01-16
11104 Xamarin Shell bugzilla ASSI --- Wrong color in tooltips on dark Linux themes 2016-11-03
40652 Xamarin Shell marius.ungureanu ASSI --- PathBar is broken for the forms previewer 2017-06-23
16712 Xamarin Shell bugzilla IN_P --- Truncating of debug output in Application Output window 2015-08-31
56636 Xamarin Shell marius.ungureanu IN_P --- [Feature Request] for Search Bar 2017-08-04
59012 Xamarin Shell sevoku IN_P --- [VSfM] Menu Bar Options are available to user even if Pop Ups are Over IDE 2018-04-24
11489 Xamarin Shell marius.ungureanu IN_P --- Xamarin Studio resizes after adding item to solution 2017-05-15
45217 Xamarin Shell bugzilla IN_P --- Xamarin studio is flipped !! mirrored ! the IDE itself looks so weird, this happened today after i updated to the latest OS X EI 2016-10-26
30449 Xamarin Shell iain.holmes IN_P --- Mac status bar not displaying new StatusBarContexts 2016-04-20
52350 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEED --- "Run" on a project does not display output pane 2018-01-11
53866 Xamarin Shell marius.ungureanu NEED --- monodevelop title bar doesn't indicate active document 2017-09-18
39622 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEED --- Search result not visible after double-clicking in search results pad 2017-08-15
52412 Xamarin Shell bugzilla REOP --- "Show completion Window" hotkey 2017-03-07
31712 Xamarin Shell cody REOP --- Solution pad doesn't refresh properly after resizing application window 2017-01-13
1173 Xamarin Shell bugzilla REOP --- Document switcher not fully usable on MacOS Lion 2016-12-14
51378 Xamarin Shell cody REOP --- [Gtk] TextEditor QuickTasks - QuartzSurface has no HiDPI support 2017-08-18
10751 Xamarin Shell marius.ungureanu REOP --- Enable some Mac menu commands when modal dialogs open 2016-11-07
33137 Xamarin Shell marius.ungureanu REOP --- Pinning of opened Xamarin Studio to a taskbar in Windows 10 produces icon duplicate 2017-10-18
125 bugs found.


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