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19 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
9053 Xamarin Android gregm NEW --- MonoDevelop should respect ANDROID_SDK_HOME 2015-03-09
57082 Xamarin Android cody CONF --- User is not notified that the Android SDK tools are not installed when starting an AVD. 2018-02-05
16553 Xamarin Android gregm CONF --- Need a way to automatically launch scripts after deployment of application on Android and iOS 2016-12-20
23968 Xamarin Android gregm CONF --- Provide a way to enable the android lint tool in project settings - `/p:AndroidLintEnabled` 2017-07-17
28460 Xamarin Android gregm CONF --- Setting Package Signing options within the IDE should store package signing info in a separate .targets file. 2017-07-17
34301 Xamarin Android gregm CONF --- [Enhancement] Update Modern Development Template targets 2017-07-18
37816 Xamarin Android gregm CONF --- Android device target does not filter incompatible devices 2016-12-20
42808 Xamarin Android gregm CONF --- Android WebView App template has non-zero warning due to using obsolete method 2017-02-14
48586 Xamarin Android gregm CONF --- Android TV App Banner cannot be set with tools 2016-12-05
58487 Xamarin Android gregm CONF --- The IDE shows targetSdkVersion (Automatic) to be the latest, but shouldn't 2017-10-25
36540 Xamarin Android shaw CONF --- No code completion for Android manifest 2017-01-11
58292 Xamarin Android cody CONF --- Android Package Signing Project Settings has no way to generate a new keystore (without leaving project options) 2017-11-22
3495 Xamarin Android gregm CONF --- [Feature request] - Add ability to take screenshot from device using MonoDevelop 2017-07-18
32318 Xamarin Android gregm CONF --- [Hackweek] Add a styles.xml file by default? 2017-07-17
58189 Xamarin Android gregm CONF --- The "/" key automatically (erroneously) selects the first Intellisense recommendation 2018-01-05
5276 Xamarin Android gregm IN_P --- Automatically update AndroidManifest property 2016-12-19
19556 Xamarin Android gregm IN_P --- Cannot debug project with conditionally redefined package name 2016-10-04
59639 Xamarin Android cody NEED --- Package Creation failed 2017-09-27
41704 Xamarin Android gregm NEED --- Provide a way to scroll to the markers in the device log 2017-07-17
19 bugs found.


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