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10 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
31278 Runtime Verifier bugzilla NEW --- Missing Error: Method has a duplicate 2015-06-22
32500 Runtime Verifier bugzilla NEW --- InvalidProgramException 2015-08-03
59856 Runtime Verifier bugzilla NEW --- verifier does not understand PE32+ format 2017-09-29
60842 Runtime Verifier bugzilla NEW --- Missing Cannot change initonly field outside its .ctor 2017-11-29
43025 Runtime Verifier kumpera NEW --- Error: Metadata verifier doesn't handle sections with intialized data only 2016-09-14
9545 Runtime Verifier bugzilla CONF --- Explicitly implement an interface method with weaker type parameter constraint 2017-10-04
1770 Runtime Verifier bugzilla CONF --- Verifier does not check not implemented constraints 2017-09-26
18358 Runtime Verifier bugzilla CONF --- Error: Invalid method row 0 is RtSpecialName but not named .ctor or .cctor 2018-01-24
59967 Runtime Verifier bugzilla CONF --- Not Verifiable: Cannot take the address of a init-only field at 0x0002 2018-01-05
17933 Runtime Verifier kumpera CONF --- Missing IL check for filter type 2018-01-24
10 bugs found.