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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
8693 Installe macOS In bugzilla NEW --- Allow installing multiple major Mono versions side by side 2017-05-16
23678 Installe macOS In lexas NEW --- standard ruby libs not available in IronRuby shipped with Mono MDK Package 2017-08-31
58730 Installe macOS In lexas NEW --- Mono.framework on Mac has absolute paths in soft links 2017-08-12
41140 Installe macOS In lexas ASSI --- bundled ironpython quite old (nearly 5 years), suggest upgrading to 2.7.5/2.7.6 2017-05-16
42466 Installe macOS In lexas IN_P --- 4.6 Mono package contains autotools binaries 2017-05-16
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