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Tue May 30 2017 05:32:13 UTC
When Chuck Norris throws exceptions, it’s across the room.
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20 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
138 Compiler Basic rolf NEW --- Exception variable aren't available in when clauses 2011-12-06
611 Compiler Basic rolf NEW --- Casting an addressof expression causes internal compiler error 2011-09-02
1178 Compiler Basic rolf NEW --- Branching out of a Finally block via GoTo not diagnosed. 2011-10-02
1179 Compiler Basic rolf NEW --- Crash when using Main as an expression 2011-10-02
1180 Compiler Basic rolf NEW --- Crash when applying invalid AttributeUsage attribute to a class 2011-10-02
2086 Compiler Basic rolf ASSI --- Segmentation Fault when compiling circular class trees 2011-11-22
3575 Compiler Basic rolf ASSI --- static member on Generic Type is not resolved correcly. 2012-02-22
3962 Compiler Basic rolf ASSI --- Unable to compile conversion from Me to own type with type parameters 2012-03-22
3987 Compiler Basic rolf ASSI --- Runtime error when passing property result by reference 2012-03-22
3988 Compiler Basic rolf ASSI --- Compiler error with inferred arrays 2012-03-22
4881 Compiler Basic duncan.mak NEW --- Windows installer does not include lib/mono/2.0/vbnc.exe 2012-05-04
6027 Compiler Basic rolf ASSI --- VBNC99999 when compiling within MonoDevelop on OSX Lion (MonoDevelop, Mono 2.10.9) 2012-07-16
8033 Compiler Basic rolf NEW --- vbnc crash when attempting to load an complex generic handler through Apache and mod_mono 2012-10-29
16282 Compiler Basic rolf ASSI --- inconsistent behavior when using ctype with boxing object 2013-12-23
22124 Compiler Basic rolf NEW --- Microsoft.VisualBasic.CompilerServices.Conversions.ToInteger doesn't handle hex strings 2014-09-12
22627 Compiler Basic rolf NEW --- Mono Basic (Visual Basic) Compiler is out of date 2014-09-04
33118 Compiler Basic rolf NEW --- Vb compiler creates invalid assembly if contains Events in special form 2015-08-14
37406 Compiler Basic rolf NEW --- VBNC99999 with Security namespace in multiple imports 2016-01-05
37517 Compiler Basic rolf NEW --- VBNC99999: Unexpected error: The method or operation is not implemented. 2016-01-08
37518 Compiler Basic rolf NEW --- error VBNC99999: Internal compiler error close to this location 2016-01-08
20 bugs found.


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