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ID Product Sev Pri Status Resolution Summary
61276 iOS nor --- RESO ANSW Get an error while using the binding library or DLL
61116 Xamarin nor Normal RESO FIXE MonoDevelop 6 compiling, FSharp nugets not found
61086 iOS nor --- CONF --- Can't override method that has struct as parameter if it is declared in native protocol
61085 iOS nor --- RESO NORE Error getting response stream (ReadDone1): ReceiveFailure
61080 Tools nor --- RESO ANSW turkish keyboard capital I
61054 iOS nor --- RESO FIXE System.ArgumentNullException: Argument cannot be null. Parameter name: pointer using NSUrlSessionHandler
61053 iOS nor --- RESO NORE Unable to insert null DateTime using EF Core
61043 iOS nor --- RESO NORE App crashes abruptly for uikit exception in debug mode
61006 Forms nor --- RESO ANSW ToolbarItem : Item isn't added to ToolbarItems
60968 Forms maj Normal CONF --- UnHandledException throws while View has been customizing from Layout<View> and loaded inside StackLayout
60840 iOS enh --- CONF --- WatchOS: Extension: confusing validation code for extension bundle id
60811 iOS nor --- RESO INVA Can't build to iOS 11.1.2
60745 iOS nor --- RESO NORE MT2101 - Can't resolve the reference 'System.Void UIKit.UINavigationBar::set_PrefersLargeTitles(System.Boolean)',
60738 Forms nor --- RESO NOT_ Crashlytics reports crash due to ImageSource.Cancel() invocation
60737 Forms nor --- RESO ANSW Binding to element value prevents child bindings to ViewModel
60736 Forms nor Normal RESO FIXE Button with BorderRadius < 6 on UWP seems to ignore the BorderRadius
60728 iOS nor --- RESO FIXE Enhanced User Notifications not displaying on iOS
60714 Forms nor --- RESO NORE Different controls behaivor after navigating back
60705 Forms maj --- RESO FIXE Cannot compile using dotnet
60703 Forms enh Normal RESO ANSW Can't resolve name on Element is a useless error message
60702 Forms nor --- RESO FIXE Using the cursor keys to moves through a ListView's items on UWP results in ItemTapped being fired
60691 Forms blo Normal RESO ANSW Device.OpenUri(new Uri("tel:123 456")) crashes the app (space in phone number)
60684 Forms nor --- ASSI --- Xamarin Forms Picker crash on selectionchange in MacOS debug
60660 Forms nor Normal CONF --- TargetFrameworkVersion changed for Xamarin.Forms in 2.4.0 sr5
60659 Forms nor Highest RESO FIXE [iOS] SetUseSafeArea causes bottom of page content to be cutoff displaying page background
60647 Forms nor --- RESO ANSW InputTransparent bug or behavior change in Xamarin.Forms Android 2.4
60646 Forms nor Normal CONF --- ViewCell Height not calculated correctly when using margin on grid
60637 iOS nor --- RESO NORE Build fails with 'Link Framework SDKs Only' due to AWSSDK.CloudWatchLogs package
60636 Forms blo Normal RESO FIXE Get weird left margin on listview in Xamarin Forms on iOS
60630 iOS nor --- RESO DOWN ios 11 iOS Device Manager - Unable to install Device Agent on device
60607 Forms nor --- RESO NORE Auto inside fixed height view does not calculate correctly
60605 Forms nor --- RESO ANSW Specified cast is not valid when setting a Style
60604 Forms nor Normal CONF --- UWP - Can't update view within ViewCell (works fine in iOS)
60592 iOS nor --- RESO DOWN Failed to install DeviceAgent ExitCode: 8
60587 Forms nor --- NEED --- Unloading image mscorlib.dll when XF ListView is scrolled by fling action at first time.
60575 Forms nor --- RESO FIXE Collection Type Attached Properties Can't be Filled in XAML
60567 Forms nor --- RESO NOT_ InputTransparent applies to children on iOS even when they have it explicitly set to false
60563 Forms nor Normal RESO FIXE ActivityIndicator in ListView causes SIGSEGV crash in iOS 8
60530 Forms nor --- RESO ANSW Button inside Content Page with IsVisible binding not working only on Android
60524 Forms cri Highest RESO FIXE NRE when rendering ListView with grouping enabled and HasUnevenRows set to true
60523 Forms nor --- RESO INVA Button pushed up by keyboard after support lib upgrade
60521 Forms nor Normal CONF --- Item property of ItemTappedEventArgs not set on UWP
60507 Forms nor --- RESO NOT_ System.NotSupportedException : Unable to activate instance of type Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.LabelRenderer from native handle 0xbffe071c (key_handle 0x8615874).
60492 Forms maj Normal CONF --- Memory Leak when using Platform.CreateRenderer()
60489 Forms nor --- RESO NORE NSURLSession/NSURLConnection HTTP load failed (kCFStreamErrorDomainSSL, -9800)
60483 Forms enh Normal RESO ANSW ListView desperately needs a SelectedItemBackgroundColor property
60478 Forms nor Normal CONF --- Incorrect Back behavior in CarouselPage on UWP
60459 Forms nor --- RESO ANSW Setter not hit for BindableProperty if value set from XAML
60442 Forms nor --- RESO ANSW Style.Trigger does not work when wrote in app.xaml
60434 Forms nor Normal CONF --- TableSection with no Title is rendered as an empty row in iOS 11, and not rendered in previous iOS versions
60430 iOS min Lowest RESO FIXE EKEventViewController shows blacked-out screen with use of Xamarin.Google.iOS.MobileAds in iOS11
60425 Forms nor --- RESO ANSW XAML Composite Bindings don't work when linking Sdk and User Assemblies
60413 Forms blo Normal RESO FIXE Blank page on resume app
60405 Forms maj Normal CONF --- DisplayActionSheet Functionality Very Poor
60397 Forms nor --- RESO ANSW Xamarin.Forms.Maps GetPositionsForAddressAsync geocoder returns wrong lat/long
60371 Forms nor Normal CONF --- iOS 11 ListView Group Header repeats after item removal from other groups
60369 Forms nor --- NEED --- Button.Image does not handle UWP screen scaling
60364 Forms nor --- RESO ANSW Style defined in the setter not working if any of the style related property (like background color, text color etc.,) is set explicitly
60349 Forms maj Normal CONF --- Specifying DataType on DataTemplate where the Poco has a generic property fails to compile
60337 Forms nor --- RESO FIXE Null Reference Exception in LoadApplication in FormsAppCompatActivity (NRE) due to changes from #59882
60261 Forms nor Normal RESO FIXE Control Background Color Changes On Rotation
60258 Forms nor Normal CONF --- Custom Picker with dummy (empty) renderer shows "0" in the list when ItemsSource is null on Android.
60248 Forms nor Normal CONF --- [iOS] Animation Issue when scrolling through buttons in a Listview.
60239 Forms nor --- CONF --- Exception when declaring Minimum property before Maximum property in Slider
60212 Forms nor Normal CONF --- ListView margins not calculated correctly with visible keyboard
60209 Forms nor Normal RESO ANSW A Property resets to default when multiple Triggers setting it to the same value
60204 Forms nor --- RESO FIXE Bug when running UWP app in assigned access mode
60203 Forms nor --- RESO FIXE MultiTrigger with a BindingCondition and a PropertyCondition causes "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."
60188 Forms blo Normal CONF --- Ripple effect not being applied when using SelectableItemBackground
60172 Forms nor --- RESO ANSW TemplateBinding not working on Control with BindingContext set by parent
60170 Forms nor --- RESO ANSW LongClick Event Doesn't Invoke Handler
60162 Forms nor --- RESO ANSW XamlC Failed error MSB4018: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not find file MyApp.dll.mdb
60155 Forms nor Normal RESO ANSW Rendering issues on Android 4.2
60150 Forms nor --- RESO NORE Regression: Color with 0 alpha is incorrectly converted from XMAL to Forms.Color
60140 Forms maj High RESO FIXE ArgumentNullException on MapRenderer.RemoveAnnotations
60123 Forms nor --- RESO NORE Fast scrolling infinite list view crashes app, if list contains more data in xamarin forms
60122 Forms nor High RESO FIXE LongClick on image not working
60113 Forms nor --- RESO ANSW Two-way bindings not working as expected if path is "."
60109 Forms nor Normal CONF --- Long strings in <entry> do not scroll, the cursor/carat becomes invisible to user on IOS
60107 Forms nor --- NEED --- Since the latest Visual Studio for Mac (and Mono) update, the NavigationPage Icons are not there on iPads
60106 Forms nor Normal RESO ANSW [UWP] MasterPage - Blank Area below Popover menu the *second* time you show it
60097 Forms nor --- NEED --- Labels not rendering in Carousel
60056 Forms nor Normal RESO FIXE [UWP] ViewCell ignores margins of it's child
60045 Forms nor Normal RESO FIXE ListView with RecycleElement strategy doesn't handle CanExecute of TextCell Command properly (Forms->iOS)
60041 Forms nor Normal RESO FIXE Placeholder in Entry box is vertically aligned to bottom
60033 Forms nor Normal CONF --- ListView override void SetupContent not triggered in UWP
60021 Forms nor --- ASSI --- [MacOS] After PushAsync the page remains empty, but elements react on taps
60013 Forms nor Normal CONF --- On UWP, page content is obscured by toolbar when using SetToolbarPlacement(ToolbarPlacement.Bottom)
60012 Forms nor --- RESO NORE App crashing when binding the int property to nullable double? data type bindable property.
59982 Forms nor Normal RESO ANSW Navigating to another page is not working inside ListView.
59974 Forms nor Normal CONF --- ArgumentOutOfRangeException in listview with ObservableCollection async updates
59968 Forms nor Normal CONF --- On iOS a ListView with a Label in the ViewCell requires an extra "\n" for multi-line text
59966 Forms nor --- RESO NOT_ Tap in the android navigation bar region does not scroll the content when focus is obtained in Samsung galaxy S8 + device
59961 Forms nor --- RESO FIXE TapGestureRecognizer with NumberOfTapsRequired="1" works only with double tap
59950 Forms nor --- NEED --- FindByName<T> Returns copy of object in UWP
59949 Forms nor Normal CONF --- Title Bars Disappear in Android
59945 Forms nor --- RESO NORE Bug "ProgressBar" on Android 5.0.1
59935 Forms nor --- RESO ANSW Grid Misbehavior?
59934 Forms nor Normal CONF --- binding inefficiencies spam debug console output and hurt debug performance
59933 Forms nor --- RESO ANSW RelativeLayout with InputTransparent = true occluding RelativeLayout beneath
59931 Forms nor --- RESO ANSW FormsAppCompatActivity.GetField("_statusBarHeight") returns null
59927 Forms nor Normal RESO FIXE ScrollView height not calculated properly on iOS 11
59925 Forms nor Normal RESO FIXE Entry height different between XF 2.4.0 Pre and all previous versions (iOS)
59919 Forms nor --- RESO NOT_ Multiple rapid taps on the picker crashes the app (Android)
59917 Forms maj Normal CONF --- AppLinks package causes unhandled exception in release build only
59905 Forms nor --- CLOS ANSW Frame does not apear
59901 Forms nor --- CONF --- ListView.ScrollTo does not work in ContinueWith
59898 Forms nor --- RESO ANSW Xamarin.Forms.Color.Gray is darker than Xamarin.Forms.Color.DarkGray
59896 Forms maj High RESO FIXE v2.4.0: Adding inserting section to ListView causes crash IF first section is empty
59884 Forms nor --- CONF --- Picker does not Support OneWayToSource
59882 Forms nor --- RESO FIXE Xam Forms 2.4 not resuming from reused App and Pages
59878 Forms nor Normal CONF --- Using a custom renderer for NavigationPage results in InvalidCastException when calling base.OnElementChanged()
59876 Forms nor --- RESO FIXE Crash after splash screen on Android 4.4.4 tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (SM-T113))
59868 Forms nor Normal RESO FIXE Secondary ToolbarItems broken on Xamarin.Forms iOS 2.4stable
59863 Forms maj Highest RESO FIXE TapGestureRecognizer extremely finicky
59839 Forms nor --- CONF --- iOS 11 - TabbedRenderer - Element overwrites native safe area
59838 Forms nor --- RESO NORE Xamarin.Forms.Maps - Android: MoveToRegion not working when HasZoomEnabled is true
59837 iOS cri --- RESO NORE Cannot connect to Mac
59833 Forms blo --- RESO NOT_ Xamarin.Forms 2.4.280 Unable to build the project
59831 Forms nor Normal CONF --- Java.Lang.SecurityException Setting IsShowingUser = "true" without permission
59830 Forms maj Normal CONF --- Post V2.3.3.193: crash when subscribing/unsubscribing from IVisualElementRenderer.ElementChanged during element change
59818 Forms nor --- RESO FIXE StaticResource binding in ColumnDefinition fails with type mismatch Exception
59817 Forms nor Normal CONF --- listView scrolling down incorrectly
59816 Forms nor High RESO FIXE SetFlags crashes Application upon restart of the Activity in OnCreate
59813 Forms nor --- RESO ANSW "NullReferenceException" in "Xamarin.Forms.Platform.iOS.Renderers.LabelRenderer.cs" within "UpdateText()" & "UpdateTextColor()"
59741 Forms nor --- CONF --- Carousel Page in iOS11 is causing inside ListView cannot scroll to refresh
59724 Forms nor Normal CONF --- Page Title does not stretch in Android when larger value is applied on orientation change
59718 Forms blo Normal RESO FIXE Multiple issues with listview and navigation in UWP
59716 Forms maj Normal RESO FIXE NRE on ListView's cell update when templated with grid and label
59711 Forms nor Normal CONF --- Can't resolve name on Element
59710 Forms nor Normal RESO ANSW SKGLView renders 60% darker than SKCanvasView
59702 Forms nor Normal CONF --- When a row with an icon is removed from a ListView, icons in the remaining rows disappear
59672 Forms nor --- CONF --- iPhone X Landscape Cut-Out overlaying content
59662 Forms nor Normal CONF --- ViewCell appears empty on UWP and has no ContextActions, but on iOS and Android everything is fine.
59650 Forms maj Normal RESO FIXE Removing Item from ObeservableCollection for ListView.ItemsSource throws exception on windows
59595 Forms maj Normal RESO FIXE Error with SearchBar inside of a Grid with iOS 11 SDK
59592 Forms nor Normal CONF --- ScrollView with Padding has incorrect ContentSize
59576 Forms nor Normal CONF --- CustomControl not shown correctly in ListView
59565 Forms nor Normal CONF --- IsVisible changes seem to be applied out of order, causing flickering
59538 Forms nor --- CONF --- [UWP Windows Store] Template App crashes at startup with UWP app package created for upload
59514 Forms nor Normal CONF --- iOS: Listview Footer disappears on Navigation
59506 Forms nor Normal RESO FIXE InputTransparent on Android not applying to children
59490 Forms maj Normal CONF --- Label text is blurred when using RotationY property
59485 Forms nor Normal CONF --- TableView Multiple Section Navigation Bug
59448 Forms nor Normal CONF --- IsClippedToBounds=false does not work for Frame Fast Renderer on Android
59444 Forms nor Normal CONF --- Image not update in some cells/rows in ListView after vertical scrolling
59411 Forms nor --- RESO NOT_ KeyNotFoundException: The given key was not present in the dictionary.
59410 Forms nor --- RESO NORE White Bar on top of WebView Resizing when SoftInput appears
59404 Forms nor Normal RESO FIXE WindowsDeviceInfo ScalingFactor property missing implementation for multiple ResolutionScale enums
59391 Forms nor Normal CONF --- Using an Entry with HorizontalOptions = CenterAndExpand, the Entry does not resize as content grows
59383 Forms nor Normal CONF --- VerticalOptions = StartAndExpands not expanding as expected for ListView on Android
59271 Forms nor --- RESO ANSW Memory Leak when using x:Reference within the ItemTemplate in ListView
59262 Forms nor Normal RESO ANSW Button text does not truncate
59248 Forms blo Normal RESO FIXE ItemTapped event is not fired when keyboard Enter Pressed on ListView
59246 Forms nor --- CONF --- Focus Editor in ListView causes toolbar pushed from screen with WindowSoftInputModeAdjust.Resize
59224 Forms cri --- RESO FIXE Upgrading from 2.4.0-pre1 to pre2 sets xaml build action to None
59218 Forms nor Normal RESO ANSW [Android] MaxLines does not work if LineBreakMode is set to truncation option
59195 Android nor --- RESO ANSW The operation CreateSession failed due to an internal error: Could not initialize class
59185 Forms nor --- CONF --- Android Status Bar Covers Content When It Is Translucent
59181 Forms nor --- ASSI --- [MacOS] DisplayActionSheet items in reverse order to iOS and Android
59172 Forms nor Normal CONF --- Popped page does not appear on top of current navigation stack, please file a bug.
59133 Forms nor Normal CONF --- Bound IsVisible Not working in ListView on Android
59127 Forms nor --- RESO FIXE cannot be cast to android.view.ViewGroup
59113 Forms nor Normal CONF --- Button click doesn't fire with scroll and keyboard open
59101 Forms cri High RESO FIXE IOSPlatformServices.OpenUriAction fails to send querystrings with encoded characters
59097 Forms blo Normal RESO FIXE [Android] Calling PopAsync via TapGestureRecognizer causes an application crash
59091 Forms blo Normal CONF --- StackOverflow Exception occur while using ListView
59087 Forms nor --- RESO FIXE Master detail page causes app crash
59086 Forms nor --- RESO ANSW 2.4.0 breaks layout on Android
59064 Forms nor Normal CONF --- ViewCell.OnDisappearing Doesn't Fire When Page Popped Off Navigation Stack
59042 Forms maj Normal RESO NORE Specified argument was out of the range of valid values when opening a ListView
59025 Forms nor Normal CONF --- On iOS, the topmost content of a ContentPage is hidden beneath secondary toolbar items
59018 Forms maj Normal CONF --- ListView with RowHeight specified, contained in horizontal ScrollView, throws exception
59006 Forms nor --- NEED --- Focusing any Entry control inside TableView always binds to first Entry
58988 Forms maj Normal CONF --- Calling Focus() on an Entry in iOS causes Entries to not be able to get focus when navigating to another page
58987 Forms nor Normal RESO FIXE [UWP] Default layout for Image different than on iOS and Android
58972 Forms nor High RESO INVA The Status Bar is white in XF 2.4
58966 Forms nor Normal RESO FIXE [Android] EntryEditText and EditorEditText have been removed which is a breaking change
58938 Forms nor Normal CONF --- StackLayout children drawing past bottom of parent
58915 Forms nor Normal CONF --- Setting Entry.Text to a non-empty string causes height to be smaller than the text when VerticalOptions="End"
58906 Forms nor --- CONF --- Android Previewer doesn't render Label Spans properly
58897 Forms cri High RESO FIXE Cannot Compile Netstandard Library with 2.4.0-pre1
58893 Forms cri High RESO FIXE Cannot Update to 2.4.0-pre1 When Using VS2015
58868 Forms cri High RESO FIXE App Crashes Immediately on API 19 and below
58867 Forms nor Normal CONF --- OnAppearing and OnDisappearing out of sequence with PushModalAsync during backgrounding/foregrounding app
58833 Forms cri High RESO FIXE ListView SelectedItem Binding does not fire
58743 Xamarin nor Normal CONF --- Problem with automatical create OnShow function(method) in MonoDevelop studio
58433 Forms maj Normal CONF --- Label LineBreakMode="HeadTruncation" crashes App on Android when see details
58155 Forms nor --- CONF --- 'TranslateExtension' cannot be converted to type 'System.String'
57802 Forms nor Normal RESO NOT_ FastRenderers.LabelRenderer encounters NotSupportedException, MissingMethodException (
57533 Xamarin nor --- RESO NOT_ monodevelop crashes on creating a new project
57231 Forms nor Normal CONF --- Swipe gesture is not working well in MasterDetailPage
56517 Forms nor Normal CONF --- Grid with all rows/columns set to Auto acts as Star
56127 Android nor --- REOP --- PdfRenderer of Android does not render some fonts present in the PDF document in Android API 23 (Android 6.0)
55376 Xamarin enh Normal CONF --- Old NuGet package MSBuild imports can remain if packages directory is moved
54224 Visual S enh Low RESO NOT_ Display current Xamarin Version in the updater
54050 Forms blo High RESO ANSW Label TailTruncation problem - fragment of last letter is not visible
53989 Xamarin nor --- RESO NOT_ MonoDevelop debugger doesn't display Guid values
53402 Visual S nor --- RESO NOT_ GoogleServicesJson Build action is missing from dropdown
53139 Visual S min --- VERI NOT_ [Cycle 8 SR 2] Ignorable error "An error occurred while executing MTouch" is shown due to an error "while executing a reply for topic xvs/idb/" after "Stop Debugging" for iPhone simulator
52934 Visual S nor --- RESO ANSW Only first test runs successfully rest get WebException
52554 Xamarin enh Normal NEW --- Please add a confirmation prompt to nuget "Update" context menu
52531 Visual S nor --- RESO NOT_ [FirstRun] Install Missing Features dialog pops up when Xamarin is already installed for some .sln
52266 Forms nor --- RESO NOT_ Picker.Focus() does not work on Windows 8.1 and UWP (Windows Desktop)
52227 Visual S nor --- RESO FIXE Updater not updating Profiler
52184 Visual S nor Normal VERI FIXE Archive Manager/Android Key Manager doesn't show complete error messages
52052 Visual S tri Normal RESO FIXE [UITest] Visual Studio Android & iOS templates have comment that refer to "Unit Tests" pad which only exists in Xamarin Studio
51856 Xamarin nor High RESO FIXE msbuild fails to expand Configuration, Platform
51723 Android nor --- RESO NORE "Start debugging" gets stuck
51672 Visual S nor --- RESO FIXE Images in resource folder are not available in Image drop down in UIImage properties in XPLat Native PCL solution when Android project is unloaded.
51633 Visual S nor High RESO NORE Freeze when debugging [Android] [Xamarin.Forms]
51599 Visual S nor Normal RESO NORE Archive Manager Android "Could not distribute project X" - "The xmlreader state should be endoffile after this operation"
51379 Visual S nor Normal RESO ANSW Resource.Designer.cs is not generated
51292 Visual S nor --- VERI FIXE Cannot open iOS Story board from Visual Studio 2015 since the Xcode 8.2 and associated Xamarin update in december 2016.
51269 Visual S nor Normal RESO ANSW Local checksum of C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\Common7\IDE\Extensions\Xamarin\Xamarin\\ couldn't be verified
51231 Visual S nor --- RESO ANSW Editing .axml files in VS 2015 freezes the IDE for a few seconds.
51158 Visual S enh Normal RESO INVA Previewer should work without having an active connection to the mac
50086 Visual S maj High VERI FIXE Breakpoints in PCL projects no longer hit
49982 Visual S nor --- VERI FIXE [props] Unable to view WatchOS iOS Extension page in project properties
49787 Visual S nor Normal VERI FIXE Debugger gets confused when Variable/Property name is same as Class name of something else
49615 Visual S nor Normal RESO FIXE building or cleaning with VS2015 up3 throws a cannot access a disposed object error (reoccurring or diff from Bug 44570)
49439 Xamarin nor --- RESO ANSW Unable to run NUnit tests within the IDE
49425 Visual S nor High RESO FIXE TargetInvocationException in vs2013 Threads window
49424 Visual S nor Normal RESO NORE Vs2013 crashes when a breakpoint is hit in an Android app.
49118 Visual S nor --- VERI FIXE Template fails at first run
48464 Visual S nor --- RESO ANSW Visual Studio 2015 hangs when opening solution
48014 Visual S blo --- VERI FIXE blank xaml app (xamarin.forms portable) release build fails
47688 Visual S nor --- VERI FIXE [Xamarin Studio Parity and Run Configurations support] "Project Options > iOS Run Options > Environment Variables" and "Project Options > iOS Run Options > Parameters" currently have no effect when launching from Visual Studio
47591 Visual S nor --- RESO ANSW Could not load type AndroidFormsRendering.XFPageRendererView
47429 Visual S nor High CLOS FIXE Unable to launch Google Emulators if VS is NOT launched in admin mode
47401 Visual S nor Normal VERI FIXE Cache Folder continues to grow in size
47349 Xamarin nor --- RESO ANSW Object browser crashes IDE
47338 Visual S nor --- RESO FIXE Build iOS fails for timeout
47263 Visual S blo --- VERI FIXE Couldn't retrieve SSH Fingerprint.
47210 Visual S nor --- RESO NOT_ CouldNotInitializeRendererException when opening a storyboard
47188 Visual S blo Highest VERI FIXE ITextBufferExtensions.GetFilePath fails with KeyNotFoundException
47084 Visual S blo Highest VERI FIXE Unable to run iOS application on iOS Simulator using VS 2013 in debug mode
46574 Visual S nor Normal RESO FIXE Visual Studio 2015 going to crash every time I try to add services references in PCL project
46566 Visual S nor Normal RESO FIXE [props] In Visual Studio 2015 there is no graphical user interface to select a keystore file
46555 Android nor --- RESO NORE Deployment failed on RaspAnd image on PI 3
46518 Visual S nor --- RESO NORE [XMA] Unable to connect Visual Studio to MacBook Pro
46328 Visual S nor Normal VERI FIXE Build Agent: Entering incorrect IP gives no indication for a long time that it is trying to connect
46282 Visual S nor --- VERI FIXE Cannot access a disposed object..
46279 Visual S cri --- VERI FIXE [XVS] "C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Xamarin\Android\mono-symbolicate ... Assertion at ..\mono\metadata\class.c:5078, condition `class' not met" when attempting to create Android packages in the Release configuration
46198 Visual S nor --- RESO ANSW all andriod tools greyed out
46185 Visual S nor Normal VERI FIXE Newly created Google Android emulator from AS 2.2.2 stable doesn't show in VS dropdown until started manually
46184 Visual S nor Low VERI FIXE When building with JDK7, UnsupportedClassVersionError for version 52.0 shown
46183 Visual S nor Normal VERI FIXE On clean XVS and AS 2.2.2 stable, no Android platform found error shows in VS
46112 Visual S nor --- RESO INVA line break type of designer.cs file is always changed to CRLF by iOS Designer
46069 Visual S nor --- RESO NOT_ WatchKit FileNotFoundException: Notification Simulation File not found on Mac but it is there
45963 Visual S nor Normal RESO NOT_ Archive Manager unreadable with dark theme
45898 Visual S nor --- VERI FIXE There is a textfield below the deployment target dropdown for WatchOS projects
45862 Visual S nor --- VERI FIXE [Xcode 8.1 GM] "May Slow Down Your iPhone ... The developer of this app needs to update it to improve its compatibility." because of default "i386" supported architecture setting in the iPhoneSimulator configuration on new projects
45837 Visual S nor --- VERI FIXE Cannot build/compile Bindings Library project.
45832 Visual S nor Normal VERI FIXE When device is plugged-in, selecting emulator wrongly starts app on device
45810 Visual S nor --- RESO FIXE Xamarin.Mac requires manual references to facades
45809 Visual S nor --- RESO FIXE Xamarin.Mac not available in PCL targets
45682 Visual S nor Normal VERI FIXE Scp doesn't copy entire file Messaging.g.cs
45676 Visual S maj High VERI FIXE Cannot launch app on iOS 10.1 simulator (Xcode8.1)
45594 Xamarin nor Low CONF --- Monodevelop can't find xsp4
45589 Visual S nor --- VERI FIXE Limited Connection and getting System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Not a valid Win32 FileTime
45404 Visual S nor Normal RESO ANSW [Windows 8.1 SDK] compile error after upgrade to
45350 Xamarin nor --- RESO FIXE Autosave file does not gets rebuilt
45341 Visual S nor --- RESO FIXE Failure to debug on device (iOS)
45333 Visual S enh High VERI FIXE [Android Archive Manager and Publishing Workflow Enhancements] Differentiator between Alias, Wizard Path, Key Details, Keystore Path
45278 Visual S maj High VERI FIXE AsyncManager.Run is deadlocking the IDE
45258 Visual S nor --- RESO FIXE "Constant" dropdown button in a constraint property window can only be clicked when hovering over the outline or arrow
45257 Visual S nor Normal VERI FIXE Asset Catalog not working for non-English format settings
45253 Visual S nor --- VERI FIXE "Blank Xaml App (Xamarin.Forms Portable)" template project uses somewhat outdated Xamarin.Forms version
45252 Visual S nor Normal VERI FIXE When XI versions (between mac and windows) are incompatible, the VS status bar still says "Successfully connected to the Mac!"
45249 Visual S maj High VERI FIXE "Could not install package 'Xamarin.Forms'. You are trying to install this package into a project that targets 'Unsupported,Version=v0.0'" when adding a new XAML page to a Forms Shared Project
45248 Visual S nor --- RESO ANSW "Couldn't connect to {build hostname}. Please try again." after downgrading Xamarin
45224 Visual S nor --- VERI INVA after installing VS 15 preview 5, and using VS->tools->Xamarin settings to update to release channel, Xamarin VS does not work
45208 Visual S nor --- RESO FIXE Image Sets in an iOS Class Library project are not available in iOS Designer in a storyboard in the app project.
45154 Visual S nor Normal VERI FIXE Build Error on CopyDSYMFromMac
45122 Visual S cri High VERI FIXE Import Existing Keystore fails with Keystore was tampered with, or password was incorrect
45088 Visual S maj Normal REOP --- Image Assets are explicitly excluded from the IVsHierarchy
45083 Visual S nor --- RESO FIXE An error occured on client Build420703 while executing a reply for topic xvs/Build/
45069 Android nor --- RESO NOT_ SslStream AuthenticateAsClient hangs
45058 Visual S enh Normal VERI FIXE [props][Xamarin Studio Parity] The Project Properties menu contains different Xamarin-specific entries compared to Xamarin Studio's Project Options menu
45052 Visual S nor --- RESO ANSW Sudden 'The app has been terminated' after launching on iOS using VS2015
45029 Visual S nor High VERI FIXE Droid target of Xplat projects with '.' in the name fail to compile
45025 Visual S nor --- RESO NORE Unable to use ViewFlipper - Locks VS
44975 Installe nor --- RESO FIXE Timer event stops occurring when time is changed using 'date' command in ubuntu
44965 Visual S nor --- RESO ANSW Connection to a Mac from windows cannot take less than 15 seconds to start
44958 Visual S nor --- VERI FIXE No Available Devices are Listed After Changing Start Up Project via the Run button
44956 Visual S maj High VERI FIXE Android Designer fails to load F# project with System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
44932 Visual S maj --- VERI FIXE "File - New Project - Blank Xaml App (Xamarin.Forms Portable)" in Visual Studio 2015 creates a project that doesn't build
44906 Visual S nor Low VERI FIXE Remove Xamarin Android Player button from Visual Studio
44893 Visual S nor --- VERI FIXE Previewer Android mode cannot display DatePicker
44887 Visual S maj Normal VERI FIXE VS debugger not hitting the breakpoints when using bait-and-switch trick on iOS
44864 Xamarin nor --- NEED --- Mono Develop 5.10 fails to open Visual Studio solution
44854 Visual S nor High RESO FIXE Install fails with "Error 1325. 'ImportAfter' is not a valid short file name"
44805 Visual S nor --- VERI FIXE [Xamarin Studio Parity] Checkbox for "Project properties > iOS Build > Strip native debugging symbols" is missing from Xamarin for Visual Studio
44739 Visual S cri --- VERI FIXE Property editor of constraints of document overview does not reflect actual value in storyboard
44732 Visual S maj High VERI FIXE iOS build fails on cp -f command to copy assembly to Mac.
44728 Visual S nor --- RESO FIXE Debugg on iOS Simulator from Windows -> Lock Windows screen -> Simulator is frozen
44724 Visual S cri High VERI FIXE Failed to read file attributes for "/Users/admin/Assets.xcassets"
44695 Visual S nor --- RESO FIXE [xamu] Constraint Priority displays 0 in Properties pad; cannot be set from Designer pop-up
44688 Visual S maj High RESO NOT_ Cannot add Xamarin.Forms "XAML Page" to Shared Project.
44687 Visual S maj --- VERI FIXE Cannot see Device Log for Android Emulator in Visual Studio 2015
44660 Visual S nor --- VERI ANSW Getting error when trying "Run in Test Cloud" - Unable to find the nunit.framework.dll in the assembly directory.
44640 Visual S nor Normal RESO UPST UWP Bait & Switch; Build Error: APPX1101: Payload contains two or more files with the same destination path
44636 Visual S min --- RESO NOT_ Getting operation load failed popup in Android designer
44632 Visual S nor --- RESO FIXE Random/intermittent Mac Agent disconnects during msbuild command line
44605 Visual S maj --- VERI FIXE "Stop Debugging" command causes iOS apps to crash with "Assertion at ... debugger-agent.c... condition `flags == 0' not met" rather than exiting gracefully
44591 Visual S nor --- VERI FIXE Run in Test Cloud context menu item missing
44578 Visual S blo High VERI FIXE Cannot debug any solution from VS on my iPad anymore
44570 Visual S nor --- VERI FIXE building with VS 2015 Update 3 and msbuild property IpaPackageDir is defined and custom solution profile an error is thrown when cleanup starts from mac xamarin throws error
44567 Visual S cri --- VERI FIXE Cant debug on device (iOS): When trying to debug my XF app on device, it compile and then and the output window 'Launch failed. The app 'app' could not be launched on 'iPhone'. Please check the logs for more details.'
44551 Visual S maj --- VERI FIXE [Cycle 8] Attempting to deploy app with "iOS Application > Devices" set to "iPhone/iPod" on physical iPad has no effect and produces no error messages or warning in any log files
44532 Visual S nor --- CLOS UPST Cannot create Android project of Xamarin.Forms
44512 Visual S nor --- RESO NORE Changing autosizing in designer on a control most of the times is not possible.
44508 Visual S cri --- VERI FIXE Selecting a file via the file browser for "Custom entitlements" _deletes_ the selected file from the file system rather than selecting it
44468 Visual S blo --- VERI FIXE Still can't save App Icons via visual studio
44460 Visual S nor --- VERI FIXE ResolveLibraryProjectImports often fails not being able to delete
44447 Visual S nor High VERI FIXE Android symbolication uses wrong property
44432 Visual S maj High VERI FIXE Entitlements view doesn't save changes made in designer nor loads data from plist
44411 Visual S nor --- RESO ANSW Cannot deploy to a physical device
44401 Visual S maj Normal RESO FIXE iOS Segue always defaults to popoverSegue
44396 Visual S nor Normal VERI NOT_ iOS devices are not recognized in device list after plugging them in
44394 Visual S nor --- VERI FIXE Unable to deploy to iOS 7.x devices
44382 Visual S nor --- RESO NORE Custom controls or Android Support controls (CoordinatorLayout/TextInputLayout) just shows RED in the designer
44321 Visual S nor --- RESO FIXE [AndroidPublishing] When hitting distribute it automatically selects a channel (ad-hoc)
44318 Visual S nor --- VERI FIXE New Archive Manager has Keystore misspelled.
44317 Visual S blo --- VERI FIXE A problem was encountered creating the sub project 'myprojectname.Droid'. Attempted to access a missing method.
44316 Visual S enh Normal CONF --- Designer ignores dark mode and renders background as white
44308 Visual S nor --- RESO FIXE async tasks do not show up in Parallel Stacks window (VS2015)
44300 Visual S cri Highest VERI FIXE Xamarin Android Projects are incompatible
44289 Visual S cri --- VERI INVA Xamarin doesn't work with VS "15" Preview
44273 Visual S min --- VERI FIXE [Cycle 8] "An error occurred trying to load the page." appears in the "Project Properties > iOS Build" tab when not connected to a Mac
44270 Visual S nor Normal RESO FIXE When updating JDK locaiton Visual Studio should prompt to restart
44269 Visual S maj Normal VERI FIXE Android Designer with Custom Controls spins loading bar with Java JDK 1.8 x86 installed
44262 Visual S nor Normal VERI FIXE Google Play Publishing wizard fails after client id/secret are entered.
44251 Visual S nor --- VERI FIXE The 'XamarinIOSPackage' package did not load correctly.
44249 Visual S nor Normal VERI ANSW Cannot Publish APK from Visual studio
44199 Visual S maj High VERI FIXE Unable to build Xamarin.WatchOS Class Library project
44188 Visual S maj --- VERI ANSW There is no option to create APK files in Visual Studio 2015 anymore
44163 Visual S nor Normal VERI FIXE [props] Info.plist editor does not include a checkbox for `UIRequiresFullScreen` (called "Requires full screen" in Xamarin Studio)
44146 Visual S cri High VERI UPST "GetFullVsVersionString must be called on the UI thread" when attempting to open "Manage NuGet Packages for Solution" on certain systems, possibly due to Clide.Composition.ExportsServiceLocator
44142 Visual S enh Normal RESO NOT_ Auto start/stop device log when the debugger is started/stopped
44071 Visual S nor --- RESO FIXE IDB agent has some dependency on XS Xcode SDK location preference
44070 Visual S cri --- RESO INVA IDB agent does not connect resulting in XMA limited connection with Xcode8 GM
44008 Visual S maj High VERI FIXE 'Enable Pro Guard' option is displaying in disabled mode with both debug and release mode in VS
44004 Visual S nor --- RESO NOT_ Switching between Beta -> Stable sometimes disables a core VS Service (Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Interop.IVsTaskList)
43994 Android nor --- RESO NORE Portable app crash on android debuging
43961 Visual S maj Normal RESO UPST [Upstream issue in VS, fixed in VS 2015 Update 3] New integrated log under "Tools > Android > Device Log" causes loss of Visual Studio 2015 UI responsiveness until all entries have been read
43959 Visual S min --- VERI FIXE [VS 2012, VS 2013] "Tools > iOS > Device Log..." menu item is _not_ disabled until an iOS project is loaded
43957 Visual S min --- VERI FIXE [VS 2012, VS 2013] "Tools > iOS > Device Log..." menu item is always displayed and disabled, but it doesn't directly indicate a reason why
43948 Visual S maj High VERI FIXE Unable to open Main.axml file in VS.
43927 Visual S nor High VERI FIXE [XMA] Broken Initialization Timeout
43926 Visual S nor High VERI FIXE Xamarin.iOS mismatch causing Visual Studio to crash
43895 Visual S enh Normal RESO FIXE [VS 2015 only] New "Integrated" log from "Tools > Android > Device Log" doesn't have the "Text View" button that was part of the old "Android Device Logging" view
43810 Visual S cri --- VERI INVA VS2015 cannot recognize iOS and Android devices at the same time
43808 Visual S nor --- VERI FIXE Breadcrumb templates show up with XamarinVS installed
43704 Visual S nor Normal VERI FIXE SSH connection is sometimes not correctly disposed after disconnecting XMA
43699 Visual S nor --- RESO UPST Could not install Xamarin
43565 Visual S cri High VERI FIXE [Cycle 8 Beta] Visual Studio often hangs (pauses, freezes) during `TastyConfig.DebugLaunch()` on second deployment attempt
43547 Android enh Normal CONF --- Build system should validate minimum OS version
43544 Visual S blo --- RESO FIXE Android debugging is broken.
43312 Xamarin nor High VERI FIXE Publish ipa does not resign dynamic frameworks
43278 Visual S nor --- RESO NOT_ The "UnpackLibraryResources" task failed unexpectedly.System.AggregateException: One or more errors occurred. ---> System.Net.Sockets.SocketException
43209 iOS nor --- RESO INVA test
43208 iOS nor --- RESO INVA Test
43174 Android nor --- CONF --- Android 5.x no exception is raised when internet access is disabled during System.IO.Stream.Read
43169 Xamarin nor --- VERI FIXE Wrong build action for files added in Assets folder of Android projects
43157 Xamarin maj High RESO NORE [Android] Can't inspect exceptions with breakpoint in catch block
43155 Xamarin nor --- VERI FIXE Debugger and Immediate does not show strings with null chars
43148 Xamarin nor --- RESO FIXE Add Packages... Menu Item Not working
43127 iOS nor --- RESO INVA USA Belkin Router support number@@@ 18443302330++++ Belkin Router Customer Service Number Belkin helpdesk support phone number
43091 Visual S nor --- RESO NORE Unable to load stroyboard
43078 Xamarin nor --- VERI FIXE Highlights 'default' inside symbol, despite symbol not being keyword
43039 Xamarin nor --- RESO ANSW Cannot Edit Code Template's Fields After Inserting
43019 Visual S nor High VERI FIXE Visual Studio designer does not sync correctly with the underline CS file
43017 Xamarin nor Normal CONF --- Xamarin studio alignment issue inside the events tab in Properties window
43001 Visual S cri --- VERI FIXE Deadlock on project loading
42995 Xamarin nor --- RESO UPST Nuget Packages Add Problem - An item with the same key has already been added.
42985 Xamarin nor --- RESO FIXE Failure to parse URL for NuGet repository
42979 Xamarin nor Normal RESO FIXE NugetPackage Window does not open
42971 Visual S nor --- RESO NOT_ Build warnings on Windows because of Roslyn and .NET 4.5 vs 4.5.2
42966 Xamarin nor Normal RESO FIXE Designer makes no attempt to place pasted components in the visible region of design surface.
42965 Xamarin nor --- VERI FIXE Refactor > Rename missing after renaming a file in Solution Explorer
42941 Xamarin maj --- RESO UPST PCL profiles aren't mapped to the correct NETStandard level
42940 Xamarin nor Normal RESO UPST References of backing field are not replaced when converting to auto-property
42914 Visual S nor Normal VERI FIXE Visual Studio Xamarin.Android can't start debugging with Method not found error
42911 Xamarin maj Normal RESO NORE Setting build properties to NONE still references code in those .cs files
42900 Xamarin nor --- RESO FIXE Crash in unit testing when loading MD solution
42896 Xamarin nor --- VERI FIXE "Move to file" in shared project creates file in different project
42870 Xamarin nor Normal RESO FIXE Files in project can not be opened by double click
42868 Xamarin nor --- RESO FIXE Newlines in strings colourised wrong
42863 Xamarin nor --- RESO NORE Up/down spinners in property grid skip values
42862 Xamarin nor Normal RESO NOT_ Can't scroll in document outline
42858 Xamarin enh Normal CONF --- Cannot set properties of multiple controls at once
42857 Xamarin enh Normal CONF --- Tab doesn't move keyboard focus to next propertygrid field
42856 Xamarin nor --- RESO NORE Property grid inputs don't accept keyboard input
42825 Xamarin nor Normal CONF --- Refactor incorrectly suggesting ElapsedEventHandler is redundant
42819 Xamarin nor --- VERI FIXE RECS0135 code analysis warning incorrectly raised
42771 Xamarin nor --- RESO ANSW Dark Theme does not apply to F# Interactive
42765 Xamarin nor --- RESO FIXE Unable to ever build release XM on machine w\ no certificates
42764 Xamarin nor Normal CONF --- Assemblies from NuGet references do not show up in solution tree
42759 Xamarin nor --- RESO ANSW NuGet only shows the latest pre-release package with no way to select a specific one
42756 Xamarin nor --- RESO INVA NSDocument-based application template is incomplete
42747 Xamarin nor Normal CONF --- Properties text field does not get editable at first attempt, we have to click three times on text field.
42746 Xamarin nor Normal VERI FIXE Xamarin Studio is crashed when user try to edit the properties after sorting 'Properties Window' alphabetically.
42743 Xamarin nor --- VERI FIXE HttpClientHandler combo is not shown for Community license
42725 Xamarin min Normal RESO FIXE [xs][android] C# intellisense renders with XML from source
42701 Xamarin nor --- RESO FIXE XS master uses wrong MSBuild toolset
42698 Xamarin enh Low NEW --- CustomCommands (e.g. BeforeBuild) are not compatible with Visual Studio 2015
42674 Xamarin maj --- VERI FIXE In XS 6, Search Results no longer shows red for variable assignments when doing Find References
42645 Xamarin nor --- RESO ANSW Delete @ before partial string literal collapses rest of C# into string
42640 Xamarin nor Normal RESO NOT_ Can't type letter (I) upper case
42633 Visual S nor --- RESO NOT_ [xamu] Unable to paste line breaks into UILabel Text property
42619 Xamarin nor High ASSI --- Updating resources is really slow
42612 Xamarin nor --- RESO NORE Refresh in Version Control often does not work
42603 Xamarin nor Normal CONF --- Adding new project to Xamarin.Android.sln results in "invalid" .sln
42585 Compiler nor --- RESO FIXE Switch fall-through not rejected
42578 Xamarin nor --- CONF --- Please remove auto-scroll on projects explorer when adding / updating NuGet packages
42575 Xamarin nor --- VERI FIXE type string=String doesn't syntax highlight correctly
42556 Xamarin nor --- VERI FIXE iOS Designer showing incorrect controls involved with constraint
42541 Xamarin nor --- IN_P --- A popover segue created in iOS designer when the anchor is a tool bar item fails to work at runtime.
42539 Xamarin nor --- VERI FIXE Moving a control into or out of a subview removes the controls name.
42518 Class Li nor Normal RESO NORE HttpListener doesn't close connections (sockets) after HttpListener.Close method
42513 Xamarin nor High RESO FIXE Test result store seems to be corrupted - internal error when running many tests
42496 Xamarin nor --- VERI FIXE Fatal exception when quickly opening/closing projects
42482 Tools nor --- RESO INVA irrt sgrstr
42476 Android nor Normal VERI FIXE Java.Interop.dll is built using DEBUG conditional
42450 Xamarin nor --- VERI FIXE BaseDirectory when running NUnit test is not project output directory
42444 Xamarin enh Normal RESO ANSW Navigation commands are confusing and often not useful
42430 Xamarin enh Normal CONF --- white icons do not show up against white background in the IDE
42409 Xamarin nor --- RESO INVA Custom Control Crashes during Refresh().
42378 Xamarin cri Normal RESO NOT_ `mdtool` hangs on project load
42370 Xamarin nor --- RESO ANSW editor is ignoring whitespace spacing preference
42353 Xamarin nor --- RESO FEAT Organisation Identifier not updating when App Name changes.
42310 Xamarin nor Normal RESO ANSW Extra indentation when using Smart indentation with inline List<enum> initialisation
42296 Xamarin nor --- VERI FIXE Razor Syntax Highlighting Not Working
42290 Xamarin nor --- RESO NORE Android Device not detected
42285 Xamarin nor --- NEW --- Defining new type in other buffer doesn't show up in Code-completion in current buffer
42284 Xamarin nor --- VERI FIXE CTRL+Space doesn't bring up code completion
42283 Xamarin nor --- RESO NORE Copy and paste broken in fsi
42269 Xamarin nor --- NEW --- Doesn't include updates when project changes
42260 Xamarin nor --- NEW --- Shift key unresponsive after loading auto saved file
42253 Xamarin nor --- VERI FIXE Copy-n-paste indents at 4 spaces, when 2 are set
42252 Xamarin nor --- VERI FIXE Subversion Checkout fails with error
42213 Xamarin nor --- RESO FEAT Breakpoint in submenu activate event hangs XWindows
42208 Xamarin nor --- CONF --- Xamarin Studio 6.0.1 "Source" and "Designer" buttons disappear on Form windows
42200 Visual S nor --- RESO FIXE Debugger does not step into PCL methods (it just skip them) / hit breakpoints in PCL
42196 Xamarin nor Normal RESO NORE IDE uses non-primary language if listed in System Preferences
42176 Class Li nor --- CONF --- Reference file generated with "Add Web Service" wizard is broken
42173 Xamarin min --- VERI FIXE "Navigate Back" command does not restore precise previous cursor position if the new edit adds a newline before the old cursor position
42171 Xamarin nor --- VERI FIXE Extremely irritating backspace behaviour in XS6 deleting a whole line
42170 Xamarin nor --- RESO ANSW MonoDevelop on Linux doesn't fully respect the theming
42146 Xamarin nor --- VERI FIXE Each time a policy is edited, a policy duplicate is shown with an appended ".mdpolicy" suffix
42138 Runtime nor --- NEW --- Assembly.LoadWithPartialName() insists on having the disk file, but does not use it.
42134 Runtime nor --- RESO FIXE DllNotFoundException for x64 Mono on Windows, x86 Mono ok on Windows, both ok on Linux Red Hat and .NET
42121 Runtime nor --- RESO ANSW Is there any other error that you can provide besides Array.Empty not found
42073 Xamarin nor --- RESO NORE Error on building Ad-Hoc version
42050 Xamarin nor Normal VERI FIXE Xamarin Studio doesn't restore it's window position correctly
42036 Xamarin nor --- RESO NOT_ Watch window fails to respond after a period of operation
42011 Xamarin nor --- VERI FIXE Code Template Failing
41994 iOS nor --- RESO ANSW NSParagraphStyle.Alignment throws NotImplementedException
41991 Xamarin nor --- RESO NORE 29x29 iPhone app icon is repeatedly unset on clean
41990 Xamarin nor Low VERI FIXE Parameters tooltip doesn't show up automatically for indexer call
41986 Android nor --- RESO NORE I have folllowing error while i was trying to debug android application
41972 Xamarin nor --- RESO ANSW C# formatting preferences are ignored
41970 Runtime nor Normal CONF --- OutOfMemoryException while working with seq
41969 Xamarin nor Normal VERI FIXE On Mac with "Arabic" in the configured language list, Studio UI can end up right-to-left and unusable.
41952 Xamarin cri --- RESO ANSW Sketches no longer available with Xamarin Studio 6
41912 Xamarin nor Normal VERI FIXE [System.FormatException] MSBuild property evaluation failed: FrameworkVersion.Replace(".", "").PadRight(3,"0")
41903 Class Li nor --- NEW --- Wrong positioning in method DrawImage when printing a document
41890 Xamarin nor Normal CONF --- Remote debug error:“MonoDevelop.AspNet.Execution.AspNetExecutionCommand”的对象强制转换为类型“MonoDevelop.Core.Execution.DotNetExecutionCommand”
41885 Xamarin nor Normal RESO FIXE Cmd + ` keys combination makes Xamarin Studio crash
41881 Xamarin nor --- RESO ANSW Xamarin Studio doesn't manteain the syntax highlighting
41880 Xamarin nor Normal RESO ANSW C# source code policy is ignored
41873 Xamarin nor Normal RESO NORE Error list isn't always cleared out
41872 Xamarin nor --- VERI FIXE Line number setting keeps getting unchecked
41849 Installe nor --- RESO ANSW Issues with AggregateCatelog (CompositionContainer) in MEF
41840 Xamarin min Low NEW --- Monodoc documentation tree could not be loaded when XamarinStudio.exe's working directory not set to the bin directory
41837 Runtime nor --- RESO ANSW Incorrect method overload selected for delagate call
41832 Xamarin nor Low RESO FIXE [NRefactory6] ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: symbol
41831 Xamarin nor --- RESO FIXE [TextEditor] NRE: Mono.TextEditor.Utils.ImmutableText..ctor
41829 Xamarin nor --- RESO FIXE [Cecil] NRE: Mono.Cecil.TypeSystem.LookupSystemType
41828 Xamarin nor Low RESO FIXE [RefactoringEssentials] NRE InitializeAutoPropertyFromCunstructorParameterCodeRefactoringProvider
41827 Xamarin nor Low RESO FIXE [Roslyn] Error while getting c# recommendation
41812 Xamarin nor Normal RESO NOT_ Full-screen device dropdown switches second monitor to desktop
41808 Xamarin nor Normal VERI FIXE Setting UILabel Text type to "Attributed", then back to "Plain" causes compilation error in Storyboard.
41807 Xamarin maj Highest NEED --- Xamarin Studio 6.0.0 hangs on Build/Clean commands
41806 Xamarin nor --- RESO FIXE F# projects have red error "Multiple references to FSharp.Core.dll" in IDE but build correctly
41805 Xamarin nor --- RESO ANSW App fails to deploy
41759 Xamarin nor --- RESO ANSW Autocomplete font size can't be changed
41758 Xamarin nor --- RESO ANSW Update from5.10.3 to 6.0.0 fails
41750 Xamarin nor --- RESO FIXE [TestCase] detection broken
41742 Xamarin nor --- RESO ANSW On-the-fly code formatting for C# in VS.NET style is broken in 6.0
41739 Xamarin nor High RESO FIXE App freezes on breakpoint
41738 Xamarin nor Normal VERI FIXE The 'TextTemplatingFileGenerator' code generator crashed: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
41734 Xamarin nor --- RESO NORE "Check for Updates" does not run
41731 Runtime nor Normal VERI FIXE mkbundled "Hello world" SEGVs in GC_push_all_eager
41715 Xamarin nor --- VERI FIXE Xamarin Studio 6 - Unit Tests pad shows "Load failed" for unit test projects (both iOS and Android)
41686 Xamarin nor --- VERI FIXE Images.xcassets folder appears empty in xamarin studio, all options are greyed out.
41647 Xamarin nor --- CLOS ANSW Implement Interface Missing from Show Code Generation Window
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