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38 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
15205 Android BCL Clas alex.soto RESO NOT_ Change in name of strong-named v4 support assembly 2015-03-12
15196 Android BCL Clas radek.doulik CONF --- SoftInput enumeration should have [Flags] attribute 2017-07-03
15002 Visual S iOS bugzilla RESO NOT_ Unhandled NSUnknownKeyException after adding outlet in storyboard editor 2015-01-07
14206 Visual S Android dean.ellis RESO FIXE VS AndroidManifest.xml redactor replaces permission for Google Maps 2016-08-03
13081 Android Mono run martin.baulig RESO DUPL Cannot load System.Linq.Expressions in PCL 2014-05-18
12087 Android Designer lluis RESO FIXE Android Designer loses XML changes 2013-05-21
11326 Visual S iOS vinicius.jarina VERI FIXE iOS for VS generates invalid exe names 2013-05-30
11323 Compiler C# masafa RESO FIXE Error message for missing type constraint confusing (mismatch with Visual Studio) 2013-03-21
10901 Android BCL Clas peter.collins RESO FIXE TimeZone Daylight Saving Time is incorrect 2014-11-21
9759 Visual S Android vinicius.jarina RESO DUPL Debugging Portable Class Library - Cannot step into PCL libraries 2016-08-03
9449 iOS Tools bugzilla RESO FIXE PCL projects don't seem to build on a new Mac installed with Evaluation license 2013-05-04
9163 Xamarin. Library jestedfa RESO FIXE Can't use PCLs in MonoMac or in XamMac 2013-03-16
9110 Android General bugzilla RESO UPST Is the GREF limit too low? 2012-12-21
9097 Android Debugger bugzilla RESO FIXE Output from Deployment should be more verbose 2013-05-22
8831 Visual S Android dominique RESO FIXE Need a way to turn modal Unobserved Task Exception off 2016-08-03
8828 Visual S Android vinicius.jarina RESO DOWN Immediate Window performs very poorly 2016-12-22
8209 Visual S Android dean.ellis RESO FIXE PCL Building and Debugging problematic in VS2012 2016-08-03
8092 Xamarin Android jestedfa RESO FIXE Unable to add references to PCL's on OSX 2014-04-04
8035 iOS Tools martin.baulig RESO FIXE Shim Assembly issues for PCL 2013-08-14
7912 Class Li mscorlib masafa RESO FIXE Type.Missing can't be used to when invoking a constructor with optional parameters 2012-10-22
7905 Xamarin Android jestedfa RESO FIXE Unable to build portable libraries on OSX 2012-10-22
7174 Xamarin iOS add- jestedfa RESO DUPL MonoTouch should build PCL projects against the MonoTouch assemblies 2012-09-14
7173 Xamarin iOS add- jestedfa RESO FIXE Allow linking to PCL libraries in any profile 2014-04-15
6649 Tools xbuild jestedfa RESO FIXE PCL targets are broken 2013-02-06
5904 iOS XI runti martin.baulig RESO FIXE System.ObjectDisposedException in System.Net.WebConnection.BeginRead 2013-06-26
5346 Xamarin Project jestedfa RESO FIXE Support PLP 2 2015-11-18
5340 Android BCL Clas martin.baulig RESO FIXE System.Windows PCL support 2013-05-28
5332 Xamarin iOS add- jestedfa RESO DUPL Problems referencing PLP projects from MonoTouch projects 2012-05-25
5331 Xamarin iOS add- jestedfa RESO FIXE Can't load a PLP/PCL project unless it is Profile 1 2012-05-25
5329 Class Li System bugzilla RESO FIXE System.Action and System.Func overrides needed in Portable Class Library profiles 2014-03-07
5152 Android MSBuild bugzilla RESO FIXE The "GenerateJavaStubs" task failed unexpectedly - 4.2 2014-11-13
4920 Visual S Android bugzilla RESO DUPL Unobserved task exception 2016-08-03
4919 Xamarin Project lluis RESO FIXE VS11 breaks sln files 2012-11-22
4902 Android BCL Clas grendel VERI FIXE Determine TimeZone from java.util.TimeZone, not persist.sys.timezone 2014-07-07
4066 Xamarin Android lluis RESO FIXE Turn off HTML encoding in new designer 2013-02-08
2031 Android BCL Clas bugzilla RESO NORE HTTPS (SSL) - EndWrite failure 2013-06-28
1309 Xamarin Project bugzilla RESO NOT_ Creating new project configuration should handle default platform values better 2016-12-16
1152 Xamarin Project lluis RESO FIXE Ability to unload and edit MSBuild project files 2013-08-27
38 bugs found.