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16 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
9519 Xamarin Updater bugzilla NEW --- Authorisation errors whilst updating IDE from a non-admin user. 2015-08-20
16099 Xamarin Updater bugzilla NEW --- Windows updater does not show progress of individual installers 2016-06-27
30762 Xamarin Updater bugzilla NEW --- Xamarin Studio can't get through corporate firewall 2015-08-19
50176 Xamarin Updater bugzilla NEW --- Show currently installed version to see if update is newer or older 2016-12-15
55738 Xamarin Updater bugzilla NEW --- XS Updater controls are hard to read with Dark Theme 2017-04-28
13718 Xamarin Updater lluis NEW --- Xamarin Update tries repeatedly to update GTK# for Windows from to 2.12.22. 2015-08-20
27834 Xamarin Updater bugzilla NEW --- XS prompts update to same version when updated manually 2017-05-18
33403 Xamarin Updater bugzilla NEW --- Unable to update XS (Mac) from behind a proxy that uses NTLM 2015-08-26
38188 Xamarin Updater bugzilla NEW --- [Papercut] Links in XS Update dialog are extremely hard to click when updates are downloading 2016-02-01
32124 Xamarin Updater bugzilla CONF --- Check for updates runs when using a preview release 2016-06-30
27237 Xamarin Updater bugzilla CONF --- Xamarin Studio cannot connect to update server; works on restart 2016-06-30
61182 Xamarin Updater nina.vyedin CONF --- Installer/Update fails on Mac Wed 15:54
2577 Xamarin Updater bugzilla CONF --- Updater is visible but does nothing when implementation not found 2015-08-20
50559 Xamarin Updater bugzilla CONF --- ExecutionEngineException: JIT/AOT issue with ReactiveUI 2017-01-03
55003 Xamarin Updater bugzilla CONF --- Minimizing Xamarin Studio Hides the Xamarin Updater permanently 2017-04-18
43267 Xamarin Updater sevoku CONF --- Progress bar in updater is not retina aware 2017-01-11
16 bugs found.


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