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Why do java developers wear glasses? Because they don't c#
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
45460 Runtime Remoting bugzilla NEW --- Large blob of data sent over socket randomly get corrupted 2016-10-14
49387 Runtime Remoting bugzilla NEW --- nunit3 runner crashes with Tcp transport error 2016-12-08
51658 Runtime Remoting bugzilla NEW --- BeginInvoke over RealProxy fails if function has no out or ref parameters 2017-01-20
7070 Runtime Remoting bugzilla CONF --- Using reflection to invoke a generic method on remoted objects that do not implement an interface results in a slot assertion 2017-07-13
23135 Runtime Remoting bugzilla CONF --- Null reference exception on property value access of MarshalByRefObject 2018-02-28
49308 Runtime Remoting bugzilla CONF --- [AppDomain] System.MissingMethodException because wrong assemblies are loaded into domain 2017-11-13
6 bugs found.