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88 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
26799 Android MSBuild dean.ellis CONF --- Error text in Errors pad is sometimes broken 2016-08-27
29326 Android MSBuild dean.ellis CONF --- String resources defined in Nuget packages overwrite sting resources defined in app project 2015-05-21
30571 Android MSBuild dean.ellis CONF --- MSBuild and Xbuild bug with /p:AndroidManifest params when building dependent library 2017-02-21
38812 Android MSBuild dean.ellis CONF --- Unable to Change AndroidManifest location 2017-03-21
17247 Android MSBuild jonp CONF --- Adding Azure Mobile Services component triggers System.ServiceModel license check 2014-07-30
22313 Android MSBuild jonp CONF --- [Export] doesn't support generic type parameters 2014-11-21
35208 Android MSBuild jonp CONF --- Compile Using Android Version "Use Latest" does not append to AndroidManifest.xml 2018-05-18
21920 Android MSBuild dean.ellis CONF --- Slower build times with larger projects 2017-11-03
26438 Android MSBuild dean.ellis CONF --- Double-clicking Android build error fails to open layout file 2015-01-29
31246 Android MSBuild dean.ellis CONF --- [XS]Position of breakpoint changed on debugging the android application, with multiple breakpoints. 2015-09-16
32127 Android MSBuild dean.ellis CONF --- Xamarin.Android fails to build if the user account's path has Unicode characters 2015-08-07
37820 Android MSBuild dean.ellis CONF --- Newly created wear app has code issues 2017-03-21
39950 Android MSBuild dean.ellis CONF --- Architecture-specific APK files left in output directory after clean build 2017-01-03
40303 Android MSBuild dean.ellis CONF --- no way to define, override or configure "resConfigs" 2017-11-02
40782 Android MSBuild dean.ellis CONF --- Confusing and inaccurate "Please file a bug report ... Could not load assembly" error message if any library referenced from a Xamarin.Android app project fails to build 2017-03-21
42859 Android MSBuild dean.ellis CONF --- Improve error message related to Visual Studio Emulator and Skylake processers 2017-06-23
43547 Android MSBuild dean.ellis CONF --- Build system should validate minimum OS version 2017-06-28
49416 Android MSBuild dean.ellis CONF --- Visual Studio Hang when parallel build 2017-06-28
51422 Android MSBuild dean.ellis CONF --- [VS20170] - Incorrect ABIs set by default 2017-06-27
59821 Android MSBuild dean.ellis CONF --- INSTALL_FAILED_NO_MATCHING_ABIS should present a better error to the user 2017-10-25
16834 Android MSBuild jonp CONF --- Getting build error when project and namesapce contain é 2013-12-17
17991 Android MSBuild jonp CONF --- Android property 'Internationalization' should be comma-separated when multiple options are selected 2014-03-03
18178 Android MSBuild jonp CONF --- Resource compiler does not check for invalid file names in raw resource folder 2014-03-05
18260 Android MSBuild jonp CONF --- Slow build/deploy times. Project being built twice in VS 2013/Windows 8.1 2016-12-20
18353 Android MSBuild jonp CONF --- modifying .axml files in a library do not cause a rebuild 2014-03-13
18424 Android MSBuild jonp CONF --- Don't accept my name 2014-03-20
18806 Android MSBuild jonp CONF --- Build fails if a file in "layout" folder contains a white space and build action is "Android.Resource" 2014-04-04
18897 Android MSBuild jonp CONF --- "Debug folder not found" error during debug 2014-12-01
19762 Android MSBuild jonp CONF --- Should check that Activities/etc. only contain ASCII, and error if they don't. 2015-04-13
25116 Android MSBuild jonp CONF --- Hungarian national character in project path 2015-04-17
18051 Android MSBuild radek.doulik CONF --- Build hangs in Xamarin Studio 2016-10-21
31248 Android MSBuild radek.doulik CONF --- [VS] Position of breakpoint changed on debugging the android application, with multiple breakpoints. 2016-02-02
27791 Android MSBuild radical CONF --- Cannot build from the command line when specifying a configuration that is not shared by a referenced project 2017-01-25
8146 Android MSBuild bugzilla CONF --- Native Library Sanity Checking 2017-06-28
8377 Android MSBuild bugzilla CONF --- Remove Android Lint warnings 2017-06-28
43245 Android MSBuild brendan.zagaeski CONF --- Inaccurate "Download failed. Please download {0} and put it to the {1} directory." and "Please install package: '{0}' available in SDK installer" error messages related to Xamarin.Android.Support packages 2016-11-02
36486 Android MSBuild dean.ellis CONF --- aapt error appears twice 2016-01-13
36821 Android MSBuild dean.ellis CONF --- NavigationView - Uppercase 'headerLayout' name causes build error 2016-01-19
46988 Android MSBuild dean.ellis CONF --- Resource designer files get updated when switching IDEs from XS to VS 2017-07-25
50914 Android MSBuild dean.ellis CONF --- Unlike other C# project types, Xamarin.Android projects show warning ""ResolveLibraryProjectImports" task failed unexpectedly" and lack some IntelliSense features unless all referenced dependencies have been built 2017-11-21
51571 Android MSBuild dean.ellis CONF --- Multidex option does not respect custom Proguard 2017-06-14
54683 Android MSBuild dean.ellis CONF --- Path hygiene: Quote EVERYTHING 2017-07-27
55233 Android MSBuild dean.ellis CONF --- adding a project reference to a C++ Dynamic Shared Library (Android) project fails 2018-01-02
56868 Android MSBuild dean.ellis CONF --- Netstandard resources library is missing from apk file 2017-08-30
57323 Android MSBuild dean.ellis CONF --- Visual Studio Mac not overriding apk with new version 2017-06-27
57860 Android MSBuild dean.ellis CONF --- AndroidManifest.xml line numbers off by one 2017-07-10
58594 Android MSBuild dean.ellis CONF --- Unchecking [x] Use Shared Runtime removes "Supported Arch" 2017-08-04
60331 Android MSBuild dean.ellis CONF --- Saving and Updating a layout XML file prevents building the project until background task is finished executing. 2017-10-23
60778 Android MSBuild dean.ellis CONF --- Unhelpful error message when targeting Framework version v8.0 but not having it installed and using AndroidUseLatestPlatformSdk true 2017-11-21
59313 Android MSBuild radical CONF --- Compilation error in Android project when using .Net Standard NuGet package in .Net Standard base library 2018-02-15
5870 Android MSBuild dean.ellis ASSI --- Remove Resource.Designer.cs from .csproj files, auto-generate and auto-add instead. 2017-03-21
21297 Android MSBuild dean.ellis ASSI --- EmbeddedNativeLibrary does not respect LogicalName 2017-03-21
2919 Android MSBuild dean.ellis ASSI --- Allow friendly names for resource directories 2016-09-01
12275 Android MSBuild atsushi ASSI --- Trial edition splash screen generator breaks if <activity/> is Java code 2016-09-20
54450 Android MSBuild dean.ellis ASSI --- _RegisterMdbFilesWithFileWrites does not register the proper .mdb files making parallel builds fail randomly 2017-04-18
57018 Android MSBuild dean.ellis ASSI --- Optimize/improve @(ProjectReference) Resource Processing 2017-06-05
29757 Android MSBuild dean.ellis IN_P --- Resource overriding with aapt is FUBAR 2017-03-21
54451 Android MSBuild dean.ellis IN_P --- Merged AndroidManifest.xml's from __library_project_imports__ don't include package name prefix 2017-10-26
59567 Android MSBuild dean.ellis IN_P --- Design-time build fails if project references (indirectly) Xamarin.Build.Download 2017-12-01
12784 Android MSBuild dean.ellis IN_P --- .dll.mdb file not found when odd characters in assembly file name 2013-08-15
26590 Android MSBuild dean.ellis IN_P --- Building unchanged project is very slow 2016-05-11
55561 Android MSBuild dean.ellis IN_P --- "Processing" messages spam Android build output 2017-06-27
36079 Android MSBuild dean.ellis IN_P --- AndroidExplicitCrunch does not parallelize calls to aapt 2017-07-09
51831 Android MSBuild dean.ellis IN_P --- Android build hangs infinitely on VSTS agent due to AutoUnify in Xamarin.Android 2017-03-23
36032 Android MSBuild radek.doulik IN_P --- Omitting 'UIKit.UIApplication.Main (args, null, "AppDelegate");' in the entry point causes mtouch to crash (see later comments) 2015-11-24
44622 Android MSBuild dean.ellis NEED --- Xamarin Android Builds are excessively slow 2017-07-09
30274 Android MSBuild dean.ellis NEED --- Java Library is compiled twice when it shouldn't be. 2016-06-26
37327 Android MSBuild dean.ellis NEED --- Opening Android project in IDE creates an extra <None Include="Properties\AndroidManifest.xml" /> even if already defined 2017-07-10
37435 Android MSBuild dean.ellis NEED --- XA Sample app BuiltInView does not deploy until Fast Deployment Option is turned off and on again. 2017-06-29
15455 Android MSBuild radek.doulik NEED --- Error executing task LinkAssemblies: Out of memory 2016-10-27
36487 Android MSBuild dean.ellis NEED --- aapt errors not converted to MSBuild errors 2018-02-23
46955 Android MSBuild dean.ellis NEED --- INSTALL_FAILED_UID_CHANGED 2017-05-17
52738 Android MSBuild dean.ellis NEED --- Project tries to load FSharp.Core.resources.dll 2017-03-08
55608 Android MSBuild dean.ellis NEED --- Could not write lines to file ....csproj.FileListAbsolute.txt 2017-04-27
60938 Android MSBuild dean.ellis NEED --- warning XA0106 appearing after a couple of compilation, and creating invalid assemblies 2018-01-09
61097 Android MSBuild dean.ellis NEED --- Second build is not successful(can't find resources from common ui project) 2017-12-14
60901 Android MSBuild grendel NEED --- Error on bundle.targets with the Zip task 2018-01-05
43807 Android MSBuild jonp NEED --- Build FAILED. monodroid error XA0000: 2017-06-30
37492 Android MSBuild dean.ellis REOP --- Visual Studio hangs sporadically when deploying an Android app 2018-05-22
41380 Android MSBuild dean.ellis REOP --- Error inflating class after updating to v7.AppCompat Version 23.3.0 2017-07-14
8664 Android MSBuild dean.ellis REOP --- Resource Designer Not Updating 2016-05-02
13211 Android MSBuild jonp REOP --- Unknown token type, Assertion: should not be reached at mono/metadata/class.c:6750 2016-04-14
20053 Android MSBuild jonp REOP --- Out of Memory error during Mandroid task. 2014-06-05
28461 Android MSBuild jonp REOP --- Android signing parameters on the csproj / project preferences do URLDecode on passwords 2015-05-27
32418 Android MSBuild dean.ellis REOP --- Need MSBuild output when downloading maven zip files and unzipping 2016-09-28
51227 Android MSBuild dean.ellis REOP --- XS hangs on "Updating resources..." when opening project with the android emulator already open 2017-01-07
59134 Android MSBuild dean.ellis REOP --- build error from create a class to subclass the Android.Support.V7.Widget.RecyclerView.Adapter and implement the interface Android.Widget.IAdapter 2017-09-01
88 bugs found.


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