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64 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
18581 iOS General bugzilla NEW --- Web Service Client Constructor Throws InvalidOperationException 2014-05-02
15744 iOS General vargaz NEW --- AOT Bug on code which worked before 2013-11-21
3764 iOS General bugzilla NEW --- Would like compiler warnings when using API that is higher than my target 2017-03-15
10855 iOS General bugzilla NEW --- Unit test projects run on UI thread 2013-03-03
15329 iOS General bugzilla NEW --- MT.D DetailDisclosureButton not firing AccessoryButtonTapped method. 2015-11-07
15684 iOS General bugzilla NEW --- Deployment related errors in iOS Device Log 2013-10-25
15911 iOS General bugzilla NEW --- Easier way to get Currency Symbols for other locales? 2013-11-04
16018 iOS General bugzilla NEW --- Can't make a custom view property part of UIAppearance in Xamarin.iOS 2013-11-07
22408 iOS General bugzilla NEW --- [assembly:Preserve] does not prevent the entire assembly from being stripped from the application 2015-06-19
23325 iOS General bugzilla NEW --- Push notifications not working when fast deployment enabled 2014-09-25
32849 iOS General bugzilla NEW --- ObjCRuntime.Messaging is still internal 2015-08-07
3117 iOS General bugzilla CONF --- exception 'NSInvalidUnarchiveOperationException', reason: 'Could not instantiate class named MKMapView' - solution wire it up to an instance variable 2016-02-08
12851 iOS General bugzilla CONF --- .XIB file will not be compiled into a Xamarin.iOS binding project 15:00:43
22378 iOS General bugzilla CONF --- [Metal] - CreateDefaultLibrary () don't load anything (Has Workaround) 2016-01-18
23863 iOS General bugzilla CONF --- [iOS8] Inserting rows with an animation into a UITableView hangs on the iOS 8 simulator 2014-12-03
25855 iOS General bugzilla CONF --- Rows in TableView appear differently in StoryBoard than at runtime 2015-01-09
30636 iOS General bugzilla CONF --- UIPanGestureRecognizer is missing a constructor 2015-06-11
31729 iOS General bugzilla CONF --- ScrollView.ContentOffset.Y Gets Reset When Used in a Constraint on iOS7 2015-07-14
32147 iOS General bugzilla CONF --- Test suite fails when using two classes of different namespaces 2015-09-03
32887 iOS General bugzilla CONF --- CultureInfo.CurrentCulture does not reflect custom format choices 2015-09-04
52476 iOS General bugzilla CONF --- [KVO] Lambda style AddObserver() causes crash 2017-02-13
52698 iOS General bugzilla CONF --- Event handler with capturing lambda not hooked up 2017-03-06
23503 iOS General vargaz CONF --- MT3001 Could not AOT the assembly Autofac.Extras.MvvmCross.dll 2014-10-02
27744 iOS General vargaz CONF --- Using an F# iOS test app fails with AOT error 2015-05-12
52539 iOS General bugzilla CONF --- [iOS]Apps failed to launch on device with an MT0010 error if bundleidentifier is not set 2017-02-15
16347 iOS General bugzilla CONF --- Xamarin.iOS memory issues 2017-02-28
42798 iOS General bugzilla CONF --- SIGSEGV while executing native code 2016-08-08
43737 iOS General bugzilla CONF --- Unsupported language codes in .NET 2016-08-30
45380 iOS General bugzilla CONF --- Cant compile/link library for deployment to appstore ONLY on ARMv7 and ARMv7s.. 2017-02-07
46812 iOS General bugzilla CONF --- iOS Binding Library: Protocol inline hides inherited member on lvl3 inheritance 2017-02-15
47748 iOS General bugzilla CONF --- Delay when presenting view controller from RowSelected 2016-11-24
51629 iOS General bugzilla CONF --- ShouldInteractWithUrl not getting called on iOS 10. 2017-04-19
55552 iOS General bugzilla CONF --- XI does not install debug symbols for Facades which have it 15:20:03
38823 iOS General rolf CONF --- ActionForKey is not called for custom property 2016-06-29
47048 iOS General rolf CONF --- RegisterTypeUnsafe reflects on immutable metadata during app startup 2017-03-22
53317 iOS General rolf CONF --- Debugging intermittently fails with HE0047: Failed to request XPC observation 2017-03-27
51710 iOS General rolf ASSI --- [tvOS]Native linking failure when is built with fastdev enabled. 2017-04-04
45787 iOS General alkpli ASSI --- Libraries dependent on a PCL 4.6 cannot be compiled with Xamarin Studio on OS X 2016-11-24
38653 iOS General rolf ASSI --- Every second Camera preview blank in iOS8 after Calabash.Start 2016-11-02
53190 iOS General rolf ASSI --- Lots of problems debugging doc provider extensions 2017-03-14
53207 iOS General rolf ASSI --- Can't use in File Provider Extension 2017-03-16
13770 iOS General vargaz ASSI --- JIT Exception raising PropertyChanged 2013-10-28
46394 iOS General manuel.delapena IN_P --- Only mono source code is installed 2017-04-05
23213 iOS General bugzilla NEED --- Location updates 2014-09-29
25727 iOS General bugzilla NEED --- Touch coordinates inaccurate on physical device 2015-02-03
32663 iOS General bugzilla NEED --- Calls to MessagingCentre.Subscribe fail if made in a polymorphic way 2015-08-05
27311 iOS General sebastien NEED --- Calling `SecKeyChain.Update` method fails with status code `SecStatusCode.Param` 2015-02-26
54239 iOS General adrian.murphy NEED --- [Release notes] Starting with Xamarin.iOS 9.6, top heading in the release notes no longer includes the version number 2017-04-10
13914 iOS General bugzilla NEED --- Random crash on the Simulator 2014-05-16
19180 iOS General bugzilla NEED --- Incorrect orientation is reported by UIViewController InterfaceOrientation property 2014-04-22
33376 iOS General bugzilla NEED --- Delay In Listening for TouchEvents/Gestures After View is Loaded 2015-09-01
52485 iOS General bugzilla NEED --- Large Binding Library sizes when built on some computers only Sat 14:27
53360 iOS General bugzilla NEED --- Assertion failure in UITableView 2017-04-17
54356 iOS General bugzilla NEED --- 'No data is available for encoding 737' when creating ZipArchive with device language set to Greek 2017-04-03
55010 iOS General bugzilla NEED --- App crashes after taking more than 30 photos one after another 2017-04-13
55188 iOS General bugzilla NEED --- WKWebViewConfiguration not being applied 2017-04-13
55464 iOS General bugzilla NEED --- Impossible to run UITest 16:25:05
55520 iOS General bugzilla NEED --- File.Move of filenames with special characters in filename does not work 17:31:37
29615 iOS General vargaz REOP --- Bug during linking 2016-01-28
19379 iOS General bugzilla REOP --- iPhoneOSGameView deadlocks Apple's Instruments is used 2017-04-17
28300 iOS General bugzilla REOP --- TimeZoneNotFoundException 2016-09-17
43417 iOS General bugzilla REOP --- mono-symbolicate for ios is not working properly. 2017-01-27
35439 iOS General bugzilla REOP --- Unclear error message when Xcode license is not accepted 2017-02-14
54443 iOS General bugzilla REOP --- Memory leak occurs only on ios 10.x devices, but fine on ios 9.3 2017-04-05
64 bugs found.


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