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147 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
61297 Android General bugzilla NEW --- Desugar from a new project doesn't work at all (Java 8 > Java 7 Bytecode) 2018-06-05
30612 Android General dean.ellis CONF --- Unable to set android:persistableMode as an ActivityAttribute property 2017-06-28
37858 Android General dean.ellis CONF --- [Android] ScreenOrientation.UserLandscape fails with "Unsupported ScreenOrientation value" 2016-07-05
30542 Android General jonp CONF --- ClassNotFoundException when trying to instantiate a type in a referenced library since ACW changes in 5.1 2015-06-04
51940 Android General jonp CONF --- Services with isolated processes and custom Application class fail to resolve overloads properly 2018-05-09
26100 Android General dean.ellis CONF --- Xamarin.Android app fails to merge Resource from library project 2017-05-10
26247 Android General dean.ellis CONF --- The color of the status bar does not change when android:statusBarColor or android:colorPrimaryDark is set. 2016-01-28
29140 Android General jonp CONF --- Cannot typecast to CastClass.IApplicationConnectionResult 2017-07-03
33617 Android General jonp CONF --- MD5 Sum for action name 2017-03-21
12347 Android General radek.doulik CONF --- Series of documentation issues 2017-07-05
60465 Android General atsushi CONF --- DatabaseOpenFlags is missing #ENABLE_WRITE_AHEAD_LOGGING enum value (0x20000000) 2018-01-11
26135 Android General dean.ellis CONF --- TaskStackBuilder API Improvements 2017-03-21
26575 Android General dean.ellis CONF --- improper generation when name attribute is empty 2015-02-03
27313 Android General dean.ellis CONF --- Resource case being ignored 2015-07-06
36570 Android General dean.ellis CONF --- Missing quotes on path breaks AOT LLVM Compilation 2016-01-13
17904 Android General jonp CONF --- Unable to debug using GDB command 2014-03-12
18166 Android General jonp CONF --- Next/Done button on soft numeric keypad showing Next when Done should be displayed. 2014-03-05
18185 Android General jonp CONF --- FullPath to custom component from preferences xml is causing Error Inflating 2014-10-22
18324 Android General jonp CONF --- [Compiler][Already fixed in Mono 3.2.7] Invalid IL code when calling method from within async delegate without await 2014-03-13
19030 Android General jonp CONF --- obfuscation 2017-06-28
19649 Android General jonp CONF --- SoapHttpClientProtocol.InvokeAsync and SoapHttpClientProtocol.Invoke not invoking the methods. 2014-06-02
19978 Android General jonp CONF --- Default Package Name should start with lowercase character (for GCM) 2014-05-22
19990 Android General jonp CONF --- Unable to build android application with package "MvvmCross - Settings Plugin" 2014-10-30
21616 Android General jonp CONF --- ClassNotFoundException using custom Exception types 2014-08-04
23155 Android General jonp CONF --- Grid View stops refreshing after scrolling up and down several times. 2017-03-20
23541 Android General jonp CONF --- Parallel HTTP requests fail after two responses 2014-12-02
23625 Android General jonp CONF --- android build should check java version 2014-10-31
23951 Android General jonp CONF --- Build fails on PC (but not Mac) with "Cannot convert lambda expression to type 'Java.Lang.IRunnable' because it is not a delegate type" 2014-10-21
24040 Android General jonp CONF --- Question on Activity Lifecycle and losing references to controls 2014-12-29
24430 Android General jonp CONF --- Adding attachment to email fails 2014-11-11
26045 Android General jonp CONF --- Camera Preview First time black screen 2016-03-12
29611 Android General jonp CONF --- StockService monodroid-sample experiencing error connecting to web service 2015-04-30
30566 Android General jonp CONF --- java.lang.String throwing java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Use StringFactory instead. 2015-07-10
31177 Android General jonp CONF --- JavaCast<RecyclerView.LayoutParams>() causes leak of RecyclerView.LayoutParams instances 2015-06-17
31847 Android General jonp CONF --- Interfaces that inherit from IJavaObject cause "cannot find symbol" during Java compilation if used as parameter types in constructors for classes that generate ACWs 2015-08-01
33494 Android General jonp CONF --- Give BroadcastReceiver a Action constructor 2017-03-21
36860 Android General jonp CONF --- Obsoletion warning is missing details 2016-01-14
37249 Android General jonp CONF --- We need to go through at least 2 phases of GC.Collect() before collection an Activity 2016-01-13
38479 Android General jonp CONF --- Performance improvements for string properties 2017-06-29
45896 Android General jonp CONF --- No static method Android.Text.Html.FromHtml exception 2017-07-06
55286 Android General jonp CONF --- Java.Interop.JniRuntime.CurrentRuntime.WeakGlobalReferenceCount always returns -1. 2017-06-23
56102 Android General jonp CONF --- Try/Catch not working as expected on initial load of activity 2018-02-10
18327 Android General radek.doulik CONF --- java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space 2015-10-31
28937 Android General vargaz CONF --- NullReferenceException in WebView on Lollipop when Breakpoint set at certain line in MainActivity.cs 2015-07-16
14935 Android General grendel CONF --- Xamarin Studio updater does not check Android SDK for updates. 2016-08-29
24352 Android General jonp CONF --- Use descriptive names for dynamic methods 2017-07-03
48527 Android General jonp CONF --- missing Activity attribute android:lockTaskMode 2017-06-30
34125 Android General dean.ellis CONF --- Adding "GooglePlayServices.Wearable" causes attribute errors, unable to build 2015-09-22
34576 Android General dean.ellis CONF --- Resource.designer.cs throws "can not find definition for..." exception 2015-10-12
35488 Android General dean.ellis CONF --- Android library bindings project not detecting AAR changes 2017-07-06
52857 Android General dean.ellis CONF --- Support more advanced features of AndroidManifest.xml merging 2018-03-30
55117 Android General dean.ellis CONF --- Xamarin.Android projects hit the multidex limit much quicker than Android Studio projects 2019-01-09
41006 Android General grendel CONF --- PDF View feature crashes app on Android 4.1 - “ Warning: Setting up fake worker” 2016-09-01
39079 Android General jonp CONF --- Using TaskAffinity with a non-empty string causes a malformed Manifest 2017-06-28
41453 Android General jonp CONF --- TimePicker switching am/pm TimeChanged listener not firing in Android 2016-06-05
42852 Android General jonp CONF --- Random SIGSEGV crashes occurring while loading activities and scrollViews. 2016-09-19
43174 Android General jonp CONF --- Android 5.x no exception is raised when internet access is disabled during System.IO.Stream.Read 2017-07-06
43548 Android General jonp CONF --- Somewhat difficult to interpret error ""GenerateJavaStubs" task failed unexpectedly ... Sequence contains no elements" if an Android app project by accident does not have any subclasses of `Activity` 2016-08-20
43553 Android General jonp CONF --- Using "Run Code Analysis" on Android Class Library hits ""GenerateJavaStubs" task failed unexpectedly ... Sequence contains no elements" unless the library includes a subclass of `Activity` 2017-04-18
44420 Android General jonp CONF --- [Papercut - Windows]Large Package Name Lengths cause Debugger to not attach and crash application 2017-06-27
44423 Android General jonp CONF --- Android SDK License blank during fresh installation 2017-06-28
44992 Android General jonp CONF --- XA should use ANDROID_HOME when looking for SDK 2017-06-28
45212 Android General jonp CONF --- Android app crashes on start when runs on x86 2018-04-04
47333 Android General jonp CONF --- AndroidClientHandler ignores Connect Timeout value 2017-06-28
51487 Android General jonp CONF --- Xamarin.Android does not appear to honor build determinism requests. 2017-06-26
51651 Android General jonp CONF --- Runtime JNI Error 2017-03-21
52114 Android General jonp CONF --- [Empower Error Message]Ensure that the application has been installed to the target device and has a launchable activity (MainLauncher = true). 2017-06-14
52164 Android General jonp CONF --- Verify <application> Element is Last in AndroidManifest.xml 2017-06-14
52733 Android General jonp CONF --- JNI DETECTED ERROR IN APPLICATION: jclass has wrong type: java.lang.String 2018-03-15
52964 Android General jonp CONF --- no method with name='setForegroundGravity' signature='(I)V' in class Landroid/view/View; 2017-06-16
53209 Android General jonp CONF --- Firebase Cloud Messaging (Xamarin.Firebase.Messaging 42.1001.0) fails to update AndroidManifest.xml correctly 2017-03-16
53415 Android General jonp CONF --- Decimal.ToString() and values close to zero 2017-06-28
53507 Android General jonp CONF --- Ping from System.Net.NetworkInformation is not same as Ping from shell (Time in ms very different) 2017-07-07
54227 Android General jonp CONF --- * Assertion: should not be reached at class-accessors.c:73 2017-07-13
54323 Android General jonp CONF --- AppDomain.CurrentDomain.UnhandledException ExceptionObject stacktrace always null 2017-07-07
56052 Android General jonp CONF --- Activities Not Being Garbage Collected 2017-06-29
56187 Android General jonp CONF --- 7.3 Release notes contains TODO for benchmark 2017-06-23
56241 Android General jonp CONF --- F# Android + iOS won't compile when using latest F# Core 4.1.7 2017-07-06
56739 Android General jonp CONF --- OpenGL ES 3.0 triangles explode 2017-05-22
56820 Android General jonp CONF --- Xamarin.Android.Common.targets(3,3): Error MSB6006: “java” exited with code 2. 2017-06-23
56838 Android General jonp CONF --- error MSB6006: "jarsigner" exited with code 1. 2017-06-23
57031 Android General jonp CONF --- C# style events not unbinding immediately from ViewTreeObserver.GlobalLayout events 2017-06-26
57816 Android General jonp CONF --- Xamarin.GooglePlayServices.Maps builds with "packaged_resources does not exist" error. 2017-06-27
57827 Android General jonp CONF --- Compiled Native Library no longer included in APK for referenced Dynamic Shared Library Project 2017-07-11
58170 Android General jonp CONF --- HttpStatusCode.MultipleChoices (300) returns InvalidOperationException when using AndroidClientHandler 2017-07-14
58254 Android General jonp CONF --- dotnet restore fails to resolve Xamarin.Android.CSharp.targets 2018-04-05
58393 Android General jonp CONF --- Bundle.putByteArray signature takes an unsigned byte array 2017-09-21
59237 Android General jonp CONF --- CREATEMULTIDEXMAINDEXCLASSLIST cannot parse .jars with parenthesis in filename. 2017-09-05
59318 Android General jonp CONF --- WCF Fault Exception Cannot Deserialize FaultDetail 2017-09-25
59577 Android General jonp CONF --- Crash on access to field in structure 2017-09-19
60301 Android General jonp CONF --- F# Android project cannot reference .NET Standard class library 2017-10-24
60351 Android General jonp CONF --- No way to resolve conflict between "mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089" and "mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=7cec85d7bea7798e". 2018-03-30
60785 Android General jonp CONF --- Xamarin failed to deploy and debug on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) Device (API 10) 2017-12-25
54521 Android General nina.vyedin CONF --- Android SDK Tools >= 26.0.1 deprecates `tools/android` causing AVD Manager/SDK Manager to not load from IDEs 2017-11-17
33814 Android General radek.doulik CONF --- Error: Error executing task LinkAssemblies: Operation is not supported. 2016-01-13
36107 Android General radek.doulik CONF --- OpenTK - Black Screen between swapping an AndroidGameView -> android.view.View 2016-01-14
52873 Android General vargaz CONF --- XA auto-provisioning not working as expected 2017-06-27
24354 Android General atsushi ASSI --- Make the API to set the Options public for the Android NUnit runner project. 2016-09-20
25397 Android General dean.ellis ASSI --- Exception when instantiating an Android.Graphics.Pdf.PdfRenderer object 2016-09-20
2136 Android General jonp ASSI --- Support Live Lists and Dictionaries 2016-09-01
5792 Android General jonp ASSI --- InputStream.Read passes whole buffer to Java instead of its relevant fragment 2016-09-02
5957 Android General jonp ASSI --- MFA allows you to rename projects with invalid names (names that cause build/deploy failures) 2016-09-02
43723 Android General jonp ASSI --- Default styles on custom views are ignored 2017-06-27
8600 Android General dean.ellis ASSI --- Not remapping resource 2017-03-21
6085 Android General jonp ASSI --- Unify Java.Lang.Object and System.Object 2016-09-02
6311 Android General jonp ASSI --- Add Bundle.Add() methods 2016-09-02
17642 Android General jonp ASSI --- Getting exception "Failed to create JavaTypeInfo for class" when building any project using F# Object Expressions 2017-08-16
5378 Android General jonp ASSI --- Customized ItemizedOverlay requires BoundCenter() call in ctor 2016-09-02
51317 Android General cody.beyer ASSI --- Could not load assembly 'Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract.winmd 2017-06-13
45003 Android General jonp ASSI --- SIGABRT after Exceptions in OkHttp 2017-02-15
50354 Android General jonp NEED --- Deployment stuck at zipalign.exe 2018-02-26
10379 Android General bugzilla NEED --- NullReferenceException in AppDomain.UnhandledException handler 2014-01-10
47158 Android General jonp NEED --- System.ObjectDisposedException: Cannot access a disposed object. Object name: 'Android.Util.LruCache' 2017-09-06
31807 Android General dean.ellis NEED --- [XA 5.1.4] "cannot find in override_dir" when "Use Shared Runtime" is enabled 2017-11-06
15553 Android General jonp NEED --- Mono shared runtime installed twice on each deployment to a real device 2017-05-25
26678 Android General jonp NEED --- After updating to XA 4.20 the call to ODataservice never returns 2016-11-11
27866 Android General jonp NEED --- UnsatisfiedLinkError: Native method not found: 2016-12-13
28137 Android General radek.doulik NEED --- OpenTK: GLTriangle30 XA 5.1 4.21 Error 2017-03-21
60490 Android General atsushi NEED --- works incorrect 2017-11-14
53285 Android General jonp NEED --- Found conflicts between different versions of the same dependent assembly that could not be resolved. 2017-10-25
54217 Android General jonp NEED --- Application installed in Internal storage even after setting installation target as External storage in Android manifest. 2017-10-23
54458 Android General jonp NEED --- [Instant Run] HelloTests are failing - my.StartupApp class is not found 2017-04-07
56894 Android General jonp NEED --- Android app is never deployed to the simulator if the simulator is not already running 2017-10-19
59070 Android General jonp NEED --- Launcher App : java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Couldn't load monodroid from loader dalvik.system.PathClassLoader 2017-08-29
59312 Android General jonp NEED --- Launching photo intent many times causes camera to display black screen 2017-10-04
59372 Android General jonp NEED --- Execution randomly crashing 2017-10-16
60102 Android General jonp NEED --- Entry loses focus when keyboard on 2017-10-23
60385 Android General jonp NEED --- Include tag not respecting screen size qualifier 2017-10-26
60402 Android General jonp NEED --- NullReferenceException: AvdWatcher.cs line 255: modTimes == null 2017-10-30
60499 Android General jonp NEED --- Visual Studio hangs and crashes 2017-11-03
60854 Android General jonp NEED --- MonoPackageManager incompatible types: String[] cannot be converted to String 2017-12-06
60979 Android General jonp NEED --- Android.OS.FileObserver does not fire FileObserverEvents.Create and stops working after the first few events 2017-12-13
61050 Android General jonp NEED --- Garbage collector not triggered on Nougat 2017-12-18
61060 Android General jonp NEED --- The type or namespace name 'App' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) .NET Standard 2018-05-08
60868 Android General nina.vyedin NEED --- Emulator not working for Android 8.0 2017-11-27
17157 Android General bugzilla REOP --- Can not use PCL that includes System.Net.Http with Compression with Android app 2017-03-06
30334 Android General dean.ellis REOP --- Debug symbols ignored without any build warnings or errors when "Embed assemblies in native code" is enabled 2015-05-29
18350 Android General jonp REOP --- Application deriving only works with OnCreate() method 2016-06-27
36739 Android General jonp REOP --- No implementation found error during runtime 2016-04-14
56127 Android General grendel REOP --- PdfRenderer of Android does not render some fonts present in the PDF document in Android API 23 (Android 6.0) 2017-07-24
40900 Android General jonp REOP --- Public GitHub Repository Depends on Private Repositories 2016-05-10
44502 Android General jonp REOP --- App launches MainActivity when resumed from App Icon/App Drawer regardless of activity when backgrounded, but resumes correctly to current activity from Overview (App Switcher) 2016-12-12
56902 Android General jonp REOP --- Project crashes with gc bridge tarjan and runs fine with the old gc bridge implementation. 2018-05-01
59548 Android General jonp REOP --- PdfRenderer of Android does not render some fonts present in the PDF document in Android API 23 2018-04-26
60421 Android General jonp REOP --- StringCompareTranslator' threw System.InvalidOperationException: Sequence contains no matching element in release mode without share mono runtime 2017-12-20
60951 Android General jonp REOP --- Android.Database Cursor loader is not loading in background thread and blocking the UI when accessing device contacts, problem is when they are 100's of contacts in the device 2018-01-17
147 bugs found.


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