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382 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
55246 Forms Forms bugzilla NEW --- Focus on Xamarin.Forms.Entry is slow when calling Google.MobileAds.MobileAds.Configure from Xamarin.Google.iOS.MobileAds. 2017-04-16
55419 Forms Forms bugzilla NEW --- Localization fails to reset default language 2017-04-20
55482 Forms Forms bugzilla NEW --- WrapLayout memory issue Sat 07:19
55513 Forms Forms bugzilla NEW --- Binding is silently ignored when bound to a variable Mon 11:37
55674 Forms Forms bugzilla NEW --- Using a navigation page in UWP changes the tabbed bar's colour 10:03:12
25943 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- [Android] TapGestureRecognizer does not work with a nested StackLayout Wed 10:40
43047 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Xamarin Forms app crashes on Windows Phone when navigating from a page with a toolbar to a page with a map. 2016-08-10
44533 Forms Forms samantha.houts CONF --- CarouselView crash with Forms and CarouselView 2.3.0-pre2. 2016-11-07
22986 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- "More" tab on TabbedPage is disabled/does not register the taps 2016-11-29
24567 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- AbsoluteLayout performance 2017-01-22
24982 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- [iOS/Android] Memory Leaks with ListViews 2017-02-17
25052 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Garbage Collector does not remove ContentPages within MasterDetailPage when setting ItemSource and ItemTemplate 2015-05-20
26169 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Inappropriate layouts with Forms (iOS) with custom view renderers with child views and constraints. 2015-06-02
26361 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- XF Label vertical alignment problem for large fonts 2016-04-08
26602 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- [iOS] Padding not respected within a TabbedPage 2015-09-28
27130 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Setting MainPage fails after resuming 2016-10-12
28500 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- [iOS] Loading new Detail page in a ListView ItemTapped/ItemSelected event on a Master page on a MasterDetailPage while In-Call Status bar is visible causes incorrect vertical shift 2016-04-07
28514 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Image fails to load when bound to a Source using a Converter if Converter is called too often. 2016-11-29
28578 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- [Windows Phone] Entry control where IsPassword is true the delayed time to see what you type is zero 2016-04-08
28621 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Wrapping of text on Button controls is inconsistent 2017-04-11
28654 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- In a Listview on iOS, item does not resize properly if padding is added after an await. (Works in Android) 2016-10-12
29419 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Setting RefreshCommand cause leak 2016-12-08
29677 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- [Enhancement] Add support for loading and displaying SVG images in Xamarin.Forms 2016-12-22
29820 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Can you please give us a callback to specify the row height for list items? Wed 18:17
30071 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- WinPhone WebView won't play local video 2016-04-04
30139 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Multiple renderers attach to a single view cell in ListView.HasUnevenRows 2015-06-08
30957 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- CarouselPage responding to input when IsEnabled=false 2015-06-15
31688 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- 'Navigation.InsertPageBefore()' does not work for more than two pages, "throws java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: index=3 count=2" 2017-02-01
32290 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Images not respecting vertical bounds of StackLayout 2016-04-13
32871 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Numeric Keyboard does not work when text has a binding to a value 2016-09-26
32921 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Property Binding Ignoring ViewModel's Property Changed Event 2015-08-25
33385 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- ScrollView returns to begging on TranslateTo 2017-04-18
33528 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- StackLayout children with data bound IsVisible results in unexpected spacing. 2015-11-20
34943 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Label is clipped when inside a StackLayout with another Label using TrailTruncation 2017-02-09
35489 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Webview loses navigation history when in masterdetailpage 2016-10-13
36194 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Wrong image size in landscape mode 2016-09-24
36398 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Removing element from ObservableCollection as ItemSource in ListView with sections duplicate in a weird way the last section title in iOS 2016-12-28
36399 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Adding section in ListView with ObservableCollection always scroll the ListView up in iOS 2017-01-02
36473 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Navigating from page with toolbar to page without toolbar leaves space for toolbar 2017-01-09
36553 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- WordWrap of Label fails on WinPhone 2016-03-22
36598 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- SetHasNavigationBar screen height wrong 2016-04-13
36721 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Hidden NavigationBar causes layout to adjust when navigating 2016-10-21
36932 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Items in a Grid are frequently positioned wrong by one or more pixels 2016-12-22
37231 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Replacing MainPage from ContextAction Error - Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.ListViewAdapter 2016-12-20
37311 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Impossible to create a clone of the Entry control 2016-12-20
37584 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Page.BackgroundImage behavior inconsistent between platforms 2016-01-11
37671 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Change Button Image from FileImageSource to ImageSource 2017-01-02
37687 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- IsVisible sometimes not respected (WP8) 2016-01-20
37892 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Button inside the StackLayout, size not updated dynamically. 2016-01-22
38162 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Displaying keyboard for an Entry breaks CarouselPage page transition in iOS 2016-01-30
38269 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Entry/keyboard should expose a method to accept highlighted keyboard shortcut 2016-02-01
38336 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- The Nuget/package directory is unnecessarily long for Xamarin.Forms 2016-02-03
38564 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- ConstraintExpression in Style does not work 2016-12-22
38739 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Effects on Cells 2016-12-20
38827 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- UWP - Text not wrapping 2016-07-29
38851 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- [Forms] Unexpected Listview deselection behavior (XAML) 2016-02-17
39054 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Unable to force no truncation on label 2017-03-09
39134 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- [Papercut] New Projects Should Name the File Containing `public class App{}` as `App.cs` 2017-03-16
39135 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- [Papercut] "Xamarin.Forms" is misspelled in the Label Text of the auto-generated Main Page 2017-03-15
39221 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Master not focusing correctly with MasterDetail 2017-01-05
39399 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- [UWP] Setting FontSize on Entry causes The application called an interface that was marshalled for a different thread 2017-01-05
39414 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Enhancement: Need ToolbarItemRenderer 2017-03-19
39472 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Android inconsistency when Opacity of element is 0; input is still blocked 2016-09-24
39843 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- On UWP and WinRT 8.1, horizontal scroll bars hide information in the ScrollView 2017-03-09
40077 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Using Xaml files generates long intermediate file paths that exceeds 248 char limit 2016-05-30
40121 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- [Android/iOS] With ListView in a StackLayout, with a button below the ListView, when an Entry in the ListView is selected, you cannot get to the button without dismissing keyboard. 2016-10-20
40511 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- CarouselView needs DoesAnimate property Forms V2.2.0-Pre2 2017-01-03
40558 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- CarouselView Item needs bindable property and needs to be TwoWay 2017-01-03
40635 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- CarouselView needs either a page indicator or show part of the left and right pages (v2.2.0.18-pre3) 2017-04-04
40666 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- "The name 'InitializeComponent' does not exist in the current context" VS IntelliSense error due to missing `.g.cs` file if you manually delete the `obj` folder and then reload the solution 2017-01-06
40696 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Cannot add items to start of CarouselView dynamically and Scroll 2017-01-03
40752 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Map wont show on a Iphone simmulator, but will on a real device 2016-12-07
41016 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- An attempt was made to transition a task to a final state when it had already completed. 2016-10-22
41201 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Margin doesn't seem to work properly as top level element in a list ItemTemplate 2016-07-28
41268 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- TextCell in TableView with IsEnabled = false does not disable interaction. 2016-11-14
41344 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- ForceUpdateSize doesn't resize when changing the padding of a child layout 2017-04-07
41381 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- An Entry in a TableView can be made to be responsive when IsEnabled = false and vice versa. 2016-08-11
42123 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Frame Element in ListView with custom cells causes layout problem 2016-08-10
42155 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Xamarin.Forms.Pages Masking 2016-10-22
42231 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- PickerView Not Working Properly into ListView on WinRT Tablet 2016-07-06
42234 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- CarouselView containing (ListView + Footer) creates clickable footer that crashes application 2017-03-16
42351 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Xamarin Forms Button shows differently on Android when ButtonRenderer is used 2016-10-12
42447 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Application-wide Styles are not applied to modal pages in UWP, Windows and WP8.1 2017-04-05
42548 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- MasterDetailPage loses hamburger menu when reusing NavigationPage as Detail 2017-04-06
42684 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Layout manager not handling Restore from Maximised on UWP 2016-08-11
42714 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Text Overlapping in Windows Platforms 2016-07-21
42727 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Empty StackLayout with large HeightRequest overflows boundary of containing StackLayout 2016-07-27
42754 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- MasterDetailPage Menu is now broken version is the last where it works 2016-07-24
42824 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- LineBreakMode.HeadTruncation and MiddleTruncation both do tail truncation 2016-07-29
42901 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- DisplayActionSheet does not display all entries on WinRT 8.1 2016-08-11
42921 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Button width inconsistent between phone and non-phone devices 2016-08-01
42996 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- CarouselView does not layout children properly on UWP 2016-08-10
42999 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- MenuItems in ContextActions are sometimes bound to the wrong bindingContext in UWP. 2016-08-04
43068 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Updating ObeservableCollection on background thread bound to ListView.ItemsSource throws exception on windows, not Android. 2016-08-10
43219 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- ListView size issue when inside a Frame 2016-08-11
43314 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Title of TableViewSection does not update without collection change 2016-08-17
43835 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Visual Studio gives the error that properties don't exist 2016-10-24
43947 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- When a Grid row resizes, it resets ScrollView position on iOS 2017-04-18
43955 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Page “jumps” navigation bar height when navigating between pages 2016-10-04
44035 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- ListView rapid scrolling on Win 8.1 results in occasional incorrect cell rendering and leaks 2016-09-15
44115 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Multiple navigations in NavigationPage results in an incorrect Title on Android 2017-04-18
44302 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Grid layout row height star pushes auto rows off screen if followed by auto height rows with content containing rowspan 2017-01-04
44398 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- On iOS the NavigationPage as Detail do not show the icon from de Master page of a MasterDetailPage if the image is stored inside a Assets.xcassets 2016-10-10
44680 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- On UWP and WinRT 8.1, Image with IsVisible=false obscures what is beneath it 2016-10-03
44774 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Entry Field does not resize when setting FontSize 2016-11-23
44984 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- [UWP] Can't modify local image file or file name after it has been loaded into application 2017-01-04
45153 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Not possible to create a Grid inside a ScrollView that fills the Screen completely 2017-01-03
45557 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Setting BindingContext using xaml bindings is called multiple times (Same as Bug 27299) 2016-10-19
45936 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- On UWP, updating a ViewCell directly has no visual effect 2017-02-21
45978 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- NavigationPage.CurrentPage not set properly when reusing a NavigationPage instance 2017-03-20
46278 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- [UWP] Group headers in a ListView do not go below a certain height 2017-03-21
46372 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Documentation of TargetIdiom out of synch with reality for UWP 2017-03-09
46501 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- On iOS, Grid children are not visible when changing grid visibility, children, row- and column-definition in certain order 2017-03-20
46924 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- iOS: PlatformEffect renders with "old" properties (when changing .IsVisible) 2017-03-27
47168 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Colors used for Picker Title on WinRT 8.1 and WinPhone 8.1 RT cannot be set 2017-03-27
47627 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Setting Label.FormattedText on UWP has no effect 2016-11-29
49069 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Java.Lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when rendering long Label on Android 2017-03-24
49304 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- [UWP] ScrollView and ListView are not scrolling after rotation 2017-01-17
50992 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- InputTransparent applies to children on iOS but not Android. 2017-02-15
51424 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Animation does not repeat when repeat func is true 2017-02-15
51501 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- SwitchCell text color is always gray on Android 2017-02-15
51741 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Xamarin Forms seems to be overriding the Appearance.SetTitleColor of a UIButton 2017-03-21
52299 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- On Android, using a physical keyboard, setting Focus from an Entry's Completed handler fails 2017-04-20
54036 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- [UWP] MasterPage - Bad Rendering 2017-04-05
54042 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- TabbedPage contents stop rendering when both changing current tab and going to another page in navigation 2017-03-27
29712 Forms Forms chris.king CONF --- listview datatemplate is not correctly reusing cells, and is waisting performance/memory for nothing 2015-07-21
29769 Forms Forms chris.king CONF --- Clearing CarouselPage Children after OnAppearing throws exception on iOS 2015-05-20
45536 Forms Forms paul.dipietro CONF --- Couldn't Handle Windows 10 Software back button in Windows 8.1 app. 2017-03-09
47166 Forms Forms paul.dipietro CONF --- Picker Title text is clipped on WinPhone 8.1 RT 2017-03-24
52248 Forms Forms paul.dipietro CONF --- Property IsEnabled = "False" is not working in UWP platform if we load any custom view inside a DataTemplate 2017-03-07
52272 Forms Forms paul.dipietro CONF --- Xamarin Forms ScrollView not working when translation is set 2017-02-27
52635 Forms Forms paul.dipietro CONF --- AbsoluteLayout doesn't lay out correctly after device rotation 2017-03-14
52639 Forms Forms paul.dipietro CONF --- ListView and SearchBar do not get along 2017-02-21
52656 Forms Forms paul.dipietro CONF --- ToolbarItem needs accessibility support 2017-02-22
30765 Forms Forms stephane.delcroix CONF --- Styles with Frames does not apply the "Padding" property 2017-03-21
37524 Forms Forms stephane.delcroix CONF --- MultiTrigger to disable a button not working 2016-01-22
29330 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Same Page OnDisappearing code triggered differently between android and ios project 2016-08-30
40817 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- AutomationId may only be set one time exception 2016-07-05
44966 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- No way to lock focus on Entry or Editor 2017-01-04
45106 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Label with muti-line FormattedText and LineBreakMode="NoWrap" does not show multiple lines 2017-03-24
41926 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- signature-issue on google maps using the latest final xamarin.Forms and googleplayservices 2016-08-10
36101 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- RelativeLayout child positioning issue on iOS 2016-12-27
36903 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Changing ContentView.Padding inside an auto-sized Grid row does not trigger layout 2017-01-04
37890 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- StackLayout HorizontalOptions="End" not working 2016-11-02
38067 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- ListView adding items while using IsGroupingEnabled crashes app 2016-04-13
38090 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Xamarin.GooglePlayService.Maps v. 26 should depend on Xamarin.GooglePlayService.Base v. 26 2016-12-21
38471 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- [WinRT] Default Slider has only 10 possible values 2016-12-20
39870 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Xamarin.Forms.Maps Geocoder GetPositionsForAddressAsync always returns an empty set on Android 2016-10-17
40092 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- AbsoluteLayout content does not fill all available space on some devices 2016-11-28
40096 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Invalid Cast Exception when setting SearchBar Command 2016-04-05
40630 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- CarouselView with ItemsSource null or empty throws Exception (v2.2.0.18-pre3) 2016-04-25
40634 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- CarouselView fires (or not) "ItemSelected" or "PositionSelected" in an buggie way (v2.2.0.18-pre3) 2016-04-25
40939 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Picker on Android does not support keyboard selection of item in picker 2016-07-08
40967 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Layouts intercept all input on iOS. 2016-10-31
40995 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- IsVisible property doesn´t work after using .FadeTo on the same object 2016-07-15
41060 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Conflicts in New Projects 2016-07-15
41341 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- [Forms] CarouselPage - SelectedItem will not navigate if called with same number (even after swiping) until another number is used 2017-03-21
41413 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Xamarin.Forms.AnimationExtensions/ViewExtensions-based animation often fails when the View is on the same Page as an OpenGLView that HasRenderLoop 2017-03-21
41672 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- ToolbarItem width not expanding 2016-08-09
41760 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- WebView Navigated event inconsistent and erroneous 2016-08-12
41896 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- [iOS] ScrollToAsync or PresentViewControllerAsync runtime crash 2017-04-11
41982 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- ListView binding cannot work correctly in RecycleElement mode 2016-08-11
42043 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Errors with DataTrigger and using CachingStrategy="RecycleElement" 2016-07-06
42044 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- DataTrigger not working correctly. 2017-01-09
42280 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Frame changing background colour in ListView 2016-07-09
42429 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- FillAndExpand expand out of screen of a modal content page 2016-08-12
42506 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Button TextColor using Styles and Triggers with IsEnable=False 2017-03-30
42596 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- TapGestureRecognizer not working when added to WebView 2016-09-24
42793 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Setting Handled = true in UnhandledException handler has no effect on WinRT 8.1 2016-08-10
42815 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- MasterDetail Resources+NotFoundException: 2017-03-27
43186 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- AbsoluteLayout rotation misplaces layout 2017-02-20
43224 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- On Android when navigate from A to B then to C then back to A, the view A is not rendered correctly 2016-10-02
43435 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Slider crashes when minimum value greater than zero and set before Max value in XAML 2017-01-16
43589 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- On Android, Page's IsBusy indicator is only shown if UI thread is NOT busy 2017-01-09
43664 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- 'Entry' on iOS not sizing well, but fine on Android. Style issue? 2017-02-01
43685 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Bindings in ContentView lost when ControlTemplate is changed at runtime. 2017-01-13
43706 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Setting ControlTemplate in code-behind gets rid of BindingContext for UI elements 2016-10-31
43710 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- ListView's GroupHeaderTemplate do not work with DataTemplateSelector on Android 2016-11-02
43719 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- CarouselPage BackgroundImage does not work on Android 2017-03-21
43802 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Bind an Entry to a int? field 2016-10-06
43809 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Image size is inconsistent when loading with ImageSource.FromResource or ImageSource.FromStream 2016-10-05
43911 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Android renderers timing issue with OnAppearing Method and Urho Surface 2016-10-06
44034 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- ListView rapid scrolling on Win 8.1 results in occasional incorrect cell rendering and leaks 2017-01-04
44130 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Visual studio Error Running Code Analysis when Xamarin forms portable project contains XamlCompilationAttribute 2017-04-03
44690 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Item inside a ListView does not keep TranslationX after scroll 2016-12-12
44752 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- RelativeLayout Problem 2017-01-05
44778 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- StringFormat was not set properly for four digit values in Label 2016-11-25
44844 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- The RaiseChild() and LowerChild() methods on the Layout class do not correctly change the visual order of native controls 2016-10-13
44888 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Label with word wrap has incorrect height calculation for the containing view 2017-01-03
45182 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- IndexOutOfRangeException when attempting to update an ObservableCollection bound to a ListView within a background thread. 2016-10-21
45327 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- ListView Header disappears when items are added on iOS 2016-10-20
45722 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Memory leak in Xamarin Forms ListView 2017-03-28
45892 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- On UWP, rotating device when DisplayActionSheet open, results in underlying page not resizing 2017-03-23
45929 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- ListView ItemTemplate do not change height based on content 2016-11-02
46039 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- listview ItemSource not updating 2016-11-08
46165 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Editor in lower area of the screen is unusable with multiple lines of text 2017-03-20
47805 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Exception when binding Slider Minimum, Maximum and Value properties. 2017-01-10
47829 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Changing the width of a column in a Grid causes ViewCell to change height unexpectedly (on iOS only) 2017-02-20
47859 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Margin not fully respected on UWP 2017-02-20
48018 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Horizontal scrollview within MasterDetailPage is empty - only on Android Nougat 2017-02-20
49168 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- App crashes when navigating to page with ControlTemplate 2017-03-09
49658 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- When an Item inside a ListView is deleted, the item below is shown with the TranslationX of the deleted one 2017-03-09
51179 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- StackLayout ignoring EndAndExpand on iOS in certain scenarios 2017-02-14
51631 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Effect doesn't work with binding 2017-02-01
46503 Forms Forms jimmy.garrido CONF --- Setting style on ImageCell or TextCell does not take effect 2017-03-17
52631 Forms Forms jimmy.garrido CONF --- LineBreakMode does nothing when label is in grid 2017-02-22
52951 Forms Forms jimmy.garrido CONF --- Effects not applied to NavigationPage 2017-03-27
52979 Forms Forms jimmy.garrido CONF --- [iOS] ListView with RowHeight does not fill available height when inside nested StackLayout 2017-03-03
53032 Forms Forms jimmy.garrido CONF --- StackLayout incorrectly calculating label size within CarouselPage 2017-03-24
53309 Forms Forms jimmy.garrido CONF --- System.ArgumentException: No IAppIndexingProvider was provided after application second start 2017-03-23
53350 Forms Forms jimmy.garrido CONF --- XAML Compilation fails using generic argument in property 2017-03-16
54335 Forms Forms jimmy.garrido CONF --- ScrollView.ScrollToAsync never returns and does not scroll up 2017-04-13
54416 Forms Forms jimmy.garrido CONF --- Named font sizes applied from static resources using onplatform not being applied 2017-04-06
55057 Forms Forms jimmy.garrido CONF --- Grid height incorrect with star column definition if column contains a vertical stack layout with a label and an image. 2017-04-18
55135 Forms Forms jimmy.garrido CONF --- Margin issue with controls in a ViewCell 2017-04-15
55183 Forms Forms jimmy.garrido CONF --- AbsoluteLayoutBounds & AbsoluteLayoutFlags with OnIdiom not working in ResourceDictionaries 2017-04-18
55294 Forms Forms jimmy.garrido CONF --- Grid size incorrect when using with Image 2017-04-19
55365 Forms Forms jimmy.garrido CONF --- ~VisualElement crashes with System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException 2017-04-19
53511 Forms Forms bugzilla ASSI --- Xamarin.Forms Driod Project - Doesn't Show Tabbed Page Contents on Device but in Emulator 2017-03-20
52464 Forms Forms paul.dipietro ASSI --- SearchCommand with CanExecute = false disables input on SearchBar 2017-02-24
53409 Forms Forms paul.dipietro ASSI --- REQUEST: Add a property to ContentPage or FormsApplication that indicates if the page is being rendered for the Previewer or runtime 2017-03-24
48475 Forms Forms jimmy.garrido ASSI --- App got crashed on Android 7.0 on Nexus 9 Wed 17:46
52944 Forms Forms jimmy.garrido ASSI --- JAVAC : warning : unknown enum constant Scope.LIBRARY_GROUP Mon 18:35
55049 Forms Forms jimmy.garrido ASSI --- UWP Rotating ListView breaks scrolling 2017-04-12
55433 Forms Forms jimmy.garrido ASSI --- No way to properly/fully dispose of all objects or running threads in a page presented with PushModalAsync (Code from dismissed modal pages continues to run) Fri 17:00
36832 Forms Forms paul.dipietro ASSI --- [Android] Handling Touch on a Cells Android.Views.View prevents tap animation and selection 2017-03-20
43179 Forms Forms paul.dipietro ASSI --- Exception when using F# with Xamarin forms while showing an image 2017-03-17
45266 Forms Forms paul.dipietro ASSI --- RelativeLayout: setting a height constraint relative to another item does not work 2017-03-27
45659 Forms Forms paul.dipietro ASSI --- UWP Map loses street names based on location 2017-03-26
46373 Forms Forms paul.dipietro ASSI --- Windows 8.1 RT app running on same desktop as UWP app reports a different TargetIdiom 2017-03-01
50101 Forms Forms paul.dipietro ASSI --- Add IsVisible to ToolbarItem 2017-03-03
51147 Forms Forms paul.dipietro ASSI --- Command CanExecute doesn't disable UI element when false 2017-03-27
52256 Forms Forms paul.dipietro ASSI --- ListView ignores padding when cell contains string with NewLines 2017-03-23
52311 Forms Forms paul.dipietro ASSI --- Labels not rendered (wrapped/truncated) when in ScrollView 2017-03-17
52484 Forms Forms paul.dipietro ASSI --- XAML editor allows incorrect syntax when setting element properties 2017-02-24
52834 Forms Forms paul.dipietro ASSI --- LabelRenderer crashes app: Cannot Access Disposed Object Wed 14:17
52964 Forms Forms paul.dipietro ASSI --- no method with name='setForegroundGravity' signature='(I)V' in class Landroid/view/View; 2017-03-10
53147 Forms Forms paul.dipietro ASSI --- Could not link assemblies. Reason: Value cannot be null 2017-03-08
53333 Forms Forms paul.dipietro ASSI --- Trigger finalization can cause ObjectDisposedException 2017-03-17
53858 Forms Forms paul.dipietro ASSI --- Default Dialog box on iOS 8 is a transparent and translucent modal view. 2017-03-23
55198 Forms Forms paul.dipietro ASSI --- pre1 unhandled exception on start [XF, Android] 2017-04-19
27729 Forms Forms bugzilla IN_P --- Image does not scale with Aspect when inside a StackLayout with a WidthRequest 2016-07-04
31171 Forms Forms bugzilla IN_P --- NavigationPage.PopAsync() cause memory leak by still holding on popped Page 2016-12-08
40161 Forms Forms bugzilla IN_P --- Layout not invalidated when changing source of image 2016-09-15
40485 Forms Forms bugzilla IN_P --- Entry TextColor does not work when Enabled is false 2017-04-19
45723 Forms Forms bugzilla IN_P --- Entry / Editor and a Button. Tapping the button dismisses the keyboard 2017-02-01
54889 Forms Forms chris.king IN_P --- ControlTemplate in a merged ResourceDictionary crashes app 2017-04-19
40631 Forms Forms bugzilla IN_P --- Setting CarouselView.Position throw exception (v2.2.0.18-pre3) 2016-04-25
41863 Forms Forms bugzilla IN_P --- Xamarin Forms performance is still slow on Android 2017-03-21
41960 Forms Forms bugzilla IN_P --- Stepper changes initially bound value if it is greater than 100 2017-03-16
44211 Forms Forms bugzilla IN_P --- Android/Forms Tabpage OnDisappearing firing minimized 2017-02-14
46108 Forms Forms bugzilla IN_P --- Cannot Build Xamarin.Forms From Source Code 2016-11-02
48680 Forms Forms bugzilla IN_P --- FindByName Functionality Failure 2017-03-13
50098 Forms Forms bugzilla IN_P --- Add the ability to change the font on Picker 2017-03-16
51164 Forms Forms bugzilla IN_P --- TargetNullValue / FallbackValue doesn't work 2017-03-16
52458 Forms Forms bugzilla IN_P --- Children pages in NavigationPage were got `appearing events` even if they were not latest in navigation stack 2017-03-16
53561 Forms Forms jimmy.garrido IN_P --- GridCalc is calculating incorrect height on items with column spanning. 2017-03-23
55027 Forms Forms stephane.delcroix IN_P --- Xaml compilation can't handle folders in namespaces 2017-04-18
55096 Forms Forms stephane.delcroix IN_P --- {x:Static} with nested class does not work on XAML. 2017-04-18
55347 Forms Forms stephane.delcroix IN_P --- Exception when using static resource Thickness in 2.3.5-pre1 with XamlC 2017-04-20
28613 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- [iOS] ListView Height does not properly report the correct height at first load 2015-08-27
37976 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Forms.Android performance drop by 35% due to the toolbar 2016-12-21
25517 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Using Picker Control disables proximity setting in iOS 2016-03-25
27121 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- [Android] Custom Cell in ListView Choppy/Performance Issue 2016-11-12
37252 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Entry in frame exhibiting strange behavior 2.0 latest pre 2016-01-13
37442 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Label Text exceeding the bounds and overlapping with nearby views in windows 8.0 phone and WinRT 2016-02-02
42382 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Hybrid webview do not resize html items on android 2016-08-17
46912 Forms Forms paul.dipietro NEED --- Crash on UWP Exit 2017-03-01
36121 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Layout.IsClippedToBounds affects sibling, not just children 2016-12-27
36287 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Android App (Always) Crashes on "StartUp" When Using FormsAppCompatActivity 2017-03-08
36939 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.CellAdapter.HandleContextMode Null Exception on long tap on a Frame 2016-12-21
36956 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Xamarin.Forms compilation error 2015-12-14
37022 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- [WP] crash from cached image uriimagesource (Xamarin.Forms.Platform.WinRT.ImageLoaderSourceHandler) 2017-03-24
37158 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- [WP] button widthrequest not applied 2017-01-05
37164 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- CollectionChanged event remains null for a custom container tied to listview ItemSource 2017-01-05
37169 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- OnElementPropertyChanged is called twice for my property change 2016-09-24
37199 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- [Android] Issue with Custom Renderer for Entry 2017-01-05
37859 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Page.DisplayActionSheet delay before displaying on iOS devices 2016-12-21
37952 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- RendererFactory.GetRenderer() - is it bug - child content? 2016-12-20
37955 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- xamarin.forms ios app crashes on start without any error 2016-01-25
38096 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- NullReference exception when removing ContentView content 2016-01-27
38283 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- TableView HasUnevenRows not working on iOS, cells disappear when scrolling in Android 2016-03-03
38292 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- JavaProxyThrowable: System.NullReferenceException triggered by GestureDetector 2016-02-07
38509 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- setting main page from a content page to a masterDetail page to a content page to a masterDetail page crashes on android 2016-12-20
38819 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- await SavePropertiesAsync(); in "OnSleep" crashed Android app 2016-12-20
39321 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- [Xamarin.Forms] Android styles not working on Scroll View with custom rander 2016-03-10
39385 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Xamarin Forms PickerRenderer crash 2016-03-07
39406 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- IsVisible doesn't work on ListView and Grid on some Android versions 2016-03-10
39453 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Android thorow ArgumentException: 'jobject' must not be IntPtr.Zero. 2016-06-16
39514 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- [Forms] Forms Android apps crash when deployed to API 15 ICS in Debug config 2016-03-15
40258 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- [Android] System.NotSupportedException Unable to activate instance of type Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android... from native handle 2017-04-03
40424 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- ListView not rendering on first load (Xamarin Forms Android) 2016-04-18
40478 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Xamarin.Forms.Maps Pin.Clicked event is not fired 2017-01-06
40847 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Crash when pusing fast 2016-09-23
40909 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- System.Runtime.CompilerServices.RuntimeWrappedExceptionAn object that does not derive from System.Exception has been wrapped in a RuntimeWrappedException. 2016-08-08
40932 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Ambiguous call from RelativeLayout.Children.Add() when trying to add content into a XAML File 2016-08-08
41059 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Xamarin.Forms Portable Solution is very slow 2016-05-12
41094 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Crash in -[Xamarin_Forms_Platform_iOS_PickerRenderer_PickerSource pickerView:titleForRow:forComponent:] 2016-08-04
41162 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Сhange of height content grid while Image scale="ScaleFit" 2016-07-13
41255 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object 2017-01-05
41266 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- On WinRT and UWP, with two bindings to a property but with different value converters, only one binding is updated 2016-10-03
41283 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Analysis of 'Xamarin.Forms' source code by PVS-Studio static code analyzer 2017-01-05
41312 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- my padding value is also applied as margin 2016-06-03
41350 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- WebView WidthRequest can't handle doubles 2016-10-20
41508 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Xamarin Form Andoird: Open datepicker from toolbaritem icon will crash application !!! 2016-09-30
41511 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- XF2.2 Animation Failures: java.lang.reflectAttempt to read from field 'int android.view.View.mViewFlags' on a null object reference 2016-08-11
41529 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- ExecutionEngineException while using Xamarin.Forms.Maps on Windows Phone 10 2016-07-28
41560 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Xamarin Forms Editor: Unable to enter consecutive numbers in Android 2016-06-29
41902 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- AutomationId doesn't work on Switch 2016-06-16
42059 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Picker does not show the items when the picker items are lesser than three in windows phone 8.1 2016-07-08
42182 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Unable to set ControlTemplate for Custom Control in App.xaml 2016-09-08
42954 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- OnAppLinkRequestReceived not called on iOS 2016-12-30
43093 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Long WeakReference.Target for Renderer nulled after handler Finalize is called and before Renderer finalizer is called 2016-08-09
43104 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Value was an invalid value for HeaderTemplate 2016-08-08
43343 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- AbsoluteLayout updating child bounds breaks on fling 2016-09-06
43529 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Crash at startup on iOS Simulator 2016-08-25
43577 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- SetHasBackButton does not update UI on Android 2016-12-01
43832 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Using a ListView with a DataTemplateSelector and RecycleElement results in wrong behavior on cells 2016-10-20
43868 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Could not load assembly 'WorkingWithBehaviors 2016-09-06
44250 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Webview data binding not working in CarouselView 2017-01-04
44454 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- SearchBar fails to trigger SearchButtonPressed event 2016-10-08
44711 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Xamarin Forms performance is bad again 2016-10-03
44721 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- BindableObject.GetContext(BindableProperty property) NullReferenceException 2016-12-19
44755 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Button not visible, revealed by TranslateTo, does not handle clicks 2016-12-20
44846 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.ListViewAdapter constructor when you call Platform.SetRenderer(view, Platform.CreateRenderer(view)); 2016-12-19
44850 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Android app restarts instead of resuming after tapping launcher icon 2016-11-09
44981 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- On UWP, an Image with IsVisible=false initially is sized differently when IsVisible is toggled, to an Image that is initially visible 2017-02-06
45226 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- CarouselView 2.3.0-pre2 when a keyboard appears CarouselView moves to the last position 2016-10-22
45602 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- NullPointerException when applying style Wed 11:46
46699 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Unable to activate instance of type Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.ViewCellRenderer+ViewCellContainer and No constructor found for Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.ViewCellRenderer+ViewCellContainer 2017-03-20
47378 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Xamarin.Forms 2.3.2 does not compile with XLabs.Forms 2.0.5 2016-11-22
48147 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- If I try PushModalPage while a prompt is still opened, app crashes. (Forms' Android) 2016-12-15
49079 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Translation layout X and Y is slow in UWP 2017-02-16
49237 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Bindable two way property in contentview (user control) fails to find property in view model 2017-02-16
49681 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Access dictionary entry with key after checking it DOESN'T contain the key 2017-02-16
49786 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Listview crashing on KitKat 2016-12-27
49820 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Bug in Tab control 2017-02-06
51188 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Label character count somehow affects height of containing grid 2017-02-15
51288 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- [UWP] MasterDetail loses drawer after upgrade 2017-02-15
51546 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Hardware/Software back button from MainPage of type MasterDetail causes crash 'java.lang.IllegalStateException: Activity has been destroyed' 2017-02-15
51616 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Impossible to set AutomationIds for cells in a TableView control 2017-04-14
51663 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- CarouselView 2.30.pre2 crashes with out of memory exception after multiple swipes 2017-02-15
51712 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Invalid XAML Error in Xamarin Forms Previewer when Mobile Center is used 2017-01-27
52310 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- XAML Style override ignored 2017-03-25
52353 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- DisplayAlert and DisplayActionSheet bug in Forms version. 2017-02-07
53502 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Xamarin.Forms Android app content does not render on OS 7 (Nougat) only on power safer mode 2017-03-20
48090 Forms Forms jimmy.garrido NEED --- Java.Lang.StackOverflowError when using FormattedText inside ListView inside CarouselView 2017-04-17
52243 Forms Forms jimmy.garrido NEED --- DatePicker date separators in custom format ignored 2017-03-07
52708 Forms Forms jimmy.garrido NEED --- TwoWay bindings call the source property setter during initialization 2017-03-02
53840 Forms Forms jimmy.garrido NEED --- Xamarin.Forms PropertyStore: Exception while reading Application properties: System.Runtime.Serialization.SerializationException 2017-03-23
54549 Forms Forms jimmy.garrido NEED --- OnPlatform Windows in XAML is missing Wed 16:45
54667 Forms Forms jimmy.garrido NEED --- Changing the itemsource of a ListView to a smaller collection may throw an exception 2017-04-07
55370 Forms Forms jimmy.garrido NEED --- Xam.Plugin.Media not working after update Xamarin Forms 2017-04-21
37612 Forms Forms paul.dipietro NEED --- Issues with ListView in UWP Xamarin.Forms 2017-03-03
45860 Forms Forms paul.dipietro NEED --- “Control” Property In Custom Renderers and Effects Is Null For Layouts 2017-04-17
46380 Forms Forms paul.dipietro NEED --- Xamarin.Forms Opacity incorrectly blends against black 2017-04-20
46866 Forms Forms paul.dipietro NEED --- Rounding Error in AbsoluteLayout Proportional Values 2017-04-17
52356 Forms Forms paul.dipietro NEED --- App's Resource Dictionary not available to Control Template 2017-04-17
52446 Forms Forms paul.dipietro NEED --- UWP app crashes When DynamicResource Used On Label TextColor in Navigation Page 2017-04-17
52461 Forms Forms paul.dipietro NEED --- WP8 Device debugging crashing when processing xaml page 2017-02-23
53344 Forms Forms paul.dipietro NEED --- Android+Forms: Cannot access a disposed object because page closed, or Content of page set to new content => error in layout + binding Wed 14:17
55343 Forms Forms stephane.delcroix NEED --- New OnPlatform doesn't return KeyValuePair values - XAML resource in app.xaml crash app 2017-04-19
25888 Forms Forms bugzilla REOP --- [Android] Connecting a bluetooth keyboard causes navigation to reset to the root 2016-04-29
28176 Forms Forms bugzilla REOP --- Xamarin.Forms.Device.StartTimer stops receiving notifications, when running on iPhone 6 iOS 8.2 2016-12-09
32899 Forms Forms bugzilla REOP --- Setting button's IsEnabled to false does not disable button 2017-03-08
37438 Forms Forms bugzilla REOP --- Grid is ignoring WidthRequest and HeightRequest inside content page 2016-12-22
42188 Forms Forms bugzilla REOP --- ViewCell with focus does not recognise being tapped using keyboard on UWP 2017-02-23
27798 Forms Forms jason.smith REOP --- Android, Page OnDisappearing for first page fires after OnAppearing for target page 2016-08-24
27915 Forms Forms jason.smith REOP --- EntryCell doesn't expose text color of entry field on iOS 2016-12-09
28618 Forms Forms rui.marinho REOP --- Horizontally centered Picker views clip contained text rather than expanding to required size 2017-01-11
33450 Forms Forms rui.marinho REOP --- [iOS] Cell with ContextAction has a different layout 2017-01-10
32896 Forms Forms stephane.delcroix REOP --- Trigger with bound Setter's Value doesn't revert View's visual state when condition not matched anymore 2017-03-07
33133 Forms Forms bugzilla REOP --- DisplayAlert and DisplayActionSheet do not support StyleId for use in automated testing using UITest 2017-04-10
41740 Forms Forms bugzilla REOP --- Grid ignores MinimumWidthRequest 2016-09-27
42335 Forms Forms bugzilla REOP --- XF for Android is much slower than its iOS counterpart 2017-03-21
44058 Forms Forms bugzilla REOP --- Startup times are abysmal 2017-01-04
52239 Forms Forms bugzilla REOP --- When using templates ListView ItemSelected event does not fire 2017-02-25
53854 Forms Forms bugzilla REOP --- Image is not rendered in view, when deploying in Forms.UWP in release mode 2017-03-28
51807 Forms Forms jimmy.garrido REOP --- Focus and UnFocus events are not working properly in Entry(Numeric) Xamarin Android 2017-04-12
54693 Forms Forms jimmy.garrido REOP --- Device.RuntimePlatform gives "Windows" on Windows Mobile 2017-04-11
39802 Forms Forms rui.marinho REOP --- Gap between ListView cells even if SeparatorVisablity is set to none 2017-02-20
41404 Forms Forms rui.marinho REOP --- Xamarin Forms Master Page (of Master Detail Page) obscures Android status bar with Material Design 2017-01-05
382 bugs found.


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