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12 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
40460 Tools Doctools bugzilla NEW --- "Upload Contributions" button in MonoDoc cannot reach the remote server. 2016-04-16
38590 Tools Doctools bugzilla CONF --- monodoc code_example markup 2016-03-06
37367 Tools Doctools bugzilla NEW --- Support reproducible builds 2017-12-12
18306 Tools Doctools joel.martinez NEW --- mdoc does not support documentation of optional parameters 2014-03-11
16344 Tools Doctools jonp NEED --- monodoc needs to merge namespace type listings 2015-11-04
11299 Tools Doctools jeremie.laval NEW --- Help system text decoder exception 2013-03-21
9430 Tools Doctools bugzilla NEW --- Embedded imagery element <img href="foo"/> doesn't work in native browser 2013-01-09
8602 Tools Doctools bugzilla NEW --- monodoc doesn't support type+assembly lookup 2012-11-26
8372 Tools Doctools bugzilla NEW --- MonoDoc should not NRE when it can't find the requested docs 2012-11-13
6523 Tools Doctools bugzilla NEW --- MonoDoc cannot find MonoAndroid reference 2013-05-22
4403 Tools Doctools bugzilla NEW --- Generic type does not with with monodoc 2012-04-12
254 Tools Doctools bugzilla NEW --- MonoDoc: Merge Members into main Class Description 2017-05-16
12 bugs found.