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41 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
5219 Compiler C# masafa NEW --- [AST] Code formatter removes code on closing } of auto property 2013-03-22
41858 Compiler C# alkpli NEW --- Nordic character in path causes build issues (Mac) 2016-07-04
2542 Compiler C# masafa NEW --- Mono.CSharp.Evaluators.GetCompletions() doesn't return extension methods 2015-11-06
4164 Compiler C# masafa NEW --- mcs should warn about obvious property getter/setter stack overflows 2012-03-30
6292 Compiler C# masafa NEW --- [PARSER] The compiler tells unexpected symbol when calling method F(bool a, bool b) 2013-03-22
8402 Compiler C# masafa NEW --- Mono MCS does not have equivalent of MS CSC /link 2012-11-19
9944 Compiler C# masafa NEW --- Mono.CSharp.Evaluator: x.GetType throws NotSupported Exception 2015-11-06
10300 Compiler C# masafa NEW --- LoadAssembly in csharp shell works when running on Mono 3.0.3, but not when running on .NET 2013-12-04
10314 Compiler C# masafa NEW --- [PARSER] Mono parser makes numerous contextual keyword errors 2013-03-20
15138 Compiler C# masafa NEW --- Errors and warnings use backtick instead of opening quote mark 2013-10-02
16422 Compiler C# masafa NEW --- Evaluator.Evaluate Issue using variables inside an Action or Func 2013-12-11
16568 Compiler C# masafa NEW --- MCS unexpected "is defined multiple times" error related to "Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Interop" 2013-12-06
16571 Compiler C# masafa NEW --- MCS unexpected "cannot apply indexing" compiler error for "EnvDTE.CommandEvents" type 2013-12-06
16753 Compiler C# masafa NEW --- Mcs compiles code that csc rejects (cast of negative numbers) 2013-12-12
17421 Compiler C# masafa NEW --- REPL Crash 2014-01-24
18397 Compiler C# masafa NEW --- Stray [ doesn't prevent compilation 2014-03-14
19332 Compiler C# masafa NEW --- System.StackOverflowException when trying to compile/evaulate code with very many string additions 2014-04-28
19394 Compiler C# masafa NEW --- mcs does not honor LANG setting for valid localizations 2014-05-07
26386 Compiler C# masafa NEW --- Support loose functions 2015-01-27
28483 Compiler C# masafa NEW --- Class with dynamics and overloaded operators fails with "CS1525: Unexpected symbol" 2015-08-19
28661 Compiler C# masafa NEW --- Compiler crash when compiling class with dynamic + overloads 2015-04-01
29599 Compiler C# masafa NEW --- mcs doesn't set compile timestamp in PE COFF file header 2015-05-04
33773 Compiler C# masafa NEW --- Better codegen for lifted types in null operator 2015-09-08
34602 Compiler C# masafa NEW --- REPL can't handle multiplication 2015-10-06
35088 Compiler C# masafa NEW --- Incorrect CS0420 warning when using volatile variable with Interlocked APIs 2015-10-20
41400 Compiler C# masafa NEW --- Internal compiler error due to invalid throw expression 2016-05-31
42773 Compiler C# masafa NEW --- Binaries created with XBuild on Linux require admin permission on Windows, despite the actual program not requiring them for anything. 2016-07-24
45903 Compiler C# masafa NEW --- auto-completion in REPL causes error on lambda expressions 2016-10-26
49419 Compiler C# masafa NEW --- Generics, Inheritance, Using, InnerClass => NullPointerException 2017-02-27
51407 Compiler C# masafa NEW --- Evaluator stuck in infinite loop when getting completions for "typeof(System.Console." 2017-01-11
52696 Compiler C# masafa NEW --- Friend access was granted to `System, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089', but the output assembly is named `System, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' 2017-02-23
53789 Compiler C# masafa NEW --- Mono Compiler Service fails to compile lambda expression with Hoisted Variable 2017-03-22
59877 Compiler C# masafa NEW --- very slow compilation with await and goto 2017-09-30
6157 Compiler C# miguel NEW --- Mono.Terminal.LineEditor.UpdateHomeRow() throws System.DivideByZeroException when used under bash under rxvt on Windows 2016-03-14
42702 Compiler C# masafa CONF --- Unnecessary dependency checks 2016-08-12
58190 Compiler C# masafa CONF --- Closure Generations difference 2017-07-31
58600 Compiler C# masafa CONF --- Mono C# compiler hangs 2017-08-08
20007 Compiler C# masafa REOP --- [AST] Attribute completion is missing types 2014-05-23
23692 Compiler C# masafa REOP --- MonoTouch.UIKit.NSExtendedStringDrawing.GetBoundingRect() freezes build 2016-12-22
49755 Compiler C# masafa REOP --- SMCS compile results in several CS0455 but compiles fine in Visual Studio. 2016-12-15
55056 Compiler C# masafa REOP --- Parallel builds may fail: mv: jay-tmp.out: No such file or directory 2017-09-14
41 bugs found.


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