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Sun Mar 26 2017 22:52:43 UTC
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194 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
38968 Forms Android bugzilla NEW --- 'jobject' must not be IntPtr.Zero with two Tabbed Pages and Map 2016-02-20
38982 Forms Android bugzilla NEW --- NavigationPage rendering pages that aren't shown, will freeze the app (Material Design) 2016-04-20
48307 Forms Android bugzilla NEW --- ShouldPreserveKeyboardOnResume exhibits the same behavior regardless of it's value 2016-11-29
51757 Forms Android bugzilla NEW --- Enumerable.Last[TSource] android.runtime.JavaProxyThrowable: System.InvalidOperationException: Sequence contains no elements 2017-02-12
32055 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- [Android] AbsoluteLayout that is a child of custom ContentView doesn't respond to Swipe gestures 2015-08-18
41904 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- On MasterDetailPage trying to change Icon of Master page doesn't work for Android 2017-01-18
30361 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- X.Forms Android HomeAsUp (Back) button/arrow disappears when navigating Native-to-Forms 2015-05-25
30900 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- StackLayout including label followed by an entry view screws up DPAD navigation. 2015-06-25
31359 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- [Android] Using Google Voice Recognition in SearchBar() deletes results in some devices when speaking multiple and/or long phrases 2015-06-25
32597 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Using autocomplete in Android search box results in empty string 2016-09-24
32822 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Use of modals resets Android's navigation bar color to black 2016-11-14
33422 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Image disappears during rotation in StackLayout on Android 5.1 2015-09-04
33559 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Scaled image escapes the bounds of its container 2016-11-05
33579 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Xamarin.Forms inconsistent fontsize behavior when Accessibilty settings are applied. 2016-10-20
35058 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Selecting Entry Controls Within ViewCells Causes FocusChange Cycle Sat 14:57
35781 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Android Seperator in ListView is always visible 2016-09-24
35787 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- TableView lags while scrolling after a few tries 2015-11-11
35816 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- MaxLength Behavior resets cursor position on Android 2016-11-28
36031 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Button border not drawn on Android without a BorderRadius 2017-02-10
36600 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Changing an Image.Source causes a visual flickering due to height changes in layout 2016-11-03
36907 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- [Android] PopToRootAsync() Not Working From OnResume() When Using FormsAppCompatActivity 2017-03-07
36995 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- [Forms] Tableview Cell styles get jumbled up when scrolling quickly 2015-12-16
37205 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- [Android] ScrollView hides StatusBar 2016-10-21
37888 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- [Android] Master page of MasterDetailPage has invisible are that blocks clicking just outside of the visible area to close the master page. 2016-02-12
38801 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Changing MasterDetail Page Title after app resuming causes an exception 2017-01-03
39550 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Empty content while changing Image.Source on Android (flickering) 2017-01-09
39790 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- "binding jobject must not be" when replacing ScollView's content with binding 2016-03-21
39818 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- TapGestureRecognizer only responding to tap on a very specific section of a label 2016-12-23
40169 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Unable to remove padding on Buttons 2016-04-06
40278 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- SIGABRT after generating animations quickly 2016-04-24
40914 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- ImageCell not being rendered at same physical size on 2048x1536 / 1024x768 screens 2016-05-05
41252 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Unable to change ListView GroupHeaders separator color 2017-02-22
41868 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- [Android] Master page stays open in Portrait after rotating from landscape if an item was just selected. 2016-07-01
42388 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Underline in Entry control does not show on Android when Forms Light theme is used with Android Dark theme. 2016-07-19
42528 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- ViewCell In TableView does not align properly 2016-08-22
42534 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Setting SetSelectAllOnFocus(true) on Custom Entry Does Not Always Work 09:45:14
42907 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Missing DLL throws error on project creation 2017-01-31
43020 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Forms Android app displaying a tabbed page with FormsAppCompat crashes when changing global font size 2016-12-11
43952 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Android keyboard overlaps Editor control when HeightRequest is set. Android focuses on text cursor rather than entire control. 2016-09-02
43975 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- The SearchBar doesn't display on Android N 2017-03-06
44011 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Error in DatePicker.Date default value Wed 21:37
44368 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Problem with scrollview and keyboard in app with FormsAppCompatActivity 2016-10-10
44435 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Application closes with an error 0x10700019 (key_handle 0x422582a8) after 3-4 tap on menu items on MasterPage 2016-09-19
44855 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Android: Appearing events do not fire when MainPage is a ContentPage 2017-03-20
44999 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Android Holo ListView jumps after switching tabs 2017-01-04
45054 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Xamarin.Forms.VisualElement.IsEnabled property is not correctly propagated to the Android.Views.View.Enabled property 2017-01-10
45215 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- [Android] Editor resizing after keyboard dismissal Thu 12:23
45689 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- ListView.SetupContent called as many times as the number of items Fri 20:38
45769 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- @android:style/Theme.NoTitleBar causes X.F. crash 2017-03-09
45831 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Characters added to wrong EntryCell if keyboard once 'Text' and once 'Numeric' on Android 7 2016-10-31
46286 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- ListView incorrectly showing items IsEnabled property after ItemsSource is reset 2016-11-07
46363 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- TapGestureRecognizer blocks List View Context Actions 2016-11-07
46365 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Master detail page setting IsGestureEnabled=false stops Master page from opening at all Wed 20:47
46369 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Navigation.PopAsync() on the SelectedIndexChanged of a Picker causes a NullReferenceException in Xamarin.Forms Android 2017-03-20
47430 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- ButtonRenderer does not set TextFormatted property on override to OnElementChanged Wed 17:28
51429 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Exception thrown when scrolling grouped listview with RecycleElements on on physical Android device Wed 05:37
51854 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- [Forms/Android] Soft keyboard does not appear for entry field on first page shown by app. 2017-01-30
52071 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Xamarin Forms ScrollView api ignores horizontal dimension on Android Fri 22:51
52630 Forms Android jimmy.garrido CONF --- Android TableView Memory Leak 2017-02-23
42320 Forms Android paul.dipietro CONF --- Full page CarouselView with embedded Listview is hardly usable 2017-03-15
46339 Forms Android paul.dipietro CONF --- OnVisibilityChanged not properly firing on Android 4.4 2017-03-01
52419 Forms Android paul.dipietro CONF --- Error in when OnAppearing for a page is called 2017-02-28
52597 Forms Android paul.dipietro CONF --- GREFs ListView and PopToRootAsync (Xamarin Forms targeting Android) 2017-03-17
32829 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Changing MasterBehavior on DetailPage has no effect 2015-09-03
32874 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- TapGestureRecognizer Triple Tap not recognised on Android 2016-09-28
42071 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- System.NullReferenceException When pushing a page above page with Map witout google play services 2016-07-04
45290 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- WebView on Android renders html string incorrectly 2017-01-10
30091 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Issue with V7 AppCompat Toolbar 2016-12-09
30393 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- RaiseChild does not operate as expected in < API 19 2017-02-24
31751 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Xamarin Forms - Out of memory on Android with listview having large image in it 2016-11-28
32600 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- [Android] Changing Text property of Editor in the Focused event closes the keyboard 2016-10-12
35546 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Android Scrolling a ListView crashes app on tablet 2017-03-14
36123 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- WebView.WebClient should use OnPageStarted instead of ShouldOverrideUrlLoading 2016-12-21
36703 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- TapGestureRecognizer inside initially disable Image will never fire Tapped event 2016-11-15
37126 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- ListView with custom ItemTemplateSelector not updating Background binding in ViewCell 2017-01-04
37206 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- [Android] Frame control loses corners Wed 11:21
37324 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Using PushModalAsync via native page causes page to open behind current activity 2016-12-20
37389 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- TapGestureRecognizer does not work on Entry controls on Android using Xamarin Forms 2016-01-21
37487 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Nested ListView throws exception 2016-01-28
37842 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Animated button is not clickable 2016-09-30
37915 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- ListView PullToRefresh does not appear on initial load 2016-12-21
38535 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Minimum height is ignored on button in Android 2016-12-20
39517 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- SimpleOnGestureListener incorrectly detects taps as scrolling events on Samsung Galaxy Edge S6 2017-01-09
40220 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- ListView does not resize properly upon keyboard appearing 2016-04-12
40378 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Page OnDisappearing not firing after using media picker 2016-04-20
40523 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Creating controls at runtime is much slower than with native Xamarin.Android project 2016-10-04
41089 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Frame fails to display when using AppCompat 2016-06-03
41198 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- TimePicker orientation not responsive in custom renderer 2016-11-07
41888 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- App crashes when calling PushAsync from ListView context action 2016-10-22
42287 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Switch fails to render on Galaxy S 3 2016-08-11
42629 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- [Android] MasterDetailPage ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException crash when switching Detail pages back and forth between two TabbedPages 2016-11-07
43066 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- [Android] Resize issues after navigating back to a page when the keyboard is up. 2016-08-17
43338 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Clicking back while a Navigating a MasterDetailPage Detail Navigation Page with Map on it causes crash 2016-11-18
43692 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Receiving ClassCastException exception when using PushModalAsync for a page wrapped in a NavigationPage 2017-01-09
43782 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- "Animators may only be run on Looper threads" when raising ChangeCanExecute on Button command 2016-11-02
45351 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- TapGestureRecognizer blocks underlying PanGestureRecognizer 2016-10-24
45532 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- AppCompat should use CoordinatorLayout, AppBarLayout, and CollapsingToolbarLayout 2017-01-13
46971 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Exception when using linq to fetch AddressBook 2017-01-03
48998 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Back on NavigationPage causes System.ObjectDisposedException 2016-12-19
51657 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- CarouselView does not reassign ViewPager.Adapter when used within TabbedPage 2017-03-16
51704 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- ArgumentOutOfRangeException in Grouped ListView on Android when any Accessibility service is active 2017-02-21
51809 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- TextCell in ListView does not appear Android API 19 2017-02-13
52314 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- No package identifier when getting name for resource number 0x00000002 Thu 20:16
52583 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Java.Lang.NullPointerException during Device.StartTimer in XAML Previewer context 2017-02-24
31383 Forms Android jason.smith CONF --- APP Restarts when Bluetooth HID Device is connected / disconnected 2016-05-30
41576 Forms Android jimmy.garrido CONF --- Incorrect position of Android Custom Keyboard using Xamarin.Forms. Keyboard stuck on top-left of screen. 2017-03-07
52252 Forms Android jimmy.garrido CONF --- Navigationstack is not getting smaller when removing the last page (currentpage) when a modal page is in view 2017-03-13
52347 Forms Android jimmy.garrido CONF --- GetMethod not found for Text Property when enable sdk and user assemblies 2017-02-22
52415 Forms Android jimmy.garrido CONF --- Frame renderers uses a lot of memory. 2017-03-09
52794 Forms Android jimmy.garrido CONF --- Switch Toggled part is not align properly based on Vertical and Horizontal Options 2017-02-27
52938 Forms Android jimmy.garrido CONF --- Button should support Aspect property for Button.Image 2017-03-01
53025 Forms Android jimmy.garrido CONF --- No exception will be thrown when attempting to add Behavior to the incompatible type in XAML, but thrown when declared in code. 2017-03-07
53179 Forms Android jimmy.garrido CONF --- PopAsync crashing after RemovePage when support packages are updated to 25.1.1 Tue 18:58
53222 Forms Android jimmy.garrido CONF --- TableSection title not visible on Samsung devices with API 19 or below 2017-03-20
53656 Forms Android jimmy.garrido CONF --- Crash in DatePicker Tue 22:12
53870 Forms Android paul.dipietro ASSI --- Memory issue using NavigationPage.SetTitleIcon Fri 01:44
43968 Forms Android bugzilla ASSI --- Android: Xamarin.Forms: Webview is making images disappear in other pages when you navigate away Sat 17:42
46370 Forms Android bugzilla ASSI --- Bad magic number for Bundle in MapRenderer 2017-03-03
46512 Forms Android bugzilla ASSI --- FormsAppCompatActivity PushModalAsync 17:03:23
53280 Forms Android jimmy.garrido ASSI --- Android - animations don't work correctly with Animator duration scale: Animation off 2017-03-20
37364 Forms Android paul.dipietro ASSI --- LayoutTo works once, but then second time doesn't work correctly (Bounds.Width looks wrong) 2017-03-14
42066 Forms Android paul.dipietro ASSI --- CarouselView crashes with System.MethodAccessException on Android 2017-03-10
45916 Forms Android paul.dipietro ASSI --- SearchBar does not render correctly on Lenovo Tab S8-50L running Android 4.4.2 2017-03-17
46026 Forms Android paul.dipietro ASSI --- JNI ERROR (app bug) Accessed deleted global reference 0x$Address 2017-03-03
46345 Forms Android paul.dipietro ASSI --- Measure and Arrange phases are wrong for a Picker with multi-line. 2017-03-09
46709 Forms Android paul.dipietro ASSI --- Native Crash in Xamarin Forms Application in Android 7.0 Fri 23:06
48863 Forms Android paul.dipietro ASSI --- ListView items not visible on Samsung SM-G313H 2017-03-16
52368 Forms Android paul.dipietro ASSI --- Crash while hiding view in StackLayout Fri 14:41
52413 Forms Android paul.dipietro ASSI --- App hides android OS UI elements, like the keyboard and notification slide down panel, visually when using AppCompat on some devices 2017-03-14
52963 Forms Android paul.dipietro ASSI --- Image orientation is wrong in webview 2017-03-02
53292 Forms Android paul.dipietro ASSI --- CarouselView with crashes ONLayout 2017-03-13
27731 Forms Android bugzilla IN_P --- [Android] Action Bar can not be controlled reliably on MasterDetailPage 2017-03-16
45453 Forms Android bugzilla IN_P --- BoxView does not receive Touch events on Android unless InputTransparent is set to true Fri 21:35
47548 Forms Android bugzilla IN_P --- There is no way to skip adding status bar underlay on AppCompat 2017-02-21
48195 Forms Android bugzilla IN_P --- YouTube video plays sound after power button is pressed 2017-03-16
50540 Forms Android bugzilla IN_P --- PullToRefresh causes crash when context action option is open 2017-03-16
50787 Forms Android bugzilla IN_P --- Can't animate Fragment transition when it's being removed from the stack 2017-02-15
50792 Forms Android bugzilla IN_P --- WebView doesn't get resized or panned when soft keyboard is overlayed 2017-02-23
53515 Forms Android bugzilla IN_P --- F#: Loading images from files causes a null reference exception Tue 14:11
53909 Forms Android bugzilla IN_P --- XML drawables cannot be used as ToolbarItem.Icon Fri 16:34
41029 Forms Android rui.marinho IN_P --- Slider default hitbox is larger than the control 2016-06-07
44544 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- CarouselView SelectedCarouselTab does not render correct index 2016-12-19
44758 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- CarouselView Stuck on Complex Pages 2016-11-18
32034 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- MissingMethodException while pushing and popping pages 2016-04-11
36564 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- Crash on NavigationRenderer does not provide enough detail 2016-04-13
39175 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- Scrolling ListView causes Android app to crash 2016-03-22
40809 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- Android ListView ForceUpdateSize doesn't change cell size after setting one of the control's Visibility to Gone 2016-05-05
44538 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- Random NRE on button click 2016-10-10
42976 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- Update Xamarin.Forms.Maps to use latest stable release of Xamarin.GooglePlayServices.Location (v29.0.0.2) 2017-03-02
33598 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- Read-only editor does not support multiple lines 2015-09-28
34936 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- Unable to activate instance of type Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.ButtonDrawable from native handle 2016-08-31
35392 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- System.ArgumentException'jobject' must not be IntPtr.Zero. Parameter name: jobject when changing MenuItem IsEnabled 2016-06-28
35531 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- Grid layout running out of memory on display 2016-04-13
36729 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- Android.GenericAnimatorListener Constructor missing crash 2016-12-21
37321 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- On some tablets MasterDetailPage with MasterBehavior set as default allows to open and close the Master with swipe gesture even in landscape mode 2016-12-20
37392 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- Items Random aligning inside of a Frame 2016-02-05
37499 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- TypeLoadException when launching a WebView when Android target = Min Android ver = 4.4 2016-01-15
37723 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- Web view crashes instantly 2016-07-12
38053 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- Long pressing on label in ListView Header crashes (Android) 2016-01-26
38072 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- [Forms Android] Out of Memory when adding images to AbsoluteLayout 2016-12-20
38596 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- Java.Lang.IllegalStateExceptionActivity has been destroyed in OnDestroy() 2017-02-11
38876 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- Click on Hamburger caused a crash when Detail is a ListView 2016-02-18
38987 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- WebView: can go back handling throws NullReferenceException on Samsung devices Fri 23:09
39267 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- Android Exception: DrawerLayout must be measured with MeasureSpec.EXACTLY when rotated 2016-07-12
39485 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- When two ActivityIndicators are active, only one rotates 2016-03-14
39523 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- Label with FormattedText 2016-03-30
41276 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- TableView problem 2016-09-19
41386 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- App hangs whenever it's run on the a device with a data set some time in the past. 2016-06-02
41867 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- [Android] masterDetailPage.IsGestureEnabled = false not working on Android. 2016-11-22
42509 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- BoxView HeightRequest/AnchorY updates not correctly via binding! 2016-08-12
43096 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- Android - tabbedpage color changed when comes from pushmodalasync 2016-08-09
43150 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- Unfortunately, System UI has stopped - Infinite popups after deploy to device 2017-01-23
43426 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- ListView OnItemClick ArgumentOutOfRangeException 2016-08-17
43568 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- AppCompat Theme with TabLayout Crashes Android 4.1.2 API 16 2017-01-09
43583 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- PopToRootAsync doesn't dispose previous pages 2016-09-28
43965 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- app crashes if picker is clicked really quickly 2017-02-28
44842 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- OnBackPressed in FormsAppCompatActivity InvalidOperationException - "Sequence contains no elements" on Linq Last() 2016-10-03
49047 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- Keyboard is missing on Samsung Galaxy s4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 2017-02-22
51239 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- Layout does not move up on keyboard activation 2017-02-17
51410 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- NRE when long pressing on listview cell item, and then interacting with cell 2017-02-15
51648 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- InvalidCastException when listview item is tapped under RecycleElement strategy 2017-02-15
51659 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- During release 2017-01-27
52668 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- Button BackgroundColorProperty binding in Custom Cell of ListView not working 2017-03-14
53221 Forms Android jimmy.garrido NEED --- System.NullReferenceException on StackLayout Clear at VisualElementPackager.RemoveChild 2017-03-10
48140 Forms Android paul.dipietro NEED --- Cannot use embedded YouTube player fragment in Details view 2017-03-15
50131 Forms Android paul.dipietro NEED --- Red lines below GroupHeader in ListView 2017-03-01
25378 Forms Android bugzilla REOP --- Scrollview don't scroll SearchBar to top, if soft-keyboard appears 2016-07-23
31542 Forms Android bugzilla REOP --- Inconsistent behavior of Push/PopModalAsync (Android) 2016-04-11
34760 Forms Android bugzilla REOP --- Gesture recognizers failing on Android images when IsEnabled changed 2016-12-16
39640 Forms Android bugzilla REOP --- Suppressing title bar in splash screen crashes app 2016-11-21
44174 Forms Android bugzilla REOP --- MapRenderer Control Null Reference during OnCameraChange 2017-03-03
46563 Forms Android bugzilla REOP --- Adding ListView in Custom control crashes in Android 2017-02-08
49311 Forms Android bugzilla REOP --- HorizontalTextAlignment="Center" looses alignment when scrolled 2017-03-06
53178 Forms Android jimmy.garrido REOP --- NavigationPage BarTextColor does not change color of arrow 2017-03-11
194 bugs found.


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