Thu Oct 19 2017 18:19:29 UTC
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307 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
60206 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla NEW --- Custom color picker does not reflect accurate values for the selected control Mon 14:17
60201 Xamarin Debugger david.karlas NEW --- Debugger not releasing - requires simulator restart Wed 12:56
60195 Xamarin General gregm NEW --- Publishing - Google Play Accounts - Registration Fails Wed 18:16
60095 Xamarin iOS add- jeff NEW --- Azure function project has incorrect 'Debug | iPhoneSimulator', 'Release | iPhone' configurations 2017-10-13
60070 Visual S Debugger joj NEW --- Symbols not loaded and unable to step into non-PCL library 18:17:07
60103 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- System.Exception: Did not find MSBuild for runtime Mono 4.0.2 2017-10-13
60220 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger NEW --- Hyperlink underline color should match test Tue 14:03
60247 Xamarin C# Bindi mkrueger NEW --- RoslynCompletionData warnings logged Wed 12:56
51880 Xamarin Inspecto xamarininteractive NEW --- [Xamarin-Inspector]:Accessibility: MAS36 :OSX: KB: Not able to access Inspector button (IDE) Wed 18:05
60263 Xamarin General bugzilla NEW --- Using a non-default active runtime requires that you first build with the default 15:53:00
29953 Runtime Remoting bugzilla NEW --- Mocking libraries that use Castle.Core cause SIGABRT when mocking generic methods Wed 21:28
42962 Class Li System bugzilla NEW --- CultureInfo.OptionalCalendars only returns a single entry Sun 11:21
44726 Tools xbuild bugzilla NEW --- Satelite assemblies from libraries not copied for build with xbuild 2017-10-13
59464 Runtime io-layer bugzilla NEW --- System.IO.IOException "Invalid parameter" on File.SetLastWriteTime when using DNS Service Discovery (dns-sd) Tue 22:06
59875 Runtime GC bugzilla NEW --- Data races in sgen-fin-weak-hash.c Tue 20:22
60127 Runtime GC bugzilla NEW --- Random GC crashes Tue 05:26
60161 Gtk# gtk-shar bugzilla NEW --- gtk-sharp bug (GLib.Bytes) causes runtime TypeLoadException in Debian stable (stretch) 2017-10-12
60164 Visual S General bugzilla NEW --- Unable to copy or delete bin\MyAssembly.dll because it is being used by another process. 2017-10-13
60167 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla NEW --- Storyboard does not render, or renders very slowly after some macOS "MonoTouchDesignServerUnified quit unexpectedly" popups are displayed. 2017-10-13
60168 Runtime GC bugzilla NEW --- SGen fails to trigger major heap collections 2017-10-13
60191 Forms Forms bugzilla NEW --- The "ReadAdditionalResourcesFromAssemblyCache" task failed unexpectedly Sat 22:04
60198 Runtime General bugzilla NEW --- Configuration location for ApplicationPoolRecycling Mon 04:27
60200 Visual S iOS bugzilla NEW --- NSBundle.MainBundle.Localizations has duplicate entries Mon 10:35
60202 Class Li mscorlib bugzilla NEW --- EncodingInfo.Name sometimes returns different casing/name compared to Encoding.WebName Mon 11:52
60203 Forms Forms bugzilla NEW --- MultiTrigger with a BindingCondition and a PropertyCondition causes "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." Mon 12:09
60205 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla NEW --- [Enhancement] Add support for User Defined Runtime Attributes to the Properties editor Tue 04:40
60210 iOS Xamarin. bugzilla NEW --- 3D touch peek pop intermittently causing UI to freeze Mon 15:32
60216 Class Li General bugzilla NEW --- I18N: Look at FIXME's of various encodings Mon 20:30
60221 Visual S XMA bugzilla NEW --- Crash when mac agent announces on bonjour Tue 16:33
60238 Runtime Interpre bugzilla NEW --- Mono assertion hit when using csharp repl Tue 17:22
60240 Forms Forms bugzilla NEW --- Horizontal Listview (Rotated listview last cell is non clickable) 13:39:58
60243 Runtime JIT bugzilla NEW --- Calling a vararg method on a generic instance throws BadImageFormatException Tue 22:04
60245 Class Li System bugzilla NEW --- FieldInfo.GetValue fails on ContextBoundObject Wed 00:20
60253 Runtime General bugzilla NEW --- [csharp] Linq query with two nested and interdependent lambda expressions fails. Wed 18:31
60255 Runtime JIT bugzilla NEW --- Wrong exception in emulated opcodes Wed 14:48
60259 Visual S Android bugzilla NEW --- Android NDK Location is not remembered Wed 16:23
60267 Class Li mscorlib bugzilla NEW --- Inconsistent symlink traversal results 09:34:15
60270 Runtime General bugzilla NEW --- Crash when starting up Visual studio for Mac 15:00:25
60271 Visual S Android bugzilla NEW --- Exception with simple Xam Forms project with new 15.5 preview build 17:02:43
60273 Windows Simulato bugzilla NEW --- Connection went invalid while waiting for a reply because a mach port died 17:45:50
60275 iOS General bugzilla NEW --- after upgrade to vs 15.4 app crashes on startup in simulator or on device 18:11:57
60236 Android MSBuild dean.ellis NEW --- Cannot deploy to Android Oreo (Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_ALREADY_EXISTS: Attempt to re-install Mono.Android.DebugRuntime without first uninstalling.]) 18:13:30
60102 Android General jonp NEW --- Entry loses focus when keyboard on Wed 19:24
60225 Runtime General vargaz NEW --- Coverage output is missing some types and methods Tue 09:52
60067 Runtime GC vlad.brezae NEW --- App Crash/Hang in major_copy_or_mark_object_canonical Wed 17:45
51940 Android General jonp CONF --- Services with isolated processes and custom Application class fail to resolve overloads properly Wed 13:02
57728 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- java.lang.StackOverflowError on Samsung devices Mon 16:32
59674 Visual S Android bugzilla CONF --- Visual Studio 2017 crashes in design time when using ApplicationInfoFlags.System 2017-10-13
60140 Forms iOS bugzilla CONF --- ArgumentNullException on MapRenderer.RemoveAnnotations 2017-10-13
52613 Forms Windows chris.king CONF --- [UWP] With multiple entries in a Grid, that is in a ScrollView, clicking on the Grid causes first entry to be focused. Mon 21:14
60098 Xamarin General sevoku CONF --- [VSMac] Close / Minimise / Maximise buttons disappear once window is maximised. 15:43:20
60096 Xamarin Web Tool toddgrun CONF --- InvalidOperationException in WebToolingAddin.XsWebEditorHost..ctor () Tue 11:37
60057 Android Debugger vargaz CONF --- [Scoped Regression] Xamarin Platform Regression Test Plan -> Xamarin Studio Full (Mac | XS) -> Mobile Development › Android › F# Support ->Breakpoint not hit for Android App F# template for Simulator and device both 17:56:28
59355 Android Designer bret.johnson CONF --- Adding a control to a ViewGroup in the Document Outline creates two visual controls on the designer surface/xml. 2017-10-13
14060 Runtime Reflecti bugzilla CONF --- DynamicILInfo.SetLocalSignature() is not implemented, blocking Jurassic JavaScript engine working Sat 00:11
55023 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- ScrollView with a Label cut bottom text on Android 2017-10-13
56250 Forms iOS bugzilla CONF --- GroupDisplayBinding fails on iPhone for ListView Tue 11:36
58713 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Listview.ItemAppearing Event will raised all items after loaded in UWP Wed 14:52
58938 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- StackLayout children drawing past bottom of parent Mon 09:30
59025 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- On iOS, the topmost content of a ContentPage is hidden beneath secondary toolbar items Tue 20:53
59091 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- StackOverflow Exception occur while using ListView Fri 18:44
59110 iOS BCL Clas bugzilla CONF --- Xamarin.iOS ans Xamarin.Android needs the ability to target specific versions of the BCL 2017-10-12
59896 Forms iOS bugzilla CONF --- v2.4.0: Adding inserting section to ListView causes crash IF first section is empty 07:46:52
59925 Forms iOS bugzilla CONF --- Entry height different between XF 2.4.0 Pre and all previous versions (iOS) 09:23:39
60151 Xamarin General bugzilla CONF --- Unable to build project using vstool 06:51:23
60209 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- A Property resets to default when multiple Triggers setting it to the same value Mon 18:29
60212 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- ListView margins not calculated correctly with visible keyboard Tue 20:53
60232 Visual S iOS Desi bugzilla CONF --- UITableView variation tag created when selecting "Table Cell Grouped Background Color" as the Background color Tue 17:38
60248 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- [iOS] Animation Issue when scrolling through buttons in a Listview. Wed 22:47
60258 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Custom Picker with dummy (empty) renderer shows "0" in the list when ItemsSource is null on Android. 05:43:50
60261 Forms iOS bugzilla CONF --- Control Background Color Changes On Rotation Wed 19:05
37471 Xamarin Shell iain.holmes CONF --- Using the tab key in the Properties Pad has counterintuitive/unexpected behavior. Mon 15:31
60213 Xamarin iOS add- jeff CONF --- iOS project startup performance issue Wed 21:21
60055 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger CONF --- UI hang on opening TypeScript file 2017-10-13
57825 iOS Tools sebastien CONF --- [linker] Type arguments to attributes that take System.Object aren't preserved Mon 19:32
60256 Xamarin General sevoku CONF --- Welcome page does not offset the search bar on German 17:50:53
51381 Visual S Accessib adrian.murphy CONF --- Accessibility:MAS05:KB:Keyboard focus is not logical in order for "iOS setting" present in the "option" pop up window. 2017-10-13
51453 Visual S Accessib adrian.murphy CONF --- Accessibility:MAS40B:Name of the appllication is not defined properly in Archive Manager 2017-10-13
51466 Visual S Accessib adrian.murphy CONF --- Accessibility:MAS 40: Info and Relationships is not defined correctly in "Options" dialog box 2017-10-13
60086 Android Bindings atsushi CONF --- "generator.exe" exited with code -1073741819 Tue 08:29
19503 Runtime io-layer bugzilla CONF --- Process.Start on OS X fails silently for missing file Sat 00:38
41910 Class Li mscorlib bugzilla CONF --- IsolatedStorage breaks on el capitan due to SpecialFolder.CommonApplicationData location 2017-10-13
42193 Class Li General bugzilla CONF --- Redirecting standard output on nuget causes endless stream of spaces Wed 09:43
52880 Class Li System.S bugzilla CONF --- System.Security.Cryptography.ProtectedData.Unprotect cannot deal with byte array input that has trailing 0 bytes Fri 18:48
54468 Class Li mscorlib bugzilla CONF --- Recreated TimeZoneInfo can't work out UTC offset 09:37:08
56546 Runtime JIT bugzilla CONF --- [arm64] NRE in Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CSharp.CSharpSyntaxNode:ComputeSyntaxTree (roslyn) Mon 11:31
58635 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Binding Conversion From DateTime Converts to Wrong Date Format Tue 22:16
59400 Runtime JIT bugzilla CONF --- Wrong interface method is called (two interfaces, covariance) 2017-10-13
59810 Visual S Android bugzilla CONF --- Generate one package per abi + archive manager: unable to upload to Google Play Wed 11:37
60080 Visual S Android bugzilla CONF --- After upgrading to latest Xamarin- Visual studio 2015 stuck/hangs at initialization of xamarin.andorid project while loading projects 17:29:48
60138 Class Li mscorlib bugzilla CONF --- [Unix] System.IO.Path.GetPathRoot hardcodes result to '/' 2017-10-13
60139 iOS MSBuild bugzilla CONF --- ValidateAppBundleTask fails in Visual Studio for Mac 2017-10-13
60239 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Exception when declaring Minimum property before Maximum property in Slider Tue 17:35
55117 Android General jonp CONF --- Xamarin.Android projects hit the multidex limit much quicker than Android Studio projects Sun 01:14
32086 Class Li System lateralusx.github CONF --- GZipStream throws System.EntryPointNotFoundException 2017-10-13
60190 Visual S XMA mag CONF --- Xamarin Mac Agent losing connection or freezes during build when "doesn't like" included resources Tue 19:15
44130 Forms Forms stephane.delcroix CONF --- Visual studio Error Running Code Analysis when Xamarin forms portable project contains XamlCompilationAttribute 2017-10-13
60175 Runtime AOT vargaz CONF --- AOT mis-compiles when coverage is used 2017-10-13
56163 Xamarin IDE loca v-luchal CONF --- In the screenshot the plural localized string is used for singular source 09:40:56
57765 Xamarin iOS Desi v-payako CONF --- Search Bar adds deprecated SearchDisplayController class 13:30:15
60047 Runtime Profiler ludovic ASSI --- Deprecate and remove coverage support from the log profiler 2017-10-13
59184 iOS Mono run vargaz ASSI --- MethodInfo.Invoke fails for generic methods with too many/too large arguments Wed 13:04
49308 Runtime General aleksey ASSI --- [AppDomain] System.MissingMethodException because wrong assemblies are loaded into domain 2017-10-13
42945 Runtime io-layer kumpera ASSI --- Asynchronous IO seems slow when compared to CoreCLR Sat 00:35
60021 Forms Mac rui.marinho ASSI --- [MacOS] After PushAsync the page remains empty, but elements react on taps 2017-10-13
59701 Xamarin. mmp bugzilla IN_P --- Research dSYM generation for Xamarin.Mac Tue 19:48
56108 Componen Xamarin jon.dick IN_P --- When will ever Visual Studio compile and include my google-services.json? Tue 00:01
59024 Runtime Profiler alexrp IN_P --- Mono SIGSEGV when profiling AOT compiled Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CSharp Mon 16:57
46632 Forms Windows bugzilla IN_P --- [UWP] Clicking button in listview viewcell triggers both button clicked and cell ItemTapped 09:15:39
59511 Xamarin .NET Cor matt.ward IN_P --- Add tests that create and build all .NET Core project templates 2017-10-13
40077 Forms Forms stephane.delcroix IN_P --- Using Xaml files generates long intermediate file paths that exceeds 248 char limit Mon 14:47
30807 Xamarin iOS Desi v-alsoro IN_P --- [HackWeek] [Improvement] Reorder Z-Order position from the outline panel Tue 06:15
56538 Live Pla Mobile A bugzilla IN_P --- AppDelegate.cs: The type of namespace name 'App' does not exist in the namespace (are you missing an assembly) - .NET Standard Tue 15:28
59457 Forms Android bugzilla IN_P --- Border colour to an entry at top changes the border colour of the entry at bottom 2017-10-13
58583 Xamarin. mmp chris.hamons IN_P --- error MM2001: Could not link assemblies. Reason: Object reference not set to an instance of an object (mixed-mode assembly reference) 18:01:08
58400 Class Li System kg IN_P --- System.Uri broken with files 09:40:08
56003 Class Li System lexas IN_P --- URI returns wrong absolute path on OSX when File name is UTF-8 2017-10-12
60266 Xamarin iOS Desi v-alsoro IN_P --- [XWT] [iOS Designer] Cannot properly select and drag multiple items from designer outline panel 08:33:19
57648 Runtime Debugger vargaz IN_P --- Debugger breaking on null object 14:18:33
59956 iOS Mono run vargaz IN_P --- [llvm][bitcode] [FAIL] UniqueIdTest.Ctor_Id (System.Runtime.Serialization tests) Wed 16:48
60224 Runtime Profiler vargaz IN_P --- Coverage profiler uses type names which don't exist Wed 14:07
59153 Runtime JIT vlad.brezae IN_P --- Crash when jitting delegate of un-inflated generic type Mon 21:44
60250 Visual S iOS benjamin.beckley NEED --- Changing a image set's "Render As" value doesn't update the Contents.json file 18:17:54
60226 iOS MonoTouc bugzilla NEED --- ArgumentOutOfRangeExcepton when calling Remove() and RemoveAt() on RootElement (MT.D) Wed 18:23
11100 Runtime JIT bugzilla NEED --- xsp segfaults on mono 3.0.8 (March 13) Sat 00:09
12193 Runtime io-layer bugzilla NEED --- System.Net.Sockets.Socket SendToAsync not work in epoll Sat 00:10
12307 Runtime JIT bugzilla NEED --- Unhandled exception at 0x65B513F7 (mono-2.0.dll) in mono.exe Sat 00:25
13831 Runtime GC bugzilla NEED --- Mono block execution unproportional to individual execution Sat 00:11
15064 Runtime io-layer bugzilla NEED --- AppDomains: crashdump on System.AppDomain.ProcessMessageInDomain Sat 00:12
15261 Runtime GC bugzilla NEED --- SGEN: Assertion at sgen-alloc.c:425, condition `*p == NULL' not met Sat 00:12
17572 Runtime JIT bugzilla NEED --- Unfounded 'ExecutionEngineException: Attempting to JIT compile method while running with --aot-only" Sat 00:21
18081 Runtime GC bugzilla NEED --- LLVM: Mono Crashes while creating AppDomains in Parallel Sat 00:23
18098 Runtime JIT bugzilla NEED --- Mono runtime SIGSEGV while xsp2 is handling ThreadAbortException Sat 00:36
58803 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla NEED --- MonoTouchDesignServerUnified quit unexpectedly popup 2017-10-13
59159 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Cannot provide design time data to TableViews in forms 15:58:25
59813 Forms iOS bugzilla NEED --- "NullReferenceException" in "Xamarin.Forms.Platform.iOS.Renderers.LabelRenderer.cs" within "UpdateText()" & "UpdateTextColor()" 15:38:23
59814 Visual S Xamarin. bugzilla NEED --- [VS 2015] Images do not render correctly in the Android view of Forms Previewer Fri 23:10
59833 Forms iOS bugzilla NEED --- Xamarin.Forms 2.4.280 Unable to build the project Mon 20:01
59837 Visual S iOS bugzilla NEED --- Cannot connect to Mac 18:13:21
60079 iOS Xamarin. bugzilla NEED --- Error: SecureChannelFailure (Unknown Secure Transport error `Negotiation'.) Fri 19:19
60097 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Labels not rendering in Carousel 09:28:13
60133 Class Li System.D bugzilla NEED --- Mono.Data.Tds - Cannot access a disposed object. Object name: 'System.Net.Sockets.NetworkStream'. 2017-10-13
60149 iOS Tools bugzilla NEED --- Sharing violation building an existing iOS project. Needs to clean before each build ... Wed 08:46
60150 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Regression: Color with 0 alpha is incorrectly converted from XMAL to Forms.Color 2017-10-13
60155 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- Rendering issues on Android 4.2 2017-10-13
60162 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- XamlC Failed error MSB4018: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not find file MyApp.dll.mdb 2017-10-13
60176 iOS Tools bugzilla NEED --- mtouch error "Could not link assemblies" on System.Reflection.RuntimeParameterInfo 10:48:24
60188 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Ripple effect not being applied when using SelectableItemBackground Tue 10:23
60199 Visual S Android bugzilla NEED --- Xamarin.Android troubles following install of Xamarin 4.7 on Visual Studio 2015 Tue 10:29
60204 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Bug when running UWP app in assigned access mode Tue 07:17
60223 iOS General bugzilla NEED --- Xamarin.iOS empty project with memory leak 15:06:27
60234 Visual S Designer bugzilla NEED --- [VS 2015] Error on attempting to open Designer for iOS & Android projects. Tue 16:03
60252 iOS MonoTouc bugzilla NEED --- Error MT4116: Could not register the assembly 'Xamarin.Auth.iOS': error MT4118: Cannot register two managed types 12:37:10
59888 Xamarin Activati cody NEED --- Gives a blank window when going to the company signin page Mon 13:49
60189 Xamarin Debugger david.karlas NEED --- Debugger crash requiring hard reboot on clicking Stop during pause after exception or breakpoint. Sat 18:11
53285 Android General jonp NEED --- Found conflicts between different versions of the same dependent assembly that could not be resolved. 2017-10-13
56894 Android General jonp NEED --- Android app is never deployed to the simulator if the simulator is not already running 03:54:20
59372 Android General jonp NEED --- Execution randomly crashing Mon 13:35
58633 iOS BCL Clas ludovic NEED --- Xamarin.iOS Threadpool randomly halts when app is suspended and doesn't recover when resumed Sun 00:54
60184 Xamarin .NET Cor matt.ward NEED --- Dot Net Core templates have "Microsoft.NETCore.App" missing under Project > Dependencies > SDK Wed 17:48
47607 Android Linker radek.doulik NEED --- Not able to run the app on x86_64 Android devices after adding a package dependency with x86_64 library Tue 02:19
58493 iOS Mono run vargaz NEED --- Native linking failed MT5216 16:12:10
60268 iOS Mono run vargaz NEED --- Compiler error Adhoc Version iOS 15:10:32
60254 Xamarin NuGet matt.ward REOP --- NuGet sees package reference, MSBuild does not. Wed 15:04
59718 Forms Windows sahou REOP --- Multiple issues with listview and navigation in UWP Wed 02:07
33137 Xamarin Shell marius.ungureanu REOP --- Pinning of opened Xamarin Studio to a taskbar in Windows 10 produces icon duplicate Wed 17:22
17010 Runtime Reflecti bugzilla REOP --- System.ExecutionEngineException when reflecting a class with a static constructor and non-resolvable instance type Sat 00:20
59986 Forms Forms bugzilla REOP --- Xaramrin Forms for Tizen throws Segmentation Fault when calling F# PCL 08:07:08
60170 Forms Forms bugzilla REOP --- LongClick Event Doesn't Invoke Handler Mon 00:16
45330 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO FIXE System.ObjectDisposedException: Cannot access a disposed object. Object name: 'Android.Views.GestureDetector'. Wed 22:27
44474 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla RESO FIXE [watchOS] don't save control deletion in storyboard, but designer.cs has outlet deleted Tue 04:27
60005 Forms Windows bugzilla RESO FIXE [UWP] Crashes upon startup when compiled for the Windows Store. Tue 09:12
60122 Forms Android ehart RESO FIXE LongClick on image not working Mon 20:26
55881 Xamarin F# Add-i jason.imison RESO FIXE Missing top level completions in Android template Sun 12:42
59515 Xamarin iOS add- jeff RESO FIXE App Store iOS icon missing Tue 22:47
52524 Xamarin General jeremie.laval RESO FIXE Xamarin Studio crashes on adding Break-point to any line of Main.axml file. Wed 18:04
59302 Class Li Microsof masafa RESO FIXE Task in Mono is throwing exception "Length cannot be less than zero" Wed 00:28
59822 Android MSBuild radek.doulik RESO FIXE Building an Android solution in Release mode that references a net standard project with a Microsoft.Identity reference results in a linker error. Sun 04:42
60163 iOS General rolf RESO FIXE MTouch error on compile Mon 17:01
42837 Runtime io-layer bugzilla RESO FIXE Native crash in Socket static constructor 2017-10-13
60056 Forms Windows bugzilla RESO FIXE [UWP] ViewCell ignores margins of it's child Wed 15:03
60118 Visual S XMA bugzilla RESO FIXE DefaultSshInformationProvider.GetPassPhrase should be async and on a background thread Wed 17:00
46363 Forms Android ehart RESO FIXE TapGestureRecognizer blocks List View Context Actions 2017-10-12
59800 Xamarin iOS add- jeff RESO FIXE iOS 11 related releases of Visual Studio for Mac and Xcode not working properly with solution loaded from Windows share Wed 11:45
5438 Runtime Debugger ludovic RESO FIXE The MonoTests.DebuggerTests.LineNumbers () sdb test fails with master. 2017-10-12
29012 Xamarin IDE loca marius.ungureanu RESO FIXE Xamarin Studio UI is in two different languages Wed 13:17
59805 Xamarin NUnit marius.ungureanu RESO FIXE Visual Studio for Mac potential issue on unit testing support Wed 12:17
59286 Xamarin .NET Cor matt.ward RESO FIXE Xamarin.Forms default MSBuild items not handled 14:35:15
57303 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger RESO FIXE Renaming makes the text unreadable while in dark mode Tue 14:07
60041 Forms Windows paul.dipietro RESO FIXE Placeholder in Entry box is vertically aligned to bottom Fri 18:34
55901 Visual S Template pierce.boggan RESO FIXE Xaml C# code behind file is not being nested under the Xaml file, after adding new Xaml item to a Shared project 2017-10-13
59595 Forms Forms rui.marinho RESO FIXE Error with SearchBar inside of a Grid with iOS 11 SDK 10:14:02
51343 Xamarin. Library timothy.risi RESO FIXE validateMenuItem not called for menu items with c# events for the action 08:45:01
60073 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger RESO FIXE Error squiggles do not appear for standalone files Mon 20:47
60007 Xamarin iOS add- vincent.dondain RESO FIXE Show help in execution target when deployment target is too high and no simulators show up Tue 21:59
59364 Runtime Reflecti aleksey RESO FIXE Assertion at dynamic-image.c:209, condition `prev == MONO_HANDLE_RAW (obj)' not met Wed 04:55
60233 Runtime Reflecti aleksey RESO FIXE Assertion in dynamic-image.c after 792b5367cd3a6ffa1a192c4d2d7ace3509cbb646 Wed 15:54
45893 Class Li mscorlib alkpli RESO FIXE I18N: EncoderFallbackBuffer.Fallback gets next character instead of the current one. Tue 12:58
19489 Runtime Reflecti bugzilla RESO FIXE Assembly loader fails to resolve type referenced from attribute Sat 00:37
48998 Forms Android bugzilla RESO FIXE Back on NavigationPage causes System.ObjectDisposedException Wed 22:27
53296 Class Li mscorlib bugzilla RESO FIXE Latin1Encoding throws exception on Mono when it doesn't on MS.NET Tue 12:59
54654 Visual S iOS bugzilla RESO FIXE The SayGoodbye target fails when builing an iOS library Mon 15:06
55445 Xamarin VB.Net B bugzilla RESO FIXE Monodevelop creates VBNet projects missing targets. 2017-10-13
56259 Live Pla Mobile A bugzilla RESO FIXE Xamarin Live Player - IOS - Visualization Error - Exception of type 'Foundation.ModelNotImplementedException' was thrown Fri 21:16
56545 Visual S Template bugzilla RESO FIXE Xamarin Forms new files templates missing in NetStandard project 2017-10-13
57910 Forms Android bugzilla RESO FIXE ObjectDisposedException in Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.Renderers.ProgressBarRenderer Wed 22:27
59299 Visual S Installe bugzilla RESO FIXE Android SDK is not reflected as an individual component in Willow, even though it is installed. 18:11:26
59367 Visual S XMA bugzilla RESO FIXE Mac Connection Errors Since Latest Xamarin VS Updates Wed 16:49
59882 Forms Android bugzilla RESO FIXE Xam Forms 2.4 not resuming from reused App and Pages Wed 15:04
60037 Visual S XMA bugzilla RESO FIXE Mac Agent Not Working - Connects briefly then disconnects Wed 15:35
60050 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO FIXE Xamarin UI Test: Tap() method not triggering when doing UI test using triggers and behaviors (in my case) Sat 16:13
60115 Class Li Windows. bugzilla RESO FIXE ArgumentException in MonthCalendar when user attempts go out of designated interval Tue 08:21
60128 Class Li System bugzilla RESO FIXE System.Net.HttpWebRequest times out on some Https web request 2017-10-13
60265 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla RESO FIXE LOC: Locver nstrucions need to be updated 12:32:21
52620 Forms Forms chris.king RESO FIXE [iOS] Header in MasterDetailPage overwrites status bar 2017-10-13
60031 Class Li mscorlib egorbo RESO FIXE Thread doesn't throw ThreadStateException when it should (like .net does) 2017-10-13
58145 Forms Windows ehart RESO FIXE [UWP] Entry text not visible when using dark theme Wed 23:06
59863 Forms Android ehart RESO FIXE TapGestureRecognizer extremely finicky Tue 03:33
59961 Forms Android ehart RESO FIXE TapGestureRecognizer with NumberOfTapsRequired="1" works only with double tap Mon 14:40
60146 Xamarin iOS add- jeff RESO FIXE The new iOS 11 info.plist key "NSPhotoLibraryAddUsageDescription" is not translated. Tue 05:01
59065 Visual S Template joj RESO FIXE Xamarin.Forms item templates are all duplicated. 2017-10-13
60194 Android General jonp RESO FIXE Strange Xamarin.Android build errors after updating VS 2017 to 15.4 Tue 13:39
51891 Profiler Mac jose.medrano RESO FIXE [Xamarin-Profiler]: Usability: OSX: VoiceOver: The VoiceOver is announcing as "Radio button" for the "Tab item" of "Instrument Detail Area". 2017-10-13
60028 Class Li mscorlib lexas RESO FIXE Timer doesn't throw ODE after Dispose() 2017-10-12
47054 Runtime General ludovic RESO FIXE appdomain-thread-abort.exe fails on osx64 2017-10-12
40651 Xamarin Performa marius.ungureanu RESO FIXE Find In Solution takes minutes to run Wed 15:15
57432 Forms Forms paul.dipietro RESO FIXE Text in ListView disappears when Alt key held down Wed 10:25
60179 Android Linker radek.doulik RESO FIXE The APK includes x86_64 when targeting x86 2017-10-13
58411 iOS BCL Clas rolf RESO FIXE System.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicException: Store root doesn't exist Tue 09:20
59436 iOS Mono run vargaz RESO FIXE MT3001 error 08:42:43
51922 Profiler Windows v-sevely RESO FIXE [Xamarin-Profiler]: Usability: Narrator: Windows: Narrator is not announcing the name of corresponding header column for the data grid item. Tue 11:11
59997 Workbook Client: xamarininteractive RESO FIXE Crash when opening preferences from check for updates dialog Sat 15:58
60069 Android Bindings atsushi VERI FIXE Build.getSerial is not bound in Android API 26, causes conflict with Build.Serial, which is now deprecated Wed 12:40
58332 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla VERI FIXE HighSierra-10.13 Dragged Controllers and widgets freezes on screen 2017-10-13
59072 Xamarin F# Add-i jason.imison VERI FIXE Template "Blank Forms App (F#)" only builds for new projects, not for existing ones Tue 08:08
56345 iOS MSBuild jeff VERI FIXE No dSYM produced for Apple Watch extension project 2017-10-13
59866 Xamarin iOS code oleg.demchenko VERI FIXE Authentication Failure: Single quote in Apple Developer account password Tue 08:22
58169 Android MSBuild dean.ellis VERI FIXE _UpdateAndroidResgen constantly being called Fri 20:05
36697 Android General radek.doulik VERI FIXE Xamarin.Forms.Application.Current.Properties can't be persistent if the Linker mode is "Link SDK assemblies only" 2017-10-13
30690 Forms iOS rui.marinho VERI FIXE [iOS] Issue with Xamarin.Forms ListView with Grouped Header Wed 01:23
35491 Android General atsushi VERI FIXE Built APK crash below 5.0 - multidex Mon 14:20
59651 Android MSBuild dean.ellis VERI FIXE Xamarin.Forms build fails with command line overflow. Tue 12:16
56165 Xamarin Accessib iain.holmes VERI FIXE VSfM: "Preferences" tab does not open up 2017-10-13
58198 Xamarin iOS add- jeff VERI FIXE Attempting to add Outlet in Xcode 9 IB: Could not insert new outlet connection: Could not find any information for the class named ... Wed 16:31
55559 Forms Android jimmy.garrido VERI FIXE [Android] Exception when setting the backgroundcolor of a frame Wed 18:19
59198 Android General jonp VERI FIXE Xamarin Android - JobInfo.TriggerContentUri has no constructor available 2017-10-13
12345 Android Samples peter.collins VERI FIXE [VisualStudio] Unable to open android Sample "SanAngeles_NDK" Tue 16:54
27165 Android MSBuild dean.ellis RESO INVA C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Xamarin\Android\Xamarin.Android.Common.targets(2,2): Error XA0000: Unexpected error - Please file a bug report at Reason: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load assembly 'FormsViewGroup, 2017-10-13
45173 Android Mono run jonp RESO INVA Cycle 8-specific "could not AOT the assembly" 2017-10-13
48694 Android General vlad.brezae RESO INVA Random allocation crashes in Xamarin Android Cycle 8 Fri 18:30
54392 Forms iOS bugzilla RESO NORE ViewController sometimes appearing Tue 02:36
26706 Android General dean.ellis RESO NORE Cursor not closed on dispose 2017-10-13
46555 Android Debugger bugzilla RESO NORE Deployment failed on RaspAnd image on PI 3 2017-10-13
58180 Forms Android bugzilla RESO NORE Entry did not moves upwards when keyboard is raised Tue 15:31
58490 iOS Xamarin. bugzilla RESO NORE SocketRocket sends an incorrect HTTP request when an app comes out of hibernation and tries to rejuvenate itself 15:12:18
58497 Forms iOS bugzilla RESO NORE NativeGatekeeper.dll could not be found {project_name}.iOS Tue 14:49
59410 Forms Android bugzilla RESO NORE White Bar on top of WebView Resizing when SoftInput appears Mon 19:14
59486 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO NORE [UWP] Inside ListView Entry focus not being set IsFocused Tue 15:01
59801 Visual S iOS bugzilla RESO NORE Say Goodbyte Target still failig when building an iOS project 2017-10-13
46177 Android MSBuild dean.ellis RESO NORE getprop Zombie Process when compiled with arm64-v8a option 2017-10-13
47555 Android MSBuild dean.ellis RESO NORE Bundling assemblies into native code ALWAYS causes any application to crash on startup 2017-10-13
54145 Android MSBuild dean.ellis RESO NORE Building nuget got : error MSB4018: This is an unhandled exception from a task -- PLEASE OPEN A BUG AGAINST THE TASK OWNER. 2017-10-13
58596 Android MSBuild dean.ellis RESO NORE ImportJavaDoc Task fails on Windows due to bad path separator 2017-10-13
59016 Android Tools an gregm RESO NORE Empty name attribute in NunitLite test results file 2017-10-13
46399 Android BCL Clas grendel RESO NORE HttpClient on Android is not compatible with MobileIron Fri 18:33
53373 Android General jonp RESO NORE Crash after app switching? Fri 18:28
57258 Android General jonp RESO NORE System.InvalidOperationException: PE image does not have metadata when building for Android 2017-10-13
58206 Android General jonp RESO NORE The "GenerateJavaStubs" task failed unexpectedly. 2017-10-13
58750 Android General jonp RESO NORE WebView - streched (or zoomed) HTML5 video 2017-10-13
59088 Android General jonp RESO NORE Making changes in AXML files causes "Metadata error: Could not find part of the path .. " Fri 18:27
43699 Visual S General bugzilla RESO UPST Could not install Xamarin Mon 06:14
57915 iOS General bugzilla RESO UPST VS2017: XF-iOS - Could not register the assembly Xamarin.Auth error MT4118 Wed 13:28
60207 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla RESO DUPL [Enhancement] Add support for dragging and reordering controls in the Document Outline Tue 04:31
60228 Forms Windows bugzilla RESO DUPL ArgumentOutOfRangeException when clearing an ObservableCollection bind to a listview and an item is selected 15:41:22
60264 Xamarin General sevoku RESO DUPL Using the dark theme: close, minimize, and maximize buttons disappear after entering full screen 15:35:29
18686 Runtime JIT bugzilla RESO DUPL More threads are created than system can handle Sat 00:35
38631 Class Li System bugzilla RESO DUPL libMonoPosixHelper on Windows 2017-10-13
58685 iOS General bugzilla RESO DUPL UITest Query.Tap() fails with System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException Tue 22:38
59512 iOS MSBuild bugzilla RESO DUPL Watch extensions aren't stripped 2017-10-13
60077 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO DUPL Label on Xamarin.forms does not display all text when lines exceeds 100 2017-10-13
60158 Visual S General bugzilla RESO DUPL Xamarin causes Visual Studio to freeze when opening Xamarin.Forms sln Tue 03:18
60177 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO DUPL Index # is greater than the number of rows #. InfiniteListView. Only on iOS Wed 17:24
60208 Forms Android bugzilla RESO DUPL TapGestureRecognizer doesn't respond consistently to taps Mon 19:10
60246 Forms Windows bugzilla RESO DUPL Events on UWP GROUPED Listview have an issue since 2.4 Wed 01:51
59873 Forms Forms ehart RESO DUPL Tap Gesture Recognizers not firing on frames 2017-10-13
60197 Android Android+ grendel RESO DUPL Build.Serial throws an exception on < API 26 Sun 23:30
60173 Android General jonp RESO DUPL "The specified task executable “java.exe” could not be run. The filename or extension is too long". error when I try to build a Xamarin.Android project in VS17. Tue 07:52
60187 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger RESO DUPL Cannot see text during rename Tue 14:07
30139 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO NOT_ Multiple renderers attach to a single view cell in ListView.HasUnevenRows Tue 02:38
55621 Forms Android jimmy.garrido RESO NOT_ System.ObjectDisposedException: Cannot access a disposed object. Tue 02:34
18762 Runtime io-layer bugzilla RESO NOT_ System.NotSupportedException: 0-byte integer when building from shared network folder Mon 15:50
58824 Class Li System bugzilla RESO NOT_ Large File Upload 2017-10-13
59244 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO NOT_ Back button not appearing on UWP when await in OnStart 2017-10-13
53589 Android Mono run grendel RESO NOT_ MethodAccessException on initializing AzureClient after arrival of push notification on Nougat, Nexus 5X Fri 18:20
54298 Android General jonp RESO NOT_ Unhandled Exception: "Constructing instances of generic types from Java is not supported" running RuntimeTests suite 2017-10-13
57740 Visual S XMA bugzilla RESO ANSW I am not able to connect to the Mac agent from my windows 10 machine using VS 2017 preview. Sun 00:30
60137 iOS MSBuild bugzilla RESO ANSW Can't reference net461 project from Xamarin.iOS project 2017-10-12
60230 Visual S iOS Desi bugzilla RESO ANSW UIImageView image isn't removed when the Image dropdown's content is cleared 13:38:10
60231 Visual S iOS Desi bugzilla RESO ANSW UITableViewCell's selection highlighting is rendered at the wrong place 13:33:04
57900 iOS General bugzilla RESO ANSW Fatal error: 'QuartzCore/CAEmitterBehavior.h' file not found Sun 00:35
58665 Forms Android bugzilla RESO ANSW Date Picker and Time Picker Crash in Android 15:36:50
60172 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO ANSW TemplateBinding not working on Control with BindingContext set by parent 18:08:29
60193 iOS General bugzilla RESO ANSW 'QuartzCore/CAEmitterBehavior.h' file not found Mon 17:37
60274 iOS MSBuild bugzilla RESO ANSW TFS build erroring on vbnc: Commenad line : error VBNC99999: Unexpected error: Value cannot be null Parameter name: type at Mono.Cecil.ArrayType..ctor 18:04:03
60181 Android MSBuild dean.ellis RESO ANSW MSBuild tasks should provide a consistent way to determine the installed xamarin version 2017-10-13
59193 Android Mono run grendel RESO ANSW cast from Java.Lang.Integer to uint fails when the "integer" constains a negative number Wed 15:48
57023 Android General jonp RESO ANSW Missing Android.Wearable.CapabilityApi namespace 2017-10-13
307 bugs found.