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126 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
59313 Android MSBuild radical CONF --- Compilation error in Android project when using .Net Standard NuGet package in .Net Standard base library Thu 16:07
11279 Android Bindings atsushi ASSI --- AdapterView subclasses should compile 2018-02-12
50354 Android General jonp NEED --- Deployment stuck at zipalign.exe 2018-02-12
56789 Android General jonp VERI UPST [15.2] "System.NotSupportedException: Cannot compile: Parameter" during certain sqlite operations with use of System.Linq, if app is compiled with `csc` Tue 21:21
57313 Android Mono run jonp REOP --- Xamarin Android Weak Reference Table Overflow Tue 16:41
46473 Class Li mscorlib ankit.jain CONF --- Error: The object with ID N implements the IObjectReference interface for which all dependencies cannot be resolved. The likely cause is two instances of IObjectReference that have a mutual dependency on each other Thu 23:07
59661 Class Li System.C bugzilla CONF --- Lambda expression compile fails with NullReferenceException Tue 06:17
59315 Class Li Mono.Sec bugzilla ASSI --- Mono.Security.Cryptography.KeyPairPersistence attempts to create a folder in a non-writable location Wed 00:25
41910 Class Li mscorlib egorbo ASSI --- IsolatedStorage breaks on el capitan due to SpecialFolder.CommonApplicationData location Wed 01:59
60332 Class Li Mono.Sec brendan.zagaeski NEED --- HttpWebRequest leaks Mono.Security.Protocol.Tls.ClientSessionInfo object when making an HTTPS request Fri 12:39
61002 Class Li System bugzilla VERI FIXE Runtime exception: Cannot access a disposed object. Object name: 'MobileAuthenticatedStream'. Fri 17:27
45165 Componen Xamarin israel.soto RESO FIXE Google Analytics for iOS crashing on iOS 10 Sat 08:39
41869 Forms iOS bugzilla CONF --- [iOS] Margins set on a StackLayout that is a direct child of a ViewCell are not respected. Tue 02:07
51854 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- [Forms/Android] Soft keyboard does not appear for entry field on first page shown by app. Fri 20:22
59172 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Popped page does not appear on top of current navigation stack, please file a bug. Tue 02:07
59448 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- IsClippedToBounds=false does not work for Frame Fast Renderer on Android Thu 10:30
60674 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Entry with Numeric keyboard does not process TextChanged event for dot/comma in some Locales Thu 13:44
60823 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Touch events do not dispatch to the Grid on Android Thu 14:33
41089 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Frame fails to display when using AppCompat Fri 23:38
44525 Forms iOS bugzilla CONF --- Xamarin.Forms Listview Row Height Does Not Update When Changing Content Size (such as label) Tue 06:08
60392 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Impossible to remove shadow on Android buttons since Tue 02:07
57898 Forms Android jimmy.garrido ASSI --- ObjectDisposed exception caused by race condition in ScrollViewRenderer Wed 10:05
60736 Forms Forms bugzilla IN_P --- Button with BorderRadius < 6 on UWP seems to ignore the BorderRadius Tue 10:12
60293 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Netstandard Project + Xamarin.Forms 2.5.0-pre2 Error MSB4062: The “Xamarin.Forms.Build.Tasks.GetTasksAbi” task could not be loaded from the assembly Thu 21:19
60734 Forms iOS bugzilla NEED --- ListView ObservableCollection clear throws null reference exception Tue 02:07
36031 Forms Android rui.marinho RESO ANSW Button border not drawn on Android without a BorderRadius Tue 19:16
56515 Forms Forms stephane.delcroix RESO ANSW Data trigger setter does not fire in XF 2.3.4 Sat 06:28
21844 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO FIXE The height of a label that word-wraps is not properly used when computing content height of a Grid cell Wed 16:53
22720 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO ANSW Add support for TargetNullValue and FallbackValue in XAML bindings Mon 18:14
24500 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO ANSW NavigationRenderer lays out views incorrectly with a translucent navigation bar Mon 18:16
29677 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO ANSW [Enhancement] Add support for loading and displaying SVG images in Xamarin.Forms Mon 21:18
56072 Forms iOS bugzilla RESO ANSW HidesBottomBarWhenPushed does nothing Wed 19:43
58503 Forms iOS bugzilla RESO ANSW [iOS] Header template ignores layout options Mon 20:38
60045 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO FIXE ListView with RecycleElement strategy doesn't handle CanExecute of TextCell Command properly (Forms->iOS) Thu 17:53
60155 Forms Android bugzilla RESO ANSW Rendering issues on Android 4.2 Mon 18:24
60399 Forms Android bugzilla RESO ANSW Navigating to a Page with a ScrollView logs Error in Console Mon 18:25
60436 Forms Android bugzilla RESO ANSW Label height not refreshed (only when: delayed text update, Android 4.0.3, NavigationPage, ScrollView, StackLayout) Mon 18:25
60453 Forms Android bugzilla RESO ANSW Content properties changes doesnt render when changed in MasterPage Mon 18:26
60879 Forms Windows bugzilla RESO ANSW Scaling broken between phone and desktop Thu 17:37
60893 Forms Android bugzilla RESO ANSW [Android] TapGestureRecognizer do not respond consistently to taps Mon 18:20
32842 Forms Windows ehart RESO ANSW [UWP] ItemSelected Not Ignored When a ListView Item Contains a TapGestureRecognizer Mon 18:28
51648 Forms Android paul.dipietro RESO ANSW InvalidCastException when listview item is tapped under RecycleElement strategy Mon 18:30
41038 Forms Forms rui.marinho RESO ANSW MasterDetailPage loses menu icon on iOS after reusing NavigationPage as Detail Mon 18:32
57912 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO ANSW Forms Picker is setting SelectedItem=null when that property is specified before ItemSource in XAML Wed 18:25
58635 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO ANSW Binding Conversion From DateTime Converts to Wrong Date Format Thu 20:07
59813 Forms iOS bugzilla RESO ANSW "NullReferenceException" in "Xamarin.Forms.Platform.iOS.Renderers.LabelRenderer.cs" within "UpdateText()" & "UpdateTextColor()" Wed 17:36
60966 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO ANSW Can't Navigate To The Same Page Twice Fri 18:41
61027 Forms Windows bugzilla RESO ANSW UWP: StackLayouts leaks memory Mon 18:22
61226 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO ANSW Picker Toolbar Displays in Incorrect Location after Rotation on iOS Sat 23:09
44453 Forms Windows bugzilla VERI FIXE [UWP] ToolbarItem Text hard to see when BarTextColor is light Sat 11:01
36447 Forms Android rui.marinho VERI FIXE [Android] PinchGestureRecognizer Only Works on Android API Level 19+ Thu 23:01
60452 Forms Forms stephane.delcroix REOP --- OnIdiom bug Wed 12:10
57802 Forms Android bugzilla REOP --- FastRenderers.LabelRenderer encounters NotSupportedException, MissingMethodException ( Tue 02:07
60726 iOS Tools vincent.dondain CONF --- [Generator] Support INativeObject in StrongDictionary Wed 16:40
43985 iOS Xamarin. rolf CONF --- Loading images in UNNotificationServiceExtension doesn't work 2018-02-12
41292 iOS Xamarin. sebastien CONF --- NSString.LocalizedFormat does not return the correct string Tue 13:57
60430 iOS General israel.soto CONF --- EKEventViewController shows blacked-out screen with use of Xamarin.Google.iOS.MobileAds in iOS11 Fri 13:48
52379 iOS XI runti bugzilla CONF --- Application UI freeze when NSUrlProtocol and UIWebView are used. 2018-02-12
59401 iOS Mono run vargaz CONF --- MethodInfo.Invoke fails for generic methods with large arguments on armv7 Thu 16:25
60088 iOS Mono run vargaz CONF --- Assertion at ../../../../external/mono/mono/mini/debugger-agent.c:4765, condition `array->len == 1' not met Wed 19:37
57361 iOS Tools bugzilla ASSI --- Xamarin Studio eventually doesn't connect to the iOS simulator Fri 15:47
56501 iOS MSBuild vincent.dondain ASSI --- MSB6002 command-line for MTouch task is too long, > 32000 characters Wed 16:39
59596 iOS BCL Clas manuel.delapena IN_P --- Xamarin iOS not get the correct CurrentCultureInfo Thu 15:57
59793 iOS Xamarin. manuel.delapena NEED --- NSURLSessionConfiguration Discretionary property breaks redirects. Wed 15:36
60745 iOS MSBuild bugzilla NEED --- MT2101 - Can't resolve the reference 'System.Void UIKit.UINavigationBar::set_PrefersLargeTitles(System.Boolean)', Fri 21:41
60782 iOS MSBuild bugzilla NEED --- [Publishing Wizard] When archiving an iOS project with an iOS library project, the library's dll can't be found Fri 21:34
60906 iOS General bugzilla NEED --- iOS framework with nib files not building Fri 12:45
39858 iOS MSBuild jeff RESO DUPL Simulator no longer has access to AppGroup folder (NSFileManager.DefaultManager.GetContainerUrl returns null); Sat 05:25
24585 iOS Xamarin. manuel.delapena RESO INVA ABPeoplePickerNavigationController needs a IsPredicatedXxxxSupported property Tue 18:32
59184 iOS Mono run manuel.delapena RESO FIXE MethodInfo.Invoke fails for generic methods with too many/too large arguments Fri 17:40
34135 iOS Xamarin. vincent.dondain RESO FIXE Need some constants exposed in Xamarin.iOS binding Thu 04:37
60126 iOS BCL Clas bugzilla RESO NORE iOS 11 TCP connections not working Fri 21:27
60437 iOS General bugzilla RESO NORE Xamarin.iOS App crashes when loading raster PDF - CGContext.DrawPDFPage() Fri 21:28
60759 iOS Debugger bugzilla RESO NORE App crashes when looking at Locals Sat 00:27
54544 iOS Xamarin. manuel.delapena RESO FIXE [ios] binding typo DarkerSystemColosEnabled Tue 18:00
55709 iOS Xamarin. manuel.delapena RESO NOT_ HttpClient (w/ NSUrlSessionHandler) hangs indefinitely when canceled Tue 13:06
60740 iOS Xamarin. manuel.delapena RESO FIXE NSDateComponentUndefined is not bound Tue 19:59
58798 iOS Mono run vargaz RESO NORE Failed to load AOT module '(null)' while running in aot-only mode Thu 13:20
61053 iOS Mono run vargaz RESO NORE Unable to insert null DateTime using EF Core Fri 21:35
61227 Live Pla Mobile A bugzilla NEW --- Debugging failure when a F# .NET standard library is referenced 05:30:20
56259 Live Pla Mobile A bugzilla RESO FIXE Xamarin Live Player - IOS - Visualization Error - Exception of type 'Foundation.ModelNotImplementedException' was thrown Tue 01:04
60100 Runtime General bugzilla CONF --- AppDomain.AssemblyResolve event not triggered if Assembly already failed to load Mon 18:17
41130 Runtime Reflecti kumpera CONF --- Segmentation Fault on calling Type.GetField() for generic dynamic types Wed 21:58
18941 Runtime Interop kg CONF --- Calling Marshal.SizeOf() with an Empty struct using Sequential or Explicit returns 0 Fri 03:18
48707 Runtime General aleksey IN_P --- Mono Queryable implementation is leaking memory upon materialization 2018-02-12
60864 Runtime Verifier kumpera RESO INVA Compilation of System.Runtime.CompilerServices.Unsafe fails with an exception Wed 19:29
15261 Runtime GC bugzilla RESO NORE SGEN: Assertion at sgen-alloc.c:425, condition `*p == NULL' not met Tue 06:01
61091 Runtime Debugger bugzilla VERI FIXE Xamarin.Forms: “Start debugging item” (iOS project) results in native crash (“Run item” works) Thu 16:09
16251 Tools other bugzilla NEW --- Cant able to run .net MVC3 application using monodevelop in ubuntu Wed 08:25
60315 Tools msbuild ankit.jain IN_P --- HttpClient 4.3.2 broken on Mono Wed 14:26
61224 Visual S iOS bugzilla NEW --- error updating "Object reference not set to an instance of an object " Fri 19:15
60855 Visual S iOS Desi bugzilla CONF --- Designer - cannot delete constraints Fri 12:45
60232 Visual S iOS Desi v-dmpet CONF --- UITableView variation tag created when selecting "Table Cell Grouped Background Color" as the Background color Thu 17:46
51455 Visual S Accessib adrian.murphy CONF --- Accessibility: MAS42A: 'Edit Pre-build' and 'Edit Post-build' buttons are not in compliance with any of the High Contrast themes. Mon 20:22
59171 Visual S Xamarin. bugzilla VERI FIXE Cross platform app template takes very long to unfold. Thu 11:21
42717 Visual S iOS bugzilla VERI FIXE MSBuild orphaned Tue 15:38
61228 Windows Simulato bugzilla NEW --- iMessage Not Working IN PC 08:54:59
61163 Xamarin Device M bugzilla NEW --- Error trying to create emulator Fri 03:27
57800 Xamarin. Library bugzilla CONF --- Activate FIFinderSyncProtocol.MakeListenerEndpoint binding Tue 20:11
58674 Xamarin. Library bugzilla CONF --- Many "NSObject sender" APIs do not allow null incorrectly Tue 20:10
60696 Xamarin. Library manuel.delapena CONF --- After updating to OSX High Sierra, the CoreBluetooth.CBCentralManager is not working: BLE devices are not discovered Thu 11:43
46297 Xamarin. Library bugzilla IN_P --- InputMethodKit bindings exist but not built Tue 20:11
52452 Xamarin. Library manuel.delapena RESO NOT_ Getting exception on running X.Mac "OpenGLViewSample" sample. 2018-02-12
42464 Xamarin. mmp bugzilla RESO ANSW mmp does not handle native fat libraries with non 32/64 bit sections Tue 20:15
60826 Xamarin. Library sebastien RESO FIXE Bad MainThread quards in NSOpenGLContext methods Wed 00:37
60534 Xamarin. mmp timothy.risi RESO FIXE Should have the equivalent of MT0073 (doesn't support minimum deployment target) for MMP Tue 20:10
59796 Xamarin Mac Add- bugzilla NEW --- "Compiler/Platform target" and "Mac Build/Supported architectures" are (confusingly?) independent 2018-02-12
61218 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla NEW --- [Enhancement] Add opacity slider to color picker Mon 21:32
61220 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla NEW --- Mismatched button titles for "Add constraints" correction action Tue 22:25
61223 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla NEW --- crashes all the time when dealing with iOS storyboard files or xib files Thu 04:30
61222 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger NEW --- Moving lines changes whitespace Thu 01:25
61146 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla CONF --- Focus is lost from entry lines when focus comes back to the IDE 2018-02-12
58960 Xamarin .NET Cor matt.ward CONF --- DotNetCliToolReference is not restored Wed 18:03
61214 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger CONF --- Shift + Command + Enter causes code formating Thu 15:47
20144 Xamarin Android shaw CONF --- AXML files unaffected by XML code formatting settings Thu 01:09
61206 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger CONF --- code completion is broken 2018-02-12
61219 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger CONF --- Find and Replace inconsistent Wed 07:34
45030 Xamarin Mac Add- bugzilla IN_P --- Epic fail when lauching XM app with a deploy target > my current OS Mon 19:53
60401 Xamarin iOS Desi v-payako IN_P --- [Enhancement] Automatically choose best placement for newly added controller in storyboard Thu 11:36
60610 Xamarin iOS Desi vinicius.jarina NEED --- Storyboards not loading Wed 17:29
61217 Xamarin Performa bugzilla NEED --- monodevelop extremely slow first project load Wed 08:36
61221 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla RESO UPST IDE Crash when clicking on height constraint handlebar of a label Wed 19:48
61147 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla RESO DUPL iOS Property Panel does not support keyboard navigation (tab key) / Affects Focus elsewhere Thu 09:15
38560 Xamarin Inspecto sandy RESO NOT_ Ghost breakpoints causing app to hang on splash screen. Fri 15:40
60801 Xamarin iOS Desi v-dmpet REOP --- "Search Bar with Search Display Controller" cannot be added to scene dock Fri 13:11
61173 Xamarin General bugzilla CLOS FEAT Create UWP project on Mac Thu 15:19
126 bugs found.