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290 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
61047 Android Mono run grendel NEW --- C++ Native callback breaks app Fri 13:54
60979 Android General jonp NEW --- Android.OS.FileObserver does not fire FileObserverEvents.Create and stops working after the first few events 2017-12-05
61029 Android General jonp NEW --- VSTS Build Agent Missing Xamarin.Android capability on macOS Thu 18:44
61050 Android General jonp NEW --- Garbage collector not triggered on Nougat 09:15:19
61060 Android General jonp NEW --- The type or namespace name 'App' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) .NET Standard Sat 02:06
61061 Android General jonp NEW --- Release app mobile it crashes. 09:18:41
60733 Android Bindings atsushi CONF --- SQLiteCommandbuilder Error 2017-12-05
60992 Android MSBuild dean.ellis IN_P --- File is locked by another process 17:31:00
55050 Android MSBuild dean.ellis IN_P --- Improved Fast Deployment doesn't work with Application subclasses 22:45:31
60775 Android Debugger bugzilla NEED --- Display a Local PDF File in a WebView for Android using pdfjs not working Fri 19:33
60343 Android MSBuild dean.ellis NEED --- No resource found that matches the given name 18:11:43
61065 Android MSBuild dean.ellis NEED --- debug.keystore is missing in mac and windows installer jarsigner exited with value: 1 10:27:58
61044 Android Mono run grendel NEED --- App crashes when return from background Fri 17:43
50354 Android General jonp NEED --- Deployment stuck at zipalign.exe Thu 23:01
60854 Android General jonp NEED --- MonoPackageManager incompatible types: String[] cannot be converted to String Wed 12:47
60940 Android Bindings atsushi RESO FIXE BroadcastReveicerAttribute is missing the Description property Thu 18:01
34906 Android Debugger bugzilla RESO ANSW Stopping at breakpoint shows "No compatible code running" in VS2015 Thu 18:25
60236 Android MSBuild dean.ellis RESO FIXE Cannot deploy to Android Oreo (Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_ALREADY_EXISTS: Attempt to re-install Mono.Android.DebugRuntime without first uninstalling.]) Thu 23:20
61015 Android MSBuild dean.ellis RESO DUPL MSBuild.exe maintains lock on files preventing further builds (The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process) Sat 17:07
60473 Android BCL Clas grendel RESO FIXE Wrong URI escaping in AndroidClientHandler when no query parameters passed Thu 16:33
61034 Android Android+ grendel RESO INVA double scan a face Fri 17:57
45254 Android Designer jeremie.laval RESO FIXE Designer hangs Visual Studio BUILD AFTER viewing AXML in Designer mode OR SOURCE MODE 2017-12-05
58976 Android Designer jeremie.laval RESO FIXE Error opening Main.axml Wed 03:39
56834 Android General jonathan.peppers RESO FIXE Can't write resource Multidex warnings with VS for Mac Fri 14:17
61036 Android General jon.douglas RESO INVA man with hat Fri 17:58
61038 Android General jon.douglas RESO INVA trasgender Fri 17:58
61040 Android General jon.douglas RESO INVA make-up woman Fri 17:57
60951 Android General jonp RESO FIXE Android.Database Cursor loader is not loading in background thread and blocking the UI when accessing device contacts, problem is when they are 100's of contacts in the device 2017-12-05
61025 Android General jonp RESO DUPL AndroidHttpClient isn't properly encoding urls, causing Bad Request (400) errors Thu 16:33
61026 Android General jonp RESO ANSW Getting "No resource found that matches the given name" at a resource placed in resources/xml Fri 18:14
61035 Android General jonp RESO INVA fat body and normal body Fri 17:56
61073 Android General jonp RESO DUPL ClassNotFoundexception is thrown when deriving from Application class 22:45:31
56740 Android Debugger bugzilla VERI FIXE Nexus 6p Android O Preview: Couldn't connect to logcat, GetProcessId returned: 0 Fri 13:53
57991 Android MSBuild dean.ellis VERI FIXE Intellisense for a class library project in same solution fails to load in Xamarin.Android Thu 11:24
43411 Android General grendel VERI FIXE HTTP Bad Request (400) when encoding space (%20) in URL with AndroidClientHandler 2017-12-05
60881 Android MSBuild kzu VERI FIXE Android design-time intellisense prevents designer from working with support libraries other custom controls Thu 12:43
60901 Android MSBuild grendel REOP --- Error on bundle.targets with the Zip task Sat 18:54
60410 Class Li Mono.Sec bugzilla NEW --- [New Web Stack][Need-Triage] Error: SecureChannelFailure in NuGet. 20:16:07
45667 Class Li System.N brendan.zagaeski NEW --- [New Web Stack] Send Http Put request to server redirect URL, I got error “This request requires buffering of data to succeed”. 20:40:39
26258 Class Li Windows. bugzilla NEW --- TextBox can have garbled text and/or misplaced cursor Wed 08:01
59035 Class Li Windows. bugzilla NEW --- System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowser does not work in MonoDevelop 7.1 in Linux 2017-12-05
60819 Class Li Windows. bugzilla NEW --- Exception when pasting data into TextBox Wed 05:04
60837 Class Li System bugzilla NEW --- [Feature/Enhancement/WontFix] We currently don't support DSA certificates in X509Certificate2 20:20:59
60987 Class Li System.W bugzilla NEW --- ASMX web service doesn't work with ASP.NET 4.0 2017-12-05
60997 Class Li Windows. bugzilla NEW --- TextBox renders it's content improperly Wed 12:58
27251 Class Li System bugzilla CONF --- Web Service: XmlSerialization ignores XmlIgnoreAttribute and Specified Wed 17:56
41910 Class Li mscorlib bugzilla CONF --- IsolatedStorage breaks on el capitan due to SpecialFolder.CommonApplicationData location Thu 17:19
60396 Class Li System bugzilla CONF --- [New Web Stack] (AKA "The Original Issue") Canceling HttpClient requests leads to ObjectDisposedExceptions when re-sending to the same host 20:34:44
58641 Class Li System.N martin.baulig CONF --- Using HttpResponseMessage after HttpClient.Dispose() 21:53:42
60332 Class Li Mono.Sec brendan.zagaeski NEED --- HttpWebRequest leaks Mono.Security.Protocol.Tls.ClientSessionInfo object when making an HTTPS request 21:35:16
52579 Class Li System.N masafa NEED --- Request stream copying seems to be corrupting socket communication 21:55:47
54332 Class Li System.N bugzilla RESO DUPL HttpListener sends zero length chunk when zero length buffer is written 21:54:58
60836 Class Li System bugzilla RESO FEAT X509Certificate2 is unable to load DSA certificate with private key from P12/PFX files 20:33:09
26658 Class Li Mono.Sec martin.baulig RESO FEAT HttpWebRequest.GetResponse fails for some https requests in Mono.Security.Protocol.Tls 20:14:47
36324 Class Li Mono.Sec martin.baulig RESO FIXE SSLStream sends incorrect intermediate certificate chain, when Authenticates as server 20:04:17
47549 Class Li System masafa RESO FIXE Chunked encoding error when writing zero buffer 21:54:58
60970 Compiler C# masafa NEW --- CS0266 when compiling enum assignment with classes defined via Mono.CSharp.Evaluator 16:53:58
61007 Compiler C# masafa NEW --- mcs tuple problems Wed 19:11
60087 Componen Xamarin jon.dick RESO FIXE Proguard fails when you use SDK >23 and Google SDK Fri 19:17
60814 Componen Xamarin jon.dick RESO ANSW Google Play Services version 11 Fri 19:14
60252 Componen Xamarin miljenko.cvjetko RESO INVA Error MT4116: Could not register the assembly 'Xamarin.Auth.iOS': error MT4118: Cannot register two managed types 2017-12-05
60720 Forms Windows bugzilla CONF --- The ItemTapped event for a grouped ListView is not working as expected. Wed 20:50
51754 Forms iOS bugzilla CONF --- ListView context action problems after deleting item from ObservableCollection items source with CachingStrategy=RecycleElement 2017-12-05
32290 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Images not respecting vertical bounds of StackLayout Thu 15:25
34917 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Dynamically setting a listview's footer doesn't work Thu 17:52
39870 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Xamarin.Forms.Maps Geocoder GetPositionsForAddressAsync always returns an empty set on Android Wed 14:24
44984 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- [UWP] Can't modify local image file or file name after it has been loaded into application 2017-12-05
52166 Forms iOS bugzilla CONF --- Inconsistent tap behaviour when using ScrollView on iOS Thu 01:11
56249 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Text in a horizontally-centered picker is shown as center-justified during selection, but is shown as left-justified once selected Fri 07:49
56250 Forms iOS bugzilla CONF --- GroupDisplayBinding fails on iPhone for ListView 07:08:28
59412 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Xamarin.Forms iOS ListView crash System.ArgumentOutOfRangeExceptionSpecified argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: index Wed 20:28
60155 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Rendering issues on Android 4.2 Fri 15:16
60399 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Navigating to a Page with a ScrollView logs Error in Console Wed 17:11
60436 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Label height not refreshed (only when: delayed text update, Android 4.0.3, NavigationPage, ScrollView, StackLayout) Fri 15:30
60453 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Content properties changes doesnt render when changed in MasterPage Wed 16:51
60674 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Entry with Numeric keyboard does not process TextChanged event for dot/comma in some Locales 11:35:58
60776 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Pinch zoom shows when BeginRefresh/EndRefresh called. Sat 05:15
60786 Forms iOS bugzilla CONF --- Xamarin.Forms iOS Crash in CoreAnimation SetTransform method Fri 22:41
60850 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- [Android] ViewCell containing View with TapRecognizer shows ContextActions on every tap 06:34:51
60968 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- UnHandledException throws while View has been customizing from Layout<View> and loaded inside StackLayout Sun 22:57
47430 Forms Android paul.dipietro CONF --- ButtonRenderer does not set TextFormatted property on override to OnElementChanged Fri 18:45
52272 Forms Forms paul.dipietro CONF --- Xamarin Forms ScrollView not working when translation is set 14:50:46
37737 Forms iOS bugzilla CONF --- XAML MasterDetailPage does not work with SplitView Wed 23:33
45773 Forms iOS bugzilla CONF --- [iOS] Group Header does not expand to include all contents of ViewCell in GroupHeaderTemplate. Thu 15:03
55965 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Size for label with rotation not calculated correctly Sat 11:15
60966 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Can't Navigate To The Same Page Twice 23:00:42
56618 Forms Forms paul.dipietro ASSI --- Cannot bind to RowDefinitions or ColumnDefinitions of Grid Thu 16:07
51509 Forms Windows chris.king IN_P --- NavigationPage.SetHasNavigationBar false doesn't work inside MasterDetailPage Sat 22:07
59868 Forms Forms bugzilla IN_P --- Secondary ToolbarItems broken on Xamarin.Forms iOS 2.4stable Fri 14:01
48195 Forms Android sahou IN_P --- YouTube video plays sound after power button is pressed Sat 02:23
60293 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Netstandard Project + Xamarin.Forms 2.5.0-pre2 Error MSB4062: The “Xamarin.Forms.Build.Tasks.GetTasksAbi” task could not be loaded from the assembly Wed 15:04
52841 Forms Windows david.ortinau NEED --- Custom ViewCell incorrectly types the BindingContext Fri 16:35
59950 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- FindByName<T> Returns copy of object in UWP Thu 14:03
60734 Forms iOS bugzilla NEED --- ListView ObservableCollection clear throws null reference exception 2017-12-04
60812 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Maps precision is too large Mon 00:17
60863 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Xamarin.Forms bug in Android Thu 01:36
60879 Forms Windows bugzilla NEED --- Scaling broken between phone and desktop Mon 00:29
25662 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO FIXE Setting IsEnabled does not disable SwitchCell in Forms listview 2017-12-05
45722 Forms Forms ehart RESO FIXE Memory leak in Xamarin Forms ListView 2017-12-05
27460 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO ANSW [Android] Frame OutLine color requires a Padding to be visible Thu 14:41
37687 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO NOT_ IsVisible sometimes not respected (WP8) Wed 18:52
46632 Forms Windows bugzilla RESO FIXE [UWP] Clicking button in listview viewcell triggers both button clicked and cell ItemTapped Wed 15:17
46530 Forms Windows jimmy.garrido RESO FIXE DisplayActionSheet on Windows aligns title and button without left and bottom padding 2017-12-05
53798 Forms Windows jimmy.garrido RESO FIXE Page.DisplayActionSheet() not dismissable by click outside on UWP 2017-12-05
51825 Forms iOS paul.dipietro RESO FIXE I can not input Korean letter in SearchBar.(XF/iOS) 2017-12-05
60041 Forms Windows paul.dipietro RESO FIXE Placeholder in Entry box is vertically aligned to bottom 2017-12-05
40258 Forms Android sahou RESO NORE [Android] System.NotSupportedException Unable to activate instance of type Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android... from native handle Wed 14:22
59650 Forms Forms sahou RESO FIXE Removing Item from ObeservableCollection for ListView.ItemsSource throws exception on windows 2017-12-05
59718 Forms Windows sahou RESO FIXE Multiple issues with listview and navigation in UWP 07:30:45
60413 Forms Forms sahou RESO FIXE Blank page on resume app Wed 15:06
45336 Forms iOS bugzilla RESO NOT_ ListView Cell with Entry breaks keyboard scrolling in landscape orientation in iOS 2017-12-05
45593 Forms Windows bugzilla RESO FIXE UWP: NavigationPage leaks memory Thu 17:37
59882 Forms Android bugzilla RESO FIXE Xam Forms 2.4 not resuming from reused App and Pages Thu 20:44
60004 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO FIXE [UWP] GetDesiredSize() could cause a Null reference. 2017-12-05
60757 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO FIXE XAML OnPlatform not work in .Net Standard 2 project Thu 14:03
60815 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO ANSW New CreateRenderer overload not public 20:01:42
60949 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO ANSW MTOUCH : error MT2101: Can't resolve the reference 'System.Func`2<System.String,System.String> Xamarin.Forms.Internals.ResourceLoader::get_ResourceProvider()', referenced from the method 'System.Void x.Mobile.Forms.UserControls.CheckBox::InitialComponent( Wed 16:20
60975 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO ANSW Migrate to .NET Standard - Can't compile XAML 2017-12-05
60976 Forms Android bugzilla RESO ANSW [ANDROID] Long time to layout ListView causing stutter in Master drawer closing animation 2017-12-05
60985 Forms Windows bugzilla RESO ANSW Removing Last Item from ObeservableCollection for ListView.ItemsSource throws exception on Windows 8.1 (Desktop) 2017-12-05
60988 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO ANSW tabbed page BarTextColor is not pervasive and can't be applied after instantiation. 2017-12-05
60989 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO ANSW ListView word wrap in Label causing ViewCells to overlap Tue 23:08
60996 Forms iOS bugzilla RESO ANSW Cannot use safe area insets with a TabbedPage within a NavigationPage Wed 08:08
61001 Forms iOS bugzilla RESO ANSW iOS app crashes occasionally with System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException since Xamarin.Forms 2.5 Wed 13:08
61006 Forms iOS bugzilla RESO ANSW ToolbarItem : Item isn't added to ToolbarItems Wed 18:08
61011 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO ANSW Style Setter using x:Static stopped working Thu 13:55
61019 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO ANSW Use of custom NavigationPage class in Xamarin.Forms crashes in iOS build with System.MissingMethodException: Method 'UIKit.UINavigationBar.set_LargeTitleTextAttributes' not found. Thu 11:08
61027 Forms Windows bugzilla RESO ANSW UWP: StackLayouts leaks memory Thu 18:08
61045 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO ANSW ListView pulltorefresh activityindicator is freezing when app is toggled between background and foreground Fri 12:08
61059 Forms iOS bugzilla RESO ANSW After Update to 2.5 ListViewRenderer Crashes Fri 22:08
61062 Forms iOS bugzilla RESO ANSW App startup crash on iOS 11 and above Sun 14:08
61066 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO ANSW After converting to .NET Standart get error "No Bindable propery or type mistmatch" 07:08:52
61067 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO ANSW EntryCell within TableView using wrong keyboard 08:08:52
61070 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO ANSW Android flicker in master detail navigation 13:08:58
58922 Forms Forms stephane.delcroix RESO ANSW OnIdiom fails for x:Double Thu 16:15
44453 Forms Windows bugzilla VERI FIXE [UWP] ToolbarItem Text hard to see when BarTextColor is light 20:00:02
60140 Forms iOS bugzilla REOP --- ArgumentNullException on MapRenderer.RemoveAnnotations Fri 20:40
57802 Forms Android bugzilla REOP --- FastRenderers.LabelRenderer encounters NotSupportedException, MissingMethodException ( Fri 00:14
58180 Forms Android bugzilla REOP --- Entry did not moves upwards when keyboard is raised Thu 13:02
59813 Forms iOS bugzilla REOP --- "NullReferenceException" in "Xamarin.Forms.Platform.iOS.Renderers.LabelRenderer.cs" within "UpdateText()" & "UpdateTextColor()" 12:05:09
59833 Forms iOS bugzilla REOP --- Xamarin.Forms 2.4.280 Unable to build the project Wed 23:52
60452 Forms Forms stephane.delcroix REOP --- OnIdiom bug Thu 14:04
36671 Gtk# other bugzilla REOP --- Clipboard.SetText("..."); Does not work Wed 07:58
61069 iOS Xamarin. bugzilla NEW --- Contents are missing to render when we open a UIActivityViewController. 21:37:11
56501 iOS MSBuild vincent.dondain CONF --- MSB6002 command-line for MTouch task is too long, > 32000 characters 11:04:56
59793 iOS Xamarin. manuel.delapena CONF --- NSURLSessionConfiguration Discretionary property breaks redirects. 15:45:45
44111 iOS Xamarin. bugzilla CONF --- AVCapturePhotoBracketSettings.FromRawPixelFormatType overload Thu 20:35
60088 iOS Mono run vargaz CONF --- Assertion at ../../../../external/mono/mono/mini/debugger-agent.c:4765, condition `array->len == 1' not met Thu 21:34
61039 iOS Tools sebastien ASSI --- When code sharing is enabled (default for extensions) Xamarin.Sdk includes /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/IOSurface.framework/IOSurface Fri 18:13
58873 iOS General rolf ASSI --- Invalid iOS extensions compilation when use shared class library: dll is not included in output package 15:26:24
56542 iOS General rolf ASSI --- App crashes in Release Sat 17:58
60377 iOS MSBuild jeff IN_P --- MSBuild is getting confused by similar provisioning profiles 21:35:32
59596 iOS BCL Clas manuel.delapena IN_P --- Xamarin iOS not get the correct CurrentCultureInfo 2017-12-05
61056 iOS Xamarin. vincent.dondain IN_P --- [ARKit] short TriangleIndices should be short[] Fri 20:47
58251 iOS MSBuild vincent.dondain IN_P --- When looking for valid signing certificates, print out each invalid certificate and state why it's not valid 2017-12-05
60745 iOS MSBuild bugzilla NEED --- MT2101 - Can't resolve the reference 'System.Void UIKit.UINavigationBar::set_PrefersLargeTitles(System.Boolean)', Wed 17:24
60759 iOS Debugger bugzilla NEED --- App crashes when looking at Locals Tue 23:32
60906 iOS General bugzilla NEED --- iOS framework with nib files not building Thu 06:29
60971 iOS General bugzilla NEED --- Custom fonts missing in ad-hoc build 2017-12-05
61043 iOS Debugger bugzilla NEED --- App crashes abruptly for uikit exception in debug mode Fri 18:01
61054 iOS General bugzilla NEED --- System.ArgumentNullException: Argument cannot be null. Parameter name: pointer using NSUrlSessionHandler 09:51:11
60932 iOS Mono run vargaz NEED --- Threadpool maxing CPU Fri 22:26
61053 iOS Mono run vargaz NEED --- Unable to insert null DateTime using EF Core Sat 10:16
42652 iOS Xamarin. bugzilla RESO ANSW Convert from Forms.Color to CGColor changes the color on iOS 9.3 Wed 22:08
59184 iOS Mono run vargaz RESO FIXE MethodInfo.Invoke fails for generic methods with too many/too large arguments Thu 21:12
59697 iOS MSBuild vincent.dondain RESO FIXE iOS Library projects fail CompileEntitlements when Analysis is enabled 2017-12-05
46394 iOS General manuel.delapena RESO FIXE Only mono source code is installed 11:37:38
57900 iOS General bugzilla RESO ANSW Fatal error: 'QuartzCore/CAEmitterBehavior.h' file not found 2017-12-05
59551 iOS Xamarin. bugzilla RESO ANSW UIDocumentPickerViewController.DidPickDocument is not raised on iOS 11 Wed 07:22
61002 iOS General bugzilla RESO DUPL Runtime exception: Cannot access a disposed object. Object name: 'MobileAuthenticatedStream'. Fri 13:07
61012 iOS MSBuild bugzilla RESO DUPL same bug as 60747 in vs2015 with xamarin 4.8 Thu 20:58
61024 iOS Samples bugzilla RESO DUPL Status update on case #44111 Thu 19:19
61020 iOS Mono run vargaz RESO DUPL Attempting to JIT compile method '(wrapper runtime-invoke) <Module>:runtime_invoke_void__this___int_long_object_Nullable`1<long>_int_Nullable`1<long>_int (object,intptr,intptr,intptr)' Sat 10:20
61022 Live Pla IDE Exte bugzilla CONF --- When editing code during live run Error List is taking focus on every error Thu 17:42
56538 Live Pla Mobile A bugzilla RESO FIXE AppDelegate.cs: The type of namespace name 'App' does not exist in the namespace (are you missing an assembly) - .NET Standard Sat 01:19
61058 Objectiv General abock NEW --- Add [Verify] for unsafe code Fri 21:15
60963 Profiler Android josemiguel NEW --- Xamarin Profiler fails - runtime installed on device is too old Thu 17:22
60973 Runtime General bugzilla NEW --- Weak fields PR introduced failing weak-fields.exe test on ARM 2017-12-04
60977 Runtime General bugzilla NEW --- futex_reltimed_wait_cancelable Wed 20:52
60986 Runtime Interop bugzilla NEW --- Memory leak when marshalling Delegate to native code Tue 23:03
60756 Runtime Interpre bernhard.urban IN_P --- A crash with CEE_RET: value type stack: 0 vs. 8 Sun 19:32
60298 Runtime Interop bugzilla IN_P --- LayoutKind.Explicit, Size = 12 ignored with 64bit alignment 22:43:11
60872 Runtime General bugzilla NEED --- CPU pegged @ 100% w/ a lot of TCP sockets in CLOSE_WAIT state Thu 12:39
29904 Runtime Profiler alexrp RESO INVA Line numbers in profiler --traces output would be helpful Wed 15:58
44186 Runtime Profiler alexrp RESO NOT_ Consider adding a log buffer reuse queue Wed 15:45
44608 Runtime Profiler alexrp RESO NOT_ Add profiler events for ref/unref operations on assemblies/images Wed 15:52
51852 Runtime Profiler alexrp RESO INVA Image load events should contain Mvid and Aotid Wed 15:42
57011 Runtime Profiler alexrp RESO INVA Profiler should use Mach thread suspend APIs for sampling Wed 15:16
57607 Runtime Profiler alexrp RESO INVA Graduate Mono.Profiler.Log to a stable library Wed 15:47
57890 Runtime Profiler alexrp RESO INVA Runtime should free methods when profilers are installed Wed 15:19
58149 Runtime Profiler alexrp RESO INVA Some profiler events are raised before profilers are loaded Wed 15:21
58442 Runtime Profiler alexrp RESO INVA Code coverage should not be disabled for inlined methods Wed 16:02
59024 Runtime Profiler alexrp RESO INVA Mono SIGSEGV when profiling AOT compiled Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CSharp Wed 16:23
60047 Runtime Profiler alexrp RESO INVA Deprecate and remove coverage support from the log profiler Wed 15:34
60048 Runtime Profiler alexrp RESO INVA Investigate using Ward annotations in the log profiler Wed 15:44
60049 Runtime Profiler alexrp RESO INVA Add some basic coverage profiler tests Wed 15:26
60851 Runtime Profiler alexrp RESO INVA Log profiler should provide more extensive metadata events Wed 15:29
60853 Runtime Profiler alexrp RESO INVA Expand the log profiler's command server Wed 15:25
60937 Runtime Profiler alexrp RESO INVA Include object's current generation in TYPE_HEAP_OBJECT events Wed 15:24
60958 Runtime Profiler alexrp RESO INVA Request for StartTime in LogStreamHeader from same source as LogEvent.Timestamp Wed 15:32
60960 Runtime Profiler alexrp RESO INVA Periodic heapshot mode doesn't calculate time difference correctly Wed 15:22
60634 Runtime JIT vargaz RESO FIXE Assertion failure 'align > 0' happening as of d15-5 19:28:06
61041 Tools csharp bugzilla NEW --- Visual Studio 2017 System reference changes after rebuilding UWP Fri 03:46
59212 Visual S Xamarin. bugzilla NEW --- System.NullReferenceException at Xamarin.VisualStudio.Android.CommandHandlers.DeployCommandHandler.ExecuteDeploy Wed 18:26
60747 Visual S iOS bugzilla NEW --- vs2015 binding project refrence dll file throw Metadata file could not be found Thu 20:58
61005 Visual S iOS bugzilla NEW --- Visual Studio becomes unresponsive when simulator starts Wed 19:01
61014 Visual S iOS Desi bugzilla NEW --- No images after update to 15.5 05:36:36
61016 Visual S iOS Desi bugzilla NEW --- ios designer can not cast UITableView to it's custom class Thu 14:17
61018 Visual S iOS Desi bugzilla NEW --- iOS Designer automatically converts every *.designer.cs file to a format that breaks the build Thu 10:35
61052 Visual S iOS Desi bugzilla NEW --- iOS designer unusably slow / Custom components are not being rendered because problems were detected Fri 16:02
61071 Visual S Android bugzilla NEW --- Library with CPS and support libraries fails to rebuild randomly 14:44:10
61030 Visual S FirstRun nina.vyedin NEW --- The missing file is ..\..\packages\Xamarin.Forms.\build\netstandard1.0\Xamarin.Forms.props. Sat 08:52
36593 Visual S iOS Desi bugzilla CONF --- Constraint handles invisible in storyboards with large number of view controllers Wed 18:12
60693 Visual S iOS Desi bugzilla CONF --- Incorrent UISwitch initial tint color 2017-12-05
60984 Visual S General bugzilla CONF --- extension doesn't load in VS2017 Fri 19:13
60994 Visual S Updater bugzilla CONF --- After installing Visual Studio Tools for Xamarin constantly asking to update to Sat 01:07
60613 Visual S iOS Desi bugzilla NEED --- Fractional NumberOfLines for Label 2017-12-05
59885 Visual S iOS Desi bugzilla NEED --- Incorrect multiplier for constraint is shown Fri 12:42
60590 Visual S iOS Desi bugzilla NEED --- Can not see full exception when component rendering failed 2017-12-05
61013 Visual S Android bugzilla NEED --- Android Layout file designer error - The Given path's format is not supported Thu 16:10
59883 Visual S iOS Desi bugzilla RESO DUPL Previously set color is not shown correct 2017-12-05
60546 Visual S iOS Desi bugzilla RESO INVA Can not select navigation item in iOS designer 2017-12-05
60694 Visual S iOS Desi bugzilla RESO DUPL Color selected for other control is remembered 2017-12-05
60967 Visual S iOS bugzilla RESO FIXE Won't start debugging an iOS project 2017-12-05
60998 Visual S iOS Desi bugzilla RESO ANSW Xamarin Designer doesn't work with XCode 9.2 Thu 17:46
61000 Visual S Updater bugzilla RESO DUPL Update is offered, although the named version is already installed Thu 18:01
61023 Visual S iOS Desi bugzilla RESO DUPL Xcode is too new with Xcode 9.2 and VS 2017 7.3.797 Thu 17:00
61048 Visual S iOS Desi bugzilla RESO DUPL Can't open storyboard files Fri 15:33
61031 Visual S FirstRun nina.vyedin RESO DUPL missing file is ..\..\packages\Xamarin.Forms.\build\netstandard1.0\Xamarin.Forms.prop Thu 21:11
28494 Visual S iOS ema VERI FIXE No Settings.bundle template in the Add New File dialog Fri 07:12
60878 Visual S Android dean.ellis VERI FIXE Android design-time intellisense doesn't process global cache AARs Thu 13:03
45088 Visual S iOS alo REOP --- Image Assets are explicitly excluded from the IVsHierarchy Thu 21:54
58909 Visual S iOS bugzilla REOP --- VS freezes when deploying iOS 10:06:55
60880 Visual S Android v-gagano REOP --- Android design-time intellisense gets deleted by IncrementalClean Thu 13:05
61072 Windows Simulato bugzilla NEW --- Simulator continues to show loading indicator and does not load after updating to Xcode 9.2 21:45:33
61033 Windows Simulato bugzilla RESO ANSW Simulator disconnects when tapped Visual Studio 15.5 Preview 5 and XCode 9.2 Fri 14:30
59611 Windows Simulato bugzilla VERI FIXE iOS 11 Simulator doesn't rotate to landscape mode 15:52:36
51824 Workbook Accessib bojan.rajkovic RESO ANSW [Xamarin-Inspector]:Accessibility: MAS40B:Windows: Inspect: Localized Control Type property is wrong for the "ToString()" dropdown button 21:36:16
51815 Workbook Accessib xamarininteractive RESO NOT_ [Xamarin-Inspector]:Accessibility: MAS40B:Windows: Inspect: Localized Control Type property is wrong for the Window Title Icon/Button 21:12:21
53164 Xamarin. MSBuild ankit.jain CONF --- msbuild-mac tests should be running with msbuild in addition to xbuild 17:28:48
58619 Xamarin. Library bugzilla CONF --- [Binding] Security.Authorization 17:30:11
28640 Xamarin. Library bugzilla CONF --- [Binding] SFAuthorizationPluginView and friends 17:30:15
60974 Xamarin. mmp bugzilla CONF --- Allow customization of libraries linked / ignored in final clang invocation and smartly parse Info.plist Wed 17:33
58881 Xamarin. MSBuild ankit.jain IN_P --- "a.b.c" project fails to build w\ msbuild 17:28:54
27191 Xamarin. Other timothy.risi IN_P --- 'Monomac Framework' in MonoDoc should be renamed to 'Xamarin.Mac Framework' 17:31:12
60935 Xamarin. Library chris.hamons RESO FIXE NSGestureRecognizer.State is not declared get/set like iOS and makes custom recognizer broken 17:29:57
60947 Xamarin Version marius.ungureanu NEW --- Code editor file tab Rightclick context does not include Revert. 2017-12-05
60954 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger NEW --- Feature requests 2017-12-05
60439 Xamarin Web Tool toddgrun NEW --- CSS Languages eliminate final semicolon in declaration block 2017-12-05
61010 Xamarin Debugger david.karlas NEW --- [Feature] Add support for keyboard shortcut to copy exception details from Exception Dialog Sun 15:59
60990 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla NEW --- UITextView user interaction is disabled when embedded in UIStackView in storyboard 2017-12-05
61004 Xamarin Xamarin. bugzilla NEW --- An Exception .. Couldnot load file or assembly 'System.reflection, version or one of its dependencies Wed 18:25
61057 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla NEW --- [Enhancement] Make it clearer what a user is adding a constraint to when dragging a handle to a safe area or control Fri 20:47
61068 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla NEW --- Storyboard failed to open on VS 7.3 and Xcode 9.2 16:11:49
59037 Xamarin Android cody CONF --- Error type 3: Activity class does not exist. 2017-12-05
60695 Xamarin Debugger marius.ungureanu CONF --- Spinning Wheel 2017-12-05
26619 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla CONF --- When the outline view has focus, you can't save the storyboard Thu 11:14
60677 Xamarin NUnit bugzilla CONF --- Nunit support throws Internal Error: AggregateException when trying to run cecil test 2017-12-05
60857 Xamarin General bugzilla CONF --- Memory usage excessive on stable release 2017-12-05
60919 Xamarin XML Edit bugzilla CONF --- Cannot drag from Toolbox Clipboard Ring to XAML surface 2017-12-05
60983 Xamarin Performa bugzilla CONF --- Visual Studio for Mac Memory Leak Sun 01:38
60908 Xamarin Debugger david.karlas CONF --- DataTips cropped and not showing value 2017-12-05
60777 Xamarin Deployme gregm CONF --- Remove Insights label from Archive Page Thu 16:21
56809 Xamarin .NET Cor matt.ward CONF --- Improve multiple target framework project support Thu 09:51
58843 Xamarin NuGet matt.ward CONF --- Support using PackageReference by default Sun 15:57
60962 Xamarin C# Bindi mkrueger CONF --- Tuple inferred names are not recognized 2017-12-05
60440 Xamarin Web Tool toddgrun CONF --- CSS Format document removes last semicolon and adds blank line 2017-12-05
42862 Xamarin iOS Desi v-dmpet CONF --- Can't scroll in document outline 17:39:51
60955 Xamarin GTK# Des bugzilla CONF --- Switching from "Designer" tab to "Source" and back 2017-12-05
44509 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla CONF --- iOS Designer automatically changed class name and deleted an outlet Thu 10:06
60451 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla CONF --- Constraints pins are hidden by ratio constraint label Fri 20:33
61046 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla CONF --- Crash when swapping between property panels Fri 13:02
60905 Xamarin iOS code oleg.demchenko IN_P --- FAstlane Automatic signing failed: Cannot cast Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JArray to Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JToken. Thu 02:22
41807 Xamarin Project lluis NEED --- Xamarin Studio 6.0.0 hangs on Build/Clean commands Sat 18:00
44059 Xamarin iOS Desi v-nimatr NEED --- Images in the watchos 'extension' project should be used by the designer Thu 21:11
59219 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla NEED --- must set System.ComponentModel.DesignTimeVisible to false to hide from the designer toolbox 2017-12-05
60999 Xamarin Debugger david.karlas NEED --- The connection with the debugger has been lost. The target application may have exited. Thu 09:51
61008 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla RESO DUPL Xcode is too new error after editing and reopening storyboard Thu 10:36
60167 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla RESO DUPL Storyboard does not render, or renders very slowly after some macOS "MonoTouchDesignServerUnified quit unexpectedly" popups are displayed. 2017-12-05
59800 Xamarin iOS add- jeff RESO FIXE iOS 11 related releases of Visual Studio for Mac and Xcode not working properly with solution loaded from Windows share 2017-12-05
60206 Xamarin iOS Desi v-payako RESO FIXE Custom color picker does not reflect accurate values for the selected control 2017-12-05
56455 Xamarin General matt.ward RESO FIXE Show SDK for project when not restored 2017-12-05
58803 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla RESO FIXE MonoTouchDesignServerUnified quit unexpectedly popup 2017-12-05
61028 Xamarin Updater bugzilla RESO UPST Error updating Visual Studio Updater 1.7 Thu 19:41
60926 Xamarin iOS add- jeff RESO FIXE Error message when switching simulator 2017-12-05
39246 Xamarin iOS Desi v-dmpet RESO NOT_ Conflicting constraints not being highlighted 17:33:24
58989 Xamarin .NET Cor matt.ward VERI FIXE ASP.NET Core template naming should match VS Fri 09:05
44384 Xamarin C# Bindi mkrueger VERI FIXE Rename refactoring on constructor should rename class Fri 10:32
57361 Xamarin iOS add- jeff REOP --- Xamarin Studio eventually doesn't connect to the iOS simulator 2017-12-05
60338 Xamarin Project lluis REOP --- Renaming a content image to the same name but different capitalization requires a Clean+Build or Rebuild, won't work with Build 2017-12-05
290 bugs found.