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Some people, when confronted with a problem, think “I know, I'll use regular expressions.” Now they have two problems.
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233 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
51954 Workbook Accessib xamarininteractive ASSI --- [Xamarin-Inspector]: Usability:Windows: Narrator: Narrator fails to announce the position of menu items Fri 05:23
51956 Workbook Accessib xamarininteractive ASSI --- [Xamarin-Inspector]: Usability:Windows: Narrator: Narrator fails to announce the correct item position number Fri 05:12
51824 Workbook Accessib bojan.rajkovic RESO ANSW [Xamarin-Inspector]:Accessibility: MAS40B:Windows: Inspect: Localized Control Type property is wrong for the "ToString()" dropdown button Mon 21:36
51815 Workbook Accessib xamarininteractive RESO NOT_ [Xamarin-Inspector]:Accessibility: MAS40B:Windows: Inspect: Localized Control Type property is wrong for the Window Title Icon/Button Mon 21:12
51833 Workbook Accessib xamarininteractive RESO FIXE [Xamarin-Inspector]:Accessibility: MAS 05:Windows: KB: Keyboard focus is going to hidden elements which are not available in application. Tue 05:43
51834 Workbook Accessib xamarininteractive RESO ANSW [Xamarin-Inspector]:Accessibility: MAS 36:Windows: KB: Not Able to access context menu and it's options using keyboard. Tue 15:45
51835 Workbook Accessib xamarininteractive RESO ANSW [Xamarin-Inspector]:Accessibility: MAS 36:Windows: KB: Not Able to access REPL,View inspector Buttons using keyboard. Tue 15:43
51838 Workbook Accessib xamarininteractive RESO FIXE [Xamarin-Inspector]:Accessibility: MAS 36:Windows: KB: Not Able to access app UI screen In inspector window using keyboard. Tue 15:44
51844 Workbook Accessib xamarininteractive RESO DUPL [Xamarin-Inspector]:Accessibility: MAS 36:Windows:KB: Not able to access Dropdown boxes and it's items. Tue 15:58
51845 Workbook Accessib xamarininteractive RESO ANSW [Xamarin-Inspector]:Accessibility: MAS 36:Windows:KB: Not able to access Expand and collapse buttons. Tue 16:12
51848 Workbook Accessib xamarininteractive RESO ANSW [Xamarin-Inspector]:Accessibility: MAS 36:Windows:KB: Not able to access 'Get reference' button(+) using keyboard. Tue 16:22
61104 Visual S Activati bugzilla RESO DOWN "Xamarin licence file is invalid" on every VS launch and first build Sat 03:10
61071 Visual S Android bugzilla NEW --- Library with CPS and support libraries fails to rebuild randomly Mon 14:44
61103 Visual S Android bugzilla NEW --- Archive option dissapered Fri 04:35
61108 Visual S Android bugzilla NEW --- Xamarin Android CI build fails on TFS Fri 14:09
56305 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Setting visibility to gone for for TabLayout does not reclaim space Tue 18:54
60674 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Entry with Numeric keyboard does not process TextChanged event for dot/comma in some Locales 2017-12-11
60893 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- [Android] TapGestureRecognizer do not respond consistently to taps Thu 13:07
52794 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Switch Toggled part is not align properly based on Vertical and Horizontal Options Wed 06:43
60963 Profiler Android josemiguel RESO FIXE Xamarin Profiler fails - runtime installed on device is too old Wed 16:23
60850 Forms Android bugzilla RESO FIXE [Android] ViewCell containing View with TapRecognizer shows ContextActions on every tap Tue 13:00
46198 Visual S Android bugzilla RESO ANSW all andriod tools greyed out Wed 21:53
59457 Forms Android bugzilla RESO FIXE Border colour to an entry at top changes the border colour of the entry at bottom Wed 17:13
60162 Forms Android bugzilla RESO ANSW XamlC Failed error MSB4018: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not find file MyApp.dll.mdb Fri 21:29
60796 Forms Android bugzilla RESO NOT_ XAML is drawing on screen for Xamarin.Forms Thu 00:41
60805 Forms Android bugzilla RESO ANSW CarouselView Specified cast is not valid Exception Fri 18:29
60961 Forms Android bugzilla RESO NOT_ Unable to activate instance of type Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.FastRenderers.ImageRenderer from native handle Wed 16:11
57802 Forms Android bugzilla REOP --- FastRenderers.LabelRenderer encounters NotSupportedException, MissingMethodException ( Tue 09:45
60880 Visual S Android v-gagano REOP --- Android design-time intellisense gets deleted by IncrementalClean Thu 19:28
59037 Xamarin Android cody CONF --- Error type 3: Activity class does not exist. Fri 11:31
60939 Visual S Android bugzilla NEW --- Designer grid lines sometimes render improperly when GPU rendering enabled Tue 23:40
54475 Xamarin Android jeremie.laval CONF --- Current on-canvas error "Your Java version (1.7.0) is too old. You must have at least 1.8 installed." does not specify "Oracle Java JDK" and doesn't instruct the user to set the JDK in the IDE preferences Thu 21:31
61002 iOS BCL Clas bugzilla CONF --- Runtime exception: Cannot access a disposed object. Object name: 'MobileAuthenticatedStream'. Fri 14:27
59596 iOS BCL Clas manuel.delapena IN_P --- Xamarin iOS not get the correct CurrentCultureInfo 22:55:19
60036 iOS BCL Clas bugzilla NEED --- Date.Time parse issue (year 1948) Sat 09:57
60899 Android BCL Clas jonp NEED --- Android Pinch Gesture does not work when two fingers are approx 1 to 1.5 cm close (not touching) while zooming out Fri 18:19
60887 Android Bindings bugzilla NEW --- Listview numeric keyboard shows text keyboard on Android Fri 15:58
61074 Android Bindings jon.douglas CLOS INVA Xamarin.Android.Common.targets(3,3): Error XA4204: Unable to resolve interface type 'Android.Gms.Vision.MultiProcessor/IFactory'. Are you missing an assembly reference? (XA4204) Tue 12:28
60964 Runtime Build vargaz RESO FIXE Linux build fails when python is python3 and using non-8-bit locale Thu 09:33
60970 Compiler C# masafa NEW --- CS0266 when compiling enum assignment with classes defined via Mono.CSharp.Evaluator Mon 16:53
61080 Tools csharp bugzilla NEW --- turkish keyboard capital I Tue 21:48
61010 Xamarin Debugger david.karlas NEW --- [Feature] Add support for keyboard shortcut to copy exception details from Exception Dialog Tue 16:13
61091 Runtime Debugger bugzilla NEW --- Xamarin.Forms: “Start debugging item” (iOS project) results in native crash (“Run item” works) Wed 17:39
61083 Visual S Debugger joj NEW --- VS2015 does not show contents of local variables during debug Wed 08:42
60695 Xamarin Debugger marius.ungureanu CONF --- Spinning Wheel Fri 08:48
37367 Tools Doctools bugzilla NEW --- Support reproducible builds Tue 21:40
39725 Xamarin F# Add-i jason.imison RESO FIXE Incorrect syntax coloring for F# multiline strings Thu 23:42
57979 Xamarin F# Add-i jason.imison RESO FIXE Add "Gathering class information" icon like C# Fri 08:34
61081 Xamarin F# Add-i jason.imison RESO FIXE Creating new solution from Xamarin.Forms F# template (PCL) can't restore X.F. 2.5 packages in stable channel VS4Mac 7.3 (build 799) Wed 12:52
61030 Visual S FirstRun nina.vyedin NEW --- The missing file is ..\..\packages\Xamarin.Forms.\build\netstandard1.0\Xamarin.Forms.props. Fri 07:59
29769 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Clearing CarouselPage Children after OnAppearing throws exception on iOS Mon 23:03
37231 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Replacing MainPage from ContextAction Error - Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.ListViewAdapter Mon 23:03
42447 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Application-wide Styles are not applied to modal pages in UWP, Windows and WP8.1 Thu 10:19
52252 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Navigationstack is not getting smaller when removing the last page (currentpage) when a modal page is in view Mon 23:03
59091 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- StackOverflow Exception occur while using ListView Mon 23:03
59172 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Popped page does not appear on top of current navigation stack, please file a bug. Thu 17:32
59412 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Xamarin.Forms iOS ListView crash System.ArgumentOutOfRangeExceptionSpecified argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: index Fri 01:06
60188 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Ripple effect not being applied when using SelectableItemBackground Mon 23:03
60562 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Conflicting values for resource 'Files/Xamarin.Forms.Platform.UAP/TabbedPageStyle.xbf' (UWP) Fri 18:56
60776 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Pinch zoom shows when BeginRefresh/EndRefresh called. Tue 18:42
60933 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Cannot clone because of submodule Xamarin.Forms.Build @ 0aa4479 Mon 23:03
60968 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- UnHandledException throws while View has been customizing from Layout<View> and loaded inside StackLayout 2017-12-10
52248 Forms Forms paul.dipietro CONF --- Property IsEnabled = "False" is not working in UWP platform if we load any custom view inside a DataTemplate Wed 08:02
52272 Forms Forms paul.dipietro CONF --- Xamarin Forms ScrollView not working when translation is set Mon 14:50
56287 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Page must not already have a parent exception if navigation occur on cached page and navigating to and pressing back button too fast. Tue 10:04
60210 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- 3D touch peek pop intermittently causing UI to freeze Thu 13:33
60966 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Can't Navigate To The Same Page Twice Thu 01:33
58451 Forms Forms bugzilla IN_P --- ListView SelectedItem Binding Issue Thu 19:04
59868 Forms Forms bugzilla IN_P --- Secondary ToolbarItems broken on Xamarin.Forms iOS 2.4stable Fri 13:57
60788 Forms Forms stephane.delcroix IN_P --- Can't include key'ed ResourceDictionary's with implicit styles in the Application's Resources after upgrading from Xamarin.Forms v2.4.0 to v2.5.0. Thu 06:08
60293 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Netstandard Project + Xamarin.Forms 2.5.0-pre2 Error MSB4062: The “Xamarin.Forms.Build.Tasks.GetTasksAbi” task could not be loaded from the assembly Wed 16:48
60812 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Maps precision is too large 2017-12-11
50098 Forms Forms paul.dipietro RESO FIXE Add the ability to change the font on Picker Tue 14:11
57971 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO FIXE [Forms] Label inside ViewCell is cut off vertically when LineBreakMode is WrapWords (default) Tue 09:57
60428 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO INVA Webview Navigating returns lower case url Fri 19:30
60507 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO NOT_ System.NotSupportedException : Unable to activate instance of type Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.LabelRenderer from native handle 0xbffe071c (key_handle 0x8615874). Wed 16:24
60607 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO NORE Auto inside fixed height view does not calculate correctly Thu 00:39
60714 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO NORE Different controls behaivor after navigating back Wed 22:18
60751 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO ANSW ListView UWP extremely poor rendering performance when inside a StackLayout Fri 17:42
60760 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO NOT_ Toolbaritem Icons not displaying on app start when on secondary screen. Thu 08:27
60815 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO ANSW New CreateRenderer overload not public Mon 20:01
60863 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO NOT_ Xamarin.Forms bug in Android Fri 17:32
61066 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO ANSW After converting to .NET Standart get error "No Bindable propery or type mistmatch" 2017-12-11
61067 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO ANSW EntryCell within TableView using wrong keyboard 2017-12-11
61070 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO ANSW Android flicker in master detail navigation 2017-12-11
39768 Forms Forms bugzilla REOP --- PanGestureRecognizer sometimes won't fire completed event when dragging very slowly 22:43:17
61102 Xamarin General bugzilla NEW --- project open dialog does not display correctly Thu 22:52
61105 Visual S General bugzilla NEW --- Mac Agent "Error: Couldn't connect to Macbook, please try again" Sat 10:15
61110 Xamarin General bugzilla NEW --- Getting Failed to parse PList datatype while adding Apple Developer account Sat 03:44
61073 Android General jonp CONF --- ClassNotFoundexception is thrown when deriving from Application class 23:21:36
53634 Xamarin General iain.holmes CONF --- [Xamarin-Studio] Usability: Voiceover: Voiceover focus doesnt move to 'Description' edit field when a new task is created in 'Task' pad. Thu 23:59
53722 Xamarin General iain.holmes CONF --- Accessibility:MAS36:KB:Not able to identify upto where the fold is happening. Fri 00:00
53727 Xamarin General iain.holmes CONF --- [Xamarin-Studio]Accessibility:MAS06:OSX:Keyboard:Button got Expanding when tab through that. Fri 00:00
61086 iOS General bugzilla CONF --- Can't override method that has struct as parameter if it is declared in native protocol Thu 13:01
60785 Android General jonp CONF --- Xamarin failed to deploy and debug on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) Device (API 10) Tue 05:42
58873 iOS General rolf ASSI --- Invalid iOS extensions compilation when use shared class library: dll is not included in output package Mon 15:26
60984 Visual S General bugzilla NEED --- extension doesn't load in VS2017 Fri 08:08
61054 iOS General bugzilla NEED --- System.ArgumentNullException: Argument cannot be null. Parameter name: pointer using NSUrlSessionHandler Tue 14:29
60979 Android General jonp NEED --- Android.OS.FileObserver does not fire FileObserverEvents.Create and stops working after the first few events Wed 09:35
61050 Android General jonp NEED --- Garbage collector not triggered on Nougat Tue 22:32
61060 Android General jonp NEED --- The type or namespace name 'App' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) .NET Standard Thu 15:18
46394 iOS General manuel.delapena RESO FIXE Only mono source code is installed 2017-12-11
56834 Android General jonathan.peppers RESO FIXE Can't write resource Multidex warnings with VS for Mac Fri 15:01
60194 Android General jonp RESO FIXE Strange Xamarin.Android build errors after updating VS 2017 to 15.4 Wed 15:52
61029 Android General jonp RESO INVA VSTS Build Agent Missing Xamarin.Android capability on macOS Tue 21:47
61061 Android General jonp RESO ANSW Release app mobile it crashes. Tue 22:38
51710 iOS General rolf VERI FIXE [tvOS]Native linking failure when is built with fastdev enabled. Mon 23:57
60951 Android General jonp REOP --- Android.Database Cursor loader is not loading in background thread and blocking the UI when accessing device contacts, problem is when they are 100's of contacts in the device Wed 19:02
61022 Live Pla IDE Exte bugzilla IN_P --- When editing code during live run Error List is taking focus on every error Thu 23:01
60298 Runtime Interop bugzilla IN_P --- LayoutKind.Explicit, Size = 12 ignored with 64bit alignment Tue 17:11
60756 Runtime Interpre bernhard.urban RESO FIXE A crash with CEE_RET: value type stack: 0 vs. 8 Fri 11:53
60725 Profiler iOS rodrigo.moya NEW --- Cannot profile Today Widget (Today Extension) Tue 10:47
33478 Forms iOS bugzilla CONF --- [IOS]A grid containing a Picker is smashed when in landscape Thu 11:08
56072 Forms iOS bugzilla CONF --- HidesBottomBarWhenPushed does nothing Tue 09:46
56250 Forms iOS bugzilla CONF --- GroupDisplayBinding fails on iPhone for ListView 2017-12-11
59932 Forms iOS bugzilla CONF --- "Page button" disappears from Navigation Bar when popping back to inserted Page on iOS Fri 14:36
60952 Forms iOS bugzilla NEED --- RecycleElement Exception On Listview Thu 16:14
43316 Visual S iOS bugzilla RESO FIXE Native References in iOS Binding projects do not build in VS Wed 18:48
59896 Forms iOS sahou RESO FIXE v2.4.0: Adding inserting section to ListView causes crash IF first section is empty Sat 14:20
60716 Forms iOS bugzilla RESO FIXE Status bar text color is not updated after popping a modal that changed it Fri 14:35
60813 Forms iOS bugzilla RESO FIXE [iOS] ListView throws Exception on ObservableCollection.Add/Remove Tue 09:56
40537 Forms iOS bugzilla RESO NOT_ [Forms iOS] Group header can invoke ItemTapped callback for the wrong item Wed 10:44
60738 Forms iOS bugzilla RESO NOT_ Crashlytics reports crash due to ImageSource.Cancel() invocation Thu 21:23
60742 Forms iOS bugzilla RESO NORE Label color inside nested CompressedLayout.IsHeadless="true" skips TextColor property. Thu 21:21
61062 Forms iOS bugzilla RESO ANSW App startup crash on iOS 11 and above 2017-12-10
56734 Visual S iOS alo VERI FIXE when creating asset catalogs in Xamarin Studio or Visual Studio for Mac can't open up asset catalogs in Visual Studio for Windows Wed 18:14
58909 Visual S iOS bugzilla REOP --- VS freezes when deploying iOS 2017-12-11
59813 Forms iOS bugzilla REOP --- "NullReferenceException" in "Xamarin.Forms.Platform.iOS.Renderers.LabelRenderer.cs" within "UpdateText()" & "UpdateTextColor()" Fri 11:21
56956 Xamarin iOS add- jeff VERI FIXE Value for 'aps-environment' Entitlements.plist always get reset to 'development' when re-opened Wed 21:36
59800 Xamarin iOS add- jeff REOP --- iOS 11 related releases of Visual Studio for Mac and Xcode not working properly with solution loaded from Windows share Wed 13:32
60905 Xamarin iOS code oleg.demchenko IN_P --- FAstlane Automatic signing failed: Cannot cast Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JArray to Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JToken. Sat 19:46
59855 Xamarin iOS code oleg.demchenko RESO ANSW "Add Team" UI no-ops and spawns dialog ordering user to use Fastlane Wed 20:08
60861 Xamarin iOS code oleg.demchenko RESO FIXE Automatic signing failed: Your session had expired. Please log in. Wed 20:01
61014 Visual S iOS Desi bugzilla NEW --- No images after update to 15.5 Tue 15:47
61052 Visual S iOS Desi bugzilla NEW --- iOS designer unusably slow / Custom components are not being rendered because problems were detected Wed 10:42
61068 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla NEW --- Storyboard failed to open on VS 7.3 and Xcode 9.2 Wed 10:46
26619 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla CONF --- When the outline view has focus, you can't save the storyboard Thu 10:38
42862 Xamarin iOS Desi v-dmpet CONF --- Can't scroll in document outline Mon 17:39
61046 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla CONF --- Crash when swapping between property panels Tue 11:01
39246 Xamarin iOS Desi v-dmpet RESO NOT_ Conflicting constraints not being highlighted Mon 17:33
60470 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla VERI ANSW [Xcode9.1 Final Testing][VSFM][Xcode Interface Builder]iOS designer fails to render when storyboards are created in Xcode using Xcode Interface builder Fri 18:30
60625 Runtime JIT bugzilla RESO FIXE local-propagation.c:562, condition `ins->opcode > MONO_CEE_LAST' not met Thu 13:45
60634 Runtime JIT vargaz RESO FIXE Assertion failure 'align > 0' happening as of d15-5 Fri 22:34
58619 Xamarin. Library bugzilla CONF --- [Binding] Security.Authorization Mon 17:30
28640 Xamarin. Library bugzilla CONF --- [Binding] SFAuthorizationPluginView and friends Mon 17:30
60935 Xamarin. Library chris.hamons RESO FIXE NSGestureRecognizer.State is not declared get/set like iOS and makes custom recognizer broken Mon 17:29
61101 Xamarin. Library bugzilla RESO FIXE NSView.LocationInView does not accept null Thu 21:37
59077 Android Linker radek.doulik CONF --- Thai crash Not a valid calendar for the given culture. Thu 05:57
60370 Forms Mac rui.marinho RESO FIXE [Mac] Nightly crashes on NRE after LoadApplication in DidFinishLaunching Tue 15:26
61109 Xamarin. mmp bugzilla CONF --- MM0000 on incorrect path Fri 18:56
58103 Live Pla Mobile A bugzilla RESO FIXE Using MobileCenter support in App causes strange exception Thu 23:01
61106 Live Pla Mobile A bugzilla CONF --- Xamarin Live Player on Android, v 1.3.117. Doesn't appear to work with AutoFac v 4.6.2. Sat 19:17
60025 iOS Mono run vargaz CONF --- [llvm][bitcode] System.Core test failure: [FAIL] EnumerableAsQueryableTest.SelectMany : System.ArgumentException : Destination array was not long enough. Check destIndex and length, and the array's lower bounds Fri 16:00
54806 iOS Mono run vargaz NEED --- NullReferenceException at System.Threading.CancellationTokenSource.CreateLinkedTokenSource in Release build Fri 15:42
61085 iOS Mono run vargaz NEED --- Error getting response stream (ReadDone1): ReceiveFailure Thu 13:04
61047 Android Mono run grendel NEW --- C++ Native callback breaks app Tue 06:52
60410 Class Li Mono.Sec bugzilla NEW --- [New Web Stack][Need-Triage] Error: SecureChannelFailure in NuGet. Mon 20:16
60332 Class Li Mono.Sec brendan.zagaeski NEED --- HttpWebRequest leaks Mono.Security.Protocol.Tls.ClientSessionInfo object when making an HTTPS request Wed 13:44
26658 Class Li Mono.Sec martin.baulig RESO FEAT HttpWebRequest.GetResponse fails for some https requests in Mono.Security.Protocol.Tls Mon 20:14
36324 Class Li Mono.Sec martin.baulig RESO FIXE SSLStream sends incorrect intermediate certificate chain, when Authenticates as server Mon 20:04
53164 Xamarin. MSBuild ankit.jain CONF --- msbuild-mac tests should be running with msbuild in addition to xbuild Mon 17:28
56501 iOS MSBuild vincent.dondain ASSI --- MSB6002 command-line for MTouch task is too long, > 32000 characters Wed 18:00
58881 Xamarin. MSBuild ankit.jain IN_P --- "a.b.c" project fails to build w\ msbuild Mon 17:28
60377 iOS MSBuild jeff IN_P --- MSBuild is getting confused by similar provisioning profiles Mon 21:35
55050 Android MSBuild dean.ellis IN_P --- Improved Fast Deployment doesn't work with Application subclasses Mon 22:45
60938 Android MSBuild dean.ellis NEED --- warning XA0106 appearing after a couple of compilation, and creating invalid assemblies Tue 23:27
61065 Android MSBuild dean.ellis NEED --- debug.keystore is missing in mac and windows installer jarsigner exited with value: 1 Thu 05:51
61097 Android MSBuild dean.ellis NEED --- Second build is not successful(can't find resources from common ui project) Thu 17:06
60901 Android MSBuild grendel NEED --- Error on bundle.targets with the Zip task Tue 12:24
60992 Android MSBuild dean.ellis RESO FIXE File is locked by another process Sat 01:08
60236 Android MSBuild dean.ellis RESO FIXE Cannot deploy to Android Oreo (Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_ALREADY_EXISTS: Attempt to re-install Mono.Android.DebugRuntime without first uninstalling.]) Wed 21:15
60343 Android MSBuild dean.ellis RESO FIXE No resource found that matches the given name Sat 19:43
58251 iOS MSBuild vincent.dondain RESO FIXE When looking for valid signing certificates, print out each invalid certificate and state why it's not valid Tue 19:34
37492 Android MSBuild dean.ellis REOP --- Visual Studio hangs sporadically when deploying an Android app Fri 13:04
57307 Xamarin .NET Cor matt.ward RESO FIXE Unable to use Xamarin.iOS10 with TargetFramework Sat 12:47
58843 Xamarin NuGet matt.ward CONF --- Support using PackageReference by default 2017-12-10
16114 Xamarin NUnit alan NEW --- Single test execution reports wrong results Fri 15:24
60676 Xamarin NUnit bugzilla CONF --- Nunit IDE integration breaks if nunit isn't directly referenced Fri 08:47
60677 Xamarin NUnit bugzilla CONF --- Nunit support throws Internal Error: AggregateException when trying to run cecil test Fri 08:47
6664 Xamarin NUnit bugzilla RESO FIXE Redundant nesting in unit tests pad Fri 15:10
61088 Xamarin NUnit bugzilla RESO UPST Wrong description or AttributeUsage for PostTestAttribute Thu 13:00
27191 Xamarin. Other timothy.risi IN_P --- 'Monomac Framework' in MonoDoc should be renamed to 'Xamarin.Mac Framework' Mon 17:31
42619 Xamarin Performa marius.ungureanu ASSI --- Updating resources is really slow Tue 12:25
61107 Runtime Profiler alexrp RESO INVA AllocationEvent's come before associated VTable event Fri 15:28
42028 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- The 'Build' menu does not respect the current project context for shared files Wed 05:02
56809 Xamarin Project matt.ward CONF --- Improve multiple target framework project support Thu 15:01
51216 Xamarin Project lluis REOP --- Ensure we remove our csproj custom properties when set to default Thu 21:37
60907 Forms Samples rui.marinho ASSI --- DeepLinking is not indexing after latest update Fri 00:42
53456 Xamarin Shell iain.holmes CONF --- [Xamarin-Studio] Usability: Voiceover:OSX: Voiceover doesnt read the text attributes for any static text. Thu 23:57
53618 Xamarin Shell iain.holmes CONF --- [Xamarin-Studio] Usability: Voiceover : Voiceover doesnt announce which radio-button is selected as default in 'Project options' window. Thu 23:58
53645 Xamarin Shell iain.holmes CONF --- [Xamarin-Studio] Usability: Voiceover: Voiceover announces a non-empty ruler as empty in Editor pane. Thu 23:59
53757 Xamarin Shell iain.holmes CONF --- [Xamarin-Studio]Accessibility:MAS36:OSX:Keyboard:Sorting buttons are Not Accessible using Keyboard.. Fri 00:02
61072 Windows Simulato bugzilla NEED --- Simulator continues to show loading indicator and does not load after updating to Xcode 9.2 Fri 14:22
59611 Windows Simulato bugzilla VERI FIXE iOS 11 Simulator doesn't rotate to landscape mode Mon 15:52
61092 Windows Simulato bugzilla REOP --- Simulator does not refresh to show accurate representation of a view that is visible Thu 18:25
60837 Class Li System bugzilla NEW --- [Feature/Enhancement/WontFix] We currently don't support DSA certificates in X509Certificate2 Mon 20:20
51627 Class Li System martin.baulig NEW --- [Client Certificates] HttpWebClient POST fails with exception sending larger message sizes Wed 17:04
60396 Class Li System bugzilla CONF --- [New Web Stack] (AKA "The Original Issue") Canceling HttpClient requests leads to ObjectDisposedExceptions when re-sending to the same host Mon 20:34
60836 Class Li System bugzilla RESO FEAT X509Certificate2 is unable to load DSA certificate with private key from P12/PFX files Mon 20:33
47549 Class Li System masafa RESO FIXE Chunked encoding error when writing zero buffer Mon 21:54
45667 Class Li System.N brendan.zagaeski NEW --- [New Web Stack] Send Http Put request to server redirect URL, I got error “This request requires buffering of data to succeed”. Mon 20:40
58641 Class Li System.N martin.baulig CONF --- Using HttpResponseMessage after HttpClient.Dispose() Mon 21:53
52579 Class Li System.N masafa NEED --- Request stream copying seems to be corrupting socket communication Mon 21:55
54332 Class Li System.N bugzilla RESO DUPL HttpListener sends zero length chunk when zero length buffer is written Mon 21:54
60995 Visual S Template radical RESO FIXE The expression Microsoft.Build.Utilities.ToolLocationHelper.GetPathToStandardLibraries Fri 17:52
61098 Visual S Template pierce.boggan RESO DUPL TargetFrameworkVersion is set inccorectly Thu 21:47
53646 Xamarin Text Edi iain.holmes CONF --- Usability: Voiceover: Voiceover focus doesnt goto 'Suggestions' window while entering a keyword in Editor Pane. Thu 23:59
61094 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger NEED --- Caret dissapears after some time Fri 11:26
60540 iOS Tools chris.hamons RESO FIXE ToDo.iOS failed to build with error Mono.CompilerServices.SymbolWriter.MonoSymbolFileException: Symbol file `/data/jenkins/workspace/XI/xisamplebuilding-mono-2017-10/xamarin-forms-samples/Todo/packages/sqlite-net-pcl.1.3.3/lib/netstandard1.1 Wed 19:58
60994 Visual S Updater bugzilla RESO FIXE After installing Visual Studio Tools for Xamarin constantly asking to update to Tue 17:44
51959 Class Li WCF asse bugzilla CONF --- Async WCF message construction uses wrong name Thu 19:09
60638 Profiler Windows josemiguel NEW --- What's up with time profile graph? Wed 00:38
60720 Forms Windows bugzilla CONF --- The ItemTapped event for a grouped ListView is not working as expected. Fri 08:52
38873 Forms Windows bugzilla CONF --- NullReferenceException when setting a Padding value on a StackLayout inside a ListView Tue 20:40
60589 Forms Windows bugzilla CONF --- Unexpected call to OnDisappearing on UWP when using NavigationPage Wed 12:43
37621 Forms Windows ehart IN_P --- SearchBar BackgroundColor behavior inconsistent on Windows platforms Fri 01:27
60879 Forms Windows bugzilla NEED --- Scaling broken between phone and desktop 2017-12-11
59718 Forms Windows sahou RESO FIXE Multiple issues with listview and navigation in UWP 2017-12-11
59772 Forms Windows bugzilla RESO DUPL UWP ListView ItemTapped event selects wrong item when IsGroupingEnabled true Thu 19:04
61078 Forms Windows bugzilla RESO ANSW ActivityIndicator width = autosize in absolutelayout is -1/0 on windows Tue 16:12
60366 Profiler Windows josemiguel RESO INVA unable to generate invoices Wed 00:37
44453 Forms Windows bugzilla VERI FIXE [UWP] ToolbarItem Text hard to see when BarTextColor is light Mon 20:00
61077 Class Li Windows. bugzilla NEW --- OpenFileDialog takes an excessive amount of time when selecting large numbers of files. Tue 14:35
61099 Componen Xamarin bill.holmes NEW --- PlaceAutocomplete.IntentBuilder missing in Xamarin.GooglePlayServices.Places Version 60.1142.0 missing Thu 15:12
59212 Visual S Xamarin. bugzilla NEW --- System.NullReferenceException at Xamarin.VisualStudio.Android.CommandHandlers.DeployCommandHandler.ExecuteDeploy Tue 19:56
45404 Visual S Xamarin. bugzilla RESO ANSW [Windows 8.1 SDK] compile error after upgrade to Fri 00:51
61082 Xamarin Xamarin. bugzilla NEW --- Drag-n-drop .xaml(.cs) files to other project generates duplicate elements (VS4Mac 7.3 build 799) Thu 13:03
59793 iOS Xamarin. manuel.delapena CONF --- NSURLSessionConfiguration Discretionary property breaks redirects. Fri 14:24
43985 iOS Xamarin. rolf CONF --- Loading images in UNNotificationServiceExtension doesn't work Wed 20:52
59826 iOS Xamarin. bugzilla NEED --- (iOS 11) only Xamarin.iOS UITextView becomeFirstResponder crashes when UIToolbar is in the same view Tue 12:48
61056 iOS Xamarin. vincent.dondain RESO FIXE [ARKit] TriangleIndices, Vertices and TextureCoordinates should be respectively short [], Vector3 [] and Vector2 [] Tue 17:48
61069 iOS Xamarin. bugzilla RESO ANSW Contents are missing to render when we open a UIActivityViewController. Thu 12:42
52379 iOS Xamarin. bugzilla REOP --- Application UI freeze when NSUrlProtocol and UIWebView are used. Fri 12:30
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