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Thu Jul 27 2017 02:44:11 UTC
"I wonder what this button does..." never ends well.
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
58354 Visual S Xamarin. bugzilla NEW --- [Visual Studio 2015/VS 2017] Visual Studio 2015 is getting crashed while creating CrossPlatform > Master Detail app >Xamarin Forms >Shared Tue 18:00
58362 Visual S Profiler bugzilla NEW --- [[15.4] Full smoke Test - 25/07/2017][Visual Studio 2015] Visual Studio 2015, Analyze > Xamarin Profiler option is unavailable Tue 12:50
56565 Xamarin Performa bugzilla NEW --- Editor is sometimes slow/laggy when source analysis is enabled 2017-07-20
58332 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla NEW --- HighSierra-10.13 Dragged Controllers and widgets freezes on screen 15:35:16
55881 Xamarin F# Add-i jason.imison NEW --- Missing top level completions in Android template 2017-07-20
55085 Windows Simulato bugzilla NEW --- Scale to fit not working when change orientation in full screen mode Sat 18:10
57282 Xamarin Xamarin. bugzilla NEW --- Event added to codebehind from XAML is missing System namespace reference 2017-07-20
58377 Xamarin General bugzilla NEW --- No way to debug failing tests from test results pane Tue 16:19
55038 Xamarin Docking cody NEW --- (XS/Mac/secondary monitor) Drag previews are fluorescent green 2017-07-20
58397 Xamarin iOS add- jeff NEW --- [Assert Editor] Deleting letters when renaming leads to deleting the asset Tue 19:45
57283 Xamarin Xamarin. kirill.osenkov NEW --- Subsequent click events added from XAML to codebehind have same method signature 2017-07-20
57285 Xamarin Xamarin. kirill.osenkov NEW --- Inconsistent XML/XAML editing experience across Visual Studio and Visual Studio for Mac. 2017-07-20
57286 Xamarin XML Edit kirill.osenkov NEW --- Inconsistent XML/XAML closing element behavior 2017-07-20
57287 Xamarin XML Edit kirill.osenkov NEW --- Inconsistent behavior in XML/XAML editor between vs/vsmac when hitting "ENTER" in to add a new attribute to an element 2017-07-20
42603 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Adding new project to Xamarin.Android.sln results in "invalid" .sln 2017-07-20
57090 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Xamarin Studio for Mac is missing the Prefer32Bit option 2017-07-20
57474 Xamarin Project lluis NEW --- Update default .net framework target for .net projects 2017-07-20
45275 Xamarin C# Bindi mkrueger NEW --- Feature Request: Pull Members Up Tue 15:29
48660 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger NEW --- Editor does not respond well to long string Tue 05:53
57170 Xamarin C# Bindi mkrueger NEW --- No completion for discards 2017-07-20
58356 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger NEW --- Show both type information and quick action information in tooltip Tue 09:11
57315 Xamarin Template pierce.boggan NEW --- [VSfM][Feature-Template Refresh][7.1. build 1161]-Getting Warning CS1998: This async method lacks 'await' operators and will run synchronously while building forms App template with Mobile backend services selected Fri 08:56
11172 Xamarin Project sevoku NEW --- Show Recent Project in global search when no solution open 2017-07-20
56797 Workbook Agent: A xamarininteractive NEW --- Workbooks client should notify user when Android device is out of space Sat 17:34
21526 iOS Xamarin. bugzilla NEW --- CIDetectorOptions only has face detection property for accuracy 10:22:07
54059 Class Li System bugzilla NEW --- Sporadic objectDisposed exception in client http POST request Wed 05:49
57893 Tools Other bugzilla NEW --- MKbuild is not working. Tue 10:28
58261 Class Li System.S bugzilla NEW --- TcpBinaryFrameManager.MyBinaryWriter::GetSizeOfLength - Wrongly returns size of 7BitEncoder Int. 2017-07-20
58270 Runtime misc bugzilla NEW --- Mono runtime uses a lot more memory than 3.8 on ARM Fri 07:03
58285 Xamarin XML Edit bugzilla NEW --- XAML Intellisense lists element properties sorted by length of name 2017-07-20
58286 Xamarin XML Edit bugzilla NEW --- Code Snippet won't expand in XAML 2017-07-21
58287 Xamarin XML Edit bugzilla NEW --- Code completion finishes prematurely in XAML 2017-07-21
58299 Runtime misc bugzilla NEW --- Race conditions of hazard-pointer.c Mon 19:04
58315 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEW --- Secondary label text in search is difficult to read Sat 16:25
58316 Runtime misc bugzilla NEW --- Race condition of threads.c (mono_threads_add_joinable_thread + mono_threads_join_threads) Mon 19:03
58317 Runtime misc bugzilla NEW --- Leaking threads: SGen worker and Finalizer Mon 19:03
58321 Runtime misc bugzilla NEW --- fsharpi crashes when binding arrays of objects with mutable bindings Sun 12:21
58322 Tools Other bugzilla NEW --- build failure with emutls Sun 14:14
58323 Runtime misc bugzilla NEW --- Race conditions with mono_thread_detach_internal (thread->state) Mon 19:03
58325 Live Pla General bugzilla NEW --- No option to select Xamarin Live Player in the device list Sun 18:34
58326 Xamarin General bugzilla NEW --- Build MonoDevelop on Raspberry Pi failed Mon 12:13
58346 Forms Forms bugzilla NEW --- Grid appears to have a minimum size for an Auto or Star cell, prevents regular spacing Mon 22:09
58350 iOS Tools bugzilla NEW --- [generator] Handle sharpie's [RequiresSuper] Tue 03:32
58353 Class Li System.S bugzilla NEW --- Unable to call WCF Service from ASP.NET page. Tue 08:12
58357 Forms Android bugzilla NEW --- TypeManager.CreateProxy - Unable to activate instance of type Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.CarouselPageAdapter from native handle Wed 07:32
58367 Xamarin. Runtime bugzilla NEW --- Xamarin.Mac crash when returning to native code of a binding library Tue 14:41
58369 Xamarin Mac Add- bugzilla NEW --- Xamarin.Mac.dll reference in VSfM / XS shows red broken X but works fine Tue 14:52
58373 Forms iOS bugzilla NEW --- Can't independently set iOS NavigationBar's text, tint, and status bar style. Tue 15:57
58379 Runtime JIT bugzilla NEW --- Mono jit gives different results that .net for simple il Tue 16:46
58399 Class Li CORLIB bugzilla NEW --- Delegates as collection key are ~500x slower than previously 12:58:06
58401 iOS BCL Clas bugzilla NEW --- System.IO.Compression.ZipArchive doesn't work with Bookshare zip files 12:25:27
58408 Visual S iOS bugzilla NEW --- Xamarin iOS DocSync never finishes 08:48:55
58420 Runtime misc bugzilla NEW --- Race condition of reflection.c 21:28:43
58422 Runtime misc bugzilla NEW --- Race conditions of memfuncs.c (mono_gc_memmove_aligned) 21:57:49
58423 Runtime misc bugzilla NEW --- Race condition of metadata.c (mono_metadata_get_canonical_generic_inst) 22:51:02
58424 iOS General bugzilla NEW --- Xamarin iOS : EF Core crash when I add row to table with nullable type or with a lot of column 23:17:16
58372 Xamarin Debugger david.karlas NEW --- Monodevelop crashes while debugging with SIGSEGV Tue 15:27
58334 Xamarin Linux Pa jo.shields NEW --- Add GDB to sandbox Mon 13:51
58015 Class Li Mono.Sec martin.baulig NEW --- Segfault in Mono.Btls.MonoBtlsSsl.mono_btls_ssl_connect after performing interop that is basically a no-op Mon 14:31
58186 Runtime misc neale NEW --- Mono 4.8.0 fails to build on Ubuntu (s390x) with SIGSEGV Fri 06:32
58313 Xamarin iOS code oleg.demchenko NEW --- The UI for the two-step verification needs work Sat 15:41
58314 Xamarin iOS code oleg.demchenko NEW --- Not possible to add an Apple account, crashes Sat 15:43
39371 Runtime Debug vargaz NEW --- Filtering exception that is thrown and caught in non-user code is not working correctly Mon 13:06
53522 Workbook Agent: A xamarininteractive NEW --- Continuous loading is observed while creating Workbook template for (Mac OS) Sat 16:59
56286 Workbook Agent: i xamarininteractive NEW --- [Workbook & Inspector] Workbook gets crash when we run Xamarin.iOS and Xcode is not Installed Sat 16:57
58136 Android Bindings atsushi CONF --- View.SystemUiVisibility has wrong type Mon 08:11
58283 Forms iOS bugzilla CONF --- ListView item selection scrolls the ListView row to the middle 23:43:37
11057 Xamarin Android jeremie.laval CONF --- Open .axml files with Source Code Editor instead of LayoutEditor Fri 15:50
50189 Runtime JIT bugzilla CONF --- SGEN XMM scanning: Linux/Intel (32 + 64) 2017-07-20
50190 Runtime JIT bugzilla CONF --- SGEN FPU scanning: Darwin/ARM64 2017-07-20
52605 Forms Windows bugzilla CONF --- VS2015 does not show contents of local variables during debug of Xamarin.Form UWP app 2017-07-20
56501 iOS MSBuild bugzilla CONF --- MSB6002 command-line for MTouch task is too long, > 32000 characters 2017-07-20
56757 Xamarin Performa bugzilla CONF --- Building from within Visual Studio with msbuild engine enabled is very slow 2017-07-20
58348 iOS Tools bugzilla CONF --- [xcode9][watchos] Simulator support is broken with beta 4 18:14:18
58295 Xamarin. Library chris.hamons CONF --- xamarin-macios does not build with mono 5.4 Fri 14:57
56108 Android MSBuild dean.ellis CONF --- When will ever Visual Studio compile and include my google-services.json? Sat 10:18
58265 Workbook Client: lewing CONF --- [Smoke] [Workbook & Inspector] [VSFM] Inspector client crashes when clicking on View Inspector 2017-07-20
58139 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger CONF --- Paste corrupts inserted text 2017-07-20
57734 Xamarin Template pierce.boggan CONF --- [Templates] Make project and directory naming match, consistent between OS X and Windows. 2017-07-20
53142 Visual S General brendan.zagaeski CONF --- "Visual Studio Preview" does not yet include any new Xamarin version, even though the Xamarin Alpha updater channel for VS 2015 and VS 2013 does include a new version 19:06:09
12358 Xamarin General bugzilla CONF --- Unable to run multiple windows properly in OSX. 2017-07-21
15219 Xamarin General bugzilla CONF --- Xamarin Studio is broken on Windows systems that enforce FIPS compliant hashing 2017-07-20
24089 Xamarin XML Edit bugzilla CONF --- First attribute starts with new line when "Attributes in new line" is set in format policy 2017-07-20
27373 Visual S iOS bugzilla CONF --- [iOS] F# Project Template issues - UIWindow and Entitlements.plist Mon 10:02
29746 iOS Xamarin. bugzilla CONF --- NetworkReachability TryGetFlags hangs when packet loss is 100 percent 13:10:30
33362 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla CONF --- Ctrl+Click using touchpad does not show context menu in designer 2017-07-20
38061 Xamarin General bugzilla CONF --- Add icon for Display Options > Show/Hide All Files 2017-07-20
40495 Forms Windows bugzilla CONF --- UWP ListView Grouping has blank jumplist, Header data bound to GroupShortNameBinding Fri 11:48
41034 Forms Windows bugzilla CONF --- UWP Entry does not display caret/cursor in ListView or TableView Mon 13:02
41252 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Unable to change ListView GroupHeaders separator color 20:59:46
43947 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- When a Grid row resizes, it resets ScrollView position on iOS Fri 18:52
47962 Forms Windows bugzilla CONF --- [UWP] ImageCell image is not sized correctly Mon 18:13
52965 Visual S iOS bugzilla CONF --- [VS]: Visual Studio crashes while selecting option of "Publish", properties of Mac Build "Mac.debugging" Sat 17:03
53107 Visual S iOS bugzilla CONF --- [XVS 2017-Dev15 RTW] "Archive" option disabled for iPhone project Sat 14:45
55023 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- ScrollView with a Label cut bottom text on Android Tue 10:06
57859 Forms iOS bugzilla CONF --- DatePicker on IOS DateSelected event fires after scrolling ends 15:27:17
58289 Forms iOS bugzilla CONF --- UI displays different views than visible in modal stack Fri 16:51
58296 Xamarin. Library bugzilla CONF --- dynamic usages broken in XM apps due to System.Runtime reference Fri 14:59
58301 Visual S General bugzilla CONF --- Text editor adds byte order mark (BOM) to modified files Mon 10:06
58329 iOS MSBuild bugzilla CONF --- MT0000: MissingMethodException: Method 'System.Array.Reverse' not found. using mono 5.0 Mon 12:52
58341 Xamarin. mmp bugzilla CONF --- MMP option to pass custom mono runtime env options Mon 18:55
58407 Visual S iOS bugzilla CONF --- error MSB3113: Could not find file 'PublishApp.exe.manifest', when publishing an app Wed 07:27
58414 Xamarin Mac Add- bugzilla CONF --- Xamarin.Mac Classic API projects do not compile until solution reloaded 17:12:28
54120 Runtime misc chris.king CONF --- Android app with ListView crashes 12:28:19
34993 Xamarin General cody CONF --- [Xamarin Studio] Dialogs do not support mac-standard cmd-. shortcut 2017-07-21
58113 Xamarin Android cody CONF --- VSMac just shows "Execution failed" when starting Android emulator with Docker running 2017-07-20
21920 Android MSBuild dean.ellis CONF --- Slower build times with larger projects Tue 13:43
28494 Visual S iOS ema CONF --- No Settings.bundle template in the Add New File dialog 2017-07-20
56632 Xamarin Accessib iain.holmes CONF --- PropertyGrid needs to be accessible 2017-07-20
41044 Xamarin Debugger jeff CONF --- Executing methods imported via "using static" is not working 2017-07-20
52524 Xamarin Android jeremie.laval CONF --- Xamarin Studio crashes on adding Break-point to any line of Main.axml file. 2017-07-20
45963 Visual S Android joe CONF --- Archive Manager unreadable with dark theme 2017-07-20
39345 Visual S Debugger joj CONF --- "Just My Code" fails to let the debugger skip exceptions that are thrown and caught entirely within external libraries (when the debugger is set to break on all thrown CLR exceptions) Mon 13:06
56276 Visual S Debugger joj CONF --- [VS 2017][][Debugger]- Debug mode doesn't stop automatically when App is terminated or Crashed Sat 17:17
57019 Xamarin Linux Pa jo.shields CONF --- Attempts to restore/add packages results in SecureChannelFailure 2017-07-20
11477 Xamarin General kris CONF --- Fallback of glyphs not covered by default cascade list not working 2017-07-21
55660 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- MonoDevelop should be resilient against a crash of the MSBuild builder process 2017-07-20
38062 Xamarin General marius.ungureanu CONF --- When opening Xamarin Studio, remember previously open files 2017-07-20
53651 Xamarin IDE loca marius.ungureanu CONF --- Some "project" dialogs/strings are untranslated. 2017-07-20
53148 Xamarin .NET Cor matt.ward CONF --- PackageReference does not respect condition 2017-07-20
56809 Xamarin .NET Cor matt.ward CONF --- Improve multiple target framework project support Mon 20:32
57109 Xamarin .NET Cor matt.ward CONF --- No code completion for classes when EnableDefaultCompileItems set to false 2017-07-20
57307 Xamarin .NET Cor matt.ward CONF --- Unable to use Xamarin.iOS10 with TargetFramework 2017-07-20
58338 Xamarin .NET Cor matt.ward CONF --- New .NET Core project has net461 target framework when primary Mac OS language is Czech Mon 19:54
58371 Xamarin Template matt.ward CONF --- F# Forms Android Project Does Not Include FSharp.Core Package 13:11:55
58392 Xamarin Xamarin. matt.ward CONF --- Blank Forms App Template Uses C# Language Instead of Previous Selection 09:32:29
58412 Xamarin Mac Add- matt.ward CONF --- Unable to create CocoaApp from recent templates 13:57:25
58404 Forms Mac me CONF --- [macOS] FormsGallery navigation fails to push correct page after a few navigation events 23:47:59
10492 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger CONF --- Command to create snippet from selection 2017-07-21
10493 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger CONF --- Command to add snippet from toolbox window 2017-07-21
10494 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger CONF --- No docs or hints on available snippet functions 2017-07-21
58218 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger CONF --- [C# Code Formatting Policy] Make the Mono policy follow the Mono coding guidelines and create a new separate MonoDevelop policy 2017-07-20
44211 Forms Forms paul.dipietro CONF --- Android/Forms Tabpage OnDisappearing firing minimized Mon 17:37
57318 Xamarin Template pierce.boggan CONF --- [VSfM]-"Packages added with Warnings" is displayed even when there are no Warning while creating Native app (AND,iOS) Sat 13:58
44600 Forms iOS samantha.houts CONF --- Color Different in iOS Specific Code and Shared Code Tue 14:21
27311 iOS General sebastien CONF --- Calling `SecKeyChain.Update` method fails with status code `SecStatusCode.Param` 18:06:29
54901 Xamarin Shell sevoku CONF --- Info.plist dialog Japan, Chinese and Korea translation is shown vertically Fri 06:43
57798 Xamarin Android sevoku CONF --- SDK Manager reports Android Emulator not installed 2017-07-20
20144 Xamarin Android shaw CONF --- AXML files unaffected by XML code formatting settings Fri 15:33
11327 Xamarin Text Edi vaclav CONF --- Feature Request - Hover Help Improvement - XML Documentation comments 2017-07-21
53775 Xamarin Accessib v-dmovch CONF --- Accessibility:MAS36:KB:'Information' button is not accessible using keyboard. 2017-07-20
53852 Xamarin Wizards vincent.dondain CONF --- [iOS Extensions] Add 'Include a file provider' option for iOS Document picker extension (fusion templates) Sat 17:09
57950 Xamarin iOS add- vincent.dondain CONF --- MTXXXX build errors automatically opens the browser 2017-07-20
16594 Visual S iOS vsx CONF --- "error MSB3174: Invalid value for 'TargetFrameworkVersion'" when project file includes <GenerateManifests> Wed 03:13
3209 Xamarin General bugzilla CONF --- Logs should not be localized Fri 16:40
7230 Xamarin General bugzilla CONF --- [gtk] Tooltips disappear when pressing Command Mon 18:24
18442 iOS Xamarin. bugzilla CONF --- UIMenuItem missed Click event 09:56:58
31031 Xamarin General bugzilla CONF --- Build notification 2017-07-20
35560 Xamarin General bugzilla CONF --- No way to invoke mono with debugger from custom command 2017-07-21
37457 Xamarin General bugzilla CONF --- Would really like my favorites list sortable 2017-07-20
55406 Xamarin Android cody CONF --- Add a hint to the run configurations editor to let users know that the activities/service need to be exported 2017-07-20
58292 Xamarin Android cody CONF --- Android Package Signing Project Settings has no way to generate a new keystore (without leaving project options) Mon 14:10
57464 Xamarin Text Edi kirill.osenkov CONF --- Attempting to load PresentationCore on a Mac 2017-07-20
1195 Xamarin General bugzilla CONF --- Quick launch bar Fri 16:43
22421 Xamarin iOS add- bugzilla CONF --- [Asset Editor] Missing Size Class support for Image Asset Catalogs 2017-07-20
33145 Xamarin iOS add- jeff CONF --- Setting Solution version should update all project versions 2017-07-21
56025 Xamarin iOS add- jeff CONF --- [VSFM]Section iOS On-Demand Resources display "Embed on demand resources in the app bundle" checkbox is missing from XS which is displaying in VS Sat 17:05
58201 Runtime Profiler alexrp CONF --- corlib test suite asserts 2017-07-20
58403 Android Bindings atsushi CONF --- Mismatching listener types/members generated broken event name Wed 02:17
9134 Xamarin General bugzilla CONF --- MonoDevelop doesn't obey Mac OS User Key Bindings Fri 17:16
32022 iOS Xamarin. bugzilla CONF --- Decimal precision of SecondsSinceReferenceDate truncated Mon 20:12
34135 iOS Xamarin. bugzilla CONF --- Need some constants exposed in Xamarin.iOS binding Mon 21:31
34271 iOS Xamarin. bugzilla CONF --- NSShadow throws exception when used on non-UI thread Mon 23:27
36622 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla CONF --- iOS designer shows "reloading" spinner when I start debugging Fri 23:12
36629 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla CONF --- Rarely used properties are very prominent Fri 23:04
38157 Xamarin General bugzilla CONF --- Error in addin engine crashes error dialog 2017-07-20
40629 Xamarin XML Edit bugzilla CONF --- Android Designer source editor does not use content provided by xml editor on [Meta]+[Space] Mon 07:27
41089 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Frame fails to display when using AppCompat 23:36:28
53515 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- F#: Loading images from files causes a null reference exception 23:31:12
54682 iOS Debugger bugzilla CONF --- Unable load debugging symbols for a cross-targeted project that contains more than one TargetFrameworks values Tue 14:14
56263 Forms iOS bugzilla CONF --- [iOS] Activating keyboard can cause invalid scrolling Tue 18:43
57038 iOS Debugger bugzilla CONF --- Debugger unable to display value of NSData using indexer 10:22:17
57115 Xamarin General bugzilla CONF --- Visual Studio for Mac Doesn't Mirror VS2017 Project Creation Menu Items Tue 20:00
57962 Class Li Sys.Core bugzilla CONF --- Mono 5.0 regression with IronPython 2.7.7 Sat 04:14
58049 Forms Windows bugzilla CONF --- UWP: Update Image properties in ListView with DataBinding Tue 08:55
58096 Xamarin General bugzilla CONF --- Release build does not compile Mon 14:03
58164 Xamarin General bugzilla CONF --- Device/Simulator list is disabled upon creation of new iOS project Fri 19:33
58223 Visual S Android bugzilla CONF --- Android Designer could not run because: The layout renderer could not be started. This may be caused by a misconfiguration of Java. Please install it or set Java Development Kit Path. 19:12:54
58230 Runtime JIT bugzilla CONF --- LLVM JIT fails under some combination of PIE, -fno-plt, -Wl,-z,now 2017-07-21
58245 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Entry gets focus when scrolled in a ScrollView 23:29:05
58277 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- [Android] Button's shadow clipped when inside layout Fri 22:52
58279 Xamarin. Library bugzilla CONF --- NSCollectionViewDataSource.GetNumberofItems is gross 2017-07-20
58282 iOS General bugzilla CONF --- [BlockSupport] Can't use Action <bool> in delegate 2017-07-20
58297 iOS Infrastr bugzilla CONF --- UrlSessionTest.DownloadDataAsync failure on watch Mon 17:17
58298 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Frame border is not rendered in Android Mon 13:29
58337 Forms iOS bugzilla CONF --- WebViewRenderer should handle NSError codes in LoadFailed 23:43:03
58347 Visual S Updater bugzilla CONF --- Xamarin Updater does not list Xamarin Live Player for installation on Windows 19:11:40
58394 Xamarin. Infrastr bugzilla CONF --- [jenkins] "xammac tests" failing with "Password could not be saved to keychain" 23:13:12
58400 Class Li System bugzilla CONF --- System.Uri broken with files Tue 20:50
58406 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Effect is never attached to Label, but is attached to Label subclass (Android) 23:47:23
57082 Xamarin Android cody CONF --- User is not notified that the Android SDK tools are not installed when starting an AVD. 2017-07-20
57945 Xamarin Shell cody CONF --- GTK input and selection does not render responsively 2017-07-20
58194 Xamarin Activati cody CONF --- Logging in to MS Account does not show up any Entitlements or Name/Image 2017-07-20
46988 Android MSBuild dean.ellis CONF --- Resource designer files get updated when switching IDEs from XS to VS Tue 17:33
55268 Android Mono run dean.ellis CONF --- Multidex + ApplicationAttribute = exception application class not found on android 4.4 Tue 13:49
58396 Android MSBuild dean.ellis CONF --- Mono.Android.dll has an incorrect AssemblyInformationalVersionAttribute 15:56:28
58405 Android Android+ grendel CONF --- Bundle getIntegerArrayList & getStringArrayList throw InvalidCastException if Bundle.get is called first Wed 02:59
53722 Xamarin Accessib iain.holmes CONF --- Accessibility:MAS36:KB:Not able to identify upto where the fold is happening. Fri 09:18
53729 Xamarin Accessib iain.holmes CONF --- [Xamarin-Studio]Accessibility:MAS36:OSX:Keyboard:Unable to access C#/F# (platform selection) dropdown list box using keyboard. 2017-07-20
57980 Xamarin Android jeremie.laval CONF --- Visual Studio hangs when switching from designer to source 2017-07-20
58263 Forms iOS jimmy.garrido CONF --- Event and Delegate issue in ButtonRenderer 23:35:43
58303 Android General jonp CONF --- Java.Util.HashMap is mapped to Android.Runtime.JavaDictionary in binding generator Fri 19:21
58393 Android General jonp CONF --- Bundle.putByteArray signature takes an unsigned byte array 16:19:57
58168 Runtime verifier kumpera CONF --- pedump incorrectly reports mscorlib as invalid 2017-07-20
58402 Android Samples peter.collins CONF --- AsyncImageAndroid sample throwing System.Net.WebException: Error: SecureChannelFailure (The authentication or decryption has failed.) Tue 20:51
58349 iOS Xamarin. sebastien CONF --- [xcode9][coreimage] Fix CIImageAccumulator initializers Tue 03:18
58319 Visual S Android sevoku CONF --- Xamarin Android SDK Manager doesn't save locations Mon 12:46
57778 Xamarin General vaclav CONF --- [Identity] Re-enter credentials warning should display on the welcome page 2017-07-20
58264 iOS Mono run vargaz CONF --- linksdk/release crash: * Assertion: should not be reached at /Users/builder/data/lanes/1381/8fbbfa5c/source/xamarin-macios/external/mono/mono/mini/unwind.c:623 2017-07-20
17857 Visual S Android vsx CONF --- Intellisense does not work for types referenced from Android Java Bindings Library projects Mon 10:35
57490 iOS BCL Clas martin.baulig ASSI --- HttpWebRequest - Error download files after returning to a background thread from another background thread. 2017-07-20
58361 Runtime Reflecti aleksey ASSI --- EnumBuilder can no longer be used to generate IL code Tue 19:25
57241 iOS General alex.soto ASSI --- [xtro] Re-enable sharpie on InputMethodKit 20:05:39
58239 iOS MSBuild jeff ASSI --- Xamarin.iOS not able to change build version. Mon 13:25
57978 Forms iOS jimmy.garrido ASSI --- Null Reference in ListViewRenderer+UnevenListViewDataSource.<CacheDefinedRowHeights> Tue 15:01
58260 Forms Android jimmy.garrido ASSI --- App destroy and recreate main activity on Samsung S7 23:37:37
58307 Forms Android jimmy.garrido ASSI --- hardwareAccelerated="false" on the AndroidManifest causes control issues on Android 5 19:52:17
58324 Forms Samples jimmy.garrido ASSI --- Pages displayed within a Xamarin Forms TabbedPage have unexpected Padding that cannot be removed in the UWP platform. Tue 13:32
58312 iOS General manuel.delapena ASSI --- Build crash on documentation from xcode9 branch Mon 13:08
57745 Xamarin Shell marius.ungureanu ASSI --- Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.Analyzers 2017-07-20
57106 iOS BCL Clas martin.baulig ASSI --- "System.Net.WebException: The request timed out" in iOS after Xamarin update Tue 14:48
53014 Componen Xamarin miljenko.cvjetko ASSI --- Xamarin.Auth displays multiple alert boxes Sun 09:01
57959 Runtime misc vargaz ASSI --- SIGSEGV in roslyn with corrupted stack 2017-07-20
58309 iOS Infrastr vincent.dondain ASSI --- [xamarin-macios] Does not produce a working install without --enable-xamarin Tue 00:08
52487 Forms iOS bugzilla IN_P --- ListView with Recycle + HasUnevenRows generates lots (and lots!) of content view instances and leaks memory 2017-07-20
57919 iOS BCL Clas bugzilla IN_P --- dynamic object is not supported Tue 16:19
36485 Android MSBuild dean.ellis IN_P --- Uninformative ""aapt.exe" exited with code 1." and "The file "obj\Debug\android\bin\packaged_resources" does not exist" errors if drawable resource filename contains invalid character 17:07:17
54887 Forms Android chris.king IN_P --- Slider's "ValueChanged" event doesn't raise during firstly position changing in XF Android 16:38:12
5162 Xamarin Shell cody IN_P --- Can't access keyboard shortcuts from non-Latin keyboard 2017-07-20
58169 Android MSBuild dean.ellis IN_P --- _UpdateAndroidResgen constantly being called 10:14:23
52458 Forms Forms rui.marinho IN_P --- Children pages in NavigationPage were got `appearing events` even if they were not latest in navigation stack 23:46:35
58421 Runtime Reflecti aleksey IN_P --- sre-save.c asserts in fixup_method () if TypeBuilder token is used across assemblies 21:40:36
57789 Forms Android bugzilla IN_P --- ObjectDisposedException in Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.ButtonDrawable Tue 19:48
58240 Android Mono run grendel IN_P --- Got a SIGSEGV while executing native code. This usually indicates a fatal error in the mono runtime or one of the native libraries used by your application 2017-07-20
53827 Xamarin Accessib iain.holmes IN_P --- [Xamarin-Studio]Accessibility:MAS36:Keyboard:Unable to access Installed From File button using keyboard. Fri 11:27
54383 Forms Android jimmy.garrido IN_P --- AppLinks Package Causes Crash at Launch After Updating Google Play Services Packages 23:42:24
58278 Xamarin Mac Add- jeff NEED --- Xcode project export is incomplete/in-progress when Xcode is launched to edit a storyboard Tue 14:15
18581 iOS General bugzilla NEED --- Web Service Client Constructor Throws InvalidOperationException Mon 21:37
22375 iOS Pre-rele bugzilla NEED --- App Crash on Launch 10:39:38
29863 iOS Xamarin. bugzilla NEED --- UIApplicationRestorationHandler params must export "restoreUserActivityState:" not just NSObject 18:16:48
52350 Xamarin Shell bugzilla NEED --- "Run" on a project does not display output pane 2017-07-20
55668 Xamarin Internal bugzilla NEED --- Changing between en0 and en1 causes VS for Mac to freeze up 2017-07-20
57415 Xamarin Debugger david.karlas NEED --- Debugger losing break points within Task.Run 2017-07-20
57161 Xamarin Activati gregm NEED --- Excessive call backs to the Microsoft servers 2017-07-20
57358 Xamarin F# Add-i jason.imison NEED --- Adding new Blank XamForms F# project to existing solution creates 3 new projects which don't compile 2017-07-20
51777 Visual S Debugger joj NEED --- VS 2017 RC debugger doesn't hit breakpoints on iOS projects 2017-07-20
53866 Xamarin Shell marius.ungureanu NEED --- monodevelop title bar doesn't indicate active document 2017-07-20
58216 Xamarin iOS code oleg.demchenko NEED --- Can't sign into my Apple account with fastlane 11:01:12
19379 iOS Mono run vargaz NEED --- iPhoneOSGameView deadlocks Apple's Instruments is used 18:45:12
14205 Xamarin C# Bindi mkrueger NEED --- Wrong tooltip when type conflicts with imported type Fri 09:30
58187 Android Bindings atsushi NEED --- Bindings - native classes has unknown base type Tue 08:45
10000 Runtime misc bugzilla NEED --- Segmentation fault at exit when using Npgsql via Assembly.Load Sun 07:13
11408 iOS Xamarin. bugzilla NEED --- System.Globalization.CultureInfo.CurrentCulture is not updated when region is changed Wed 08:37
13914 iOS General bugzilla NEED --- Random crash on the Simulator Mon 18:57
14975 iOS XI runti bugzilla NEED --- Assert metadata/class.c:8201, condition `ac->rank' not met Mon 16:58
33407 iOS Xamarin. bugzilla NEED --- XI version of nunit is missing some asserts: Mon 20:37
36628 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla NEED --- iOS designer outline has unnecessary border Fri 23:06
38125 Xamarin General bugzilla NEED --- xamarin studio opens the same files multiple times simultaneously 2017-07-20
38897 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla NEED --- Changing class identifier to custom class doesn't update properties for a DesignTimeVisible custom control 2017-07-20
41421 Windows Simulato bugzilla NEED --- iOS Simulator crashes in dual monitor environment 16:35:44
47733 iOS General bugzilla NEED --- Sprite limit in CocosSharp game on iOS Mon 20:57
54392 iOS Xamarin. bugzilla NEED --- ViewController sometimes appearing Mon 20:59
56340 iOS General bugzilla NEED --- Benign code analysis error about missing X509CertificateImpl in 15.2 16:59:10
57124 iOS Xamarin. bugzilla NEED --- MTOUCH : error MT2102: Error processing the method 'System.Boolean Couchbase.Lite.Storage.SystemSQLite.SqliteCouchStore/<GetDocNumericID>c__AnonStorey6::<>m__0(Couchbase.Lite.Cursor)' in the assembly 'Couchbase.Lite.Storage.SystemSQLite.dll' 16:53:25
57272 Runtime GC bugzilla NEED --- SIGSEGV during concurrent sweep of major Fri 20:32
58159 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- XamlParseException when setting a Forms.Grid layout's ColumnDefinitions on .xaml Fri 09:03
58232 Runtime GC bugzilla NEED --- Occasional crashes during garbage collection Fri 10:45
58269 Runtime misc bugzilla NEED --- Mono runtime performs significantly worse than 3.8 on ARM Tue 15:16
58342 iOS Xamarin. bugzilla NEED --- Massive drop in performance for sqlite-net somewhere on the way from 10.8 to 10.10 19:34:25
58351 Forms iOS bugzilla NEED --- In ListView, ViewCell's ContextActions is disappear when swipe right to left on iOS only 02:19:13
58378 iOS Tools bugzilla NEED --- MTouch error MT2001 when building from Visual Studio for Mac in Release or Ad-hoc mode Tue 19:50
58410 Visual S iOS bugzilla NEED --- After a disconnection from Mac Build Agent, can reconnect only after a restart of Visual Studio 11:43:58
58029 Android MSBuild dean.ellis NEED --- With NDK r12b+ AOT is successfull but JIT still happens and app as slow as w/o AOT 17:05:36
58327 Android Tools an gregm NEED --- Code changes don't show up on device. Mon 18:01
58175 Android Mono run grendel NEED --- Property Get called before constructor finishes Sat 00:52
58345 Android Mono run grendel NEED --- 07-24 14:45:43.566 26110 26182 F : * Assertion at /Users/builder/jenkins/workspace/xamarin-android/xamarin-android/external/mono/mono/mini/mini-arm64.c:877, condition `ji' not met Tue 17:53
54135 Android General jonp NEED --- Cannot deploy to Knox Container 16:49:18
54217 Android General jonp NEED --- Application installed in Internal storage even after setting installation target as External storage in Android manifest. Sat 17:27
57430 Android General jonp NEED --- LifeCycle fail after OnSleep, OnStart loads instead OnResume 12:31:01
58413 Android General jonp NEED --- Environment.Tickcount is changed when the date is changed in android 20:52:00
33610 iOS BCL Clas martin.baulig NEED --- StreamContent internal buffers are not reset property when using NTLM auth with POST method and HttpClient 18:34:44
56145 Class Li System.S martin.baulig NEED --- SslStream.AuthenticateAsServer throws System.IO.IOException randomly Tue 20:36
29615 iOS General vargaz RESO FIXE Bug during linking 11:19:40
58331 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla RESO DUPL HighMac Sierra-10.13 Beta][Xcode 9.0 beta 3][Designers and Forms Previewer] The ios designer doesn't work for watchOS and tvOS Mon 13:07
58191 Xamarin Activati cody RESO FIXE Re-enter credentials.. does not reopen dialog for re-entering password 18:35:18
58318 Forms Mac me RESO FIXE [macOS] ProgressBar doesn't respond properly to progress updates Tue 16:34
54329 Workbook IDE Inte xamarininteractive RESO FIXE [Inspector] Error preparing project for inspection: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. 2017-07-20
2066 Xamarin General bugzilla RESO NOT_ monodevelop does not open .csproj files Fri 14:37
13471 Xamarin General bugzilla RESO NOT_ Xamarin Studio does not open after failed update Fri 14:10
17323 Xamarin General bugzilla RESO NOT_ Handle leak Fri 14:14
18767 iOS Xamarin. bugzilla RESO NOT_ UITableViewSource::TitleForDeleteConfirmation not taken into account Mon 22:22
19669 iOS XI runti bugzilla RESO NOT_ CPU hotspot when working with Expression.Lambda and AOT Tue 00:17
21077 Xamarin General bugzilla RESO NORE Attempt to add new resource files / image causes spinning ball lock up and crash 2017-07-20
23213 iOS General bugzilla RESO NOT_ Location updates Mon 17:25
25727 iOS General bugzilla RESO NOT_ Touch coordinates inaccurate on physical device 17:53:28
27460 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO NORE [Android] Frame OutLine color requires a Padding to be visible Fri 08:14
29296 iOS Xamarin. bugzilla RESO NORE Xamarin.iOS SIGSEGV crash when trying to discover services of a connected BLE peripheral Tue 12:49
30157 iOS XI runti bugzilla RESO NOT_ Foundation.MonoTouchException: Objective-C exception thrown. Name: NSInvalidArgumentException Reason: -[Controller ClickHandler:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 18:21:19
31538 Xamarin General bugzilla RESO NORE Warnings about gestaltSystemVersion and userSpaceScaleFactor 2017-07-20
32663 iOS General bugzilla RESO NOT_ Calls to MessagingCentre.Subscribe fail if made in a polymorphic way Tue 12:53
32782 Xamarin General bugzilla RESO NOT_ persistent kevent() error, error code = '22' 2017-07-21
33379 Visual S Test Clo bugzilla RESO NOT_ UITest project is not added by default in the templates Mon 11:33
43417 iOS General bugzilla RESO NOT_ mono-symbolicate for ios is not working properly. 18:51:03
52661 Visual S Android bugzilla RESO FIXE [Cycle 9] "Not Responding" appears in VS window title when the new "Installing Android components..." dialog is initiated by building a new template project (but not when reopening an existing project) Mon 13:54
56763 Visual S Xamarin. bugzilla RESO NORE VS Sluggish Mon 20:12
58210 Runtime misc bugzilla RESO FIXE "* Assertion at metadata.c:1048, condition `index < meta->heap_strings.size' not met" is output on startup - works fine on Windows Tue 17:18
53060 Forms Forms chris.king RESO FIXE Fail to compile .NET Standard Class Library in VS2017 Sat 13:13
12410 Xamarin Text Edi cody RESO NOT_ Curly braces are flipped in RTL languages 2017-07-21
15813 Xamarin Text Edi cody RESO NOT_ equal sign is badly drawn with Menlo font 13 Fri 13:18
24421 Visual S iOS ema RESO FIXE Files in the .app bundle in the output folder are empty on Windows Mon 14:14
56571 Visual S iOS ema RESO NOT_ error : Could not load Info.plist 2017-07-20
57625 Visual S iOS ema RESO FIXE Argument order to mtouch can vary between builds 2017-07-20
25601 Xamarin F# Add-i jason.imison RESO FIXE Compiler directive disappears after typing it into fsharp file Fri 13:16
58256 Xamarin tvOS add jeff RESO FIXE Archiving a tvOS project lists platform as iOS in Archives tab Fri 08:18
18895 Visual S Android jmt RESO NOT_ [SDK tool 22.3] VS gets hanged if user is adding new file to Resources folder. 2017-07-20
27241 Visual S Android jmt RESO NOT_ Visual Studio freezes when opening DDMS 2017-07-20
58047 Visual S iOS joj RESO FIXE "iOS Bundle Signing" settings page misleadingly shows "Automatic" when unknown Signing Identity or Provisioning Profile is currently saved in the .csproj file Tue 18:23
56699 Xamarin Project lluis RESO FIXE Mono Runtime Settings: need option to control arch Fri 07:23
55351 Xamarin Project matt.ward RESO FIXE Dirty file interferes with creating new project Fri 08:30
56625 Xamarin T4 matt.ward RESO FIXE T4 editor breaks - no syntax highlighting and typing issues Tue 15:14
57626 Xamarin Wizards matt.ward RESO FIXE Forms and Android project template wizards can create invalid Android package names 2017-07-20
57934 Xamarin Project matt.ward RESO FIXE When adding project to solution "Create a project directory within the solution directory." checkbox is not respected Tue 14:47
58009 Xamarin .NET Cor matt.ward RESO FIXE Transitive assembly references not available until project reloaded Tue 14:48
58244 Xamarin NuGet matt.ward RESO FIXE Error loading project - NuGetAuthoringPath item already added 14:06:42
58271 Xamarin .NET Cor matt.ward RESO FIXE Handle .NET Core 2.0 SDK not being installed when opening a .NET Core 2.0 project Tue 14:49
58272 Xamarin .NET Cor matt.ward RESO INVA Handle .NET Core 2.0 SDK not being installed when opening a .NET Core 2.0 project 2017-07-20
15611 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger RESO NOT_ Editing Localizable.string displays text in the centre of the screen Fri 07:16
16617 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger RESO NOT_ Subtle mouse selection bug Fri 13:24
44384 Xamarin C# Bindi mkrueger RESO FIXE Rename refactoring on constructor should rename class 16:20:28
52263 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger RESO NOT_ Include a preview of a string const value (and maybe others?) in autocompletion window 2017-07-20
57255 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger RESO FIXE Syntax highlighting for markdown Wed 06:58
58123 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger RESO FIXE Writing " makes two of characters, but delete only deletes 1 leaving one behind Tue 07:37
17192 iOS Xamarin. radek.doulik RESO NOT_ [OpenTK] OpenAL fails to initialize if system has an audio device that does not suppert OpenAL 18:39:35
17767 iOS Xamarin. radek.doulik RESO ANSW OpenTK loosing textures after changing device orientation Mon 21:09
37174 iOS Xamarin. sebastien RESO NOT_ Bug in UINavigationBar.Appearance.SetTitleTextAttributes(att) Cycle 6 SR 1 ALPHA 14:17:54
9857 Xamarin Text Edi vaclav RESO FEAT Increase size of methods displayed in breadcrumb bar Fri 09:35
15744 iOS General vargaz RESO NOT_ AOT Bug on code which worked before Mon 14:38
17319 iOS XI runti vargaz RESO NOT_ Another case of generic_trampoline being invoked repeatedly. Tue 00:09
38974 iOS Mono run vargaz RESO NORE LLVM Incorrectly Compiling Method 18:40:54
958 Xamarin General bugzilla RESO NOT_ Cannot use keyboard layout switching when within MonoDevelop Fri 17:35
14175 Xamarin Text Edi cody RESO FIXE Xamarin Studio renders Consolas font incorrectly Fri 09:37
14386 Xamarin General cody RESO NOT_ Getting extra black space in 'User Interface Language' Dropdown list under XamarinStudio->Preferences->Language. 2017-07-20
53223 Xamarin Xamarin. jomatthi RESO FIXE Getting started page for Xamarin.Forms - typo in label 21:20:21
1171 Xamarin General mkrueger RESO NOT_ Find in files doesn't work if you have a carriage return Fri 16:51
12114 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger RESO NOT_ In XS text editor, Navigation arrows shown at completion window tooltip are not working. 2017-07-21
12162 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger RESO NOT_ Code formatting type always shows as "Custom" 2017-07-21
58225 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger RESO NOT_ Quick Fix does not include option for "Implement Interface" 2017-07-20
57463 Tools MSBuild ankit.jain RESO FIXE NuGet "Pack" target in msbuild does not exist Tue 00:23
5571 Xamarin General bugzilla RESO NOT_ Namespace errors when there isn't one Mon 18:29
14562 iOS Tools bugzilla RESO NOT_ Web Service with int-array Mon 16:35
15911 iOS General bugzilla RESO ANSW Easier way to get Currency Symbols for other locales? Wed 08:42
19180 iOS General bugzilla RESO NOT_ Incorrect orientation is reported by UIViewController InterfaceOrientation property Mon 18:49
26521 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO NOT_ BindingContext Not Set On Behavior<T> Tue 04:22
28072 Visual S Android bugzilla RESO NOT_ [Android] Arabic Text does not display right to left properly Mon 22:26
33376 iOS General bugzilla RESO NORE Delay In Listening for TouchEvents/Gestures After View is Loaded Tue 13:40
34491 iOS BCL Clas bugzilla RESO NORE Crash in Http stack #2 Tue 13:41
34492 iOS BCL Clas bugzilla RESO NORE Crash in Http stack #3 Tue 13:42
34493 iOS BCL Clas bugzilla RESO NORE Crash in timezone (seems tz is UTC0) 14:36:30
34494 iOS BCL Clas bugzilla RESO ANSW Crash in dictionary 14:33:38
34747 iOS BCL Clas bugzilla RESO NORE HttpClient hangs with AutomaticDecompression enabled Tue 13:46
36097 Forms Windows bugzilla RESO FIXE Images Are Not Rendered When Inside A Layout Used In A DataTemplate Fri 22:47
36246 Xamarin General bugzilla RESO NOT_ Xamarin Studio square boxes instead of text 2017-07-21
36627 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla RESO NOT_ iOS designer outline collapses when switching to/from source editor Fri 23:09
37042 Xamarin General bugzilla RESO NOT_ C# Console application build opens two terminal windows 2017-07-20
37542 Xamarin General bugzilla RESO NOT_ Xamarin Studio ALWAYS becomes unresponsive on restart 2017-07-20
38051 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla RESO NOT_ XS 6 Preview Icon used in the designer for initial view controller looks to be low res 2017-07-20
38095 Xamarin General bugzilla RESO NOT_ Solution Explorer has extra padding on top 2017-07-20
38113 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla RESO NOT_ Fonts display as styles and families 2017-07-20
45210 iOS Xamarin. bugzilla RESO UPST Storybaord strings are not automatically populated in Xamarin.iOS app created on Visual Studio. Tue 14:16
47006 Visual S XMA bugzilla RESO FIXE Random "Collection was modified" when running a command line build 2017-07-20
47554 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla RESO NOT_ Copy and paste causes designer crash 2017-07-20
53270 Visual S Android bugzilla RESO FIXE TargetFrameworkVersion Automatically updating Projects when opened Fri 14:44
54654 Visual S iOS bugzilla RESO FIXE The SayGoobye target fails when builing an iOS library 20:17:59
55077 iOS General bugzilla RESO NORE NSInvalidArgumentException *** -[NSURL initFileURLWithPath:]: nil string parameter Tue 14:20
57028 Forms Android bugzilla RESO NORE Android ActionBar Title is hidden with XF Mon 20:25
57564 iOS General bugzilla RESO NOT_ Xamarin Forms App randomly crashing on iOS when opening drawer menu while having animations on Detail page.. 18:04:53
57680 Forms Android bugzilla RESO NORE Cannot set width of master detail page (As per requirement I want master to be always open with smaller width) 17:07:57
57869 Forms Windows bugzilla RESO DUPL XF.UWP ListView huge images when using ImageCell Mon 18:13
57882 iOS General bugzilla RESO ANSW iPad Pro 10,5'' Tue 07:50
57924 iOS General bugzilla RESO NOT_ app crashes because of AVSpeechSynthesizerDelegate 13:45:12
58085 Runtime interop bugzilla RESO ANSW Different results on Mono OSX vs Windows-Native for identical sequences of float operations (C#) 2017-07-20
58196 Xamarin. Base Cla bugzilla RESO INVA CVDisplayLink Stop hangs the app 2017-07-21
58267 iOS Xamarin. bugzilla RESO INVA UILongPressGestureRecognizer for an oxyplot doesn't work just on iPhone 7 2017-07-20
58273 Android Debugger bugzilla RESO FIXE Failed to read Mono.Android.dll with debugging symbols. Tue 09:01
58284 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO DUPL Unable to add a reference to project (Targets are not the same or compatible) Fri 18:43
58290 Gtk# gtk-shar bugzilla RESO INVA gtk_notebook_{get|set}_action_widget needs bound Fri 12:43
58320 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla RESO FIXE Unable to open Storyboard editor Mon 15:01
58343 Visual S General bugzilla RESO FIXE Visual Studio sometimes hangs (pauses, freezes) on `Xamarin.Messaging.Integration.BatchedObservableCollection<Xamarin.Messaging.Integration.Models.ServerData>.Find(System.Func<Xamarin.Messaging.Integration.Models.ServerData, bool> predicate)` 17:27:16
58344 Runtime JIT bugzilla RESO FIXE SIMD crash using System.Numerics.Vector Mon 22:34
58355 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO INVA Why Device.RuntimePlatform is not an enum? Tue 14:24
58374 Forms iOS bugzilla RESO DUPL Can't independently set iOS NavigationBar's text, tint, and status bar style. Tue 15:55
58395 Xamarin Xamarin. bugzilla RESO DUPL new project dialog does not show correct preview 09:19:33
58411 iOS General bugzilla RESO ANSW System.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicException: Store root doesn't exist 13:33:52
58417 iOS Tools bugzilla RESO ANSW Xamarin is not launching iOS simulator with xCode9-Beta as SDK 23:08:16
25085 Xamarin General cody RESO ANSW cairo_push_group/pop_group/paint does not work properly with retina/Hi-DPI displays Fri 14:16
58208 Xamarin Android gregm RESO ANSW [Android+VS4M] Support deployment to multiple devices 2017-07-20
53639 Xamarin Accessib iain.holmes RESO FIXE [Xamarin-Studio] Usability: Voiceover: Unable to switch between tab using VO. Mon 13:10
58311 Xamarin F# Add-i jason.imison RESO FIXE Hang (pause, freeze) during `MonoDevelop.FSharp.FSharpProject.get_ReferencedAssemblies ()` when attempting to "Send references to F# interactive" from .fsx files Tue 18:16
13402 Xamarin Text Edi jason.smith RESO FIXE Message tooltip overflows XS window (or screen size) Fri 09:42
13405 Xamarin C# Bindi jason.smith RESO FIXE Poor user experience in completion tooltip Fri 09:49
58163 Xamarin iOS add- jeff RESO FIXE Xcode integration broken/unstable 2017-07-20
58252 Forms Forms jimmy.garrido RESO ANSW Multiple lines label Measure is wrong in relative layout 2017-07-20
58274 Forms Android jimmy.garrido RESO FIXE Application dont start on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Fri 11:38
58288 Visual S Debugger joj RESO DUPL "System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'Mono.Posix, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=0738eb9f132ed756' or one of its dependencies." when attempting to start apps Fri 19:08
51891 Profiler Mac jose.medrano RESO FIXE [Xamarin-Profiler]: Usability: OSX: VoiceOver: The VoiceOver is announcing as "Radio button" for the "Tab item" of "Instrument Detail Area". Mon 12:50
35104 Runtime misc ludovic RESO NOT_ Big slowdown on Eventstore and smaller ones on Roslyn and MSBiology 2017-07-20
36634 Class Li Mono.POS ludovic RESO FIXE IpcChannelTest.Bug609381 hangs on Linux 2017-07-20
55659 Class Li System masafa RESO FEAT [System.Array] System.MissingMethodException: Method 'System.Array.Reverse' not found 2017-07-20
58291 Class Li CORLIB masafa RESO FIXE Mono.CSharp Evaluator does not compile enums and throws an exception 12:09:53
54692 Xamarin Xamarin. matt.ward RESO FIXE [PCL] error : Error executing task XamlCTask: Could not find file MDB Tue 10:53
58330 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger RESO DUPL Editor can't handle files with one long line Tue 05:53
57432 Forms Forms paul.dipietro RESO FIXE Text in ListView disappears when Alt key held down Tue 15:19
57098 iOS Xamarin. rolf RESO ANSW Use the LLVM optimizing compiler is disabled in Xamarin 4.5 Fri 12:34
53179 Forms Android samantha.houts RESO FIXE PopAsync crashing after RemovePage when support packages are updated to 25.1.1 10:32:18
53622 Xamarin Accessib v-dmovch RESO FIXE [Xamarin-Studio] Usability: Voiceover: Voiceover reads invisible elements in the 'Project Options' Window. Mon 06:43
51936 Profiler Windows v-sevely RESO FIXE [Xamarin-Profiler]: Accessibility:MAS42A: Windows: High Contrast: selection is not visible for checkboxs and radio buttons when user selects it in high contrast mode black/white. Fri 10:42
56896 Forms iOS samantha.houts VERI FIXE ListViews for lists with many elements regressed in performance on iOS 2017-07-20
22906 Visual S iOS bugzilla VERI FIXE Linking native library with mtouch: ${ProjectDir} resolve to Windows instead of Host (since Xamarin 3.5) 10:17:14
53936 Xamarin. mmp bugzilla VERI FIXE Full (XM 4.5) applications can not be submitted to the AppStore Fri 12:32
56655 Android MSBuild dean.ellis VERI FIXE Debugging on a new device doesnt deploy Fri 11:56
57692 Android MSBuild dean.ellis VERI FIXE Encountering build error when android-26/android.jar is installed and AndroidUseLatestPlatformSdk is true 2017-07-20
33331 Visual S iOS ema VERI FIXE [Visual Studio Dark Theme] iOS LaunchImages & AppIcons dialog window has nearly invisible light-grey labels Fri 14:08
56159 Visual S Android joe VERI FIXE Keystore not included in project and no documentation warnings on backing it up 2017-07-20
55686 Visual S Debugger joj VERI NOT_ [Smoke][VS2015][] - TVoS SampleApp (CrossPlatformDebugging Project) is crashing when breakpoint is getting hit on TVoS physical device Fri 06:55
56867 Android General jonp VERI FIXE [VS 2017 XA Self Hosted VSIX] Xamarin.Android version is not displayed in "help > About Microsoft Visual studio" 2017-07-20
57753 Visual S iOS mag VERI FIXE Despite successful build and device deploy, iOS Profiler will not launch Fri 11:15
53795 Xamarin Connecte matt.ward VERI FIXE Failure to install blocks the IDE 09:40:58
58238 Xamarin NuGet matt.ward VERI FIXE Searching for Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.Client in the Add Packages dialog terminates IDE Fri 07:05
56685 Xamarin Assembly mkrueger VERI NOT_ AssemblyBrowser cannot be opened due to an exception "type initializer for System.Collections.GenericList '1' threw an exception" Mon 18:42
56513 iOS Tools rolf VERI FIXE Code sharing: allow identical assemblies from different paths 2017-07-20
56850 Xamarin. mmp timothy.risi VERI FIXE MMP does not handle paths with spaces with static registrar correct Tue 13:16
27390 iOS XI runti bugzilla VERI NOT_ Runtime crash Wed 07:03
28826 Visual S Android bugzilla VERI FIXE [props] Permissions not saved when you set them using the spacebar 13:02:21
40139 Forms Windows bugzilla VERI FIXE Changing the Windows 10 System Theme Color causes ListView text to disappear. Fri 18:52
52610 Visual S iOS bugzilla VERI FIXE [VS-Connected Template] default solution platform for an iOS project is iPhone when it should be iPhoneSimulator Tue 12:49
52685 Visual S iOS bugzilla VERI FIXE WatchOS SceneKit Game template defaults to iPhone as the solution platform when it should be iPhoneSimulator Tue 10:30
53859 Visual S iOS bugzilla VERI FIXE MSBuild property in the .csproj file not being recognized when building from VSTS Mon 12:55
55673 Visual S XMA bugzilla VERI FIXE Can't debug iOS project. Error checking consistency between local and remote 09:33:18
56225 Visual S General bugzilla VERI FIXE Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 not hitting breakpoints while debuing XF app on Android with HAXM 09:59:22
56919 Visual S Android bugzilla VERI FIXE VS intermittent fails to start AVD Tue 12:22
57266 iOS General bugzilla VERI FIXE error MT0099: Internal error The linker output contains more than one assemblies named Fri 06:38
57466 Visual S XMA bugzilla VERI FIXE Visual Studio sometimes hangs (pauses, freezes) when opening solutions, during `Xamarin.VisualStudio.ZeroConf.MacDiscoveryService.OnResolved()` 2017-07-20
57646 Visual S Android bugzilla VERI FIXE [props] Android Manifest project page does not contain "Application Theme" field Fri 09:02
57653 Visual S Android bugzilla VERI FIXE [props] Cannot rename Assembly name in Xamarin.Android project Tue 10:48
58070 Visual S iOS bugzilla VERI FIXE VS2015/2017 never deploys an adhoc release app Wed 05:47
58152 Forms Forms bugzilla VERI FIXE [VSfM][]- Package Xamarin.Forms is not compatible with netstandard1.4/1.5 (.NETStandard,Version=v1.4/v1.5) Mon 07:41
57168 Xamarin Debugger david.karlas VERI FIXE No debugger support for named tuples 11:11:18
57169 Xamarin Debugger david.karlas VERI FIXE Watch window does not update tuple information on change 11:11:23
57223 Xamarin Debugger david.karlas VERI FIXE Debugger does not disconnect from mac apps properly 2017-07-20
57425 Xamarin Debugger david.karlas VERI FIXE Debugger cannot evaluate base interface members 13:08:22
53073 Visual S iOS ema VERI FIXE 32bit only simulators should not be listed when you have a 64bit only app Wed 07:02
58058 Visual S iOS ema VERI FIXE Error when creating new Asset Catalog in iOS class library project Mon 08:00
55916 Xamarin F# Add-i jason.imison VERI FIXE F# Matching parens are not highlighted Mon 11:07
57140 Xamarin F# Add-i jason.imison VERI FIXE Hovering a namespace results in a tooltip displayed in the wrong location Wed 07:36
53591 Xamarin iOS add- jeff VERI FIXE [Asset Editor] Can't add ImageSet to brandasset Fri 06:46
47401 Visual S Installe joe VERI FIXE Cache Folder continues to grow in size 12:59:57
57502 Profiler Mac jose.medrano VERI FIXE Cannot specify working directory for target? Fri 18:02
56522 Xamarin Project lluis VERI FIXE DotNetNamingPolicy creates pointless diffs in projects Mon 10:52
57475 Xamarin Docking lluis VERI FIXE Editor window disappaers when double switching to two column mode 11:07:35
56534 Xamarin Version marius.ungureanu VERI FIXE Update git repo on VSTS fails with "null username or password" Fri 13:42
57462 Xamarin Wizards matt.ward VERI FIXE Projects which begin with a number produce an incorrect package name Tue 12:24
57904 Xamarin Project matt.ward VERI FIXE Language not shown for all recently used projects in New Project dialog Mon 10:13
55706 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger VERI FIXE CompletionTextEditorExtension.TriggerCompletion has a timing issue Mon 12:44
56290 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger VERI FIXE Code completion/Intellisense throws away first arrow keystroke when selecting options 09:26:56
57017 Xamarin C# Bindi mkrueger VERI FIXE Toggling "unsafe" now requires a complete project reload to take effect Wed 07:42
57162 Xamarin C# Bindi mkrueger VERI FIXE Cannot set 7.1 as C# language version 09:15:08
57164 Xamarin C# Bindi mkrueger VERI FIXE Tuples tooltip has completely broken syntax 09:55:40
57165 Xamarin C# Bindi mkrueger VERI FIXE Tuple tooltip uses no colours 09:52:16
57618 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger VERI FIXE Code completion item shown with white text Mon 11:25
57619 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger VERI FIXE Triple line comments text syntax highlighted with black text Mon 11:07
52932 Visual S Template pierce.boggan VERI FIXE [XVS / Forms] Forms project and added Forms library have differing PCL Profiles Wed 07:26
55472 Xamarin Shell sevoku VERI FIXE Dialogs "ghost" after switching away from XS and back again 10:18:33
55718 Android SDK Mana sevoku VERI NOT_ [VS 2013 SDK Manager] Incorrect Detection Status is shown for SDK Location Path Tue 06:02
57547 Xamarin Shell sevoku VERI FIXE Duplicate key binding not shown in tooltip Wed 06:47
56311 Android General shaw VERI FIXE Intellisense breaks on ":" in axml files Tue 12:51
57647 Visual S Android bugzilla VERI FIXE [props] Inconsistent casing for Android Manifest field labels 09:47:27
36063 Visual S XMA bugzilla VERI FIXE Disconnect after period of time over SSH Mon 18:33
42678 Forms Android bugzilla VERI FIXE [Android] System.ObjectDisposedException when tapping a toolbar button after switching tabs. Mon 23:19
53846 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla VERI FIXE [Windows 10][Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise(MasterBuild)] User is unable to copy and paste a text in text field for iOS Designer. 2017-07-20
56488 Visual S iOS bugzilla VERI FIXE An assembly `System.Core' with the same identity has already been imported. Fri 09:50
56787 Visual S General bugzilla VERI FIXE [15.2.2] "System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'Mono.Posix, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=0738eb9f132ed756' or one of its dependencies." when attempting to start apps Fri 19:08
57724 Visual S Android bugzilla VERI FIXE Opening Device Log should not default to "Select a Device" if a device is already plugged in, available via abd, and selected as debug target 09:51:14
58016 Visual S Android sevoku VERI FIXE Android SDK Manager taskbar icon is tiny compared to other icons Fri 12:08
55553 iOS Mono run vargaz VERI FIXE LLVM causes Assertion failed: ((instructionAddress & 0x3) == 0), function makeLDR_literal 2017-07-20
58310 Xamarin Project iain.holmes REOP --- VSfM crashes when deleting a project with "Delete from Disk" Wed 06:18
28300 iOS General bugzilla REOP --- TimeZoneNotFoundException 13:59:28
57553 Visual S iOS bugzilla REOP --- [VS 2015][][Regression]-Unable to build the SceneKitGame Application in VS 2015 when created the Game app in VSfM Sat 14:14
53629 Xamarin IDE loca david.karlas REOP --- Preferences unlocalized dialogs 2017-07-20
57061 Xamarin F# Add-i jason.imison REOP --- Adding a project reference to an F# project requires a restart of VS4Mac for the IDE to the addition to be acknowledged. Fri 13:55
53081 Xamarin IDE loca marius.ungureanu REOP --- Chinese translations include the mnemonics key 2017-07-20
53628 Xamarin IDE loca marius.ungureanu REOP --- Unlocalized items in a base menu. 2017-07-20
53633 Xamarin IDE loca marius.ungureanu REOP --- Right-click context menu items and dialogs are unlocalized. 2017-07-20
53641 Xamarin IDE loca matt.ward REOP --- "New Solution" dialogs are unlocalized. Mon 13:35
56531 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger REOP --- pasting a line of code causes my code to get all jumbled 18:49:40
53910 Xamarin Assembly sevoku REOP --- Background colour for assembly browser is black it should be grey Sat 17:11
1306 Xamarin General lluis REOP --- Need better detection of when a mimetype is text or binary Fri 17:58
10430 Runtime misc bugzilla REOP --- Mono.Security.Protocol.Tls.SslStreamBase.InternalReadCallback should not ignore async results when it has been disposed. 13:46:25
39765 Forms Android bugzilla REOP --- WindowSoftInputMode Attribute is Ignored When Using AppCompat 22:03:43
39916 Forms Android bugzilla REOP --- SoftKeyboard default behavior covers Listview when using FormsAppCompatActivity. 20:59:30
56127 Android General grendel REOP --- PdfRenderer of Android does not render some fonts present in the PDF document in Android API 23 (Android 6.0) Mon 04:41
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