Sun Dec 17 2017 06:18:52 UTC
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10 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
61105 Visual S General bugzilla NEW --- Mac Agent "Error: Couldn't connect to Macbook, please try again" Sat 10:15
61073 Android General jonp CONF --- ClassNotFoundexception is thrown when deriving from Application class 23:21:36
61106 Live Pla Mobile A bugzilla CONF --- Xamarin Live Player on Android, v 1.3.117. Doesn't appear to work with AutoFac v 4.6.2. 19:17:20
59596 iOS BCL Clas manuel.delapena IN_P --- Xamarin iOS not get the correct CurrentCultureInfo 22:55:19
60905 Xamarin iOS code oleg.demchenko IN_P --- FAstlane Automatic signing failed: Cannot cast Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JArray to Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JToken. 19:46:41
60036 iOS BCL Clas bugzilla NEED --- Date.Time parse issue (year 1948) Sat 09:57
39768 Forms Forms bugzilla REOP --- PanGestureRecognizer sometimes won't fire completed event when dragging very slowly 22:43:17
59896 Forms iOS sahou RESO FIXE v2.4.0: Adding inserting section to ListView causes crash IF first section is empty 14:20:07
57307 Xamarin .NET Cor matt.ward RESO FIXE Unable to use Xamarin.iOS10 with TargetFramework 12:47:04
60343 Android MSBuild dean.ellis RESO FIXE No resource found that matches the given name 19:43:49
10 bugs found.