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60 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
61050 Android General jonp NEW --- Garbage collector not triggered on Nougat 09:15:19
61061 Android General jonp NEW --- Release app mobile it crashes. 09:18:41
60992 Android MSBuild dean.ellis IN_P --- File is locked by another process 17:31:00
55050 Android MSBuild dean.ellis IN_P --- Improved Fast Deployment doesn't work with Application subclasses 22:45:31
60343 Android MSBuild dean.ellis NEED --- No resource found that matches the given name 18:11:43
61065 Android MSBuild dean.ellis NEED --- debug.keystore is missing in mac and windows installer jarsigner exited with value: 1 10:27:58
61073 Android General jonp RESO DUPL ClassNotFoundexception is thrown when deriving from Application class 22:45:31
60410 Class Li Mono.Sec bugzilla NEW --- [New Web Stack][Need-Triage] Error: SecureChannelFailure in NuGet. 20:16:07
45667 Class Li System.N brendan.zagaeski NEW --- [New Web Stack] Send Http Put request to server redirect URL, I got error “This request requires buffering of data to succeed”. 20:40:39
60837 Class Li System bugzilla NEW --- [Feature/Enhancement/WontFix] We currently don't support DSA certificates in X509Certificate2 20:20:59
60396 Class Li System bugzilla CONF --- [New Web Stack] (AKA "The Original Issue") Canceling HttpClient requests leads to ObjectDisposedExceptions when re-sending to the same host 20:34:44
58641 Class Li System.N martin.baulig CONF --- Using HttpResponseMessage after HttpClient.Dispose() 21:53:42
60332 Class Li Mono.Sec brendan.zagaeski NEED --- HttpWebRequest leaks Mono.Security.Protocol.Tls.ClientSessionInfo object when making an HTTPS request 21:35:16
52579 Class Li System.N masafa NEED --- Request stream copying seems to be corrupting socket communication 21:55:47
54332 Class Li System.N bugzilla RESO DUPL HttpListener sends zero length chunk when zero length buffer is written 21:54:58
60836 Class Li System bugzilla RESO FEAT X509Certificate2 is unable to load DSA certificate with private key from P12/PFX files 20:33:09
26658 Class Li Mono.Sec martin.baulig RESO FEAT HttpWebRequest.GetResponse fails for some https requests in Mono.Security.Protocol.Tls 20:14:47
36324 Class Li Mono.Sec martin.baulig RESO FIXE SSLStream sends incorrect intermediate certificate chain, when Authenticates as server 20:04:17
47549 Class Li System masafa RESO FIXE Chunked encoding error when writing zero buffer 21:54:58
60970 Compiler C# masafa NEW --- CS0266 when compiling enum assignment with classes defined via Mono.CSharp.Evaluator 16:53:58
56250 Forms iOS bugzilla CONF --- GroupDisplayBinding fails on iPhone for ListView 07:08:28
60674 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Entry with Numeric keyboard does not process TextChanged event for dot/comma in some Locales 11:35:58
60850 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- [Android] ViewCell containing View with TapRecognizer shows ContextActions on every tap 06:34:51
60968 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- UnHandledException throws while View has been customizing from Layout<View> and loaded inside StackLayout Sun 22:57
52272 Forms Forms paul.dipietro CONF --- Xamarin Forms ScrollView not working when translation is set 14:50:46
60966 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Can't Navigate To The Same Page Twice 05:29:29
60812 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Maps precision is too large Mon 00:17
60879 Forms Windows bugzilla NEED --- Scaling broken between phone and desktop Mon 00:29
59718 Forms Windows sahou RESO FIXE Multiple issues with listview and navigation in UWP 07:30:45
60815 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO ANSW New CreateRenderer overload not public 20:01:42
61066 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO ANSW After converting to .NET Standart get error "No Bindable propery or type mistmatch" 07:08:52
61067 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO ANSW EntryCell within TableView using wrong keyboard 08:08:52
61070 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO ANSW Android flicker in master detail navigation 13:08:58
44453 Forms Windows bugzilla VERI FIXE [UWP] ToolbarItem Text hard to see when BarTextColor is light 20:00:02
59813 Forms iOS bugzilla REOP --- "NullReferenceException" in "Xamarin.Forms.Platform.iOS.Renderers.LabelRenderer.cs" within "UpdateText()" & "UpdateTextColor()" 12:05:09
61069 iOS Xamarin. bugzilla NEW --- Contents are missing to render when we open a UIActivityViewController. 21:37:11
56501 iOS MSBuild vincent.dondain CONF --- MSB6002 command-line for MTouch task is too long, > 32000 characters 11:04:56
59793 iOS Xamarin. manuel.delapena CONF --- NSURLSessionConfiguration Discretionary property breaks redirects. 15:45:45
58873 iOS General rolf ASSI --- Invalid iOS extensions compilation when use shared class library: dll is not included in output package 15:26:24
60377 iOS MSBuild jeff IN_P --- MSBuild is getting confused by similar provisioning profiles 21:35:32
61054 iOS General bugzilla NEED --- System.ArgumentNullException: Argument cannot be null. Parameter name: pointer using NSUrlSessionHandler 09:51:11
46394 iOS General manuel.delapena RESO FIXE Only mono source code is installed 11:37:38
60298 Runtime Interop bugzilla IN_P --- LayoutKind.Explicit, Size = 12 ignored with 64bit alignment 22:43:11
60634 Runtime JIT vargaz RESO FIXE Assertion failure 'align > 0' happening as of d15-5 19:28:06
61014 Visual S iOS Desi bugzilla NEW --- No images after update to 15.5 05:36:36
61071 Visual S Android bugzilla NEW --- Library with CPS and support libraries fails to rebuild randomly 14:44:10
58909 Visual S iOS bugzilla REOP --- VS freezes when deploying iOS 10:06:55
61072 Windows Simulato bugzilla NEW --- Simulator continues to show loading indicator and does not load after updating to Xcode 9.2 21:45:33
59611 Windows Simulato bugzilla VERI FIXE iOS 11 Simulator doesn't rotate to landscape mode 15:52:36
51824 Workbook Accessib bojan.rajkovic RESO ANSW [Xamarin-Inspector]:Accessibility: MAS40B:Windows: Inspect: Localized Control Type property is wrong for the "ToString()" dropdown button 21:36:16
51815 Workbook Accessib xamarininteractive RESO NOT_ [Xamarin-Inspector]:Accessibility: MAS40B:Windows: Inspect: Localized Control Type property is wrong for the Window Title Icon/Button 21:12:21
53164 Xamarin. MSBuild ankit.jain CONF --- msbuild-mac tests should be running with msbuild in addition to xbuild 17:28:48
58619 Xamarin. Library bugzilla CONF --- [Binding] Security.Authorization 17:30:11
28640 Xamarin. Library bugzilla CONF --- [Binding] SFAuthorizationPluginView and friends 17:30:15
58881 Xamarin. MSBuild ankit.jain IN_P --- "a.b.c" project fails to build w\ msbuild 17:28:54
27191 Xamarin. Other timothy.risi IN_P --- 'Monomac Framework' in MonoDoc should be renamed to 'Xamarin.Mac Framework' 17:31:12
60935 Xamarin. Library chris.hamons RESO FIXE NSGestureRecognizer.State is not declared get/set like iOS and makes custom recognizer broken 17:29:57
61068 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla NEW --- Storyboard failed to open on VS 7.3 and Xcode 9.2 16:11:49
42862 Xamarin iOS Desi v-dmpet CONF --- Can't scroll in document outline 17:39:51
39246 Xamarin iOS Desi v-dmpet RESO NOT_ Conflicting constraints not being highlighted 17:33:24
60 bugs found.