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31 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
41130 Runtime Reflecti kumpera RESO FIXE Segmentation Fault on calling Type.GetField() for generic dynamic types 13:37:51
60864 Runtime Verifier kumpera RESO INVA Compilation of System.Runtime.CompilerServices.Unsafe fails with an exception 13:38:00
43985 iOS Xamarin. rolf RESO FIXE Loading images in UNNotificationServiceExtension doesn't work 22:49:35
48707 Runtime General aleksey RESO FIXE Mono Queryable implementation is leaking memory upon materialization 13:37:54
18865 Runtime GC bugzilla RESO NOT_ WeakReference.TryGetTarget behavior is incorrect 13:37:39
25821 Runtime General bugzilla RESO FIXE Generic symbol names exported from libmono 13:37:48
36628 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla RESO FIXE iOS designer outline has unnecessary border 19:13:00
37356 Runtime GC bugzilla RESO NORE Garbage collector's signals SIGPWR and SIGXCPU are sources of infinite hangs in sockets and in other places 20:20:21
40336 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO NORE Keyboard doesnt appear when clicking Entry Controls on UWP 09:50:14
58351 Forms iOS bugzilla RESO FIXE In ListView, ViewCell's ContextActions is disappear when swipe right to left on iOS only 09:58:10
61267 Xamarin Debugger david.karlas RESO DUPL Crash when inspecting deeply into variables using the tooltip. Mon 06:40
60236 Android MSBuild dean.ellis RESO FIXE Cannot deploy to Android Oreo (Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_ALREADY_EXISTS: Attempt to re-install Mono.Android.DebugRuntime without first uninstalling.]) 13:53:40
25224 Runtime JIT jaykrell RESO FIXE stack overflow after printfn something 13:37:45
18941 Runtime Interop kg RESO FIXE Calling Marshal.SizeOf() with an Empty struct using Sequential or Explicit returns 0 13:37:42
46473 Class Li mscorlib lexas RESO FIXE Error: The object with ID N implements the IObjectReference interface for which all dependencies cannot be resolved. The likely cause is two instances of IObjectReference that have a mutual dependency on each other 13:37:35
59400 Runtime JIT lexas RESO FIXE Wrong interface method is called (two interfaces, covariance) 13:37:59
52112 Xamarin. Library masafa RESO NOT_ The user defined web proxy is not used by the HttpClientHandler 19:53:39
61265 Profiler iOS rodrigo.moya RESO UPST Xamarin Profiler crashes for iOS on actual devices 13:46:34
61054 iOS Xamarin. sebastien RESO FIXE System.ArgumentNullException: Argument cannot be null. Parameter name: pointer using NSUrlSessionHandler 16:34:02
60843 Runtime Reflecti kg IN_P --- Type 0x15 not handled in custom attr value decoding 14:25:44
45723 Forms Forms sahou IN_P --- Entry / Editor and a Button. Tapping the button dismisses the keyboard 20:06:25
56298 Forms iOS bugzilla IN_P --- Changing ListViews HasUnevenRows at runtime on iOS has no effect 19:38:55
12850 Class Li System egorbo IN_P --- FtpWebRequest does not handle remote paths properly 13:36:49
53561 Forms Forms jimmy.garrido IN_P --- GridCalc is calculating incorrect height on items with column spanning. 20:45:43
57962 Class Li System.C alkpli ASSI --- Mono 5.0 regression with IronPython 2.7.7 14:27:06
60138 Class Li mscorlib egorbo ASSI --- [Unix] System.IO.Path.GetPathRoot hardcodes result to '/' 14:26:50
10087 Runtime General bugzilla CONF --- Process exit can be blocked if the AppDomain.ProcessExit event hangs 14:44:38
52314 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- No package identifier when getting name for resource number 0x00000002 01:09:14
42029 Xamarin Debugger david.karlas CONF --- Force Close - Debugging hover over variable Mon 06:40
61150 Visual S Installe bugzilla NEW --- Update standalone installer on Xamarin site or provide public mapping of MSI file naming 16:03:46
61261 Android Debugger joj NEW --- threads.c:3016, condition `internal' not met 11:10:48
31 bugs found.