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Sat Mar 25 2017 07:41:17 UTC
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135 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
18137 Android General jonp NEW --- Release builds do not include file name/line number in exception stack traces Fri 13:28
53895 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger NEW --- Code completion not working for F# file. 14:15:48
53896 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger NEW --- [VS For Mac][Preview 5(7.0 Build 2112)] Code completion not works for LUA file in C# android project. 14:16:16
53885 Xamarin Mac Add- vincent.dondain NEW --- [Mac Classic] Only show classic templates when there's a classic project in the solution 17:12:08
53889 Objectiv General abock NEW --- bug Fri 08:28
53859 Visual S iOS bugzilla NEW --- MSBuild property in the .csproj file not being recognized when building from VSTS Fri 09:28
53876 Visual S General bugzilla NEW --- Xamarin.VisualStudio.Inspector NullReferenceException from GetProjectFlavor() for VS2017 ASP.NET Core Web Application (.Net Core) 04:02:19
53910 Xamarin General bugzilla NEW --- Background colour for assembly browser is black it should be grey Fri 13:32
53955 Runtime io-layer bugzilla NEW --- self_interrupt_thread: we can't resume from an async call assertion 18:56:32
53962 Xamarin. Runtime bugzilla NEW --- Setting return as a Key Equivalent for NSButton on Interface Builder does not produce desired result 21:20:09
53929 Xamarin Text Edi dpugh NEW --- VsOutliningExtension should be moved out of WebToolingAddin 16:27:12
53963 Android Android+ grendel NEW --- +844 762 8448 facebook service number 07:13:48
53894 Android Designer jeremie.laval NEW --- [VS2015-Win10][Build XVS]-Unable to enable the indirect rendering feature even when having enabler file. Fri 11:25
53892 Android General jonp NEW --- [15.1 Scoped Regression][XS] App installed on internal storage even after selecting option "Prefer External" in manifest file Fri 10:56
53893 Android General jonp NEW --- [Scoped Mobile Regression Testing] -Application installed in Internal storage even after setting installation target as External storage in Android manifest. Fri 11:25
53912 Class Li Mono.Sec martin.baulig NEW --- System.Net.WebException: Error getting response stream (ReadDone1): ReceiveFailure ---> System.IO.IOException: read failed ---> Mono.Btls.MonoBtlsException: Ssl error:100000b6:SSL routines:OPENSSL_internal:NO_RENEGOTIATION 14:16:56
53941 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger NEW --- If "add toolbox items" dialog is closed, the task isn't cancelled 17:15:40
53906 Xamarin General oleg.demchenko NEW --- Fastlane showing nothing from Apple subscriptions and not updating 16:04:16
53907 Xamarin General oleg.demchenko NEW --- Fastlane not allowing access to apple dev account 16:03:54
47607 Android Linker radek.doulik NEW --- Not able to run the app on x86_64 Android devices after adding a package dependency with x86_64 library 15:28:25
53905 Profiler Mac rodrigo.moya NEW --- An error has occurred on startup - Type initializer for 'XamarinProfiler.Core.Platforms.Android.PlatformAndroid' threw an exception 14:36:14
53319 Xamarin Text Edi xamarinbugzilla NEW --- Save a CSS file using Save As..., no longer get completion 23:40:05
53927 Xamarin. mmp bugzilla CONF --- MMP should ship debugging symbols just like mtouch 16:26:45
45689 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- ListView.SetupContent called as many times as the number of items 20:38:35
49069 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Java.Lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when rendering long Label on Android 15:00:21
52071 Forms Android bugzilla CONF --- Xamarin Forms ScrollView api ignores horizontal dimension on Android 22:51:30
52655 Xamarin. Infrastr bugzilla CONF --- [introspection-mac] Crash: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGABRT) Fri 12:53
53816 Xamarin General bugzilla CONF --- Xamarin Studio menu bar not fully usable on laptops 20:49:10
53897 Xamarin General bugzilla CONF --- It's not possible to tell that you can favourite a project in the home screen 16:08:10
28808 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- Too many open files => unable to save solution file => lost work + can't restore package references 18:07:46
53898 Xamarin General oleg.demchenko CONF --- [VSfM] Unable to create Mac/iOS Development certificate in VSfM for Member & Admin. 15:53:49
53914 Xamarin General oleg.demchenko CONF --- [VSfM] After revoking certificate from local keychain & apple portal, is not getting removed from IDE. 15:54:14
47166 Forms Forms paul.dipietro CONF --- Picker Title text is clipped on WinPhone 8.1 RT 23:21:45
44904 Xamarin iOS add- vincent.dondain CONF --- Autocompletion of protocols assumes BaseType attribute existence, but not valid assumption 19:12:33
53852 Xamarin Wizards vincent.dondain CONF --- [iOS Extensions] Add 'Include a file provider' option for iOS Document picker extension (fusion templates) 17:41:06
45106 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- Label with muti-line FormattedText and LineBreakMode="NoWrap" does not show multiple lines 13:43:01
13739 iOS Xamarin. bugzilla CONF --- NSDate : timeIntervalSinceDate Not binded 02:09:50
53846 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla CONF --- [Windows 10][Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise(MasterBuild)] User is unable to copy and paste a text in text field for iOS Designer. 22:41:48
42906 Xamarin iOS Desi cody CONF --- Segue popup menu fails to show on Mac when using Force Touch trackpad 22:44:59
43330 Xamarin Docking cody CONF --- Right Click Menu 17:51:25
53032 Forms Forms jimmy.garrido CONF --- StackLayout incorrectly calculating label size within CarouselPage 16:10:21
53944 Forms Windows jimmy.garrido CONF --- On UWP, Button hover highlight is painted outside rounded borders on mouse-over 18:07:36
42656 iOS BCL Clas manuel.delapena ASSI --- Tests for recently added assemblies Fri 13:18
51710 iOS General rolf ASSI --- [tvOS]Native linking failure when is built with fastdev enabled. 19:36:03
52714 Componen Visual S bill.holmes ASSI --- [XVS] In XA Native project closing and opening VS2015 breaks references 15:56:14
46709 Forms Android paul.dipietro ASSI --- Native Crash in Xamarin Forms Application in Android 7.0 23:06:37
52368 Forms Android paul.dipietro ASSI --- Crash while hiding view in StackLayout 14:41:28
52348 Forms Samples rustam.zaitov ASSI --- Back Button Broken in Navigation\MasterDetailPage project. 22:54:49
53936 Xamarin. Library bugzilla IN_P --- Full (XM 4.5) applications can not be submitted to the AppStore due 16:57:06
51427 Forms Windows bugzilla IN_P --- Custom Font Not Working Inside NavigationPage 17:25:05
53076 iOS Tools alex.soto IN_P --- [generator] Lack of error when [Async] is used inside a type decorated with [Protocol] 07:13:49
53890 Runtime misc andi.mcclure IN_P --- Regression: Native crash while running tests with xunit with mono 2017-02 branch, works with 23:20:56
41975 Forms Windows bugzilla IN_P --- UWP ListView design and performance problems 15:04:02
44705 Windows Simulato bugzilla IN_P --- iOS Simulator uses wrong version of command line tools when >1 version of xcode is installed 18:06:40
45453 Forms Android bugzilla IN_P --- BoxView does not receive Touch events on Android unless InputTransparent is set to true 21:35:50
53909 Forms Android bugzilla IN_P --- XML drawables cannot be used as ToolbarItem.Icon 16:34:04
42396 Xamarin General bugzilla NEED --- High CPU usage causes UI stop working 19:18:28
49276 Xamarin Performa marius.ungureanu NEED --- Xamarin Studio eat too much memory of iMac 19:33:43
42060 Xamarin GTK# Des bugzilla NEED --- Xamarin Studio 6.0.1 IDE cannot show interface designer for some forms 20:14:21
46850 Xamarin Text Edi cody NEED --- Cant scroll source files 19:56:32
24556 Xamarin NUnit david.karlas NEED --- Debugger does not halt on breakpoints when running NUnit 18:10:51
48345 Xamarin watchOS jeff NEED --- Xamarin Studio crashes after deploying to watchOS simulator for a dozen of times 19:31:18
51589 Xamarin C# Bindi mkrueger NEED --- IDispose pattern Quick Fix doesn't work 19:19:22
53878 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger NEED --- Insert matching brace does not indent properly 18:18:29
49248 Xamarin Android greg.munn NEED --- Android build failed because Android SDK could not be found 19:39:41
45609 Android Mono run bernhard.urban NEED --- SIGILL on Samsung devices (again) 23:45:12
37022 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- [WP] crash from cached image uriimagesource (Xamarin.Forms.Platform.WinRT.ImageLoaderSourceHandler) Fri 12:55
38987 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- WebView: can go back handling throws NullReferenceException on Samsung devices 23:09:14
42375 Xamarin Android bugzilla NEED --- ZTE Z716BLB01 / Android 5.1.1 Infinite hang : Trying to initialize the debugger 17:58:15
51302 iOS General bugzilla NEED --- Slow build time 19:16:23
52360 Xamarin Xamarin. bugzilla NEED --- Xamarin.Forms XAML IntelliSense no longer working in C9 6.2 build 18:20:07
53902 Xamarin Project bugzilla NEED --- The opening of a large solution 16:06:50
53904 Forms iOS bugzilla NEED --- Crash while async pop 14:18:28
53837 Xamarin General cody NEED --- Not able to Login to the MS account required for Azure publishing 14:19:19
42036 Xamarin Debugger david.karlas NEED --- Watch window fails to respond after a period of operation 18:37:31
46955 Xamarin Android greg.munn NEED --- INSTALL_FAILED_UID_CHANGED 21:36:07
46888 Xamarin F# Add-i jason.imison NEED --- No keyboard shortcuts to run a project in the f# interactive window 17:56:08
52896 Xamarin iOS add- jeff NEED --- Xamarin Studio 6.2 could not communicate with Xcode 17:14:44
45996 Forms Windows jimmy.garrido NEED --- Adding Items to carouselView after initial load does not work on uwp 21:40:11
36941 Runtime io-layer ludovic NEED --- setting MulticastTimeToLive on Socket throws exception 16:37:23
53324 Xamarin Version marius.ungureanu NEED --- Svn is not working on latest version of Xamarin Studio 6.2 01:50:01
53481 Runtime misc ludovic RESO DUPL The threadpool crashes on XS CI 15:41:31
53891 Visual S Xamarin. bugzilla RESO FIXE Xamarin Forms Previewer does not show Exception details in case of an error. Fri 11:16
51499 Xamarin F# Add-i jason.imison RESO FIXE OnF# project tabs are not converted to spaces any more 20:53:01
53794 iOS Xamarin. manuel.delapena RESO FIXE Uncatchable exception when cancelling HTTP requests 18:56:22
53908 Xamarin Text Edi toddgrun RESO FIXE Code folding is not working for Json file with (.json) extension. (Sierra), 16:02:42
42559 Forms Windows bugzilla RESO FIXE LineBreakMode does not work on UWP 14:37:50
44428 Xamarin Project bugzilla RESO NOT_ Shared project created in Xamarin Studio refuses to load in Visual Studio / Visual Studio hang. 20:09:24
53012 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla RESO DUPL Unable to get relationship option "Next Page" on interface controller. 22:44:59
18109 Xamarin General cody RESO NORE Always After Debug: Solution Explorer Clicking On Chevron (Triangle) In Treeview Doesn't Work 19:25:53
46579 Xamarin Debugger david.karlas RESO FIXE GoTo from error does not work 20:48:00
52488 Xamarin NuGet matt.ward RESO NORE Update updates NuGets unexpectedly 18:01:30
47332 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger RESO NOT_ Live editing error screw up 20:01:11
53888 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger RESO NOT_ [VS for Mac][Preview 5 (7.0 build 2112)] XML file with (.xml) extension does not shows appropriate Syntax Highlighting. Fri 07:59
53899 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger RESO ANSW [VS for mac] [15.2] New VS Editor - Variable Rename editor unable to open, when we select option Refactoring > Rename 14:29:25
53901 Xamarin Text Edi sevoku RESO FIXE Hovering over compilation error tool tip is not displaying 18:57:51
53903 Xamarin Shell sevoku RESO NOT_ Tool Tip not displaying for Menu items 16:03:06
53103 iOS Tools alex.soto RESO INVA [generator] Using [Async] on a method that does no return `void` should be an warning Fri 12:50
11013 Xamarin General bugzilla RESO NORE Opening solution from UNC paths does not work 19:24:22
17388 Xamarin Web Serv bugzilla RESO NORE After adding an IIS web Service throw me an namespace 'schema' error 19:26:28
35132 Forms Android bugzilla RESO FIXE Pages are not collected when using a Navigationpage 22:51:42
36417 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO FEAT Built-in conversion of string to double values does not take current culture into account 17:45:25
39839 Xamarin General bugzilla RESO NORE Monodevelop does not run on linux 20:12:47
40970 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO FIXE Memory Leak in the Xamarin Forms Maps component on iOS 23:31:55
41778 Forms iOS bugzilla RESO FIXE Slider Inside ScrollView Will Open MasterDetailPage.Master 19:20:15
44074 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO FIXE OnDetachingFrom for Behavior is never called, therefore memory can leak due to event handlers not being unbound Fri 12:35
45864 Xamarin General bugzilla RESO NOT_ Xamarin Studio fails to start on Windows 20:16:41
46669 Xamarin Project bugzilla RESO FIXE Copy file causes inability to open other files then internal error and abort 20:48:28
46688 Xamarin General bugzilla RESO FIXE Java extreme CPU usage 20:48:55
46972 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO FIXE ListViews not respecting binding when a GRID is used in the data template 22:17:31
50099 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO ANSW Add the ability to change the font of NavigationPage.NavigationBar 16:16:41
50100 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO ANSW Add the ability to change the font used for ToolbarItems and Back buttons 16:17:17
50205 Xamarin General bugzilla RESO NORE Find & Replace doesn't work 19:36:23
50373 Xamarin Project bugzilla RESO NORE Deleting project folder and its contents in solution explorer only deletes single file 19:35:18
52319 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO DUPL Stepper double conversion is not Cultureaware 17:45:25
53784 iOS Xamarin. bugzilla RESO INVA RijndaelManaged.CreateEncryptor returns a ill-configured Crimson.CommonCrypto.FastCryptorTransform Fri 12:04
53838 Xamarin General bugzilla RESO DUPL High CPU Usage/Unresponsive UI 20:51:53
53911 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO DUPL Label in horizontally oriented StackLayout doesn't show multi line when LineBreak is set to WordWrap (tested on UWP app) 14:37:50
53921 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO INVA Assigning iCommand in VM is also executing the command, and shouldn't 17:54:10
53926 Visual S Xamarin. bugzilla RESO ANSW ListView inside StackLayout causes Forms Previewer to throw a "you MUST call Xamarin.Forms.Init" exception. 17:37:22
13252 Xamarin Updater duncan.mak RESO NORE GTK# 2.12.21 not updating 20:15:01
48170 Xamarin General greg.munn RESO NORE Can't run Android project neither on device, nor on simulator, deployment fails 19:53:11
45908 Forms Android jimmy.garrido RESO FIXE Grid rendering glitch 21:44:54
53834 Forms iOS jimmy.garrido RESO FIXE incorrect row heights on ios when using groupheadertemplate in Xamarin.Forms 16:53:47
33266 Xamarin Activati martin.baulig RESO NORE Unable to activate behind a proxy with NTLM 20:08:03
52432 Xamarin NuGet matt.ward RESO NORE When trying to app a package from NuGet or Add-In manager fails with NameResolutionFailure 18:03:03
53803 Forms Forms paul.dipietro RESO FIXE Issue where using FormsApplicationActivity crashes on latest nightlies after PR631. 20:20:39
43689 iOS Tools rolf RESO FIXE [incremental builds] AOT compiler cannot find symbols between binding projects 19:33:47
53862 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger VERI FIXE CSharpTextPasteHandler.PostFormatPastedText uses incorrect TextPolicy 15:33:35
53864 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger VERI FIXE toggle comment isn't working properly in C# 15:26:23
53874 Xamarin Text Edi lluis VERI NOT_ Add BuildBundlerMinifier Nuget package to Core Web App template 16:23:19
53873 Xamarin Text Edi vank VERI FIXE New HTML/CSS files aren't formatted properly 16:12:04
33806 Android Mono run jonp REOP --- Filenames and Line numbers are missing from crash reports on managed code Fri 11:14
53787 Xamarin General dean.ellis REOP --- Application crashes onto the Simulator and Physical device when running on Debug mode Fri 11:55
53336 Forms Forms stephane.delcroix REOP --- XamlCompilation causes runtime exception when an array resource is defined 22:13:15
135 bugs found.