Sun Dec 17 2017 04:17:59 UTC
A "stable build" is a bug waiting to happen.
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36 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
61085 iOS Mono run vargaz NEED --- Error getting response stream (ReadDone1): ReceiveFailure Thu 13:04
61098 Visual S Template pierce.boggan RESO DUPL TargetFrameworkVersion is set inccorectly Thu 21:47
61094 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger NEED --- Caret dissapears after some time Fri 11:26
61073 Android General jonp CONF --- ClassNotFoundexception is thrown when deriving from Application class 23:21:36
61074 Android Bindings jon.douglas CLOS INVA Xamarin.Android.Common.targets(3,3): Error XA4204: Unable to resolve interface type 'Android.Gms.Vision.MultiProcessor/IFactory'. Are you missing an assembly reference? (XA4204) Tue 12:28
61083 Visual S Debugger joj NEW --- VS2015 does not show contents of local variables during debug Wed 08:42
61081 Xamarin F# Add-i jason.imison RESO FIXE Creating new solution from Xamarin.Forms F# template (PCL) can't restore X.F. 2.5 packages in stable channel VS4Mac 7.3 (build 799) Wed 12:52
61065 Android MSBuild dean.ellis NEED --- debug.keystore is missing in mac and windows installer jarsigner exited with value: 1 Thu 05:51
61097 Android MSBuild dean.ellis NEED --- Second build is not successful(can't find resources from common ui project) Thu 17:06
61082 Xamarin Xamarin. bugzilla NEW --- Drag-n-drop .xaml(.cs) files to other project generates duplicate elements (VS4Mac 7.3 build 799) Thu 13:03
61068 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla NEW --- Storyboard failed to open on VS 7.3 and Xcode 9.2 Wed 10:46
61071 Visual S Android bugzilla NEW --- Library with CPS and support libraries fails to rebuild randomly Mon 14:44
61077 Class Li Windows. bugzilla NEW --- OpenFileDialog takes an excessive amount of time when selecting large numbers of files. Tue 14:35
61080 Tools csharp bugzilla NEW --- turkish keyboard capital I Tue 21:48
61091 Runtime Debugger bugzilla NEW --- Xamarin.Forms: “Start debugging item” (iOS project) results in native crash (“Run item” works) Wed 17:39
61102 Xamarin General bugzilla NEW --- project open dialog does not display correctly Thu 22:52
61103 Visual S Android bugzilla NEW --- Archive option dissapered Fri 04:35
61105 Visual S General bugzilla NEW --- Mac Agent "Error: Couldn't connect to Macbook, please try again" Sat 10:15
61108 Visual S Android bugzilla NEW --- Xamarin Android CI build fails on TFS Fri 14:09
61110 Xamarin General bugzilla NEW --- Getting Failed to parse PList datatype while adding Apple Developer account Sat 03:44
61109 Xamarin. mmp bugzilla CONF --- MM0000 on incorrect path Fri 18:56
61086 iOS General bugzilla CONF --- Can't override method that has struct as parameter if it is declared in native protocol Thu 13:01
61106 Live Pla Mobile A bugzilla CONF --- Xamarin Live Player on Android, v 1.3.117. Doesn't appear to work with AutoFac v 4.6.2. 19:17:20
61072 Windows Simulato bugzilla NEED --- Simulator continues to show loading indicator and does not load after updating to Xcode 9.2 Fri 14:22
61101 Xamarin. Library bugzilla RESO FIXE NSView.LocationInView does not accept null Thu 21:37
61062 Forms iOS bugzilla RESO ANSW App startup crash on iOS 11 and above 2017-12-10
61066 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO ANSW After converting to .NET Standart get error "No Bindable propery or type mistmatch" Mon 07:08
61067 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO ANSW EntryCell within TableView using wrong keyboard Mon 08:08
61069 iOS Xamarin. bugzilla RESO ANSW Contents are missing to render when we open a UIActivityViewController. Thu 12:42
61070 Forms Forms bugzilla RESO ANSW Android flicker in master detail navigation Mon 13:08
61078 Forms Windows bugzilla RESO ANSW ActivityIndicator width = autosize in absolutelayout is -1/0 on windows Tue 16:12
61088 Xamarin NUnit bugzilla RESO UPST Wrong description or AttributeUsage for PostTestAttribute Thu 13:00
61104 Visual S Activati bugzilla RESO DOWN "Xamarin licence file is invalid" on every VS launch and first build Sat 03:10
61092 Windows Simulato bugzilla REOP --- Simulator does not refresh to show accurate representation of a view that is visible Thu 18:25
61099 Componen Xamarin bill.holmes NEW --- PlaceAutocomplete.IntentBuilder missing in Xamarin.GooglePlayServices.Places Version 60.1142.0 missing Thu 15:12
61107 Runtime Profiler alexrp RESO INVA AllocationEvent's come before associated VTable event Fri 15:28
36 bugs found.