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Thu Apr 27 2017 17:02:22 UTC
Sometimes it pays to stay in bed in Monday, rather than spending the rest of the week debugging Monday's code.
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141 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
55517 Visual S iOS bugzilla NEW --- [VS2015 Enterprise 15.2] Build iTunes Package Archive (IPA) checkbox is Disabled in iOS Application property menu for F#. (edit) Mon 13:18
55615 Xamarin Android cody NEW --- [[XS/Android] - Deploy Android using MSBuild target][VSFM]Unable to deploy android single view in simulator in Release mode 12:06:14
55599 Xamarin Accessib iain.holmes NEW --- Crash when double clicking on a result in search result pad Wed 10:53
55686 Visual S Debugger joj NEW --- [VS2015][] - TVoS SampleApp (CrossPlatformDebugging Project) is crashing when breakpoint is getting hit on TVoS physical device 13:58:08
55680 Visual S Android sevoku NEW --- [SDK Manager VS 2015/ VS 2017] Cancel Button does not change back to Install Updates 10:43:13
55651 Xamarin Web Tool toddgrun NEW --- Lose the ability to type in JSON files 08:04:55
55479 Xamarin General bugzilla NEW --- Title bar element management is erratic Mon 10:43
55668 Xamarin Internal bugzilla NEW --- Changing between en0 and en1 causes VS for Mac to freeze up 08:13:59
55595 Android Android+ grendel NEW --- AndroidClientHandler does not validates devices using domain name Tue 21:35
55658 Xamarin NuGet matt.ward NEW --- NRE when trying to restore packages in xUnit project 08:53:59
55554 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger NEW --- Select Until Matching Bracket command Tue 13:49
55597 Xamarin C# Bindi mkrueger NEW --- [15.2] XS crashes when editing large file Wed 06:04
55670 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger NEW --- color scheme not working on floating point literals without decimal points 08:15:34
55682 Visual S Android sevoku NEW --- [VS SDK Manager]Timeout or Network Fail message is not displayed while Network is lost. 11:42:12
55683 Visual S Android sevoku NEW --- [VS SDK Manager] Android Emulator Manager is not opening when Android SDK Tools 26.0.1 Are Installed 12:03:35
55598 Xamarin Web Tool toddgrun NEW --- Thousands of errors on .css files and the like when calling Analyze Source Wed 10:29
55681 Runtime Reflecti aleksey NEW --- System.Reflection.Emit.ModuleBuilder.build_metadata bug when running FAKE's test suite 15:16:51
55473 Android Android+ atsushi NEW --- Incorrect generated enum for OnServiceAdded in BluetoothGattServerCallback Mon 09:17
55481 Android Bindings atsushi NEW --- Bad code generation for function without parameter Sat 07:01
55504 Android Android+ atsushi NEW --- Android.Content.Res.ScreenLayout should be marked with [Flag] Mon 09:25
55482 Forms Forms bugzilla NEW --- WrapLayout memory issue Sat 07:19
55513 Forms Forms bugzilla NEW --- Binding is silently ignored when bound to a variable Mon 11:37
55514 Visual S iOS bugzilla NEW --- Breakpoint is not working on remoted iOS Stimulator for VS 2017 Wed 15:47
55537 Android Debugger bugzilla NEW --- Breakpoints not working with Android Mon 21:28
55546 Runtime JIT bugzilla NEW --- CSharp tests fails on s390x 04:46:32
55584 Runtime misc bugzilla NEW --- System.TypeLoadException : Could not load type 'App3.TestService' from assembly 'App3, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' Tue 19:15
55611 Class Li Sys.Data bugzilla NEW --- multiple table result - mono skip tables through one Wed 08:32
55624 Forms iOS bugzilla NEW --- Cells in TableView does show WebView control from other cell after scrolling up/down Wed 14:55
55633 Visual S iOS bugzilla NEW --- XMA Connection disconnects when Windows machine is locked Wed 16:33
55636 Forms Windows bugzilla NEW --- OnPlatform doesn't work on UWP when compiling with .NET Native Wed 17:25
55637 Tools xbuild bugzilla NEW --- Unable to build C projects with error Target named 'Clean' not found in the project. (Same goes for 'Build') Wed 17:04
55638 Visual S General bugzilla NEW --- Intellisense broken in shared projects using UWP in VS 2017 Wed 21:36
55674 Forms Forms bugzilla NEW --- Using a navigation page in UWP changes the tabbed bar's colour 10:03:12
55675 Forms Windows bugzilla NEW --- Padding for system cells in tableviews is incorrect 12:04:53
55677 Forms Windows bugzilla NEW --- Entry does not focus on initial load in UWP when specified 10:08:19
55679 Tools xbuild bugzilla NEW --- xbuild fails to embed resources from shared project 10:23:47
55690 Visual S General bugzilla NEW --- Random crash with the iOS simulator with the debugger attached 16:54:03
55612 Xamarin Debugger david.karlas NEW --- Debugger operation failed when debugging ASP.NET Core Web Application Wed 08:39
55694 Xamarin Debugger david.karlas NEW --- Xamarin Studio Unable To Deploy To Simulator 16:33:06
55561 Android MSBuild dean.ellis NEW --- "Processing" messages spam Android build output Tue 16:41
55613 Android Tools an greg.munn NEW --- SKBitmap.Decode (SkiaSharp 1.57.0) fails for some type of images Wed 09:12
55606 Android Android+ grendel NEW --- arkJava.Lang.StackOverflowError on MasteDetailPage menu options tap mainly on Samsung devices. Wed 06:19
55695 Android Android+ grendel NEW --- Huntsville 1844 551 9757 Quickbooks Number 1844 551 9757 Quickbooks Phone Number United States 16:39:49
55475 Xamarin Android jeremie.laval NEW --- AndroidDesignerHost is running wild with +50% CPU cycles but nothing going on Fri 21:20
55673 Visual S Debugger joj NEW --- Can't debug iOS project. Error checking consistency between local and remote 08:35:19
55601 Android General jonp NEW --- Cannot add .NET 1.4 Standard based Nuget package that depend on Microsoft.Rest.ClientRuntime Tue 23:35
55602 Android General jonp NEW --- Runtime crash - Stack walks are not supported on this platform Wed 00:27
55635 Android General jonp NEW --- System.ArgumentException type provided must be an Enum 08:02:13
55660 Xamarin Project kirill.osenkov NEW --- MonoDevelop should be resilient against a crash of the MSBuild builder process 02:33:46
55443 Runtime io-layer ludovic NEW --- SO_REUSEADDR does not produce expected results after Mono 4.2.1 Mon 13:46
55604 Compiler C# masafa NEW --- Incorrect struct size when using property setter Wed 04:48
55634 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger NEW --- Unstable comparer for completion Wed 17:00
55669 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger NEW --- code hints not working in nested parentheses 04:51:49
55549 Visual S Template pierce.boggan NEW --- [Xamarin.forms/Forms Item Template Refresh][VS-2013] Build failed with multiple syntax errors for crossplatform project containing all Xamarin.Forms item templates. Wed 20:50
55622 Xamarin. mmp chris.hamons CONF --- Improve warning when static registrar compilation fails 16:22:08
55631 Xamarin .NET Cor matt.ward CONF --- Files incorrectly marked as Compile in .NET Core projects Wed 20:18
55434 iOS Samples bugzilla CONF --- [Sample][Camera/CustomRender] Properly stop the cameraSession Fri 17:21
55519 Xamarin. mmp bugzilla CONF --- MMP's name collision check is too aggressive Mon 14:14
55516 Xamarin Project lluis CONF --- Project evaluation fails to evaluate property in roslyn Wed 08:09
55508 Xamarin .NET Cor matt.ward CONF --- Support multiple target framework projects Mon 08:38
55556 Xamarin .NET Cor matt.ward CONF --- DotnetCliTool NuGet package types are not supported Tue 13:00
55560 Xamarin .NET Cor matt.ward CONF --- Setting Build Action to None for C# file is ignored 17:00:09
55593 Xamarin .NET Cor matt.ward CONF --- The name 'InitializeComponent' does not exist in the current context with .NETStandard/new csproj format portable library Wed 17:18
55448 iOS OpenTK radek.doulik CONF --- Missing enumerations in PixelInternalFormat Fri 19:58
55472 Xamarin Shell sevoku CONF --- Dialogs "ghost" after switching away from XS and back again Wed 10:40
55657 Xamarin. Other bugzilla CONF --- [Feature Request] XPC service support Wed 20:39
55445 Xamarin VB.Net B bugzilla CONF --- Monodevelop creates VBNet projects missing targets. 2017-04-21
55470 Visual S General bugzilla CONF --- Building from command line crashes Wed 19:35
55518 Visual S iOS bugzilla CONF --- xma.exe is no longer installed causing the Tools -> iOS -> Open Mac Agent Console item to fail 13:56:48
55530 Xamarin Mac Add- bugzilla CONF --- Remove (All?) of Code Generation options for XM projects Mon 16:46
55535 Visual S iOS bugzilla CONF --- error MT1001: Could not find an application at the specified directory Mon 20:49
55547 Visual S iOS bugzilla CONF --- [VS2013][][PCL FormsApp]- Unable to build the Xamarin Forms PCL app , getting .dll not found error during building the application 13:51:48
55552 iOS General bugzilla CONF --- XI does not install debug symbols for Facades which have it Tue 15:20
55617 Xamarin Debugger david.karlas CONF --- Run->Debug Application doesn't support MultiProcessDebugging Wed 11:11
55618 Xamarin Debugger david.karlas CONF --- Support selecting different source location for .pdb files Wed 11:16
55603 Android General grendel CONF --- Follow-up to bug 52845: Satellite assemblies not loaded by app when using "Bundle assemblies into native code" even though they are now successfully mkbundled Wed 12:52
55542 Forms Android jimmy.garrido CONF --- View in Master Content Page stops loading ListView in Detail Tue 18:24
55559 Forms Android jimmy.garrido CONF --- [Android] Exception when setting the backgroundcolor of a frame Tue 17:27
55536 iOS Tools vincent.dondain CONF --- [btouch] Enabling --process-enums on a project with StructsAndEnums.cs set as ObjcBindingCoreSource give build error Tue 15:11
55688 iOS Tools rolf ASSI --- mlaunch support for --watchlaunchmode=complication 16:22:41
55573 Forms Android stephane.delcroix ASSI --- XamlCompilation causes mscorlib version conflict Tue 19:26
55553 iOS Mono run vargaz ASSI --- LLVM causes Assertion failed: ((instructionAddress & 0x3) == 0), function makeLDR_literal Tue 16:57
55626 Tools MSBuild jason.imison IN_P --- FSharp.NET.Sdk bundled with mono should not override FscToolPath and FscToolExe properties 15:54:00
55506 Profiler General rodrigo.moya NEED --- Xamarin Profiler doesn't start, shows no error message Tue 12:48
55438 Xamarin General bugzilla NEED --- Xamarin Studio stops opening solutions to last state Mon 10:43
55464 iOS General bugzilla NEED --- Impossible to run UITest 15:46:37
55469 Xamarin. Library bugzilla NEED --- Invalid Cast Exception when converting NSObject to WebSkriptObject Mon 13:30
55505 Forms Android bugzilla NEED --- ActivityIndicator not showing Tue 19:04
55520 iOS BCL Clas bugzilla NEED --- File.Move of filenames with special characters in filename does not work Wed 15:51
55693 Xamarin. Library bugzilla NEED --- AppKit.NSLayoutAnchor missing in release build 16:04:30
55608 Android MSBuild dean.ellis NEED --- Could not write lines to file ....csproj.FileListAbsolute.txt 14:53:51
55446 Android Android+ grendel NEED --- Google Maps crash Mon 14:57
55477 Android Android+ grendel NEED --- Stream Closed Exception thrown in AndroidClientHandler during redirected HTTP POST call. Tue 17:18
55474 Forms Android jimmy.garrido NEED --- Custom stack layout ignores gesture recogniser Mon 18:59
55614 Forms Android jimmy.garrido NEED --- Error on Tabbed Page PCL Project Wed 15:33
55621 Forms Android jimmy.garrido NEED --- System.ObjectDisposedException: Cannot access a disposed object. Wed 15:28
55440 Xamarin. Other paul.dipietro NEED --- Project name with a number in the name does not compile for macOS and Xamarin.Forms (MM0023) Mon 14:23
55447 Xamarin Activati greg.munn RESO ANSW [VSFM][MacOS]: VSFM shows enterprise version even after logging in with professional account credentials. 2017-04-21
55616 Xamarin Android greg.munn RESO INVA [[XS/Android] - Deploy Android using MSBuild target][VSFM]Unable to upload android single view app using Run->Upload to Device Wed 14:04
55591 Xamarin .NET Cor matt.ward RESO ANSW XF .xaml files in .NETStandard library appear twice in solution explorer Wed 21:14
55623 Xamarin .NET Cor matt.ward RESO FIXE F# .NET Core projects do not compile 13:13:30
55667 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger RESO DUPL Refactoring is broken 14:51:29
55600 Xamarin .NET Cor toddgrun RESO DUPL .json files showing up twice in Solution pad for Core web apps Wed 20:18
55661 Xamarin Wizards lluis RESO FIXE [Templates/Engine?] New project and files templates do not use the IDE's code formatting rules 13:42:29
55563 Xamarin NuGet matt.ward RESO FIXE Updating NuGet package in .NET Core project does not update project.assets.json file Wed 16:11
55436 Runtime misc aleksey RESO FIXE System.Runtime refuses to load with strict naming Wed 00:58
55480 iOS MSBuild ankit.jain RESO FIXE WatchPuzzle sample fails with msbuild Mon 20:18
55439 Xamarin General bugzilla RESO DUPL Auto-save file issues Mon 10:59
55466 Xamarin. Samples bugzilla RESO DUPL HttpClient sample fails to build Fri 19:05
55478 Visual S iOS bugzilla RESO FIXE iOS Extension project doesn't show correct value in architecture dropdown Fri 21:48
55511 Runtime remoting bugzilla RESO NOT_ Crash in mini-amd64.c Tue 16:03
55521 iOS Tools bugzilla RESO DUPL [IBTool] : An item with the same key has already been added. Tue 15:16
55528 Class Li Mono.POS bugzilla RESO INVA UnixStream async write crash application Mon 16:06
55538 Xamarin General bugzilla RESO DUPL Xamarin Studio crashing when trying to create a new Xamarin Forms project. Mon 21:55
55558 Forms Android bugzilla RESO DUPL Navigation bar back button with keyboard white space in adjust mode Resize Tue 19:25
55590 Xamarin Shell bugzilla RESO DUPL Hover on unsupported project warning icon, tooltip is in wrong location Tue 20:58
55672 Class Li System bugzilla RESO DUPL System.Runtime.InteropServices.RuntimeEnvironment.SystemConfigurationFile behaves unstable 08:45:11
55692 Xamarin. Library bugzilla RESO NOT_ CFRelease() called with NULL Garbage collector 16:12:53
55588 Forms iOS chris.king RESO FIXE Cannot open more than one ContextAction in different ListViews on IOS 14:44:01
55607 Forms iOS chris.king RESO DUPL [iOS] Opening a ListView Cell's context action will disable context actions for all other ListViews 14:43:38
55512 Xamarin F# Add-i jason.imison RESO FIXE Format document no longer works Mon 13:09
55483 Forms Android jimmy.garrido RESO ANSW Latest stable Xamarin.Forms package causes Android build warnings Tue 20:03
55610 Forms Windows jimmy.garrido RESO INVA [UWP] Toolbar not shown when Detail or Master is a derived NavigationPage 08:31:11
55442 Desktop General jo.shields RESO FIXE Windows downloader links on are broken 2017-04-21
55548 Xamarin Project lluis RESO FIXE Adding files to a project does not update the typesystem Tue 15:16
55444 Class Li System masafa RESO FIXE UriBuilder.set_Query different implementation in .NET Core prevents double ? bugs but this is missing in mono Mon 11:23
55659 Class Li System masafa RESO FEAT [System.Array] System.MissingMethodException: Method 'System.Array.Reverse' not found 08:20:10
55665 Xamarin NuGet matt.ward RESO FIXE Nugetizer adds NuGet.Build.Packaging version 0.1.157-dev but latest avail is 0.1.248 13:32:07
55510 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger RESO ANSW Copy and paste of code giving broken results Tue 05:45
55541 Xamarin C# Bindi mkrueger RESO ANSW Recent regression: Tuples no longer work Tue 05:44
55586 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger RESO ANSW Adding a new file to a PCL doesn't get syntax highlighting Wed 05:55
55639 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger RESO FIXE Unhandled OperationCanceledException in Analyzers 06:34:33
55671 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger RESO DUPL overzealous auto-indentation, indents incorrectly and sooner than desired 06:49:33
55555 iOS Tools rolf RESO FIXE Building assemblies to frameworks ignores LLVM setting Wed 18:34
55495 Android Mono run vargaz RESO DUPL Crash in DateTimeOffset constructor when LLVM optimizing compiler is enabled Mon 09:58
55577 Runtime JIT vargaz RESO FIXE SIMD instructions with System.Numerics.Vectors do not work 12:26:27
55449 Visual S General bugzilla VERI FIXE [Windows10/VS2015]-Build failed error observe on building Single-View App/Blank App (Android) Tue 10:54
55476 Xamarin C# Bindi mkrueger VERI FIXE TypeSystem task loop Wed 07:27
55455 Xamarin C# Bindi mkrueger VERI FIXE Code completion lost when moving files 14:24:34
55625 Xamarin Performa marius.ungureanu REOP --- Memleak with TensorflowSharp 08:11:40
55582 Android MSBuild jon.dick REOP --- error XBD009: Partial Download Failed for one or more parts 15:37:37
141 bugs found.